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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. building a strategic alliance, Tonight - but China told not to worry. at a Sydney building site. A dramatic rescue in the triathlons. Australia double dips for gold Bougainville's most wanted. And a rare encounter with Good evening, with ABC news. Felicity Davey has dismissed suggestions Australia's Foreign Minister of any conspiracy against China - with the United States and Japan. after today's trilateral talks of China's military expansion While the sensitive issue at the security summit - was discussed mean China should be worried Alexander Downer says it doesn't that it's being "ganged up on" - changing its policy on China. or that Australia is suddenly from Japan The talks ended with a request with Australia - for an expanded relationship to focus more on security issues. Leigh Sales. National security correspondent, third anniversary of the Iraq war This weekend marks the to condemn the US-led action. and protesters gathered in Sydney

(Man shouts) What do we want? (Crowd chant) Troops out! A few kilometres away, Iraq was one of the agenda items the US Secretary of State, at talks between Condoleezza Rice, counterparts. and her Japanese and Australian together anyway. Nice to have the three flags it is, indeed. Yeah, it is, discussed China Along with Iraq, the three leaders its military build-up. and US concerns about China is reported to be sensitive trilateral security dialogue, about this new, high-powered says it shouldn't be. but the Australian Foreign Minister It's a very natural thing and the United States for Australia, Japan to meet together periodically and regional issues and to talk about global as an act of, you know, and it shouldn't be interpreted

conspiracy against China. But Mr Downer did join the US to be transparent in calling for China about its military expansion. The ABC understands its bilateral relationship that Japan's anxious to expand with Australia. Taro Aso, was planning Today, Japan's Foreign Minister, high-level ministerial summit to ask for a annual, formal, and security issues. to discuss strategic Alexander Downer didn't say would agree to that, if the Australian Government between the two countries but he does believe the relationship economic foundation. is moving beyond its traditional As time has gone on, the last five or six years, I think, particularly over strategic and political relationship we've seen a strengthening of the between Australia and Japan.

With a final peek at Sydney Harbour, her Australian visit Condoleezza Rice has now finished back to Washington. and is on her way Leigh Sales, ABC News, Sydney. has defended new laws The Federal Government that will allow phone tapping the terrorism hotline. of people who call the phone, email or text messages The legislation lets police tap with a terrorism suspect, of any person who's had contact

who ring the hotline. including those the third-party surveillance There are concerns could put innocent people at risk from volunteering information. and discourage them says the powers But the Attorney-General would only be used as a last resort. investigations can be undertaken There are a variety of ways in which to be effectively discounted and all of those have of inquiry as providing an effective avenue before any warrant would be granted. last month. The legislation was introduced The Government plans session of Parliament. to push it through in the next has been rescued A Sydney construction worker

in 50 tonnes of clay soil. after being trapped to free the 26-year-old. Rescuers worker for four hours He was buried up to his waist at a site in the city's south-west. after a retaining wall collapsed his first day Bosko Kojic will always remember at this Liverpool construction site. is lucky to have survived it The 26-year-old form worker on top of him. after a retaining wall crashed Everyone just heard screaming their stuff and ran over and everyone just dropped and did what they could with their hands, bits of steel, and started pulling dirt away

and then just started to prop it up. Search and Rescue team The fire brigade's specialist swung into action, but their options were limited. a concrete wall He was pinned up against and up to the waist by heavy soil. much of it unstable, 50 tonnes of clay soil, heavy-moving mechanical equipment. meant there could be no use of painstakingly dug out by hand. Mr Kojic would have to be would take a long time, Paramedics knew that off the patient's legs. so they worked to take the pressure

as possible, and comfortable, It's keeping him as pain free in order to keep him nice and calm as easily as possible. so that we can extricate him brought more urgency, The threat of rain further collapses, as emergency workers feared

made even harder. and a difficult rescue at Thredbo almost nine years ago, They used techniques first practised and improved since. and technically difficult rescue. It's certainly a very dangerous After four hours, in a specially fitted harness. Bosko Kojic was winched to safety He has a broken leg

a range of other injuries. and will need surgery for

to cut corners on workers' safety. The union's telling employers not that this site is 100% safe We're going to make sure is put back to work. before any worker

The site has been shut down

its investigation. until WorkCover completes Simon Santow, ABC News, Sydney. In another story of survival, police are amazed to survive an horrific crash that a 3-year-old boy managed in Western Sydney this morning. were killed His father and another man slammed into a tree. when their Nissan Skyline it ended up in several pieces. The impact was so great that The child was found wandering in a park where part of the car landed.

