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(generated from captions) Many people have lost their live s. Families have

lost their cherished love one,

mates have lost their mates.

These deaths are the greatest

loss. At least 75 people are now confirmed dead in New Zealand, as search for survivors continues

in the aftermath of the

earthquake near Christchurch. You're watching ABC News 24's

continuing coverage of the

New aftermath of the earthquake in

New Zealand. Also in New Zealand. Also in the

leader stands defiant. Muammar headlines today - Libya's

Gaddafi air pierce on national

television saying he is willing

to die in his country as a of people march through of people march through the

capital of Bahrain in one of the biggest the biggest anti-government

protests yet. It's o'clock in o'clock in Christchurch and

during the day around 120

people have been pulled from collapsed Zealand's Government has

declared a national state of

emergency. 75 people are confirmed to have been including one long-term confirmed to have been killed,

Australian resident of New Zealand

Zealand origin. Officials have warned the toll rise substantially. Around 300 warned the toll is likely to

wake of the disaster. Search people remain missing in the people remain missing in the

and rescue teams are flying in

in the hunt for survivors. A from around the world to help

number of tremor s are still

hitting the area impeding

believe the city has been rescue attempts. Experts

rocked by at least 66 aftershocks. A 5.7 magnitude

tremor was among those to

strike the city and another hit at 5.6. The city's 26-storey danger of collapse and emergency crews have been forced to

forced to pull back from the

Minister, Julia Gillard, has area. The program Prime

$5 million to the appeal for

Gillard has the New Zealand earthquake. Ms

Gillard has also announced

Australia is sending more help,

including a 75-bed field

hospital with six surgical,

medical and support staff. As

we heard a national State of

unsafe to ent enter after

yesterday's quake. spent last night

through the rubble in the

desperate search for specialist teams from Australia survivors. And that task has

now at the disaster now flying in. Many others from around the globe

now flying in. Many people have lost their lives. Families one, mates have lost mates. These deaths are the one, mates have lost their

greatest loss. are just buildings, roads are just buildings, roads are just roads, but people are ir

replaceable. For the city council also one of our jobs council also one of our big information back from the out jobs this afternoon is getting

lying suburbs so that we have a much closer fix on the damage that's been done to our infrastructure. I have to say not just back to of September after the earthquake of the 4th

of September last year, it's taken us further back in Christchurch, he says

aftershocks are still hitting

the shattered region, impeding still in my throat last couple of minutes I've

experienced my first

Christchurch tremor. It was

is just near here and enough to enough to shake a truck which enough to shake a truck

scare a long-time Christchurch

resident who is operating resident who is operating the

camera right now . And she hits is to look up saying the instinct when that

hits is to look up at the

building and when look building and when you know you out what's happening there. It's a reasonable size tremor. So these tremors are still

hitting this area. There's dozens since the quake hitting this area. There's been

yesterday. And so that is

making the search and effort all the more difficult. making the search and rescue

As we have heard, the focus has been on that CTV building where

the local TV station was. It was a 7-storey building also with an was a 7-storey building but

school in there and hopes there are still people surgery in there. There are

arrive there. And on the Pyne Gould building which is building just pan caked and we saw the pictures of Kristie Clements being taken off the top of theed down the ladder of very much on that search and rescue operation and there rescue operation and there are

going to be more search and rescue crews Christchurch. We or so have just touched down from Queensland, and there are

more coming from Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, the US, the UK hours. We will have an update from Joe a little bit later in the bulletin. New Zealand's

croorter civil Defence Minister John evacuate so they can take in the South Island have been

those injured in the

earthquake. He says they are getting ready

medical help for getting ready to provide

have a number of USAR teams

already here and I must say

for us. We have the teams from they are doing a very good job

NSW, from Queensland

in Christchurch. The Singapore

8:30. - to rive here at 8 crirt tonight. The Japan team is due to arrive here at 11:30. The United Kingdom and Taiwan teams are due at midnight Thursday. are due at midnight on

after United States team will follow

those teams generally they have after they arrive. Now, in

70-plus people. And each of

those teams. So they significant number of support those teams. So they are

from around the world. The

number of fatalities at this stage is Grand Chancellor hotel Grand Chancellor hotel and you

may have heard something evacuated. There is - we're taking advice on how we deal with that at the taking advice on just exactly

moment, but danger that that moment, but there is a real

at any time. So we're dealing

with that. We've made sure that

people are right a way from there and out of harm's way. The you may have Government, the Prime Minister, contributing $5 million to New

Zealand, that is a very Jennous gesture and we are thankful for that. That will be going to the Red Cross, the structure that we have administer the funding that has been donated from

Zealand. The final thing happening is that of course

we're looking to develop a plan of once we can find out exactly

what the situation is - as you

know we've been gathering know we've been gathering an collating

whole lot of eight sis around

Christchurch so we can get an overall picture of what overall picture of what eats like m. Icht's becoming a

little clearer for us at this stage but there's still a of information we need to know,

so we're gathering that. Many people are still wonders why

this quake was so deadly. TV NZ reporter Lacey Wilson spoke to

GNS scientist Bill Fry for some

answers. The primary reason is it was so close it was so close to

Christchurch. The September

event was to the west of Christchurch, some tense of clamkm. This was very close,

just on the outsite of

Christchurch and Christchurch and Christchurch

had a very shallow depth. We

have measured ground movements

in Christchurch itself. From

the magnitude 6.3 aftershock

that were over twice what we measured after the September

7.1 event. Is this an aftershock or is it an

earthquake? It's both. It's an

aftershock of the 7.1% but it's

such a large after shock that

it's had its own aftershock sequence. We shouldn't another 6 after shock but we

should be repaired for any

eventual ity. The aftershocks

from the 7.1 event are going to

be happen ing still in the comes months. It's not

something that will go something that will go away

right away but we have already seen the recent seen the recent frequency of the aftershocks from the aftershocks from the 6.3 reduce. Swi>> a great sign for

people in Christchurch. So

what happen s after the aig

earthquake is the stresses in

the crust around the earth are redistributionment sometimes

this make asphalt line less apt to fail, sometimes it makes it more to calculate where the stress

ors go to from this quake and

on what structures they might

be projected. So that is what

you guys are doing? That's rightly right.

