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(generated from captions) Live. Germany's Lovren parade This Program is Captioned

turns to tragedy. 15 people

dead in a stampede.

Also on ABC News. The

immigration issue reignited as

Julia Gillard prepares to go head to head with Tony

Abbott. The Taliban holding two

American soldiers hostage in

Afghanistan. And the Wallabies

continue their dominance against the Springboks in

Brisbane with a try nayses win. did - with a Tri-Nations

win. Good morning, you're

watching ABC News 24. I'm Joe O'Brien. Around the capitals O'Brien. Around the

today: 15 people have died in a

stampede at one of the stampede at one of the world's

biggest dance parties. More

than a million tech know music

fans had converged on the

famous Love Parade in the

German city of Duisburg when

panic triggered a crush in a tunnel. Europe correspondent

Philip Williams reports. The

annual Love Parade was supposed

to be a mass celebration by

dance music fans from around the world, including Australia.

More than a million converged

on the German city of Duisburg.

The trouble started here at the

Long Tunnel which was used to

gain access to the main Love gain access to the main

Parade area. It appears one crowd southerning collided with another going the crowd southerning forward

other way. The result - deadly panic. People crushed in the

stampede to get out of the

tunnel. Police and

workers had trouble getting to tunnel. Police and emergency

the dead and injured but eventually some who had stopped

breathing were revived, but for

others it was too late. People

tried to scam bell to safety

once out of the tunnel. Police

had been concerned about the

huge numbers descending on the Love Festival. Already

surrounding roads had been

choked with traffic as the city of Duisburg attempted to cope

with the massive influx. Philip

Williams reporting there. The Federal Opposition is believed

to be considering dramatic cuts to Australia's migration

program. According to this morning's Fairfax newspapers,

the Opposition is looking to

slash more than 100,000 places

per year. Both parties are

trying to gain upper hand on the debate with outer

metropolitan see seats worried about population and immigration. Tony Abbott and

Julia Gillard will tonight go

head to head in the only fell

adviced debate before the

election. It is likely to be the most watched moment of the

campaign and both leaders will

be hoping to make a big impact. Nick Dole reports. In the Nick Dole reports. In the five weeks of election campaigning

there is one event that matters

more than most. Obviously I've

been thinking about it.? I'm

looking forward to it. Tonight's election it. Tonight's election debate

will be broadcast live to

millions of homes. It is the

best chance both sides have to best chance both sides

get their policies and arguments across and the Prime

Minister admits she has a tough

opponent. He is a good debater,

plenty of practice in

Parliament and plenty of

practice debating each other so

interesting contest for I think it will be an

people. The Opposition Leader is confident he will be able to cut cut through.

I know that I have I know that I have good

arguments on my side. I know

that this has been a bad government. Tony Abbott has put

immigration firmly on the

agenda today, but border protection, the economy and climate change are also expected to if he tour heavily.

Each leader will give an

opening statement before taking

questions from the panel of journalists. They've got very

Gillard is very measured, different style soos. Julia

considered. Tony likes to use

colourful words. The 2007

debate with Nicola Roxon didn't

go well, and political

will need a different approach strategists say Tony Abbott

tonight. The worming will

return on commercial TV at

never had much affection for least. Mr Abbott says it has

Liberal Leaders. I suspect that

the worm is not going it change

its character. The debate kicks

off at 6:30 tonight, moved forward from its traditional

time slot to avoid a clash with

a certain cocking show. We will

be saying maybe have a look at

the debate first and

'Masterchef' second, two great contests. This pressure test contests. This pressure

will start with the Prime will start with

Minister. The Liberal Party won Minister. The Liberal Party won

the toss and the toss and has invited Julia

Gillard to speak first. Nick

Dole with that report. Joining

us now from Canberra us now from Canberra is Michelle Ainsworth. political correspondent