It's believed he was thrown free in the crash. Ambulance conveyed him to Westmead Children's Hospital and we've just been in touch with them and the child is OK. He's not suffering from any physical injuries that the hospital could see. Police believe speed was a factor. Both men were in their 20's. Australia has completed a golden double in today's triathlon events at the Commonwealth Games. Emma Snowsill literally strolled home in the women's race - a performance matched by Brad Karlefeldt in the men's. The victories are the first for Australia in Commonwealth or Olympic competition. A win in the men's gymnastics this afternoon took Australia's gold medal tally to 15, opening up a big lead over India, England, Scotland and Canada. Here's Peter Wilkins. It's a rare event when you can smell the flowers and stop for a hug before the finish, but for Emma Snowsill, nearly two hours of hard work had been done. It was a cold swim for the 25 starters

and apart from Welsh athlete Helen Tucker, a reasonably uneventful 40 kilometre bike leg. There were no slip-ups for Snowsill. In the run, she picked her moment and surged away from the thinning lead group to score a memorable home win over New Zealand's Sam Warriner. Annabel Luxford came 5th. To tell you the truth, it was really the crowd that just got me through today for the first 5km, I was struggling. The Australians had a plan in the men's - to use up the legs of their New Zealand Olympic place-getters in the bike leg. The tactic set up an absorbing run - Peter Robertson had the first crack. Then as the possibles, Brad Kahlefeltd chose his moment. COMMENTATOR: Brad Kahlefeldt has noted that this is the time to strike. One punch after another was delivered in a thrilling final 10 kilometres. Kahlefeldt made the gold his, while Peter Robertson's battle with New Zealand Olympic silver medalist Bevan Docherty ended with a brave bronze in a one three finish for Australia. I knew I was the favourite I knew I had a good shot of winning going into it. To win in that field today, you know, I'm just really happy. Two triathlons, two Australian gold. Australia's female swimmers continue to shine in the pool with two clean sweeps last night, Leisel Jones and Danni Miatke leading double green and gold trifectas in the 50m breast stroke and 50m butterfly. It's not every day you get to step up in front of such an amazing crowd, to have them behind you backing you the whole way. That experience was just uplifting and one I will cherish for my whole life. It was amazing, that crowd was just awesome. It's also been raining Aussie gold at the Games velodrome - 5 so far with the promise of more to come. Ryan Bayley completed a fine return from injury in the kieren while 21-year-old Victorian Sean Finning burst onto the international stage to take gold in the men's 40,000 points race. Someone asked me what my biggest achievement before this was - probably a national title. So this is a bit of a step up. Major disappointment though for time trial gold medallist Ben Kersten Less then 24 hours after his heroic win he was stripped of silver in the kieren for blocking the run of Shane Kelly. I got no idea because everyone was behind me. Ben Kersten has got a habit of doing some things. I don't know what happened. So he could have chopped someone he could have done something. Commissaries are pretty switched on, they know what they are doing. If he got relegated, probably fair enough. for Alexis Rhodes It was a poignant night Kate Bates and Rochelle Gilmore who helped guide teammates in the 25,000 points race. to gold and silver accident in Germany last year Rhodes survived the training of Amy Gillett. that claimed the life by the fuss. But the 21-year-old was bemused to tell you the truth, I think it's a bit ridiculous I mean okay I did fall off my bike,

their bike all the time. but people fall off and revealed their motivation song. Kate Bates praised Rhodes' courage made the perfect start Australia's female gymnastics team to their campaign claiming a third consecutive Commonwealth Games title. Injured team captain Monette Russo's was a standout performer despite carrying an ankle injury. And at just 15, Holly Dykes proved she's a star of the future. Not to be outdone, Australia's men's team claimed gold today with Joshua Jefferis winning the individual all-round competition. Teammate Phillippe Rizzo snared bronze. Victorian police have had to defend their security measures for the Games, at the rugby sevens. after a spectator was bashed in hospital The man had to be treated though no-one's been charged. went to the rugby last night Steve Hanson to cheer for England. with a fractured nose and bruises. He never imagined he'd go home would have expected that to happen I don't think anyone at the Commonwealth Games. at the Telstra Dome by other spectators He says he was attacked for concussion and was treated in hospital and severe bruising to the skull. for help to arrive. He claims he had to wait too long or police presence - There was no security I mean, when the police did come, they were great and St John's Ambulance were fantastic. My advice is, in fact, they were there very quickly,

on the scene trying to deal with it. The Chief Commissioner says security was adequate last night but admits there is a problem with security officers not turning up for work at some Games events and some staff are still waiting for accreditation. It was a night of drama at the Rugby 7s with injuries on the field as well.

was rushed to hospital Australia's Scott Fava against Fiji. during the bronze medal game COMMENTATOR: Aww, look at that! clashing with a Fijian player. Fava started convulsing after Oh, he's in a bad way. he was out of hospital But this afternoon, to sign a few autographs. and fit enough what happened last night. I did not have a clue it was 8:30 in the morning It just - as I said, and I just woke up and went, in a hospital?" "What the hell am I doing he'll be back on the field soon, Fava's confident after further tests are done by doctors at Western Force rugby club in Perth. Maura Angle, ABC News, Melbourne. British advertising regulators have decided to lift the ban on Australia's controversial tourism campaign. The ads were banned because authorities decided the language in the catch-phrase: "Where the bloody hell are you?" could cause offence. That prompted the minister to fly to London last week. the campaign to run, to urge britain to allow

to be fun and cheeky. arguing it's intended by the change of heart. She's delighted in British justice I've certainly had my faith sense of humour restored. and the British

time the British regulator The minister says it's the first has overturned such a decision. The catch phrase will now be used advertising. in all radio, TV and newspaper no major breakthroughs The United States admits it's made against insurgents in Iraq. in its latest campaign shows Iraqi troops But commanders say the operation of their nation's security. are taking greater control

always share that confidence, The Iraqi public, though, doesn't of death squad atrocities shows. as the latest evidence this report from Middle East And a warning - correspondent, Matt Brown contains some disturbing images. The US military has released its own pictures

of what it calls 'Operation Swarmer'. The assault by American and Iraqi troops has uncovered stores of weapons and ammunition, have been arrested. and dozens of people

don't look substantial, The results so far are emphasising but American commanders another aspect of the operation - the bulk of the force the new Iraqi army makes up near Samarra. combing the villages and farms primarily US forces, 11 months ago, it would have been all seen the numbers, as we have - but in this case I think you've primarily Iraqi forces. security forces is not shared But that confidence in Iraqi that have been terrorised by communities in the last few months. by sectarian death squads New pictures have emerged showing the aftermath of a massacre of Shi'ites near Baghdad. The video shows the sole survivor of one of the killings -

a 5-year-old boy who raised the alarm and later helped police find the bodies.

These killings took place in December, but such atrocities have been on the increase in the last month. More than 100 bodies have been found in Baghdad in the past week alone. In this climate of fear, to American or Iraqi forces - some Iraqis are not turning religious militias for protection. they're turning to radical, Matt Brown, ABC News. appeal in the High Court in London The British Government has begun an

Guantanamo detainee David Hicks to prevent the Australian from obtaining UK citizenship. American military lawyer David Hicks's to observe the case. was in court The Hicks legal team says arguments to bring to the appeal. the government doesn't have any new we were before. We're as confident as We won at the first instance that we're gonna win. and we still think Britain has already gained the release of all its citizens from Guantanamo Bay. Hicks's father says by comparison, the Australian Government has been reluctant to fight for his son's freedom.

They follow Mr Bush and, you know, they follow in his footsteps and believe everything he says. After the High Court rules on the case,

the losing party can still appeal to the House of Lords. on Papua New Guinea's There are new fears of rebellion autonomous island of Bougainville. into the shoes A fugitive businessman has stepped

Francis Ona, of the former rebel leader to train a private army. hiring Fijian mercenaries