understand this event in the context of the context of the total stressors

in the region and the total

history of the history of the aftershock

sequence. We already have a lot whole

whole lot more information than

we had yesterdayant this

aftershock: We're start ing to tonnes rupture plain, tonnes rupture plain, the orientation of it, what the

mechanisms were involved. So it's just a process that time. People in Christchurch

understand that they're feeling

shaking all the time, the

shaking is de de-Reecing with time but it's tech on theically it's going to be experiencing earthquakes for some time in

the future: We always knew

there was one in 25 chance it could could happen. The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has

dis patch add team of

specialist rescue, workers to

New Zealand. They will spend 10

day s in Christchurch searching

for life in the rubble. Not

long after the first local

save lives, there was news of an Australian casualty. Sadly,

it seems, that a long-term Australian resident Australian resident of New

Zealand origin has lost his

life in this disaster. The Prime

Prime Minister says the man was

assisted by a stranginer the

final hours of his life. I

think that is an emblem of the kind of spirit that we're

seeing in Christchurch seeing in Christchurch as

people get together to help each other in such difficult the Government hopes will

improve as help from Australia

arrives. Around arrives. Around 150 urban

search and rescue special itions

itions from Queensland and NSW

flew out of the country last night night and this morning The enormity of the task that is confronts us in Christchurch

calls us all to stand up. That's why the NSW team were

sent at the first call. And these are the difficult

conditions that await them.

Have turned to sand and water

as drivers try to move and the city. The threat also looms large. It's a

difficult task that the team go through. Fortunately they're

well train and their role is to literally crawl through the rubble, shore down under the

rubble and identify where patients may life is being helped by patients may be. The search for of eyes in the little monitor we will show you the images it shows. While a

no-Sy zone remains in place over the - no-fly zone remains in place, this solo drome

be up there. Rescue workers can use all the help they can get. Australia's political leaders

have used today's session of

question time to extend their condolences to those affected by the earthquake. I announce

that the Australian Government will make a will make a $5 million donation to the New Zealand Red Cross

earthquake appeal. We think that this immediate donation of

with relief and assistance on the ground. Because that the ground. Because that is what the New Zealand Red Cross is doing. I've advised Prime Minister Key of Minister Key of the making of this donation. We will this donation. We will continue to respond to respond to the needs of New Zealand. I know the thought of all Australians are with all Australians are with them as they've watched the devastation on their devastation on their TV screens. New Zealanders are like family to family in good times family in good times and bad. This is a

time. And we will be with them during this very bad during this very bad time and whatever assistance they need that we can provide we

have family and friends across the Tasman and so our and prayers have

more focus and intense over the past 24 hours as news of past 24 hours as news of the scale of the disaster unfolds. It's especially poignant now that we know that dead. The Coalition stands should tore shoulder with Government on this Australia will give. Whatever

the Government does, the Coalition will back. Our political political respect Gillian Bradford is Government has certainly followed through with its promise that anything New Zealand needed

Zealand needed they would send it? Absolutely. I don't think

there is an Australian who would begrudge that. I the time this week is out there will probably be around 1,000 Australians in different capacities in New Zealand helping in some way, be they part of the 300-plus contingent, part of the

100-plus search contingent, the consular officials consular officials on the ground, ground, officials from

Centrelink, and the rest. And I think one of the most useful things Government can do at this point in Zealand is to deal with its register with the there would never register with the Commission. Although there are 1 1500 Australians registered with the Embassy, there are probably region. So if the Australian Government can send these

officials from Centrelink, can

send people to try to get them

home, to get them out of the city, that will take a gant

road off authorities in New

Zealand who - significant load off off authorities in New Zealand

who are struggling to deal with

their own citizens at their own citizens at the moment is it likely more personnel and resources

deployed in the coming days as they get a better idea of the situation? Absolutely. I think

this initial response in terms

of relieving police, in terms

of search and rescue teams of search and rescue teams is

going to gather just like in the Queensland flood example

into something that is going to

require a long-term approach. Given the destruction in the city that that

earthquake has destroyed such significant road and building,

you would imagine that there would potentially be a expert advice, be it in roads,

in engineering, that sort of

mechanic al engineer ing, those

sorts of trades and whether the sorts of trades and whether the Australian Government plays

some role in that, I would

certainly expect. You've seen

offers from every State and

Territory police force. You

could imagine that although could imagine that although the

Prime Minister has signed up

these forces initially for a 2-week rotation over 2-week rotation over there, that some sort of ongoing

presence to try to relieve the

burden on Christchurch police

might be needed. Now were the correspondent. How has this

affected not just the affected not just the whole community but the nation as a

whole? It's an enormous blow to

national morale, I national morale, I think, because nobody thought something of the scale of the last earthquake that hit Christchurch would come again. New Zealand, unlike Australia, didn't escape the global

financial crisis. It financial crisis. It was already suffering from high unemployment. It had had a

significant down turn in housing market, and that country has struggled to

maintain its best and brightest

workers. It complains

regularliant the brain drain to Australia. It struggles to keep white collar worker, the

university f headicated people.

