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Tonight, Mumbai mission

accomplished as commandos

kill the last gunmen We are

going through the entire

hotel, through the corridors,

the roof. One of the lucky

ones, a survivor tells his

harrowing story It is hard

to control your emotions, I

seek to my wife, my kids

shall I full apart. COAG

throw as lifeline the

country's ailing hospitals A

solid outcome. A natural

disaster cuts Tamworth in

two Jumped out of bed and it

was just water everywhere. Good evening. Felicity Davey

with ABC News - After three

days of fierce conflict and heavy casualties Indian

authorities say the siege of

Mumbai is over. The final

flash point today was the Taj

Mahal Palace Hotel where

elite troops spent hours

locked in heavy fighting. The painstaking operation

continues there tonight as

commandos go from room to

room to make sure no gunmen

escape. But while military

operation is all but complete

the number of casualties

continues the rise. The death

toll now stands at 195, among

those killed today three

militants and a policeman.

The number of Australians

confirmed dead remains at two

but that may rise with two

other Australians still

unaccounted for. It is

estimated that up to 300

people have been injured. The

gun battles went through the

night into the morning

despite police ashurnlss 24

hours earlier that it was

almost over. There was sporadic firing in and out of

a corner room for several hours. Indian commandos were

trying to clear the building

but the were unsure if they

were fighting one gunman or

several. It has been confirmed that there is a

contact with wonderiest as of

now. He is moving in two

floors. There is a dance

floor area which apparently

he has cut off all the

lights. The fighting peaked

at dawn as heavy firing was

heard from inside A fire

broke out and thick black smoke poured from the building. Finally the

gunshots ended and a body was

dragged out by the police. It

was only then the fire

brigade could move it. Court

forces began a room-by-room

sweep to checkt for any terrorists or hostages We

have three terroristed bodies

and are going through the

entire hotel, through the corridors t rooms until we

are able the check each and

every room. I will not say my

operation is over. The bodies

of five hostages were fund at

another siege site. Among the

dead were an American rabbi and his wife, their

2-year-old son had escaped

with his Nani. With gunmen

were also killed. Nearly 12

hours after the battle there

began Indian troops left the

building to cheer from the crowd. Commandos also killed

the last two gunmen at the

Oberoi Hotel and found many

more bodies. The bodies were

lying strewn here and there,

there was blood all over and

trying to avoid the casualty

of those civilians we had to

be more careful with our

firing. The guests who had

been hiding in their rooms

were brought the safety. One

man was shot three times when

a gunman stormed the cap Yea

When he eventually left the

guy next to me managed to get

away, tide a towel around my

fire wound, I had a loft

heavy bleeding. Now security

and diplomatic officials are

assisting survivors and

crowning the dead and the

missing. The Indian Government is left to search

for answers about how such a

sophisticated terrorist

attack could unfold on its

soil. Sally Sara joins us now

with the latest from the

Mumbai. It was such a well

orchestrated series of

attacks. Is it the case that

intelligence agencies there

simply failed to see them

coming? That is a focus of attention now that people

here in India are concerned

there was no warning that

such a large-scale attack was

imminent and a lot of

attention is being focussed

on intelligence as to why

they did not know this kind

of attack was being planned. Can you tell us

anything at this stage about

how many terrorists were

killed and or captured? At

this stage we have the figure

as we heard of 3 being killed

at the Taj Mahal Palace

Hotel. There are another 2

found dead at the Jewish

centre and several others found at the Oberoi Hotel

are saying that perhaps there when that was raided. Police

is a total of 10 terrorists

trying to check and there are involved but they are still

fears that some of the terrorists may have slipped

through the net. That is why

such careful checking is happening now room by

room. What is the feeling in

Mumbai tonight about the

impact and the damage that

these events will have on the

city? There are two things

going on. One, people here

are very proud of their city

and they want the rebuild its

reputation. Secondly there is

an ongoing concern that if

intelligence agencies missed

this attack there may be a

danger of other attacks

elsewhere in India which is

something playing on the mind

of many people here. Sally

Sara in Mumbai thank you.

Amid the tragedy of Mumbai

there are many harrowing

stories of survival.

Australian Garrick Harvison

was a member of a NSW trade

delegation to the city. He

hid in his room in the hotel

for 42 hours as the madness

played out around him. When

he emerged he spoke the ABC.

in to the clutches of safety

more than 100 people were

evacuated from Mumbai's

Oberoi Hotel. How does it

feel to be out? Really

great. Indian commandos moved

across one floor at a time

rescuing terrified hotel

guests who had been lying low

trying to escape the

attention of gunmen. Among

them was Sydney wine importer

Garrick Harvison who told of

the moment Indian rescuers

came knocking Soldiers,

Indian then I looked through

the people hole and shouted

out "Who are you? " So I just

opened the door, had my

backpack so they had to know

no-one else was in there so I

had a gun fixed on me until

cog through my bag and room. Garrick Harvison spent

most of his 42 hours on the

floor. His bed barricaded

against the door as gun

battles raged outside The

hardest was we did not know

how long. I thought at the

start once we had a bit of

information we knew kind of

what was going on, I thought

maybe 24 hours when we got reports Taj Mahal Palace

Hotel people were coming out

but it stretched onto 42

hours it was hard to know how

to ration things. What

feelings do you have for

those who perpetrated this?

Not ones of happiness. To be

honest I would rather not say

on television but, um, you

know, we are still trying to

gain the information, we do

know who it was, why they did

it, but, um, yeah, not a

feeling of fondness towards

them certainly. Indian

commandos killed the two

remaining gunmen as the

rescue operation was under

way. Garrick Harvison had

constant telephone contact

with the his family and calls

from the Australian Federal

Police offering survival

tips. Every single emotion

you can feel, you know. It is

hard obviously being tired

and not sleep sing it is hard

the gain control of your

emotions and when you speak

the family, my wife, my kids

you just full apart so, um,

yeah, you know it is nice to

be out now and just try to

keep my chin up. But many did

not survive beyond the

initial attack on Wednesday

night. This is a huge hotel

and the search for bodies

continues. At least 35 staff

and guests are known to have

died in this hotel alone and

with those unaccounted for

that toll could well stretch

beyond 140. The Harvisons

are not the only family feel

an intense feeling of relief

tonight. Dozens of

Australians were caught up in

the Mumbai attacks while the Department of Foreign Affairs

says it is still very

concerned for the safety of two people. 79 others have now checked in with Australian authorities, some of them are already home

safe. Actress Brook

Satchwell and her boyfriend

were lucky to escape alive

We hope everybody is out

safely. She hid in a bathroom

cupboard while gunmen gunned

down guests metres away She

was so lucky, a matter of

seconds, she was in that

bathroom. We had all spent

time in the lobby in the last 5 minute before they came

in. The couple arrived home

this morning relieved but

physically and emotionally exhausted. Theirs was not the

only story of good fortune

Grenades were going off, they

were blowing up the hotel. We

missed the shooting by a matter of minute, that was about it. We got out of

there. So did many others who

have since been in contact

with the the authorities We

believe around 83 Australians

were in the areas directly

affected by the attacks.

Consular officers and the

Australian Federal Police

have confirmed the safety of 79 Australians. Following

security operations at the

Oberoi Hotel and the Taj

Mahal Palace Hotel. The

attacks claimed the lives of

Sydney men and there are

grave fears for two others

We better off proceeding was

caution. Waiting until we

have definitive information.

I cannot discount there may

not be further Australians

among the victims. The

American religious order has

confirmed five of its

Australian members were

rescued safely from the Oberoi Hotel. They were part

of a group on a meditation

tour. Two Americans were

killed, the others hid in

their rooms for two days.

They did not sleep much. Some

of them did not think to take

their medication, their high

blood pressure medication so

it was an intense, terrifying

experience. It could be

several days before the fate

of the missing Australians is

known. Thailand police appear to

have failed in their first

serious attempt the break the

protest which has locked down

Bangkok's airports leaving

100,000 tourists stranded.

Protestors have stared police

down as they tried to break

true the bar kids a. The

police action came after

talks overnight failed. More

people are coming to join the

protest even families come

the back the campaign against

the Government. If they use

force we will back off. This

woman brought her two

daughters last night But we

are not afraid. The Prime

Minister PM Somchai Wongsawat

has replaced the head of the National Police in the hope

thanks a new leader will enforce the state of emergency imposed on Thursday

and move the protestors on

but effort by a small convoy

of police vans today to

breach the protest barricades failed. Last night there were hopes that talks would take

place to end the occupation

of the international airport

and the domestic airports but

the negotiationnot go ahead

because of what seems to be a

split among the protest

leaders. The passengers have

pretty much left this

airport. Some have been able

the leave via military

airport south of Bangkok but

many are waiting it out in

Bangkok hotels or scrambling

the find other ways to leave

Thailand. This man managed to get back to Australia by

travelling many hours on a

bus to a regional airport. Chaotic, everyone wanted to

get out of the country so,

yeah, compared to the land of

smiles. There is a massive

consular effort under way by

the Australian government to

support a very large number

of Australians who have been

left stranded. Thailand's

exiled former Prime Minister

Thaksin Shinawatra has

condemned the action but that

will have little resonance

here. The six-month long

protest movement is targeted

at Thaksin Shinawatra accused of controlling the Government

from abroad. First

Queensland then North Western

NSW. Today it was Tamworth's

turn to take a soaking. The

city was awash today after

about 180 millimetres of rain fell. The Peel River burst

its banks threatening

properties and the State

Government declared it a

natural disaster area.

Bridges or their approach

roads went under this morning

and with them the New England

Highway. Tamworth became two

towns not one city The town

is divided at present. The

flood level is every now and

then the main bridge or

highway New England Highway

is closed. With water surging

in from the Cockburn River

the Peel River through

Tamworth rose and spread out.

It carried away hay and

debris. Some houses were

isolated, water lapping and

oddly some of the worst

damage was nowhere near the

river The Peel River is a

good 8 kilometres away and we

get it. This is ruined. Storm

damage and the insurance

assessor does not argue.

Stormwater in an adjacent

parkland had nowhere to go

but through the house We

were in bed fast asleep and

we heard a noise and jumped

out of bed and this was water

everywhere. In town the main

camp site as always went

under as the Peel River

spread out leaving signs

looking silly and a tall

redundant in the muddy sea

and cattle suddenly island

dwellers waiting to rejoin

the mainland The 150

millimetres of rain in 24

hours in an area that has

been drought stricken for

sometime is the dual-edged

sword that rural as is so

used to. As fast as it had

risen did water fell. Fur

hours after the river peaked

the SES was standing down

volunteers not that there is

still not a lot of what the

other pass on downstream but

the danger level has past unless of course there is

another storm. Even in hard

economic times Kevin Rudd has

found a few billion dollars

for deals with the premieres and chief ministers. Health

and education have taken the

biggest share of a $15

billion agreement at the COAG

meeting today. Choked

emergency departments are in

for an almost-immediate

windfall. All obstacles were

removed. Between breakfast

at the Lodge and their

lock-up at Parliament House a

deal was never in doubt What

you will see today is

goodwill and commonsense

There will be a very, very

good outcome on education. State and

Territory budge yes are being

hammered as hard as the

Commonwealth's by the

financial crisis. That

lowered expectations

all-round but Kevin Rudd is

still surprised with a little

bit extra A $15.1 billion

package to create 133,00

jobs. The next five-year

hospital funding package will

rise by $5 billion, not the

growth the states had

demanded but they are getting

more in a series of side

deals. A $750 million payment

within months is intended

help departments handle

nearly 2 million extra

visits. There is no question

this will go some way towards

helping out the stressed

departments Our share of

that would be a little under

$200 million A financial outcome over the five years meets what Queensland was

asking for. Other deals will

fund doctor and nurse

training, elective surge

Andreas an immediate 1600

extra bed places. On schools

there is $42 billion over

five years with extras to

improve teacher training,

give principals more power

and target disadvantaged

schools. A core condition is

in bringing about a new era

of public transparency in the

reporting of schools on their

performance across the

nation. Homelessness,

disability services and

housing deals have also been

locked in This COAG meeting

is fantastic. It ticks every

box. A sign of the economic times that no new Government

spending comes without a

ready situation on jobs. It

barely keeps pace of the

Government's forecast of job

losses over the next 18

months. The face of health

care in Australia is set to

undergo a major shake- up.

