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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. Tonight - North Koreans their Dear Leader, his Tonight - North Koreans mourn

successor barely known to the successor

west. I think he's not going

to want to have anybody rock

the boat and is going to rock the boat.

Also tonight - no end to the

deadlock over offshore

processing, despite the asylum

boat disaster. Surely - surely

- it shouldn't be too - it shouldn't be too hard for the

the Minister and Shadow

work the issues through. Two brothers arrested over the murder of Sydney businessman

Michael McGurk. And

camp ahead of the Boxing Day

Test. You're watching ABC News Test.

24. Hello. I'm Scott Bevan.

The Korean Peninsula remains on high alert tonight as the region weighs up implications of Kim region weighs up the

implications of Kim Jong-il's death. North Korea has his son, Kim Jong-un, as the hermit kingdom's great

concerns that the change of successor, but there are

leadership could lead to political instability and spark

conflict with the south. This

report from Stephen McDonnell,

who's in the South capital. North who's in the South Korean capital. North Korean

television is showing image

after image of people wailing

in the streets. The passing in the streets. The passing of

leader Kim Jong-il has left the barely able to control

themselves. Even in death the

so-called Dear Leader is being managed by propaganda machine.

This is apparently the last

photo of Kim Jong-il alive. A

special broadcast declared that

foreign delegations would not

be present at Kim be present at Kim Jong-il's main funeral ceremony and all entertainment

entertainment has been banned

during 11 days of official

mourning. The man labelled anointed to take the Reins "great successor" has been

this impoverished nuke-armed

country. He's country. He's 20-something

in his own country. years old and barely known even

support is already coming from

North Korea's TRANSLATION: China and North North Korea's closest ally.

Korea will strive together to continue making positive

contributions to consolidating

and developing the traditional

friendship between our two parties, governments and

peoples and to preserving the

peace and stability of the region. Across what's region. Across what's probably

the world's most heavily armed frontier, the South Korean military is on high alert at this time of After all, the demilitarised

zone is only a short drive from

the South Korean capital. Here

in the square in the heart of

Seoul people seem to be going

about their daily lives as

their Government asked them to

do, but underneath there's real

concern. The unpredictable north has a know very little about him.

TRANSLATION: He's still young.

young. He has supporters, but

very little experience. There

could be could be problems. Yet some remain optimistic.


could represent a new

generation, compared with the

old conservatives his

leadership might bring more harmony. South Koreans will be

hoping they can still have a

merry Christmas after all.

We'll be speaking to Stephen

from Seoul a little later in

the bulletin. Indonesian police are questioning suspected crew members from the police are questioning two asylum

asylum boat that sank off Java.

The ABC has been told the two

men were among 15 survivors picked up yesterday. Their wooden boat sank at the

weekend, with up to 250 asylum seekers

seekers on board. 49 people

have been found alive. The ABC's George Roberts reports

from Java. This is a small but Java coast and it's from here fisling village on the East

the authorities are the authorities are launching

their search and rescue mission

because it was 75km out to sea

from here where the boat went down on Saturday. Last authorities confirmed that down on Saturday. Last night

another 15 survivors had been

found, some of them more than

despite 160km away from here, but

despite it being days into the

disaster, authorities aren't

giving up hope for the 200 or

so people still missing.

TRANSLATION: So we're still

optimistic that the victims who using life jackets or other managed

floating devices could survive

for seven days. I don't think it's

it's time for apportioning

blame. It's about ensuring

those who have been rescued are well looked after and how well looked after and how to prevents a recurrence of this type. The latest people to be

rescued are the reunited with

the other 34 survivors this week. Indonesian police the other 34 survivors later

contacts have told the ABC two

of those found alive are thought to be the crew of thought

boat. thought to be the crew of the

under heavy guard in a under heavy guard in a hospital

east of here. Police sources

have also told the ABC have the names have also told the ABC they

of the suspected people have

smugglers who charged $7,000 a person for the deadly trip on an overloaded boat in

political truce over the Java boat treacherous seas. The

boat tragedy has ended with the Opposition

Opposition and Government

attacking each other's approach

to border protection. Labor says Opposition Leader Tony

Abbott has rejected several Abbott has rejected

offers in the past week to hold reintroducing offshore

processing much I'm not a scary

man. I don't see why Mr Abbott

is so scared of letting Mr

Morrison into a room with me

see if a mutually agreed

outcome can be outcome can be negotiated. The

Government has made no proposal

and until we can look at a

proposal, there is not much to

talk about. The Coalition talk about. The Coalition says the Prime Minister's first step

should be to reintroduce

temporary protection investigation into the murder of Sydney businessman of Sydney businessman Michael

McGurk has taken another turn.