You see the buildings that have been destroyed in Christchurch

and potentially may not be able

to be rebuilt any time soon. It

adds yet another pressure for a

country struggling to keep

those sorts of workers that

there will be that pull to Australia for opportunity, for wages, for jobs that they might not be able to Christchurch. So I think that

is a huge blow to morale. The

other thing they've been speaking to people in New

Zealand about, which some have

mentioned and I know people

think it's funny thing they would mention at this stage - the rugby World Cup is due to be hosted in New Zealand in be hosted in New Zealand in September this year. You September this year. You can't overstate how much people in

New Zealand are looking forward

to that. For the years that I

was there, you didn't go to a

rugby match that wasn't a

sell-out. To host the World

Cup, for many people is just something lifetime for. Seven fixtures were due to be hosted in

Christchurch and already people

are saying what if we can't

hang on to it? So much of the hotel infrastructure has destroyed, can they house

people, sn? Will some of these matches get taken away? You can

only hope that this will be used as sort sort of

solidifying force to put into the re building effort because

people would just feel so crushed

crushed if this was taken away

from them in such a rugby-love

naitionz. It's impossible to overstate how take a beating if this was taken away taken away from taken away from them. So

certainly I think in the coming

days we will be hearing from

the Prime Minister. I know hets's already said some things about efforts to try those matches in correspondent Gillian in Canberra, thank you. DFAT has a dedicated hotline Australians concerned about friends and family.

We earthquake but let's bring you some of the some of the day's other news now. The Libyan Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is defiantly refusing to step

down. He's vowed to crush the country's popular uprising, threatening to conduct a house to house search for before they're put to death.

Human rights groups say at least killed in the violence so Meantime, tens of thousand of capital of Bahrain in one of est protests protests yet. The speech lasted

for more than an hour. But

rarely did it make rarely did it make much sense but one Muammar Gaddafi TRANSLATION: I am paying the

price of staying here. My grand taert was coms. I cannot this an vestry. I shall die as

a martyr beside him in the violence that's been taking place in place in his country. But he blamed

and a young Libyans on hallucinogenic drugs. But TRANSLATION: We still have TRANSLATION: We still have not used force Preece dents ofitienmen sought Sielium in plalta yesterday, there are reports that a Libyan

are leave ing any way they can

through the boarders of through the boarders of Egypt and Tunisia, that began this wave of

revolution in the Middle East. That revolution is in Bahrain. in Bahrain. There have been anti-Government protesters here since last week but on Tuesday, thousands upon thousands answered the call to make a decisive statement to the ruling family that has governed

the country for 200 years. In

a nation of not much more a nation of not much more than 1 million people there this 1 million people there this is

a massive show of protest. It

is not hard to see where their courage has the brink. Many of the brink. Many of them carry the pictures of the pictures of those killed last Thursday and Friday when police raided protesters in the city's main square. The police

time it was making concessions. But after

the violence of the past week, it may be too late for There are reports that the airport airport at Tripoli has been

swamped by Libyans desperate to

get out of the amateur video was reportedly shock at the terminal show ing thousands of people queuing for

ticts. The Reuters news has not been able to verify it but it reinforces reports that the continuesry appear now to

be in opposition hands and have

declared himself themselves free Libya. They've free Libya. They've turned against everything to do Colonel Gaddafi. Delirious scenes of joy in eastern Libya where

control. They're flying control. They're flying a new

flag, actually the old royal flag of Libya. They've flag of Libya. They've even defaced putture. So this is Libya, free Libya as these people vit. It is completely here of Colonel is completely here of is completely here of Colonel Gaddafi's forces. There are no

soldier s here, no

representatives of the hated

Government anywhere near here. We found a series of opposition militias in control and it's

the same story for hundreds the same story for hundreds of miles around. Anyone associated with Colonel Gaddafi has with Colonel Gaddafi has fled. Even the Army and police abandoned him here. On the

Egyptian side of the border,

it's almost as crazy. But these are Egyptians, migrant workers escaping from

the mayhem that is today.

TRANSLATION: It's a TRANSLATION: It's a massacre, in the same of God it's a massacre. The shock of what massacre. The shock of what you see, you can't even go outside to get food. You just turn

straight back. Back inside Libya, local Libya, local people thronged

around us to express their fury against Colonel Gaddafi. He is

not a human. He is killer.

Murderer. Gaddafi destroyed

Libya now. Help us, help us

please! Everyone here

believes Colonel Gaddafi is

finished. But they fear he will

wreak terrible vengeance before

he is finally forced he is finally forced from

power. Let's time now for the

business news with Kathryn

Stolarchuk. Some news from the

Ten Network this afternoon? That's

afternoon? That's right. The network says

grant Blackly's contract as

broadcast er's chief executive

and Lachlan Murdoch will act in

as the acting CEO. Ten is as the acting CEO. Ten is also forecasting earnings before interest and tax before the

half year to the end of

February of 103 million dollars. To the markets dollars. To the markets now

local shares are being weighed down

down by financial and down by financial and energy companies following falls on overseas markets. The All

