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CC Hello and welcome to

Stateline. I'm Catherine Garrett and please excuse the croaky voice. Coming departure lounge at the ACT Assembly. Four members deliver their final words before taking flight. First, though, the on going saga of aged care. The ACT has the highest life expectancy in the country and a rapidly ageing demographic. Numbers of Numbers of new facilities are a new Federal Minister. Justine under construction and there's

Elliott has announced of nearly 300 Elliott has announced funding

for the ACT. But some in the industry are still saying not enough - and asking where will all the carers come from? I'd like the aged care Minister to take some time to look at

what's happening in aged care facilities. I mean visit aged care faefts and see what the care workers are having to do. We have residents who have multiple co mored by tis. They might have had tis. They might have had a

stroke and have disibts and

dementia. They should have a stroke, high blood could have TIA so stroke, high blood eshure. They

fit ing at could have TIA so they could be

staff have to be manage those situations. There staff have to be aware and are only three registered nurse on the pay roll at the

Villaggio Sant Antonio and this is - hostel and is no th is not an uncommon scenario. an uncommon scenario. Many are

little or no formal known as personal carers with

qualifications. Their duty span menial, medicinal medicinal care. And they're paid around $15 an hour. Our personal care worker s are not as much would be paid pulling a beer in a pub. They give some really good care to these high acuity resident. They have to do a lot

of physical hard work as well

for people with dementia is not as emotional hard work. Caring

easy. It's a calling personal carer Fawcett

lot of people would I fous like to come into aged care but they hear about to come into aged care but when walk away and then they say are walk away and then they say why are you doing that job for

little amount of money? I love my job. I don't come way from other side of just to not want to be here. Numbers of new are under construction in Numbers of new nursing homes

are under construction in the

ACT and due for completion next year. We don't get a wage soon, who is going to be

don't want to come to work for in the new facilities? People

nothing. You know, work experience people, they nothing. You know, when we had

also come and they say I'd like to work here - how much do you

- oh, that's it. get paid. Qu we get this amount

Clay has endured two strokes,

he is a resident at Villaggio and his wife, Elaine, a frequent visitor. She has nothing but praise for staff. I think that it's a difficult situation. But they almost always get the priorities right. If things are hard on a day, on a particular day, I've seen them get the priorities right. This is rather funny priorities absolutely

actually. The one dessert you think you've got! I don't know

what they're worth but

much is what they're actually something like four times as

worth. It's just dreadful. I would also like the have a look at the parity of would also like the Minister to

pay between people

the aged care sector and people working in other areas of health and that's not just in hospitals but on all areas of health where we are providing a total package to residents here. We provide them with personal care. We provide them with physio. We provide them with social work. We them with spiritual with social work. We provide

provide them with dietics, so them with spiritual care. We

we provide them with diversional therapy and occupational therapy. Our resident our resident. We don't have resident Dos all of that for

specialists who pop out. I would like the Minister to look at education for register and enrolled nurses. I

would like there to be a strong component of age ed care in that training. We insensitives to nurses to come back into aged insensitives to encourage

care, it's an incentive of $6,000 to nurses who have $6,000 to nurses who have been er than a year to come back out of the work force for long

into the nursing home and $1,000 to the nursing home itself. We have some vocational education and train ing places to ensure we have more personal care workers and proposals in

relation to scholarships to get

as well. Stateline more nurses into our work force

issues to as well. Stateline put these

Ageing, Justine Elliott, whilst

she delivered meals on Wheels in garrian. She wants to Government's spending on aged emphasise the Federal

care. This Government's investing record amounts when it comes to aged care. $40

billion over the next four years. And in fact $28.6

billion of that is specifically in relation to residential needs to be taken by the care. How much responsibility

