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This program is captioned live. Tonight - a nuclear future. The Prime Minister flags in Australia about this issue I want a full blooded debate on the table. and I want all the options to Iraq now in jeapordy. Australia's latest wheat sale

serving it up to the world. And the Sydney 95-year-old with ABC News. Deborah Rice Good evening.

for a full-blooded debate The Prime Minister has called about the country going nuclear. possibility of processing uranium He says it should include the nuclear power stations. in Australia for Australian Mr Howard made the call Minister, Stephen Harper, after talks with Canada's Prime forces on uranium resource issues. in which they agreed to combine reports on the second day Political editor Craig McMurtrie of John Howard's Canadian visit. of Meech Lake, Quebec, They chose the stillness for their talks global interest in nuclear energy and in another signal of the renewed are considering forming the two like-minded prime ministers a uranium producers group. Together, Australia and Canada uranium reserves. have over half of the world's collaborate very closely together We've agreed that we're going to and Canadian interests to make sure that Australian are closely protected, discuss the future of that industry. while the Americans and others

up a separate group The Bush Administration is setting nuclear fuel, for nations processing of nuclear weapons. in an attempt to curb the spread and some common interests We have a common situation American-inspired proposal but we don't approach this with antagonism. nuclear reactors being built And with the prospect of many more in energy-hungry China and India, minister's intentions on the issue. there's now no mistaking the prime to consider a nuclear future. John Howard also wants Australia is going to change significantly The scene on nuclear energy in our country. in Australia about this issue I want a full-blooded debate

on the table. and I want all of the options On his last full day in Canada - came up yet again. the Prime Minister's future from Rupert Murdoch, This time it was new comments in the job is entirely up to him. saying how long he stays on Mr Murdoch's first comment I didn't comment on his second comment. and I don't intend to comment on everyone's mind. But it remains the question you're getting... You're good at this job. I think

Yeah, you want to have a go? And the Canadian view? was kind enough to say Prime Minister Howard I wasn't too young for the job.

the next stop is Dublin. He's keeping up a frantic pace - Ottawa. Craig McMurtrie, ABC News, in Australia has already begun. The debate over nuclear power in the major political parties, There are divisions emerging it's all a distraction while environment groups say of renewable technologies. from the development The Prime Minister might believe is inevitable, nuclear power in Australia according to the Treasurer. but now is not the right time proven resources of gas and coal. because we have such Environment groups argue economically right for Australia. it's never going to be it's dangerous, it's dirty It's too expensive, technology such as renewables, and it gets in the way of proven and much cheaper. which are much safer the Prime Minister's talk The Greens say is a "complete sham". of a public debate about the issue He's made up his mind. He's had no mandate, of the Senate but he's got control and therefore we're going headlong

in the nuclear proliferation into becoming a major agent right around the world. of nuclear energy The intractable problems safety, disposal of waste when it comes to economic cost, to nuclear proliferation remain after some 50 years. But Labor has its own problems. Kim Beazley The Opposition Leader

at a possible change has already hinted of no new uranium mines. in the party's long-held policy party figures A growing list of senior is out-of-date, believe Labor's policy is standing firm. but Labor's environment spokesman that with regard to nuclear energy, I'm very confident the Labor policy won't change. does have supporters. But the Prime Minister After six months research, has concluded this Melbourne scientist for going nuclear. there is a credible case an alternative source of energy We really need

that doesn't produce so much carbon dioxide.

the benefits of nuclear energy Martin Sevior believes have been understated overplayed. and concerns about nuclear waste Rebecca Barrett, ABC News. It appears that Aboriginal men as well as the perpetrators are the victims in remote communities. of sexual abuse A new study has shown are 10 times as likely to be raped that Aboriginal boys as those in the general community. adds to the calls The appalling statistic for a national summit on the issue - Northern Territory Government pressure that the is still resisting. communities Violence in central Australian this week, has been in the national spotlight the abuse of young children. in particular, But now it appears that Aboriginal men are not only the main perpetrators of abuse - they are also the victims. 18 months Queensland researchers have spent Aboriginal men in Queensland interviewing hundreds of and the Northern Territory, and the results are alarming. What the men told us was that about 1 in every 10 said their wishes before the age of 16. in Aboriginal men The rate of sexual abuse the non-Indigenous community is much higher than and for many,

caused much shame. just talking about the subject I think it was pretty difficult and daunting to a lot the men

to really talk about it. The disturbing results follow calls by the Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister for a national summit to tackle the problem of violence. about this today, then we'll be saying sorry to the children who've got no hope, no future But the Northern Territory's Chief Minister is resisting. the Territory and in the states a very complex problem, to tackle what is and we'll continue to do that, talking about it will not make it go away. Labor's Aboriginal affairs spokesman Chris Evans agrees. Mal Brough's rode in on a white charger, blamed the states, threatened to take over their responsibilities and he's got their backs up. You've gotta work with people, you've gotta build a cohesion. The Northern Territory has written to the Prime Minister, asking for the issue to be a priority at the COAG meeting in July. It follows calls by the NT branch of the AMA to send in peacekeepers to restore law and order

in the troubled Top End community of Wadeye.

Kate Carter, ABC News. A new multi-million dollar deal to restart Australia's wheat trade with Iraq looks certain to fail, ending farmers' hopes of a rapid return to the lucrative market. An Australian consortium is expected to walk away from the deal over the next 24 hours, claiming the Iraqis are seeking financial kickbacks in the form of transport fees. It's a deal worth $100 million to Australian farmers exporting 350,000 tonnes of wheat to Iraq. At the same time it was trumpeted by Trade Minister Mark Vaile as Australia's return to a lucrative market. But after nearly 10 weeks of intense negotiations the contract is expected to be ripped up in the next 24 hours. We've agreed on the fundamentals, there's just some clauses that from a commercial perspective in a position to agree to Wheat Australia wouldn't be on behalf of Australian wheat growers. The sticking point - an Iraqi demand that Australian farmers pay additional shipping costs, including a fine for any late shipments. But some farmers have described it as a kickback. Iraq has traditionally been a very fickle market and I guess this has shown the problem of when you have inexperienced marketers going into Iraq. A lot is hinging on the deal for Australian growers who were hoping to resume trading with Iraq after it was revealed that AWB paid kickbacks to Saddam Hussein's regime. But if it falls apart there's one person responsible, Mark Vaile, who boasted to the Australian parliament that in fact he'd fixed it all up. But a spokesman for the Trade Minister, Mark Vaile, says the imminent collapse of the deal isn't embarrassing for the Government and it won't jeopardise future attempts to re-enter the Iraqi market. Meanwhile, the Federal Government has rejected claims by the Indian Parliament it hindered an investigation into kickbacks paid by AWB to that country in 1998. Any suggestion that we would not have co-operated or responded in accordance in Australian law is obviously quite unfounded. Mr Ruddock has called on the Indian Government to lift a confidentiality clause so he can resolve the dispute. David Harrison, ABC News, Perth. A bomb blast at a bus station in Baghdad has killed at least 19 people.

The attack happened in the Shi'ite district of Sadr City. Many of those killed were labourers who'd gathered to look for work. 36 people were wounded. The explosion happened just hours before the make-up of the new unity government is expected to be announced in parliament. Six Guantanamo Bay detainees have been injured in a violent clash with US guards. It's the worst violence in the camp's 4.5 year history. Emerging on the same day a United Nations committee called for it to be closed. Washington correspondent Michael Rowland reports. The drama began when a detainee in a medium-security section of the camp was seen preparing to hang himself with bedsheets. 10 guards armed with batons and riot shields rushed into the compound to stop him. The base commander says the suicide attempt was a ruse and the guards were confronted by at least 10 other detainees. They then assaulted the guards with with broken light fixtures,

In their struggle to subdue the detainees, the guards fired several rounds of rubber bullets. Six detainees were injured while some of the soldiers suffered cuts and bruises. The Guantanamo Bay command says it's the worst day of violence since the detention centre opened in early 2002. I believe the guard force here, our guard force, the American guard force performed magnificently yesterday, showing remarkable restraint in the face of considerable danger. They were, in fact, heroic. The ABC understands Australian detainee David Hicks wasn't involved in the clash.