Ordinaries Index and the ASX

200 are both giving up a few

points. It's a mixed session across the rest of across the rest of the region, Japan's market is steady in New Zealand the NZ 50 is edging higher. To commodities, gold

has slipped back but West Texas crude oil has forged even higher. And the Australian

dollar is buying just over 100

US cents. The governor of the

Reserve Bank Glenn Stevens has warned Australians not warned Australians not to assume the mining boom will

last forever. Speaking in Melbourne this morning, Mr

Steven s said the current

refours - resources boom

fuelled by demand from China

and India was the largest and India was the largest and longest boom since But he says history show all booms eventually

booms eventually come to an end

and the Brian Burke the Reserve

Bank is worng the assumption that Australia's terms of trade

will drop over the next will drop over the next few

years. It seems to me it

would be extreme really to

assume that the rise of assume that the rise of China

and India is a flash in the pan

that is going to go away. I

don't think that is. don't think that is. So but equally it would be imprudent

not to allow for a reasonably noticeable decline in prices. Mr Stevens says it's

possible the boom permanent but he says Australians should

be cautious. He says consumers

should save their extra income

and not spend it. In results out today, airline

Virgin Blue says it's been

impacted by recent impacted by recent weather

events, posting a 62% drop in

first half profit. It made first half profit. It made 23.8

million dollar in the six

months to December in line with

expect it'ses. The drop is due

in part to the initial effects

of the Queensland floods which kept Blue says the eventses of the last few months show last few months show the

airline must capture the corporate market. David Jones

is expecting second half growth to be at the lower end of its to be at the lower end of its

forecasts, if consumer spending

doesn't pick up. It's reported

a 2.7% fall in sales in the

three months to the ends of

January. The retailer says weak consumer sentiment, the Queensland floods Queensland floods and heavy pre Christmas dis counting have impact its results. Finally, Coca koelza profit was heavily affected by the unseasonally well wet and cool summer. The biggest

softdrink bottler net add full year net profit of

which is up 11% on the same

period the year before.

Insurance company Suncorp says gaining earthquake gaining earthquake insurance

may become harder in the may become harder in the future following the latest Christchurch earthquake. The company says extreme weather events

events have impacted its first events have impacted its first half result. It made $223

million in the six months to December, down 39% on the same time a executive patry Snowball says

the way the earthquake

insurance is delivered will

have to change. If you actually look at the United

States you simply can't buy

it. And I think that bearing in

mind that the biggest hit or

the biggest bill will land with the reinsurers and the Government under think people will have to look

at how earthquake cover think people will have to look

at how earthquake cover is saying the earthquake will push the New Zealand economic recovery out even further. The Prime Minister says the cost of

the damage is likely to be at least $3 earthquake in New Zealand caused much more damage than the last one to hit the

country. Despite the fact country. Despite the fact that the tremors were much the tremors were much stronger

in September. We look at why this latest nuclear disaster has been so defr has been so defr ing. A New Zealand television Zealand television reporter takes a first takes a first glimpse inside the ruined cathedral Christchurch. Unbelievable. This one one of the city's

landmarks. Such was the force of the earthquake that even the was wrecked. The spire was toppled and lies spire was toppled and lies in pieces. And in another sign of

the tremor's power a statue was brought to the ground as well. Amateur footage reveals now street after street bears

the scars - a line of cars just crushed. A shops are destroyed. The effect of the shock waves by a combination of the epi centre was close the epi centre was close at hand in hand in the rocks below. It's

no surprise that New Zealand I it gets thousands every but most are hardly felt. It's it sits on what is called the

ring of fire, a zone around the edge of the Pacific. Running right through the country are damage. The faultlines that divide the has made this quake has made this quake so destructive is precisely where it Christchurch and just three

miles below it, shallow tremors

are usually more dangerous and the type of rock intensified the impact. It's relatively

soft which makes the shaking worse. The fault that produced last year were not previously known buried under river sediment, it hasn't moved for probably tens

of thousands of year, so people

thought that Christchurch was rather safer than it out to be. Area pictures

highlight the scale highlight the scale of the

damage, even though building standards are high they weren't enough to withstand The great length now racing to

could come next. ABC could come next. ABC News 24 #4r5z some of the pictures of the massive iceberg which broke which broke off New Zealand's biggest glacier, the Tasman glacier as the earthquake struck Christchurch The massive tonnes,ite necessary southern ams about 200km from Christchurch on the west These pictures were an employee of

area. Witnesses say the ice fall caused waves of up to 3.5m fall caused waves of up to in height. As it carved into the lake glacier. It apparently swept up

and down the Tasman lake for 30

minutes. We will continue to

follow the latest out of New

Zealand in the aftermath of

yesterday's earthquake. First,

though, a check of the headlines this hour. yesterday's

following on ABC News - 75

people have been people have been confirmed dead in Christchurch with in Christchurch with an

Australian resident among the

casualties. At least 100 people

are still thought to be trapped

and the death toll St Expected to - is expected to rise further. The New further. The New Zealand Prime

Minister John Key has Minister John Key has declared

a national emergency. The search for

search for sur vooir vooifrs

among the ruins continues.

drag a woman from the rubble

from the Pyne Gould block.. The Lybian dictator Muammar Gaddafi is Gaddafi is defiantly refusing

to Sepp step down despite

protests sweeping his country.

He's vowed to crush the country's popular country's popular uprising threatening to conduct a house-to-house search house-to-house search for protestors before they're put

to death. Human rights groups say up to 300 people have been killed in the violence which

began last week. Tens of thousands thousands of people have marched through the capital of

Bahrain in one of biggest

protests yet. protests yet. They're campaigning

democracy in the Gulf kingdom

and the downfall of the

200-year-old Kalifa dynasty. I

was the first organised

anti-government demonstration

since the unrest started last week. A 75 field hospital will sent frustration is setting in

for those surging for missing family members. TVNZ's

Street has more. The search survivors continues and as the hours pass families

becoming increasingly desperate to find their trapped under trapped under fallen buildings. My wife, she's in the Pine - Pyne the Pine - Pyne Gould building. I try to get away. Mark Maynr - ard's wife had only job in the building for 4 days before the earthquake hit

yesterday. The couple have two young daughters waiting at home. The girl got up this morning said said where's mum.

I said she's still I said she's still ate work, she's gone back in again. Hard to get through and get answers on anything. It's

for his wife with his

Peter and frustration is setting in. Trapped on the

first floor. She's trying to get in got 2 kids at home asking where

mum is. We want to go in there to other family members in other family members in there. Everywhere we go we're getting

told, no, you're not allowed in

there. How do we get a there. How do we get a pass to

get in there. Which end? She's

down the Manchester end. Yeah, I'm sorry, I can't help you with that, like down that with that, like down that end

at the moment. Just tell us where to you to do is first off, try

and calm down so I can help you

out, just want you to wait there and I will make a call and see what and see what we can do. The wait is wait is painful and ongoing. The papers are

reporting this morning there's family members are outside as they're pulling people out of the where is this reporter, where are anyway getting are anyway getting the stuff they put put in the don't know. If there's there we eventually sent to Papanui police station families with loved ones still

missing have now been instructed to instructed to go. Let's go straight to Christchurch now

and speak to the and speak to the ABC's Joe O'Brien. We were hearing there

of the anxious wait for a of the anxious wait for a lot of family members, of family members, what is the

latest you're hearing on search and rescue Richard, the two significant

developments just in the last

couple of hours, one in relation to the search and

rescue, the CTV rescue, the CTV building is

what we've been hear sog much about, that's the Canterbury TV

building it's where a building it's where a local TV station 7-storey building, it collapsed, you may have heard

the quote from the woman who was saying he was on the was saying he was on the top floor, the earthquake happened, she sort of d flooshs collapsed the road and walked and there were walk away. The bad news in relation to that building now is that the search there. They're

concerned about how dangerous

it is and the police officer

was saying was saying he's 100% convinced

that there's no described as survivorability for

for anyone

now. So for those families with people or relatives or who may have been in the CTV And And there has obviously always frustration in these situations. You can imagine if you've got a friend or a family member stuck in one of member stuck in one of these buildings you'd want to

get in there and do what you

can. But officials

concerned about the safety of

these areas now with other So a news there in relation to the CTV news there in relation to CTV that's just come through in last couple of hours is the hotel grand hotel grand Chancellor. This is tallest building in the One side of it has

One side of it has dropped One side of it has concerned that the whole

building could collapse and

that's obviously going to cause even more widespread

devastation in the CBD. They've

evack beat - evacuated for two blocks around the Hotel Grand

to get out of there because

they're so concerned about it.

We've heard from one of the

search and rescue officials

they're looking forward to the Australians, more Australians chiming in this afternoon. The

Queenslanders are just hitting the streets now, we understand.

The NSW crews have been in

overnight and there are crews

from America and Japan and

Singapore en route right now.

So those search and crews are very much looking forward to the fresh crew bringing fresh equipment, new dogs and they are hopeful still of finding some survivors in

the rubble. While I told you the CTV building they're

virtually writing that off for the moment, there are 7 other

buildings that they're still holding out hope people out alive. We understand

there were several - it's not clear exactly how many but several people were pulled

alive from buildings today including the Pyne Gould building and they are still hopeful that they will people there. Because it's certainly an anxious time certainly an anxious time for families and rescuers because

we've been hearing a lot about the aftershocks that have been

continuing to happen through

the city? Yeah, I haven't been

through any earthquakes of note and

and I felt my here in I can tell you it scared the

hell out of me and it scared

the hell out of people here

from Christchurch as well who

instinctively when that happens now, it didn't happen before

yesterday, yesterday when the

aftershocks came it was like a

bump and a bit of a scare, but

now when it happens they look

up because they're concerned that there's a building behind

us here and the camera operator

behind there right now who behind there right now who is

doing a sterling job today when that happened turned and looked

at the building straight concerned that bits of building

are going to fall on you. It's changed the way people here think about these things now.

They're way more concerned about them than they used to be. With the centre of the city being cleared, where are people

going? What are people being

advised to do? Wem, there's

been a number of planes at the

airport, it opened earlier this

morning and there's bulk-bill

been a number of planes

people out to other cities. We

were speaking to a girl earlier that got trashed. She went

home, it's trashed, so she's

heading to Wellington now for a couple of days but she's

determined to come back. So I'm guessing there

guessing there are stories like hers repeated over and over and over with the people of

Christchurch who do have homes

damaged or destroyed just

spending time with friends.

They do have evacuation centres

set up and there have set up and there have been hundreds of people spending

time at these evacuation

centres too. Now the weather,

there has been a lot of rain earlier today, I gather that's

been hampering searches also looks like it's a bit

chilly there. Is there concern

for people who might be trapped under rubble that have to

endure a second night in these conditions? Yeah, definitely.

One of the guy running the

hospital the official running

the hospital there, the intensive care at the hospital

was saying earlier that they've

treated people for hypothermia because they've been out these conditions, it was 12 degrees last night but they said it was

tell you. So there are the chill factor. It's increasing concerns about the

weather but it should - they're hoping it chilly tonight. OK, ABC's chilly tonight. OK, ABC's Joe O'Brien in Christchurch, thanks

for that update and we'll speak

to you later in the evening. Thanks,

while some families are facing an anguished wait to about their loved ones others are telling tales of survival. Here's an interview with a family of

the time and are now very lucky

to be alive. They've evacuated to Wellington . We were in the the Cathedral when it collapsed. We were very fortunate. Very collapsed. We were very fortunate. Very fortunate. So what Just everything started Just everything started going like this immediately. People were falling falling on the ground and we

went to run out the the collapse. Just of 9/11 of 9/11 when it came through and we didn't and I saw some staff ran out a little back