Michelle Ainsworth. Michelle,

first of all, take us through

what we know about this

proposal from the Coalition in relation to immigration? Joe,

it is a story that's around in

the Fairfax newspapers this

morning and just waiting for Scott Morris son, the immigration spokesman to call

in, but the story this morning

in the papers is that there would be a dramatic cut to

immigration. Now, our immigration intake at the

moment is about 300,000. The

paper is talking about a cut

down to 170,000, so a very big

cut. We do know that - and this

would be to education and

family migration primarily. We

do know that polling in some of the

the metropolitan seats has both

sides worried and they're both sides worried and they're

trying to get the upper hand on

it. If Tony Abbott does make an

announcement today, and we had an inkling he was going to do

it yesterday out of it yesterday out of Perth, so

it's quite possible that it

will be later today - it gives him a bit of a him a bit of a hard-hitting

policy to go into the debate

later tonight. Yes, so later tonight. Yes, so with this announcement coming today,

you would expect that it has

been organised that way so they can focus on that in the debate? That's right. Some of

the issues they will focus on tonight will be the economy,

both sides want to be shown as

the economic conservative if if

you like, from a slogan you like, from a slogan from

the last campaign. Julia

Gillard is very keen to point out that her priorities out that her priorities to bring the Budget back into

surplus by 2013 and if she has to be tough to be tough on Spedding and

cuts, she will be. Tony Abbott

goes into the debate tonight really with the Coalition's

record on the economy. record on the economy. He will point out that

point out that the Coalition - that the Government, sorry,

Labor, hasn't produced a Budget

surplus since 1989 when they

were back in government, and so the economy will be the strongest point, but some of

the other key features tonight

I think you can expect will be

health and, of course,

immigration and border

protection. Let's hope et's a

little more riveting than the first week of the first week of the campaign? It has been pretty lack-lustre,

hasn't it, Joe. Part of it has

been both sides trying to

underdo each other in the

spending stakes. There is spending stakes. There is a

joke up here, in stories we

wouldn't get out of bed for

less than $3 million a day of a spending announcement. Very

small announce ments. On

Friday, the Opposition Leader

Tony Abbott announced more than 900 million on border

protection, so that was a big

hitter, and some of the education announcements as well. But when you think of well. But when you think of the

last election campaign, Joe,

the first Kay of the campaign,

John Howard came out with those billion-dollar tax cuts of

which the Labor. Labor Party matched only days later, so

they must be saving them up for us perhaps for next week. They

haven't got much to play with

anyway. Michelle Ainsworth anyway. Michelle Ainsworth in Canberra, thanks for

that. Don't forget, you can watch tonight's Leaders Debate

on ABC1 and here on ABC News 24

and that starts at 6:30.

The The Taliban claims to have

captured two US soldiers in

Afghanistan. The US and NATO

have confirmed the pair went

missing after leaving a base Friday.

missing after leaving a base on Friday. Cops and planes have

been sent to search for the two

men and the US military has

appealed for their rur, offering a $20,000 reward on

local radio. Meanwhile, five US

troops were killed yesterday troops were killed yesterday in

Afghanistan, four of them by a

roadside bomb. Another 13 people

people have died in China in a

landslide triggered by recent

heavy rains. 270 people have been

been killed since last month in

flooding over the country's

central provinces. It has left

China's largest river, the

Yangtze, at the highest level

in more than 20 years and

authorities are preparing for

more bad weather with more forecast rainfall forecast rainfall today.

China's Premier has visited the

crew affected area. Authorities found the bodies scattered bodies scattered across the ground and in pits near

Monterey in the Mexico's north. Drug cartels are known to use Monterey in the Mexico's north.

mass dumping sites. In May,

police discovered 55 bodies in

an abandoned mine in central

Mexico. North Korea has stepped

up its threats over a joint US-South Korean military

today. Pyongyang say it is will exercise that begins later

respond with a sacred war at

any time necessary, based on

what it calls its nuclear

deterrent, but Washington says

it won't become involved in a war of words with North war of words with North Korea.

North Korea has used the ASEAN

meeting in Vietnam over the

last few days to attack the US-South Korean military

exercise. Calling it a threat

to their security and

sovereignty. The latest threat

has been delivered by state television. The television. The newsreader says

that the North is prepared for

retaliatory sacred war at any

time necessary and threatened a

powerful nuclear deterrent in

response to the naval exercise.

North Korea warned the

provocative war games were

provocative war games were as

reckless an act as waking up a

sleeping tiger. Tension on the Korean pane sla has been driven

to new heights after the South

accused the North of sinking

one of its warships in March,

killing 46. The joint US-South

Korean exercise is posedly one

step to try to bring Pyongyang

back into line. The show of

force will involve 200 aircraft

and 20 ships including the

aircraft carrier, the George

Washington in the sea of Japan.

Washington has brushed off the

threat, saying it has no

interest in getting into a war

of words when that is needside

fewer pro vok tiff words and

action more constructive action

from North Korea. We regret and

condemn the actions of North Korea, the belligerence, the

prove vation, the dink. Sinking

of the South of the South Korean ship. US officials say further provocations are possible,

especially as North Korea tries

to build political momentum for

succession of power succession of power to Kim

Jong-Il's son. The storm front

passing through the Gulf of

Mexico is no longer threatening

to hit BP's oil spill. The site

has been has been evacuated because

toorm Bonnie was closing in,

but forecasters say the storm

has now weakened to a remnant

low and is likely to diminish

completely before reaching

landfall. The storm has delayed

clean-up efforts by at least a week, but the skimming vessels

preparing to resume their and other personnel are now

work. The Australian air safety

regulator is pushing for a longer suspension for the operators of a light plane that

crashed in Sydney last month. A pilot and his passenger were

killed when the plane burst into flames outside Canley Vale Primary School. The Civil

Aviation Safety Authority has

suspended the licences of

Skymaster air services around

Avtex air services which share

the same owner. Crass 15 say it

is will apply to the frurl for

another 40-day suspension. A

mixed response to the Cash for Clunkers scheme. The Prime

Minister has offered a $2,000

rebate for those who trade in

old cars for a new fuel-efficient model. Solar energy advocates and the Greens have criticised the way it's

funded, half of which will be

taken away from the environment programs. Skill taken away from the other

come on ABC News 24 ABC News environment programs. Skill to

24, Geoff Ernest with sport,

plus keeping the drover's schedules alive at the

camp-drafting contest.

These are our top stories -

mass panic at a German music

Festival has left 15 people

dead and more than 100 injured.

Police are investigating Police are investigating how revellers were crushed at the

famous Love Parade. There is

speculation Opposition Leader

Tony Abbott will announce big cuts to Australia's intake. He is reportedly cuts to Australia's migration

per looking to slash 100,000 places

per year. After 15 years of

defeat, Pakistan has finally

beaten Australia in cricket. Australia lost by 3 beaten Australia in Test

wickets in the Second Test at Headingley. A quick look at the weather

weather around the capitals


As we've heard, Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott are preparing their answers for tonight's Leaders Debate. Political reporter Andrew

Greene looks back on 26 years of televised stoushes. They're

feisty For the last 13 years. John, you don't need to talk over me. You're so

rude. ..often

confrontational. Now, that's

pathetic. You were wrong, you

knew it and you shouldn't have

said it. Leader pitted against

leader in a nationally televised stoush.

You don't want me to

interrupt you, so you give me

the same courtesy, please,

John. The ABC broadcast the

first one back in 1984. Welcome to the National Press Club. Many believed Opposition

Leader Andrew Peacock beat Bob

Hawke last night. Some people

look at Mr Hawke and see a mess

sigh a, but I look at sigh a, but I look at him and

see the am the next ambassador

to UNESCO. In the 1987 campaign

Bob Hawke refused outright to

debate his new opponent. The

Leaders Debate returned in 1990

and not everyone was happy with the ABC's averagements. Shit, I tripped.

Thank you, Mr Oakes. Could

you take your seat, please. I

just want to see how.

Please, thank you. No, I

won't be taking my seat

yet. Once seats were taken, the

Opposition Leader kicked an

own-goal. Have I got now?

now? Sorry Have I got a question

A follow-up Do you want a separate question or not?

A follow-up, which is a 30-second I wouldn't be

Enns. bothered with that after that

OK. Keith coat Keith enjoyed

debating so much, he took on

John Hewson twice in the '93 campaign The fightback package

certainly not just GST. In is not just tax reform and

1996 the John Howard

challenged Paul Keating twice.

Do you apologise to those

young people who you told go

get a job No, I didn't say, "Go

get a job." But as Prime

Minister, John Howard declared

there would be only one great debate It means if you say you

are never ever going to

introduce a GST that they can guarantee that you say is guarantee that you say is true.

I did say, that I don't deny it. Choosing to face Kim

Beazley only once the following

cam pab Are you going to toss

the coin?

I am. And just one encounter

with Mark Latham No

with Mark Latham No point cutting and rung into retirement, you've got to fight the fight and see it

through. Over the years, the

debate format has vary, but

once this guy arrived, he never

left. He has even succeeded in generating his own generating his own debate. The slippery invertebrate was

almost buried at the last

election. He wriggled

back Channel Nine you are in

breach of the licensing agreement. If you continue to

use the worm, we will pull the

feed. And the worm will once again be passing over our leaders this time. Geoff Ernest

joins me now with sport. Happy

Wallabies' fans out there this

morning? Yes, they had a

much-needed Tri-Nations win. They opened their campaign They opened their campaign with

a 30-13 win over the Springboks. For the third game

in a row, South Africa lost a

player to the sin-bin in the

opening minutes. This time

Jacques Fourie was binned for a dangerous tackle. Australia

broke through in the first

broke through in the first half thanks to Drew Mitchell's

juggling act. The always dangerous Will Genia pounced

close to the line to give the

Aussies a comprehensive Aussies a comprehensive win.

Well, that's the style we

want to play all the time. Just

playing it as not as easy as it seems sometimes, but it didn't

go perfectly in the beginning,

but we just stuck to it and we

played off. Not a good spot

for us. You get away from home,

try to get some points so a lot

of work to do back home. After

15 years of defeat, Pakistan

has finally beaten Australia in has finally beaten Australia in Test cricket. Pakistan started

Day 4 needing only 40 runs with

7 wickets in hand. 4 wickets

fell before victory was secured, levelling the

two-match series at one game all. Duncan Huntsdale

reports. Australia started Day

3 in reasonable shape with a 34 3 in reasonable shape with a 34 halfback run deficit the captain

captain and deputy at his

crease. But Ricky Ponting only

added 4 luns to his score and

departed for 66. Amir also removed Hussey husband removed Hussey husband and Marcus North in Marcus North in quick succession COMMENTATOR: He has

got another one. The collapse continues. Michael Clarke reached his half-century reached his half-century and

combined with Tim Paine as

Australia started to build a

lead. Clarke fell for 77 and

Paine perished on 33. Steven

Smith adopted the approach that

served him well in the shorter

forms of the game, smashing a maiden half-century in only maiden half-century in only his

Second Test It has been a gutsy knock. The 21-year-old looked like single-handedly taking

Australia's lead to 200. But

like Clarke, he went for 77 and

Pakistan needed 180 for

victory Watson has put it down

at first slip. It proved costly

as Imran Farhat went on to make

67 with Azhar Ali a willing

ally in his Second Test. Two

Doug Bollinger wickets lifted

Australian spirits, but at

stumps, Pakistan needed only 40

runs to level the two-game series. Bollinger struck again early on Day 4 and Ben Hilfenhaus removed a nervous

Umar Akmal Those knees will be

wobbling in the Pakistan

dressing room now. The momentum

was with Australia. Pakistan

lost another wicket with one

run needed but soon run needed but soon that

elusive victory arrived. That's

it. A win for Pakistan! They

richly deserve

this. Australia's tour is this. Australia's tour is over,

while Pakistan will stay on to

take on England. So an historic

day for cricket in Pakistan.

Here is what the captains said after the match. This after the match. This morning is, that's as good as Test

match cricket get. That's the

way you want to see Test Maffs

finish, going down to the wire. We've

We've certainly enjoyed playing this series this series in Pakistan and congratulations for them winning the way they

Comment comment in the Hend,

what a feeling. I owe this what a feeling. I owe this win

to this young side. I think all

of them performed wonderfully

well under pressure and all of

this, we dedicate this win to

the people back home who would

love to see this happening in Pakistan, but Pakistan, but unfortunately

that's not the case at the

moment, and in the end, I would like to thank the crowd. I

think they were a wonderful support to us. Spain's Alberto

Contador all but secured Contador all but secured his third Tour de France victory

after finishing strongly in

after finishing strongly in the penultimate time trial penultimate time trial stage overnight. There were a few

stumbles for riders along stumbles for riders along the way, but not for Fabian

Cancellara who won the stage.

Traditionally no-one challenges

during tomorrow's 20th and final stage and if Andy Schleck respects the tradition, Contador's winning margin of 39

seconds will be the fourth smallest in the race's history.

The Spaniard pushed hard in the

52km race against the clock to

retain the yellow jersey.

Second-placed Schleck is a climbing specialist and wasn't

expected to pose too much of a

challenge but he did ride hard

in the city's streets.

Tomorrow's likely result will

see Schleck runner-up forred

second consecutive year. Melbourne, Canberra and

North Queensland all won their

NRL fixtures yesterday. It was

the Storm's first win in three

games. A try to Will Tupou gave

Canberra a win. After last

week's lieding to Manly, the

Sharks looked like a much Sharks looked like a much more focused outfit in Canberra and Ben Pomeroy got their first

points but that was as good as

the Sharks got. The Raiders put

on three converted tries,

including a double to Daniel Vidot. The Panthers are likely

to lose second place on the

ladder after suck coming to

Melbourne. Penrith stayed in the match through their kicking

game, but Melbourne proved they

were just as capable with the

boot. It was an emotional win

for Storm players who are

battling the off-field dramas

as well as recent poor form on

the field I'm not going to lie

t has been tough. To all the supporters who have stuck by

the Melbourne Football Club, we

very much appreciate it and

will try to every inch we've

got for the rest of the year. A nervous finish for nervous finish for coach

Matthew Knights with just 3 points spraying the Dons and

the Roos. Carlton is now firmly

in the top 8 after its come-from-behind win over West Coast.

Coast. The With its finals

aspirations on the line, Carlton rallied and took the

lead in the third term. Red Bull has September a strong message to Formula One rivals

McLaren at the German Grand

Prix with drivers Sebastien Vettel and Australia's Mark

Webber qualifying first and

fourth respectively. Vettel

secured his third consecutive

pole position on the last lap

of the session. He pipped Ferrari's Fernando Alonso who

had dominated the series in

practice sessions. Mark Webber seemed destined to challenge

but a rare final-lap mistake

dropped him slightly back to

fourth . Lewis Hamilton and

Jenson Button lagged in their

McLarens. They will line up in

the third row It was very

close, I guess, but I didn't

guess that class. An exciting

session, good for the people and it's good to be here. That

Tri-Nations rugby win came at a price for the Wallabies. Quade

Cooper has been cited for a

dangerous tackle and we'll know the result of that this

morning. Must be tough to have

two guys sin-binned like the

Boks did? Definitely and Lang

Park has always been difficult

for the Springboks. It is a

fast-paced sport that grew out

of the sometimes harsh life for stockmen. Camp drafting is not

for the faint-hearted. Still, hundreds of riders are hundreds of riders are enjoying the thrust and cut of competition competition in Central