Steve Marshall Port Moresby correspondent for this exclusive report. travelled into the rebel zone most wanted man. He is the Pacific's for swindling millions of dollars Noah Musingku's been on the run from thousands of people pyramid money scheme. who invested in a high-interest If a person sacrifice himself... He has 14 aliases, in the heart of the rebel zone but here he calls himself 'King Peii II'. for God and secondly for men Everything we doing is firstly nothing in the universe, and nothing at all, what we are doing. will ever stop locals call the 'King's Palace'. Behind these huts is what the Now, for security reasons, film his residence. Noah Musingku wouldn't let the ABC it's a modest, 2-storey building However, I can tell you made out of tin and wood. armed with high-powered rifles It's also surrounded by several men called the 'King's Guards' 24 hours a day. The 'King's surrounded himself Defence Force. with the security of the Meekamui the old king, Francis Ona, He inherited its control from into a 10-year civil war a man who plunged Bougainville over mining and money, and like Ona,

the Bougainville Government. Musingku doesn't recognise I am also operating under my law. PNG operates under its law, We operate under the higher law. have been labelled mercenaries These former Fijian soldiers Musingku's force. for training an armed takeover, The Bougainville Government fears Fijian commandos claim but the five contracted is the Bible. the biggest weapon they carry any arms training. They are not receiving

in principles - They are only receiving training biblical principles. godly principles,

Authorities know full well that any attempt to dethrone Musingku could trigger a civil war on an island that's already seen too much bloodshed. Steve Marshall, ABC News, inside the rebel-held no-go zone in Bougainville. And there'll be more from Steve Marshall in Bougainville

on 'Asia Pacific Focus' tomorrow morning at 11:00am. Prince Charles has won a partial victory in a legal battle to keep his diaries secret. London's High Court has banned further publication of excerpts from a diary held by the 'Sunday Mail' newspaper. The paper has already reported entries in the journal, where Prince Charles makes disparaging comments

about the Chinese leadership. But the ruling does not apply to seven other diaries the newspaper has obtained.

It cannot be legitimate for the Prince to claim the right to engage in political controversy and at the same time, deny the public the right to know that he is doing so. The judge is expected to ban publication of the other diaries in a later hearing. You're watching ABC News. Our top story tonight -

China's been told it has nothing to fear from security talks between Australia, Japan and the US. And still to come - the Cape Town wicket smiling on Australia in the First Test. Tasmanians went to the polls today, with the most likely outcome being a returned Labor government. A confident Premier Paul Lennon took a leisurely stroll down a country road to vote at his local polling booth. I've believed all along that the feeling out there was still for Labor, that people respected what we've done over the past eight years. The Liberals, led by Rene Hidding, know it will take an unprecedented swing to see them win power. The Greens' Peg Putt hopes to pick up extra seats to influence a minority government. Counting has also begun in the South Australian election, where another ALP victory is expected. It's the second time voters have made a choice between Labor's Mike Rann and Liberal Leader Rob Kerin. Mr Rann has headed a minority government for four years, but is cautious about his chances, despite predictions of an easy win. It's going to be much closer than people think, much closer. And I think we will be up late tonight. You know, we go in as the underdogs and if we do well, that's a bonus.

Mr Kerin says he'll stand aside as Opposition Leader if the Liberals lose. Australia holds the upper hand

heading into day three of the First Test against South Africa in Cape Town. Matthew Hayden, Ricky Ponting and Andrew Symonds helped Australia take a first-innings lead, before Brett Lee picked up two wickets late in the day. On a pitch which has offered plenty to the bowlers, Hayden and Ponting were never comfortable. Both reached half centuries, but not in convincing style. COMMENTATOR: He's also been made to work extremely hard, but they've hung in there. The South African seamers were frustrated by a lack of support from their fieldsmen. Oh, dear. The ball was either going straight in and out of the hands, or falling just short. In the air and doesn't carry. The second wicket partnership reached 154 before Ponting's luck ran out on 74. Got him! He's out! Hayden's lengthy stay at the crease ended with an unconvincing shot six runs short of his century. Hold your breath...he's got him! From there, the wickets fell at regular intervals, although not often enough for South African captain Graeme Smith, who was clearly stumped for answers. Please make this ball freakin' carry! His plea worked - Martyn departed for 22. Symonds didn't bother switching from one-day to Test mode, smashing 55 off 47 balls. That has gone a long way! Another six - that's the third six off the over. But the lower order crumbled and the Proteas restricted Australia's lead to 105. Three wickets before stumps gave the tourists the upper hand. That is a terrific delivery! We don't want to be chasing any more than we have to, that's for certain, um, and I think we're off to a good start, we've bowled some pretty good areas there tonight. And with Warne set to be a factor, there could be more head shaking ahead for the South African captain. Duncan Huntsdale, ABC News. Now - in the latest news from the Games - the blue ribbon event of the women's programme at the pool has just been swum, with Australian stars Jodie Henry, Libby Lenton and Alice Mills battling it out in the 100 metres freestyle.

