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(generated from captions) It's only a half hour show, of footage. they've filmed hours and hours 2.5 seconds of this in it. So they will probably be a good And I'm sorry about the cameras Australian story thing. as they do this a day of filming, I thought it was going to be they've followed me somewhere. this would be at least the 10th day How long does this show go for? It's been at least six weeks... out with you! Yeah, yeah, but we're spreading it Putting the issues forward. Andrew Wilkie holds power talks with Julia This Program Is Captioned

Live. A military ramp ceremony to

honour the 21st Australian

Suspicions of soldier to die in Afghanistan.

Suspicions of a bikie plant in

the New South Wales Police Force. And in the AFL, the

Hawks down the Magpies in a

3-point thriller at the MCG.

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weather first. Taking a look at tomorrow's

One week now since One week now since the

it's still unclear who will nation went to the polls and

form government. With outcome in the hands of the form government. With the

interpends the Prime Minister

spent the day courting

tipped to win the seat of Denison. He will meet the

Opposition Leader next week.

Today Tony Abbott was buoyed by

an opinion poll indicating voters in the three regional

seats held by another three crossbenchers strongly favour

the coalition. A week's a long

time in politics. Especially

when there's no election

result. Here we are.

Minister was still working the

room holding talks with the

independent Andrew Wilkie likely to win Tasmanian seat of

Denison. Wilkie won't say who

he will back but wants major

reform to poker machine

legislation to stop problem

gamblers. I made it quite clear gamblers. I made it

to the Prime Minister that the time for inaction has passed. He will meet the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott Leader Tony Abbott on Monday. I'm not here trying to pork-barrel. I don't want freeways. I just want lines on freeways. I just want lines on

work and a hospital that the road and streetlights that

tiles falling off the functions where it doesn't have functions where it doesn't have

wall. Andrew Wilkie says he

won't be working with the three amigos, Bob Katter, Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor.

Newspoll has voters in the three seats overwhelmingly

support from the independents, Tony Abbott would support from the three

become the Prime

Minister. They don't want to

redo too much to upset their

own particular constituencies. Those constituencies are fairly

anti-Labor. But Tony Windsor

says that's not so. I don't put a lot of sway in it at all. Mr Windsor

Windsor still won't say who he

will support. And will support. And as reaffirmed

his former association with the National

guarantee he will side with the National Party, there's no

coalition. I gave up smoking at a similar time, so some

suggest I ridded myself of two cancer causing agents. Scott

Prasser says one sure. I think the electorate is

starting to run out of continued across patience. Vote counting

continued across the country

today. In the federal seat of

Brisbane the LNP's Theresa Gambaro is hoping to declare

victory tomorrow. We're 1,615 ahead. That would give the

coalition 73 seats, one ahead of Labor. An Australian soldier killed in Afghanistan this week has been honoured at a military

ramp ceremony in Tarin Kowt. 28-year-old Lance 28-year-old Lance Corporal

Jared McKinney from Brisbane

was killed in a gun battle with Taliban insurgents on Wednesday. 21 Australian

soldiers have died in conflict

McKinney is survived by his

wife, a 3-year-old daughter and

an unborn child. His colleagues

said he was a brave soldier

liked by all and will missed. It was an honour to liked by all and will be sorely

have known you, an honour to

with you and an honour to have everybodyed is and fought

you as a wait. Rest in peace. with you and an honour to have

The New South Wales Police

allegations a bikie spy Force is under fire amid

infiltrated its ranks. Law enforcement officials suspect the Comanchero accessed highly sensitive

intelligence on fed and intelligence on fed and state drug investigations. The is said to be involved in drug investigations. The gang

traffics an extortion. Now police suspect the gang got its

hands on more than a dozen secret New South Wales police

files. This is very amateurish

to have this type of

intelligence being leaked out

to criminal, outlaw criminal

gangs and endangering the life of undercover of undercover police. The leak was detected around the middle of last culprit is the unsworn police analyst Terry Gregorio. His

work gave him access information on State and work gave him access to secret

News to police say he has Lunchtime

News to the Comanchero. There are 20,000-plus employees in

New South Wales police. This is

a very rare occurrence. And the

vast majority of police in New

South Wales are ethical, very


be individuals. Procedures should

be introduced so that anyone

that has access to

alleged breach triggered a sensitive material has to

review of its systems, but know changes have been made. I cannot accept that it was handled badly. Or that the systems are flawed systems are flawed in any

way. Terry Gregorio was charged

with stealing police documents

late last year. Police fed

false information into their

database about his associates

to see if he'd access it and

allegedly he took the bait. He

was suspended from the force with pay. He is due to Amir in court on

Australia's handling of

Indigenous issues has been

criticised by a UN committee

racial discrimination. A new criticised by a UN committee on

report challenged the three

year suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act to enable

the federal intervention into remote Aboriginal communities. The UN also pointed out in Indigenous rights aren't enshrineed in Australia's constitution. The Howard Government suspended the Racial Discrimination Act in to enable the intervention in remote remote Aboriginal governments and the Rudd Government that way until June this year

when the Act was reinstated. In

my experience I have dealt with maybe 150 countries since I've been on this been on this committee roughly.

This was the first time This was the first time we'd fundamental issue. I don't know if Australia witnessed

that sort of country, that sort

of creates laws to protect them

suspends it. And I think it's

great that the United Nations has picked up on made comment. Australian

lawyers strongly pro tested the

suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act, and the topic

topic was discussed at a national forum in Brisbane today. They're campaigning to get Indigenous

people equal access to legal help. Probably closest to the

heart of lawyers, the legal

profession, is the profession, is the incredible overrepresentation of

Indigenous Australians in our

justice system and in our jails. That and the difference

in life expectancy for Indigenous people were also

noted by the UN. But the noted Federal Government says it's

committed big funds to help

fight the gap if it gets another term. Over the next

three years, we're allocating

more than $5 billion in health, education, housing, to do exactly that. We know education,

that it is a big job. But it

must be done. Lawyers have

must long championed the legal recognition of Indigenous rights in the Australian constitution. Another omission

that drew criticism from the

UN. It's not surprising at all and hopefully it might be just another reason another reason why another reason why this whole

issue needs to be re-examined. During the election campaign,

both parties promised a

referendum on enshrine ing Indigenous Indigenous rights in the constitution. of children who are desperately sick from water borne illnesses

. South Asia correspondent

Sally Sara reports from the

southern Pakistani city of Sukkur and a warning, viewers may

Sukkur and a warning, some viewers may find some material

in this report distressing. These of the flood zone. The paediatric ward is so crowded

there are up to three in each

bed. This one-year-old has raw

bed. This one-year-old has raw skin and severe

gastroenteritis. His gastroenteritis. His family

escaped the floods 15 days ago.

It's a story repeated again

again. But there are too many

sick children and not enough doctors. Have you ever had it doctors. Have you ever had it

so busy like this? No, no, never. The children's ward never. The children's ward is

always busy. But not so busy as

we are seeing now. In bed a mother watches over her

three children. They're all suffering from diarrhoea after

drinking dirty floodwater. The

eldest is so weak, he fell and injured

injured his head. All of the

families from flood families from flood affected areas are suffering from sickness. Outside, there are even

even more children. Exhausted relatives wait and hope. They

have nowhere else to go. What's happening here a sense of the scale of the

health crisis but also the

shortage of resources. The government of Pakistan is government of Pakistan is doing

all that it can and the staff

here are doing all that here are doing all that they can too, but the numbers are

overwhelming. So too are the

faces of the individuals. This

girl is 18 months old,

dehydrated and malnourished.

She only has her grand mother's hands to comfort her. She has

been waiting for help in the

corridor for almost three hours. Yes, we are very worried

about her. Her family searches

for a place in the ward. There

are no spare beds, so she's

given space at the feet of a

sick boy. The overworked nurses here are praying for some relief. Only pray for us. Only

pray for us. Pakistan's health

system is struggling to cope

with the aftermath of the

nation's worst floods on record. 33 miners trapped underground in a mine in

northern Chile have given outside world a tour of the

hole in which they're likely to

remain trapped for months. miners remain trapped for months. The take a long time to rescue


For men who've spent three weeks underground, starving in the near dark, the miners have San Jose look remarkably well.