Queensland this weekend. It is

a sport Australia can call its own. Camp-drafting developed in

the 19th Century when skilled stockmen

stockmen decide cutting the

best from the herd could be more more than a job. Very

competitive and everyone sort

of gets on well and really

enjoys it. A great sport,

camp-drafting. This event near

Rockhampton is Australia's largest camp-draft with 500 riders

riders and more than a thousand horses Come from Tamworth in

New South Wales and we come up here most years and it's

probably the best camp-drafting

arena in Australia, and it just

seals to be getting better and

bigger every year ( Probably a

pretty good event, actually

premier event of Australia at

the moment. Competitors show off their riding techniques in

re-arenas. They must work the cattle,

cattle, them comes the toughest

challenge of guiding one beast

around a circuit and through the gates. This weekend's

winner will reign in $18,000

winner will reign in $18,000

but many say it is the experience that experience that counts. No, just the thrill of getting out

there and having a go. Also a

chance to catch up and muster

bragging rights. (Rein?)

(Rein in) To the weather.

Scattered cloud over coastal Queensland in onshore winds is

bringing showers. The wet

weather will continue in

Queensland and New South Wales

tomorrow, brought on by moist

south-easterly winds and a

developing trough. A high will

bring a cold morning and generally dry day in the generally dry day in the south.

In Queensland, wet weather is predicted predicted for the northern tropics today with heavy falls

likely about the north tropical

coast, fine else wer. New South Wales, isolated showers near the

the coast and adjacent ranges

and the southern inland. We

don't have the graphics for this at the moment, but the

details. A cool day ahead for

Victoria with isolated Victoria with isolated showers

on and around the ranges. In

Tasmania, isolated showers will

develop in the west during the day, then increase and extend

to the far south later in the

evening. Across to South

Australia, possible showers

around the lower south eve.

Otherwise a fine, cool and

mostly sunny day. In mostly sunny day. In WA,

isolated showers near the capes

will move slowly inland during

the afternoon and extend into the lower west into the the lower west into the

evening. Further north, it will

be a fine day apart from be a fine day apart from a isolated showers about the

north-east coast, overcast across

across the north. Looking ahead, showers in Sydney and

Brisbane will continue. Mostly

sunny in Canberra and Darwin.

Cloudy in Melbourne and

Adelaide, and showers in Perth

and Hobart. Now, from the Australian winter to Australian winter to the aur peen summer, and dog owners in

the UK are giving their

pampered pooches a treat to

help them cool down. An ice-cream van exclusively for

dogs has arrived in London. It

attracted a large crowd on its

opening day. Two delicious flavours to choose

flavours to choose from, a

gammon and chicken sorbet or Canine Cookie Crunch which

blends in dog biscuits. I will be back with the day's

headlines in a couple of

minutes, and there will be more

news at the top of the hour.

Closed Captions by CSI.

This Program is Captioned

Live. The top stories on ABC News 24 - 15 people have been killed at a Music Festival in

Germany. Revellers fell and got

crushed during a stampede at

the Love Parade Festival in

Duisburg. Police say panic

broke out when thousands of

people tried to force their way through an entrance

tunnel. Another hundred have been left injured. The Prime Minister Julia Gillard and

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott

prepare ahead of tonight's

election debate. Immigration

policy is expected to be a key topic amid speculation topic amid speculation the Coalition is about to announce

a cut to the migration

intake. The Taliban claims have captured two US soldiers in

Afghanistan. The US and Afghanistan. The US and NATO

have confirmed the pair went

missing after leaving a base in

Kabul on Friday. Helicopters

and planes have been sent to search