the kitchen door and ran out to the front square. And saw the church and the steeple. We know worst hit buildings? I know, I know, God was looking after us. You must feel We feel very, very yes, very fortunate. Sorry, sorry. Feel very bad for all of

the people there. There's an awful lot awful lot of dead people, their families won't ours. Will For all the EMS

that are working so hard. It was pouring yesterday and trying to really quite incredible. How

close to the masonry to you, was it within inches? The certainly. As close as certainly. As close as that poll - pole. Coming that way

and then we turned and ran been up in the spire? No, we wer going to go to that night at 5:30. So it that night at 5:30. So it just didn't happen. Were you able to help other people there or was it more getting out as getting out as fast as you could? A little bit of helping

some people that were on the

ground up so that they could get going themselves kind

of the way for everybody. of the way for everybody. We were all working

together. Basically people just running then just running then into the inner square in front of Cathedral and then just trying wires and the trees and just

then till we were told we

to leave. Just some of the many still developing a national action plan to to this entire operation. National coordinator David Kowetzi action plan he hopes lit be in

place tomorrow. State of

national emergency has been

declared this morning. So changes the game changes the game slight, in that control of the response. We will deal with that onjunction - conjunction and working aligned with the local

civil defence people so this afternoon the director afternoon the director of civil defence John Hamilton and the

small team from here small team from here will deploy to

will be positioned at the civil group where they will be

working alongside them and of

course with the council, with Christchurch City Council. The idea is not over. It is Government demonstrating its intent of

working better and closer with

the local response. So you can

expect a national action plan

to be developed as led by director and then we our local plan national plan. People on the ground will not see any difference, we're not doing difference, we're not doing our business any difference, business any difference, it's just a way of working better


The quake may go down The quake may go down in history as Prime Minister John Key says as New Zealand's Key says as New Zealand's darkest day. We don't yet the final toll of dead and injured. New Zealand's deadliest earthquake struck deadliest earthquake struck 80 years ago this month. ABC looking at the similarities between 1931 Hawks Bay quake

joins me now. Now John, how does this quake compare to that worst does this worst disaster then? Lots Lots of lessons as well. Lots of lessons as well. In pure statistical terms differences to talk about as

well. Every everybody - well. Every everybody - every

earthquake is different. In 1931 it was 7.8 magnitude

earthquake so many, many earthquake so many, many times, many orders of greeter than the one we saw yesterday or in September last

year. But the similarities year. But the similarities are there. Similar time This was at around 11:00 in the

morning on a week day on a work day, in a city, it happened

close to the city. It was only 10 km from We're talking the North Island now. So further south is Hastings. We're talking now. So it happened at

now. So it happened at a busy

time. A lot of were around a lot of people on

the streets of the town as

well. And what then unfolded

again some really interesting

parallels between the There were fires, there were

fires in buildings that had

been brought down, there were fires brought about even though

they knew enough from their own

history that they turn off the

gas as quickly as you can because that's one of the big risks that, electricity can spark fire with gas. They

turned it off in 3 minutes but

still it was enough for a couple of chemist shops in downtown Napier to catch alight. Unfortunately the water

mains have been destroyed so

there was no water pressure there was no water pressure to

fight the fires. Also

unfortunately in Napier in 1931 the fire destroyed and the fire trucks

were also crushed under debris.

So their ability to stop the fire was impaired significantly. As a result,

there were more than 250 fatalities in Napier and Hastings to the south as

well. Some of those things you

mentioned is really what made

that quake so deadly. Yeah,

exactly and it's one of these

things whereas in Christchurch

in September last year a bigger

quake and slightly different in

its dynamics and so lucky that it happened at 4:30 in the

itself was all but empty. No

fatalities, only a few fatalities, only a few injuries

and then we've seen what's

happened in the last 24 hour

being a different story tragically enough. Also from

Napier in 1931, interesting how

the city itself then decided

how we're going to rebuild.

It's a big It's a big question being asked

already about the sorts of buildings. In the case of

Napier they were less sentimental about old buildings

in those days they said right,

we'll knock them all down. They

did and in some cases because

there was up earthquake 10 days later.

They fell down 10 days later in a 7 magnitude aftershork. But

then what happened for Napier

is they had a bit of a blank

canvas. They started rebuildings

rebuildings in the 1930s an era renowned for art deco architecture. Napier is known

as the art deco city. People come from all over the world the Napier to see the, if you like, like, art deco architecture, they also got rid of they also got rid of the tram

system. They decided we're not

going to rebuild that, going to rebuild that, it

doesn't work too well we're going to put all was one of the problems with losing power was having it

above ground. There are lessons

in how you decide what to

change and what to replace as

it was but you look at Napier

now and still the coastline is

different. There was a 2 metre

lifting of the coast there so

that the coastline itself had

to be redrawn. The map writers

had to come out and redraw the

entire coastline, entire

lagoons disappears as a result

of all this. So the legacy of

these big quakes like we years ago in Napier, the most

deadly quake in New deadly quake in New Zealand history, the ongoing effects

are still there to see. And

also, I suppose, from 1931

there were some survival stories back then which could offer some hope for today as well. Absolutely.

We're all watching these images today

today of buildings and hoping

that there are some people that

are still there alive. There's

certainly reports of people

that are still in contact with

rescuers. Back in 1931 will you

believe, Richard, a 90-year-old

man survived 3 nights in pretty chilly conditions, just as

they're seeing now in Christchurch, 3 nights buried

under rubble and he was finally brought out alive and he lived for a number of years beyond that which is not a bad effort for a 90-year-old. They breed them pretty tough in New Zealand.