Here are the closing stages. Lenton winning. Henry 2nd The defending NRL premiers

got a round two reality check last night. The Wests Tigers went down to the rampaging Bulldogs in a 35-point thrashing. The Auckland Blues have ended the Brumbies' unbeaten run in Super 14 rugby. The Brumbies lost by 11.

Wendell Sailor scored two tries in the Waratahs win over the Force, while the Hurricanes scored a controversial victory in South Africa. Without a win in Auckland for five years, the Brumbies received a typically rough reception. The Blues held off a series of Brumbies raids before their counter-attack cut loose. COMMENTATOR: Look at them go! Scrambling defence stopped that charge, but not for long. Now they have another go - that time it's down! Basic errors hurt the Brumbies and helped the Auckland team take an 18-nil lead at the break. Clyde Rathbone crossed early in the second half for the Brumbies. It proved just a consolation as the Blues sealed only their second win of the season to continue their recent domination over the team from Canberra. A host of Western Force players once were Waratahs, including stand-in captain Brendan Cannon. NSW beat the Cats by a record margin last week. Despite an early try, they were a long way from their best against the Force and Wendell Sailor was amongst the culprits... Oh! CROWD ROARS ..but it didn't take him long to find form. Sailor's got a double! 20-year-old fly-half Scott Daruda had a night to forget for the Force compounded by a severe concussion. His opposite number was also on the receiving end. Oh - chin on nose! Mat Rogers suffered a badly broken nose

but should be available for next week's clash with Auckland. Despite its struggles, the Force still draws the biggest crowds of the Australian teams and they were rewarded in the second half. Listen to the crowd! The celebrations were brief as the Waratahs sealed the win and a bonus point. A controversial no try by the video referee cost the Bulls in South Africa. This is a diabolical decision. The Hurricanes trailed late in the match but produced their second comeback win in as many weeks. Chris Kimball, ABC News. Lost that storyThis was the Bulldogs at their brilliant and brutal best Willie Mason was intent on intimidating the Tigers pack out of the game but he over-stepped the mark and conceded 3 first-half penalties. I think you're smart enough to know that if there's another one, you're in all sorts of bother. Mark O'Meley and Bryce Gibbs were also forced to cool their heels for 10 minutes after this dust-up. The Bulldogs' power game proved too much for the Tigers as they steamrolled their way to a 24-nil first-half lead, courtesy of four tries. O'Meley and Gibbs resumed hostilities after the break, with the Doggies' forward landing a knockout blow. While Bulldogs team-mates gloated, a dazed Gibbs left the field on a medi-cab. Despite that, the Tigers clawed their way back into the game, with tries to Daniel Fitzhenry and Brett Hodgson. COMMENTATOR: Hodgson goes over! But the Bulldogs stepped up a gear, with the prolific Hazem el Masri cashing in with four tries. Hazem el Magic! El Masri smashed Darryl Halligan's club record with a personal haul of 34 points in the 47-12 victory. In Hamilton - the Eels and Warriors went looking for their first win of the season with the Eels taking the upper hand by half-time with a brace of tries. Great ball! Hindmarsh with the try. But the Warriors had some luck with the bounce - skipper Steve Price and Evarn Tuimavave combining for their first try. The Eels gave themselves a handy buffer after half-time with a second try to Nathan Hindmarsh. Ian Eckersley, ABC News. The Sydney Swans have had their first win since last year's grand final. In their final hit-out before round one of the AFL, the Swans defeated St Kilda by 17 points in a practice game in Newcastle. Sydney fielded an almost full-strength team, with Jared Crouch playing his first game of the year. Off-season recruit Ted Richards played strongly, while Nick Davis kicked four goals. The Swans start their title defence against Essendon in two weeks. In a case of life imitating art, a new Australian film is credited with reviving some of the ancient tribal customs of Arnhem Land. The movie, 'Ten Canoes', explores the traditional culture of the Yolgnu people, but its stars had to be taught the hunting and boat-making skills of their ancestors. The film is the first to be made in an indigenous language and will premiere tomorrow at the Adelaide Festival. These scenes from 'Ten Canoes' are of from the Arafura swamp in north-east Arnhem Land, one of the remotest parts of Australia. The film has tried to recreate the culture that flourished here 1,000 years ago. I had to throw away just about every lesson I've learnt about film-making and re-invent the wheel, in a way. And I mean that technically and in terms of script and approach. (Calls) Action! With 11 feature films under his belt, film-maker Rolf de Heer is renowned for his innovative work. But nothing could prepare him for the hardship of this shoot. You have to spend half a day up to your waist in water

with the leeches attacking you from the waist down and the mosquitoes from the waist up and then people up in trees saying, "There's a big crocodile coming!" It's not a comfortable shoot. Speaking several indigenous languages, the stars from the township of Ramingining have never acted before. But one of them has an advantage - the 21-year-old lead is Jamie Gulpilil, son of the prominent actor David Gulpilil,

who conceived and narrates the film. These photos, taken by anthropologist Donald Thompson in the 1930s, inspired the story. The film-makers recreated in real life what he had photographed. The Yolngu built swamp canoes and went on a goose egg hunt - traditions that had died out decades ago. The swamp canoes, which are very particular, there'd been none made for decades, and to see the first one come to life there

was just a small miracle, it really was. The director says that, although the filming has finished, the men want to continue to revive their traditions. and hunt for goose eggs every year. They're planning to make more canoes Anne Maria Nicholson, ABC News. And now for the weather - on a milder Saturday. it reached 26 degrees, In Sydney one above the average.

it stayed cloudy to overcast - Throughout the State -

to the mid-north coast bringing isolated showers and Northern Tablelands. slightly above average - Daytime temperatures remained light to moderate and winds were mainly along the coast and adjacent ranges. Inland it was dry and warm - from minus 1 at Charlotte Pass and statewide temperatures went to 36 at Collarenabri. In the 24 hours to 9am 2.8 mm was the best at a couple of centres. While in the six hours to 3pm, Mt Seaview received 6 mm. Around the nation today - it was cloudy in Melbourne and Adelaide - hazy in Canberra - and there were showers in Hobart and Darwin. To the satellite picture -

Cyclone Larry in the Coral Sea is prompting a cyclone watch for coastal Qld. It's mostly sunny across WA and SA under a ridge of high pressure. On the synoptic chart - the North Qld coast - Cyclone Larry will approach the base of the top end. while a low tracks west across and falls down the east coast too. showers for northern Australia The rainfall prediction -

Tomorrow's national weather - monsoonal showers in Darwin again - Sydney and Hobart - showers too for Brisbane, it'll be cloudy in Canberra - and mostly fine and dry elsewhere. State for tomorrow - Throughout the on the eastern ranges expect early morning fog patches and coastal showers. It should be fine elsewhere. south-east - For the it should be mild to warm day - with isolated showers or drizzle on the coast and adjacent ranges. There's a very high fire danger on and west of the divide. In the west, winds should be light - south to south-easterly. Sydney's forecast for Sunday - mostly fine,

with the chance of a late shower or two - 29 on the coast, up to 31 for inland suburbs. The sun will rise just before 7am - seas to 0.2m on a 1.5m swell - winds will be from the north at 10 to 15 knots. And looking ahead -- and Tuesday - a shower or two for Monday on Wednesday. and the chance of showers of tonight's top stories. A reminder now, says today's trilateral talks Foreign Minister Alexander Downer with the United States and Japan against China. shouldn't be seen as a conspiracy And world record holder Libby Lenton 100m freestyle tonight, has won the women's gold medal tally to 16. taking Australia's And before we go, news and current affairs line-up. a look at tomorrow morning's features the world of politics. At 9:00am, 'Insiders' Barrie Cassidy will interview the Shadow Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd.

'Inside Business' is along at 10:00am, and Alan Kohler's guest is Senator Helen Coonan. At 10:30am, Barrie Cassidy is back with 'Offsiders', combining sporting results and analysis. And at 11:00am, join Helen Vatsikopoulos for 'Asia Pacific Focus.' And that's ABC news for this Saturday night. I'm Felicity Davey. throughout the evening. And I'll be back with news updates Until then, goodnight. International Pty Ltd by Captioning and Subtitling Closed Captions produced