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(generated from captions) On tonight's program -

Britain wakes up to aftermath of another Britain wakes up to the

aftermath of another night of

unare rest. This time it wasn't

London. The violence and

looting instead spread to the

north of England. But

the country there is north of England. But across

the country there is growing anger that mobs ran unchallenged for so long. anger that mobs ran virtually

It's disgusting. They are

feral rats. What are should be at home. parents doing? Those children

should be at home. They shouldn't be out here causing mayhem. The parents Minister has just convened Minister has just

another meeting of the

committee. We'll have government's emergency

latest live from London. Also committee. We'll have the

ahead - bouncing back. global pain relief for ahead - bouncing back. Some

gives in-principle support to investors. Papua New Guinea

reopen an reopen an asylum seeker detention centre on Manus

Island. And the women and children facing the African famine. A report from inside

the Dadaab refugee camp. First to Britain, where

ransacked suburbs intimidating rampaging mobs have again

locals. The UK hasn't seen locals. The UK

violence like it since 1970s. Overnight, police

flooded the streets of London, restoring calm there, but

rioting and looting then spread

to the north. There was

sporadic violence in Birmingham, Leicester and

Wolverhampton in the Midlands

and in the northern cities of Manchester, Liverpool and Nottingham. In the capital,

police largely managed police largely managed to regain control after bringing in reinforcements from other parts of the country. Hundreds

were arrested, filling police cells to capacity. Britain, though, there's cells to capacity. Throughout

looters were mounting anger that gangs of

looters were able to roam the streets unchallenged for days.

On the fourth night, the violence migrated including here at West

Bromwich, where mobs ruled the

streets. Cars were also set alight, in the alight, in the Birmingham City

centre, there was more looting,

windows smashed and frightened

locals scurrying to escape.

Scared now and I have to go

the same, looting of local

shops, cars torched. In the city centre marauding youths

moved from one area to another, often unchallenged, irn, often unchallenged, many just And irn, some fueled with alcohol.

And in Nottingham, a police

station has been fire bombed.

In London, by contrast, a

relative calm, not seen since Saturday. Perhaps this is Saturday. Perhaps this is the

police numbers drawn from reason, a near tripling of

forces far and wide. I have

this very clear message to those

and criminality. You will feel and criminality. You will

the full

the full force of the law. And

if you are old enough to these crimes, you are old enough to face the punishments. More images are emerging of

the previous night's violence, the previous night's violence,

including this - a young man is bleeding profusely from a bleeding profusely from a head wound. Others appear him. Actually they're stealing wound. Others appear to help

from his backpack. He just took

something from his bag. is the mess left something from his bag. This

is the mess left behind when looters attacked a is the mess left behind when

clothing shop. It's absolutely

disgusting. They are feral

rats. What are those parents rats. What are

doing? Those children should be

at home. They shouldn't be out here causing mayhem. here causing mayhem. In the streets of Clapham Junction,

shop owners were clearing up

the mess left behind the

looters and wondering if looters and wondering if they

have a

have a future. Where do I go have a future. Where

from now? While the clean-up

has just begun, this is still a crime scene, people are keeping out of this area. Jut over the department store where a out of this area. Jut over here

few hours operating with impunity is now few hours ago looters ever

being investigated by

detectives. The mood here detectives. The mood here was

lifted when an army of volunteers set about cleaning up the mess. Already there've been more than 500 been more than 500 arrests. Police cells

Police cells are

Police cells are overflowing.

So far the police in London are

doing what they could not do the previous night, keep the

calm. peace. But it is a nervous

A short time ago the British Prime Minister emerged from another meeting of emergency committee. David

Cameron says the continued violence is unacceptable and

will be stopped. We don't have the

the grab from the Prime Minister. We'll try to bring it

to you later. Let's talk to our London correspondent Rachel

Brown. She joins us now live from London. In his speech to

the media, the PM has said the authorities will necessary to return calm and

ordered and nothing is off the table. What are some of those

details on the table that

haven't been used before in

Britain? We're seeing measures

like plastic rounds, which

hasn't been employed in Britain

in recent memory. Police now

have access to them there is no

reports of them yet actually

employing them but they are

available. Another measure mentioned will be available

with 24 hours' notice. I'm not

sure how helpful that will be

if mobs break out in the centre of London say on Oxford Street

but at least that option is on but at least

the table. Things that aren't as yet being even as yet being even considered are things like fear gags David Cameron wants to stay are things like fear gags .

away from that type of scene, away from that type of

calling the military in the

same, a year out from the

Olympics, it wouldn't be a good look. Olympics, it wouldn't

look. And then we have meetings

going on constantly. Cobra

Parliament is recalled. Parliament is recalled. We'll just listen to what the PM David Cameron said David Cameron said about an hour ago. In total there have been 750 arrests in London since Saturday with more than

160 people being Today, major police operations are under way, as I speak, to

arrest the criminals who are

not picked up last night but

who were picked up on closed

circuit television cameras.

Picture by picture, these and arrested, and we will not

let any phoney concerns let any phoney concerns about human rights get in the way of

the publication of these

pictures and the arrest of these individuals. through the night last night to

pass sentences and will do

again tonight. It's for the

courts to sentence but I would expect anyone convicted of

violent disorder will be sent

to prison We needed a fightback

and a fightback is under way.

We have seen the worst We have seen the worst of Britain but also I believe some of the best of Britain. The

million people who've signed up on Facebook to support the police. Communities coming together in the clean-up operations. But there is

absolutely no room for

complacency. There is much more

to be done. Overnight we saw the same appalling violence and thuggery we've seen in London,

in new cities including Birmingham, Manchester Birmingham, noting ham. In the West

Midlands three in a hit and run in Birmingham

and the police are working

round the clock to get to round the clock to get to the bottom of what happened and

bring the perpetrator to justice. In Birmingham over arrests were made. In Salford, up to 1,000 youths were attacking the police at the

height of the disturbance.

Across Greater Manchester more than 100

than 100 arrests were made and in Nottinghamshire, a police

station was firebombed and over 80 arrests were made. This continued violence continued violence is simply

not acceptable and it will stopped. We won't put up with this in our country. We won't this in

allow a culture of fear to

exist on our streets. Let me be

clear. At Cobra this morning we

agreed full con sting Jen see plan something going ahead. Whatever resources the police

need, they will get. Whatever

tactics the police feel they

need to employ, they will have

legal backing to do so. We will

do whatever is necessary to

restore law and order on to our streets. being looked at, nothing is off the table. The the table. The police are

already authorised to use baton rounds and we agreed at Cobra while while they're not currently needed we now have in place

plans for water cannon to be

available at 24 hours' notice.

It's clear we have a problem

with gangs in our country. For too long there has been a lack of focus on the complete of focus on the complete lack of respect shown of respect shown by these

groups of thugs. I'm clear that

they are in no way majority of young people in our

country who despise them

frankly as much as the rest of

us do . But there are pockets

of our society that are not just broken just broken but frankly sick.

When we see children as young

as 12 and 13 looting and

laughs, when we see the

disgusting sight of an injured young man with people pretending to help him while

they are robbing him, it they are robbing him, it is

clear there are things that are badly wrong in our society. Prime Minister David Cameron talking there to the media about an hour ago. speaking with our London correspondent Rachel Brown.

Just following up on what the

PM was saying there, where he said there are pockets said there are pockets of society that are not just

broken but they're sick, that there is there is a complete lack of responsibility and he went on

to stay there has to be a

clearer code of values, what

this sounds like is he's

calling for a review of

calling for a review of British society itself? It's

interesting idea, the idea of

big society, joining big society, joining volunteer groups, starting from groups, starting from scratch,

being part of society. Unfortunately I Unfortunately I don't think David Cameron is speaking David Cameron is speaking the rioters' rioters' language. They're 15, 16-year-olds. They're not

saying - they're not thinking

about things like this and

thinking well why, as many of

us may be thinking, they're

thinking why not, my friends

are lie yachting and rooting. A lot of them from what I can gather from comments from gather from comments from the street is they all see it street is they all see it as a

bit of a joke and joining in

kind of like a sheep mentality.

Ric Battellino says

unfortunately savagery -- a representative from a

children's group says that

these kids can justify savagery

as a last resort. She as a last resort. She speaks

about this false moral economy, where the weak are label ed

where the weak are label ed unusual and dysfunctional. If that that happens, the community has failed. David Cameron has gone far beyond dysfunctional. He is calling them sick. While the

rioters are probably not rioters are probably not going to listen to what he had to

say, what about the vast

majority of Britons? Will majority of Britons? Will what

he has said there, what he is

calling for, will that resonate

with the vast majority with the vast majority of

Britons after what they have

been witnesses, even

experiencing over the past four

nights? Residents and traders

I'm sorry have been I'm sorry have been furious

that the police and politicians don't seem to have acted fast

enough. The government would

type of violence before . This is the silly season, it's

August. It's expected to be

quiet. The leaders were on holidays. Even during global financial crisis leaders

were dealing with some of these

tough budgetary debates via

telephone and some of telephone and some of the

papers ran a funny image of a

cat sitting on the House of

Commons table and it looked like the David Cameron's cat

was looking after the UK Parliament. But most of the leaders are aware and they've

been recalled. David Cameron

has come back from Tuscany,

Nick Clegg has come back. was booed in Birmingham, people saying that's it, run, go home

when he was getting into his

car. Boris Johnson the London Mayor, he has returned early from holidays. He was booed

Clapham Junction. A lot of

people feeling why show your

faces now? You should've

faces now? You should've acted

earlier. Some have taken the

law into their own hands. There

was an image of a man in West

London bashed by thugs London bashed by thugs trying

to defend his property. As you

can see here. And a lot of

groups are starting to do this.

right wing party in the UK,

which Anders Breivik has cited

as some of his inspiration,

that far right party says 1,000 of its patrol the streets which a lot of of people are finding a bit

worrying. But on the whole, the rioters the youths are being

described as thugs. There described as thugs. There is this headline, sweep scum off

our streets and that's the main

feeling here, that they need to

be gotten rid of so they're largely supportist of the

increased presence police officers on the street. There is this one, shopper moron, where people are being encouraged to gob encouraged to gob in anyone

they recognise. The British

public are saying they simply won't stand for this. Thank you very much for that update.

A promise by the US to lock

in zero interest rates for two years has helped calm global

markets. But it came too late

to repair already been done to consumer

confidence. After days of high anxiety there's nothing like a vertical line moving in right direction. It's a right direction. It's a very

good. It came if Wall Street, which soared nearly 5 %. The

most in more than two years. Markets didn't get another

round of money printing from

the US Federal Reserve. But then celebrated its historic

promise to keep interest rates

at zero for the next two at first then they said they

didn't do didn't do anything and then

they looked at it a more and said well

said well maybe they threw us a

bone. That bone sustained

share markets around the world

with Australia's ASX 200 index finishing more finishing more than 2.5%

higher. But no matter where

investors may be, the nagging questions remain. What about

the future? Um ... yeah. Yeah,

like ... The long-term players

are staying away until we see Stable or not the markets aren't expected to race

back. This will be a many-year

workout. We shouldn't be surprised that as we progress down the next few years, there won't be more sorts of volatile

situations. As expected, the

turmoil hit consumer confidence. Westpac's measure

of consumer sentiment fell again in August, to again in August, to its lowest

level since the height of the

global financial crisis. To

have it falling again from such low levels is a worry. The

very negative about the future. Westpac's not calling a

recession. But it's sticking to

its forecast cut in official interest

interest rates by

Christmas. There are times at

which rates can drift too which rates can drift too high.

This is one of those. I think

the next move is up, but but

not for some time. It all depends on whether Australians

keep their jobs. shipment of cattle to Indonesia

since the ban leaves since the ban leaves Darwin font but producers say it font but producers say it will

take some time to get the

industry back own its feet.

It's a sight cattle producers

have waited two months oar. have waited two months oar. But

producers aren't getting too

excited just yet. Today we see the very first early the very first early tentative

steps towards the recovery of this trade. The whole cattle industry in Australia has been

affected by the debacle that

took place six weeks took place six weeks ago. 3,000 head of cattle will leave on on this ship first shipment since the

Federal Government suspended

trade after footage was trade after footage was aired

on the ABC's 'Four Corners' program showing animal cruelty

in some Indonesian abattoirs. But today the credibility of that footage was that footage was questioned. It

has been put to me by sources

that I regard to be credible

that payment was actually made

to those slaughtermen to enact

and to exact the level of cruelty we cruelty we saw. Categorically not. I have to say how deeply

offended I am by that

suggestion that that would as are the people that work

with me. To suggest we'd pay

people to be cruel is just

outrageous and it's deeply offensive. While the parliamentary hearing was happening in Canberra, the Federal will offer subsidised loans and

grants to pastoralists. But the Northern Territory Government says it's not enough and the

cattle industry needs at

cattle industry needs at least $200 million in assistance. We

also need to be mindful of the

hurt and the pain that is being caused here in caused here in the Northern Territory. Financial hurt and

pain that he says will take

years to heal.

The new government in Papua New Guinea has given

in-principle support to Australian proposal to reopen a detention centre on Manus

Island. For more I'm joined now by PNG correspondent Liam by PNG correspondent Liam Fox who's in Port Moresby. Good

evening. What's known about the details of this agreement? Note

too much is known about the

finer details of the finer details of the agreement,

just that the new PNG government as you said government as you said has given given in-principle support to

Australia's proposal. What we

do know is that last week the new Prime Minister here, new Prime Minister here, Peter O'Neill, gave Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard a phone

call. They had a phone

conversation. It's during that conversation in

conversation in which he conversation in which he has

passed on his in principle

support to this proposal. I

spoke to a spokesman for the Foreign Affairs Minister who said that now they're still

working through the finer

details, details like how many

people will be sent, how will they sent? Those details are still

to be worked out. So to be worked out. So any indication at all when this

could be up and running? I

can't hear you any more. We seem to have lost connection.

OK Liam. We'll try to reconnect

to you

try to restore that try to restore that line. Australian businessman Matthew

Uhng is currently appearing in

a Chinese court on Day 2 of a Chinese court on Day 2 of his

trial. Matthew Uhng is being

charged with charged with embezzlement,

bribery and falsifying companies. Just

half the courtroom was filled with representatives from with representatives from the state owned conglomerate

currently in dispute with Mr

Uhng's company. This morning Uhng's company. This morning Mr Uhng's lawyer slammed the prosecution's evidence for

being irrelevant to the

charges. He says it only

confirms sbek lace that the intention was

of Mr Uhng's company. Mr Uhng says it was essentially a says it was essentially a share dispute and didn't constitute a criminal charge. Mr Uhng was wearing a

covered and his lower legs were

tired. He had managed to speak to his wife briefly inside the courtroom courtroom before proceedings

began. It's the first time they've exchanged words since

Mr Uhng's arrest last November. In a reversal of attitudes, Chinese officials allowed media representatives from one Australian outlet and a few outlets outlets to attend the hearing. Mr Uhng's trial continues.

Let's return to Port Moresby to our PNG correspondent Liam

to talk about this in-principle support given by the PNG government to the Australian Government to reopen a detention centre detention centre on Manus Island. Any indication when the

detention centre could be detention centre could be up

and running once more? No, no

indication. When I was speaking

to the spokesman for Foreign Affairs Minister here,

it's too early to tell when an

an agreement will be an agreement will be reached. It will still before asylum seekers could be

taken to Manus Island. The detention centre has been abandoned for seven years. abandoned for seven years. It's

in a bad state of disrepair,

and I imagine it would take and I imagine it would take

some time to make it fit for

people to live in. You were on

Manus Island a couple of months

ago. What's the public mood about having this detention centre Manus Island are very supportive of having the supportive of having the centre reopened. When it was under the Howard Government, it was one of the biggest businesses in town, buying things like fruit, vegetables, fish to feed fish to feed the asylum

seekers, a major source of

business for the people around there.

to be the valve to release pressure from the Australian

Government given it's Malaysia

deal is in a legal holding pattern at the pattern at the moment? I guess

it would be an important announcement once it's announcement once it's reached. I don't believe I don't believe we've had any response yet from the Australian Government. But I do imagine they would be keen for

some good news according to

them. Thank you very much for

that update. US that update. US President Barack Obama has made an

Barack Obama has made an emotional visit to an Air Force

base in Delaware. He was there including elite Navy SEALs killed in Afghanistan at the

weekend. The US Commander in

chief climbed into the bellies

of two C-17 cargo

salute the soldiers' remains.

President Obama then spent more

than an hour consoling family members. Seven Afghan soldiers and an interpreter were also and an interpreter were also killed when a US killed when a US helicopter

came down. It was the biggest

single loss of life for single loss of life for US

forces since the war began 10

years ago. The exodus

fleeing the famine in Sam Malia

shows no sign of slowing down.

The UN says it's only The UN says it's only received

half the money it needs to deal with the crisis in with the crisis in the Horn of Africa. Most of Africa. Most of the refugees

from Somalia end up in the Dadaab refugee Dadaab refugee camp. From

there, this report. there, this report. You

probably couldn't choose a

worst place to establish a refugee camp. The edge of the

desert. It's hot, dusty and in the middle the middle of nowhere. It can

take hours to collect firewood

or water, days and weeks to get

here from Somalia. The

epicentre of this humanitarian

crisis. The journey crisis. The journey alone leaves thousands weak leaves thousands weak and

susceptible. 4-year-old Noni

has been here four months has been here four months and she's still underweight. This

doctor says her pneumonia is no

surprise, given the overcrowded and unsanitary conditions. Pneumonia would be bad for bad for any child, but if a malnourished child gets moan ... It's even worse, because the immunity

because child is very compromise sod

they tend to get more severe

forms of pneumonia and also other infections. The

challenges faced by the doctors

and aid workers is clear just by looking at some of the

numbers. Last month alone this

camp absorbed some 40,000

refugees. Now that's twice the

number of asylum seekers Britain absorbed in the whole It's a measure of the severity of this crisis almost a relief to find children who are now simply

malnourished and not skeletal.

This man wishes he could offer

help inside Somalia and blames

decades of conflict for decades of conflict for making

that so difficult. If there was

a country, there was peace. But

there's not peace, so now

drought and famine, then they

had no option. So every day,

he goes out to find yet more

families who've fled across the

border. These are all very new

dwellings. These are all new

dwellings. They have just

arrived. He'd heard about this

woman hand her family. They'd

sold their land so they could pay for pay for their journey here. Could you ask her what life in Somalia in her life in Somalia in her village is

is like? My village is dead

but here I'm confused. There are plenty of people around me

but I don't know anyone.

We found out she'd given

birth to twins on the journey

but there was only one infant

in the makeshift shelter. The

other child had died. She had

called him Ibrahim. Every child must have a Time now to check on world weather with Graham Creed. A broadly unstable atmosphere across the entire

south-east, and up into the south-east corner of Queensland

in association with a low in

the Tasman, a series of troughs

and moist onshore winds. So

showers possible right across the south-east.

Our top exports - Our top exports - the first shipment of live cattle since the live export ban takes place

tonight. After days of turmoil, calm appears to have returned to global share markets. Australian stocks Australian stocks built on yesterday's gains after sharp

rebounds in the US and Europe.

And violence has spread from

London to other major British

cities as rioting continued

across the country for a fourth night. Hundreds of youths

clashed with police further

north with sporadic violence,

arson and looting in Manchester and Liverpool. and Liverpool. Three men died

in Birmingham after they were

hit by a car during the

widespread rioting. A number of

those involved in the London riots have already appeared

court. Most of them are men in

their 20s and some of their 20s and some of them are

said to be of previously good character. So what's turn

turned so many young people

into rioters? Phillipa Thomas

has tried to find out N London last night, getting last night, getting trod go in. Let's get some watches man. In every quarter, man. In every quarter, young looters

stealing. Here in Hackney, we

saw locally owned stores openly attacked. Residents told me

today that it was all about theft. I basically

just a copycat thing. They've

seen it happened in Tottenham one Saturday and they just

tried to copy. It's easy how

the police aren't able to

control them. This estate been blighted for years by

teenage lawlessness. We try to

help the youth. They don't want

to know. It seems like banging your head against a brick wall. A feeling that

might be shared by police for

whom surveillance is no longer just

just about the street but

social media, tracking the thousands of messages that stream between mobile phones,

especially the Blackberry. I just saw messages flying

through saying there is a riot in Tottenham, people were

saying we're gonna

Enfield. I was thinking to

myself, whoa. Most instant

messaging systems, like Twitter, are open. The reason

the rioters have turned to

systems like this, the

Blackberry messaging nets work,

are because communications are

encrypted, hidden from the

police. These are some of the

messages that passed across

So what's to be done So what's to be done about those who created this wreckage

n a borough where unemployment is

is high, especially among young people? This Hackney resident

who didn't want me to film him

told me we shouldn't just walk

away. If the media are saying

these are mindless thugs that are creating this situation, why are

What is creating a What is creating a young man

born and bred in this society

to grow up and become a

mindless thug? Even as this

society tries to damage, it's a question that divides those in

beyond. Violence has erupt beyond. Violence has erupt on

the streets of Chile's capital as tens of thousands of

students staged another protest

demanding changes in public education. Masked demonstrators

burned cars in Santiago, store fronts and threw

furniture at police. The unrest

has gripped Chile for more than two months with students

pressing for more affordable and improved education. Caledonians are coming to terms

with the deaths of four people

during a violent week end on

the island of Moray. The centre

of the conflict, the airport at

Laroche, is still closed to civilian air traffic.

Laroche, manes are bringing in manes are bringing in supplies and reinforcements. A and reinforcements. A burnt-out car weekend's bloody dispute. Four people were killed and scores

injured in a gun fight on

Saturday. A mixture of alcohol and long-stand ing tensions fuelled an industrial dispute.

Locals on the island are angry

at at high airfare they're

forced to pay for the 250 km journey. France's highest representative in representative in New-Caledonia visited the island as

investigations begin to find those responsible for those responsible for the deaths. On top of the

investigations by the scientific police, those people

who are witnesses, including

those who have information about the perpetrators, need to

step forward. The sale of

alcohol has been banned security remains high as police

fear revenge attacks in the

community shocked by the sudden

violence. This conflict affect

all the families in Maray.

Everyone knows each other

there. There are tribal and family links. It's extremely

people there. But for the time

being, it appears life is

returning to normal. Roadblocks

have been lifted and schools

The Libyan government has accused NATO of accused NATO of killing dozens

of civilians in an attack on a

village in western Libya. The Gaddafi administration says

NATO Pommed Maja on Monday NATO Pommed Maja on Monday to

allow rebel fighters to enter

the area. Libyan officials say

85 civilians were killed but

NATO says the target

deaths are unlikely. The fill

pean rebel group says a peace

deal with the government is possible within two years. But

the group's chief negotiator

says an end to decades of conflict relies heavily on the

political will of the

President. He's the face of the Moro Islamic Liberation Moro Islamic Liberation Front, a separatiest rebel group that's led a three decade long

insurgency in the southern Philippines.

peace deal with the government

could be finalised within two years. It depends on years. It depends on his

political will. His has enough

political capital, and I

it can be possible. Depends on

him. His comment follows last

Friday's landmark meeting

between the President and the

MILF leader in Tokyo. It MILF leader in Tokyo. It was

the first time that a Philippine President had met the rebels since the peace

process began in 1997. While

the MILF has long independence in Muslim majority southern provinces the the

rebel group is now rebel group is now seeking

autonomy or or a state within a state. That's the minimum we

can demand for our people.

Because the ultimate solution to the problem is

independence. But he says the

signing of any deal will not

lead to immediate lead to immediate peace. I

think the message of the

Chairman was very clear, that real and hard development would

come after the signing peace agreement. The President vowed to end the rebellions

from Maoist led militants and

Muslim gur Rhyl las within the first half of his six year

term. In a fortnight all eyes

will turn to Kuala Lumpur will turn to Kuala Lumpur when his government submits its proposal in response to the MILF's demands. Tibet's new

Prime Minister in exile has

been welcomed at an official ceremony in northern India.

Many of those passing on their

congratulations hope his leadership will bring about change for the Tibetan The official welcome for the

new Tibetan leader was organised by the central

Tibetan administration and held

at the main Buddhist shrine in

Dharamsala. A Dharamsala. A Harvard law school graduate, he was elected

at the end of April and his

spokesman says he can expect widespread support for widespread support for the Tibetan cause. The Tibetan people are not alone in their

desire for democracy. Tibetan desire for democracy. The

Tibetan people have the support

of Chinese people who support

and want freedom and democracy. in --

his election in his election in succession to

the Dalai Lama has been l hailed as a positive hailed as a positive step. This young leader has this young leader has this exiled

government which we hope as a youth organisation, you

youth organisation, you know, we hope that this leadership hand this exiled government will be the government in Free Tibet. His emergence

signals the start of a new

tradition for Tibet after

centuries of political

centuries of political guidance by the Dalai Lama and his

predecessors, the Prime

Minister is the first leader to be elected by be elected by popular vote. By giving up his political powers,

analysts say the Dalai Lama has

made it more difficult for

China to influence the cause of the Tibetan independence

movement after his death. At

least 50 people have died in a passenger boat Komoro islands in Komoro islands in the Indian

Ocean. The boat had been carrying twice that number carrying twice that number when

its engines failed and it hit rocks off the coast of the main island. A powerful tropical

storm has ripped through North

Korea, causing severe flooding

and crop damage. In one county

the raging water washed away

parts of a bridge and damageed a railway line. A rare sand cat

kitten has been born in an Israeli zoo. There are hopes it

will join a breeding species into the

Over the past week, Over the past week, stock markets across the world have

been convulsed by a fear some

of the biggest countries in the

world won't be able to pay back

their enormous public their enormous public debts. The latest teetering domino The latest teetering domino is

Italy. 50% of Italy's debt is

held by overseas investors, and

that means if Italy defaults,

the virus will spread. Emma

Alberici reports from Rome. It's the epicentre of

Europe. With Italy's public

debt at 120% of its GDP, and an

economy that's at a standstill, the country to pay back the interest on to pay back the interest on its

loans. Once upon a time, it

could devalue its currency and raise money by selling more raise money by selling more of

its well-known brands overseas.

But it can't do that any more.

Its fortunes or otherwise Its fortunes or otherwise are

tied to the other 16 countries who also use the euro. Italian government and the

European governments have got

to find a way of dealing with

the Italian problem. Otherwise the

the euro is in serious trouble. Does the Italian

government have a credible plan to increase

the moment, no. First came

the moment, no. First came

Greece, then Ireland, and

Portugal. But now, the prospect

of a fatal tremor wiping out

Italy's financial future is

something the

can't bear. This economy is the

third largest in the Eurozone.

To give you some idea of its

relative size, take Greece,

Ireland and Portugal, together and double it, and you

get somewhere close. But even

more significant than that is

the Italian bond market. After

the US and Japan, the

government here issues

bonds than anyone else in the

world. It currently owes international investors around $3 trillion. The fear markets is in the event of a default none of the European

institutions have the institutions have the financial muscle to bail Italy out. Cini Cino fears for his

future. Even after graduating

from university, he can't find

a job. He's one of the 30% or so of young Italians out of

work. Of my son's class, 20 of

them went to university, but

only three of them found work.

One because he went to China,

and other two got jobs in international

in Italy could only get

temporary work for three or six months. There is no job

security in Italy. The Prime

has vowed to raise $67 billion

over the next two years over the next two years by

privatising public services privatising public services and cutting government spending. In

true Berlusconi style he told the Italian people that the markets have overreacted and

not to worry because the crisis

will be over soon. The markets

are like a broken watch. a day they'll tell you the right time. The rest of the

time, it's wrong. Everyone

should know that by now. If I

had substantial savings put aside, I would be investing

that money in my businesses.

Which have always Which have always and still provide a very good return on investment. James Walston is Professor of international relations at the American University of Rome. For more than 30 years, he has been

studying an economy so mired studying an economy so mired in tax abuse, corruption and tape that businesses other than

those within the Berlusconi family itself no longer want to

invest here. Berlusconi in his addressed the Italian economy and said practically everything was fine, when he was was fine, when he was heckled about not knowing anything

about t Stock Exchange he said

I will have you know I am a businessman fighting in the

trenches, defending my three companies quoted in the Stock

Exchange. I thought he was

Prime Minister of Italy first. The financial markets aren't the only ones putting the only ones putting pressure

on Rome. EU headquarters in

Brussels has warned the on government to better manage its

economy or go it alone.

the Italian Parliament, this

man is on a hunger strike. man is on a hunger strike. He hasn't eaten anything for 67 days. Gaetano Ferrieri and his

supporters want to raise

awareness about a government

that's about to impose

austerity on the public while

itself pocketing the levels itself pocketing the highest

levels of wages levels of wages and perks in Europe. Even on Europe. Even on a humanitarian level no-one level no-one has come out to ask how I'm going. The politicians have ignored us completely. As far as political class is concerned the people should just pay their taxes and stay silent.

Since the collapse Since the collapse of Lehman

Brothers the government here has been telling the has been telling the people that everything is fine, that

Italy it s in a better position than most to weather the

financial storm. In some respects that's true. from interest payments on the

country's spiralling debt,

income in Italy is actually higher nan spending. Commentators complain more of Commentators complain more of a lack of leadership;

Berlusconi himself is

distracted from the task. Since taking office

taking office he has faced no

fewer than 23 lawsuits against

him. Berlusconi over the last

few years has been dealing much

more with his own problems, both his sexual problems and

his economic problems, his business problems, changing the

laws in order to laws in order to deal with that

and not moving into reforms and not moving into reforms for

the economy. 10 years the economy. 10 years ago, David Lane wrote a piece for the claiming that Silvio Berlusconi

was unfit to govern hasn't changed his mind. Given

now that Rome has taken the EU to

to the brink of economic collapse, it's time, he says, for Brussels to seize control

of Italy's budget as well as

the budgets of all the the budgets of all the other countries that use the euro. It's not political unity

that's needed. What is needed

is fiscal unification. For

now, at least, the ECB, the

European Central Bank, is

buying Italian bonds to buying Italian bonds to buy time and calm the markets. The

bank of Italy is one of the ECB's biggest shareholders, so this tactic is hardly

sustainable in the long or the

short term. To sport now with Claire

back in the cricket in Sri Lanka? It looks that way. I

don't want to call it too soon. After Australia's Twenty20 series loss against Sri Lanka,

five-match one-day series in


The openers got off to a good start until the Australian

skipper sent

skipper sent Xavier Doherty in. Mitchell Johnson was firing on his 100th one-day international, dismissing

Jayawardene on his Jayawardene on his third delivery, then Sangakkara soon

afterwards. Clarke also got in on

on the action with some superb

fielding. Johnson then turned

his attention to the middle

order although Rendeeb is now

offering some resistance as you

saw there with that beautiful 6. Now to NRL. Todd Carney

he went out with two team-mates

until the early hours of yesterday morning. Three

players have been suspended for

one game, but they face further punishment. And offender Todd Carney that be terminal. It's not the first

time the Roosters CEO has the music after a Todd Carney

incident. The question is, will it be the last? So many people

make up this club who will will feel disappointeded across back pages this morning, images of Todd Carney images of Todd Carney and two

team-mates breaking team edict.

They were seen leaving a pub on

Oxford Street at around 2am

yesterday, ignoring a team

enforced alcohol ban. Made it

very clear that serious breach notices will be issued to all

three players. The playing

group emerged from meetings this morning having agreed the offenders should be made

unavailable this weekend. Miles

left, stripped of his position in the leadership group but he is bound for the Gold Coast next is far less certain. He was

sacked by the Raiders in 2008,

but returned two seasons ago

and his comeback appeared on

track when he guided the Roosters to the won rugby league's Dally M medal. But cracks reappeared in

February, when he pleaded

guilty to a low-range

drink-driving charge, and the latest indiscretion is a worrying sign for an already

troubled club. It's hard to say

you're turning it round when three players choose to be out

late at night till 3 or

Carney has five working days to

prepare a defence along with

his legal team. When his legal team. When the time comes he will face the Roosters board. On that board chairman, the same person that gave Carney a lifeline two seasons ago out of the rugby league

league wilderness. A date for the

the hearing is yet to be set.

There is good news and bad

news for the Cowboys seasons ago Friday night's clash with the

Broncos. Johnathan Thurston has

been given the all been given the all clear to return, but North Queensland has lost Aaron Payne. Thurston

impressed his coach and medical staff this week and will lead

his team onto the field but the

Cowboys former captain says

lining up against the Broncos in Darren Lockyer's record-breaking 350th match had

no bearing on the decision. Doesn't matter

whether it was playing the

Broncos or some other team. I

got all the all clear from the

medical staff that my knee is

fine to play. If I had any

doubt in my mind, I would've

given it another week. But the ghos was taken off the news

when another player was ruled

out after out after a fractured eye

socket. He could be out for a

couple of weeks. He is our No. 1 choice hooker. It's a setback

for the team The Cowboys will close ranks tomorrow with a

private training session in the field. After field.

game which is expected to be a sell-out. Just a quick update on that one-day cricket Sri Lanka is 7/176 and we'll

have an update in around an

hour's time. Still confident of

an Australian victory? I

am. Very good. We look forward

to that update then. Thanks, Claire. Indonesia's Claire. Indonesia's rapidly growing interest with social media has caught the attention of the world's biggest Internet

companies. They're all rushing

to set up shop to earn a share

of the bonanza. The Australia Network's Indonesia correspondent Helen Brown

reports. It's a country of 240 million only around half are on the Internet and yet Nash ya is

already the second biggest user

of social media site Facebook and third for

love to connect to each other.

We love socialising. We love

being in groups, being in groups, whatever

people are actually, our

friends sharing, whatever our

friends are saying matters to

our life. Google is planning to

open an office in the

capitaling Jakarta. capitaling Jakarta. Its Chairman recently met Indonesian authorities. I met

the Chairman of Google just a

few days ago in Bali, Eric Schmidt. I think he seems quite excited about the opportunity

and the prospects of doing

business in Indonesia. Yahoo

has already set up office and

says the availability of cheaper Smartphones and

connections has encouraged

people to go on-line. Our audience was not so big here, but it's over the past year. Maybe some other younger Internet companies haven't had the

foresight to look at the market. Yahoo says been a big jump in the number

of people reading the news on-line. The question is whether Indonesians will use

the Internet to learn even

more. I think Indonesia has more. I think Indonesia has a tremendous opportunity to be able to really shape a big able to really shape a big part of the future. As more teens

and young adults drive and young adults drive the

country's Internet use forward,

many are seeing the potential.

Our top Our top stories - violence

has spread from London to other

major cities as rioting continued in Britain for a

fourth night. Hundreds of

youths clashed with police with

sporadic violence in Manchester

and Liverpool. Three men died in

in Birmingham after they were hit

hit by a car during the widespread rioting. After widespread rioting. After days of turmoil, calm have returned to the

built on yesterday's gains

after sharp rebounds in the US

and Europe. The first shipment

of cattle to of cattle to Indonesia since

the live export ban has left

Darwin tonight. Cattle producers say it will still

take some time for the take some time for the industry

to recover. And Papua New

Guinea's new government says it

has given in-principle support to Australia's prop stall to

reopen the detention centre on Manus aisle. The Federal Government wants the detention centre to process asylum

asylum seekers. But PNG says

the details of any agreement

still need to be decided. And

to keep up to date on all the

stories we're following you can log on to our web site. That is 'The World' for this

Wednesday evening. I will be

back with news headlines in

just a moment. We'll leave you

now with images of the violence

and looting in Britain. I'm Scott This Program is Captioned

Live. Hello. Scott Bevan

updating ABC News. The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, says police trying to says police trying to control rioters around the country are

allowed to use whatever tactics

they feel is necessary. More than 1100 people have been arrested in England, as rioting arrested in England, as rioting

and looting spreads from the capital to Mann Chester,

Birmingham and Nottingham. Mr Cameron says plans have also

been put in place to bring

water can none to the UK if the

riots worsen. He says the

authorities are committed to bringing everyone involved in

the unrest to justice. We have

seen the worst of Britain, but

I also believe we've seen some

of the best of Britain. The

million people who've signed up

on Facebook to support the police, communities coming together in the operations, but there is

absolutely no room for