Zealand. We can also be hopeful

that we'll get some similar

stories out of the 2011 quake. Certainly quake. Certainly hope indeed. OK, thank you. Rescue crews

from around the world are on

their way to Christchurch. Mitchell Brown from urban search and rescue says efforts are relentless. The our national deployment of our

urban search and urban search and rescue teams have been on the ground with the buildings that have

collapsed that we're looking for people for people in. They've now been supplemented by the NSW urban search

search and rescue task force

that arrived this morning and

we've just had news that the Queensland team has arrived in

Christchurch. We've also got of

those two teams dogs that have

arrived with Queensland to supplement what we have and we're now

that the Japan and USA and

Taiwan teams are en route and

they will also bring some

search dog capability but of course all the capability that we need to get

these survivors out of these

buildings. What we're looking

at is the 7 key sites around the CBD where we've got

information from police and their emergency management authorities that confirming

that there are still people

trapped in these buildings so

we're prioritising those and having our resources national and national and international

deployed to those build totion give effect to those res

kus. Among the thousands who

have had their homes have had their homes severely

damaged is Bernie or damaged is Bernie or Dr Leaving

soon as he's called on YouTube.

He posted this video from his home filmed after the first aftershock after he got his two

sons out of the house. Jesus

Christ! Oh, man. alright. I need to get out of this house. Make sure Gordon's OK. It's lots of fun. OK. It's lots of fun. Hey, Gordon, how you going? Joe, dear. Joe dear. Oh dear, dear. Joe dear. Oh dear, oh dear. You're dear. You're in the best place, rbt - rrnt

rbt - rrnt you. More stuff falling

there, OK. You just stay there. Right, there, OK. You

Right, bloody hell. Right, bloody hell. That was interesting. it's not raining. I think the entire house has turned upside

down. Well, Well, here's one thing. My spider's Well, here's one thing. My spider's still asleep. Rock

the cradle, hey. Here we go the cradle, hey. again. Just amazing to see that

a hotline for Australians concerned about friends concerned about friends and family in New Zealand. family in New Zealand. The number to call 74 rescue workers have

departed from Brisbane bound to

New Zealand to assist with the

search for survivors. Australia is Australian urban search and gth's request. 74 personnel have already

Australian teams include fire and rescue personnel, paramedics, paramedics, doctors, police officers and engineers, but also medics experts. United States

President Barack released a statement condolences to New Zealand. He says our British Prime British Prime Minister David Cameron has offered his

also. He was speaking during a

visit to Kuwait. Say something about today that have shocked New Zealand and around the world, including

Britain and the British Government. The people of New Zealand have been hit by a devastating earthquake, not

once but twice in a matter

months, and I want to pay

tribute to their resilience. They have

I've been in touch with my good

friend Prime Minister John friend Prime Minister John Key.

He knows that Britain stands

ready to provide whatever

assistance is required in

support of the services. We've

a search and rescue team which is deployed immediately. Our High Commissioner is on to Christchurch as we speak to see if there's anything more we can

can do. Queen Elizabeth II has also sent a message of support

to New Zealand. In the statement the The Canadian Prime Minister, Steven Harper has sent Steven Harper has sent this message to New Zealand. I just want to

on behalf of all Canadians express our condolences to

country and obviously more

particularly to all those have particularly to all those who

have lost family and friends in the terrible earthquake there. with our friends in New assistance if they should

it. My office has been

and I hope to be and I hope to be speaking to him in the not too distant future. Japan is also offering

to send help to the region. The Prime Minister has announced a rescue team will be sent to Christchurch. There's

particular concern for a number in the city. It's been reported

the students and their teachers

were in a cafeteria when the quake struck. them remain missing or trapped

under a building. And we've got

CCTV footage in from a

supermarket at the time of the

quake. And the pictures show the shelves shaking violently

as the 6.3 magnitude quake

struck yesterday afternoon.

That is until the cameras go black from the force of black from the force of the shaking. Well we're going to

get the latest on the weather

now. Here's Graham Creed. From

New Zealand to Australia where

we're also facing some severe

conditions but it's weather related related at the moment. Now we

have tropical cyclone Carlos

passed through the Exmouth area earlier this afternoon Eastern

Standard Time but over the next

couple of hours

continue to move out off the coast but unfortunately as it

does it will intensify but I

suppose the good news with that

is its direction will continue

away from the coast of Western

Australia. So by the time it forms

forms into a kated grrk 3

cyclone it will be well away

from the Carnarvon region

although we do expect to see

some fairly strong winds

region over the next 6 to

12-hour period. But then it is much better forecast for of Western Australia. It's a

bit of a different story though across the Northern Territory.

Now we have a resurgent monsoon

trough. Now this trough trough. Now this trough extends across the Top End and through

to Queensland and we actually

expect to see some further very

heavy rainfall across that

region. Now so far in region. Now so far in Darwin those showers have been

relatively isolated. There's

been the odd heavier fall over the earlier part of this morning. morning. There's still plenty of storms around and we're

actually expecting to see an

increase in rain fall tending

to rain over the next day or

two and the flood watch is fairly extensive over much of the Top End of the Northern

Territory. Because not only the monsoon trough starting to

reform, we're expecting to see a low pressure system form in

the Gulf region. Now as the Gulf region. Now as that moves across the Northern Territory it will intensify. So that's why we're

expecting to expecting to see some further very heavy rainfall developing

up across the northern parts of the Territory and in Gulf coast regions. And the monsoon trough will also be a

feature through the northern

parts of Queensland but for the parts of Queensland but for the remainder of the south-east

we're expecting clear,

and mostly sunny conditions.

That's underneath the high

pressure system. It will be the

dominant feature over the next

4 or so days so we're looking

at mild, warm and sunny

conditions and although around

that high there's some onshore

winds triggering a few showers

around Brisbane and they will

contract further north. It's

not until we hilt the far north of of Queensland that we see showers an thunderstorms

tending into rain periods. As

we move into Friday that

monsoon trough still remaining

very active across the region and this low pressure system

will need to be watched. It looks as though around about Sunday, Monday lit move off the Kimberley coast in a Kimberley coast in a similar

situation to what we saw

cyclone Dianne and Carlos and

could form into a slieck loan

on Monday and move down along

if WA coast. Expect to see further heavy rain fall further heavy rain fall across

the north. Relative dry south-east and a spell of hot

and possibly windy and possibly windy weather on

the way for Perth. You're watching ABC News 24, I'm Richard Davies and for the very latest on Zealand we're going to take you

straight to our colleagues at

TVNZ for extended coverage of the aftermath of yesterday's


Though your buildings are

broken, your streets are awash

and your hearts are aching, your spirit will overcome. This is a One News close up special with

special with Wendy peatry.And

Mark Sainsbury. Heart ache and

desperation here tonight. The

frantic search continues for

survivors as the death toll

unsung heros of this tragedy

and we'll bring interviews with

the people who will manage this

crisis over the next hours and

days. Welcome to a One News close up 2.5 hour special on

the devastating earthquake in

Christchurch. We've extensive

creshl free coverage as a desperate search continues for survivors trapped survivors trapped beneath the

rubble. Here is the rubble. Here is the very

latest. The death toll latest. The death toll stands

at 75 and that is expected to

rise. 3 00 people are reported

missing and rescuers missing and rescuers have given

up on the CTV building saying

Let's now go to Simon Dallow in

Christchurch. Thank you, Wendy. Dozens of Wendy. Dozens of people here

are yet to hear from their

loved ones nearly 30 hours

since the quake struck and the

longer they wait the mur longer they wait the mur grim things become. Melissa Stokes

joins us live. This building behind me, the iconic Carlton

pub is one of hundreds in ruin

tonight. You can hear the tonight. You can hear the alarm

going inside, that would have started with the earthquake

struck and I have to say that is really the sound those sirens and alarms. It's

rare not to hear one when you travel through the CBD. Those

people in the Carlton at people in the Carlton at the

time of the earthquake they

managed to get out safely but

we now know tonight the 300 family members are waiting to

hear news of their loved ones hear news of their loved ones

in those buildings may face

another night of anguish. There is

is no way to describe the

grief. The helplessness where The helplessness where even the smallest action keeps hope

alive. So I've been trying to

text my daughter's phone since

I have reception just because I

thought the rescuers might hear

the ring and dig down and

her. Early on at local

television's CTV building we thought

thought we might witness remarkable. We understand we've

put a camera into the building

alternate CTV site and we've

found a pocket with 15 alive in there and the crews are working to get found out. But soon after a gut wrenching blow. I heard that report

but I've since been advised that was that's not true. The building deemed continue searching. pulling out and sent to other sites around town. sites around town. Already

there have been astounding survival stories. This shows the extraordinary, pulling out

survivors of a mangled reck call of the dead is growing. temporary morgue has been set up 30 minutes out of town at the Burnham military camp and

the Papanui police station is

doubling as a waiting room for the families of those who the families of those who are missing. We officers who liaise with

families who are missing loved they're preparing for an influx of the injured. of the injured. Already more than

specialists are flying in from

around the country. around the country. 30 army medics have joined medics have joined doctors on the ground. The sort of traumas are major crush injury, a lot

of broken bones, spinal injuries and some head and couple of the field have come through as well. There's no room for some patients. This pregnant woman airlifted out along with airlifted out along with babies in turn in the central city you're faced with evidence of the earthquake's massive power. earthquake's massive power. How

long this will go on long this will go on for no-one

can predict. The we've asked people to stay at home a grass roots local level with their neighbours and their communities but not to do a lot of cross city travel. Many want to leave all to leave all together. Chaos at Christchurch relief for this woman plain to

see when she landed at her

Auckland destination. For those

who can't leave the damage major problem in the days. Tankers are on their way

from the north island. Acrotsds

the city we're still no further ahead

repair of your repair of your water

structures. We've got the tanker stations up, we're putting more stations out

across the city. By the

the day I hope the day I hope we've got

another half dozen locations in

tankered water available you. She's only young. For many like

many like Aaron, nothing matters except that coolest Mum, hey. I hope you're

alright. This time it's not

about buildings, it's about the lives lives of Christchurch's own. Melissa, Melissa, you've been talking to many of desperately to hear from family members. What lengths been willing to go

out? There has just been some heart warming and of course very heart wrenching stories. Aaron, Aaron, who you saw in that story story that just finished, he

wanted to bring his own wanted to bring his own dog down into smell of his mum and might to find her. Then Morris who came with hat, his gloves, he find his sister Donna. She's a mother get into the rubble to help mother of 2. Both of them be coming to terms with fact tonight that mother of 2. Both of them will at the fact tonight that at the CTV building has called off. There's so much that has been urged to come despair here, there is together. It's quite a kick together. It's quite a kick in the guts tonight to report that 6 people have been

6 people have been arrested for

burglary or looting in the city

and because of that there's

going to be central business district from

6:30 tonight for both safety

and security. Melissa Stokes,

thanks very much. thanks very much. Let's go to

Mark Sainsbury who's with the

Prime Minister. Prime Minister

John Key, look, thanks for joining us, do we have to prepare ourselves prepare ourselves for an even

bigger death toll, do you

think? I think we probably do.

The numbers we have at the moment are 75 confirmed deaths

but we know there are a

but we know there