You can see just how hot it is,

almost half a mile under the a lot of weight but they tell their families they will their families the video above the mine in

what they call camp hope, this is another emotional experience. experience. Sometimes painful, sometimes full of joy. As they all try to deal with all try to deal with the

knowledge that there is a very long wait ahead.

The miners give

viewers a guided tour. Here

they show one of the underground machines in the

tunnels they reach from their shelter.

This will be their home,

perhaps until Christmas. This

is what they call their casino,

where they play dominoes. They

will be sent more games down the supply become their lifelines. The

smokers among them will get

nicotine gum. Some have been

overwhelmed by the effort to

save them. And outside above ground the

supply tubes are constantly

being filled, each miner needs

to get 4 litres of water a day. The miners have no choice.

They are stuck together. And They are stuck together. And in case anyone case anyone was wondering about

the state of their lungs amid

the dust and the grime, they

end their video noisy rendition of the Chilean

noisy rendition of the Chilean national anthem. (Singing) In London, In London, the official inquiry into the Iraq war inquiry into the Iraq war has been accused of ignoring the

deaths of Iraqi civilians. An

organisation called the Iraq

body count says it's recorded up to up to 106,000 civilian deaths, since the invasion in 2003. The

IBC says the Chilcott inquiry set up by the former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has failed to address the issue. The Chilcott panel will visit Iraq before finalising its report this report this year. Meanwhile, the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri

al-Maliki says his government has information that al-Qaeda-linked groups are planning a series of attacks

across the country. Mr

Al-Maliki's comments come as

the US military prepares to formally end in Iraq the the end of this

month. Scores of people have

been killed in a string of attacks across Iraq over the

last few weeks. Mr Al-Maliki told Iraqi

Sunni members of al-Qaeda and

the banned Baath Party have foreign backing and they're

plotting attacks in the plotting attacks in the north and south of the country. A Sri

Lankan housemaid who had 24

nails inserted into her nails inserted into her body by her employers in Saudi Arabia

is recovering from surgery.

Doctors in Sri Lanka removed long nails and five needles

from the woman, who claims her

employers hammered them into

her body. X-rays showed she had

24 nails and needles in her hands, feet and head. But not all could

all could be removed due to

fears about nerve damage. The 49-year-old woman underwent surgery shortly after her

return to Sri Lanka from Saudi

Arabia. She's told authorities

how the woman who employed her would heat the nails and man at the house would then hammer them into her. And more details on the rest of

today's stories you can send us

all your comments and These are the stories we're following on ABC News 24. The

Prime Minister has spent the

day wooing Tasmania's day wooing Tasmania's Andrew Wilkie who's claimed victory in

the seat of Denison. Julia

Gillard met Mr Wilkie for about

an hour in Melbourne earlier

this afternoon to discuss

Labor's attempt to form Labor's attempt to form a minority government. He could become one of the key balance of power in a hung

Parliament . Senior police say

an alleged mole infiltrated the New South Wales Police Force,

but didn't seriously compromise

any police operations. It's

believed more than a dozen highly sensitive

highly sensitive files on

federal and State drug federal and State drug probes have been leaked to the

Comanchero bikie gang. An Australian soldier killed in Afghanistan this week has been

farewelled in a military ramp

ceremony in Tarin Kowt. 28-year-old Lance Corporal Jared McKinney from Brisbane

was killed in a gun battle Taliban insurgents on Wednesday. And the US says it

will send 18 more helicopters to Pakistan to help with relief efforts. The United Nations says fresh flooding in the south of the country has

displaced almost a million people in the last two people in the

hit another speed bump with the economy growing far slower than

says it's prepared to step in

but not just yet. North America

correspondent Lisa Millar reports. Ben Bernanke appeared relaxed ahead of Reserve's annual meeting. His

highly anticipated speech,

though, did little to ease the

anxiety over the state of the

country's economy. He told the

audience growth was less

vigorous than we expected. GDP

of 1.6% for the second quarter

appeared to appeared to back up the appeared to back up the figures released over the last two

down and employment stagnant. The Federal Reserve is under

pressure to take more pressure to take more radical action. Ben Bernanke is

considering options, but only if if the economy worsens.

Once we move into the fourth

quarter and beyond, it's really

about jobs, it's really about jobs, it's really about improvement in the labour markets and it's really about

household consumption. The

economy needs to grow economy needs to grow at more than 2.5% for jobs to created and unemployment to

fall below 9.5%. At this rate,

there's a risk the jobless rate

could hit double figures once again. The gloomy

for job seekers also spell bad news for the President, with

the mid-term elections now just

two months away and the economy

showing no signs of picking up,

senior Democrats are increasingly worried they're

facing big defeats in Congress. Barack Obama has

spent 10 days relaxing with family but as his summer holiday winds down t seems the recovery has as well. Sport now with

There's going to be plenty of

tipsters upset, a huge upset in

the NRL? Including myself. Big

surprise. The Sharks have

stunned the Gold Coast Titans

at Shark Park.

The Sharks scored three tries to one to carry a 12 point lead into half-time. Thompson's second ensured the Titans remained in touch after remained in touch after the

break but Tim Smith's 4 pointer

once again gave the Sharks some breathing space. In the breathing space. In the AFL tonight, Sydney can claim a home home final with a win against Brisbane, while the Western

Bulldogs will finish fourth regardless of the result

against Essendon. Both against Essendon. Both those matches are just under A frustrating wait came to an end when Josh Fraser minely

made Game 200 . And more

importantly a chance to impress

pre-finals. The first quarter was error riddled. First

Franklin marked, played on Franklin marked, played on and

paid the price. That's not good

next to waste a close-range

opportunity. He has missed from

5m as well! Werrer gifted 5m as well! Werrer gifted the late inclusion Davis a regulation set shocking. Shocking kick. But

not even Leon could convert. It

look some ground-level magic

from a master of the unlikely

to ignite the match. It's

through. An amazing goal from through. Cyril Rioli. Minutes later

Peterson found his way through

hidden traffic. The Pies also found range through Sidebottom.

The goal sparked some The goal sparked some feeling late in the second term late in the second term but it

was Davis who sent the Magpies

in with a handy lead at main break. The third quarter in with

turned into a shoot-out with

both sides abandoning the first

half yips. A long bomb from

buddy was the highlight and the

scene was set for a cracking

last quarter. Another Davis special gave Collingwood a

19-point lead midway 19-point lead midway through the last. But the on 4 goals in 7 minutes. Rioli

put the Hawks in front put the Hawks in front with another special and a free in

the dying seconds gave Deign Beams the chance to regain the

lead but the yips returned. The

final margin 3 points. Gary Ablett has inspired

Geelong to a comfortable win over the last-placed West over the last-placed West Coast at Kardinia Park. With the two sides at the opposite ends of the ladder, it wasn't the start many expected.

A spirited Eagles side took it up to the reigning premier up to the reigning premier to give West Coast a reigning advantage.

They continued to match the

Cats in the second term as Shoe in an ominous sign for West Coast, Ablett began to have an impact. Two Mooney goals gave

in the term gave Geelong a

narrow 4 point lead late in the break.

put the Eagles back in front threeg for the quarter.

The Cats kicked the last five goals of the term, to take

a 33-point lead into the a 33-point lead into the final change. Geelong ran away with the match in the final quarter, ahead of its qualifying final against St Kilda next week. Chapman failed to finish the

match offer coming ovulate with a knee injury. West Coast will

now look to 2011 now look to 2011 after

time in its history.

A huge crowd turned out to footy park to witness Adelaide's victory over St Kilda.

Both sides began the match going goal for goal, and the

Crows were up by 1 point at the end of end of the first term and again

at the main break. In front of

a crowd of more than 38,000, they increased their lead and

Taylor Walker bagged three. The victory was a victory was a fitting send-off to four retiring Adelaide stars. Captain Simon Goodwin, McLeod, Burton and Henshall.

Adelaide has defeated North

Queensland 3-2 in their

An entertaining game in

Townsville. Surnak put the

Townsville. Surnak put the Fury

in front in the 8th minute.

Flores put football back in the spotlight with in incredible

equaliser though he showed he

was prone to clowning around as

well. Daniel Mullen gave the

visitors a two-goal buffer. Australian golfer Jason Australian golfer Jason Day leads the US PGA Tour play-off event

event by one stroke after the

second round. He shot a 4 under

round of 67 to take the

clubhouse lead at 8 under, clubhouse lead at 8 under, one stroke ahead of stroke ahead of Streelman. Tiger Woods has dropped if the

first round lead to equal 14th after stumbling

after stumbling on the back

nine with four bothies. I've

been driving the ball actually pretty well over the last

couple of days, which is very

surprising if you look at my

stats. I've been hitting I'm driving it well and Hidding

the ball great and just trying to stay patient. Australia's Sally Pearson

naingsed second in the 100m hurdles. That was at the athletics diamond league meet

in Brussels. Thanks. A rare

white cheeked gibbon has been born at Adelaide Zoo. first born at Adelaide Zoo. It's the

first time this species has

been born at the zoo in its 127

year history. Gibbons are a

critically endangered species

with numbers in the wild

declining by 80% in the years. The baby gibbon is yet

to be named. Recent rains across New South Wales have brought many areas of parched farming country back to life. But in parts of the south-east,

the drought is still far from

broken. While every little drop

hems the farmers there say for

them, life on the land still isn't easy, even if it's

looking green. For the first time in years, farmers are

optimistic on the Southern

years. In the last 12 month the proportion of the State

declared to be in drought has

dropped from 64 to just 7%. The

south-east, parts England and north west remain

the worst affected areas. The

government says the spring

outlook is the best in a decade. But precious decade. But precious winter rains are being whittled

away. And it's that windy

today. In the Braidwood region

around 90 kilometres south-east

of can brat number of stock is

half what it was a decade

ago. They can't produce money from that stock to make a

living. People who are living. People who are trying

to keep the stock on hand they

need to make a living, their stock need to make a living, their stock are looking very skinny

and poorly. Many farmers they're only surviving due to offfarm income. This farmer diversified into real

estate. It sort of allowed me

to build up a fund. I

to build up a fund. I feel sorry for young people sorry for young people who'd like to start out on the land. Church groups and

charities say more help is

urgently needed for

drought-affected families and regional communities. A new three church organisations and

the Braidwood hospital to provide greater outreach

services. That will deliver youth services so that we'll

have at least access

youth, regular youth worker. Services for community development. Counselling services. And intervention

services. The current round of

government drought relief runs

out in March. I would hope that out in March. I would hope that

this the assistance goes on for

another year. So that people

can recover from this horrible

decade of drought. The Federal

Government is expected to reassess exceptional

A town in Finland has been

abuzz with noise as performers

strum their stuff for the world air guitar Championships. In

its 15th year the contest its 15th year the contest has drawn strummers from over 20 countries including countries including Australia. In fact, this year, an

Australian Tommy Thunder will

be jamming it out in the be jamming it out in the final after electrifying judges with

his 1980s glam rock

performance. Thunder beat off

strong opposition from Russia The winner will be dubbed the

king of air and will take home

a flying Finn electric guitar.

A quick look at the A quick look at the weather around the country for Sunday.

You're watching ABC News 24. I will be back with another update of the update of the headlines next, and then it's the 7.30 Select. Closed Captions by CSI This program is not captioned.

The top stories we're

following on ABC News - the independent candidate for independent candidate for the Tasmanian seat of Denison says

he was pleased with his first formal meeting with the Prime Minister. Andrew Wilkie met Julia Gillard in Melbourne for

about an hour this about an hour this afternoon. Mr Wilkie has claimed victory

in the Hobart seat, making him

one of the key independents who

will hold the balance will hold the balance of power

in a hung

at Tarin Kowt have farewelled Lance

Lance Corporal Jared McKinney

who was killed in Afghanistan. The 28-year-old Australian died

in a gun battle with the

Taliban. His colleagues

was a brave soldier and he will

be sorely missed. A joint investigation by the ABC and

Fairfax has found a bikie gang infiltrated the New South Wales

Police Force. Police suspect more

more than a dozen highly

sensitive files on federal and state drug probes have been

leaked to the Comanchero bikie

gang. It's believed the alleged who's been suspended and

charged. And the United Nations

says fresh flooding in southern Pakistan Pakistan has displaced almost a