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(generated from captions) Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight, the defamation showdown - over TV drug slurs. Mercedes Corby sues

A Government task force recommends on wine and beer. a sharp increase in taxes And a new project to deliver in central Sydney. hundreds of affordable homes and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - the chance discovery

of Lance Corporal Jason Marks that led to the death in Iraq. for a supermodel - And Sydney's search are looking for during Fashion Week. what the talent scouts But first - in a day of tears, Schapelle Corby's sister, Mercedes, on her former best friend. launching a vicious attack

lied about her on national TV Corby's lawyer says Jodi Power for cash, celebrity and revenge.

returned to court, A new-look Mercedes Corby Schapelle Corby The sister of convicted drug smuggler for defamation is suing Channel Seven on national television last year. over stories it aired best friend Jodie Power In them, Mercedes's former dealer and smuggler. accused her of being a drug-grower,

if I'd ever take drugs over. She just asked if I'd ever do it, "No, like, I've got two kids And I said, and I wouldn't do that." And she went on to tell me taken them over before. that she'd actually Corby's lawyer Stuart Littlemore QC In the New South Wales Supreme Court, said Ms Power had lied as revenge. something like $120,000 in cash He said Ms Power was paid

to Canada with her two children. and had an all-expenses-paid holiday Aside from Miss Power, Anna Coren is also being sued, Channel Seven's 'Today Tonight' host as is reporter Bryan Seymour. as Mr Littlemore accused the program They were in court in its hunger for ratings. of using chequebook journalism on opposite sides of the courtroom The former best friends sat both wept openly were played to the jury. as the stories in question The case continues. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. of the federal election ended up in court today giving out fake Labor Party flyers. with two men pleading guilty to of the former Liberal candidate The husband of Lindsay, Karen Chijoff, for the Penrith-based seat will be sentenced next month. against Troy Craig, In dismissing charges

branded the brochures Magistrate Pat O'Shane stupid, dumb, crude and divisive. Liberal MP Jackie Kelly, Gary Clark, The husband of then sitting

have both pleaded not guilty. and printing the bogus brochures. No-one has yet owned up to designing A major backlash tonight on beer and wine. over a proposed 300% tax hike

to tackle binge drinking. The radical plan has been put forward caused a stir over the weekend, The Rudd Government on pre-mixed alcoholic drinks. almost doubling the tax to battle our major health issues Now the task force designed wants to go one step further with a uniform alcohol tax rate in beer and wine taxes. which could see a 300% increase

a fair and simple tax. I think what we need is therefore can do more damage, If a drink's got more alcohol in it,

the tax is higher. taxed less heavily than spirits, the proposal would see favourite red or white by 63 cents. and a glass of your says is a just a thinly-veiled tax grab. the proposal on working men and women Would be nothing more than a slug as binge drinkers. and labelling them all And not everyone is convinced

young people from excessive drinking. raising prices will deter

but I don't think it will stop. I don't know what the answer is The kids will still drink for the last 1,000 years. as they have done and everything else, Been hit by so many other taxes I think it's a little unfair. would raise several billion dollars The Federal Government in four years from the new taxes. Raising taxes on beer and wine of binge drinking would certainly not change a culture with excessive consumption. or the problems associated $7.5 billion a year, Alcohol currently costs this country every year - over 3,000 unnecessary deaths we have to take this seriously. we got to do something, Samantha Jolly, Ten News. in 10 days Five nurses have been assaulted at one Sydney hospital, on yet another management blunder. and it's being blamed new mental health unit is overfull, Prince of Wales Hospital's

in the emergency department. with patients left does Morris Iemma have How much incompetence that's running at 110% capacity that he opens a new facility for staff and is still creating problems this emergency department? and the public trying to access there's a problem The Government admits patients in emergency departments but says treating mental health is a last resort. to be redeveloped Aan old council depot is

will be set aside Some of the properties for nurses, police and cleaners, the spiralling cost of housing. to help them beat

for 700 new affordable housing units. These flats will make way The development will also see works depot, across the road. of the Sydney City Council It's time to bulldoze them, to a great part of the city, give new life

that's got a great history, part of the city for 700 affordable housing units and provide

for battlers, for families, for city workers.

the State Government and the Council The $260 million partnership between and private ownership. will be a mix of public housing particularly for worker housing, who run our essential services, to provide housing for those people or the police officers. whether they be the nurses that category and how it will work But the details on who else fits haven't been revealed. which will be knocked down, This is one of the apartment blocks for at least 12 months. but that won't happen that they will have plenty of notice, Tenants have been reassured in most cases six months, to return when the work is finished. and they will be given the option where you'll be living. Well, because you wonder That's the thing. I've only been here two years - I'm just getting used to it. I don't like the idea of moving, but I'll have to, The Housing Minister has promised no-one will be evicted. that they will always have a home. We will ensure that we work with them, consult with them, talk with them through this process. The new environmentally friendly homes should be built within three years.

