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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. Today - the first post deal asylum seeker boat Live. Today - the first post

intercepted in Australian waters. The on this deal before yet another boat arrives and I am very

doubtful that this really is

going to stop the boats.

leadership coup. Jay Weatherill Also ahead another Labor

looks set to replace Mike Rann

as South Australia's Premier.

The US debt stand off

continues. Both sides of politics cry foul over stalled

talks. And a miraculous escape

live to snaps in two and the passengers

live to tell the tale. When the

you plane land I told my friend,

you know , that man, we're going to die, we're going going to die, we're going to

die because the plane, it don't

have enough runway to stop.

Good afternoon, you're watching ABC News 24, I'm

I'llon Palan. A quick look at tomorrow's weather: The first asylum seekers to

be sent to Malaysia under the

Federal Government's newly

signed Malaysia solution are on their way to Christmas Island

for preassessment. ABC reporter

Jane Norman is on Christmas

Island and she filed Island and she filed this

Federal Government signed off report. 6 days after the

on its deal with Malaysia, the

first group of asylum seekers

has been picked up Australian has been picked up by Australian authorities. The

boat was detected by a spotter plane about 20 nautical miles

off Scott Reef last night and

this morning. The 54 passengers

and 2 crew have now being

brought here to Christmas

Island. Speaking earlier today the Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said the asylum seekers

will be assessed on a case by case

case basis before being sent to

Malaysia. What happens now new arrangements are in place arrangements are in place which

means the boat obviously gets

taken to Chris - Christmas

Island. That can take some days

for that to happen. We begin

our pretransfer arakements which vulnerability and fitness to

fly and we begin the process of transferring people to

Malaysia. The boat is still

days away from arriving on the island. When it gets here asylum seekers will be kept separate from the other 800 detainees. Officials have been

transferring asylum seekers to

the mainland all week to room for new arrivals. the mainland all week to make

room for new arrivals. That's the ABC's Jane Norman there the Opposition Leader Tony the ABC's Jane Norman there and

Abbott says the arrival of another boat carrying asylum seekers proves the Malaysian solution isn't a viable approach. The ink barely dry on viable approach. The ink is

barely dry on the Malaysian people swap and a And I say to the Government they can't guarantee that all they

of these people will go to

Malaysia but I could guarantee

that everyone from any new boat

would go to Nauru because Nauru

is happy to accept everyone who

arrives here whereas the

exercise a veto Malaysian s still want to

there. But the point is the ink exercise a veto over who goes

before yet another boat is scarcely dry on this deal

before yet another boat arivs

and I am very doubtful this

really is going to stop the

boats. Tony Abbott there. And

Sydney police are investigating

fresh allegations of assault on

board HMAS 'Success'. There are

claims a female sailor was

indecently assaulted by indecently assaulted by a

fellow crew member while the

vessel docked on Sydney on Tuesday. Kalvin Ng has more. A

Defence Force spokesman has

confirmed the police are female sailor was indecently investigating

assaulted by a fellow crew

member. It's believed the assault

assault happened while the ship

was stocked at Sydney's Garden

Island on Tuesday. The incident was referred to the Defence

Force investigative service

which has referred it to which has referred it to the

NSW Police. The navy has given

support to both support to both crew members

involved. A damning report released earlier this year

found the culture of

sexual and drunken behaviour on

the vessel during a tour of

Asia in 2009. The Defence Minister Stephen Smith has been informed about the Defence Minister, Stephen incident . And we also

Smith, says the incident been handled appropriately. The Smith, says the incident has

most important part here is

complaint appropriate action that upon


was taken and we now await the

police investigation into the

matters. In the meantime the

young sailor concerned is being young sailor concerned

given all the necessary support

but more generally in general

terms the chief of navy, the

new chief of navy and I and the

chief of the Defence Force have

made it clear that there is made it clear that there is a zear o - inappropriate behaviour. And the Climate Change Minister

Greg Combet says a let er from

David Cameron congratulating the British Prime Minister

Australia on its carbon tax was unexpected. Mr Cameron has sent a letter to the Prime Minister Julia Gillard saying Australia's climate Australia's climate change

policy will give momentum to

other countries determined to

cut carbon emissions. Mr Combet

says the letter is in stark

contrast to the Federal Opposition's position on

climate change. The British

Government not too long ago

indicated that it's intending to cut its greenhouse emissions by 50% by the middle

of the next decade. So the UK

have any questions about Government certainly doesn't

climate science like Tony have any questions about the

Government respects the advice Abbott has and also the UK

unlike Tony Abbott who goes of scientists and economists

around attacking both. So it's a pretty stark contrast, a pretty stark contrast, I

think. Let's go to State politics politics now and the South

Australian Premier Mike Rann looks set to be ousted in a leadership coup leadership coup with Education

Minister Jay Weatherill

changeover could happen within expected to take over.

weeks after Labor powerbrokers

told Mike Rann his reign as

leader was over. Mike Rann has been South Australia's Premier for 9 years but he for 9 years but he scraped through last with less than 50% of the vote.

Sources say Mr Rann has been

told to resign by the State Labor convention expected in

September or October. It's also understood there's strong backing for the Education

Minister Jay Weatherill Minister Jay Weatherill to become South Australia's next

premier. Mr Rann is in India on trade mission and has been unavailable to Education Minister Jay

Weatherill spoke to media

earlier today. He confirmed that leadership transition is

being discussed within the

State Labor Party but refused

to say if he would challenge the leadership if Mike Rann doesn't step doesn't step down. The Labor Party's obviously grappling

with the question of with the question of transition

and I mean this is always a

difficult thing for any political party. It's particularly difficult when

that party's in Government. But I'm pleased to see that there are people trying to reach

agreement about this because

to deal with it. I'm pleased

that people are choosing to that people are choosing to

offer their support for me, of course, naturally I'm

at that. Do you have the numbers? I've always said that

I'd offer myself forward as a

leader of the party should the

situation arise. What happens if Mr

if Mr Rann chooses not to stand

down, to decide to fight on,

will you challenge him? Look, will you challenge him? Look, I

don't think it will come to

that and I think at the moment

what the party is doing

what the party is doing is grappling with a

that in a respectful way. Jay

Weatherill there and as the Weatherill there and as the ABC South Australian reporter Angelique Johnson

explain s, the Premier Mike Rann has been unpopular Rann has been unpopular with

voters for some time. He's been on the nose for some time now.

It probably started around just

before the State election last year when year when he was shrouded in controversy over allegations

that he had an affair with that he had an affair with a former parliamentary former parliamentary way tress

Michelle Chantelois. He Michelle Chantelois. He denied

that. That seems to be the

start of a downward spiral for

him. The polls weren't good. As

you mentioned the State election was extremely tight,

he scraped through.

Weatherill has always polled Weatherill has always polled

well so he was always backed well so he was always backed by

the left to take over from Mike

Rann but that's been his

problem. He's been largely

despised by a number in the

right faction. So that's why

this coup, I guess, is so

surprising because it had been

expected. John expected. John Rowe who's the deputy premier from the right faction, he would take over.

But what's happened is there's But what's happened is there's

been a split in the right been a split in the right and that seems to stem from the Treasurer Jack Snelling, Treasurer Jack Snelling, some being unhappy that Jack

Snelling wasn't placed in

leadership consideration so

they've shifted their they've shifted their support to Jay Weatherill and everyone,

or the large majority of MPs

have now fallen into line. That's the line. That's the ABC's Angelique Johnson in Adelaide.

Police are investigating a

fatal crash at Christmas Hills north-east of

his car and hit a tree just after

after 11:30 last night. The car

burst into flames on impact.

Senior Sergeant John Gibson

with the Victoria Police says the impact of the crash was

severe. It is very big impact

and on our rural roads on our

out of metropolitan Melbourne

roads. We do have trees quite close

close to the road, we have

higher speeds on the roads so

higher speeds on the roads so when we do vn when we do vn an impact tragically we've got consequences like we have here today. An increase not the overall road toll but

particularly in the country

road toll over the last year and it's certainly cause and it's certainly cause for concern.

Let's go overseas now and the United States Government is

less than 100 hours away from a potential default. potential default. President Barack Obama who Barack Obama who has held crisis talks with several top Democrats after a government-led proposal to

avert the crisis was defeated by the House of Representatives. Democrats other's debt plans in the

Senate and the House.

Republican House speaker John Boehner says he's confident a

compromise will be reached but

has accused

Obama of holding up the process

saying a deal could have saying a deal could have been struck last struck last week. The House yesterday sent our second bill

to end this crisis to the Senate. It's a reasonable,

responsible approach that will

end this crisis, get our

economy moving again and get

Americans back to work. And the only thing

of the House proposal over of the House proposal over in

the Senate is the President and Senator Reid. It's time for

them to tell us what they're

for. Time to tell us how

they're going to get us out of the cul-de-sac that they've driven our country into. driven our country into. That's

the Republican speaker John Boehner there. Tens Boehner there. Tens of

thousands of Israelis have

taken to the streets protesting

the high cost of living. They're also demanding the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu undertake sweeping economic reforms. Police say more than 60,000 people have demonstrated in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem Jerusalem and other cities.

Local media have dubbed the protests a middle class uprising

uprising with uprising with demonstrators calling for lower rent and land prices. Ousted Egyptian

President Hosni Mubarak is to

face trial at Cairo's face trial at Cairo's police

academy on Wednesday. An Egyptian state news agency said

charges against him will

include the ordering of include the ordering of the killing of protestors killing of protestors during

this year's uprising judicial sources sources had previously said Mr

Mubarak's trial might be moved to Sharm el Sheikh. Many

Egyptians view reports the

President may be too ill as a

ploy to a. Lybian rebels say

the gunman who shot dead their

military chief was one of their

own. The assassination of Abdel

Fattah Younis has raised questions over divisions and lawlessness within rebel ranks. Younis had

Younis had been part of

Gaddafi's inner circle since the Lybian Colonel to power and was

the interior minister before

defecting to the rebels in February. The Lybian Government is hoping the killing of is hoping the killing of the rebel commander, apparently by

his own side, will hurt the Opposition. We Opposition. We hope that this

will help many people in Benghazi to understand the

reality of the situation they

are in and come back to the legitimacy and safety and security of the Lybian

Government in

Tripoli. According to rebel was shot dead on Thursday near

Benghazi but there's been

confusion over who killed him.

The rebel The rebel leadership, the

national transitional council, is now saying an Islamist militia ally to the campaign

against the Gaddafi regime was

behind the assess nation. Ali

Tahuni believes members of the Obaida Ibn Jarrah Brigade are responsible. This is what the

committee will investigate and

the committee have a time line, a very short time line to give

us the answers to all of these questions. Meanwhile NATO says

it bombed 3 Lybian state TV transmitters and said the

operation was intended to stop

inflammatory broadcasts by Gaddafi's Government. The strike performed by NATO

fighter aircraft using state of

the art prezition guided missions was conducted

missions was conducted in

accordance with the UN Security Council resolution 1973 with the intent the intent of degrading

Gaddafi's use of satellite television as a means television as a means to

intimidate the Lybian against them. But Lybian State

TV says the air strikes were acts of international terrorism

and that 3 employees were

killed. We are not a military target, we are not commanders

in the army and we will in the army and we will not pose a threat pose a threat to civilian. NATO's attacks appear

to have failed for the most part. Lybian State TV is still

on air. Norwegian police say

devastating bomb and shooting

attacks had other targets.

Anders Breivik told police during a 10-hour interrogation

he'd had multiple

mind when he planned the attacks that killed attacks that killed 77 people.

Norwegian media have reported

the right-wing extremist also

wanted to hit the royal palace

and the ruling party

headquarters. It's still not clear whether Breivik had any

help planning the attack but

police say it's more likely he

acted alone. say his troops have had say his troops have had some success in helping secure aid routes for the routes for the country. They

say they're trying to push out

Al Shabaab troops. Somalis are continuing to flood into neighbouring countries such as

Ethiopia and Kenya. Mohammad

arrived in Kenya a few weeks ago. He says he's in good

health after his long trek health after his long trek from Somalia but his wife isn't

doing so well.

TRANSLATION: We were escaping

the drought. She's the drought. She's sick malnourished. malnourished. There wasn't

enough food for us. God willing she will recover here in Kenya.

He's trying to get a tent so his family won't sleep out in the open anymore. It's

frustrating. But after a few

hours he finally heads off hours he finally heads off to his new home. Since the

beginning of the year over

100,000 Somalis have arrived at

the Dadaab camp in the Dadaab camp in Kenya. The

United Nations is battling to

meet the needs of a growing refugee population. Since we

started the reception of new

arrivals on 6 June we are

receiving between 1,300 to 1,500 daily so it's a huge

number of people to deal with

on a daily basis and equally

we're also relocating about

300,000 families, close to 1,500 daily 1,500 daily so it's a big challenge, the numbers itself,

to deal with. More than 1,600 tents

tents have already gone up.

People are calling this tent

city and the plan is to move

180,000 people into tents by

the end of November. But it's a

temporary solution to a temporary solution to a complex

problem. Plans to build

refugees were stopped by the

Kenyan Government. 3 school and

the clinic already built empty. 116 houses empty. 116 houses vacant. That's because some Kenyan politicians believe it

will encourage the thousands of refugees coming into refugees coming into the

country to stay for good country to stay for good and

compete with Kenyans for scarce

resources. If things don't

change refugees will live in

tents until it's safe enough to

return to Somalia but that

could take years. 163 people on board a flight to board a flight to Guyana have had a their plane crashed and broke

into two on landing. The

Caribbean airlines Boeing 737

800 jet overshot the runway during during wet weather. The plane slid off the end of the runway,

crashed through a chain-link

fence and broke in half just

short of a deep ravine. The

plane land, I told my friend,

you know, that man, we're going

to die, we're going to die

because the plane, it don't

have enough runway to stop. Several people have been

injured and are being treated in hospital. confirmed that Scotland Yard confirmed that Scotland Yard is looking into a series of

allegations of computer

hacking. It's thought hacking. It's thought the new

investigation will look into

claims by the BBC's panorama

program that the 'News of the

World' obtained hacked emails

from a private detective in

2006. Operation Tulita has been running for some time as a

so-called scoping inquiry to

investigate the possible extent of computer hacking. of computer hacking. It's

regarded in law as a more serious offence than serious offence than phone

hacking. The basic penalty for

hacking is now 2 interfere with a computer in

order to commit other order to commit other offences

you can get 5 years. If it's

terrorism related you can get

much more. So there are much

more serious offences. The

penalty for phone hacking under what's called ripper regulation

of investigatery powers act 2000 is 2 years. It's understood the understood the police investigation began after

Panorama presented this man

with evidence his emails had

been hacked. Ees Ian Hurst, a former army intelligence officer who was running informers in Ireland. I can

tell you theiers in the back of

my head are up and I can tell

you somebody's got a problem

you somebody's got a problem because this has because this has come from -

this has been unlawfully accessed. Panorama said the

emails were obtained by Alex

Mirancec the Northern Ireland

'News of the World''s Northern

Ireland ed dor. I'd like to

talk to you about computer hacking. He has always denied

told the BBC today he had

nothing more to nothing more to say.Le News International declined to

comment. In a separate

development a former 'News of

the World' journalist has told the BBC that at least 40 former members

members of staff may seek damages saying their career

prospects were harmed by the management of business. They're

currently getting legal advice.

Protestors have gathered in Melbourne to rally against a controversial child beauty pageant. Girls as

US-run show organisers say the

participants are judged on facial beauty, facial beauty, overall appearance, personality and talent. Similar events US have been seen participants

using wigs, false teeth and

spray tan. Those involved say it's harmless fun but protestors believe protestors believe age restrictions should be restrictions should be placed

on the event. Angelina Jolie

has been awarded the heart of

Sar yaif o. The award

recognises not only film success but her active engagement in engagement in humanitarian issues. In particular festival organisers recognised

organisers recognised Jolie's efforts to bring to the attention the plight of refugees from the Bosnian war.

The actor visited The actor visited the country

several times last year as a UN

HCR ambassador. And the world's

first museum dedicated to the

former governator, Arnold

Schwartz negar has opened in his birth place in southern aus yasmt Arnie didn't attend

yesterday's opening which was

timed to coincide with timed to coincide with his 64th

birthday. The light yellow

house was restored to look as it it did when Schwarzenegger first came into first came into the world in

1947. The opening match of the day

in NRL has been run and won. The Warriors have beaten the Raiders in Auckland and it's try Raiders in Auckland and it's a

try a piece in the opening

Stock Exchange - stages of the second match between Newcastle

and the Gold Coast. While the off in about 30 minutes. Manu

Vatuvai got the scoring going for the Warriors and the Warriors added a Warriors added a second before

Canberra struck back for Canberra struck back for the half-time lead.

The Warriors took half-time

of a Canberra mistake after

half time to regain the lead

before punishing them again.

before punishing them again.

From there they continued to

pound the raiders to cement

sixth position with the

looming. In the AFL the first

of two matches for the day has

just got under way. Collingwood

are playing Essendon at the MCG

and later it's the Adelaide

derby between the Crows derby between the Crows and the power. Geelong, West Coast, St

Kilda and Hawthorn all got wins

yesterday. The Hawks came out flying in Perth and flying in Perth and kept up the

tempo throughout the first

half. Cyril Rioli was a stand

out kicking 2 brilliant goals

iffor the Hawks. The Dockers only managed two

majors in the first half after

the restart the Hawks stayed on

top to seal an easy win. On the Gold Coast St Kilda knot out to a comfortable lead early on

the. The Suns weren't going

down without a fight as they continued to stay in touch and

like in so many of their previous matches the Gold previous matches the Gold Coast didn't have the steam in the

final quarter as the Saints final quarter as the Saints ran

away with the win. Turning to

football and in Brazil the

groups for the 2014 World groups for the 2014 World Cup

qualifiers have been qualifiers have been decided

this morning. The Socceroos

have in group D Arabia, Oman and Thailand with

the two top two teams progressing to the next stage.

And Australia has won silver

and bronze medals on the and bronze medals on the second last night of competition at the world swimming championships in Shanghai.

Belinda Hocking won silver in

the 200 backstroke breaking the

Australian record in a time of

2 minutes 6 seconds. Another

Australian, Megan Nay, was f

6th. Hocking was part of the

winning 4 x 100m medley relay

bronze behind the US and China.

Marieka Guehrer was 8th in the

Huegill finished 8th in the 100

butterfly behind Phelps.

Championships conclude this

evening. Include's Stuart Broad

took a hat-trick as India was

bowled out for 288 in its bowled out for 288 in its first

innings on day 2 of the second

cricket Test at Trentbridge.

Broad finished with figures of

6/46. England will resume its

second innings tonight at 1/24, still trailing the 43 runs. The message for

England was simple - bowl like India did but better. Simple but not understood, at but not understood, at least

not for a while as VVS Laxman Andhra Andhra Rahul Dravid set about

taking the sting out of the

attack. It took an equally attack. It took an equally fine

delivery to end it. Tim Bresnan

with the break through that

England desperately needed.

Next up the little master, Sachin Tendulkar with an

excellent record on this ground

but not this time. His wait for a 100th international century

went on. Noouf Raj Singh offered the chance of further

momentum. Kevin Pietersen declined it. Meanwhile still in

the way of England was the wall. Not for wall. Not for nothing does Dravid have that nickname

always immovable, now moving

the score board. Yuvraj made

the most of his reprieve

dominating the spinners on the way to 50 and controlled as ever. Not being

able to get through the wall

England went around it. Stuart

Broad yesterday's hero back to

the fore, warming up by removing Yuvraj and his main act. MS Dhoni gone

early, Harbhajan Singh harshly

LBW next ball and Kumar almost

a bystander as he took his first Test

first Test hat-trick. By the

time Dravid sacrificed his

wicket he knew his team had an

advantage but that it wasn't what what it might have been. World

championship leader Sebastien

Vettel will start from poll

position in tonight's formula won grand prix. The German was fastest in qualifying ahead of

England's McLaren pairing of Lewis Hamilton and Lewis Hamilton and Jenson

Button. Vettel's Red Bull

team-mate Australia's Mark

Webber will start from 6th

position on the grid. Yes!

That's what I'm talking about.

Yes! We changed a lot on the car overnight and the boys were

working pretty hard and they didn't think, you know, if we have think, you know, if we have a

result like this today I think

it's the best way to say thanks

so I'm very happy. That's what he's talking he's talking about. The race is on tonight.

Taking a look at tomorrow's

weather now. A high will

continue to keep skies clear

across much of the country while a weak front triggers a

few showers across few showers across southern

Victoria and Tasmania. A cold

front will generate more across southern WA. Taking a

closer look at the States now

and Queensland can expect a

fine day, apart from isolated

showers about the tropical east

coast and early morning fog around Cairns. There's the

chance of showers along the

southern ranges of NSW. It

should be mostly fine elsewhere

though. Victoria should see a mild day with fresh north-westerly winds and isolated showers about the south-west. Rain is expected in

Tasmania's west. It should

extend across the State by the

early evening. And South Australia can be mostly sunny with some light cloud and

isolated showers from Port Lincoln to Adelaide. Lincoln to Adelaide. And

there's more heavy rain on there's more heavy rain on the

way for Western Australia. It

should ease about coast by the late afternoon

though. And it's looking

mostly sunny for the Northern

Territory apart from isolated showers about the north-east

coast. Let's have a look ahead to Tuesday now: Standby now for 7:30 NSW.

You're watching ABC News

24. Closed Captions by CSI

Tonight, the Tonight, the trouble

with gas. What we saw was bubbling pipes. It was obviously venting gas. And

rehabilitating the racing

hound. You are a pass, my I

boy. Well done. This Program

is Captioned Live The NSW

Government has launched an

investigation into leaks of

methane from coal seam gas

pipes in the state's north-west. The Greens MP

Jeremy Buckingham filmed the

pipes bubbling and hissing

during a fact finding trip last

week. The company in charge of

the coal seam gas operation,

Eastern Star Gas, believes the

pipes were tampered with. The

Minister responsible says footage 7.30 (NSW) has footage 7.30 (NSW) has shown

him is concerning.

considering ordering tighter

security around coal seam security around coal seam gas

operations. Here's state political reporter Mark political reporter Mark Tobin. across NSW there's a historic alliance being

alliance being formed. overwhelmingly, it was clear to

me there's a broad constituency

of community groups, farmers, tree changers, local governments, who are rising up

and saying no to coal seam gas

and they're not a nimbee group,

they are legitimately

about the long-term impacts of coal seam

coal seam gas. Greens MLC Jeremy Buckingham has Jeremy Buckingham has been

touring the state and meeting

local landowners who are

worried about the coal seam gas

industry. According to the

Greens, they have good cause

for concern. Have a look at

that. 100 metres off the Newell Highway in the Pilliga

state forest this is what Mr Buck ham found. Buck ham found. What you can

see here, Mark, is a leaking

pipe. It's bubbling away,

venting, and this was very easy to

to see. We saw a number of

examples of this all over the Pilliga. If you'll notice here

on the ground, salt. I saw

water being discharged to

creeks, I saw

I saw huge areas of dead forest

and my concern is that this

industry's unregulated and

doing untold damage to a

critical area and that damage I

think is indicative of what

this industry may do to huge

areas of NSW. The eastern star

gas has an exploration licence covering almost covering almost 8,000 square

kilometres in north-western

NSW. These operations have

been sold to Santos limited as

part of

$900 million. We heard

hissing pipes on another coal

seam gas well. We saw pipes

and we walked up to them and

when we got near, you could

hear the gas hissing out of it.

I think it would be an enormous

fire risk and it's polluting

our atmosphere. It is not good

enough for an industry to come

in and do that to our

environment. No-one from

Eastern Star Gas was available

to be interviewed b you the

company provided this statement. On the bubbling gas pipe it