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Tonight - Who else was there?

Pressure mounts for the others

involved in the rugby league group

sex scandal to be named. Matthew

Johns has been man enough to

apologise for his actions and so

too should all involved. And

friends or foes? The PM and Premier friends or foes? The PM and Premier

turn it on for the cameras. I have

a great affection for our friends

in NSW. Insisting Sydney wasn't

snubbed in the Budget. In these circumstances, not entirely happy, but they are difficult

circumstances. Good evening. I'm

Sandra Sully. Good evening. I'm

Bill Woods.

Bill Woods. Our Sydney Transport

investigation. And Farrah Fawcett's

video diaries - a revealing insight

into the star's losing battle with

cancer. But first - Matthew Johns

has been named, shamed and punished.

team-mates Now there are growing calls for his

team-mates involved in the group

sex scandal to come forward and admit their roles.

Fans and commentators have labelled

them cowards for letting Johns take

all the heat.A club in crisis - the

Cronulla Sharks today admitted a

group sex romp among players was

swept under the carpet. The

Cronulla club looks back on the

events of 2002 with a sense of

shame and extends its sympathies to

the young lady in Christchurch. His

team officials went into damage

control fans gave their verdict. I

think it is unfair that he has to

take all the blame for it. Last

night he offered an apology but

insisted the group sex was

consensual full stop morally it is

wrong, I am aware of that. At the

time, the woman was a willing

participant in what went on full

stop his wife stood by him but

could not hide her discussed. I

certainly would not like it to be certainly would not like it to be

my daughter if full stop rugby

league and its culture it is again

and the political spotlight. It is

an Porton for sporting

organisations to show leadership

and show it proper respect for

women. Another it is under mounting

pressure to name and shame the

other players involved in the

scandal. The management says that

will not be happening. Only one a

member of the 2002 remains with the

club, others have moved on or off

retired. Or I knew at the time, it

was that two players had consensual

sex with the lady. Other stories

came out later. It is incumbent on

those players to come out and talk

about their behaviour and say what

can I do to change that. New

Zealand police confirmed that the

investigation would not be reopened.

All players were cleared of

wrongdoing in 2002. The Prime

Minister has raised the threat of

an early election as he begins the

long battle to get his Budget

through a hostile senate. But the

Federal Opposition is giving a

strong hint that it won't block the

most contentious move of raising

the pension age.

1001 excuses, the helpful tome on

offer from the 'Chaser' boys in

town on the day Malcolm Turnbull

gets to show the Government how he

would do a budget. You've now got

'em coming out with make-up up on.

The Opposition Leader hasn't

powdered his nose yet but he was

busy polishing his rhetoric.

Wreckless spending -it has to stop.

It's up to us to set out the

approach that will take us back to

recovery. Name the level of debt,

name the savings, otherwise you are

confirming this is nothing more

than a baseless scare campaign on

debt. The Government's $14 billion

spend on raising pensions gets the

green light, Tony Abbott not only

supports raising the pension age to

67, he wants it in sooner. If the

Government was fair dinkum, it

wouldn't be waiting until 2023. We

hope to hear from the leader of the

Opposition tonight if this is now

the Liberal Party. Even though it

would save billions of dollars, it

won't be in Mr Turnbull's speech.

The Prime Minister's warning to the

senate not to destroy the integrity

of the Budget has set the early

election hounds running, but the

signs are the Opposition has no

intention of a full assult on key

measures. Mr Rudd is running scared

to an early election. He almost

certainly isn't, but Labor has

taken out some insurance against

the Opposition's attack on spending.

This week's Budget and 70% of the

economic stimulus is for nation

building infrastructure. This TV ad

booked to go on national TV tonight.

Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. The icy

relationship between Kevin Wright

and Nathan Rees turns lukewarm

today, at least in front of the

cameras are with Labour MPs reeling

after Sydney's snubbing and the

federal budget. The prime minister

was out to smooth things over. It

was a union a long time coming, but

with one shovel held by the PM and

premiere at the appropriate smiles

and handshakes. It was their first

joint public appearance outside the

normal can bear it gatherings,

organised to show they are getting

a long and delivering a rail

projects. I had a great affection

for our friends in New South Wales,

Wace share the same religion -

rugby league. They are building a

third line to ease the bottleneck

for Kohl. The Western

for Kohl. The Western Metro is

given just a fraction of the

national infrastructure pie - $91

million. The Prime Minister is

making no apologies will stop in

these circumstances, not entirely

happy full stop public plea the

Prime Minister - - premiere is

happy with the Prime Minister and

the budgie. It is go into be harder

to sell the Freightliner than a

shiny new Metro. It is what the

Premier does best - put window-

dressing on a situation that is

appalling. Windbags, hot air, there

state budget approaches. will be a lot more of both as the

state budget approaches. Sydney's

CBD is said to be transformed with

pedestrians are reclaiming the

several city streets from cars. The

council hopes to begin work soon,

but safety groups believe the shed

that Signs could be risky. A canopy

of trees and office workers playing

Hachi sec. This is Barrack Street

in Sydney's CBD full stop it is a

shared sign where vehicles and

pedestrians co-exist. Everybody

socialises full stop a it is a lot

better for the environment. Such

new council wants to turn a nine

Sydney Street into Shea designs

full stop this councillor, a

qualified town planner believes it

would be humanise the city full

stop every one seems to enjoy cars

coming through, tables and chairs

are here. In educating road users

how these Signs work could take

some time. A recent study found

that 60 per cent of motorists

surveyed had no idea they have to

give way to pedestrians. Can you

imagine if 50 per cent of motorists

did not note they had to stop at a

stop sign. These signs are stupid.

The council says no one knows the

road were also and no one knows the

speed limit. Transforming these city's roads will take decades.

They will be created one by one to

give pedestrians and motors time to

adjust. Later this news hour we

will take an in-depth look at the

stake's transport network. What is

lacking, and where we are heading.

A couple of big name cricketers

miss out on some new Australian

contracts? Blues opener Phil Jakes

has missed out, so has paceman a

Shaun Tait. There are doubts

whether Andrew Simons will get a

contract. It has been a good day

for Simons. He got a handy innings

at the Indian premier league. How

about this for a monster wave to

make it is the biggest wave written

by a female in Australia. The

server was lane Beachley. We will

tell you where it was a little bit

later in sport full stop also a

head - the cheekiest goal of the

English Premier League season. As

any police woman still in a Comark

to being bashed - more on the hunt

for her attacker next. Also tonight

- a one dead and another trapped

after a digging accident in the

Hunter Valley full stop and the new, safer more effective priest

treatment now available on the PDS.

A building worker is dead and

another badly injured after a another badly injured after a

trench cave in at to make land.

Rescue workers dug with their bare

hands but have been unable to

recover the body. Three men were

working in the 18 metre long trench

when the sides caved in, allowing

tons of soil sitting on the surface

to slip into the excavation. to slip into the excavation. One

worker raised the alarm, another

was buried up to his chest but a

third man was completely buried in

the cave in. His body remains

trapped under timber and

waterlogged soil. It has been

determined that there is no chance

of life with the remaining male.

Police and firefighters dug

frantically with their hands in an

attempt to reach the victim. They

were joined by ambulance rescue

workers who will eventually freed a

53-year-old man who suffered cuts 53-year-old man who suffered cuts

to his head and bruising. He was

airlifted to Newcastle in a stable

condition. There is a situation

like this where workers were said

Dettori 3 metre trench without the

proper precautions. Police say that

he was trying to construct a pool

for horses. The policewoman - and

left for dead on her way to work

yesterday morning remains in a

critical condition. The 34-year-old

mother of two is in a coma in

intensive care after having surgery

on her fractured skull. The officer

has several broken fingers,

suggesting she tried to fight off

her attacker who police suspect it

may have struck her from behind

with a large object. Police are

urging anyone who witnessed the

attack at Darlinghurst at around

six o'clock yesterday morning to

come forward. Two men have been

charged after police raided several

hydro houses in Sydney's West. They

found cannabis plants are valued at

more than $500 million. Two men in

their 40s had been refused bail,

one is alleged to be in - an

illegal immigrant. There is now a

safer and more effective treatment

for women with breast cancer. It is

a solvent at three chemotherapy

that has just been listed on the pharmaceutical benefits scheme.

This will make it accessible to lot

of women like me and I am very

pleased about that. The drug takes pleased about that. The drug takes

as little as half an hour to as little as half an hour to

administer compared to up to three

hours for other treatments. Let's

take a look at the weather with Tim

Bailey. Surrounded by some kids but

all with a very good message? Yes,

a simple message. That simple

message is that tomorrow or his or

walk safely to school day! It is

pretty easy. We're trying to be to

obesity in kids and keep them

healthy. We will tell you more

about that later. 78 km/h is what

the wind got to. NSW at work up to the wind got to. NSW at work up to

frost in certain areas. The dam

levels are relatively low, 58.1 % -

- is down 3%. How about that? We

will see you later. That was

greater. Stay with us - coming out

some dire news. It was a dire day

for the share market.

for the share market. Also - a very

personal account of a battle with

cancer. I think that she may have

believed that she would survive.

And the classic musical Chicago it

makes its stage debut in Sydney.

This program is captioned live. Vic

Lorusso is in the traffic

helicopter. A break down and North

made is causing problems for

traffic heading out to turn Gabby

full stop take a look at the build

up full stop this is where the

breakdown occurred in the left-hand

carry line. It looks like that

breakdown has moved on. Some

concerns for motorists heading out

towards Sydney's greater northwest.

Some issues on the M4 and on the M7.

As Farrah Fawcett battles life-

threatening cancer, she's released

an intimate video diary of her

struggle. The former 'Charlie's

Angel' is believed to have only

weeks, possibly days to live. It is

a deeply personal battle Barrett

also wants to share with the world

- her three-year fight against

cancer. Cancer is a disease that is

mysterious, headstrong and makes

its final moves. Mine is incurable.

It did not start out that way.

Initially the diary was for it to

look back on any future I think she

may have believed she would survive.

I am sorry to give you some are not

great news. She has had a terrible

time in the last year. Her diary is

a long way from her other screen

credits. As one of Charlie's Angels,

she became an international star.

He long-time love Ryan O'Neill also

appears in the video which will ear

in the US over the video. In the

last two years, I love her more

than I've ever loved her. Her son

Redmond is allowed out of jail,

Faure's final visit. When he went

into here, I said to do not rate

for your chains because he had them

on his legs. She does not know full

stop rhino and Neil says the

actress remains courageous and

hopeful. I do not know what I will

do without terrible stop it is

seriously time for a miracle.

It was a shocking day for investors

on our market full stop the also

has suffered its biggest one-day

fall since January full stop that

is after retail sales in the US

showed Americans consumers are

nowhere near ready to start

spending their country out of

recession. A worse than expected

sales drop of half a per cent this

April full stop and after shedding

10 per cent in London, re-open tour

has trouble today after UK press

reports that each and Naoko deal is

on the rocks. Aside from the mining

giants, the bank's prevailing today.

Investors took some refuge in

Telstra's shares

Another negative night get set for

another negative night on Wall

Street. The space shuttle 'Atlantis' has docked with the

Hubble telescope. Using a robot arm,

the astronauts grabbed the 13m

telescope for a close-up look at

the damage. Huston, 'Atlantis' -

the Hubble has arrived on board the Hubble has arrived on board

'Atlantis' with the arm. The

rendezvous - more than 500

kilometres above earth - is the

first step in an 11-day process to

repair the telescope.

repair the telescope. Princess Mary

and Crown Prince Frederik have

released a series of family

photographs to mark their fifth

wedding anniversary on May 14. The

Danish royal couple posed together.

There was a family portrait with 3-

year-old Christian and 2-year-old

Isabella. Their wedding anniversary

has been overshadowed by the

release of a new book, that claims

their marriage is in trouble. A

former royal correspondent says

Mary is struggling to cope with her

husband's playboy ways. 12 years husband's playboy ways. 12 years

after a hit season, the hit musical

Chicago is back. The show's theme

of crooks becoming celebrities it

is getting closer to real life

every day. And a time when a real life criminals are becoming

celebrities and celebrities are

becoming criminals, the plot line

of Chicago does not seem a so far-

fetched. Based on a play written in

the 1920s, it is the story of two

women who despite murdering the

lovers go on to become huge stars

full stop they meet in prisoner

ready to head warden at mum a

mortar is an uncanny resemblance to

Jean L Riley for stop any one who

is 20 and hunger do not know that I

can sing. Hopefully, it is a

pleasant surprise. There show which

stares Craig MacLachlan as

sleazebag lawyer Billy Flynn keeps

getting revive to full stop you put

at the underbelly people, the line

between celebrity and crime is

totally blurred. Another thing

which has encouraged the show is

the rise of the movie in 2003 for

stop Chicago opened at the Lyric

Theatre at this Sunday. You

probably know someone who is in it

right now, a city and a gridlock

for start up next week lifted the

lid on Sydney's traffic nightmares.

Also tonight - a former RTA boss

blows the whistle on a decade of

government mismanagement. There

were controls and plays about what

information went out full stop and

we go to allow a - asking if this

is a sign of things to come full

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This program is captioned live.

There are calls tonight for a royal

commission into Sydney's transport

nightmare. The problems are many.

In a city where the car is king,

choked roads that look more like

car-parks than motorways are only

part of the dilemma. The run down, over-crowded public transport

system is also at breaking point.

For years we've been promised

improvements that have fallen short

or were never delivered. And now

that NSW has been snubbed in the

budget, there's little money to fix

the mess. Tonight - transport

insiders are blowing the whistle on

those that have caused the mess -

revealing how to fix the problem

and how long it will take. This man

masterminded the traffic management

centre. Eight years on, the same

net which has ground to a halt.

There is no benefit for people

using those motorways and pain for

the privilege of visiting and

traffic. Why do we have to lane

motorways today? Turned whistle-

blower up, he claims the lain Cove

tunnel was meant to have any extra

lane. This was not to back by the

State Government. They were controls and plays about what

information went out. P C is this should be the subject

should be the subject of a Royal

Commission. I do not mean the a

Royal Commission should go out

there looking for conflict.

Government agencies today should be

able to demonstrate a capability to

do this. The Royal Commission could

force these agencies to come

together and construct a plan. It

was the only time Sydney had a

transport vision. He is not a line,

also complaining is an X L RTA

transport director. We could have a

good transport system in Sydney in

five years at by fixing the bus

systems. He says the council knew

the M5 would quickly pass its use

by date. He said the toll was to

try and have a limit usage. The as

common as often left on the M5. It

is a 5am when she begins the slow

drive in from Camden. We do 20 km/h

now. And a hundred minutes later,

she finally arrives, already late.

So why motorists from the south- western suburbs struggle every day

to make their way along the

motorway, for those in the western

suburbs it is a similar struggle -

this time as passengers and

overcrowded buses. So often the

buses are packed, delayed and do

not stop at all. You get up in the

morning, and you have to decide

whether to go by public or private transport.

transport. We will be hearing from the transport minister shortly.

Already the predictions are things

will be a lot worse before they

improve. By 2036 Sydney's

population will reach 6 million.

They will be added pressure on the

accidie -- Sydney centre. In the

South green square will get 28,000

residents. The government is hoping

its proposed CBD metro line to

Roselle will be enough to keep the

Sydney flowing. It is already

facing a big problems, over the

government's handling of the

project. This has led for calls to

a radical rethink, and a return to

light rail. They were once the

public transport life blood of

Sydney, 100 years ago trams kept

this city on the move. When you

travel to the beach or the East to

show you went by tram. By the turn

of the century, Sydney had the

biggest trams at me in the British

Empire. King Street head 90

transpiration hour at peak period.

1,400 trams were rolling the roads.

Perhaps most importantly, because

passengers jumped on and off, they

bought pedestrians into the city

and transport experts say that is

again vital for Sydney. It is

obvious that the system is grinding

to a halt. The buses are not high -

- coping because they are bunching

up. You can walk faster. And 1961,

buses replaced trams. Public

transport chiefs destroyed --

destroyed a Sydney icon. Now there

is a burning desire to extend the

light rail. This is the modern-day

equivalent. The Light Rail makes

the city come alive with

pedestrians. The council's

feasibility study found for $100

million and extended light rail

loop could be running within 18

months. We are joined now by the

Transport Minister. Sydney once had

an enviable public transport system.

How did it become such a mess? We

have on time running on the rail

network at better than 95% this

financial year. That is against an

international benchmark of 92%. We

have got growing patronage numbers

on the rail of about 5% across the

bus would never work better than 3%.

Some of those indicators are of

people moving to public transport,

mean we're getting some of the

fundamentals right. I know there

are plenty of good numbers to put

out there, we have already hid for

a -- calls for a Royal Commission and claims of political and claims of political

interference. Is there a need for a

Royal Commission AIG I would not

for an imminent count on a spending

money on a royal commission when

the money could be better spent on

the buses. It could be better spent

on the 626 carriages that our

private sector contractors are

contracted to begin at delivering from next year.

from next year. As you would appreciate, the delays are

frustrating for everyone. City rail

has been labelled an embarrassment.

You have said if benchmarks do not

improve, you would expect a public

flogging. We extend that pledged to

the entire public transport network.

We have for the first time

introduced a public service charter.

Those bench marks need to be met.

If they are not met they will be a

public flogging of the minister.

This has drawn attention to the

public service charter within the

rail court. That is a good thing.

Is the solution to build more roads

and told ways AIG probably not if

we look at what has happened in Los

Angeles. It is hard to believe, but

this country once had the biggest

transport system in the world.