The first medical centre

staffed entirely by nurse

practitioners has opened in

WA. There are plans to roll

out similar centres across

the country. It looks like

any other medical centre but

there is something missing,

doctors. Instead patients are

examined by nurse

practitioners. The service

is a 7 day a week extended

opening hour service and

there is no requirement for appointments. Nurse practitioners are trained to treat minor conditions such

as ear infections and just

like GPs they can prescribe

medications, order tests and

refer patient the

specialists You have to have

been in your speciality field

for over a period of 5 years

so we are not straight out of training. Carol Lawrence came

the clinic for a sinus infection I had a fairly

good idea what was wrong, it

is not a major health issue

but it is very painful and

time consuming to try to get

it solved. She says she is

happy with the treatment she

received If patients need

follow-up care they are

referred to a GP. At the

moment it costs $65 to attend

the clinic. There are no

Medicare rebates but

advocates are hoping that

will change At a recent nurse practitioner conference

Nicola Roxon committed numbers. The Federal

Government has not committed

to paying Medicare rebates

but says it sports an

extended role for nurses and nurse practitioners but

doctors groups are concerned Overseas examples where they

have walk-in nurse practitioner clinics the

evidence is clear it does not

improve access to doctors

which is what patients

want. There are plans to roll

out 20 clinics a cross

Australia particularly in the

areas facing a shortage of

doctors. The harvesting of

genetically modified canola

has sparked a fresh row.

Along with the NSW Government

Victoria lifted a moratorium on growing genetically

modified canola earlier this

year. Now genetically

modified canola seeds have

been found on a roadside in

Horsham in the west of that

state raising fears of

contamination. It is harvest

time in Horsham and the

brilliant yellow canola has

faded but not the

controversy Totally

unacceptable. The farmers

have been claiming they can

keep their crops within their boundaries and this is not

true. This week protestors

collected bags ever

genetically modified canola

from this roadside. They

worry if it can spread this

far it can spread further.

Look I'm very worried because

we have decided to go down

the non-GM path and now if we

have contamination it will

downgrade our grain. The

canola came if the paddock

behind me but the wind has

spread it 70 metres away. The

farmer involved says there is

no case to answer. We have

been following normal farm

practice with what we have

been doing and there possibly

was a slight spread but that

is nor match it is

expected. Dr Robert Norton from Melbourne University

agrees there is no threat It

is not hit spreads it is

whether it establishes a

population and our research

shows there are no feral

populations of canola

genetically modified canola

or otherwise We have

released a whole range of

different traits and crops in

a large number of countries

now and G M crops are grown

side by side with non-GM

crops and farmers have the

choice to grow either. Victoria's

Agriculture Minister and his department declined the speak

on camera saying the industry

regulates itself. Australia

has produced a solid day with

the bat to take control of

the second Test against New

Zealand at the Adelaide oval.

After making quick work of

the New Zealand tail this

morning Australia piled on

the runs led by Ricky Ponting

and Michael Hussey. At stumps

Australia trails by just 29

runs with 7 wickets in hand.

They may have emerge from the

dressing rooms with purpose

but on the Adelaide Oval's

perfect batting deck 8 runs

and 4 wickets later the Black

Caps mood was decidedly dark

That is going to be out. Yes,

he's got him that was a very

good bouncer. One Kiwi

demonstrated he was good at

collecting ducks. Chris Martin equalling the New

Zealand record with his 24th

scoreless innings. New

Zealand fought back helped by

Hayden's disastrous running

between wickets which left

the 100 Test veteran

stranded. When Simon Katich

fell Australia spluterred to

lunch at 2/57 but a return to

form for Ricky Ponting

addressed that issue and he

stroked the ball the all

parts of the ground. Ricky

Ponting's willing ally was

Michael Hussey and their

century partnership guided

Australia to tea at 2/155.

The skipper's first stroke

after the break though was

also the last of his innings Ricky Ponting will not be

happy with that. Michael

Hussey carried on in his

leader's absence finishing

with an unbeaten 69. As the

Australian coaching staff

plotted the Black Caps demise

Michael Clarke set about

doing it on the field. The

Kiwis will need early wickets

tomorrow if they are to avoid

a huge first-innings

deficit. A record-breaking

debut century from NSW opener

David Warner has helped the

Blues thrash Tasmania by 9

wickets at Hurtsville Oval.

