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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. declares it's ready for war. An explosive scenario as Hezbollah of a peace plan. World leaders making heavy weather in their Sydney homes. The fight to keep war veterans tempting punters in the Alice. And the dashing dromedaries, Good evening. with ABC News. Deborah Rice that the hostilities There are fears tonight will descend into all-out war. between israel and Lebanon For a fourth day - against Lebanese targets - Israel has launched air raids blasting roads and bridges. Four people were killed, to as high as 70. pushing the death toll And four Israeli sailors are missing attack from the Lebanese coast. after their warship came under From the Lebanese capital, Beirut,

Matt Brown reports. Middle East correspondent

Israel, the conflict is raging. Throughout Lebanon and northern EXPLOSION to hit Lebanese infrastructure. Israeli missiles continued The airport was shelled again. were left burning. A power station and a fuel depot As they did in Gaza last week, left thousands without power. the Israeli attacks have a variety of targets in Lebanon, We are targeting or indirectly to terrorist activity. all connected directly most of the traffic On Lebanon's border with Syria, is heading out of the country. not to go through this, I always wanted my children going to find peace in this region. but it seems we're never In Beirut, owned by a Hezbollah radio station Israeli missiles hit a building along with the home Hassan Nasrallah. of the militant group's leader, He responded defiantly. in a message broadcast "You wanted open war," he said on local television, "and we are ready for it. "It will be a war on all levels" attack on one of the warships Hezbollah launched an unprecedented on targets in Lebanon. Israel has been using to fire from the southern suburbs of Beirut The group fired a missile

plane in the attack. and may also have used an unmanned and four sailors are missing. The ship was damaged have also continued to rain Hezbollah rockets on northern Israel. SIRENS WAIL a narrow escape from one attack. A television crew had and his grandmother were killed, But a five-year-old boy Israelis to die in the bombardment. becoming the third and fourth the military retaliation. Residents here support we just want it to stop. We don't want revenge, then we have to do it. And if this means war, has been much more deadly. The result in Lebanon more than 60 people were killed Lebanese officials say of the Israeli assault. in the first three days With each Israeli bombing run, is reduced to rubble. another part of the country

of decades of civil war Lebanon still bears the scars and Israeli occupation. can't quite believe it, The people here for another sustained conflict. but they're getting ready

Matt Brown, ABC News, Beirut. are being reflected The divisions within the Middle East in the international community. Israel's right to self-defence, While the United States is defending

other world powers are condemning disproportionate force. what they call Mark Simkin reports. Washington correspondent, From Baghdad to Karachi,

condemnation of Israel. criticism of the United States, (All chant in Farsi) and America supports them," "Israel commits crimes these Iranians chant. Israel of using excessive force. Many world leaders are accusing

as do most Europeans, TRANSLATION: I think, honestly, are completely disproportionate. that the current reactions at the United Nations There were similar sentiments an emergency meeting. where the Security Council convened a cease-fire and end the blockade. Lebanon urged the council to broker an act of aggression and devastation What Israel is undertaking is to its knees aimed at bringing Lebanon and subverting it by any means. Israel replied by saying to an act of war. its actions are a direct response Syria and Iran, Hezbollah, together with Hamas, and ominous axis of terror. comprise the world's new an unfathomable capacity for evil. Membership for this club requires pressure on Iran and Syria, The United States is also putting to defend itself. while supporting Israel's right George W. Bush is in Russia. Minister and other regional leaders. He called the Lebanese Prime

The President says civilians, he'll urge Israel to spare the attacks. but won't pressure it to stop are making diplomacy difficult. The international divisions could agree on, All the Security Council a 3-man crisis team was that the UN should dispatch to the Middle East. Washington. Mark Simkin, ABC News, violence in the Middle East The impact of the escalating is being felt in Australia. to the streets in Melbourne today Several hundred people took

attacks on Lebanon and Gaza. in protest against the Israeli of Australians trapped in Lebanon And around the country, families to bring them home. are pleading for action (Crowd chants) Out, out Israel! About 600 people marched through Melbourne's city centre,

of violence in Israel and Lebanon. angry at the latest outbreak As Australians, we urge our Federal Government to condemn the Israel war and the Palestinians. against Lebanon a pure Palestinian issue, This is not a Palestinian, this is not a national issue.