After World War took it went into decline as governments invested

more in three ways. But now with

little room to expand, public

transport in the city is making a

comeback. Los Angeles people are

flocking back to public transport. It is clean

It is clean and cheap and fast. The

contrast to travelling on the

freeways, in peak hours that they

resemble car parks. It is costly,

the average driver wastes 72 hours

stuck in traffic. Not every one is

ready to give up their wheels. I do

not know what I would do without a

car. We are to spread out here in

Los Angeles. This man says La's

experience should be a lesson to

other planners and other cities. other planners and other cities.

When the to recognise we will not When the to recognise we will not

be able to build more freeways and

more Streets. People do not have an

alternative and they are going to

use the freeways. The mayor of work

around LA has been expanded around LA has been expanded in the

last 20 years and it is still

growing. Another 20 kilometres is

under construction at a cost of

$2.5 billion. Last year, Los

Angeles residents voted to give

themselves a tax rise to pay for it.

One of the most expensive disasters

in State transport has been the T-

card, one card to catch trains,

buses and theories. But after 100

million tax paid dollars, not one

machine is in place. But these

systems to work overseas. More than

10 million people live in London

and this busy city would not work

if people used their own cars to

commute. Most rely on the

integrated public-transport system.

It is NPD and imitated across the

world. The key to making the thing

work is a piece of plastic - de

Oyster card. For six years, they

have taken up residence in the

wallets of Londoners, ready to be

swiped in the tubes, trains and

buses. A single electronic ticket

which for $190 can be stored to pay

as you go. I think they are great,

they are really easy to use. I use

it on buses, trains. It made its it on buses, trains. It made its

light a little bit easier for

confused tourists and also cheaper.

Buying individual tickets is time-

consuming and expensive. The pass

has had been criticised by some who

fear for their privacy. Usage

details are stored for eight weeks.

But commuters say it is a small

price to play, if the world is not price to play, if the world is

their oyster, London is. On the

news tomorrow - on your bike -

Sydney is in the grip of a cycling renaissance but not everyone is Sydney is in the grip of a cycling

happy. We are hoping to hear from

the 2002 Sharks captain over the

Rugby League sex scandal? We will

hear from him after the break. The

Sharks say the crisis will not

bring down their struggling club.

And beyond the boundary - a daily cameo in South Africa.

cameo in South Africa. Plus - the

No Look and gold. Wait until you see the replay.

troublemakers or visionaries? VOICEOVER: Were women suffragists

or the right decision? Was this PM's dismissal unfair government policy? And did these people affect Museum of Australian Democracy You decide at the at Old Parliament House. Hey, we don't choose the dreams, VOICEOVER: $20 million Superdraw, but with Lotto's massive we can make plenty come true. That's right - $20 million. May 16, and you could: So get your entry in by Saturday,

sign. I have learned that having a

child is the best thing that ever happened happening above me. Don't look?

It's like you've been handing months ago and I have never stomach 13th. The doctor felt my wife's

gets a quick hug and goes to a room

left with the baby. I'm Hughesy. to recover from

Former Sharks captain David peachy

has called on the players and staff

involved in the group sex scandal

to step forward. It can't - comes

of the as the club but says its handling

of the incident was a shame. His

club and golf by The scandal, Tony club and golf by The scandal, Tony

is a BMA this plea. I do not know

who was there but it would

certainly be a good idea if someone

did come forward. While Matthew

Johns has been named and apologise,

until the others come forward the

finger of suspicion will continue

to be appointed at any number of to be appointed at any number of

players. There would be some

players who have been tainted, or players who have been tainted, or

ex-players who are no longer part

of our game. In hindsight, we all

now appreciate that more should

have been done. Current players are

unable to avoid the scandal's

shockwaves. I am not going to

answer any questions about that

stuff. I am here to talk about the

environment, the school kids, our

game tomorrow night. The Embattled

Cronulla Sharks and not about to

implode as this affects their

performance off season. The Sydney

Swans are having their final hit

out at entry stadium ahead of their

There clash against the West Coast Eagles.

There could be some changes to

their line-up? Not surprisingly

after the 51 point loss to the

cancer last week. They have been

some changes to the selection table.

