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(generated from captions) This Program Is Captioned Hello. Welcome to news I'm Kesha West. Coming Hello. Welcome to news Lin.

and human Leader Sam Rainsy on democracy Leader Sam Rainsy on democracy

modern Muslim woman. For who

got like lifestyle topics, we also have A new glossy for Indonesia, later in the program. The intractable conflict in Afghanistan dominated the NATO summit in Lisbon his northern European allies as Australia well as regional partners like transition to control by the While it's fairly clear that withdrawal, doesn't mean a complete

Barack Obama to go to the next presidential election with promise to promise to eventually remove

conflict. most US troops from the

little longer. But in was a lot allies in

more going on at the weekend meeting with being offered to old faux meeting with new olive branch

afield. It's an afield. It's an alliance like

none other the world has seen. organisation. NATO, is the The North Atlantic treaty

military grouping in history. largest and

Its very existence brought unprecedented Europe for more than 60 years. And now, it's And

For the first time history, NATO nations and Russia will defend themselves. Russia know without defend themselves. Russia will

At a weekend summit in At a weekend summit in the Portuguese capital, NATO moved

further than ever before toward north Asia. By

traditional enemy, Russia, to

defence shield program. Trans transthe summit which has been

held here, NATO summit s in the reinforcement summit s a very important step

relationship. This is indeed a historic event, since any type

are of new ideas and new agreements of new ideas and new

world history. Although Russia a massive leap partial inclusion for now, it's

Curtain. After all, NATO's Curtain. After all, NATO's very existence was brought about by

democracies posed by the former the threat to western

Soviet Union. Just years after the fall of the

Berlin Wall, Russia looks set Berlin Wall, Russia looks set

to join forces with its Cold

War rival. To see a Russian President coming into a heads

of state and government session

of NATO is a special think for anybody. That was a particularly important moment. Over the last few

years Russia and NATO have made

several attempts to deepen

their relationship, only to find that they were hardly able

to overcome the significant suspicion that still particularly on the part of suspicion that still exists

Russia. The moment hasn't been Russia.

lost on NATO expert and Russia. The moment hasn't been

Australian National University

international defence expert Dr

Benjamin Shria. I think has made a Benjamin Shria. I think Nate

has made a quite significant step forward in trying to

define its future missions, its future strategic tasks, and the way it is supposed to way it is supposed to achieve

those tasks.

NATO appears to be adapting to the NATO appears to be adapting

to the new global reality. That to defend the nations of the North Atlantic, there's growing need North Atlantic, there's a

excursions further afield. And nowhere illustrates that new nowhere illustrates

reality better than reality better

Afghanistan. My goal is to make sure by 2014, we have transitioned My goal is to make sure that

Afghans are in the lead and it

is a goal to make sure that we are not still engaged in combat operations of the sort that we're involved with Afghanistan was NATO's first

Almost a decade after the feel foray outside of Europe.

invasion, its control of the Almost a decade after the

country appears tenuous. NATO involvement has become politically unpopular across

the alliance, as well as within

the United States. A so-called

transition to Afghan government

control over the next four

years, which was announced at

Barack Obama the weekend summit, gives

placates nations threatening to his home electorate and his home electorate and

withdraw their support. We are

in a better place now than we were a year ago. As a

consequence I'm confident that

we are going to be able to execute in July execute our transition starting

in July of next year. stand before you today, moving in the direction of transition, to ownership. leadership and Afghan ownership. We are moving in the

direction of conducting talks and Afghan leadership understood endorsed by process must be condition and not calendar

have to make sure that we not leave Afghanistan prematurely. We have to make sure that the Afghan forces can responsibility before we leave.

But based on the facts I have

described, I think this is a realistic timetable. And it strategic concept explicitly mentions the lessons to be future NATO and the operations again in

should the allies be able agree on should the allies be able to

agree on such missions. So

what's in store for post-Afghanistan NATO? what's in store for a

commitment to facing crises other commitment to facing crises on other continents? According to Benjamin Shria the stage Benjamin Shria the stage is being set for a being set for a global

alliance, which will further than the partnerships program further than the existing

includes faraway nations like Australia. He says Australia. He says NATO's

ability to bring Europe may be Asia as well. By announcing a rather inclusive concept of

partnerships that could include India, that could include a whole number of other countries, this does necessarily have to be seen threatening to China. It is rather a capability or tries a capability or tries to build up partnerships that it could use in, if you will, a sort of

developing global security network. That report Waters. There's no relief in sight sight for the anxious families awaiting news of the 29 miners trapped in a trapped in a remote area of New Zealand's South hours after explosion authorities say it's still not

safe to send a rescue team underground. And underground. And they're now planning for planning for all outcomes, including borehole will be borehole will be completed overnight which video cameras to be lowered down into the mine

situation. As the sun rose the west coast of New Zealand's South Island South Island the only road to

the Pike River coal mine was blocked as ones. It's gut wrenching for

them. After one day, people have got a real lot of have got a real lot of hope,

but as each day goes by, as were just in a state of An explosion at the mine on Friday saw 29 men making these remote centre of global media attention as the world waits to find out if the miners will make it out alive. It's the million question. We optimistic but this is and recovery operation.

being looked at and all factors

will be considered. We won't go through any through any what ifs. We'll basically do our best to bring these guys out. Rescue teams fear

it's been too dangerous to try methane explosion, but two men who are closer to made it out on Friday, and have

given a given a terrifying account of the collapse. The concussion hit me. It wasn't just a bang,

it just kept coming, kept coming so I crouched down as

low as I could in the seat to try to get door to stop

with all this debris. I just

the last I can remember. Someone found me families of the trapped families of the trapped miners received a briefing from authoritys this

left distressed. Among them left distressed. Among them was

Joanne Eufa from central Queensland, waiting for news on her 2 5-year-old son Joshua Ufer. Families just want loved ones back. That's natural. They're so natural. They're so brave. They're They're getting huge support from Australians for the actual

efforts they've put in efforts they've put in here. At a media briefing in the nearby town

town of Greymouth today, police and mine authorities defended the rescuers. Safety is paramount. And for my rescue teams. This is a whole of emergency is a whole of emergency service approach. We owe it to the men

that undertaking the rescue we do in a way that heavy questioning about the safety record at Pike the time. Incident unsafe situation. wouldn't have doesn't same the mine say that I vents leading up to unsafely but at the time and

not n of us know what the situation of the event there must've been an unsafe situation operation did step up today with a drill boring reach the men and plans to send

cameras and a robot to the

bottom to bring back information to families

desperate for news. Wer We're using a Defence robot. Working closely with Defence and our international partners to see

if we can extend the use

if we can extend the use of that robot. Initially it would

go into the tunnel to the mine

vehicle which we believe is in

the main shaft, and the main shaft, and that would come out and we could look come out and we could look at whether authorities said there was no

chance rescuers would chance rescuers would make it down the mine

Nevertheless, crews will work

right around the clock in the hope of a still remain optimistic. still remain optimistic. We're

still keeping an open mind but we are planning for all outcomes. We're planning for

the possible loss of life as a result of what's occurred supposed ya's main opposition

party Sam Rainsy is currently

visit Australia in an attempt

to raise awareness of human

rights abuses in Cambodia. Mr

Rainsy has been living in in France for a year after in France for a year after he

was sentenced to jail in absentia by a closed court in Cambodia . Sam Rainsy, welcome

to the you. You've come to Australia to urge Canberra to pay

to urge Canberra to pay more attention to the human attention to the human rights

abuses in your country. What specifically are your concerns? They are very

serious problems serious problems in Cambodia, such

trafficking, human rights abuses. The lack of freedom.

Freedom of speech. Freedom of association. And people critical of the government. can do to assist? I to abide to abide by democratic principles and to principles and to respect human rights as it rights as it is and trying in the Paris Cambodia in 1991. You've had support from groups like human

international donor community who prop

against human rights abuses. Won't in

Cambodians? No. I think it

would send the right message to Government. government holds the Cambodian

people hostage. The Cambodian people is already poor, already. So any sanction would not make things to the much has China's much has China's growing influence di lobbying power of human rights and extent, yes, because

not pay attention to human they're supporting Cambodia

despite the fact that despite the fact that there are human rights abuses human rights abuses as you say going on in the country seriously jeopardising

international groups' abilitys to have to have that if you like? Yes, but still, the west must speak with one voice in who have concerns for Cambodia. You yourself face least a decade return to the country. Are you prepared, though, to prepared, though, to return for the next elections in despite that? No, I'm prepared

to return tomorrow. If

land deeds, land title to Cambodian farmers who have Cambodian farmers who have been deprived of deprived of their land, of their rights because of land grabbing the Cambodian farmers the Cambodian farmers to have

land to live on and to have

security if they are assured

that they can live in peace from

from now on. I would go back to

Cambodia to face jail any

time. You're happy to return to

Cambodian, even if it means a jail term? Definitely. It's not

a demand for myself, but for

the people who have elected me as their representative. The President of the Cambodian centre for human rights said earlier this year that the Sam Rainsy party had become

reactionary and reactionary and lost its Liberal democratic you feel you're losing support within

within the country? I am following my conscience. As

long as I am faithful to my country, to my people,

defending the people who have

put their trust in me, I will continue to do my duty regardless of any criticism. Your politician MuSochiwa is also

facing charges in Cambodia. Are

you concerned she may be

imprisoned? If so, how much damage would this do to your party? I don't think party? I don't think they'd dare arrest her this is a

personal issue between her and the Prime Minister. The Prime

Minister has lodged a defamation complaint against

her. But it looks very bad for

the Prime Minister to continue to attack a woman. Sam Rainsy, thank you very much for coming on the program. Thank you.

It's not just western women

who like to spend hours who like to spend hours

flicking through glossy

magazines. Whether it be for

the fashion tips, holiday ideas

or to read about personal

issues. But many of the magazines that deliver that information are skewed to information are skewed to a

western sensibility. Now a new cater to modern Muslim women,

in a way that also takes their faith

Indonesia lays claim to being one of the most diverse

and tolerant Muslim nations on

the planet, where people can

adhere to their faith but still

express their individuality. And now a new testing that ground. For women who want it who want it all, because we've got got lifestyle topics, we also have fashion spreads. This typical of what's known as the modern Muslim woman. She's educated, well travelled and has a solid career. She English and pores over fashion magazines. But the Singaporean couldn't find a publication

that reflected her Muslim started Aquila, a magazine for

women just like her and one that well. The Muslims today very much like them. Muslims

today want the same nice things. Are curious to find other people and countries and places. Muslims today are also very interesting as well as interested in others

and to know that Islam is a religion of magazine until we and he says he welcomes it shows who follow Islam. But the Professor

someone came up with the idea.

As a growing middle class to be modern, but hold onto Muslim women parcel of Muslim middle That gained momentum since second half of the 1980s, when

new Muslim graduates came from

Here in this back room house in shoot is under way, but of course, it's anything but normal fashion shoot. It's about a woman who wears a and is fashionable. A hijabista and is fashionable. A hijabista and she's going on The publisher and editor bases herself scene and rising middle scene and rising middle class will warm to her glossy

magazine. She uses given a local stylist the task

of creating her vision. What would normally usually more traditional? The magazine magazine always uses some ethnics kind of

traditional clothe, but traditional clothe, but now it's different because it's different because more colourful, more prints, fun? Yeah, of fun? Yeah, of course. But it's kind of hard, because we have to

OK, for example, this cover from other first received quite received quite a lot of questions, why isn't the

covered on her neck and her arms exposed material but the next one, this

one, no-one complained about that. Because she's well covered.

The magazine is sold in their own take correct and what is it's the fashion that gatherings the most the magazine also deals some contentious and some contentious and serious subjects. It's run an that asks why women feel the hymens to prove their virginity. It talks about sex and marriage and subjects

think would be who are the second wives of their husbands. Who

are not well looked after, who are not well supported. Therefore, we decided to Therefore, we decided to cover

this topic once and for

all. It's a modern idea. I

think in general, there is think in general, there is no discussion. There's no objection among Muslim objection among Muslim in

general. Men say Muslim of

course but in any society n course but in any society n any community, in any group of people, there are always who have a very little understanding of religion.

The magazine's work is done

from a house in Jakarta. The address is kept secret to safeguard staff from safeguard staff from those who

want to take their objections to the magazine too far. And

the magazine has its own

resident religious adviser to

look at the subject matter and look at the subject matter and how it relates to

perfect but it's a good start. The bi-monthly magazine is only around a year old and sells just 12,000 copies but just 12,000 copies but the

publisher thinks she's in the

right space and time. Based in

a region with 255 million Muslims the growing Muslims the growing middle

class of successful women who

are looking for something just for them.

Helen Brown reporting there from for now. For program

information you can visit information you can visit our

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program. We will be back at the

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edition of Newsline. I'm Kesha West. Thanks for watching. Bye for now. Closed Captions by CSI This program is not captioned.

A relative of Ivan Milat

charged over a murder in the Belanglo State Forest south of Sydney. We result of what's occurred increasingly grim as the families of 29 trapped miners

hold out hope in New Zealand's

South Island. And Australia's scientific of its most eminent of its most eminent researchers

with death of Frank Fenner. you're watching ABC News 24.

I'm Richard Davies. A relative of the serial of the serial killer Ivan Milat has been has been charged with murdering

a teenager and dumping the body