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Live. Political out casts,

the Fiji formally suspended from

the Commonwealth. Australia's

deputy leader visits India's

slums on her diplomatic

mission. 40 killed by the

military in Pakistan's Khyber

region. And protesters pursue

the Dalai Lama during his tran

trip. Hello, Beverley O'Connor

with ABC News for Australia

network. Fiji has been

formally suspended from the Commonwealth. Its full Commonwealth. Its full suspension was announced at

midnight Fiji time, because of

the military regime's failure

to commit to holding democratic

elections next year. 1

September was the deadline set

by the Commonwealth's

ministerial action group for

Fiji's military commander and Prime Minister Commodore Frank

Bainimarama to set a credible timetable for

timetable for a return to

Commodore Frank Bainimarama democracy by October next year.

took power in a coup in

December 2006 and then at

Easter submitted his control

under what is called Fiji's new

legal orderment that followed

the abolition of the

constitution, when the Fiji

Court of Appeal ruled that Commodore Frank Bainimarama's

interim government was

illegal. The Commonwealth

secretary-general said the

Commonwealth had been left with

no option. Today I announce

with deep regret that the

republic of the Fiji islands

stands fully suspended from

membership of the Commonwealth

with immediate effect. Mr

Sharma said he had received a

letter from Commodore Frank

Bainimarama on 21 August but it

fell far short of what the Commonwealth was Commonwealth was demanding.

The suspension is mainly

symbolic. There will be a cut

in technical assistance, but

there's not a lot of that.

Perhaps the biggest blow for

Fiji is that it won't be

allowed to attend next year's

Commonwealth Games, where it

would have been expecting at least one gold medal in the

rugby 7s. All connections are

not severed however. The

Commonwealth's special envoy Sir Paul Sir Paul Reeves from New

Zealand will be making another

tempt to help restore democracy

in Fiji. I hope that next week

a Commonwealth team, including

myself and two others, can go

to Suva, sit down with

Commodore Frank Bainimarama and

his advisors and discuss what

the present situation now means

as far as their relationship

with the Commonwealth is concerned. The concerned. The Commonwealth

wants broad based dialogue in

Fiji to include all parties

with no predetermined outcome.

However, the last time that was

tried in Fiji Commodore Frank Bainimarama excluded parties

who did not agree with him.

That meant that political

parties that won 70% of the

votes in 2006 were not allowed

any say in the future Commodore

Frank Bainimarama proposes for

Frank Bainimarama proposes for

Fiji. That was our Pacific

correspondent Sean dony. The

Deputy Prime Minister Julia

Gillard has had a day of

contrasts during her visit to

New Delhi. Me is in India to

convince the country's leader

that Australia is a safe place

for foreign students. Her

travels were U:punc yaltd by a

visit to the country's less

fortunate. Jewel's visit to

inta hasn't just been about

meeting the rich and powerful,

she took time to meet the

countries less privileged, the

residents of the Ekta Vihar

colony. Around 400 million

Indians classify themselves as

middle class or higher. The

other 700 million live in other 700 million live in

conditions similar to these.

While Julia Gillard's gift of

money to buy school books made

the children of Ekta Vihar

smile, it is making the

politicians happy that their

students are safe in Australia

that is the real purpose of the

visit We have a country with

strong ties, including our

education links. We want to

reassure the Indian community

we are a safe and welcoming

democracy. The Education

Minister is confident the

market will survive the

controversy created by the

attacks on Indian students We

have continued to see strong

enreport numbers, we have not

seen a decline in enroams. I

many hear in part to say to the

Indian community we are very

welcoming of Indian students,

Australia is a safe place where

they can get a quality

education. After the visit to

Ekta Vihar, Julia Gillard

crossed over to the other side

of India's power divide for a

meeting with Prime Minister

Manmohan Singh. The meeting

was private but a spokesman for

Julia Gillard says Prime

Minister Singh expressed his

thanks for the effort the Australian government has gone

to to protect Indian students.

He head his government is

committed to widen and

deepening the ties with

Australia. Whether this will

reveal dividend for the

education sector remains to be

seen. Pakistani troops have

killed 40 militants during an

after fencive in the rugged

Khyber region, which is a

crucial thoroughfare for US

military supplies heading for

Afghanistan. Pakistan's show

of force has seen the surrender

of more than 100 Taliban

fighters. It's a sign that

Pakistan's mission to bring

peace to the valley might be

working. They have laid down

their weapons in front. Army

and they want to be part of the

main peaceful stream. 105

fighters surrendered, many of

them close aides to the

leader. These people are close

alloys of the militants. Now

they realise, when they have

seen the changing situation,

they have seen that the

normalcy and peace has taken

over, and their stance has

changed. As the militants

handed over arms, elsewhere

there were fresh clashes.

Overhead, helicopter gunship s

through several sorities.

Suicide atax whether carried

out against the police or the

military, are cowardly acts that cannot weaken or determination. We have stepped

up our operation. The new

fighting comes after a weekend

suicide attack killed scores of

police cadets. The bombings

recently show the Taliban is

still capable of carrying out

violent attacks. Another 45

militants were killed in the

past five days and in total

more than 2,000 have died since

the military offensive in the

swat valley began in swat valley began in April.

China has ramp update its

opposition to the Dalai Lama's

visit to Taiwan. As the exiled

sprirtal leader's prayer

session attractd more than

10,000 followers, proper test

leader were following the Dalai

Lama's movements. The Dalai

Lama considers himself a

spiritual leader first and says

he is putting politics second

on his controversial trip to

Taiwan. An estimated 17,000

Buddhists attended his mass

prayer session, the climax of

the Dalai Lama's attempts to

bring spiritual healing to the

area raf amd by Typhoon Morakot

last month: If you have good

karma you will be happy. If you

bring bad karma you will be

troubled. That is a message he

is also bringing to Taiwan's

governing political leader, who have distanced themselves from

him on his visit to avoid

upsetting China. I myself a

person who is totally dedicated

for promotional democracy, for

these reasons I love this

island, so once more have the

opportunity to come here, I am

very happy. That is the kind

of talk China was hoping not to

hear in Taiwan. It considers

the island part of its

territory and doesn't

appreciate talk of democracy

there, from someone in accuses

of advocating separatism forty

bet. Pro-China Taiwanees

protesters agree and have

followed the Dalai Lama on his

trip. .

INTERPRETER: He is a fake,

his is a false kind ofmer

system he incited the Tibetans

to attack China and the

Chinese. He is an assassin.

Though sentiments are shared by

the Chinese government. The

government signalled its

displeasure by cancelling a

delegation to the opening of

the deaf Olympics in Taipei. The Dalai The Dalai Lama's visit is expected to be nothing more

than a minor bump in the road

toward closer ties between

China and Taiwan. You are

watching ABC News for Australia

Network. Coming up, signs of

improving recommendations on

the Korean engines la. A little

known Australian cause as scare

for the No. 1 seed at the US Open.

Open. Ceremonies have been

held across Europe to mark the

70th anniversary of the start

of World War II. In Poland,

former enemies and allies

gathered to remember a conflict

which cost 50 million lives.

The Russian PM Vladimir Putin

and the German Chancellor

Angela Merkel were among those

who attended. Ms Merkel said

Germany satisfies attack on Poland started

Poland started the most tragic

chapter of Europe yes

history. At London's St

Paul's Cathedral 2,000 people

gathered to commemorate the

70th anniversary of the

beginning of the greatest

evacuation Britain has ever

known. More than 3 million

children were sent from the

cities to the countryside to

escape the threat of German

bombs or invasion. Our Europe

correspondent Philip Williams. They

They lined up today, just as

they did as children 70 years

ago. Accept to the care of

strangers, some for up to six

year. In both London and

Paris, thousands of

children... Even before the

war was declared the great

exodus began, by train, bus and

boat. They were hurriedly

despatched. Where they ended up

was a lottery When we got

there, my mum wasn't there, my mum wasn't there.

That's when it hit you. We were

in this car, four girls, and

the first place we pulled up,

the woman said, I don't want

girls, I want boys, so off we

go again. City children had to

adapt to a completely new

child. Some, like Brisbane

resident Iris Tarcznsky went

from a three room slum in from a three room slum in the

eve end to a mansion When you

got to the kitchen there was a

maid and an indicator, north

room, south room, east room,

west roo. It was all a bit

bewildering. At St Paul's

Cathedral the he advantage

years gathered to remember the

dark days, each with a

different experience, some

good, some disastrous, not all

were safe from the German bombs were safe from the German bombs

as intended. Ken Appleby was

five when his safe house was

hit The roof was blown off,

the windows were blown out, and we wrubd the stairs, and

someone was signature on me and

I started crying. Somebody came

in and took us out. # We'll

meet again # Don't know where,

don't know when # For the jart month yart

month yart the operation

offered the safety parents

wanted, however painful the

years of separation must have

been. The bells mark the end

of what has been part come

meetings ration, but also a

celebration of survival, these

people the living evidence of

the success of that program all

those years ago. Regular

traffic has been restored to

the heavily fortified border the heavily fortified border separating North and South Korea. It is the latest

indication of effort by

Pyongyang to reach out to Seoul

after months of tension. The

border has been closed for nine

months. But now people are

moving again. Last December

Pyongyang cut the number of border cross negotiation

protest at the tougher policy

of Seoul's conservative

government. But now the North

has reversed its policy. has reversed its policy.

INTERPRETER: Coming, going

and staying are normalised to

the policy as it was before

last December. That is welcome

news to the businesses based at

the Kae song industrial park, which was developed north of

the border as a symbol of

royals and housed more than 100

scorian companies employing around 40,000 around 40,000 work dwrers from

the impoverished north. The

halt in investment has seen

employment opportunities dry up

for workers on both sides of

the border. .


temporarily stopped investment.

Restrictions at the border

check point have been relaxed.

It will be open 23 times a day,

up from the previous 6 times.

The move is expected

The move is expected to boost

productivity at the joint industrial seat.

INTERPRETER: Enterprises

didn't want to operate

businesses in the industrial

district. But with restrictions

lifted, I think many commercial

businesses will join in.

Pyongyang is also sending a

message to the United States

with state radio quoting leader

for Kim Jong-Il reiterating calls

for the two countries to sign a

formal peace treaty to replace

the truce in place since the

end of the Korean war in 1953.

That proposal was less warmly

welcomed than that to open the

border. With a White House

spokesman declining to comment

on the matter. Refugees who

fled to China to escape

fighting in northern Burma are continuing to

continuing to return home.

Beijing says at least 10,000

people have left makeshift

camps set up by the Chinese

government. Many fear their

homes and businesses have been

destroyed. After days of

living in unsanitary conditions

in over crowded camps,

thousands of Burmese refugees

are streaming back across the

border. They have been assured

by officials from Burma and China that

China that calm has been

restored, following clashes

between government fors and

local militia. I did not want

to go back yesterday because I

wanted the situation to

stabilise. Today I am returning

with my family. At least a

third of the mostly ethnic

Chinese refugees have left the

makeshift campses. It is hoped

their safety will be assured. .

promised INTERPRETER: Burma has

promised to protect the legal

rights of Chinese citizens in

Burma according to law and to

restore peace and stablingt in

the border area as soon as

possible. Beijing says at

least a they are of the mostly

ethnic Chinese refugees have

left of the makeshift camps.

Their return has been marred by

reports that homes and businesses have been either

destroyed or looted. It has

left many to reconsider their future If everything future If everything is gone,

I won't stay there any morement

there would be no future in

staying there if everything I

have is gone, we will close our

business and leave. Ethnic

Chinese are reluctant to live

there because they have already

suffered a great deal of loss.

That is not the only thing they

fear I am concerned about the

Burmese military and how they

will rule over us. They are not conversant in Mandarin conversant in Mandarin so I

would not know what they are

talking B As thousands more

continue their anxious Januariy

home, concerns have been raised

of a fresh outbreak of violence

in the region, where government

forces are keen to crush rebel

activity ahead of next year's

general elections. As the Obama Administration winds up

its review of policy in Burma,

Burmese Washington has demand he the

Burmese army halt its

offensive. Police in the

Philippines have captured a

suspected al Kaye day links he

militant, accused of kidnapping

dozens of people, including

four Americans. The arrest of

Hajer Sailani, an alleged

member of the Abu Sayyaf is

hailed it is the latest success

in a crackdown on militant

groups much Philippine national police chief national police chief says

Hajer Sailani was captured

after information from an unidentified informant. Most of

the hostages allegedly

kidnapped were freed or escaped

but at least two were behead

heed. In Australia, cigarette

prices could surge to $20 a

packet if the government

accepts a plan to fix lifestyle

health problems. Here is

Kirrin McKechnie from Canberra. Sex, Canberra. Sex, violence and

now smoking. Kids cartons that

feature smoking could soon

attract a morena tour audience

rating. It is one of the

radical ideas contained in a

report to tackle the big three

preventable diseases, tobacco,

killing people by alcohol and obesity. We are

killing people by not acting.

There is action to target the

hip pocket. The preventative health strategy recommends

bumping up the cost of

cigarettes to $20 a pack. For

every 10% the price goes up the

incidence of smoking goes down

4%. Sports revenue could go

down too much the task force

recommends breaking the links

between drinking and sport.

The Carlton draught half-time

The Carlton draught half-time

spectacular. By phasing out alcohol advertising during sports broadcasts and pulling

the pin on alcohol sponsorship

We clearly don't support bans.

We believe sport can work with

the government to address

alcohol issues. Junk food

advertising is not spared

either and could be banned

during prime-time TV. Tax

hikes and behaviourable change

may be what the may be what the doctor ordered

but they can be ploit kl poison

fort government. Senior

ministers are in no rush to

endorse recommendations from

this report until after their

sweeping review of taxes and

charges at the end of the year

We will take it on board but I

don't intend to tip my hand one

way or the otherment There is

no reason other than political

convenience for the Prime

Minister to put off these

announcements. Weighing up announcements. Weighing up

healthy gain with political

pain. The clean-up of an oil

spill in the at the Timor Sea

is continuing, with specialised

equipment arriving in Australia

to prepare repair a damaged oil

rig. A chartered 747 has arrive

indeed Darwin from Singapore. A

capacity pump and spray

equipment will be used to

reduce the risk of fire reduce the risk of fire while

workers attempt to plug the gas

leak below the West Atlas rig.

The equipment is due to arrive

at the site of the leak later

this week. You are watching

ABC News. Fiji has been suspend

ed from the Commonwealth

because the regime will not

commit to holding democratic

elections next elections next year. Checking

business markets now. In the United States, Wall Street

closed lower for a second

straight session. Financial

stocks are hardest his. Market

were down across Europe as

well. Around the region, New

Zealand opened lower after

losses in the US. On Tuesday,

markets were mostly higher.

Technology stocks letd the way

in South Korea. Australia rose

to an 11 month high. China bounced back slightly from a bounced back slightly from a

big loss on Monday. Property

and metal stocks were down in

India . To currencies:

To sport, and in tennis Australian teenager Olivia

No. Rogowska has given the world

No. 1 Dinara Safina a big scare

in the US Open first round.

The 18-year-old wild ward took

the first set in a tie break

before Dinara Safina rallied to

win in three sets. Ranked 167

in the world, Olivia Rogowska

pushed through centre court

nerves, taking the first set

against the world No. 1. It has

been 41 years since the women's

top seed has lost in the

opening round of the US Open

and Dinara Safina wasn't keen

to rewrite the history books.

After two and a half hours she

progressed to the second round

I can hatch it with the top

players. I need to get a bit

stronger and a bitumen tally

tougher, I can do it, I believe

in myself. Joe-Wilfried Tsonga

had an easier time, winning in had an easier time, winning in

straight sets, and Tomas

Berdych went through in 3.

Novak Jock vich cruised into

the second round. In

basketball, the countdown is on

to the start of Asia's newest

competition much the Asean

next basketball league will begin

next month, with teams from

Asia. The enthusiasm we have

in such a short period, it will

be a huge success. Organisers

plan to expand the league to 20

teams from all 10 Asean

countries in two years I have

no doubt this will be the

biggest sporting spectacle.

Rain washed out the second

Twenty20 cricket match between Twenty20 cricket match between Australia and England without a

ball being bowled. The two

sides will face each other in a

7-match one-day series starting

on Friday at the Oval. Let's

look at the weather for the

next 24 hours

Finally, it is no easy feet

but the Frenchman known as

spiderman has successfully

climbed one of the

world'stallest buildings. It

was his third attempt, taking

two hours to complete the

assent of one of the two

Petronas towers in Kuala

Lumpur. He has scaled many

build also, earning the

nickname spiderman. Now he has

conquered the Petronas towers,

the third largest building in

the world With due respect to

mal-Asia, I came to finish

something. Finish the job he

did. He first attempted in

stunt in 1997 but was stopped.

10 years he tried again and

failed. On both occasions he

was caught and arrested I

tried twice to climb the

Petronas, and I failed as I got

caught. This time, using the

cover of the predawn darkness,

Alain Robert successfully

eluded security. Climbing with

his bare hand and without ropes

he reached the 88th floor and

then ascended the pinnacle of the tower. Once the tower. Once he reached the

top he waved the Malaysian

flag. This time he was arrested

after he reached his goal.

Claiming the Petronas all the

way to the top is one of my

dreams. It's hard to believe

that as a child he was afraid

of heights. Looks like he

has overcome that fear. A look

at the top stories for this

bulletin: Fiji has been

formally suss fended from the

Commonwealth after its

government failed to commit to

elections next year. Australia's Deputy Prime

Minister continues her mission

to India by visiting some of

new deli's slum dwellers.

Pro-China protesters dogged the

progress of the Dalai Lama as

he continues his tour of

Taiwan. That's the bull fin.

Can you go

Can you go to our website for

all the latest news and current

affairs. I'm Beverley O'Connor,

thank you for your company, see

you soon, bye bye. Closed Captions by CSI.