Kevin Wilde, Ten News. In a touching act of mateship, Australian soldiers in Iraq are giving up their days off to make sure the body of Lance Corporal Jason Marks returns home safely from Afghanistan. Israel has also paid tribute to our troops. While the four Australian soldiers injured in the gun battle that killed Lance Corporal Jason Marks

were flown to a German army hospital, army investigators have begun retracing their fateful last mission. The commando patrol had left their vehicles to walk to a predetermined attack jump-off point when they stumbled into a nest of Taliban fighters. In the ensuing fierce gunfight, Lance Corporal Marks suffered multiple gunshot wounds and died instantly. It brings home the reality, you know, of what we're actually here to do, the cost that we can pay for doing the job. We are actually putting our lives on the risk for something that people do care about. Here in Iraq, soldiers are flooding the Australian Army headquarters's email system with pleas to be involved in Lance Corporal Marks's last trip home. Dozens are offering to cancel leave to form honour guards wherever the flight with his coffin aboard touches down. with Private Jake Kovco's body, Since the disastrous mix-up which was lost by contractors in Iraq, Defence now insists

that bodies of any fallen personnel be accompanied every step of the way by ADF officers. And in Israel today they remembered soldiers past. Its President joined our Governor-General the Australian Light Horse Brigade's famous charge

at Beersheeba during World War I. Your very brave soldiers, your very brave country. Their indomitable fighting spirit, their unfailing good humour and for the difficult conditions they so bravely endured. And thousands still do endure. In Baghdad, Tim Collits, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport and some Souths greats are backing the tough action taken by the club. Yes, coach Jason Taylor has support for dumping four players and axing his captain. All the reaction shortly. Also, no more tears from Sreesanth after that slap from Harbhajan Singh.

Now India's bad boys have been forced to make up school playground-style, as Singh finally cops a penalty. players And the English Premier League

whose hot steps aren't confined to beating opposition players, proving they need a disco ball as much as a soccer ball. Also, the Swans embroiled in more controversy, for having too many players on the field. Next, a politician's humiliating confession -

he sniffed a staff member's chair. Plus, the procedure that allows diabetes patients to throw away their medicines. I highly recommend it. The surgery, the procedure, is nothing. And paying through the nose - proof that Aussie skiers are shelling out too much cold hard cash. Here's a sinker, hey? And... PLOP! You see how that sinks? Mmm. of GE Money Personal Loans,

It's... It's a sinker. To apply, call GE Money on 13 10 24. where we honour men like 'Polly' Farmer, the first bloke to kick the ball with his hands.

And Alex Jesaulenko, who gave kids across the country And all the other hall-of-famers So on 10 May, we celebrate the true greats of our game

with a tribute match featuring the best of the best.

This program is captioned live.

The parents of a woman gunned down on her neighbour's doorstep have spoken of their grief. Her father is devastated

He says she was frightened of her killer,

who had previously held her captive at gunpoint.

Max and Pam Greenbury still can't believe their daughter is dead. Tracey Greenbury was fatally shot yesterday as she fled a gunman, her dad distraught he wasn't able to protect her. At least I probably could've been in front of her. I could've been in front of her. I could have been in front of her.

It didn't happen. The mother of two, who had a black belt in karate, didn't stand a chance after the man she'd been friends with for just two months hunted her down. He shot her in the head on a neighbour's doorstep where she'd run seeking refuge. I don't know. I just can't get over it. Mr Greenbury says his daughter began to fear her killer two weeks ago, telling her dad the man had been in prison on murder and rape charges. The 34-year-old went to break off the friendship but her father says he was besotted with her and held her at gunpoint for two hours. She said Dad, "He got me, pulled me by the hair into the caravan,

"'Don't push my buttons or you'll know what to expect.'" The father also said just days ago he encouraged Tracey to call the police about her concerns but she didn't want to stir things up, and instead asked her brother to stay with her but he was unable to. I'm just so numb. I won't ever see Tracey again. Oh, those poor children, her poor children. Mignon Stewart, Ten News. A driver who ploughed into two parked cars at Greenacre has got off with a $300 fine. The 24-year-old told police he swerved to miss a dog on Punchbowl Road, before hitting the vehicles late last night. He was given a ticket for negligent driving and will lose three points off his licence. If you witness a breaking story and would like to see your pictures on Ten News: Doctors say some diabetics could get rid of their disease After an impressive trial, it's now expected there'll be a big demand

for the life-changing procedure. Dominic Mercuri now has the energy to do what he loves, but before he had LAP-BAND surgery, his weight hindered him and his diabetes left him lethargic while blurring his eyesight. However, that's all changed. I never thought that I would be off medication. I had no idea that losing weight that sort of effect on the diabetes.

was going to have The 51-year-old took part in a university trial in Melbourne. 60 overweight people with diabetes were selected. Half had conventional dieting therapy, the others had LAP-BAND surgery. It produces a pressure that allows a small meal to satisfy very early. Dominic lost 40 kilograms and within 12 months was off all medication. Diabetes can be cured by surgery. 73% of those who had the surgery beat the disease, while just 14% of those who went on a diet were cured. Diabetes can go into remission and effectively be removed by a scalpel. Gastric bypass surgery isn't popular here because it's dangerous and not reversible. However, the results give doctors hope hormone medication could be manufactured to control diabetes. Will we see a pill that does it in our lifetime? I'm sure we will. I've been excellent in health and do feel like a new person - revitalised, given a second chance. Mignon Stewart, Ten News. An early blast of snow in the State's Alpine country. A bitter cold snap brought widespread falls across the mountains, much to the delight of people in Thredbo. It was shortlived everywhere but on the peaks, after the sun came out mid-morning. Charlotte Pass recorded the heaviest cover, with 25cm. Another cold front is expected on Thursday. The first snowfalls of the season might have holidaymakers excited, but they'll need plenty of cold, hard cash. Australian lift tickets are the most expensive in the world. John McKeogh's ski holiday may have ended with a crash this year, but not his bank balance. The American slopes proved much better value than back home. We worked out that it was costing us less than $100 a day, including our lift passes and accommodation. His experience is backed by the 2008 World Lift Ticket Price Report. as the most expensive, It ranked Australia above South Africa, Dubai and Canada. It's an unpopular position the local industry is quick to justify.

The primary driver of that report was the change in the value of the dollar. It denies claims there's better value abroad. New Zealand is fine if you want to get up at 6:00 and drive for 45 minutes up the goat track to a windy slope that might have to be closed because the winds are too high. Travel agents are more diplomatic. They see local runs as most suitable for beginners.

Otherwise... For the experienced snowboarder or skier, certainly go up to Japan, across to Whistler, in Canada, and there are some great fields in New Zealand for the experienced skier as well. Here's why. Airfares aside, a basic 7-day package in Thredbo costs nearly $2,500. That's $900 more than skiing in Japan, $600 more than Canada, and more than $1,000 extra than New Zealand. Part of the problem is the comparative length of the snow season. But at a time when the financial squeeze is on, John and his mates know where they'll spend theirs next time. The resorts are much larger, the mountains are much higher. The Australian season kicks off next month. Amber Muir, Ten News.

He has got an all-year round coat. It is chilly everywhere - if you

were rubbing up last night, there

is a good reason. It was the

coldest night in 30 years in coldest night in 30 years in the

City last night. The only saving

grace - it was a bruise skies and

sunny all day. Inverell actually

dipped below freezing point - the

first happen - - time it has

happened in 50 years - tomorrow it

is more of the same. Next, inside Austria's house of horrors - the dungeon where a man imprisoned his daughter. And teen star Miley Cyrus apologises for her raunchy photo shoot.

VOICEOVER: What happens when chicken and bacon with country-style chicken, fresh tomato and lettuce, on a fresh-baked baguette.

Only at Hungry Jack's. The burgers are better at Hungry Jack's.

And This program is captioned live.

Let's check on the traffic.

It is all happening again for

Epping Road. I am going to show you

what the traffic looks like heading

away from Epping Road. That is

backed up nearly all the way back

towards Epping. As we fly north you

can see the extent of the traffic on the M2.

on the M2. There has been a minor

accident near the tunnel. There

will be another update right after the sport. Complete humiliation for the Leader of the WA Liberal Party - he's broken down in tears after admitting he sniffed the chair of a female staff member. Troy Buswell today confessed the bizarre incident took place in 2005. Fighting back tears, he apologised and said he's changed his ways since taking on the Opposition leadership. It's hard dealing with these matters and having to face up to your responsibilities behaviourally publicly. It's harder to do it privately.

Earlier this year he admitted snapping the bra strap of a different female staffer. The Rudd Government has given a big tick to desalination as an answer to the water shortage crisis in Australia's cities. Brushing aside protests around the country, the Water Minister says the priority is water security into the future. the Howard $10 billion water plan The Government has topped by almost $3 billion. Most of the new money going to water-starved cities. What we must do now is to prepare for the future with less rain due to climate change. The $12.9 billion package buying back water from irrigators, returns it to our rivers, tackles leakage and evaporation from irrigation channels and provides $1 billion for urban water projects and, controversially, desalination. Just last week in Sydney protesters were out again demonstrating against their new desal plant. Similar community opposition has surfaced in other cities. That hasn't deterred the Canberra offer. There's the urban water and desalination plan of $1 billion which is focused on cities above $50,000. There are no quibbles from the Premier of the driest State. I'm pleased that there is going to be more money available for water reform across Australia. claims credit for the plan Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson as largely being the brainchild of the former Howard Coalition government but his water spokesman isn't so sure.

Greg Hunt says farmers miss out because there's no money to make their irrigation more efficient. This $2 billion for fixing up the farms for cleaning up the channels has been taken away and it's a cruel and bitter blow.

The Government says Mr Hunt has got it completely wrong. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A first look tonight into Austria's house of horrors - the underground prison where a man kept his daughter as a sex slave for 24 years. The abuser has faced court after confessing to his crimes. This narrow corridor was the gateway to a secret hell of incest and imprisonment, where a young woman spent half her life the sex slave of her own father. Elisabeth Fritzl was trapped here for 24 years, in a dark, cramped network of tiny rooms built underneath her family home - shut off from her oblivious mother living upstairs, by a hidden, soundproofed concrete door. Josef Fritzl would often open it with a secret code to visit his daughter, raping her repeatedly. She delivered seven of his children in the cellar. (Speaks German) Fritzl has confessed the full extent of his actions, said police. The 73-year-old admitted to locking three of the children in the underground prison with their mother, and raising three of them as his own upstairs,

Elisabeth had abandoned them over the years, because she'd joined a cult. The seventh child died soon after birth - it's alleged the father then burned the body of the infant in his oven. It's hard to believe that such an abuse could happen here in our village. While his victims suffered for 2.5 decades, officials say Josef Fritzl faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted under Austrian law. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Powerful tornadoes have hit the United States, injuring more than 200 people. Three twisters tore through the state of Virginia.

The town of Suffolk was the hardest hit,

with countless homes and businesses flattened. I looked out the back porch and I seen all kinds of debris flying up. I said, "Man, that's definitely a tornado," 'cause it got quiet, it got real quiet, and then it sounded like a train was coming through there. There were reports someone had been killed, but police say the death was not connected to the storm. Teen star Miley Cyrus has apologised over a topless photo. The semi-nude picture of the 15 year old was taken by celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz for 'Vanity Fair' magazine. In a statement, the daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, says she thought the shoot would be artistic, but now feels embarrassed. The star of the hit show 'Hannah Montana' made $1 billion for Disney last year. The media giant has accused the magazine

of deliberately manipulating the teenager. Dozens of celebrities trekking the Great Wall of China to raise money for cancer research, have finished their crusade. Among them, our entertainment reporter Angela Bishop, who caught up with the woman who made it all happen. I liken it to the cancer journey, you know? You start out, you don't know what you're heading into, it's a little daunting and frightening, and each time you conquer a stage you feel growth. And I probably won't even realise what that is until I go home. That's amazing.

Well, the sense of achievement you have, I can actually tell you - you haven't even heard this yet - but this walk has raised nearly $2 million... Oh, wow! ..for the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre, which is incredible. Let's take a look at how the final day unfolded. For the people who have been on this walk from the start this morning brought plenty of emotion.

I had to bring the rabbit ears to let people know there is some rabbits. There's been a bit of a 'Grease' reunion here on the wall, with Olivia's good friend Didi, who played Frenchy, along for the ride.

Wop-bop-aloo-bop! Whop-bam-boom! Well, it's the end of this. It's just the beginning of continuing to help create this centre that is so important.

As the walkers snaked to the top for the last time, the dollars coming in for the cause continue to rise as well - $200,000 coming in from around the world yesterday alone. Yeah, what happens on the wall stays on the wall. My feet are that sore. I can't possibly recommend anyone do it in bare feet or socks. That's it! They should put signs up or something to warn people. So, Olivia, I know a lot of people

Magic is great. He's the little symbol of our journey, and he's already got his own sponsorship going, so you go to www.greatwalktobeijing. You can sponsor Magic. And, as I say, as the kitty grows, the kitty grows, hopefully. 'Cause even though the walk's over, the fundraising isn't, and it's going to continue. Olivia, thanks so much. Congratulations. Thank you so much. Thank you, Magic.

More than 100 jobs lost as a Sydney factory closes - details after the break. Also, Sydney's climate change hot spots - scientists name our suburbs most at risk. And the search for Australia's next supermodel - you'll be surprised what the judges are looking for.

This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - a bold plan to solve the housing affordability crisis in Sydney. Hundreds of homes are to be built on a parcel of land in Glebe and Ultimo, in a joint venture involving the City of Sydney Council and the State Government. Some properties will be set aside for workers such as nurses and police. A controversial proposal to sharply increase the cost of beer and wine. A Government task force wants a 300% rise in taxes to deter binge drinking. The hotels association has blasted the plan as a thinly veiled tax grab.

And Schapelle Corby's sister Mercedes has gone to court, launching a vicious attack on her former best friend and Channel Seven. She's suing the network over allegations

that she was involved in the drug trade. Corby's lawyer says Jodi Power lied about Mercedes on national TV for cash, fame and revenge. A Sydney biscuit factory is shutting down, leaving 150 workers without a job.

Campbell Arnotts says the Players plant at Miranda is no longer suitable for its needs. The union fears the company is preparing We want to get a commitment from the company that this isn't the first step That's our great concern at this point. The union will ask Campbells to find new jobs for the sacked workers at its other factories, before the plant closes in December. The Sydney coastal suburbs most at risk from climate change have been identified in a new study. The CSIRO research also shows poorer areas will be harder hit and less able to cope. As an issue, climate change is a hot one. Now the CSIRO has ranked Sydney councils for risk, should the worst happen. It demonstrates quite nicely the fact that, even within relatively small regions such as Sydney, there's going to be a wide variability across the landscape regarding vulnerability. The report was commissioned by a group of 15 coastal councils stretching from Hornsby to Sutherland. The year-long study identified Botany and Rockdale councils as most at risk from climate change, followed by Pittwater, although all 15 will be impacted in some way. Sea level rises, coastal erosion and bushfires were key risk factors.

But the scientists also considered to handle heavy rain each area's ability and even its number of elderly residents, because they're more vulnerable to extreme heat. Rockdale and Botany rate poorly because they're low-lying, have large levels of high-density housing and lower average incomes. The scientists involved say this report isn't meant to be alarmist. Just because an area is identified as high risk doesn't mean it's more likely to be inundated by sea level rises, nor that its residents are more likely to die during a heatwave. It's all about each council's ability to respond over the next 25 years. This is the first stage in a journey to help protect our communities and enhance their ability to adapt to climate change. The report is also powerful ammunition

when councils seek funds from State and Federal Governments. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. To the BankWest finance report, and the share market has closed with little change. The resources sector was weighed down by weaker oil and gold prices but BHP managed to finish in the black. The Commonwealth gained on news its rates may stay on hold for the short term.

The average price of petrol in Sydney is $1.44. Kirrawee and Sylvania Heights have the cheapest fuel, at $1.39.

The problem of struggling rural health care was just one of the issues addressed at the recent 2020 Summit. But one doctor is taking extreme measures to prop up a remote health system. The eye specialist flies his own plane almost 1,000km to see patients at his own expense. I've always thought it would be a good thing to combine the skills as a doctor and as a flyer.

I figured this would be a win-win situation for everybody. We'll have that story tomorrow night. Our next supermodel from international success. may be just a few steps away

Foreign talent scouts are at Fashion Week, including some from New York, who've made a number of signings. Fashion Week is not just about the clothes, but who's wearing them. And taking keen interest in the girls over the gowns are model scouts looking for Australia's next big export. Jenny Rose has flown from Paris to see what Australia has on offer. In the past three years, stars like Megan Gale and Miranda Kerr In the past three years, and Miranda Kerr have cemented our reputation. I don't think there's a specific Australian look, but I think there's a way an Australian girl carries herself.

Perth-born Pip Bingham agrees. by a boutique New York modelling agency. I just think Australians have a lot more easier way of going about things, so you're broken into it a lot more gentle. (MUSIC PLAYS) The calibre of Australian girls - it's definitely... they're up there. We're told there's a handful of potential new Aussie stars

on show here this week, but exactly who the scouts are watching and signing remains a closely-guarded secret. All we know is that offers are on the table. And another scout from New York, David Cunningham, has already signed on the dotted line. The Australian girls are great because they're great girls and people enjoy working with them. Who the lucky few are on an overseas catwalk will no doubt be revealed in the not-too-distant future.

very few on this trip, Josh Murphy, Ten News. Sport now, and Tim, South's coach admits and Tim, Souths' coach admits his club is in a hole. Yes, and he says it's time for a Rabbitoh reality check - that shortly. Plus - the Swans in more trouble with the AFL.

And look who's crying now - Harbhajan Singh finally gets more than a slap on the wrist for hitting an Indian Test team-mate. Also - scoring just to celebrate - 'So You Think You Can Dance', English Premier League-style.

the first bloke to kick the ball with his hands. And Alex Jesaulenko, who gave kids across the country an excuse to jump all over their mates' backs. And all the other hall-of-famers that made Australian football what it is today. So on 10 May, we celebrate the true greats of our game

This program is captioned live. Souths coach Jason Taylor concedes he's been caught out by the Rabbitohs' shock return to the NRL cellar this season. His admission comes

after a drama-filled 24 hours for the Rabbitohs - Taylor was forced to discipline five players for breaking an alcohol ban. Last week's trip to Brisbane their seventh straight loss, not only gave the Rabbitohs it also prompted a sudden reality check for last year's surprise semifinalists. I think that last year fooled a lot of people.

It fooled me, I've got to say,

that we thought that we'd climbed completely out of the hole that the Rabbitohs had been in for the previous 18 years and that it was just gonna be smooth sailing from there. we're back in that hole. And that's not the case - After the Broncos loss, David Kidwell, Ben Rogers, Jaiman Lowe, Eddie Paea and Fetuli Talanoa broke team rules by drinking. Taylor was forced to defend why he dropped all but Kidwell.

In my opinion David Kidwell losing his captaincy is much worse than a game in premier league. I know how proud he is about his role as captain. Taylor hopes his tough stance is the turning point that changes the club's culture forever. And he had support today from former Rabbitohs among the game's greats at a Centenary celebration in western NSW. If South Sydney are going to turn things around it's got to come from within. If these are the hard lessons the boys have got to learn by, then so be it. I probably don't agree with the drinking ban and that, but the players knew about it and they broke the rules so they've probably got to pay the consequences. Also paying the consequences might be the ageing bodies and Danny Buderus. of Country veterans Nathan Hindmarsh Despite burn-out concerns from their club coaches,

they'll get no special treatment Friday night. Nah, mate, I'll just play them as I see it. And if they have to play 80, they'll play 80. Adam Hawse, Ten News. The Wests Tigers have urged New Zealand selectors to bypass Benji Marshall after he was today left out of the side to play Brisbane on Saturday. Marshall tore scar tissue in his knee last weekend

and has been advised by doctors to rest.

But the Kiwis could still pick him for next week's Centenary Test against the Kangaroos. If you ask me, Benji's not ready to play. I think New Zealand will be doing an injustice to their other players. They've got plenty of quality players. Benji's not mentally right to play in a game like that yet. He needs more time. Marshall said last week he'd skip the Test if he didn't feel he was fully fit.

North Melbourne coach Dean Laidley has changed his tune on the controversy surrounding the Swans having 19 men on the field in the last 30 seconds of Sunday's drawn match. Last night Laidley said it was an honest mistake by the Swans and the two points should not be taken from them. Today he supports the AFL's investigation. It's important for everyone that we sort it out and get the right result, particularly for our players, who worked particularly hard out on the ground,

and for our supporters. If the infringement is found to be inadvertent the Swans face a fine of up to $15,000. Legal action would be highly likely should the Swans lose the two points. It's proved a costly slap on the face. The spat between Indian cricket bad boys Harbhajan Singh and Sreesanth thrown out of the IPL competition, after Harbhajan was effectively denying him a small fortune. So often in trouble, though this time humbled,

Harbhajan Singh looking far from comfortable during this orchestrated handshake.

As penalty for the level 4.2 offence committed by Mr Harbhajan Singh,

he hereby orders Mr Harbhajan Singh be banned forthwith matches of the first IPL season. for the rest of the remaining A sore loser Friday night, Singh drew tears from India team-mate Sreesanth with a slap to the face after their IPL clash. The noted bad boy is now feeling his own pain - the ban denying him match payments of around $850,000. He'll only be allowed to play again if his team reaches the semis. The news has overshadowed another free-wheeling display with the bat for Chennai from Australia's Mike Hussey. COMMENTATOR: And another one, a bigger one. Hussey bashed 47 off 37 balls,

teaming up for a 95-run partnership with man of the match M.S. Dhoni. Not even the umpire was safe from the assault. This is the umpire killer.

only thing he had to save him there was his walkie-talkie. The pair also instrumental in defending the 178-run total - Dhoni with a catch and two run-outs, Hussey pulling down a pair of catches, including the game winner. Steyn has done it - in the gap. No, it's out, and that's the game over. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. The New South Wales Swifts have recorded their biggest win of the trans-Tasman netball competition, thumping the Central Pulse 59-30. Catherine Cox and Susan Pratley ran hot for the Swifts, shooting at 84% and 88% respectively. The massive winning margin now lifts them to the top of the table on percentage. In last night's other game, Arsenal locked up third place on the English Premier League table, but their 6-2 drubbing of Derby could be remembered more for the fancy footwork than the goals. Derby's Robert Earnshaw kicked off the dance-fest after booting home the fifth goal of the match. Earnshaw celebrated the end of his 2.5-year goal-less spell. Arsenal's Emmanuel Adebayor is no stranger to the back of the net - his second goal for the night was his 20th for the season. But he and team-mate Emmanuel Eboue were not done yet. Adebayor scored a hat-trick, his second against Derby for the year. And later in Sports Tonight,

chat with MotoGP rider Chris Vermuelen and NBA highlights.

Let's check on the traffic. It is a

terrible night for traffic heading

out to Granville. The M4 is having

problems - a car has broken down.

You can see the RTA is about to arrive

arrive now. As the RTA try it to

merge into the right lane they will

try and get that bright - - break

down out of the way. Look at the M4

it is backed up all the weight to

Parramatta Road. Stay with us - we'll have the latest on the cold weather snap next.

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This program is captioned live. I

cannot believe we are 1.5 cannot believe we are 1.5 months

away from the start of winter, and

we are already talking about

freezing temperatures. Brace

yourself, put on your dog breeds

and turn on the electric blanket.

On the satellite - thick cloud

spreading over inland WA along a

trough is causing patchy fog across

the far south-west. Tomorrow after a

a cold morning with widespread

forced fog and frost the trough

will spread shares are the South

Australia. Like shares for Western

Victoria, Tasmania and the south-

west and South Australia. Victoria, Tasmania and the south- west and South Australia. Victoria, Tasmania and the south- west and South Australia. Victoria, Tasmania and the south- west and South Australia. Victoria, Tasmania and the south-

west and South Australia. If you

want to do your bit for the

Starlight Foundation, the lock on

to their website. Your money will

go towards cheering up sick kids in hospitals around the country. go towards cheering up sick kids in hospitals around the country.

The forecast for the state:

The forecast around Sydney:

It will be as cold as one degree at Richmond early morning fault.

Rub up tonight, because it is going

to beat another cold one, but blue

skies and a sunny tomorrow. Unusual for

for this time of year - very

unseasonal. We have been putting a

block on the fire at home, getting

it warm already. I have not yet got

to Catherine's stage with a husky