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The Labor Party overturns its

ban to allow uranium sales to

The Australian teenager imprisoned on drugs charges in

Bali heading home. Voting gets under way in the elections but only the margin

of victory is in doubt and

Australia wins the first Test against New Zealand in convincing style.

This is ABC News 24. Hello. I'm Richard Davies. tomorrow's weather first I'm Richard Davies. Checking

On the final day of the ALP conference in Sydney,

Party has voted to lift a

long-standed ban on experting uranium to passionate debate from both uranium to India. There was

sides for and against the

motion but in the end the

proposal was passed 206 votes

old policy excludeing New Delhi to 185. It reverses a decades

from Australia's uranium trade because it was non-proliferation treaty. to the nuclear

non-proliferation treaty. PM Julia Gillard says there will

be satisfy guards about India's use of the fuel and she say it's not rationaltor to sell uranium to China not India. India will be a to sell uranium to China but

nation that plays a huge in shaping this the Asian nation that plays a huge part

century. And delegate, as we

meet here today, our platform

enables us to sell uranium to

China but not to India. Now,

this is not an intellectually

defencible proposition. Now, I

understand that there are some in

in our political party who

don't believe we should mine

uranium and don't believe we

should sell it to anyone. Now... APPLAUSE

. I don't agree with that view

but I understand that it is

view sincerely held by some.

But delegates, we have

determined that we will mine

uranium and we will sell it.

The issue I'm asking you to

confront today is whether it rational to say we will sell it

to China but we won't sell it

to India. While the motion was

passed by a margin of 21 votes

it was still the subject of it was still the subject

strong opposition from some delegates. I acknowledge that

India is indeed a country of

growing importance and the world's largest democracy, that

is acknowledged and I also acknowledge that they have

would not sign the nuclear consistently said that they

non-proliferation treaty, the comprehensive test ban non-proliferation treaty, nor

treaty. Those treaties which

are in place to ensure that nations agree on the path to

disarmament. But what we are

now saying is that we will make a you knowoff exception to a policy that has been held by

Australian Governments of both nearly four decades and in political persuasions for

saying that we are sending a

very clear and a very strong

message not only to countries

in our region but also to the global disarmament community

disarmament regime that we've that our commitment to

always held and that we've always argued for has been weakened. Forget all the

arguments about jobs, it's a sideshow. Forget all the other

arguments you've heard here.

The real argument here is are

we going to export uranium to a

country who has had three wars

with its neighbour? A country

send nuclear weapons into its

neighbours? That's the question

for us today and this is not a

proper thing for us to do. The

PM has said we are going to get stringent safe stringent safe guards. My

question to you PM is this - if

the US can't get proper

safeguards out f o-India, safeguards out f o-India, how

are you going to do it? What we are being asked today is to international instrument that undermine the

there is, an instrument has ensured that countries such as Brazil, South Africa and

Argentina have abandoned their programs. Well in other news, international nuclear weapons

the Federal Opposition Leader

Tony Abbott has Tony Abbott has spoken out against poker machine reform at

a rally in Brisbane today. The Federal Government plans to

introduce mandatory precommitle technology for poker machines

that will require gamblers to

set a limit to how much set a limit to how much they

are prepared to lose. Mr Abbott problem with the Tasmanian Independent MP Andrew Wilkie

for demanding poker machine

reform, he says it's the

fault for accepting the reform, he says it's the PM's

idea. It's great to be here in

Queensland, it's great to be supporting

supporting the club industry Australia and it's great supporting the club industry of

so many decent Queenslanders Australia and it's great to see

here to support those

institutions which are such an

important part of our communities, right communities, right around

Australia. You know, I look out and I don't see before me seasoned political activists. What I see is decent

the Federal Australians who are saying to

mess with us and do not mess the Federal Government "do not

with the clubs that are with the clubs that are an

important part fr of our live

and our communities. what I see." and our communities. That's


I deeply regret Don the fact

Queensland, all that I don't come from

non-Queenslanders do. I do come

from Sydney. Sydney, the most

institution is the Forestville

RSL. It's not an RSL club, although that's a very

important part that it plays in

our community. It supports the

bowls, the cricket, the Aussie

rules, the soccer, the netball,

it supports the bridge, it

supports the fishing club, the

bush walking club, the ballroom

dancing society, the dancing society, the rotary club, the Lions club, have

their meeting there because that's where they can get a

good value meal. This club is

an important part of the social

fabric of my community and some people play some people play the poker machines there. Most people

play the poker machines there

because it is a form of entertainment, a form

relaxation, and, yes, some

people are problem gamblers,

and we all want to do the thing to but we need smart policies to

help problem gamblers, not ones and mandatory help problem gamblers, not dumb

SCATTERED APPLAUSE ... Is a dumb policy because it

is not going to help the

problem gamblers of this

country but it is going to do

serious damage to the clubs that are such a significant part of our social fabric. Now, we need as I said, we need as I said, smart policies, not dumb policies, not dumb ones. The

smart policies are obviously more counseling, mandatory

precommitment is not going to get us where we need to be.

Voluntary precommitment by

contrast gives the contrast gives the problem gambler an opportunity to put

hiss or her hand up and say, "I

need help." And that's what we

need. We need individual

solutions for individual

problems. Problem gambling is a problem

problem for the gambler. Let's not think that

by changing the by changing the world we're going to help the problem

gambler, let's help the problem gambler. And let's not

do it in ways which damage do it in ways which damage this great country and this great

society that we live in. Now

ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, I am

going to say thing that might

be a little unpopular. I don't

think Andrew Wilkie is the problem. You know, any problem. You know, any member of

to a party leader, to a PM,

with what he or she thinks is good idea to Wilkie is not Wilkie is not the problem. There is nothing wrong with members of parliament coming forward with their ideas. It's

the job of the PM to sort out the good ideas from the the good ideas from the bad ones and only to promote the

good ideas, not the bad ones.

So it's not Andrew So it's not Andrew Wilkie's

fault that we have this mandatory precommitment threat to the clubs of Julia Gillard's fault for

agreeing with him. Because if

it wasn't for the PM, we

wouldn't have the problem. The

Opposition Leader speaking at a

a rally in Brisbane today. The Australian teenager convicted

of drug possession in Indonesia

has been released from detention and is waiting to be deported. The teenager was

arrested for marijuana

possession near Bali's possession near Bali's Kuta beach prison officials formally released

released him earlier today. The

14-year-old is now at the the international airport in Denpasar waiting to home to Australia. Russians home to Australia. Russians are voting in parliamentary

elections at 9 5,000 elections at 9 5,000 polling stations spread across nine

time zones. When it's over there's little doubt Vladimir

Putin's ruling United Russia

party will have won. The question is by how much? Norman

Hermant reports. In this election, there's no surprise who will come out on ruling United Russia party backed by leaders Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev will

win but in cities like Tula there are signs the ruling Many voters say despite everything from official endorsements to outright intimidation on behalf of

United Russia, they've had enough.

TRANSLATION: Nobody has ever especially supported United

Russia. I think it was being

treated quite indifferently and

an threatically but not dissatisfaction is growing. Thanks growing. Thanks to a largely pro-Kremlin broadcast media

United Russia has again United Russia has again ruled the air waves during this

campaign but polls suggest many

are not happy with the

party's performance, ob

everybodiers say it's an unprecedented offensive to

turn out the vote. Some people

simply detest that fare forced

to vote under pressure and

they're being pressed pore and more from election to election

just for United Russia. Without

matching resources or a level playing field, the Opposition can

left over. At rallies like this

one Opposition parties complain

about fraud during this

campaign. But that hasn't deterred the

in the days leading up to this

vote, the country's only

independent election monitoring

organisation became a target.

Prosecutors raided the Golos manoring headquarters as its

website with a map detailing alleged campaign violations attracted more and attracted more and more

attention online. It will have thousands

on the look out for vote

rig. They're really afraid so

they try to block us from more than 600 foreign

observers, here to watch a vote

where only the margin where only the margin of victory is in victory is in question. And

voting is now well under way in

Moscow and earlier I spoke to Norman Hermant

Norman Hermant just Norman Hermant just a short

time ago. Well it's still time ago. Well it's still quite early in the morning just early in the morning just after so few polling stations, there's not much activity in Moscow. Of course this country has nine time zones so in the far east

of Russia which is seven hours ahead they have already been

voting the election is well under way. The most recent developments here are concern that international election monitoring organisation monitoring organisation I referred to in the story, that

organisation called Golos, organisation called Golos, its

website and the map that we

talked about in the report is now offline. That's been

subject to a massive hacking

attack this morning , the idea

of that website is that its observers across the country

would report any alleged

violations and they'd go up on

that map that would be available for all to see.

No-one can see it because that

website has been knocked website has been knocked out. The other go development is

that one of the briggest

progressive radio stations here

in Moscow wees website is also

off line. People are quite dissatisfied with the way

things are in the country and

of course United Russia is the governing party. They don't see

an improvement in education, in health care, in fact, most people in opinion polls respond

that they think the level of

education and health care are now worse than they now worse than they were in the declining days of the Soviet Union. And of course the

Government is going to Government is going to wear that because they're

responsible for making sure

that every day live of Russians

gets better. There's a bit of gets better. There's a bit of a conundrum here because on conundrum here because on a pure statistical level,

economy-wise Russias seem to be

better off There is an emerging

middle class, they do have middle class, they do have more

money but at the same time they feel many of

life is not getting better and that income distributions of

that prosperity has really been distributed very

disproportionately to those at

higher end of higher end of the sciel. The millionaires and the

billionaires and that regular

Russias life is not getting any

easier and they're taking easier and they're taking that out on United Russia In the United States, the

unconventional Presidential campaign of pizza China

executive Hermain Cain is over.

Dogged by numerous claims, the political political new of the race after see his support collapse. Hand

hand with his wife, it was judgment day for Hermain

Cain. I am at peace with my wife. CHEERING AND CHEERING AND APPLAUSE

. And she is at peace with me. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE He had plenty of explaining

to do at home over this claim of a 13-year extra of a 13-year extra martial affair. It was complicated and

I was aware that he I was aware that he was

married. On top of other

allegations of sexual harassment when he headed a

restaurant trade group in the

90s. He suddenly reached over

and he put his hand on my leg

under my skirt and reached for

my gentials. The alleged sexual impropriety impropriety effectively finished his campaign. Cain called all the charges false

and unproven but Republican voters abandoned him and

financial financial support dried up. I am suspended

am suspended my am suspended my Presidential campaign because of the continued distraction, continued distraction, the

continued hurt caused on me and my family. Flamboyant and

unconventional, he also came

unstuck over policy gaffes,

struggling here to explain his

approach on Libya. I do not

agree with the way he handedled it for it for the following reasons.

Um, no, that's not a different one. The 65-year-old

businessman says he won't

retreat from public life and

will endorse one of his rivals. The

The likely biggest

of his departure? It's very

hard not to look at the the

recent bol polls a and think

that the odds are very

high. Former speaker Newt

Gingrich has emerged as the

latest Conservative alternative

to milt Romney, both camps are competing for Hermain Cain's Sydney man Jeffrey Gilham has

spoken publicly for the firlt

since his release from jail on

Friday. Mr Gilham Friday. Mr Gilham is on bail

after his murder conviction for

killing his parents in 1939 was

quashed. The judges ordered a

retrial that will is a chance

he will be acquitted he will be acquitted with his

wife Robecca at his side Mr Gilham made a brief statement this this afternoon. This week has been very overwhelming for us.

I'm glad to be back home I'm glad to be back home with hi family and we're all looking Christmas together, seeing Christmas together, seeing it

will be the first one I'll have with my youngest daughter,

thank you. Jeffrey Gilham has

always maintained his brother

Christopher stabbed and killed

their parents Helen and Stephen

before setting their bodies on

fire at their Sydney home. Mr

Gilham admitted stabbing his

brother to death in a fit of rage and was convicted of manslaughter. One of the top

police officers from NSW admits Operation Unite has failed significantly reduce weekend blitz on drinking

hotspots has seen police turn

out in force around the out in force around the country

including more than 2,000 extra

police patrolling NSW towns. As

Australians head into the season, the deputy NSW Police

Commissioner says he has

serious concerns about the drinking culture. Hundreds of

people drank so much last night

that they'll face court

tomorrow morning. 209 tomorrow morning. 209 people

were arrested and charged with 381 offences on the second

night of Operation Unite in

look like we've had a major or significant impact on stopping

this sort of thing from going

on. Arrests are slightly down

on the number made during on the number made during last

year's Operation Unite. Today, there are still too many people

say doing the wrong thing and

they say a culture shift is

needed. There is definitely a problem with excessive drinking not only occurring but being

tolerated by friends. tolerated by friends. People

sitting next to their friends

and seeing that they're drunk

to such a degree that that cannot make rational judgments

them and not telling them to stop or do anything about it 22

people were charged with either assaulting or hindering and assaulting or hindering police

and resisting arrest. This certainly

where some police officers wake

up having been beaten or assaulted in some way, certainly treated quite badly by members of the public by members of the public who they've gone there to help Police arrested two people after a brawl involving moor

than 100 people at St

marry's. West Australian fire authorities say they're confident a bushfire longer a threat to lives or

homes. The fire south of Nannup

has been burning for 12 days

and forced the evacuation of

residents on Molly Island and in east Augusta. Those

residents were allowed to return to their homes last

night. Molly Island residents

night. Molly Island residents received the good news late

yesterday afternoon, ending two

days of uncertainty. So days of uncertainty. So that

means you can go home. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Person

Ecstatic, it's great. I

can't wait to get home. Fire crews worked tirelessly throughout

throughout the night to try to bring the blaze under control.

It has been downgraded from It has been downgraded from a emergency warning, authorities

say today's challenge own could be the wind conditions but they're hoping to bring they're hoping to bring that

under control and start a

mop-up as soon as possible. Time to check sport now with Claire Aird and a big

win for Australia's cricketers

today? Absolutely. Especially a Australia has taken an easy nine wicket victory over New Zealand on the fourth day at

the Gabba. Debutant James Pattinson was the star taking five wickets in the second innings, to help dismiss innings, to help dismiss the Black Caps for 150. After a

solid start by New Zealand, solid start by New Zealand, in

the opening five minute, it all

began to fall apart. First Usman Khawaja took a sharp

catch to remove Martin Guptil,

before Kane Williamson edged

one to Ponting and Ross tail Taylor went on ball. He does, he does, he is on a mat trick. James Pattinson is on a hat-trick. The is on a hat-trick. The carnage

continued, soon night watchman

Doug Bracewell was on his and James Pattinson had five on

debut. Nathan Lyon capped a

good match by cleaning up the

tail. After the innings break,

debutant David Warner came out

with purpose, Phillip Hughes

was given a second life but it

didn't last long, the Black

Caps dismissed him for 7,

Warner smashed the winning run for

for his country and was the man of the match. Odd

the day before and coming up in

a bit of a shacky start,

a bit of a shacky start, took

McCullum and obviously a few nerves rang through the body but I managed

nerves out and bowl pretty

well. Had some success down in

Hobart and I'm feeling really good at the good at the moment so hopefully it continues do unthere The

second deft in Hobart starts on

second deft in Hobart starts on Friday. Jamie Whincup has won his third V8 consumer car title in Sydney. Whincup and Craig Lowndes were

had to win and hope when bhin finished no better than

finished no better than 30th. Whincup finished 8th in

Whincup finished 8th in the race. Here comes the man who is now joined the greats. The now joined the greats. The race was won by Ford's Mark Winterbottom, Lowndes finished second, and Jamie Whincup kissed his third championship trophy. David Beckham's LA Galaxy Galaxy team has arrived ahead of Tuesday's night's

competition match against

Melbourne Victory. The former England captain was greeted by

hundreds of fans at Melbourne airport. Some

to win an autograph from the

man himself. I've been a fan

sense he started at ultimated

years ago so just even see him

and then to have him actually autograph while autograph while itself while I'm pregnant... The LA Galaxy

players are on the final leg of

a 3-match promotional tour.

This afternoon's Sydney are

playing Brisbane Roar, a short

time ago they were 2-nil up in

the second half of the match. The Newcastle Jets The Newcastle Jets and Perth

Glory scored the wins in the A-League last a 1-nil victory a 1-nil victory over Wellington. The Heart broke

through the Phoenix's defence

with the help of a free kick. And the team And the team got the lead in

the dying seconds of the first

half. The Heart almost gifted

their opponents an own goal in

the second. Wellington the second. Wellington weren't without chances of their own,

but frustration grew as but frustration grew as they

failed to find the back of the net. And Melbourne claim a

vital three points. The

Wallabies have finished their year on a winning note beating Three second half tries set up the 24-18 victory. The Welsh

honoured two of their heroes

before kick-off to national soccer coach to national soccer coach Gary Speed who died last week and retiring back Shane Williams.

It was an emotional day It was an emotional day for whaels's most capped player. The hosts started the better

and hit the front with penalty. And it got worse for the Wallabies when David Pocock suffered an ankle injury. But they thought they'd taken the

lead through Turner only to be lead through Turner only to be denied by the video ref. He's in touch. No score. Instead, Wales increased its lead but

the match turned early in the second half when Leigh Halfpenny was sin-binned.

Australia most the most of it man advantage. Will Genia,

reaches out. Turner wasn't to

be denied when he crossed the

line for a second time and

Berrick Barnes also got in on

the action. And Barnes runs around needed a response to Welsh eventually scored their first

try. It proved too little too

late but despite the result, the home crowd was given

something to cheer about in the

final seconds, with the man of the moment crossing one last time. What a time. What a fairytale,

unbelievable. In in his swong

song, Shane Williams. Bes tan a

great journey for me. I've

enjoyed every second of it, enjoyed every second of it, the

ups and the downs and I just

want to say thank want to say thank you. Williams finishes his career with Test tries. And Argentina's kept the DUP final alive with victory over spine in the double after Argentina lost

both singles rubbles on the

final day, play play dwsh David Nalbandian and Eduardo Schwank trounced Spain's Feliciano Lopez and Fernando

Verdasco 6-4, 6-2, 6-3. Argentina has a chance of becoming the first nation since

Australia in 1939 to win Australia in 1939 to win the Davis

down. It will be hard work, del potto will have to potto will have to beat Rafael

Nadal the in the first of the

verse singles matches. Checking the Checking the national

forecast and the satellite shows thick cloud over Queensland in a trough, which is generating showers and

storms. Cloud over the Northern

Territory and Western Australia

in another trough is also

causing a few storms. And cloud causing a few storms. And cloud

over south-eastern States is

bringing showers to Tasmania

and Victoria, and a few storms around the Sydney area. Around the States tomorrow -

And don't forget if you'd like any stories we're following you can

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That is the ABC News for That is the ABC News for the moment but I'll have a moment but I'll have a check of the headlines for you in about

two or two or three minutes, and then stay with us for 'Foreign Correspondent'. I'm Richard Davies, you're Davies, you're watching ABC News 24. Captions by CSI.

This Program is Captioned

The top stores from ABC News

- the Labor Party - the Labor Party has overturned its overturned its long standing ban on uranium sales to India.

PM Julia Gillard told the ALP

conference that the move would boost trade. Many delegates

argued passionately against the

plan because India has

plan because India has not signed the nuclear

non-proliferation treaty. Or

the test ban treaty. But conference endorsed it by 206

votes to 185. The Australian teenager convicted of drug possession in Indonesia has been released been released from detention. The teenager was arrested The teenager was arrested for marijuana possession near

Bali's Kuta Beach in early October. October. The 14-year-old October. The 14-year-old is now at the international airport in

Denpasar waiting to be sent

home to Australia. Voting is

under way in Russian's parliamentary elections amid parliamentary elections amid claims of cam pawn fraud and