The chain -- the surprising one his

mark Pike, the Canadian rugby

league but - rugby union player. He

has played some good games and is

unlucky to be dropped. I have

talked to him about going forward

and kicking behind the ball but he cannot really experimenting Iford

line. It is not a form thing, it is

a football education issue. Three

players have been dropped

altogether, the three players

coming into the team are ablative,

Bird and white. 30,000 will be

expected here on Saturday night, expected here on Saturday night, it

should be a beauty. Despite a year

of controversy, Andrew Symonds has

been given a new cricketer

Australia contract. But NSW opener

Phil Jakes has missed out, so has

paceman Sean Tate. In South Africa,

the captain Adam Gilchrist could

not stop at Delhi from scoring a

win in the Indian Premier League.

Gilchrist scored 66 of just 30

balls as they chased at the

impressive total. He has got that

onto the roof and over! Andrew

Symonds also chicken with an

impressive 41 but it was not enough with the Delhi Daredevils are

catch an Indian Premier League holding on for victory. You can

double header tonight. Manchester

United is on the brink of an 18- Championship after coming from

behind to beat Wigan at 2-1. Etude

upset was on the cards when the

Wigan opened but Carlos Tevez

scored this fantastic golf. It is a freak goal and the goalkeeper

should have done better but he has

made and instant impact. England

midfielder Michael Carrick then

scored the winner with four minutes

remaining. Manchester United needs

only one draw in the last two games

to secured the title. World number

AUstralia seven Taj Burrow has led a strong

AUstralia charge in the Billabong

Pro Tahiti. Teahupoo's surf was

mediocre but Taj Burrow managed to

find a decent way. I was lucky

enough to have the winter go around

just for my feet, it was pretty

nice and clean but you still had to

really select the waves. A number

of Australians also advanced in the

challenging conditions. There are

still 10 second-round heats to be

completed. Surfers in Sydney have

been treated to their own version

of chopper. Layne Beachley was not

showing any sign of that slowing

down in retirement, the 36-year-old

Australian showing why she was

considered one of the greatest of

all time. I cannot believe it

either. I am going in while I am

still alive, while I have not hit a

rock. It is a good time to go in!

Witnesses are calling it Layne

Beachley's y that the biggest and

best way to ever be surfed hint -

by a woman in Australia.

by a woman in Australia. It comes

down to an individual's opinion and

me being not one of the individuals.

It is up to them to come out and

say that yes, Matthew Johns, who

was one of our most high profile

players at the time, I would have

thought that at team-mates would

come forward and support him come forward and support him in

this situation. We will have more

from him in sports tonight on one.

Also tonight, Michael Clark joins

at some of the sporting's a litre

and a glance and strength is her

debts - a Lance Armstrong is struggling.

Tim Bailey will be back shortly

with the weather.

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Tim Bailey is joining us to talk

about the weather. In any whether

you need to walk safely to score?

You do indeed. It is national walk

safely to his call Day tomorrow.

You have seen the weather - it is

to has been below abuse of all four

days. I will not go into too much

did a today. What we will do, it is

getting into a great community

initiative there. What does that

mean? Making shock kids are active

and healthy! This is at St Mary's

at. They are so well married, we

are going to have a healthy

breakfast, the troubled obesity and

look at this or Manners!

manners. look at this or Manners! - thought

Some of the finest kids I have ever

had on the television and the

reason why is the principle is

standing off camera! Walk safely to

school day, it is the simple

message that are the best ones!

What is happening here tomorrow?

And in 1,500 schools around

Australia! St Mary's in an inner-

city area of Sydney and many of our

children walk to school or write

their scooters. Tomorrow is a great

day to practise their pedestrian

safety. Also, the exercise with a

lot of fun and it helps promote

their active lifestyle. Active kids

are help the kids it smacked when I

was in primary school, I always

thought that the the principle was

here, it was a good idea to clap

her! Right so. We have fine and

sunny conditions. The wind was up

and around 170 kilometres -- 70

km/h. The dam levels did not go

down 3%, they went down 0.3% - he

was not as bad as I said earlier

but it was a decline. The next

three days will be fine and sunny,

tops around about 22 degrees. And

do not forget about our walk safely

day! Get into your backyard.

Cloud is crossing the south-east in

a burst of westerly wind, that will

bring showers to the area.

bring showers to the area. It

showers will develop across SA,

Victoria and NSW. We will check the

rainfall map and you will see those

showers appear. Tomorrow is a big

day for 8,500 schools across

Australia. All the kids are walking

safely there tomorrow and that is

the message for tomorrow.

Are we walking safely tomorrow?

Fantastic. We will see you tomorrow Fantastic. We will see you tomorrow

at your place. That is us for now.

AAP day will be through the evening AAP day will be through the evening

and the late news with Sportsnight

will happen at 1030. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia