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Tonight - the PM's doing the

big sell, but the opposition's

not buying. A better deal for

businesses around the country. There is something very fishy about the

figures. Melbourne's Catholic

Archbishop says sorry to abuse

victims. Pest problem. Dealing

with the mouse plague in the

nation's south west. And cup of

joy. And cup of sorrow.

Good evening. The Federal

Opposition says the numbers

just don't add up. The

compromise struck over the government's contentious

mineral resources tax may have

quietened the resources sector

but it's failed to please Tony

Abbott who's demanding the

The Prime Minister Julia economic modelling be released.

Gillard today took her new deal

industry in Queensland, to the heart of the mining

declaring the breakthrough a

better outcome for all.

Queensland ... Hi Russell.

Thanks for having us today.

Call it a backdown or a

compromise, Julia Gillard's

tinkering of the tax has

allowed her to do what was

unthinkable not long ago, paint the government as

pro-mining. I'm very pleased as

a result of the breakthrough

agreement we announced

yesterday, that we have been

able to give certainty to the

mining industry, and to

communities like this one in

Mackay. The electoral risks of

mining policy are also keenly

felt by Labor in the west.

Which might explain why the

Perth-based Foreign Minister

and Immigration Minister held a

press conference today on

decision for Western tax. We believe it's a good

Australia. I think all West Australians will be pleased that the matter has been

settled. Settled or not, an

appeased mining sector forces

the opposition to juggle. How

many can I carry at once? Tony

Abbott's line of attack has

shifted. There is something

very fishy about the figures in

the new tax. He wants the

government to explain how it

expects to collect 90% of the

original tax's estimated

windfall when the new rate is

much lower, the new threshold

is much higher and the companies now contributing are

far fewer I'm not accusing

government of cooking the books

but given the im(APPLAUSE) blt

of these figures, it would help

the government's case if all of

the modelling were released.

The government's explanation is

that the original windfall

predicted was

underestimated. In the last

week or so, when negotiations

became genuine good-faith

negotiations, there was a much

greater exchange between the

government and the industry

over what both saw the

potential revenue implications

into the future being. The

potential political

implications are yet to play out. Just very carefully and

safely climb down. In this

playground, anything seems


The Federal Government says

it's too early to decide

whether to appeal in the case

of the accused war criminal

Charles Zentai. A WA court

yesterday overturned a decision

allowing for the 88-year-old's

extradition to Hungary. Jewish

community groups say the

government should take the case

further. The Executive Council

of Australian Jurie wants the

government to take another look

at Charles Zentai's case. This

would be seen as a setback but

it's not the end of the matter.

It's not over. The 88-year-old

pensioner is suspect ed of

being involved in the murder of

a Jewish teenager in Budapest

in 1944. He has never been

charged by Hungarian

authorities. It's a point the

Federal Court Justice

highlighted in his 1230 page

the heart of whether the judgment. He said that went to

government had the power to

approve the extradition. The

Jewish organisation that

initiated the action is

outraged. Australia was not

asked to dernt his innocence or

his guilt that is for a court

in Hungary to do. The judge

also cited humanitarian

grounds, given Mr Zentai's age

and ill health, and ruled that

the alleged war crime did not

exist in Hungary at the time.

Charles Zentai and his family

hope it's the end of a five

year battle. I hope so, yes, I

think so, yes. So I am told. We

just want to put it behind us

and let my dad have his

the Federal Government's remaining years in peace. But

leaving open the possibility it

will be referred to the Full Bench of the Federal

Court. There is a capacity for

the Commonwealth to appeal, but serious and deliberative

consideration will be given to that. In the meantime, the

government is preparing its

submission for orders.

Morn Melbourne Catholic

Archbishop Denis Hart has

offered an apology to victims

of sexual abuse. He

acknowledges the failure of the

church toad dress the issue.

The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney Cardinal George Pell

says he will consider doing the

same. The apology comes after

what Archbishop Hart called a

terrible time of suffering and

self-examination by the

Catholic Church. He says it's

one of the saddest times in his

43 years in the priesthood. The

Pope described it as a

terrifying evil within the

church, and I'm determined as

he is to eradicate that evil.

The letter of apology has been

distributed to every church in

Melbourne's 219 parishes. And

offers some blunt facts about

the extent of abuse. It acknowledges the Catholic

Church has compensated around

300 sexual abuse victims, with

some cases dating back 80

years. Archbishop Hart admits

some of the perpetrators still

work in the Catholic Church. In

one or two cases the

independent commissioner has

recommended some restricted

ministry, but not involving

children and not involving

situations where there's

danger. Today's apology has

been welcomed by Victim Support

groups, but they say it still

doesn't go far enough. Over the

past 80 years, 60 Catholic priests have been identified as

perpetrators of sexual abuse in the Melbourne

archdiocese. Getting a number

of past offenders defrocked

would be a good starting point.

To use what's available in

cannon law and have them

outed. There is a feeling the

church's figures down play the

extent of the problem. No most

people are so ashamed by what's

happened to them that they

don't come forward and they

still see the church as full of

power and that they have no

chance. Archbishop Hart's apology follows an

acknowledgement of sexual abuse

by members of the clergy in Australia by Pope Benedict in #


At least 200 people have died after a tanker truck

filled with oil exploded and

set fire to a village in Congo.

Many of the people killed were

indoors watching Ghana's World

Cup match. The United Nations

has confirmed that five of its

peacekeepers are among the

dead. In Afghanistan, 11 people were reportedly killed in a

brazen Taliban attack in the

country's north. Operating

outside their usual strongholds

the insurgents stormed an

American aid compound in a

commando-style raid. Officials

said three foreigners were

killed, a Briton a Filipino and

a German, as well as two

Afghans and six suicide

bombers. These attacks as crazy

as they are, they show kind of

a frustration, resignation on

their side. It is

indiscriminate, it is useless,

it is crazy. The raid came

just hours before the arrival

in the capital of the new US

Commander in Afghanistan,

General David Petraeus. Thai

police say one of the boats

that crashed last weekend

injuring seven Australians was

banned from operating on the

day of the accident. The same

boat had cap sizeed in 2005

killing 15 people, including

two Australians. Last Saturday

it hit another boat while

return frth infamous Full Moon

Party near the tourist resort

of Koh Samui of the both boats

were allegedly speeding. Zoe

Daniel reports from southern

Thailand. It's a side of

Thailand that the tourism

industry would rather people

didn't see. But the gaping

holes in marine safety have

been exposed again. Two

speedboats hit each other off

Koh Samui injuring 42 people

including 7 Australians. This

man has run boat charters here

for 10 years. It's not our

fault. Our boat was banged by

another boat that just wasn't

following regulations. The

other boat carrying all of the

Australians who were seriously

hurt sank. Its owners are also

keeping a low profile. The same

boat capsized on the way back

from a Full Moon Party in 2005,

killing 15 people. Australian

Paul Dallow has left hospital

and Koh Samui. His arm and shoulder now held together with

wires and pins. The commercial

pilot says the boat was listing

heavily to the left before the

crash. Which may explain why it

didn't turn0 right to avoid the

impact. It was just in a

general left-hand turn for most

of the trip T didn't feel like

it was in balance. It's up to

police to find out what really

happened on water but we

already know before it even

left the beach the boat with

the Australians on it was

unregister and its driver's

licence have expired the. We

have now learnt that marine

authorities told the boat's

operators not to use it on the very day that the accident happened and that order was

ignored. The region's marine

safety chief is in hospital

himself. He and his staff were

on the boat that was hit, doing

a safety audit. After breaking

the law and hitting our boat, it will be hard for this

company to keep operating.

Thai authorities plan to raise

the sunken boat from the seabed

to see if it can provide some

answers that its owners won't.

Three Australians who were

injured in that crash have now

arrived home. After spending a

week in a Thai hospital, they

were declared well enough to

travel. Although still in pain,

they say they're relieved to be

back. They hadn't heard that

one of the boats involved had

been banned from operating. I

actually didn't know that. Jai

can't believe that. I think

it's ridiculous. But it

explains a lot. Why it all

happened. And how crazy it

was. The women were taken to

Sydney's Mona Vale Hospital for

medical checks. A 32-year-old

man is recovering in a Melbourne hospital after

surviving a multiorgan

transplant. It's the first

operation of its kind performed

in Australia. Doctors say it

will still be months before

they know the true outcome of

the procedure. Brendan Cole has

suffered from intestine failure

since he was a child. Recently

his condition deteriorated and

doctors thought he didn't have

much longer to live. This

morning I had to get the

nursing staff to pinch me a few

times. I thought something had

gone wrong. But Australia's

first intestine transplant was

a success. The 32-year-old e

recipient and his fiancee had

been waiting three years for an

organ donation, then suddenly

the news came through. It's

been such a long time, we

weren't expecting it and then

out of the blue, really quick

and you do I'm so excited,

nervous, shocked. A team of

about 20 people worked for 12

hours to replace Mr Cole's

small intestine, liver and

pancreas. It all goes in in one

big block of tissue. You have

this big empty abdomen, like

opening a suitcase and there is

nothing in there you put the

entire package in in one go.

Australian doctors had been

preparing for the procedure for

about three years. They say

it's a risky operation, but

chose Brendan Cole because he's

young and relatively

fit. Before the operation,

Brendan Cole had to spend 13

hours a day receiving nutrients

directly into his bloodstream.

Now as his organs start to

function he will be put on a

liquid diet and then moved to

solids. While the surgery went

well, doctors say there is

still a risk of infection in

the following months. But

Brendan Cole is already making

plans, including final ly being

well enough to get married in

Fiji. It's ridiculous to say

it's probably been one of the

best days of my life. It's only

going to get better from here.

Austin Health hopes to open an

intestine transplant centre to treat around 10 patients a

year, including children.

Hundreds of thousands of

hectares of new crops have been

devoured across the country's

south and west by a flood of

mice. It's the worst mouse

plague since 1993. And farmers

on South Australia's Eyre

Peninsula say the infestation

could be more costly than a

drought. Little was spared as

the rodents swarm on sheds,

silos and freshly sown

seeds. It's literally a moving

mass of mice. By the millions.

Last season's bumper harvest

around Streaky Bay created the

perfect conditions for mice to

multiply, providing lots of

leftover food and shelter. I

have seen bad mouse plagues before but never the damage they're doing in the paddocks

as I have this year. While some

farmers are trying to recover

by resowing, others have pulled

the pin on their cropping

program. This could be an

absolute disaster. Worse than a

drought. One common complaint

out here is the price of the

zincs toified wheat bait most

farmers use to protect their

crops. To me it seems

outrageous. When we're paying

$1,200 for a drum of bait that

there's a $25 worth of wheat

near it. Jai don't think that

they really understand the cost

of meeting occupational health

and safety requirements.

Quality. Storage. Transport. The South Australian Government

won't be offering any relief,

despite recently setting up a

working party to review its

policy on mice plagues. I can

rule out providing any

financial support at this point

in time with respect to

farmers. It remains the

responsibility of the

landowners. As food sources

run low, and the winter weather

sets in, many are hoping these

rodents will naturally die out.

There are signs the situation

is easing. Some mice are

starting to eat each other,

others are diseased. But with

this volume of vermin still

visible, there's a good chance

the mice will be back for round 2 in spring.

For more on the mouse plague, watch Landline tomorrow

at midday on ABC1. New Zealand

is the latest country to crack

down on extravagant perks for

politicians. The move follows a

string of scandals involving

MPs rorting their allowances

buying pornographic movies and

luxury overseas holidays but

while the perks may be out

their pay may be up. That's

outraged taxpayers, who say

pollies will be rewarded for

giving up what they shouldn't have been getting in the first

place. New Zealand's

politicians are entitled to

subsidies of up to 90% for

overseas travel. They should

every never had them in the

first place. In the past there

has been no limit on foreign trips and partners could

travel, too. Politician Roger

Douglas was unapologetic about

a $40,000 holiday. I'm entitled

to claim back 90% of my

overseas travel. But a review

of MPs' expenses is recommending an end to the

perks in exchange for a 10% pay

rise. We were choking on our

breakfast this morning. That's

what was happening all around

New Zealand when we heard about in. Prime Minister John Key is

handling the issue with

care. If there was to pab move

away from perks to a cash

payment then I would urge very

strong restraint. I don't think there is a time where members

of Parliament should be getting

significant increases. There's caution too from the

opposition. It's not a good

look, I think, for MPs to be

seen to determining the

benefits that they themselves

would receive. The move could

actually see some high-flying

New Zealand politicians worse

off. Whatever happens, MPs'

expenses here are under

scrutiny like never before.

The quarterfinal s of the

World Cup have kicked off in

dramatic fashion with the fan

favourite and the tournament

favourite both knocked out. Ghana lost against Uruguay

while the Netherlands stunned

five-time champion Brazil. A

little Dutch courage can go a

long way at the World Cup. The Dutch have come from behind,

would you believe it?! Most

wouldn't have after a fiery

first half dominated by the

Brazilans. They could've gone

in front in the 8th minute. He

didn't have to wait long for

another opportunity. He is jind this hope and opens the

scoring. A moment of

extraordinary flair and

creativity was almost rewarded

with a second goal. It's

delightful football. Kaka! The

Brazilians had more than a hand

in their own demise as the

Netherlands drew level. It came

off Mello. The dangerous

Wesley Schnyder had a chance to

be a match winner . It's there.

They're ahead. Brazil lost the

lead and then lost its cool. The full-time whistle

... They've done it. ...

brought cheers in Amsterdam,

tears in Rio de Janeiro and

moved the Netherlands a step

closer to a first World Cup

title. Ghana had ever chance to

be the first African nations

into the semifinals of the Cup.

The Black Stars' opening goal

was cancelled out by Uruguay's

star striker. Goal, Forlan.

Clinically struck. The

desperation of Suarez denied

Ghana the league in extra time

but handed Gyan a penalty. His

team-mates also struggled in

the spot in the decisive

shoot-out, leaving Abreu to put

Uruguay into its first World

Cup semifinal in 40 years.

Ghana's defeat this morning

left football fans in Africa broken hearted. Tens of

thousands of supporters from

countries across the continent

have poured into Johannesburg

to support Ghana's historic

semifinal bid. They had plenty

to be excited about after the

Black Stars took the lead but

the reality of defeat soon set

in. I'm so very disappointed

about this. We did well, and

I'm very proud of them. I think

they gave their best. I'm not disappointed. Ghana still hold

as slice of history as just the

third African team to reach the

World Cup quarterfinals. Wests

Tigers coach Tim Sheens says

his side showed plenty of

character in last night's 16-14

win over the Broncos. They were

lucky to grab the 2 points

after being thoroughly outplayed by the Broncos who

are missing three of their

stars to Origin commitments.

The Tigers have had another

great escape, but it took a

deft kick from Farrer with just

2 minutes left to snatch victory from the jaws of

defeat. A lot of room for

improvement in our game but

it's good to know we can win

those tight, close games

especially when you're behind

with a couple of minutes to go

and you have to come one that

play to win the game. The

Tigers started well, posting

the opening try in the first

two minutes. But from Mr The

Broncos dominated possession

for the majority of the game. A

former Tiger scored their

opening try. The sight of Corey

Norman's ripped shorts appeared

to have a negative effect on

the Broncos. From the very next

play, Farrer sent Benji

Marshall on his way and it was

shut the gate. Brisbane hit

back with a messy try to Gerard Beale after Fitzhenry failed to

ge fuse a bomb and they held

their 2 point advantage until

the final 2 minutes. Farrer the

architect of one of the ugliest

wins of the season. We've had

few heartbreakers here in the

past but I was really proud of

them. They didn't deserve what

they got tonight. Tonight in

the split round the Sharks host

the Bulldogs. Warringah has

upset second placed Eastwood in

round 12 of the Sydney Club

Rugby competition. Warringah

won by 5 points. The other

winners today were Randwick,

north, Southern Districts,

Manly and Easts. Hawthorn has

extended its winning streak to

seven games after a thrilling victory over the Western

Bulldogs. Today, Fremantle

thumped Port while last night

the Hawks held on for a 3-point

win. British hopes of a

drought-breaking Wimbledon

crown have been dashed which

Spaniard Rafael Nadal. The

world No. 1 accounted for Brit

Andy Murray, and he will take

on Tomas Berdych in tomorrow's

final after he upset third seat

Novak Djokovic. The Wimbledon

crowd willed Andy Murray as

best it could and at times he

challenged hard. But on the big

points, the world No. 1

asserted his class. Rafael

Nadal wrapped the semi up in

straight set, breaking Murray's

serve and the hearts of the

British faithful. It's long.

The one-time clay court special

yit says he was well tested en

route to a tilt at a second

All-island title. One of the

more difficult victories of my

career, because the opponent

was playing well, and I needed

to play my best tennis to try

to win. Nadal's opponent, giant

killing Czech Tomas Berdych

also advanceed in straight sets

accounting for world No. 3

Novak Djokovic. Oh boy! What a

shot! And he gave it some air,

too. The Serb was outclassed and allowed his frustration to

boil over. Racquet violation.

Warning. 24-year-old Berdych

becomes the first Czech to make

the Wimbledon final since Ivan

Lendl in 1987.

I think every young kid who

first time hit the ball and

sometimes think that to be the

next players, this is the

dream, you know, to be in the

final. World No. 1 Serena

Williams takes on Russian Vera

Zvonoreva in tonight's women's


36 years after it was sunk

by a political unrest,

Australia's oldest yacht race

to a foreign shore is riding

the crest of a new wave. Eight

boats left Darwin in morning,

bound for Dili in East Timor

but only one of them is on

course for a place in the

record books. Like a blast from

the past a shotgun warning

rallied the yachts to the start

line. We got a great wind,

going to be a great sail.

It's a lovely day. Probably

like the start in 73. The

Darwin-Dili yacht rally a 425 nautical mile journey has been

a long time coming. The

inaugural rally in 1973 was

Australia's first race to a

foreign port and was so popular

that entrant numbers

skyrocketed the following

year. It was a bit of a

shemozzle. We were on a tiny

little boat but you'd hardly go

out of the harbour. But when

Indonesia invaded East Timor in

1975, the race was suspended

until today. It was going great

guns until the revolution. As a

symbol of friendship, a symbol

of really a linkage between

Australia, especially Timor Leshe. East Timor's Foreign

Minister was running late and

had to be ferried to the start

line by a police boat and then

they were off. It's a a bit

nostalgic. Pleased to see it's

not quite as windy as it was 37

years ago. For the winner the

prize will feature more than

just the original trophy. We've

got a bottle of rums as a bet

to the first boat over the line

so we're out there to win that. The first boats will

reach Dili harbour in three


What do you get when you

combine a three decade old

music video a song with no

words and the Internet? In the

case of one ageing Russian

performer you get an on-line


He is now known simply to millions as Mr Trololo. The

song, the suit, the hair. They

are all the height of mid 70s

Soviet chic. And since this

video hit the Internet, the

tributes have spanned the

globe. From Singapore to

Canada. From Spain ... to


Pedro Nunez joined a long

list of fans who've posted

their own version on-line. The

tune is a four decades old hit.

The performer, one of the

biggest stars of the Soviet

Union, Edward Hill. This song

was supposed to be about an

American cowboy, happily

singing about his homecoming.

But as this music critic

explains, censors didn't want

to hear American themes on

Soviet airwaves. They said you

better scrap the lyrics but the

melody is nice so you can

perform it without any words.

40 years later, that decision

has earned Hill a whole new

generation of on-line fans.

Millions know him now as Mr

Trololo. After the meaningless

substitute lyrics in the

song. They wanted to make words

about wood cutters or

steelmakers, but failed. And

then the composer said "Sing on

la-la-la". The song is so

popular, he doesn't perform it,

worried it might be recorded.

Fortunately, he does do private

shows. Ho ho ho ho ho.

Now let's take a look at the

weather on another cool day N

Sydney it reached 16, 1 below


The satellite picture shows

low cloud over the western

slopes and plains of New South

Wales and cool south-westerly

winds. Skies are becoming

mostly clear elsewhere as a

broad high edges over the

state. That high in the west of

New South Wales is drifting

slowly east that will keep the

interior dry there is a low

deepening over the central

Tasman Sea. So parts of the New South Wales coastal fringe may

see the odd shower or two

tonight and tomorrow with the

brisk south to south-westerly

air stream resulting from the

high and low interacting.

I will be back with an

update in about an hour.

Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI