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(generated from captions) CC Tonight, pilot stabbed in

an attempted hijacking over New

Zealand. I thought they were

shooting a movie somewhere. I was looking for the cameras. Making banks

cameras. Making banks pay. The

plan for switching home loans.

If families are unhappy with

their bank, therapy unhappy

with the product, they should

have the capacity to

move. Bruce Burrell's second

murder sentence. And use it or

lose it, mind power preventing

brain disease. Good evening,

Leigh Sales with ABC News. It

high ended peacefully but there was

high drama in the skies above

New Zealand today. A woman made

a violent attempt to hijack a

small plane and fly it to

Australia. Two pilots were stabbed and there were fears

bombs were also aboard. The

plane had been travelling from

Blenheim, it landed safely in

Christchurch where the woman

was arrested and charged.

Christchurch airport was on

full emergency alert as the flight from

flight from Blenheim landed.

Passengers were quickly

escorted off the aircraft.

People scurried to get off the

plane, run off the plane. They

were immediately told to hit

the ground. Cops had their guns

drawn and then the dogs came

out. A 33-year-old Somali

woman was wrestled to the

ground before being handcuffed

would have and led away by police. There

would have been two officers,

one at the front, one at the

side trying to pull her off the

plane. One of the pilots was

taken to hospital with a stab

wound to the hand, the other

suffered a foot injury. It's

alleged both were attacked in

the cockpit. Police say the

woman was still struggling with

the pilots as they tried to

land. During the time when the

plane was coming in to land, the suspect

the suspect is alleged to have

been tampering with the

controls of the aircraft. The

woman claimed to have two bombs

on board. Police allege she

wanted to go to Australia.

Instead, the plane landed

safely at Christchurch. I have

to emphasise that in getting that aircraft down under the

circumstances was just a

fantastic piece of flying. Christchurch airport

was shut down for two hours

while the bomb squad

while the bomb squad moved in

to search the aircraft.

Passengers on board were questioned by police while

those stuck in the terminal

began the long wait to get to

their destinations. For some,

it was simply surreal. I

thought they were shooting a

movie somewhere. I was looking

for the cameras. Air New

Zealand will now review its

safety measureses at domestic

checks on airports. There are no security

checks on regional flights with

less than 90 seats but the

Government has warned against a

kneejerk reaction. This could

have been a person getting on a

bus. Are we going to screen

everybody getting on a bus.

The 33-year-old woman charged

over the incident moved to

Blenheim from Kenya three years

ago. She's known to the local

Muslim community as well as police. Unhappy customers will

banks. soon find it easier to change

banks. The Treasurer met the

nation's financial regulators

today and will shortly announce

a plan to remove some of the

hurdles involved in shifting

accounts but while the meeting

was under way two other banks

lifted interest rates, one of

them above the official rise of

a quarter of a per cent . Chief

political correspondent Chris

Uhlmann reports. Switch banks -

right now it's a complicated

task. I think the banks are

task. I think the banks are

making it deliberately

difficult to switch banks. They

want to keep you, they don't

want to lose you as a

customer. Wayne Swan wants the

country's financial regulators

to ease the pain of divorcing a

bank. If families are unhappy

with the product they should

have the capacity to move

easily. The idea is to get the

banks to do the work and lower

or remove the

or remove the entry and exit

fees for refinancing loans. We

are going to ensure people have

got the maximum ability to

exercise choice. It's an idea

that enjoys bipartisan

support. Competition must

choice. The National Australia enable people to exercise their

Bank is the late to say lift

interest rates above the

Reserve's quart of a per cent ,

the pushing them up to 0.29, taking

the standard variable rate to

8.89. The ANZ only passed on

the official rate and that's

because it moved first and

furthest in January, its

standard variable rate is 9.02.

The other beast the Government

is trying to tame is inflation

and that might mean the

promised $31 billion in tax

cuts are the last for some

tax system time. The idea is to use the

tax system to take money out of

the economy and try and slow it

down. Why does Mr Swan not

trust Australians to deal with

the money they've earned? What

we can't have is an irresponsible spending

spree. And Wayne Swan left the

foyer closely followed by the

ghost of Government past. One

of the State's most high profile

profile killers has been jailed

for a seconds murder. Bruce

Burrell has been sentenced to

28 years for the cold blooded

killing of a wealthy Sydney

widow. He's already serving

life for the kidnapping murder

of Kerry Whelan. After 13 years

of anguish the family of Dorothy Davis left court for

the last time. While we are

disappoint ed,

disappoint ed, this means for

us this is over. David Kirby

found Burrell had enticed

family friend Dorothy Davis to

his Sydney home with the

intention of killing her and

his motive was purely

financial. By murdering Mrs

Davis he's thought to have

distinguished the debt of

$100,000 which he had not

in disclosed to his wife and was

in no position to pay. Bruce

Burrell is already serving life

for the kidnap and murder of

Kerry Whelan. The prosecution

called for another life

sentence but the judge found

the circumstances were not as

severe. "There was in respect

of Mrs Whelan a persistence and

level of planning far greater

than that involved in the

murder of Mrs Davis." I don't

understand how two

understand how two lives of two

women who were murdered as far

as I'm concerned with equal in

tent, how the sentencing can be

so different. Justice Kirby

told the court Bruce Burrell

had shown no remorse for his

crime, nor had he sought to ease the pain of Dorothy

Davis's family by telling them

the where abouts of her body.

Burrell sat in the dock

Burrell sat in the dock and

shows no emotion as his

sentence was delivered. The

judge's sentiment was echoed by

the family. We'd like to know

where the police are. The twice

convicted murderer has

indicated he will appeal. To US

politics and while the

Democratic presidential

candidates are still fighting

among themselves, John McCain

is now almost certain to become

the Republican nominee. His main

main rival Mitt Romney has quit

the race. The decision shock ed Conservatives because just

yesterday Romney was vowing to

fight all the way to the

Republican convention. Mitt

Romney knew what he was going

to announce but his audience

didn't. The Conservative

activist was stunned by the

bombshell. Because I love

America, in this time of war I

feel I have to now stand aside

for our party and for our

for our party and for our

country. He put $40 million of

his own fortune into the

campaign but the investment

doesn't pay off. By one calculation Mitt Romney spent

more than a million dollars for

each delegate he won. This

isn't an easy decision. I hate

to lose. CHEERING John McCain

is almost certain to become the

Republican nominee. Some

Republicans worry the former

prisoner of war isn't Conservative enough but

Conservative enough but he's

reaching out to his critics.

My friends I'd be honoured and

deep Lee humbled to receive the

nomination of my party as we

continue moving forward in the

campaign. In some ways Mitt

Romney was an ideal Republican

candidate, a successful

business man who saved the

winter Olympics but he

committed a political sin by

flip-flopping on sensitive

flip-flopping on sensitive issues. I believe abortion

should be

While John McCain can start

his presidential campaign, the

Democrats are dead-locked. It

is suggested 15 million

Democrats voted on super

Tuesday and 15,000 votes

separate the two candidates.

Barack Obama is the clear front

runner in the money primary

though, his campaign's raised

though, his campaign's raised

more than $8 million in the

last few days. Hillary Clinton

is trying to keep up. Her

campaign raised a similar

amount in a week. In the US a

gunman has killed two police

officers and three other people

at a local council meeting.

Witnesses say the man stormed

the suburban council chambers

and began firing. Another two

council members including the mayor were wounded

mayor were wounded before the

gunman was shot dead by police.

The killer hasn't identified

but local media said the man

was xon to have a history of

grievances against public

official s. European Defence

Ministers have been warned the

catastrophe in Afghanistan if

troop numbers continue to fall

short. NATO commanders want a

bigger commitment but many

commanders are resisting the

commanders are resisting the

call, believer their arer doing

enough -- believing they're

already doing enough. The

battle against the extremists

continues. But on a visit to

carbol, US Secretary of State

Condoleezza Rice insisted the

Afghan strategy is working.

Could we all expect that the

security situation would still

be difficult? Yes,

be difficult? Yes, because

Afghanistan has determined

enemies who, as I said, laid

waste to this country. The

international force in

Afghanistan currently has

60,000 troops, including more

than 1,000 from Australia. To

fight the resilient Taleban

threat, NATO commanders want to

increase troop numbers by about

10%. The Afghan President

10%. The Afghan President

strongly backed that appeal.

Afghanistan, if given more

attention, will be very, very

glad and thankful. But at a

meeting in Lithuania, of contributors to the

international force, attended

among others by Australia's Defence Minister Joel

Fitzgibbon, it's are clear

there's hesitation about committing an extra 7,000 troops. We are making

troops. We are making

progress. I want to see filled

to the full 100% what kind of

forces we need and what the

military advisers that we

should have. That's crystal

clear and we are not there yet

and we have to do better. But

many countries such as Germany

believe they are already doing

more than enough.

TRANSLATION: I've stressed and I'll continue to

I'll continue to stress that

Germany is making an important

contribution in

Afghanistan. Countries like

Canada are facing stiff

parliamentary opposition to

extending the troop commitment unlessing other countries do

the same. For now, no-one is

prepared to call the Afghan

strategy a failure but without

extra troops NATO commanders

believe defeating the

believe defeating the Taleban

is beyond their grasp. The

leader of the world's Anglican

Church has sparked an unholy

row over the introduction of

Sharia law. The Archbishop of

Canterbury has proposed some

elements of Islamic law be included in the British legal

system. There is a place for

finding what would be a constructive accommodation with some aspects of Muslim

some aspects of Muslim law. In

the British legal system we

believe we should have a debate

to see whether we can

accommodate a small aspect of

Muslim family and personal law

to do with marriage, divorce,

custody and inheritance. Both

the British and Australian

Governments have rejected the

idea. It is untenable,

unrealistic and unacceptable to

consider that we would modify Australian law in any way,

shape or form. For many

Westerners, Sharia law means

brutal punishment such as

public floggings and chop the

hands ofchieves. The archbishop

said that while no-one wanted

that kind of inhumanity in

Britain, the UK had to face the

fact that some citizens don't

relate to the British legal

system. In NSW,

system. In NSW, skirmishes

continue in the Labor Party

over plans to privatise the

power system. Morris Iemma

today publicly chastised Bernie

Riordan, telling him to stop

talking nonsense after he

demanded Michael Costa resign.

It's one way to ease the

tensions of the day, a brunch

time beer for the Premier to

toast the announcement of a new

toast the announcement of a new brewery. But Morris Iemma

wasn't swallowing the latest

assault on his Government's

planned power privatisation.

His own party's State President Bernie Riordan also the

secretary of the Electrical

Trades Union, launched the

attack. His target, Michael

Costa, following up on threats

to kick him out the Labor

Party, Mr Riordan has called on

the Treasurer to resign. Well,

if Michael wants to leave the

Labor Party, I suggest he just

Labor Party, I suggest he just

resign now. The Premier is determined the sale will

proceed, something he says will

secure and augment the State's

supplies. That's what Mr

Riordan ought to focus on, not

the nonsense he's been going on

with for the last 48

hours. The issue is set to

come to a head at the Labor

Party State conference in May.

Mr Riordan is expecting the

Premier and Treasurer to

Premier and Treasurer to toe

their party's line, not to sell

any of the State's electricity assets. Bernie Riordan's broad

side also included accusations

that Michael Costa is about to

quit next year, as soon as he

can push through the power

deal. The Treasurer isn't

confirmling or denying that

charge but he says as long as

there's wrurk to be done he's

there's wrurk to be done he's

not going anywhere. There's

pressure to extend the curfew

at Sydney Airport. Some

airlines want to go beyond the

11:00pm deadline. It would ease

bottle necks caused when

flights get delayed but

residents and the Government

are resisting any changes.

Storms over the past week have

forced jet star and Virgin Blue

to delay flights, in some cases

they've had to cancel them because

because of Sydney Airport's

strict curfew. We were turned

back once before because our

plane was going to be something

like 15 minutes over the curfew

time. Plane loads of passengers

have been left to roam the

terminal or find emergency

accommodation. Now the airlines

are calling for more

flexibility in applying the

11:00pm to 6:00am curfew.

Sydney is one of the few

Sydney is one of the few

airports in the world that has

a strict curfew. Peter

Harbison says it's giving

Australian tourism a bad name.

Doesn't always give us a good

reputation with foreign tourists. Some somelatitude

or leeway with the curfew would

be a good idea. It would be a

great idea. The new Transport

Minister says no. We can't

have a situation where by you have a

have a Clayton's curfew, where

there's a curfew in place except for when it's not

convenient for the

airlines. Anthony Albanese also

happens to be the member for

Graindler, an electorate

heavily affected by aircraft

noise. The Government 's

unwillingness to review the cur

few is applauded by residents

who say the curfew is

who say the curfew is already

too short. The curfew is only

seven hours long as it stands

and we should all be able to

get eight hours sleep.

Tonight's top story - a woman's

charged over an attempted plane

high jacking in New Zealand and

still to come, a baby's remarkable survival

remarkable survival story. A

man's been charged with

murdering a security guard in

Sydney's southwest 6.5 years

igo. 32-year-old Ahmad Rashid

was shot dead as he was get

nothing to his car at the

Punchbowl RSL. Saed Raad faced

Liverpool Local Court today

after turning himself over to

police yesterday. He's been

charge would murder and armed

robbery. The court was told the

robbery. The court was told the

47-year-old was armed with an

automatic pistol when he stole

$50,000 from the security

guard. Bail was refused. The

case returns to court in April.

Police are moving to confiscate

two Sydney houses, eledge ing

they're part of a major drug

operation. Police say a

38-year-old man has been

charged after a raid on one of

the homes in the southwest.

They say cannabis with a

They say cannabis with a

straight value of half a

million dollars was being

cultivated. Police intend to

seize a further house at Bondi

Junction, the total values of

the properties is $1.5 million. The crime commission

has the power to confiscate

homes used to grow or

manufacture drugs. To finance

and strong buying of banks and

retailers pushed the local market higher

market higher today. You and

Wayne Swan mightn't like the

banks putting up interest rates

but their shareholders like it.

Commonwealth Bank shares rose

2.7% today. There was a 1%

increase in the All Ordinaries.

Wesfarmers shares jumped 5%

after the company finally

appointed a chief executive to

appointed a chief executive to

Coles, it's Ian McLeod who used

to run the Celtic football club

and spent 20 years running UK

supermarkets. Rio announced

today it would spend $617

million renovating its

aluminium smelter in

Queensland. The Dow Jones rose despite more

despite more negative economic

news and the Japanese market

fell. There were two interest rate decisions in Europe last

night, the Bank of England cut

rates to 5.25 and the ECB left

them at 4%. A Reuters poll of

local economists in Australia

found a slim majority expect

another rate rise here. The

Australian dollar rose strongly

against the British pound

against the British pound

because of the rate cut there

and went up slightly against

the US there. Here's one reason

economists reckon a US

recession won't hurt us much,

because it won't hurt China.

80% of China's economy is based

on domestic demand, 20% on

exports. A recession in the US

would cut GDP by less than 1%.

I'm back on Sunday at 10:00am

I'm back on Sunday at 10:00am

with the first 'Inside

Business' of the year.You've

got to use it or lose it,

that's what Australian

scientists have found when they

investigated brain

diseases. They've discovered if

a brain cell isn't stimulated

enough it self-destructs. To

find out about aging brains,

scientists looked at babies'

brains. Scientists found it's

the electrical signals brain

cells use to communicate with

each other that keeps them

alive, while unstimulated cells

die. We're interested at

looking at the biological basis

of the idea of use it or lose

it for the brain. When

potassium flows out of cells it

lights a fuse, causing brain

cells to be killed. If we can block

block the flood of potassium we

can stop the cell death

process. Researchers say

finding ways to keep the

potassium in brain cells could

pave the way for better

treatments such as halz

hiemer's. This opens

possibilities for us keeping

alive new brain cells made in

the adult brain that would

normally die. There's a

normally die. There's a

desperate need for new

treatments for degenerative

brain conditions. 1,000

Australians every week are

diagnosed with dementia. While

current drugs can treat the

symptoms, they can't stop brain

cells from dying and the

condition from getting worse.

After months of delays, the

space shuttle 'Atlantis' has

begun a new mission. Despite a

bad weather forecast, it

blasted off without a problem from

from Florida, with a crew of

seven on board. The mission's

main task is delivering and

installing Europe's first

permanent science laboratory in

space. It's expected to reach

the International Space Station

tomorrow when the astronauts

will begin setting up the

laboratory. It could be third

time lucky for the cricket Tri

Series after rain washed out

the opening two matches. The first

first innings has been

completed. Michael Clarke top

scored with 77 not out. After

winning a toss and batting,

Australia was bolstered by the

return from injury of Matthew

Hayden and some comical work on

the boundary from Sri Lanka's

Lasith Malinga. Hayden was in a

publicerant mood and running

between the wickets was an

after thought. That's when he realises

realises he'd better get a move on. Adam Gilchrist is usually

the aggressor at the top of the

order but this time took a back

seat as Hayden made light work

of the Sri Lankan seamers. The

walking drive proved Hayden's

undoing at 42. Ricky Ponting

made only 9 but Michael Clarke

set himself for a long innings. Gilchrist worked the singles

for one of the most circumspect 50s of his

50s of his career before being

trapped in front on 61.

Encouragement from the captain

paid off as Michael Hussey and

Andrew Symonds fell cheaply.

James Hopes combined with

Clarke for a 62-run partperner

ship which proved a pain in the

mouth for Muttiah mure lith rn. Sri Lanka's run chase

Sri Lanka's run chase got off

to a poor start. Australian

Open champion Carrie Webb is

ominously placed at three under

par, just two shots from the

lead after the Oepening round

of had Ladies Masters. Look for

a record seventh masters title,

Carrie Webb put together four

consecutive birdies on the

front nine, her second nine

front nine, her second nine in

the rain shortened 54-hole

tournament to shake off the winning blues from last

weekend. Winning take as bit

out of you and you struggle not

to be too flat. Australia's

Nikki Garrett leads at five under after the youthful

champion of two years ago, Amy

Yang, fell out of the lead with

a quadruple bogey late in her

round. Yang is also at 3 under

on a compact leader

on a compact leader board.

They're the raging bulls of

sport. In the world of men's

sprint cycling, family ties add

an extra edge. Ryan Bayley won

over his future brother-in-law

before crashing out in the

third heat. The biggest thing

was I don't like the guy so it

sort of made me more angry

sort of made me more angry

during the race and after the

race. Mark French has an

interesting corner man in Sean

Eadie. Four years ago the two

were at loggerheads in a

supplement scandal that rocked

the Olympic team. Edie's help

is paying off as French beat

the reining Olympic tramp

Bailey 2-0 to

Bailey 2-0 to continue his own

Beijing dream. NSW has come

from behind to beat New

Zealand's Crusaders 24-14.

Buoyed by fly half Daniel

Carter's return from injury,

Robbie Deans's kroched

Crusaders scored the first two

tries to lead 14-0 but Carter's

opposite number Kurtley Beale

crossed for one of the Waratahs' tries as

Waratahs' tries as the home

side scored the game's last 24

points. NSW won all three of its trials and should be

confident going into the first

super 14 game against the

Hurricanes tomorrow week in

Sydney. In the after math of

yesterday's killer storms in

the US, a remarkable story of

survival. The tornadoes which

devastated five southern states

left at least 59 dead but in

Tennessee rescuers found an

Tennessee rescuers found an

11-month-old baby face down in

the mud but still alive. I

come across the baby laying

face down with his arms above

his head and to me it looked

like a baby doll. He had a lot

of mud and grass on him and can

in his hair but his eyes was

open, you know, he was alert

and he wasn't crying. They'd

already searched the field

twice before finding him. The

baby had been thrown more than 90m from

90m from his home. Though his

mother died, his survival has

lifted the spirits of both

residents and exhausted rescue

workers. The weather now with

Graham Creed. Thanks, Leigh.

It's been cool and cloudy in

Sydney but unfortunately the

rain is set to return over

night. On the radar, showers

have been showing a marked

increase particularly over the

tableland over the last couple of hours.

of hours. They're quite slow

moving so I think we should see

an end to the cricket before

they arrive.

It's to our north the monsoon

has strengthened. That's going

to see flooding ask an

increased cyclone risk across

the tropics. Showers will

increase and as the upper

increase and as the upper

system moves off the coast late

tomorrow the showers and

thunderstorms will start to

ease. The rain forecast models

are suggesting the heaviest

totals will be from thunderstorms generally between

the Gosford and Nowra area.

Thanks, Graham. Tonight's top

stories - a woman's been

charged after stabbing two

pilots and trying to hijack a

plane in New Zealand. Police

say she wanted to divert the

flight to Australia and the NAB

and ANZ have increased interest

rates as the Federal Government

moves to make it easier for

home buyers to switch lenders.

That's the news for now on ABC

1. There will be a news update

in an hour but Stateline's

next. Have a great weekend.

Closed Captions by CSI

CC This week - shocking the

Premier in the campaign against

privatisation. He's in breach,

in my view, of party

policy. Taken for a ride by the

taxi industry. The public

could be paying about a third

less. The good old days... And Frank Sartor's

planning ambationbitions, the

big -- ambitions, the big

debate.Welcome back to

Stateline NSW, I'm Quentin Dempster. Treasurer Michael

Costa has defied his political

party, saying he's pushing

ahead with electricity

privatisation even if the NSW

Labor Party expels him. "Bring