- providers for passing provider force passing on that

money? Certainly arrangements

particular ly with employers

and employees in relation to looked at and I the staffing levels should be

comment that some Queensland provide verse enterprise agreements in which there have been marked increases in relation to the salaries nurses are getting. I would encourage workers to work closely with their employees. But in the entrenched in the meantime for many of those

job remains ground hog day entrenched in the system, the

its repeltive grind. From Can

you see yourself burning out? Definitely, yeah. I can. A lot of staff turnover. It is a lot of people go because lot of people go because the wages are too low and they can't live on the wage that we do get. The industry cannot sustain itself the way thing s are going at the moment. And I think that the age care Minister needs to look at Minister needs to look at that. I already hear of a number I already hear of a number of large groups who are pulling out of - sarm y - Salvation Army who - Salvation Army who are pulling out of aged care because it is not viable because it is not viable for them to manage that anymore. I really makes me worry if places as big as the Salvation Army are pulling out of age ed care as happen for the elderly in happen for the elderly in the future. I certain ly would encourage those in the aged care industry to continue in it in the sense that we need to be providing right across the board a whole series of different mesh nurse

providing good care to our older Australians. I've travelled right throughout Australia and Australia and attended many nursing homes and without a doubt many of those are world-class faefts. I work very closely with many in the

industry to make sure that it remains viable for the future. What would you say to the Aged Care Minister things don't change? I hope she doesn't end up in an age ed care facility because things have to change. Things have got to change. For to change. For increasing

numbers of adults with ageing parents, the question of the

next step for mum or dad is THE big one of their generation. The corns are still there. And still hurting. Mum needs to be at home. If

went to aursing home, I think that would be literally the end of her. Helene Jermolajew is

committed to caring for her mother in her Charnwood home. It is another full-time job on

top of her paid work as Tamara Jermolajew has many health issues. How long do you think you and your mum can keep going like this? Until such time as

she may need 24-hour care. At

the moment she's OK being at

home. And I can still go out and not worry about her because she can still get around

enough. But if she needs 24-hour care bedridden, then there's a totally different decision to be made. Help me not only be made. Help me not only with

the leg but with my pain in the back. It does worry me get to the point where she is going to need to go. I know there's some wonderful care out there, but I think I would be even more worried having her care than I am now having her at home because I know that after work I come here and I'm here. Otherwise I would be thinking what are they doing

with her? Is she being looked

after properly? Is she getting everything she needs? I would be a lot more worry. It could be your mother or father that ewe have to look after and we are the next generation going up and who is after us? Well, the Assembly,

the up is e the election is on and the polys are off. Shortly we will watch up with the - catch up with the four deporth members but just just how

exciting is the prospect of an election to the Canberra public? This is what some of

you had to say this morning.

Look, I am sorry I am going to have to make my excuse and say I really don't pay that much attention: I know there's

a road that needs to be built or extended. or extended. That's important. I think education and being able to get a short-term park in Civic. Very much health I suppose as age creeps up. I'm a new Australian, so it's been the first time I am going to vote

vote this time. Hopefully it will count. Why don't you pay much attention? I think - look, I just get it right. Isn't thatter jibl! I would like a council in the Government. There were four retiring MLAs this time around. They said their goodbyes to the Assembly last night. Can you name any or all of them? No,

not a single one. I knew one resigned this week after 19 year s although he has got a jb in government. I have trouble - Bill Stefaniak because I saw him on TV. And that would be about the only one. What are the issues that the issues that are of concern you to you? To me, as mother of kids in their 20s, definitely housing. And I'd say public transport. Education like the schools, teachers, that's of concern to me.

environment of course. I think that a change of government would would do the world of good. I think the present Government is a little bit arrogant. I don't know that the Liberal would be much much better. I won't be voting for the Stanhope Government. Definitely not. I don't know. I don't have such a strong sense of local issues in Canberra in a sense. I don't feel that strongly about them. Number one issue - um,

probably for me the first time buyers buyers issue. ACT is very un

affordable for young people at the moment. Politicians are going to fight it out and eventually the best thing will come out and if it does frnt we

will hear about it and you get interested. I don't know if that's apathy or not but that is my kind of perspective anyway. So yesterday anyway. So yesterday the Legislative Assembly became

something of a departure lounge. Those four long-term members had their last day on the job. They've the job. They've all announce zed election land be moving on.

Some were expected, one in particular that of Liberal Bill Stefaniak was not. Melissa Polimeni caught up Polimeni caught up with if the

four before they took flight. You know, you'd have to be proud to have lasted this long. I hope I've long. I hope I've always had something to say that 's been well thought out, well research

and well consult. I suppose the

things that I'm most proud of is representing people. I think

the most enjoyment I've got is

simply representing my

electors. I think the consultation

process has left the community cold, they're angry about it and I think they're rightfully askry about it. It is yobd tolerance not to say things. It's been an honour to be It's been an honour to be here and to be trusted and to be trusted to do this very important job. But it's also been important I think makes it so easy. There's makes it so easy. There's a thousand things I would have done differently and if you had your time to do everything again you'd be perfect, wouldn't you. What would life be like with all these perfect people nit. In the back of your mind you're representing ordinary folk out there and your job is to make this generation feel better about produce ing for the next generation. We need our Greens. We need our Greens. We have a strong Greens crossbench to make sure that they keep their word. Calls for Green s MLA Deb Foskey to give up Deb Foskey to give up her public house in Yarralumla have intensified. Aim notd up a house - I am not holding up public housing from tenant that my rent is actually assisting making housing viable. To come along now as born again climate change concerned person, that is great but two years too late. At times I feel like I've been times I feel like I've been a nag. And nonetheless I see that that the job is reminding Government of its promises, which it was very prepared which it was very prepared to forget. I guess my major regret is partly because we have been

so busy just being on top of everything, we perhaps haven't had the media profile that had the media profile that we could have induced. But then again, you know, if still think the still think the Greens only care about the environment now, I think it's partly because

they haven't been looking. I want to show people who are concerned about the concerned about the proposed school closures that there people within the Labor Party who are listening. I do not

believe that this process, that this discussion could have been minister has done. I was the first person to from a major party to win a five-seat electorate. Which up until the point that I got elected in 2001 nobody thought

that was possible. So I suppose in a way I broke the mould or

broke the norm. And that's on and say, "Yes, I did. That" It's always hard in an It's always hard in an election year. The way we as year. The way we as members treat each other I think at times we could be a little bit

kind tore each other. - kinder

to each other. I am delighted to announce the new Liberal leadership team, myself as Opposition

Leader and my colleague Richard Mulcahy. So deputy

Leader and I have every confidence that everyone will work as part of a team now. The newly installed ACT Opposition leader says he regrets make ang

embarrass ing gaff as in his first week in the job. Stefaniak was caught using his driving. Over the past three years the ACT has not had the Opposition it deservice. That changes today. We will move on as part of a team. Achievements which I've been really been really happy with have been putting in place a fair degree of legislation survive and stood the test oif time, things that might have been controversyial at the time like increased police and stronger bail laws. are still in place so that

means it's good legislation. Of course I have regrets. But I don't think I have any doubts.

It's leaving the place. It's not being able to be the interaction which I have thoroughly enjoyed but the good times and bad. You have people leaving, first and most you're there to represent the people and represent their interests. If you have ideas you want to pursue, you want to pursue, do so

because I think everyone comes in ing to do thing force

benefit of Canberrans. Keep fighting. This is about

fighting for the rights of work ing people and people out there in the community and everybody here has an obligation to just keep fighting. I don't think that many of the good things that have happened here would have happened if the Green to people in the ACT to people in the ACT as well that they should value the work

that the Legislative Assembly does. You are going to have does. You are going to have to work hard. It is a 24/7 job, it

is very draining but you get an immense out of it and you get a lot of out improving the life of every day Canberra City mayhem - it's

a team of cheerleaders with a difference. They don't cheer during sporting event, they

cheer just for cheers' sake. At the weekend, they performed at the scacht Pom

and as Jessica Ferrari prort reports proved that when it comes to competition cheerleading you just bring it on!

Five, six, seven, eight... Cheerleading is eight... Cheerleading is a great sport. It's everything for everybody. I have a really little squad, the youngest being 5 the oldest being it's for every age and physique and everything. It's just a and everything. It's just a lot of fun. It's good to start off with as a little kid. You get to learn so many different

skills Because it's so new in

Australia you can be an absolute begin er and in a few

months be right up there with

the rest of your team-mate s. Pom routine is Pom routine is generally 2 minutes 15 seconds and we have poms. routine with some motions an

jumps as well. So you get marked on your dance ability, motions and jumps. It's not just the stereotype of what you see on television. It is a lot

harder and there's a lot more work put into it. I make up all the routines. I am the main coach for everything so all the routines and stunts they've done is my coaching. All their tumbling also. So everything

they've learned I've given them

from my coaching experience. One more time and then we can have a quick break. Our cheer routine is motions, tumbling and stunts. And so and stunts. And so then again difficulty on how you put them

together and the type of stunts that you use.

I am 27. I've had a gymnastic background. So back in day I completed at Nationals four times. Did a jult gymnastics for four years and then I heard cheerleading thing and cheerleading thing and I thought I'd try it thought I'd try it out. So I've been doing it since February this year, I'm really enjoying it and it's a real teamwork-style gymnastics. Do you cop a bit of flak from your mates about being a cheerleader? I sure. Do I don't

think they understand what we

do, just how difficult it is, how much strength and coordination is involved. They all think that we run around with pom poms where as the girls just do that. That's girls just do that. That's the standard question everyone standard question everyone just asks me about. We do a whole lot better stuff than that. Ready, one, two. I'm

and I previously had a dance background and then I started year 11 and 12 and I was looking for a physical looking for a physical activity that wouldn't take up too much time. I like side of cheerleading. It side of cheerleading. It is

definitely team based. We're not competing against enjoy. It's it's all about getting the most points on the day. I love it when you're on the stage performing. I lot f love the feeling that

you know you spent a lot of time working towards it's so much fun being a blast being on the mat: Its adrenaline of performing in front of a couple of hundred dollar red people and nailing everything is - hundred people and nailing everything is really good. When you have a cheer squad cheering for you it's cheering for you it's getting you more you more pump and you're ready to go out there and win. We're cheerful people, it's all about doing cool all about doing cool stunts and making routines. Cheerleading is a

handy skill. You can always go into work and say you're a clear leader and it's a - cheer leader and it's a great conversation starter as well. Pretty impressive. Thanks to Jessica Jessica Ferrari who has been a joy as our intern for joy as our intern for the past month. We will miss Jessica. Much ado about nothing - it's phrase we all - it's phrase we all use and like many such phrase s it is of course from Shakespeare. The Papermoon Theatre Group made up of students from the ANU's drama department are performing the play until September 6. Here is a taste. , no I was born under a rhyming planet nor I cannot woo infestible terms. Sweet, beatry, wouldest,000 come when I call? And part when you bid me. Yet here I go, let me go with that I came,

which is knowing what has past between you and Claude ya. Only foul words. And there opinion I will kiss yeah. Foul breath is annoysome so I will depart unkissed. This is my wit but I

must tell thee plainly, Claudio under goes my challenge and I must either must either hear from him shortly or I will subscribe him a coward. And now, I a coward. And now, I pray, tell

me, for which of my bad parts did thou first fall in love with me? All together with me? All together which maintains so politic a stake elf which will not good part. Tell me, for which of my good parts did you first suffer love for me? Suffer laf! A good epithet. I love thee against my woil. In spite of your heart. If you spite it for my sake, I will spite it for your s for I will never your s for I will never love

that which my friend hates. Thy are too wise to woo peace blibibly. Now how peace blibibly. Now how doth

your cousin? Very will. How do you? Very ill too. Serve God,

love me. Ameant. And that's

all. And that's the program for yet yet another week. And don't forget you can view all our stories again or download the transcripts from our website. They They should all be there by

lunchtime on Monday. That's at: To close this week - the

black and white landscape

photography of David Houlder. On show at the Tuggeranong arts

centre as well as right here right now. So, until next week, goodbye. Closed Captions by CSI

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