Warner made an unbeaten 165

off 112 balls t highest score

avenue knew players in the

one-day competition.

Tournament favourite Robert

Allenby and Perth golfer

Michael Bridge share the lead

into the final report of the

Australian Masters at Huntingdale. Robert Allenby's

round featured a rare

albatross but Simple was not

intimidated and the pair has

a two-shot advantage.

Queenslander Adam Crawford

had five birdies in the

opening 7 holes to move to

the top of the leaderboard.

Local knowledge helped Ashley

Hall. Birdies gave him a

share of the lead. The overnight leader South

African Tim Clark lost ground

on the third hole. Goodness

me! Clark would shoot a

disappointing 76. New South

Welshman Anthony Summers was

one of 8 players sharing the

lead on 6 under before

breaking free at the fifth.

That is the outright

lead. Robert Allenby lived up

to his status as the

highest-ranked player in the

felled with his second shot

on the par 5 7th Who can

blame him? Look at this!

Goodness. Robert Allenby!

The albatross gave Robert

Allenby a two-shot lead On a

par 5 for 2 is awesome. The Huntingdale course has its

revenge on the next hole and

Summers warmed up to take the

outright lead. An eagle at

the 14th put WA's Michael Sim

alone at the top. His playing

partner Robert Allenby

responded and the two share

the lead on 10 under heading

into the final round. The

Wallabies will look for their

fourth win in as many weeks

when they take on Wales at

Cardiff tonight. Australia's

coming off wins over Italy,

England and France while

Wales was competitive during

loses to heavyweights South

Africa and New Zealand. The

Wallabies have not won all

their Tests on a European

tour since 1996 and are

expecting a difficult contest

under the roof at the Lisa

Millar with ABC News - This

year being Six Nations

champions they have a lot to

play for so we go into this

match knowing full well that

it will be our toughest Test match. Lote Tuqiri comes onto

the bench for the injured

Ashley Hall. A desire to improve indigenous education

and a passion for out back

Australia has inspired a

Northern Territory teacher to

put pen the paper. Rosemary

Sullivan has drawn upon more

than 15 years as a bush

teacher to craft her first

picture book and she hopes it

will bring black and white

together. This is 'Tom Tom'.

The star of the hit new

Territory book now in more

than 4000 school libraries

Australia-wide. The book

captures the day in the life

of a small Aboriginal boy in

a imaginary community. 'Tom Tom' only Conspiracy to

commit kidnapping guilty.

Hours to write but children

love it Having real person

is like a celebrity status, a

bit like a movie star because

it puts it into a


speculative. Rosemary Sullivan wanted the Territory

children to have a book that

reflects their lives. It is

really important because I

think when children can

relate to literature they get

so much more out of it and it

is important in terms of

their own identity. They

have horror stories in the

newspapers of the

intervention and the dreadful

things they hear about but this is positive. Rosemary

Sullivan hopes the book will

give her students south-west

of Darwin a new insight into

the indigenous culture of the

top end 'Tom Tom' dives down

deep, one day when he is

bigger he will touch the

bottom, but now he swims back

to the top and splash owes in

the sunlight with the other

kids. And she is already

planning another book set in

the Test based in her own

backyard. Time for a look at

the weather he now. In Sydney

it reached 27, one below the Cloud over Victoria and

Tasmania is due do the Tasman

low. A deep trough continues

to trigger widespread showers

and storms over Queensland,

the Northern Territory and

north-east NSW. A high is

keeping skies mostly clear

also where. Tomorrow's

rainfall prediction - showers

across Northern Australia and

about the south-east corner.

In the capital cities

tomorrow, expect showers in

Adelaide, Melbourne and

Hobart. Showers and storms in

Darwin A sunny day for

Brisbane. Around NSW for tomorrow in the north-east -

Recapping our top stories

- three days after the bloody

Mumbai terrorist attacks

Indian authorities say the

siege is over. Health and education budgets are the

biggest winners from the $15

billion deal at today's COAG

meeting. Tamworth has been

declared a disaster zone

after flooding cut the city

in two. That is ABC

television news for now. We

will have updates just before

8.30 and just after 10 o'clock. Goodnight. Closed captions by CSI