This is a global issue. but the rally was peaceful Police were on hand as protestors crossed the city.

Israel should get out of Lebanon. Peace for everyone. My message today is to the Howard Government to cease its support for Israel. the only ones The protestors weren't take action. demanding the Federal Government My call to Mr Downer

on deck in his department is to ensure we have all hands to provide maximum assistance in Lebanon. to these 25,000 Australians stuck in Beirut Family of a group of Sydney dancers met to try to find a way to bring their loved ones home. They're frustrated the Foreign Affairs Department won't evacuate them. We're not happy about the response because things are escalating

and how much longer are we going to stay there? We've got children out there. There's no means, no transportation node that is safe to us at the moment. And in fact we would be putting Australians at risk if we advised them to leave at this time. The 74 dancers are just some of nearly 3,000 Australian visitors stranded in Lebanon. Melissa Clarke, ABC News. Pakistan has rebuffed suggestions from the Indian Prime Minister that the terrorists who attacked trains in Mumbai on Wednesday had help from across the border. Manmohan Singh visited survivors of the attack and said Pakistan must honour its commitment to fight terrorism. That assurance has to be fulfilled before the peace process or other processes can make progress. Pakistan rejected suggestions the Mumbai bombers had support from its side of the border and repeated its condemnation of the attacks. An Australian man has been charged with sexual offences against four under-age boys on the Indonesian island of Lombok.

Adelaide man, Don Storen, has denied the charges. The boys made the accusations when they were being held by police for stealing items from the accused man's hotel room. Mr Storen is the director of a Lombok resort.

He says he's confident he can prove he was elsewhere

at the time of the alleged offences.

The Premier has labelled it a disgrace and war veterans are up in arms over a decision to evict a group of disabled diggers from their Sydney homes. Many have lived in the city's south-west for years but the Veterans Association, which owns the complex, now plans to sell it. The diggers say the offer to house them in regional areas is tantamount to a death sentence. The Totally and Permanently Incapacitated Veterans Association

says the decision to sell comes down to economics. But the Premier has called on the Federal Minister to intervene. These veterans and the widows here deserve to be treated with respect and a nation owes its gratitude, a debt of gratitude for the service they have provided to the nation

when the nation called upon them to serve. TPI has told them they'll pay for them to move to veterans units

in regional areas, but the residents say with most of them under the care of specialists, they can't afford to move further away. The closest place they've mentioned was Wollongong - it would still take me all day to get to a specialist and back from Wollongong. They're here because they're sick - they're not sick because they're here. One doctor who's looked after their health for the past 15 years says there's no question the decision is taking its toll. These are ex-soldiers, they might not actually verbalise their feeling, especially not in front of the media - they're not used to it. But I can tell you when they come into their bedroom, they cry at night. But TPI says the decision was democratic - members voted for it. You ask your members what they want done

and this is what they come back with - now that's what the board is doing - they're implementing the decision of the majority of members that voted. Residents also say the association has stopped advertising vacancies in the complex

in a bid to use the declining occupancy rate as an excuse to sell. They just want them empty and they want people to, they want to sell them. Adding insult to injury, residents who've spoken out about the move have been sent anonymous letters containing white feathers -

the symbol of cowardice. Jayne-Maree Sedgman, ABC News. Serial killer Ivan Milat has had his prison privileges reinstated. The good behaviour rewards -

a toasted-sandwich maker and a television

were taken away from milat last month - following a public outcry.

A review by the department of Corrective Services' chief psychologist recommended that the privileges be returned. The NSW Justice Minister, Tony Kelly, says it's part of a worldwide system that's proved to be effective.