He's still in solitary confinement in another part of the camp.

Earlier in the day, two detainees tried to kill themselves by overdosing on prescription drugs. They're unconscious but stable in the camp hospital. News of the clash came as the United Nations anti-torture watchdog called on the US to close the Guantanamo Bay,

declaring it was in breach of international law. The UN body says the nearly 500 detainees being held there,

should either be released or put on trial. The US says the UN report is full of factual inaccuracies and while it'd like eventually to close Guantanamo Bay, at the moment it's housing far too many dangerous people. Michael Rowland, ABC News, Washington. Three senior Taliban commanders have reportedly been captured during two days of fierce fighting in southern Afghanistan. Security is tight in the region nearly 200 insurgents were killed. after a prolonged battle in which There's speculation is among those captured. that Mullah Dadullah He's the right-hand man

Mullah Omar. to fugitive Taliban leader

and six more have been wounded An American soldier has died in the latest clashes. with illegal immigrants In Turkey, a truck packed killing 42 people. has crashed,

their vehicle hit a parked truck The accident happened when in the country's south-east. on a highway thrown on to the road and killed. Most of the immigrants were and Bangladeshis The 55 young Afghans

of the truck for three days had been standing in the back en route to Europe. Australia and New Zealand Solomon Islands Government have warned the new of the regional intervention force. against watering down the mandate Alexander Downer Australia's Foreign Minister

Winston Peters, and his New Zealand counterpart,

to deliver the message. travelled to Honiara from the Solomon Islands' capital. The ABC's Graeme Dobell reports four weeks ago The ruins from the arson attacks in Honiara. are still being cleared are also here And Australia and New Zealand to see what can be salvaged RAMSI. of the Regional Assistance Mission, came to talk to the new government The two Foreign Ministers by Manasseh Sogavare. formed out of the political chaos says RAMSI should stay, The new prime minister exit strategy but he's called for a clear the Australians and New Zealanders so his people replace in key government jobs. Now what we would like see of an exit strategy which is clear. is an active process to run the Solomons this year, Australia is spending $235 million

to see the cash is properly used. and it wants Australians here with community leaders Mr Downer had a meeting to push the message and strengthen the justice system. that RAMSI must fight corruption Australia and New Zealand say

to decide what it wants. it's up to Solomon Islands But as the bankers, are also blunt the two foreign ministers to do the job it was called in for about the need for RAMSI nearly three years ago. We wouldn't want in any way to see the integrity of RAMSI diluted.

to be understood here. Now that's the critical part

stripped of its capacity, If it shall I put it,

then frankly we could not justify it being continued here.

Mr Downer started today has already cost Australia, remembering what this mission at the memorial to Adam Dunning,

by a sniper in 2004. the AFP officer murdered Graeme Dobell, ABC News, Honiara. is in a critical condition A two-year-old girl building in Sydney's south-west. after falling from a three-storey injuries The toddler suffered serious at Liverpool. when she fell from an apartment

Children's Hospital. She's been taken to Westmead the incident Police are investigating any suspicious circumstances. but say there don't appear to be Tonight's top story - sides of politics Divisions are emerging on both for a full debate after the Prime Minister called on Australia's nuclear future. And still to come - after their narrow semifinal loss anger from the Waratahs to the Hurricanes. Drought or no drought, in the New South Wales Riverina Australia's rice growers are in clover. the biggest national rice crop They've produced in five years, and still going - topping 1 million tonnes

more than triple last year's crop. They planted rice late and water allocations after making the most of summer with first, a crop of oats. We try to grow other crops on it, on our rice and then we also use less water by doubling up on the crop. you take your hay off You, therefore, get rice in and then you can sometimes just enough. The drought lapsed - Thankfully, winter and spring rains last year, we did get some reasonable which recharged storage dams. from the Snowy Hydro. They also bought water turned up the heat on cue, Then summer and the timing was perfect. And we've ended up with rice yields that are close to records. We've produced more than three times last year's crop.

reached 1 million tonnes The national crop this week and is still climbing, to go along the Murray. with a few days' harvesting but it will be a huge rice bubble. It won't be a record, Stress levels have clearly popped. about the million tonnes - There's nothing magical but not for a long time, it has been broken before -

and it's a huge psychological boost who were just about to give up. for many growers It's got a long way to catch up, y'know, so hopefully it can put us back, on our way to get back on our feet. The storage facilities are groaning, but the farmers certainly aren't. has had a change of heart. And the next generation from sunlight to sundown, You work, you know, why are you doing it? and you just think, at the end of the day. But you can see the rewards just a spectacular recovery. This season's harvest has been We're really back in business now. about to swell by $260 million, With growers' pockets rice is taking off again. Geoff Sims, ABC News, The Riverina. The New South Wales Waratahs returned home this morning, fuming about a refereeing decision in the Super-14 final. that they say cost them a spot

the Waratahs were penalised, While leading late in the game, to give the Hurricanes victory and that was enough by just 2 points. led the competition. Three weeks ago, the Waratahs Now, their season is over, of the most-capped NSW player, as is the Super-14 career

Chris Whitaker. could've been playing next week But the Waratahs believe they hadn't penalised them if referee Jonathon Kaplan for collapsing the scrum with 10 minutes to go. when they were leading by a point I can't quite understand it and I guess someone will tell me down the track exactly what it was for. Why would I want to pull down my own scrum on the halfway line with a couple of minutes to go? with our ball, Jimmy Gopperth calmly slotted the penalty goal to give the Hurricanes the lead and those were the last points of the game. The Waratahs have lost 14 of the 15 games where the South African referee has been in control. I'd be saying that if two New Zealand teams made the final, I'd be recommending an Australian referee to do it.

Lote Tuqiri proved a constant handful for the Hurricanes but the absence of fellow winger Wendell Sailor hurt NSW. We certainly missed Wendell on the field. we had a lot of our game structure around using him and we definitely missed him on the paddock - there's no question. Tonight, the Crusaders and South Africa's Bulls met, with the winner to take on the Hurricanes in the final. The Crusaders opened the scoring. COMMENTATOR: Rico Gear scores! Gear slipped past the Bulls again to give the home team a 13-3 advantage. A Dan Carter drop-goal put the Crusaders further in front. The Bulls' Bryan Habana went over out wide but the South African team trailed 16-8 at the break. And the Crusaders beat the Bulls 35 15- and will take on the Hurricanes in the Super-14 final. Parramatta's hopes of making the NRL finals suffered another blow last night with a 10-point loss to Penrith. Taking over from Brian Smith, the new coach Jason Taylor couldn't turn around the Eels fortunes. In tonight's match, the Warriors are headed fora surprise victory against the Tigers. Jason Taylor wasn't promising miracles with star players missing through Origin and ill-discipline. His first move was to inject super sub Fui Fui Moi Moi into the starting line up. That break set up the Eels' first points. Two minutes later, Moi Moi collected a try of his own for a 10-point lead. Oh, I think he's made it!

The Panthers hit back with four tries including a double to Luke Priddis. Luke Lewis took on a play-making role with Craig Gower missing, and delivered for Rhys Wesser to score, but not without a few nervous moments.

He's got three blades of grass between him and the dead ball line. The Eels captain crossed on the last play of the half. Morrison has scored! The new Eels coach addressed each player personally during the break. It didn't have the desired effect -

Matthew Cross put the Panthers further ahead. It was a double blow for Parramatta, with Wade McKinnon forced to undergo facial surgery today. The incident is sure to come under scrutiny by the match review committee. We just lost a player, because of the elbow... Despite a late try, the Eels still lost by ten points to leave their finals hopes in jeopardy. Disappointing, I thought they out-muscled us, and they got too many yards, we just got tired and we played with a bit of a lack of imagination. In Auckland, the Warriors got the jump on the Wests Tigers. Brent Webb broke clear to score his 10th try of the season as the Warriors raced to a 16-point lead. Can he go all the way...? It took Benji Marshall at his best to spark the Tigers. His flick pass was a carbon copy of his bold effort in last year's grand final. The Warriors' fourth try gave them a commanding lead at the break. Chris Kimball, ABC News. And the final score in that game - the Warriors have beaten the Tigers 34 points to 12. Richmond has upset the competition leader Adelaide in Round 8 of the AFL. Richmond held on against the fast-finishing Crows, Fremantle beat the Kangaroos and Melbourne thumped Hawthorn. The Sydney Swifts and the Adelaide Thunderbirds remain unbeaten after three rounds of the National Netball League. Sydney beat Perth by 16 goals, Hunter thrashed Canberra, Adelaide defeated Melbourne Phoenix and Queensland had its first win in 17 games. Accurate shooting from Catherine Cox and Susan Pratley helped Sydney record a comfortable victory over the improving Perth Orioles. Cox finished with 34 goals from 41 attempts. In Newcastle, the Hunter shooters were even more impressive. Jane Altschwager and Lara Welham missed only 6 shots between them in the Jaegers' big win over Canberra. Rod Pampling is leading another strong Australian performance at the US PGA tour event in Texas. Pampling is the outright leader after the second round but fellow Australians Peter Lonard, Nathan Green and Nick O'Hern are also in contention. Pampling started the day in 15th position with 8 birdies in his round of 66. but vaulted up the leaderboard on the closing holes Some crisp iron play move one shot clear. helped the Queenslander shot by Rod Pampling. COMMENTATOR: And a beautiful

tour victory this year. Pampling is aiming for his second in March. He won the Bay Hill Invitational in Australia to a rapturous welcome The Greek soccer team has arrived is predicting a record number The Australian Olympic Committee to the Beijing Games in 2008. of athletes will be sent the team will be largest Early estimates suggest outside Australia, for an Olympics held to Athens two years ago. surpassing the 482 athletes who went be the third largest team there I'm confident that we'll from 480 to 500 athletes and it will number something population is quite amazing. which for a country of our medals it's predicting for Beijing The AOC is yet to reveal how many but is aiming for a top five finish.

CHANTING gathered at Melbourne airport Several hundred Greek fans to Australia. to welcome the European champions from thousands of fans in Melbourne. in Australia to a rapturous welcome The Greek soccer team has arrived

in big numbers Greek Australians turned up and at a civic reception tonight to see the players at the airport to their game as part of the build-up against the Socceroos on Thursday. CHANTING

gathered at Melbourne airport Several hundred Greek fans to Australia. to welcome the European champions Hellas, hellas! All roads lead to Melbourne airport. Waiting for the Greek team, just here to see the boys we're really excited, we're gonna and say thank you. When the team finally emerged, overcome by the welcoming party. members of the entourage were Hellas. wasn't publicised, The team's arrival have mastered the bush telegraph. but these Australian Greeks A lot of phone calls were made. As you know, the Greek community is a large one

of people here, and we got a fair crowd all things considered. Good morning. Under tight security, a closed training session the Greeks had at South Melbourne this afternoon. at the seams The ground could be bursting to the public on Monday night. when the gates are opened A short distance away, were being put through their paces. a handful of Socceroos

were restricted in their output. John Aloisi and Tim Cahill are guests of honour Tonight, the Greek players in Melbourne's CBD. at the Antipodes festival Guy Stayner, ABC News, Melbourne.

might have some competition It looks like the Socceroos the best-known Australian athletes when it comes to choosing in Germany. This week, at least, to a 95-year-old Sydneysider that title belongs whose fighting spirit table tennis championships at the world over-80 all over the world. has won her fans SUSPENSFUL MUSIC PLAYS 95 years in the making. It's a look of steely determination was the oldest competitor Australia's Dot de Low table tennis championship at the world veterans in Germany. from German television show, And as these blurry internet images she's become a bit of a sensation.

Okay. COACH: Don't rush the ball! is not doing too badly himself, Back at home, her son still umpiring netball at age 64. becoming a ping-pong star... As for his mum she really loves it. She laps it up, to do an interview?", They say, "Do you want to have a game?" or, "Do you want she's really keen on it. She'd be in it straight away,

The feeling is mutual.

as the 'Ping-Pong Gran'. In Glasgow, she's hailed Granny is a table tennis hit. Pakistan's Daily Times says has even bigger news. And now, the tournament's website David Letterman Show came calling, Not long after America's is also in the mix, now rival Jay Leno

trying to book Dot on his show. may have affected her game. All this fuss just She didn't win a match, Japanese opponent even succumbing to a 94-year-old combined ages of 189 years. in a battle featuring the big title before, in 1992, Her son says his mother has won tried and true strategy. using her favourite

you might say. She's outlasted the opposition, and the heart attacks get them, As the arthritis and they fall by the wayside. she keeps on playing So that's good. who are still standing. Victory, it seems, goes to those Norman Hermant, ABC News. Now lets take a look at the weather. In Sydney today it hit 20 degrees, that's the average.

of the city. Up to 22 in the south-west In northern NSW - of 27 degrees Mungindi had the State's maximum and daytime temperatures were generally above average. overnight temperature of minus 1. Woolbrook had the State's lowest

In the south - there were a few scattered showers and through the Tablelands. along the coast average for this time of year. Temperatures were pretty much and moving inland - it was a fine and mostly sunny day. Bourke had a top of 26 degrees. In the 24 hours to 9:00am, the top rainfall was 4mm shared by Bathurst and Cudal in the central west. In the six hours to 3:00pm, the best was 3mm at Norah Head north of Sydney. and Mangrove Mountain, In the capital cities today - and Melbourne Brisbane and Canberra were all mostly sunny, Hobart had a cold cloudy day. in Adelaide, Perth and darwin. Some cloudy patches shows extensive cloud The satellite picture drifting across central NSW

pushing up the coast and low cloud behind a southerly change. of Tasmania and Victoria. Cloud too over parts On the synoptic chart - to move through tonight the cold front will continue and the high near Adelaide across NSW tomorrow will direct cooler winds Tasmania and Victoria. A cold front is also affecting The rain tomorrow - Onshore winds will bring isolated showers to most of the east coast, especially northern NSW. There'll also be scattered showers across parts of Tasmania and Victoria. And an upper trough will generate light rain

across the interior. In the capital cities tomorrow -

Brisbane and Canberra - fine and mostly sunny. Showers in Melbourne and Hobart, Adelaide and Perth - fine with some cloud and in Darwin - a mainly sunny day is forecast. Around NSW tomorrow - isolated showers along the north coast and adjacent ranges. In the south - There's a strong wind warning for port hacking and below. There'll be clearing isolated showers on the coast and possibly some snow on the peaks of the Alps. Clear skies, light winds ahead of that cooler south-west to southerly change. Griffith a top temp of just 16. In Sydney tomorrow - a morning shower, then clearing. A top temperature of 19 on the coast and 20 in the west. The sun will rise at 6:44, Seas will be 2m on a 2m swell.

SW/SE winds should get up to 15 knots. And further ahead in Sydney - A shower or two on Monday, then the chance of a shower each day right through to next weekend. A quick recap of tonight's top stories. The Prime Minister has called for a national debate on nuclear energy, addressing uranium processing and nuclear power stations

for Australia. A $100 million wheat deal with Iraq looks set to collapse tonight, with claims Iraqis are demanding financial kickbacks.

And a new study has shown that Aboriginal boys are 10 times as likely to be raped as those in the general community. Now a preview of the news and current affairs line-up

here on ABC Television for tomorrow morning. At 9:00, Barrie Cassidy presents 'Insiders'.

His guest will be the Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer.