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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Fruit and veg recall - closes a Victorian supermarket. a contamination scare against childcare workers Charges laid accused of restraining babies. And a health scare most popular children's performers. for one of the nation's

But first this morning, has been rocked a Melbourne supermarket by a food contamination scare of fruit and vegetables. that's led to a major recall by reporter Gerard Scholten For the latest we're joined who's at the Safeway store affected. were found in the fresh produce? And Gerard, what foreign objects

Police reduce the media and they

are holding the cards close to the

chit richest. Staff around midday

the room were restocking the

shelves end found what we can

actually an agent of Peps Syrian

Jews, breaking glass, as something

like theirs. He they removed their

food end have examined it. Police

say it posed little risk to

consumers because it was large. In

the consumer would have noticed it

before they ate the food or reach

the walls. It did pose a real risk

growth to consumers' end staff.

Authorities are taking it seriously.

What are they advising customers?

All main customers had been

bringing Beck the produce to the

store. It is only this particular

Safeway store. There is only the

store here. Maniac pictures about

night. the fruit in BG's they ate last

A was a little bit worried. laying in bed thinking, I was all of a sudden

"What did we eat?" and I was concerned. I bought things yesterday saying what it was. I was concerned they weren't

was it something that was in it I thought

that contaminated it with? or is it something

some grapes this morning When I heard I'd just finished

and see. so I thought I'd just come back

night. We staff here at the Safeway

and reassuring customers good areas

lose almost brisk. You mean to Galea they believe the

contamination Steer - skier is just

there once door? Here is no other

Safeway or Woolworth stores across

the country debt is affected.

Police and not to come soon. At

this stage, we believe it as an

isolated incident. Fruit and

vegetables had been removed from

the shelves here. Fresh produce

hair that has been pulled out this

morning. Beers are absolutely no

risk to consumers. accused of restraining babies Two Perth childcare workers have been charged with assault. responsible for protecting children Meanwhile, the head of the WA agency has stood down from her post. Police say

of the allegations the two women at the centre childcare workers. are qualified and experienced The pair, aged 45 and 33, babies' feet several weeks ago, allegedly only began tying were not aware of the practice. the owners the children were bound, It will be alleged

DCD workers at the childcare centre, were discovered bound by police and tightly wrapped in sheets, around their feet and tied in a knot those sheets also extended of the children. so as to restrict the movement next month The women will appear in court on seven counts of common assault, from 7 to 20 months old. relating to children or distress to the children. There were no overt signs of injury The day after the scandal broke, by the Minister. the facility was shut down remained silent. But his department head Yesterday, checks of five other linked centres, department authorities made urgent from chief Jane Brazier. but still no comment public disquiet has cost her career. Now it seems that silence and growing Department of Community Development The Director General for the has advised the Premier from the public service. that she'll be retiring Narelda Jacobs, Ten News. in SA's Education Department. A major sex scandal is facing paedophile charges A senior public servant dating back almost two decades. has been following the case. Police reporter Gerda Jezuchowski Gerda what can you tell us? risk to consumers. Her the

investigation here is Schrader in

secrecy. We cannot reveal the

legacy of the accused exhibitors

say it has a 45 year-old woman. She

is a senior staffer in the

education department. In a file

taskforce that it does here made

the move yesterday. He was six

offences against the guilder to

Beck a few years. It is one count

of unlawful sexual intercourse into

counts of indecent assault. She was

a student there in 1987 when the

crimes are committed. It is unclear

whether the accused will be

suspended from his senior position

within the public sewers or not she

will be summonsed to ebb here in

court as a later date. is digging deeper The Federal Government on greenhouse gas emissions to try to cut down from our coal-fired power stations. But critics say it's not enough on the wrong technology. and the money is being spent on climate change In the face of the global warning Sir Nicholas Stern, issued by Britain's told his colleagues Prime Minister Howard by a single report. not to be mesmerised is not mesmerised, he's asleep The Prime Minister of waking up. and he's showing no indication of new technology Awake to the potential cleaner and greener, to make old coal-fired power stations Mr Howard has announced a $60 million investment

to cut greenhouse gases. Labor and others suggesting to the Stern report. it's a lame, inadequate response and so is the Howard Government. The glaciers are retreating Are you suggesting

they've gone and created projects? suddenly in the last couple days How cynical can the media go? are urging the Government The Australian Greens on old energy sources not to get bogged down when new solutions are required.

as clean, green coal, They say there's no such thing just like there's no safe cigarette. We know low tar cigarettes

on the old ones. are hardly an improvement at all Clean coal is the same. leap-frogging fossil fuels. We should be

The alternative fuel

most enthusiasm for is nuclear, the Prime Minister has expressed

and the Opposition have in mind. not quite what the Greens While the Government denies to the Stern report, any knee-jerk reaction pessimistic forecasts the British economist's have put new urgency into the issue of climate change, making it clear to all that it's not just a political debating point, but a matter of survival. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. Global warming could also have a devastating impact on our health. For more I'm joined by Professor Tony McMichael. Professor, we're hearing a lot about the economic and environmental impacts of climate change, what impact could it have on health?

court as a later date. The question

has a very good one because we Abri

occupiers and Ms Rose are in the

motion of economic damage. If we

consider that an economic system.

We have not been aware of that

climate change there is going to

seize the day made a life support

systems and their means bed news 4

N future risks to health by then

Australia and around the world.

Guests emissions and this country

apart the global problem of course.

It is a public issue of global

scale. Kenny expend further on net

public health issue. There is a

whole range of a fix from climate

change and they will vary around

the world. The issues for us and

Australia includes exposure to more

extreme heat in summer time, he'd

ways they kill people insane people

to hospital, of course problems of

Severe drought. It is a problem for

respiratory diseases end dusty

environment end it will affect

fresh water suppliers, hygiene a

rule ends remote sittings. Infectious diseases as well.

Mosquito and borne diseases and the

north of Australia like dingy fever

will spread through the south. Ross

River Mira virus as well. Some of

throughput poisoning - salmonella

food poisoning is very sensitive to

temperature changes. You'll be mean

the risks to health. It includes

the risks from spreading of malaria,

coastal flooding, rising sea levels

and includes problems for regional

food suppliers. Child development.

It is a broad spectrum of serious

risk he yet end around the world.

One-time friend and we talking

about? One numbers are we looking

yet? We're talking about any

balding situations are the numbers

will be much less than the numbers

next year. The World Health

Organisation is to make it a few

years ago they can only end on a

consumer to be his estimates,

150,000 deaths a year already

attributable gold to climate change.

Malnutrition, the effects of flood,

increases of malaria and so on. I

think their numbers and this is

done at because it does not affect

their own effects of mental-health

and suicides. There is no

particular starting point. We're

talking about a process that is

evolving over time. By the middle

of the century, if we do it spits

more risers on Tim Witcher, we Igs

will experience a more of these

health risks.

Investigations are continuing into a fatal plane crash in central Queensland overnight. The twin-engine aircraft went down near Rockhampton just 5km south of the small town of Raglan, killing all on board. The light aircraft crashed into hilly terrain around 7:00 last night. With poor visibility and wet weather, those on board the Piper Navajo didn't stand a chance. I received a call from Canberra that a light aircraft that was believed to be travelling from Emerald and Gladstone has gone - dropped off their radar. The alarm also raised by concerned locals who heard the struggling engine, then a loud explosion. It's apparently disintegrated on impact. The aircraft is very fragmented and spread over quite a distance. Rescue crews rushed to the scene but couldn't find any survivors.

SES also called in because of the difficult conditions. We are going to preserve the scene as much as we can with tarpaulins and any other apparatus that the SES has brought with them. Police guarded the scene overnight. Today, officials confirming a pilot and his two male passengers were killed in the crash. These things happen from time to time but it doesn't make it any easier for the people or the emergency services who have to deal with it. An investigation into the cause is now under way. Kate Donnison, Ten News. Reports this morning Yellow Wiggle Greg Page is suffering a mystery illness.

The 34-year-old is resting in his Sydney home after bouts of fainting which have been occurring since June. He'll stay in Australia to undergo more tests while the rest of children's supergroup tours the United States with a replacement Yellow Wiggle. It's unsure at this stage if the health problem will affect his future with the Wiggles with doctors yet to make a diagnosis. And a free gun with a new car - the bad taste deal on offer around the corner from the scene of the Amish school shooting. This program is captioned live. Four Australians are now believed among 30 arrested on terrorism charges in Yemen. Two are said to be the young sons of Jemaah Islamiah agent Abdul Rahim Ayub who set up a cell in Australia before fleeing after the Bali bombings. They're accused of planning to attack Yemen's international airport and oil depots, and smuggling weapons to Somalia. Yemeni authorities say more arrests are imminent. Besieged mufti Sheik al-Hilali has been released from hospital. It comes as thousands prepare to show their support at a weekend rally in Sydney. Despite the controversy, signs of support for Sheik al-Hilali. The Muslim community, including the mufti's daughter, confirming their leader is on leave and has not been replaced. Definitely not. He will not step down. The mufti of Australia has not resigned and no new mufti has been appointed.

As the embattled mufti prepares to leave hospital, some advice from his British counterpart. He should speak to the wider community not to the 1.5% minority community he represents at this moment and he promised he would look into it. The British Sheik adding all future sermons should be delivered in English to avoid confusion. But divisions run deep. The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils says it's now considering whether to abandon the position of mufti all together. I would be recommending very strongly that we don't move back to what we've had because we don't think it's been productive or constructive. And in WA another cleric has entered the fray. The State's Muslim leader backing calls for women to cover up. The only way to protect themselves from the possibility of being assaulted or being raped. To suggest in any way, shape or form that women promote rape is completely unacceptable. But it's Sydney where the Sheik is receiving the most support. Emails and text messages calling on Muslims to attend a mass rally near Lakemba Mosque this weekend.

Kate Donnison, Ten News. Former prime minister Malcolm Fraser has bought into the saga involving Australia's most senior Muslim cleric, telling a law and justice function

it'll be one of the biggest issues to confront Australian politics and that the Government should stop its rhetoric. There are already suggestions that this election will be the Muslim election as a while ago it was the 'Tampa' election. It would create a terrible and unnecessary divide between Islam and the rest of the country. He's also criticised the Government's new security laws, saying they threaten Australia's reputation as a successful multicultural society.

Australian warships are on stand-by to sail to Fiji as the country descends into political turmoil. The Fijian Prime Minister is trying to dismiss the country's military leader, but it's feared the pre-emptive action will lead to a military backlash. In the event of a coup, the Government's preparing the to get Australians out of the country. We do have some warships being prepared, obviously there could be evacuation of Australians to be handled. The holiday haven has been described by the Department of Foreign Affairs as a security risk. A gunman is still on the loose after shooting at police in Sydney's west. Police were called to a service station in Prestons around 1:00am, following reports of an armed hold-up. The gunman, still on the scene, turned on police firing several shots. Officers escaped unharmed, but the armed man managed to get away. A police helicopter and dog squad are searching for the gunman. The only survivor of last week's car crash which killed four people in northern New South Wales, is expected to be charged some time today. Tyler Green has attended the funerals of his mates. Police are poised to charge him with four counts of dangerous driving causing death, facing a possible 10 years jail on each count. Detectives have interviewed the teenager and are waiting for a toxicology report to determine whether there were any drugs or alcohol in his system at the time of the crash. Former South African President PW Botha has died at the age of 90. During his leaderships he robustly defended the apartheid regime and remained unrepentant for his hardline racial policy to the end. P.W. Botha was a brutal and aggressive defender of apartheid, South Africa's rigid racial segregation. Sworn in as executive president in 1984 overwhelmingly he used the power of the state to protect white supremacy while implementing only cosmetic reforms. He seemed almost to revel in international criticism. We shall act as our own conscience dictates because we will not answer to history for the consequences of our actions.

It was in 1966 that P.W. Botha first made his mark as a minister with a notorious decision to clear a bustling area of Cape Town known as District 6. 50,000 so-called coloureds, people of mixed race, lost their homes. Botha thought they were too close to the city centre.

When he became prime minister in 1978, P.W. Botha did hint at change like trade unionists were given more rights at work. Botha even split his own party by introducing new chambers in parliament for Indians and coloureds though the black majority were still entirely excluded. Violent opposition in South Africa's townships through successive states of emergency, thousands were killed. Most black victims of police and troops in fact, secretly, the state security council chaired by Botha had given orders for the government's enemies to be destroyed. The world was appalled applying sanctions to induce reform

only to be rebuffed by defiance. I've been lenient and patient. Don't push us too far. APPLAUSE The president relied on death squads, mass detentions and press censorship. Nelson Mandela's release was demanded but refused. If I release him and tomorrow we have to re-arrest him what would you say? What would the public say? In 1989 sick and bitter, Botha was finally ousted by his cabinet colleague F.W. de Klerk who did negotiate an end to apartheid. The former president never accepted the new South Africa. He was brought to trial for refusing to give evidence to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The Commission found him accountable for gross violations of human rights. Outside the court, the crowd spoke for most of South Africa. P.W. Botha was despised. By prolonging white rule when it could never last, he cost South Africa many lives and precious years. 17 people including 13 women farm labourers have been killed in a level crossing smash in southern India. They were all passengers in an auto rickshaw hit by a passenger train on an unmanned level crossing as they rode to work. Police say the rickshaw stalled on the crossing and was hit before its passengers could run to safety. None survived. North Korea has agreed to return to stalled 6-party talks on ending its nuclear programme.

The breakthrough came during an informal meeting with American and Chinese delegates with agreement to resume to talks as soon as convenient. It's believed economic pressure from China finally convinced the North Koreans to return to the talks, in the face of stronger sanctions approved by the UN Security Council. Prince Charles has called on Muslims in Pakistan to stand up to extremists. He was speaking during a visit to a women's university after a planned trip to the north-west border was cancelled because of safety fears. Royal visits usually take months to plan, this one took hours so there were some chaotic scenes. As well furious handiwork, from the police suddenly charged with ushering in the VIP convoy. Meanwhile, some diplomats ran, others didn't know where to go and the Prince's aides took charge of moving furniture. They need to sit down. An all-women's university

found itself surprisingly playing host to British royalty. Before they arrived some of the students said they thought the Prince's wife was still Lady Di, as they called her. With the visit to a male Islamic college off for security reasons,

the focus switched to Pakistani women. For a female audience there was a novel thought for a royal speech. Believe it or not I think I was probably conceived in the months following independence for the subcontinent. The Prince spoke about the importance of education but his main focus in the post 9/11 climate was religious intolerance. Religion itself is not the problem. It is surely human misinterpretation of the sacred texts handed down to us which can lead to appalling misunderstanding and hatred. The speech had been scheduled to be part of a day which included a visit to a madrassa that receives UK Government money. Instead the royal couple spent the afternoon at an archaeological site so the focus was on the past, rather than the present, as the Prince had hoped. An up-and-coming Australian actress is said to be at the centre of Hollywood couple Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe's break-up. American tabloid the 'National Enquirer' claims

Witherspoon found secret emails between Phillippe and Abbie Cornish. It's believed her husband and the 24-year-old Aussie became close friends during the recent filming of their movie 'Stop Loss"' The celebrity couple announced their split yesterday after seven years of marriage. 'Baywatch' stars Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff are celebrating the DVD release of their TV show. The actor seems to be bouncing back from his bitter divorce battle describing the launch as a family reunion. He wouldn't talk about his troubles, but his co-star thinks he's doing OK. I saw him at the Playboy mansion not too long ago and he was having a really good time. I don't know what's happening now but he seemed happy then. Hasselhoff revealed he's heading to London to give a bravery award to two little boys who saved the lives of two kids because they watched 'Baywatch'. Is a cure for juvenile diabetes just around the corner? We talk to a researcher next. And why Tom Cruise really got the sack from Paramount Pictures. This program is captioned live. The Melbourne Safeway store at the centre of a food contamination scare has been restocked and has re-opened to customers. Police, however, still won't reveal what foreign objects were found

in the fresh food section of the Bayswater store yesterday, but claim it is an isolated incident. The contamination promoted a recall of all fruit and vegetables sold yesterday. Two Perth childcare workers accused of restraining babies have been charged with assault. Meanwhile, the head of the WA agency responsible for protecting children has stood down from her post. And reports Yellow Wiggle Greg Page is suffering a mystery illness. The 34-year-old is resting in his Sydney home after bouts of fainting which have been occurring since June. He'll stay in Australia to undergo more tests while the rest of children's supergroup tours the United States. More than 140,000 Australians have type one diabetes, meaning they're insulin-dependent for life. Researchers of the disease believe a cure is just around the corner, today taking their message right to the top. Mike Wilson, CEO of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, joins me now. Mike, what are you doing today to highlight the need for support?

health risks. Mostly we don't

realise their diabetes is not one

disease. Fiat have three different

types of diabetes. Type 1, tied to,

or generally he really is effective

people. Unlike Time to Die bds has

nothing to do with its size or

weight. From the day of diagnosis

for the rest of your life you need

to replace their function with a

daily regime of insulin injections

end fingerprints just as they are

alive. Until it was not a cure.

There is the threat of long-term

health complications like miners,

heart disease in kidney disease in

short to dangers which Kemp lead to

Cromer NT. You're taking the

winners to Kimbrough es well? A key

to type 1 diabetes is medical

research. They care not be solved

by changes to lifestyle and diet.

The best way for us to communicate

is to bring those who can benefit.

Children ate lots, and this case

over a hundred children they can

have been part of the solution. We

have a hundred children from around

the country here today telling the

Prison Rules story of how

devastating this disease is in how

important it is to find a cure.

Those children a meeting with

members of parliament m will be

meeting the prime minister ate

lunch any intention is to she with

him the importance of medical

research to find full-time ones I'd

be the bds tell us about being on

the lawn of Parliament House.

15,000 surrenders as they like? It

is a very powerful and that. Those

15,000 surrenders equate to the

number of directions - injections

child one-ton warhead. Over 2.3

million injections just to the

stage of their life with a snap the

orders of them is Zealand team.

This ranges is the symbol of the

scale of the disease. This ranges

as a signal of what a week child

wants to leave behind. I know

they're great hope is held with

this new trains plantation

programme. Tell us a bit more

Babette. We assess her unique

points with the history of diabetes.

At transplantation is the most current particularly in Australia.

The federal government has

generously given VC million dollars

over four years to stem much that

Ila transplantation programme and

Australia. That would take insolent

producing cells from donors

Centre's funding into people with

chronic diabetes since the new

complications. This was a life-

changing effect. We will have real

people with real stories about how

important it been official Medical

Research can beat him up the rear

in get out. Good luck would there.

In finance news,

the Australian share market is higher today. A group of Australian students is causing quite a stir after receiving rave reviews for producing wine considered to be world class. It's not every day the winemakers are too young to drink. These wines are developing an international flavour. But its Barossa Scholar and Barossa Class labels are made by teenagers too young to legally taste their product. We've done it from picking grapes right through to the bottling

so we know the basics of how to make wine. Around 70 students in the Barossa Valley study winemaking. Every year they produce 1,000 cases of Shiraz and Chardonnay to be sold locally and in the US. They've now been praised by the 'New York Times' and the world's most influential critic. To get 94s and several 90s from Robert Parker Jr for this program is spectacular.

When we get one the Mr Hoskin always comes in with a big smile and tells us about them. We are proud to have what we get. Kimberley Harper, Ten News. Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day. South-east Queensland now has its toughest water restrictions yet. Level four bans are in force throughout the region which means homeowners can only use a bucket or watering can to keep the garden green - and not every day. Pool owners and industry are also being targeted, with developers said to be next to feel the sting of costly regulations. The people of Kazakhstan defend themselves and launch their own attack against bad taste funnyman Borat, that story in our US report next. This program is captioned live.

that story in our US report next. Whatever you want! (People shout) Whoo-hoo! Saturday Super Draw. With Lotto's massive $21 million Time's running out, by Saturday November 4 so get your entries in and you could: This program is captioned live. the US mid-term elections A week before John Kerry has sparked outrage former presidential candidate with comments at a campaign event. with more. Rahni Sadler is in our US bureau that has so outraged people. Rahni, what did John Kerry say at the end it a few votes in the

way. He put his foot and the mouth

ensued the wrong thing. He is a bit

of what he had to say today. Speaking at a campaign event, Senator John Kerry made what he calls a botched joke hoping to make a point about the Administration's policy in Iraq. If you make the most of education, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you could do well, if you don't, you'll get stuck in Iraq. An aid for Kerry says the Senator meant to criticise the President by stressing the importance of a grade education and adding, if you don't study, are intellectually lazy, in a war in Iraq. you end up getting us stuck elevating it White House and Republicans responded political theatre. to week-before-election-day The Senator's suggestion military are somehow uneducated that the men and women of our is insulting and it is shameful. military are plenty smart The members of the United States and they are plenty brave owes them an apology. and the Senator from Massachusetts But there was no apology. from his failed presidential bid Senator Kerry with lessons learned came out swinging. of Republican attacks I'm sick and tired of a whole bunch who've never worn the uniform most of which, come from people stand up and go to war themselves. and have never had the courage to Enough is enough. We're not going to stand for this. of what he had to say today. And

the stem the blade, the Republicans

and trying to publicise this.

Another story that has made the

headlines here to there has to do

with that I am a shooting happened

on 2nd October. It seemed that they

now are clad Dili is causing

outrage in the area. He is just a

few kilometres away in he is

running a promotion their offers a

free shot than to everyone who buys

are used from them. Everyone has a

bonanza and the area and they have

started a petition to pitch him to

stop the promotion. Police saying

he is not doing anything wrong. He

sees damage at every shooters and

none of them have complained about

the situation. Elephants we have

found that as matter then we

thought. We sit is at the Bronx Zoo

have found that they passed its

debt we didn't think they would.

There were at the What chance

engulf us. They can recognise

themselves and the mirror every

differentiate themselves amongst

other Alison's. They are smarter

than we thought. From elephants to

a very funny story. Just when you

thought you'd hooked the in of poor

wrecked. His movie opens in the US

on November the feared. The people

of Kazakhstan and I am not happy

about us et al. They think he gives

them a very big name. They say

their hands in 50 different if Nick

heritages in Kazakhstan end none of the people of Kazakhstan look

anything like him. They found that

there are people of Kazakhstan as

opposed to Paulette who pretends to

be this Kazakhstan the journalists

found out that the people do not

drink horse's urine end they don't

block the women in cages no debate

treat the wars as bigger than the

women. We found that a little more

but more about why Tom Cruise

scimitars ties with Paramount

pictures. The former boss said it

was because others on behaviour.

Tom Cruise committed career suicide

end he was an embarrassment and

they had to get rid of him. The

boss's wife hated Tom Cruise.

Because of their cats jumping on

Oprah end because of the scathing

things he seemed about Brook's the

- Brooke Shields. Finally, it is

hollow lane here in the US end

Americans like to deduce that. They

like to decry in cab the pumpkins.

One using a advertising company has

taken it to a whole new label.

There is the consistency he can

degrade the pumpkins the beast. like no other. It's a pumpkin carving contest This is our 10th year. And every year we do this. The creative geniuses at this advertising firm, Go All Out. From dog and cat pet-kins, to humpty pumpkin, to pump up the jam. Can you actually play that pumpkin? Oh, it's playing right now. I can hear it. RAP MUSIC PLAYS Pumping iron is a possible contender, as is this pumpkin patch, and get a load of a real pain in the butt. That's a pumpkin as a butt with an injection... Pain in the butt's good. But not as good as the pumpkin of the Caribbean or even pumpkin theatre, American history's most tragic events and what about a recreation of one of titled Jackie O'Lantern. we've seen it all, Every time we think and just catches us. there's something else that comes up understandably. This one's called ouch, This one's a pumpkin centipede well... and this one is, One of them is not even a pumpkin. What is it? One of them is called poopkin? Oh yeah. It's just...poop? There's no pumpkin there. There's always that person. And then there's this person that actually erupts who made a pumpkin volcano

actually entitled Pompeii. There were some repeats though, a couple from 'Little Shop of Horrors' and a couple of Texan helmet pumpkins. Don't you guys have a meeting and discuss what you're doing? No, no - all confidential, all top secret. The winner of the pumpkin carving contest will get 100 bucks. My money's on the pimp-kin though. The pimp-kin's got it going on. Alright!

For sure! degrade the pumpkins the beast. I'm

off to do some trick or treating. Ahead - leaves the Aussie team in Ireland. disgraced AFL star Brendan Fevola returns. That's when Ten's morning news Also, a major goal-keeping blooper. viewing for him Mikaylov. COMMENTATOR: That's horrible

This program is captioned live. Disgraced AFL star Brendan Fevola Rules Series in Ireland has left the International at an Irish bar in Galway. after an altercation charges against the full forward. The barman says he wants to pursue Brendan Fevola had sworn off alcohol he's strayed from that path. but away from home

After a day at the Galway races

the Coleman medallist carried on at the Imperial Hotel with team-mates but the fun quickly deteriorated. He was throwing stuff around. He was insulting the bar staff as well as myself and I told him to cut it out or we would have to refuse drink. The barman says the threat enraged Fevola so he went to call police. He grabbed me in a headlock and pulled me out of the reception. Staff came to the barman's aid, wrestling a bottle from the footballer's hand. One of the fellow bar staff came out and took the bottle out of his hands and hit me in the cheek. and as he did, he swung

taking Fevola outside. Team-mates eventually intervened, But the barman alleges in the initial verbal abuse. two other footballers were involved

of the clash and acted quickly, AFL bosses have seen security footage

sending the 25-year-old packing. of the international series, It's a blow to the profile already struggling for credibility. you don't need. Look, it's certainly a distraction The AFL have gone to great lengths

possible professional trip to make sure that this is the best that they could organise and it hasn't been very professional and I guess, more than anything, this is a bit of an embarrassment. No charges have been laid but the barman has told police he wants the incident pursued. It's understood Fevola flew out of Dublin last night

and is now in London. Nicole Strahan, Ten News. The Wallabies' fringe players will be pushing for Test selection tonight when Australia A take on Welsh provincial side the Ospreys in game one of the spring tour. The first line players were put through their paces ahead of Saturday's clash with Wales at Millennium Stadium, the Aussies on last year's tour the same ground where Wales upstaged of assistant coach Scott Johnson. under the guidance Feels I haven't been away actually. I'm actually living here. I feel like and realise I'm actually coaching, I've got to click myself out which is all a bit weird. Johnson believes firepower to outclass his old team. his new look back line has the And the trans-Tasman rivalry will be re-ignited on the cricket pitch tonight do battle when Australia and New Zealand in the Champions Trophy semifinal. to possibly Aussie skipper Ricky Ponting hand left-armer Nathan Bracken the new ball role ahead of Glen McGrath to combat left-handed danger man Stephen Flemming. He's exactly that for New Zealand.

He's exactly that for New Zealand. He's got an unbelievable strike rate in one-day cricket. He's got a good record against Australia. He's certainly someone we're going to have to guard against tomorrow.

Australia has upstaged the Kiwis in 15 of their past 17 encounters, but have never past the semifinal stage at the Champions Trophy. Barcelona's Champions League hopes hang in the balance after playing out a 2-all draw with Premiership title holders Chelsea. The reigning champions opened the account with just three minutes on the clock before a master stroke from Frank Lampard evened the ledger. COMMENTATOR: Lampard! Oh, what a goal from Frank Lampard! Can you believe from that angle. Island international Eidur Gurjohnson looked to have the game sown up, scoring his first goal against old club Chelsea.

But Didier Drogba salvaged a draw deep in injury time. Meanwhile, Liverpool has cruised through to the final 16 following their 3-nil thrashing of Bordeaux. And a lesson in how not to keep - this own goal by Nikolai Mikalov opening the floodgates in Bremens' 3-nil win over Levski Sofia. The national weather details when the morning news returns. This program is captioned live. National weather: The Melbourne Safeway store at the centre of a food contamination scare is being restocked and should be open again by mid-morning. Unnamed foreign objects were found in the fresh food section of the Bayswater store yesterday prompting a recall of all fruit and vegetables sold during the day. Two Perth childcare workers accused of restraining babies have been charged with assault. Meanwhile, the head of the WA agency responsible for protecting children has stood down from her post. And reports Yellow Wiggle Greg Page is suffering a mystery illness.

The 34-year-old is resting in his Sydney home after bouts of fainting which have been occurring since June. He'll stay in Australia to undergo more tests while the rest of children's' supergroup tours the United States. National weather: That brings you up to date with all the news. I'm Natarsha Belling. Good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. Twenty years ago, this place was a dump - literally. Now it's so alive.

The birds are back. The frogs are back. It's all volunteer work. We need all types of skills. Some people come once a month. Some people come once a year. Others just can't stay away. They're crazy about it. People like this are doing great work all around the State. We can always do with an extra pair of hands. Hey! # It's a living thing. # We've brought these wetlands back to life.