Two brothers have been charged

with conspiracy to kill the standover man just months

before he was shot at his home.

Police allege the brothers

planned the murder with another man, who's already been charged

in relation to the death.

Here's court reporter Karl Hoerr. The brothers were

arrested at separate locations

in Sydney this morning and have

since been charged with

conspiracy to murder. Police

also searched a home in Jelley. Michael McGurk's form

business associate Ron Medich and

and several others were charged

over the murder some time ago,

but detectives kept working on the case. the case. Their investigations

today revealed that two men,

two brothers, had allegedly conspired with another person

who is currently before the

court in relation to the court in relation to the McGurk matter to matter to murder Mr McGurk in mid-2009. Police allege 30-year-old Ahmed Samman went to the creme yorn home to the creme yorn home of Michael McGurk a

him in exchange for money, but

police allege that others police allege that others in

fact went on to kill Michael

McGurk later. Part of the evidence of evidence of the trips that were made to the cremern home

include a traffic infringement

from the Harbour brinl. Sam

Yuan applied for bail this

afternoon, but it was - Everybody gets nervous in

these situations, but he's

doing well. Earlier today a magistrate

about plans to delay the case

against Ron Medich until the cases against his co-accused

are finalised, something that

could take years. The 33-year-old brother of Ahmed

Samman is expected to face

court tomorrow, also charged

with conspiracy to murder. The death toll in the Philippines flood disaster has leapt to more

more than 900, according to a

government official. The town

of Iligan was one of the worst

hit and efforts continue to

any survivors. Because of the

number of deaths, the town's

six funeral parlours have been overwhelmed and authorities have enforced to hold have enforced to hold mass

burials. The first was for 50 unclaimed bodies dug out from

mud and debris. About 8,000 houses

houses have been swept away houses have been swept away by

the floods and at least 45,000

people have moved to shelters. Returning now to our

top story on Kim Jong-il's

death and Stephen McDonnell joins us from Seoul, about 40km

from the North Korean border.

Stephen, thanks for your time

tonight. We've seen the vision of North Koreans mourning

today. One day on, how is the

southdy jesting the news of Kim

Jong il's death? Well, you mentioned we're only 40km from

the border, so I don't want to

sound alarmist about it, but it

is quite close to the demilitarised zone, should

there ever be another conflict. If

here, I don't think they expect

that will happen. The sort of

pessimistic view, I suppose, pessimistic view, I suppose, is

that there's a new leadership

and they just don't know what's

going to become of this. Even

that this young leader who

might want to prove others might want to prove himself to others within the North Korean

hierarchy how tough he is, he might even back some sort might even back some sort of cross-border incursions or

missile tests or this sort missile tests or this sort of

thing. The more op tim isz

particular scenario is

eventually his leadership lead to more openness and that,

as China would hope to tell the

truth, North Korea would move

to more of an open society and that North Korea would open up economically in the same way that China has. You

that China has. You mentioned missiles just a moment ago, missile tests. The north

apparently fired a test missile overnight. How is that being

interpreted? Well, it's hard

to know if this actually took

place. There's been a report

that there was such a missile

test, but of course this is the

reason why the South military is on high alert. If there

there was a missile test and it

was deliberate, and this was deliberate, and this is exactly the same time that Kim

Jong-il dies and Kim Jong-un

takes over, you'd have to be

worried that's some sort of a

sign. These are tense times

along the border and people

here, the military brass and

even the US spies, will be

poring over their satellite

data to try to get a grip on this. Stephen, a moment ago you outlined both the op tim istec

and pessimistic outlook on what

the great successor might bring

to North Korea. From an international

sort of lobbying, what sorts of

negotiations will be sought

from the international

community to make North Korea

less isolated and less of a

mystery as to what its intention s may be? Well, I

think the trick is going to think the trick is going to be

at least initially not to prove

yolk North Korea. course, has its own special

relationship, if anything has leverage

leverage there, it's Beijing.

You might hope they'll be trying trying to get into his ear, saying "Come saying "Come on, this is more

of what you want, like what we

have". In the past, for

example, Kim Jong-il has been

taken to other cities along taken to other cities along the

east coast of China to show east coast of China to show him

China's economic openness and

what it can bring to his impoverished country. They'd

probably be trying to say the same

same thing to Kim Jong-un. The

west and South Korea don't have an ear there and I suppose the

best they'd hope is just to not prove yolk tension and hope

somehow the transition is sort

of smooth and there might be a

good outcome in the run. Within North Korea itself,

we've seen vision come out of

there, as you well know, vision

coming out of North Korea is

scant but we've seen vision of famine, of starvation, from

time to time. The world has

seen the Arab spring this year.

What's the likelihood of a Korean spring? I

very unlikely. If you go very North Korea, we've visited there and reported from

Pyongyang and even from the demilitarised zone from the

North Korean side and it's just

so far from busting out in

terms of some sort of Arab

spring, because people there

are really worried. Everybody is

is spying on everybody.

They're so worried about saying

anything bad about the

leadership or about the

country, so it really would

take something for people to

get organised and try to think the only hope of happening think the only hope of that happening would be if there

a split in the army somehow

between those who wanted a more open North Korea and open North Korea and those

backing a more hardline

approach. Short of that, I

can't see there being any sort

of a North Korean Arab

spring-type uprising. If there

were a split in the military,

that would present a whole

bunch of problems as well, I

imagine. Yes, of course. imagine. Yes, of course. This

is a very big army, 1.5 million

men at arms, have nuclear weapons and it's

an unpredictable place. If they're responding like they did last year with

islands that killed four

people, North Korea denies that

it sank the South Korean ship,

but 46 sailors died there, but 46 sailors died there, so

this is a potentially very

tense place. The last thing

people would want is some sort

of jockeying for power in North

Korea that could lead to more military military tension. Our correspondent in Seoul, Stephen McDonnell, thanks very much for

that update. Good to talk to

you. There's been some good

news for the family of music identity Molly Meldrum. The 65-year-old has opened his eyes for

for the first time since his

serious fall last week. The

music guru has been in

music guru has been in an

induced coma with a fractured

skull and chest injury since Thursday

Thursday after he fell while

putting up Christmas

decorations. Molly decorations. Molly Meldrum's

family say the latest cat scan

shows the bruising to the is shows the bruising to the brain is starting to ease. Mounting

problems in Europe are weighing

more heavily on the Reserve

Bank's interest rate decisions.

In the minutes from its

December meeting, the RBA December meeting, the RBA board pointed to the global threat

posed by Europe's debt problems. Here's finance

correspondent Phillip Lasker. Europe's central bank

President has decided attack is

the best form of defence. He's

lashed out at those engaged lashed out at those engaged in

what he calls morbid

speculation about the

Eurozone's future. They all have catastrophic scenarios for

the Euro area. Rather than say

no no no, it never happens, we

say that, we say that on and on

and on. But a and on. But a lot of these people still people still think about this. At Australia's central banks d shall - add banks d shall - add Australia's

central bankers to that list,

the RBA board delivered its

second straight interest rate

cut this month, even though it observed our Asian observed our Asian trading partners were doing partners were doing quite well

and the case to cut interest

rates here wasn't strong. rates here wasn't strong. The key thing that stands out key thing that stands out from the minutes is how much concerned the Reserve Bank has

become about Europe, with big

chunks of text devoted to

what's going on in Europe and

the threat to the global

economy and financial markets. The minutes said there

was a non-trivial possibility

of a very sharp contraction in

Europe and developments there

continue to pose downside risks

to the global economy and Australia. Part of the problem

is that people see the problem

is largely intractable, there

isn't one simple is solution to this

this story. Recent the European central bank to

buy more government bonds and an

an agreement to give more money

to the IMF to ward off the debt

crisis haven't changed possessions. Some measures we're we're seeing implemented

continue to fall short. That's

a theme that's been pretty constant

constant throughout the European crisis. That's expected to weigh more heavily

on Asia and the domestic

economy. That would set the

scene for a rate cut in

February. Quite a big rate cut

if morbid speculation becomes reality. The switch has been

thrown on the nation's longest

fibre optic cabling. It stretches all the way from

Toowoomba in Queensland to Darwin. The cable will bring broadband to what the Federal

Government describes as a big

internet black hole. In internet black hole. In a

sweltering metal shed, a moment that will change technology and

perhaps even lives. The

official switching on brings to

an end the laying of nearly

4,000km of cable. million dollar task took in a

NT wet season, with three

metres of rain and a cyclone.

We've worked over a million man hours on the job. We've driven nearly 8,000 - 8 million, I should say,

kilometres on the road for road

crews. Ofor the NT Government

it's momentous. This project

is as important today in 2011

as was the overland telegraph

line back in 1878. This is not the national broadband network,

Government says will bring 160,000 people 160,000 people across

Queensland and the NT, the Queensland and the NT, the kind of internet speeds already available in

Melbourne. It says the NBN,

greater competition, lower

prices and better services will

follow. It will mean that

services can be provided particularly in remote communities that could never particularly provided before, particularly health services, educational services. The new has to have more tests. It's due

due to go live next

due to go live next month. To

finance, and the local share

market failed to recover any of yesterday's big yesterday's big fall. In fact,

it eased slightly again

following a sizeable fall on

Wall Street last night. Here's

Alan Kohler. Overall, it was a

day of quiet reflection. Only

a small drop in light turnover.

In fact, for much of the day

the All Ordinaries was the All Ordinaries was in positive territory. positive territory. Billabong

copped another spanking. It's

now down more than 50% in two retailers, such as Harvey

Norman and JB Hi-Fi, staged a brave recovery. Two of the biggest movers included ANZ and Woolworths. Here's the All

Ordinaries index over the past 10 trading sessions. That's a pretty clear trend line I

think, leading to a 5.6%

reduction in the index in that

time. The resources index time. The resources index has

fallen 8.2% over 10 days and

energy stocks 9.2%. Just energy stocks 9.2%. Just to

show you can prove anything with a graph, here's a chart of half full version of events, a chart of the Australian dollar

index, the All index, the All Ordinaries

accumulation index - that is,

total return from shares,

including dividends - and the broadbased commodity index over

the past three years from the depths of the crisis in late

2008. The end result for

is exactly the same, an annual

compound return over that

period of 9.5%, not too bad,

although shares haven't done

anything for two years, of course.

course. On global markets,

there was a fall on there was a fall on Wall

Street, but stocks in Korea

yesterday's fit of anxiety over

the death of Kim jopg il. The

Australian dollar barely moved

today, the index was up a tick

because of small moves on the US dollar US dollar and Euro exchange rates. And that's

finance. Alan Kohler there.

Thousands of young men could be

at risk of a heart attack and

not know it. A new study has

found that men in their 20s and 30s

30s are three times more likely

to have high blood pressure

than women the same age. Matt

Smith is a fit and otherwise

healthy 34-year-old, but during a routine check-up with his GP,

he found out he had he found out he had dangerously

high blood pressure. I was in my early 20s at the my early 20s at the time, which came as a bit of a surprise, not normally something you'd associate

associate with that age. It

took a while for it to sink in. He's not alone. Scientists

from Melbourne's Baker IDI

Heart and Diabetes Heart and Diabetes Institute have been studying 90,000

people aged under 35. While

high blood pressure is common

place in older people, researchers found 15% of people

in their 20s and 30s in their 20s and 30s had blood pressure levels high enough to

need treatment. We were

surprised in finding 1 in 7 men

had high blood pressure, at

risk of strokes and heart attacks in the future. Researchers say they risk future. Researchers say they were shocked by the findings.

The reasons why young men are

showing higher in their blood pressures is probably twofold,

the fact we're heavier and more

saidtry, also the fact we're

working harder these days with

careers. He says their advice

to young men your blood pressure checked, make

make sure that it's not elevated.

elevated. If it is, work with

your GP to find a healthier

lifestyle and to protect your heart health into the future. Matt Smith now future. Matt Smith now takes medication, watches his diet

and gets a lot more exercise.

His blood pressure is now a

perfect 120 over 80. To sport

now with Claire Aird. There's

been for Australia's cricketers

today? Under the watchful eye, today? looking for form at a training

camp. A century from

Tasmania's Ed Cowan has pushed

his claims for test selection.

It wasn't a great day for It wasn't a great day for the

other test candidates tour match against India in

Canberra. Hughes, Khawaja and Warner all failed with the

bat. It looks more like the hot

shoe shuffle than boot camp or bat camp as it's become known The players are excite #d

to get together,. It's nice to

just arrive in Melbourne. I

look forward to seeing what look forward to seeing what the coach has planned for us. The than practice. We're not reinventing

reinventing the wheel in any

way. We're giving our batters

maximum opportunity to get

themselves ready to play a test

match starting on Boxing

Day. Mike Hussey

Ponting were publicly put Ponting were publicly put on

show and publicly put on

notice. For our young batters to

to bat with guys like that to bat with guys like that is

fantastic, but, again, they

need to keep giving ammunition, keep

keep giving us performances. Nobody

Nobody is guaranteed a start, nobody

nobody has a privilege to play in

in the Australian cricket

team. Shaun marsh had a welcome

net session, but Shane guarded fitness remains a closely guarded secret from

guarded secret from the

Indians. The media was even

kept away from the gym selection. We'll probably give

them as much time as they to get themselves ready to play. It might be a slightly

enlarged squad for this one. Ed

Cowan could come into Cowan could come into that

larger squad after making 109

for the clierm's 11 against

India. But the other test

aspirants failed to impress. Warner went for two, Khawaja 25

and Phil Hughes hit 20 all in falling to an edge, albeit a

top edge. India was bowled out for 269, left arm spinner John Holland

Holland starred with the Holland starred with the ball,

taking 6/70. The test squad will be named tomorrow. To

soccer now, Sydney FC's marquee

player Brett Emerton will play

against Adelaide on Thursday night, despite fitness

concerns. Emerton had to come off at half time against

Newcastle on Saturday because

of a sore hamstring. 32-year-old trained with

teammates this morning and says

the substitution was only a

precaution. We spoke at

time and I think that was the

view that if I came on at half

time, I'd be a good chance to

play on Thursday. That seems

to be the case. Like I say, I think it's the right

decision. Sydney could move to

outright second on the ladder

if it beats Adelaide. Coach Vitezslav Lavicka is expecting united to play a different

style of football under new

manager John Kosmina. On to AFL now, St new captain next season. The

Saints new recruits were on display at this morning's

training session. Scott Waters

says he's happy with the direction of the team, but says

the entire squad is auditioning for positions in the leadership

group and Nick Riewoldt may not

maintain captaincy. End maintain captaincy. End of January we'll make a decision

on where the leadership on where the leadership group sits. Bernard Tomic says he

ignored the recent publicity

surrounding his run-in with a police officer over an driving incident in Surfers

Paradise. The world number 41

was driven to a training session with Gold Coast Titans

NRL side this morning. The

19-year-old says he's focused on on winning the on winning the Brisbane International. I know you see

yourself in the papers

sometimes. I'm just doing my

job playing tennis and having

fun. Obviously going to get

good press and bad press in good press and bad press in the

future. There will be more future. There will be more to

come. Tomic may grab a few more headlines

headlines before the Australian

Open begins in mid-January, with a big three in men's tennis, Novak Djokovic, Roger

Federer and Nadal playing lead-up tournaments overseas.

The former world number 1

tennis player Venus Williams is

in doubt for next month's open

due to illness. She's withdrawn

withdrawn from the classic in early

early January because of

problems caused by a disease. The 31-year-old is battling early

Sjogren's Syndrome, causing

fatigue and joint pain. Queensland teenager Ben

Mitchell has been given a wild

card into that tournament in January, the Australian Open

the 19-year-old slashed 400

places off his world ranking this year. Pretty

slashing. Thousands of people

doing it tough these holidays

have been treated to a big day

out at Melbourne Zoo. Mission

Australia organised the trip

for nearly 4,000 people from

across Victoria. The guests

were able to get up close and

personal with the animals

during feeding time. during feeding time. Face painting also proved popular,

giving kids a chance to in giving kids a chance to blend

Graham Creed with the two-day outlook. As far as the

synoptic charts go, there synoptic charts go, there are

two features we're paying very

close attention to. They're

both embedded in the monsoon

trough, tropical lows. But

this one in the Coral Sea is

showing a potential of

developing into a developing into a tropical cyclone as we head cyclone as we head into

Wednesday. It's expected to

remain embedded in the monsoon trough and

trough and well away from trough and well away from the Queensland coast. direction. But the other

system sitting to the

the Territory is expected to

also deepen a little. In fact,

there is a high there is a high probability of

that forming into a cyclone as

we head into Friday. But the

other features across the

mainland, a trough through NSW and stretching through the

interior of Queensland interior of Queensland and

another surface and upper level

disturbance across central

Australia. Both the Australia. Both the systems

will trigger fairly widespread

showers and isolated thunderstorms. Neither of them shows up on shows up on the models as

producing significant rainfall,

but it will be unsettled across

the entire Territory, down into

the north parts of SA, through

the inland of Queensland, across most of eastern NSW and

as we head down into the

north-eastern ranges of

Victoria. But most other areas

look relatively clear.

Tasmania could see a little

drizzle about parts of the east

coast. That could tend to ice latzed showers in the afternoon. We're also afternoon. We're also looking

at a few showers about at a few showers about the north-western scorner of the State, but the heaviest

rainfall will be across the

tropics, under the the monsoon. We could see

squally thunderstorms

developing in association developing in association with

that as well. There's the tropical low deepening further

as we head into Thursday. A bit of bit of variation between the

models as to where the position

of this will be. Most of them suggest just north of the north coast, so several hundred km

basically to the north-east of

Darwin. That system is very

worth while watching and tinl

we may even start to see warnings being issued warnings being issued around

Thursday. The coral Sea low

expected to be a tropical cyclone by Thursday, but again hovering out of the coral Sea.

Could seize a slight increase

in winds across the east coast,

also in combination with a high-pressure system near New

Zealand. That high extending a ridge right across extending a ridge right across southern Australia. Mostly

clear and dry conditions clear and dry conditions there.

In fact, temperatures becoming

warmer as we head into the

Christmas period. Across Christmas period. Across the

east of NSW, though, so

east of NSW, though, so that's

the slopes, the ranges, the coast,

coast, still potential for

showers and some thunderstorms

about the slopes and also the

ranges. That story will continue up possible inland, on also shore winds

winds triggering isolated showers along the coastal fringe, but the most significant rainfall again up

across the tropical areas association with the low and

also the monsoon trough. Graham Creed

Creed there. That is the news

and weather for now. Stay with

us for '7.30'. I'm Scott

Bevan. Thanks for your company.

Closed Captions by CSI

Welcome to '7:30'. I'm

Chris Uhlmann. Tonight, the country community that's fighting

fighting back, aiming to buy

the factory the multinational wants shut. We want to work

where our families are and use

our skills that we've learnt our skills that we've learnt at Heinz. Do you realistically think you can think you can pull this off? Yes. And Tasmania - Australia's new wine mecca. The

State producing less than

10,000 tonnes, we're punching well above our weight. This Program is Captioned

Program is Captioned Live. Those stories shortly, but first politics has overtaken the weekend's asylum

seeker tragedy off Indonesia. The Gillard Government The Gillard Government has

released an exchange of letters

with the Coalition calling on

it to negotiate an offshore

something both sides want, but they can't agree on how it