Now we use those system of penalties and privileges

for a number of reasons. One, obviously, to control the people inside our prisons and some of them are amongst the worst in the world,

and, but also for the safety of our prison officers.

The State Opposition says

serial killers are not entitled to a range of luxuries on demand and the Government's policy displays a lack of respect for the victims' families. Legal experts say

opinion polls are set to play a big role in the courtroom. In what's believed to be a legal first, A judge has transferred a trial from Townsville to Brisbane

after a survey poll found a high degree of racism in the North Queensland city. 21 people were charged after riots broke out on Palm Island in 2004. Their trial was due to be played out in nearby Townsville this year. Then lawyers for the alleged ringleaders

commissioned an opinion poll, which found people in the city not only remembered the riots, but also would be unable to put aside negative views of Palm Islanders. There was certainly very considerable evidence of racial prejudice in Townsville. After hearing the poll results and taking into account media reports,

a District Court judge ruled

the trial of the alleged ringleader would move to Brisbane. Opinion polls have been used in attempts to move trials in the past. This may be the first time it has been successful. 400 people from a population of 150,000 were interviewed. The defence lawyer says that's a fair sample of possible jury members. It was an opinion poll which confirmed very strong impressions that are available from just being in Townsville. The Queensland Law Society expects to see more opinion polls used in the future. It is certainly something that every lawyer will now look at, every lawyer doing their job will look at,

to see whether or not they can have some relevance made of it. The trial is expected to be heard at its new location later this year. Deirdre Hazel, ABC News. Tasmania's Deputy Premier has been forced to stand aside

Neither fishermen nor environmentalists have been satisfied by the State Government's draft plan for the Batemans Bay marine park. Under the proposal, more than 80% of the park will remain open for recreational fishing and almost 20% will be a sanctuary, considered a no-go zone. We think this is a really good way of managing

for the future.

The coast is under pressure, things aren't getting better, coastal environments are under pressure and they will continue to be unless we take these decisions now. While environmental groups complain too much of the park would still be opening for trawling, commercial fishermen say it's not enough, and the industry will be forced to close as a result. They've vowed to campaign against the State Government in every seat at next year's election. The draft plan of the marine park will be open for public comment for three months. One of australia's best known missing persons, Cornelia Rau, has again become the centre of a police search. Ms Rau left a coach tour in Arnhem Land earlier this week and was missing for three days before being tracked to Adelaide. Cornelia Rau is no stranger to publicity, nor missing persons reports, and she went missing again three days ago. Ms Rau became separated from a coach party travelling through Arnhem Land on Wednesday raising fears she'd left with another person for an unknown destination. The alarm wasn't raised until yesterday, when the coach arrived at this hotel at Jabiru in Kakadu National Park,

but by then, Cornelia Rau had already reached Jabiru and was attracting attention because of her odd behaviour. She said, "Hello" and that was it, and just stood there right in front of my face for about two minutes, and I thought, "What the hell's going on here?" She bought a couple of tea towels, and it was only later locals realised who she was. I was talking to the policeman, he came in to the shop and he said, "There was a German tourist here yesterday, wasn't there", there were heaps,

well, this one was really out of character, I thought, "Oh yeah, I know that one". Cornelia Rau first came to the public eye when she turned up in the Baxter Detention Centre in February last year. She'd been wrongly held there for 11 months, and her detention led to a Federal Government inquiry. NT police called off their search, after it was revealed Cornelia Rau had flown to Adelaide last night. Late this afternoon, her carers in Adelaide confirmed she was safe and well. Kate Carter, ABC News, Darwin. A member of the ABC's 'Chaser's War on Everything' program is expected to appear in court over a prank outside a rugby league game in Sydney last night. Chas Licciardello was pretending to sell Bulldog supporter kits

containing imitation weapons, including fake knives, knuckledusters and flares. Police arrested him before the game and charged him with offensive conduct.

I think they just thought that we might incite things further, which we wouldn't have. Like we were just about to go anyway, but I think they just wanted to diffuse the situation

and just get everyone out of the vicinity as quickly as possible. The New South Wales Premier says

it undermines police efforts to prevent violence at rugby league games. Everyone enjoys the 'Chaser' and the laughs that it provides, but just because it is a humorous show and you're on TV... I think, last night, they overstepped the bounds of taste and certainly descended into grossly irresponsible behaviour. Police have increased their presence at Bulldogs games after a spate of violent incidents earlier this year. ABC management is examining the 'Chaser' stunt. Tonight's top story - The conflict in the Middle East is widening, with Hezbollah saying it's ready for all-out war with Israel. And still to come - the fallout from Italy's soccer match-fixing scandal. A leading researcher on primates says time is running out for the world's chimpanzees. Dr Jane Goodall is in Australia to raise awareness of the apes' plight. She says habitat destruction and commercial hunting could see chimpanzees on the brink of extinction in as little as 10 years.

It's not quite 'Gorillas in the Mist', and it's certainly not tropical Africa, but the chimpanzees at Taronga Zoo still call Australia home. They don't have any choice. It's the sad reality of the world and the practise of keeping captive an animal with which, or perhaps whom, we share 96% to 99% of our DNA. The chimps are here to stay.

We can't put them back in the wild because they wouldn't adjust to the wild, they couldn't. And for those in the wild, their habitat is ever-diminishing, cleared by logging and encroached upon by their cousins, many of whom equate chimpanzee with a meal. Well, if we really can't do more than we are doing now to protect what's left, probably 10, 15 years - that doesn't mean that all the chimps would be gone but they'd be pushed to the brink of extinction in most places. Not only has the native habitat changed, so has the diet in captivity. With bananas the price they are, they have to rely on apples and sugar cane. It's not ideal but as someone once said, life wasn't meant to be easy. The world isn't perfect and it's not black and white, there are lots of shades of grey. And shades of saying, get lost - or so it appears. This is attention getting. He is very happy we are here, I can assure you. They are as fascinated by us very often as we are in them. It's a case of spot the monkey from both sides, but when you want to make a point, who needs the spoken word anyway. Geoff Sims, ABC News, Sydney. Italian soccer's match-fixing scandal has come to a head with harsh penalties handed out

to three of the country's leading clubs. They've been relegated from the top division, stripped of their titles and penalised points for next season's competition. Club officials, referees and linesmen were also hit with bans. Five days ago, Italian soccer fans took to the streets to celebrate the World Cup win. Last night it was a dramatically different scene as three Italian heavyweight clubs came crashing back to Earth. (All sing) # Lazio, Lazio... # 13 members of Italy's World Cup squad belonged to the four clubs caught up in Italy's biggest sports scandal in almost 30 years. Juventus, Lazio and Fiorentina were all relegated to Italy's second-tier competition after being found guilty of conspiring with officials to rig matches in the 2004/2005 season. A fourth club, AC Milan, will stay in the Serie A, but will lose 15 points and also be kicked out of the Champions League. Club officials were stunned by the penalties and say they'll appeal. And overnight, Italian defender Marco Materazzi fronted a FIFA hearing to be quizzed

over what may have provoked France's Zinedine Zidane's head butt in the World Cup final. France's Bastille Day party was spoiled in the 12th stage of the Tour de France.

Ukraine's Yaroslav Popovych broke away from a group that included Christophe Le Mevel. The win moved the Ukrainian into the top 10. Australia's Robbie McEwen held onto the green sprinter's jersey despite being pipped by Tom Boonen. COMMENTATOR: Nobody can beat him except Tom Boonen! And Floyd Landis retains the yellow jersey and an 8 sec overall lead. Cadel Evans is 1 min 17 sec behind him in 4th. And, it was a dramatic second round in the Men's Chicago Classic with 16-year-old Michelle Wie forced to retire with heat exhaustion. The tournament's top attraction would have missed the cut. She was taken to hospital after completing nine holes on a day of scorching temperatures. Ian Eckersley, ABC News. The Bulldogs have moved to second place on the NRL table after defeating St George-Illawarra last night. The Bulldogs won by six points in front of a record Kogarah Oval crowd of 18,000. Tonight, the Eels beat the Warriors. With eight players from the State of Origin series involved, the Dragons-Bulldogs game was a high-intensity contest.

Light stepping on a slippery surface from Blues centre Matt Cooper sent the Dragons on a long, early raid. COMMENTATOR: There's a chance on for the Dragons, they go back inside for Ben Creagh, Creagh has got support, he won't need support. The St George-Illawarra forwards tried to assert their authority... Bang! ...but Brent Sherwin got back up to inflict a blow of his own. Sherwin will score!

The big hits were now coming from the Bulldogs. Kebang! The Blue and Whites took a 6-point lead to the break after Sonny Bill Williams crashed over. The Dragons levelled the scores early in the second half, when Mark Gasnier showed why the club signed him to a rich 5-year deal. He's got one to beat, he goes inside the 10 - he beats him, he beats El Masri! found themselves going backwards The young Dragons forwards was the chief aggressor, and Mark O'Meley ending Corey Payne's night.

the St George-Illawarra defenders. Souths-bound Roy Asotasi skittled Asotasi gets it away. He goes straight through, on report for a dangerous throw. Reni Matua and Williams were placed clever kick for Gasnier. It was 16-all after Head's with 13 minutes to go. The match-winning try came

Holdsworth ! Williams got it away - In Auckland, in the opening minutes it was all Parramatta Jarryd Hayne as 18-year-old winger scored two quick tries. Jarryd Hayne gets another gift! put Luke O'Dwyer through Dean Widders Late in the first half,

18-6 at the break. and the Eels led the Warriors Excellent support play in the second half. saw the home team score first Duncan Huntsdale, ABC News. in that game - And confirming the final score 20 points to 12. Parramatta beat the Warriors of ending The Wallabies are confident a six-game Tri-Nations losing streak

in Brisbane tonight. when they tackle South Africa of the Springboks who, as always, Rain could play into the hands

will field a massive forward pack. It's the first home-town Test John Connolly. for Brisbane-born Wallaby coach, pretty well this week. I think we've trained We're in a good frame of mind.

the last three to the Springboks. As I said we've lost the challenge ahead of them. I don't think anyone underestimates to win to stay in contention Australia needs which it hasn't won since 2001. for the Tri-Nations trophy, In Sydney club rugby, after thrashing Eastwood. Randwick remains on top of the table other winners were Sydney Uni, Randwick had a 46-nil victory, and Northern Suburbs, Manly, Warringah, drew with Gordon. while Southern Districts a strong challenge from Essendon St Kilda has resisted to win by three points at the MCG.

in a row. It was Essendon's 14th loss and Melbourne defeated Richmond. Adelaide accounted for Hawthorn has suffered its biggest loss Australia's men's basketball team to New Zealand, of a 4-game series. going down by 19 points in game two

the opening game The Boomers narrowly won Tall Blacks in their second meeting. but were overpowered by the the home team, Phill Jones top-scored for in his 28-point haul. hitting eight 3-pointers You beauty - unconscious. COMMENTATOR: Oh you beauty! New Zealand won 72-53. on Monday. The series continues in Hobart Sydney has extended its lead netball league at the top of the national after defeatinng second-placed Adelaide. The Swifts won by 5 goals, while Queensland downed Hunter and Perth kept Canberra winless. As if racetrack punters don't have enough to deal with, today they were turning their attention to the form of some temperamental camels. Alice Springs was the setting for the annual clash of Australia's best-bred dromedaries in the Camel Cup. the elegance of the 'QEII'... They don't quite have (Camel calls out) still attract the crowds. ..but these ships of the desert to see who would win the honour Thousands turned up

King of the Camels. of being this year's There's no fame, no fortune, of hold your head up high but there's just a little bit for another 12 months. Australia by Afghan cameleers. Camels were first brought to Central to Australia, Mohammad Anwarzai, Afghanistan's new ambassador made his first trip to the event. STARTER'S GUN FIRES before the racing began... It wasn't long

sticking to the track. ..but some camels had trouble not for the light hearted - This race is get past the start - some riders couldn't even at the races. but it all makes for a fun day (All cheer) For this group, from Sydney and New Zealand. it was worth the trip and thought it was great A few came last year talk all of us into coming and managed to and we've just had a ball. from just as far. The camels have come from Tasmania this year, Shorty Smith brought four camels

and it's just as well he did.

of the day He flew home in the main race on his camel, Tassie Devil. It don't get no better than this, of course. apart from being in Tassie, on a celebratory kiss. It was even worth will go to charity. All the money raised today ABC News, Alice Springs. Sara Everingham, on a day of fairly widespread rain. Now let's take a look at the weather one below average. In Sydney it reached 16 degrees - Katoomba got to just 7 degrees. across the north-east today. There were some good showers was 19 degrees, The State's maximum temperature and a few other towns in between. shared by Cape Byron and Yamba In the south-east, it was wet too. of minus 3 The State's overnight minimum and Tumburumba in the south. was shared by Charlotte Pass

also good rain across the inland Further west, there was to 9:00 this morning, and, in fact, in the 24 hours at Louth in the north-west. The top rainfall was 56mm this afternoon, In the 6 hours to 3:00 on the mid-North Coast. the best was 22mm at Mt Seaview of the capital cities today, There was rain in most some sunshine. but Hobart, Darwin and Perth saw the extensive cloud The satellite picture shows spreading over NSW over the south-west. then contracting and circling widespread rain. That's been bringing On the synoptic chart - over south-western NSW the low pressure system over the Tasman Sea, will slowly move will also head offshore, while the associated trough to contract from eastern NSW causing the wet weather to eastern Queensland. So inthe northeast, clearing rain.. of th e rest of the State Widespread showers across most and alpine snow to southern NSW. Ihe capital cities tomorrow - Melbourne, Hbart and Adelaide rain for Brisbane, Canberra, sunny in Prth an Drwin. Aound NSW - easing to showers, in the north east - rain, there's a strong wind warning for coastal waters and inland there's a sheep graziers warning. On the coast a strong wind warning and clearing rain. For the tablelands, slopes and plains showers are forecast and there's a sheep graziers warning. Showers or drizzle and a sheep graziers warning for the Rverina. In Sydney tomorrow - mrning fog areas then a fine, partly cloudy day. Light to moderate northwest winds and a top temp of 18 degrees The sun will rise at 6.58. Seas up to 2 metres on a swell to 1.5m. NWwinds at 15-20 knots. Showers late on tuesday and through the rest of the week.

Let's take another look at tonight's top stories. There are growing concerns the conflict between Israel and Lebanon could escalate into a full-blown war. The international community is divided over how to address the violence,

as bombings continue for a fourth day. And a group of Aussie diggers have been told to move on because of a decision to sell the Sydney housing complex they call home.

Before we go, a preview of the news and current affairs line-up here on ABC Television for tomorrow morning. At 9:00am there's 'Insiders'. Barrie Cassidy interviews the Prime Minister, John Howard. At 10:00 there's 'Inside Business' with Alan Kohler. His guest this week is Communications Minister Helen Coonan. Barrie Cassidy returns at 10:30 with 'Offsiders' - a look at events on and off the pitch. And at 11 o'clock - I'll be back with 'Asia Pacific Focus'. And that's the news to this minute. I'll be back with more at 8:25pm. But we'll leave you now in Paris,

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