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Tonight - not so super.

Savings savaged by the credit

crunch. This year is a disaster

and it's not over yet. The

Coalition says it will move on

climate change, eventually.

Sonny Bill Williams tipped Sonny Bill Williams tipped to

tackle the salary cap

system. And it's game on, the

Olympic team touches down in

Beijing. I'm in here, mate. I'm

ready to roll.

Good evening, Juanita

Phillips with ABC news. People

planning to retire soon have

become the latest victims of

the global credit crisis. The superannuation industry has

turned in its worst performance

since super was made compulsory

16 years ago. Many workers have

had thousands wiped off the

value of their retirement nest

eggs. If you're thinking of

retiring in the next few years

you might need to think again.

With share prices tumbling

because of the credit crisis,

superannuation returns have

years. I guess at the end of taken their biggest hit in 20

the day you've got to work a

bit longer, maybe. You don't

want to do that. On average,

super funds dropped more than

6% in value over the last 12

months. It worries me because I

don't actually think it's going

to be enough by the time I do

retire that it will be enough

to live on. Superannuation

funds in Australia feed

straight off the share markets

so if share markets tank

superannuation funds tank after

them. The commercial super

funds performed decidedly worse

than industry funds. The

industry funds had much more

exposure to unlisted assets

volatility. Commercial funds which have less

also charge higher fees. The

Federal Government wants to see

average super charges reduce ed

to below 1%. We know average

fees at the moment are about

1.25% but there are some areas

where fees are well in excess

of that. Despite the super

squeeze, economists say there's

no need to panic because over

the last decade superannuation

7.5%. People didn't complain returns are up by more than

when the share market was

booming and they had, you know,

huge returns out of their

super. But the short-term

outlook for super is grim as

the local share market

continues to slide. Today it

lost another 1% after yet

another disappointing lead from

the United States. Wall Street

International Monetary Fund lost 2% overnight after the

warned there is no end in sight

to the credit crisis. We're

suffering from a financial

shock. It will continue for

some time yet. The IMF predicts

that banks are in for more pain

as mortgage defaults soar and

economies slow. A jury's been

told that the boyfriend of

Carolyn Byrne had two possible

reasons to kill her. Gordon

Wood is charged with murdering

the Sydney model by throwing

her off a cliff. The court

heard evidence today that Caroline Byrne thought her

boyfriend was going to kill her

and was about to break up with

him. The Crown said that Gordon

Wood was worried about the

impact that would have on his

relationship with his boss the

late Rene Rivkin. The Crown

says Caroline Byrne knew too

much, too much about the

business dealings of stoke

Brocker Rene Rivkin and the

knowledge of a fire at the

printing firm. Gordon Wood

allegedly told Ms Byrne the

blaze would net him and his

boss an insurance windfall.

The jury was told Rivkin had

nothing to do with the meddel's

deft death but that her

boyfriend had reason to throw

her from The Gap in Sydney's

east. Prosecutor Mark Tedeschi

possessive. QC said Wood was jealous and

The court heard that on the

night Caroline Byrne

disappeared Gordon Wood told

her brother and father he had a

feeling she was here at The

Gap. The Crown alleges on a

night when visibility was

almost zero, he was able to

point out where her body

was. It's alleged he led her

brother to the spot and said:

The jury heard that given the

location of Caroline Byrne's

body it must have been thrown.

Jurors will make up their own

mind when they visit The Gap

tomorrow. Brendan Nelson has

run into more flak over climate

change strategy, this time from

his own front benchers. Shadow

cabinet has rejected Dr Nelson's more extreme proposals

to fight the Prime Minister's

emissions trading scheme.

Instead policy was steered back

to what the Coalition took to

the last election and that's a

position that leadership rival

Malcolm Turnbull always wanted.

Greg Jennett reports from

Canberra. He disguised the

strain of more than three hours

with a divided shadow

cabinet. Do you know the

positions on the emissions

trading. Brendan Nelson had

talked his colleagues into

silence I'm a trappist monk on

all these thing. It was left to

the lead tore explain what the

Coalition emissions trading

policy would be. Have you been

rolled by your shadow cabinet

today? He may have well been.

Dr Nell sb came out to put a

brave face on something almost

unchanged from what John Howard

took to the last

election. There cannot be any

earlier than 2011 and you would

expect probably in

2012. Brendan Nelson would take

no action until China, the US

and India commit to doing

something at the UN conference

in Copenhagen. His caution has

upset backbenchers and

frontbenchers alike. That's a

Mexican stand off type tactic. That doesn't work in

politics. If the rest of the

world remained reluctant the

Coalition would go for the

softest of emission trading

schemes here. Australia should

commence an emissions trading

scheme with a very, very low

carbon price and a very, very

low trajectory. Dr Nelson

continues to look for any

excuse to avoid supporting the

Government's Carbon Pollution

Reduction Scheme. Shadow

cabinet didn't back Brendan

Nelson's earlier public calls

for a harder line position.

It's virtually gone back to a

preelection policy in the hope

it's different enough to say we

told you so if Kevin Rudd's

trading scheme proves to

adventurous. Newspoll suggests

60% want an emissions trading

scheme regardless of what other

countries do. Does the Liberal

Party know bet sner It also

puts both Malcolm Turnbull and

Peter Costello ahead as

preferred Liberal leader. One

of the most controversial

policies of the previous

government is no more. The

Immigration Minister says that

from next year asylum seekers

and people who breach visas

will only be detained as a last

resort. Instead, people will

remain in the community while

their cases are examined and

only those deemed a health or

security threat will be

detained. This is about a more

humane treatment of asylum

seekers, more humane detention

policy and we think this will

allow us to maintain strong

border security but also treat

people with human dignity. We

will not agree to anything

which relaxes Australia's border protection and more so

we will not agree to anything

which diminishes our strong

immigration policy in this

country. Mandatory detention

isn't completely gone though.

People arriving by boat in

Australia's north will still be

held on Christmas Island.

China's calling it the Harmony

Games. Human rights groups say

it's anything but. They've

accused China of arresting

thousands of dissidents ahead

of next week's Olympics. As

Eric Campbell reports from

Beijing, authorities are racing

to clear out potential trouble

makers before they start

protesting. This is China's

dirty secret. A vast crackdown

on so-called trouble makers to

stop them protesting during the

Games. They haven't done

anything, haven't broken the

law and yet they will be

arrested, detained, beaten,

sent back to their home

provinces. Authorities are

targeting petitioners, ordinary

Chinese who come to the capital

to complain about local

officials. Many lost their

homes when corrupt officials

sold off their land. Entire

families have been jailed for

trying to complain.

TRANSLATION: My 7-year-old

daughter and I were held for

three months. They wouldn't

allow her to go to school. But

a Chinese defector in Australia

is helping petitioners fight

back. Chen Yonglin once worked

for the Chinese consulate in

Sydney. Now he hosts secret

Internet forums advising

dissidents across China.

People want to use this

opportunity to draw attention

on the human rights issue,

serious human rights issue in

China. Beijing has mobilised

police and neighbourhood

vigilantes to stop unauthorised

protests. 10 days from the

opening ceremony, China is

determined to keep the world's

spotlight on sport.

And you can see Eric

Campbell's full report on 'Foreign Correspondent' tonight

at 9:30. Qantas has been forced

to explain itself again after

another midair incident. Last

night a flight to Melbourne had

to return to Adelaide after one

of its landing gear doors

failed to close. The scare

happened just days after a

Qantas jet had to make an

emergency landing in Manila.

Late but relieved, passengers

finally touched down in

Melbourne this morning. I was

very frightened and what made

it worse is that I'm not well

and so I was really quite

concerned. Pilots were alerted

to a malfunction in one of the

landing gear doors 20 minutes

after taking off from Adelaide.

On the advice of engineers,

they turned back. There was a

noise disturbance as we left

Adelaide and sort of a shaking

sound and they just said there

was one of the doors loose. He

got the wheems down alright,

landed the plane and deathly

quiet in the plane. Today the

plane was grounded as

investigators assessed the

malfunction. The incident

follows last Friday's midair

drama that prompted an

emergency landing in the

Philippines. That plane remains

grounded with a hole in its

fuselage. Investigators are

looking at whether an exploding

oxygen cylinder is to blame.

Qantas has described this

latest incident as minor and

says there was no safety

risk. Aircraft watchdog CASA

said there's no link to recent

strike action or offshore

maintenance. There was no

danger to anybody but these

things don't happen very

often. Unions have renewed a

call for Qantas maintenance

operations to remain in

Australia. The global coffee

giant Starbucks has announced

it's closing 61 of its

Australian stores, 700 people

will lose their jobs. Managers

and staff were informed of the

plans this afternoon. Stores

will be shut in Tasmania, the

ACT and South Australia by

Sunday. People have

Sunday. People have got a bit

sick of it, tired of it and

perhaps gone to more

traditional cafes that offer a

different experience. Just last

month, Starbucks announced it

would close 600 stores in the

United States. 23 stores in and

around Sydney, Melbourne and

Brisbane will stay open. It

started with a rugby league

star doing a runner but it's

turning into a battle that

could decide the game's future.

The National Rugby League says

it can't afford to let runaway

Bulldog Sonny Bill Williams

play in France. His defection,

it says s a direct assault on

the salary cap system and if

it's left unchallenged some

clubs could go broke. Sonny

Bill Williams' status as a bone

fied rugby league star was

cemented in March last year.

That's when he signed a 5-year

contract deal with the Sydney

Bulldogs. Last night when I was

talking to my old man I

couldn't see myself playing in

another jersey. Money talks.

Last night Williams was at

Heathrow airport on his way to

France and a possible

multimillion dollar deal to

play rugby union. Today's the

first day that we'll prepare

for life without Sonny Bill

Williams. We'll get on with

it. Forced to take the field

without their star player, the

Bulldogs crashed to another

defeat losing by 30 points to

the Dragons. But the NRL is

refusing to let Williams go

without a fight, a fight some

see as a battle for the future

of the game itself. There's no

question that this will be a

lengthy and difficult legal

issue but it's very important

that steps are taken to protect

the Bulldogs' position. League

chiefs have already launched

legal action and sports law

specialists say the stakes are

high. If in fact it's found

that the salary cap is in

restraint of trade, his

contract is void and then a lot

of other people would be making

the same sorts of arguments so

really the scheme would fall

over. Without the salary cap

most of the NSW clubs won't

survive. Other codes are

watching closely from the

sidelines. Clearly a salary cap

allows clubs to compete on a

level or close to a level

playing field and we think

that's good for the game. Star

footballers looking to cash in

on their star power may not

necessarily agree. Sonny Bill

Williams might not be too

popular here but over in France

they're looking forward to

seeing him. His would be

team-mates in Toulon say the

player would be a welcome

addition to their line up.

Philip Williams reports from

the team's headquarters on the

Mediterrean coast. Just a good

kick pr the Mediterrean this is

St Stadium rumoured to be the

new home ground from the far

from home Sonny Bill Williams.

And if he does settle here he

won't be alone. Some of

footballs greats have been

lured by the sun, sea and

sensational salaries. The club

is abuzz with the rumours but

not even the manager Tom

Whitfield seems to know if the

22-year-old NRL abscondee is on

his way or not. Well if he

comes obviously the there are

rumours flying about he might

be coming. We really don't know

from our point of view. All we

know is he's a great player.

He's a good guy apparently as

well but for the moment all

we're doing is concentrating on

our own rugby. Australian

player Matt Henjak has just

joined Toulon. He too is no

strange tore controversy after

being sacked from the Western

Force in Perth following a

brawl. I think controversy is

everywhere you look and if you

look deep enough quoul find it in every club. If we're in every club. If we're lucky

enough to get Sonny Bill

Williams here we'll definitely

take him with both hands. Also

wanting to grab Sonny Bill

Williams lawyers representing

the Bulldogs and the NRL. They

reportedly awaited at the

French consulate in London in

case the elusive player turned

up needing a visa because he'd

used his Samoan rather than his

New Zealand passport. Wherever

he goes he'll face the heat. 35

degrees in the south of France

or the anger and disappointment

back home. But if he is to end

up playing in this stadium

he'll have to overcome many

barriers. If he achieves that,

he'll be in a very pleasant

environment and he'll be paid

an awful lot of money.

The free ride on NSW

ambulances is over, at least

for now. The union today lifted

its ban on charging patients

after Health Minister Reba

Meagher agreed to intervene in

the disputele. She'll meet with

union officials tomorrow. But

they said the free rides could

be back if their demands for

300 extra paramedics are

ignored. Clearly if the issues

aren't settled to our

satisfaction we'd have an

obligation to go back to the

membership. It's estimated the

Government has lost around $1

million from the free rides.

Checks are being carried out

on nursing homes in four States

including NSW, after a health

scare in Victoria. An

inspection of the Kir Lee

nursing home in Ballarat found

some residents were hungry and

thirsty and had lost a large

amount of weight. The home will

continue to operate under

strict conditions. An

administrator has been appoint.

The Federal Minister for Ageing

said the standards at Kirralee

were unacceptable. That's why

I've taken this immediate

action in relation to this

particular home and also an investigation of the other more

than 30 homes that are owned by

this company. The Ballarat home

denies that care has been

compromised but has promised to

improve. Hundreds of buyers

Homes collapse have been given caught up in the Beechwood

a life line. The company has

been sold as a going concern to

Resi Build Co-. It will still

trade as Beechwood. The

receivers say building

commitments will be honoured

and some home owners might

reconsider their plans to

terminate their contracts.

About half the company's

employees will keep their jobs.

In finance the US banking

sector has again been hit by

bad news, spooking global share

markets. Here bank stocks were

targeted for the second day as

investors ran for cover. There

were a few angry investors

around, particularly the ones

who subscribe to the National

Australia Bank's $850 million

bond issue just before it

raised its bad debt provision

by the same amount. So many of

them wanted out. NAB has agreed

to refund millions of dollars

and cut the planned raising by

70% to $260 million. The bank

is also forecasting interest

rate cuts next year partly

because of its latest business

survey which makes bleak

reading. Business conditions

fell to a 7-year low in the

June quarter. Sales were down

sharply while profitability and

employment conditions also

deteriorated. Which brings us

to the share market. No

surprises there. The All Ords

index is not too far off the

2-year low it hit earlier this

month. Markets across the

region were unnerved by Wall

Street which responded to news

that regulators seized two more

failed American banks. This is

what some analysts see as an

accident waiting to happen. American households still

geared to the hilt while the

value of their assets continues

falling. Needless to say,

Australian banks were the focus

of investor anxiety with some

of the smaller banks taking the

bigger hits. The good news came

from furniture and electrical

retailer Harvey Norman which

reported a better than expected

3% rise in quarterly sales. A

pick up in the price of crude

oil didn't help sentiment on

the share market either and on

currency markets the Australian

dollar was firmer against the

US currency. It's worth 95.75

US cents. When the world's best

athletes march into the Olympic

stadium next week Australia

will be bringing up the rear.

Usually we get an A plus when

it comes to the marching order

but the Chinese alphabet sees

things a little

differently. The Australian

team has started arriving for

the Beijing Olympics. Is there

something extra special to be the very first athletes to

arrive for the team? I'm not

really used to all this

attention so yeah, it is. But

no, it's just good to finally

get here. Unlike the athletes

who will come to Beijing at the

last minute because of

pollution fears, the Hockeyroos

are eager to acclimatise

early. I think it's really

important to get used to the

heat. So I feel that two weeks

here before it is enough time

to do that. A year ago to do that. A year ago they

competed here in a hot,

polluted environment. The air

is difficult, it feels like

you're chewing it rather than I

guess breathing it. All

athletes could face the same

conditions in Beijing this

August. Everyone's got to

compete under these situations

and the ones who can do that

the best will be the ones that

come out with gold around their

neck. Today the first team

members were being kited out

with their clothes for the

Games. And you couldn't wipe

the smiles off their

faces. Certainly at the moment

I'm very excited. Just getting

your uniform is fairly

awesome. At the opening

ceremony, according to

alphabetical order, Australia

is normally one of the first

teams into the stadium. But

using Chinese language, they

will be third last. That means

the team will still be marching

past when a huge roar goes up

for host nation China. And with

a bit of rain and wind, the

pollution has even cleared for

the time being. The Australian

swim team is getting used to

the heat and humidity of

Beijing by staying out of it.

The team has chose ton spend

its last week of training in

Malaysia. Coach Alan Thompson

says he's not worried about the

pollution. In fact he reckons

the Games will be the fastest

ever in the pool. Olympics

reporter Lisa Millar is in

Kuala Lumpur. It's the next

best thing to being in Beijing.

Malaysia's humid climate

preparing the team for what's

ahead. Here's fairly much

acclimatisation and relaxation,

preparing and ready to go. Even

if it meant Malaysia's own tiny

Olympic team had to make way

for the star studded

foreigner. Compared in Asian

and in the world class

swimming, I'm practically no

where so yeah. The Americans

are still Australia's biggest

threat but the coach says don't

assume it will be a two-horse

race. This will be the fastest

Olympic Games we've ever seen.

Lit be the toughest Olympic

Games to make the final and the

medals will be spread far and

wide across a lot of countries

this year. There are fond memories

memories here for team captain

Grant Hackett. It's 10 years

since he won Commonwealth gold

in the event he now dominates,

the 1,500 metre freestyle. It's

aged a little bit as have I but

it was an exciting time. Now 28

he's hoping to be the first

swim tore win the event at

three Olympics in a row. It's

not the only gold in sight for

a team considered one of the

strongest ever to compete. They

won 7 gold in Athens and are

expected to bring home at least

a third of the total medals

from Beijing. Big expectations

considering half the team are

first timers. You're not going

to be able to wipe the smile

off my face. I'll enjoy the

whole experience and have as

much fun as I can. The team

leaves for Beijing on Sunday.

After the Olympics come the

Paralympics and this year

Australia is sending its

biggest ever away team. 170

athletes across 20 sports will

be competing. They're hoping

for an even better result than

they got in Athens where

Australia collected 100

medals. From wheelchair rugby

to swimming, athletic s an

cycling. More than half of

Australia's 170-strong team

will be representing the nation

for the first time at a

Paralympic Games. It's a bit

tough but it's a good feeling

knowing that my school mates

are currently sitting the at their desk in accounting or

something and I get to travel

the world representing

Australia. Lit be my first

Paralympic Games as it will be

for 94 other athletes in the

team and just like the others who represent the new generation of Australian

Paralympic sport, I can't wait

to go over there and show the

world what I can do. Matthew

Cowdrey will lead Australia's

charge in the pool after

winning 8 medals in Athens,

three of them gold. I guess

I've got a little bit more

pressure on this time because

of what I have done in the past

and where I'm ranked now. In

term of that I just make sure I

look at things as back to the

normal. The NSW Swifts have

claimed the inaugural

trans-Tasman netball trophy. In

the cauldron of a near record

netball crowd of 12,000, the

Swifts made an early statement

and built up a healthy lead

over their New Zealand rivals

the Waikato Magic. While the

Swifts mixed it up in the

shooting department , in a

physical battle. Waikato's

calls were kept alive by the

imposing figure of Irene Van

Dyk who shot at 100% for most

of the match. The Magic did get

within 2 in the final quarter

before Cath Cox spearheaded the

Swifts' getaway. And they've

always been such a positive

group. There's never been any recriminations. They've always

backed each other. The 9-point

Swifts' win was the heaviest

defeat all year for the Magic.

Both Wallaby and All Black

captains returned for the

second Bledisloe Cup match in

Auckland on Saturday. Stirling

Mortlock rel gaits Ryan Cross

to the bench in the Australian

line up with a rare union of

two quality flankers Phil Waugh

into the starting line up

alongside George Smith. Two

quality players, good to be

able to get them both on the

ground. Waugh replaces the

injured Rocky Elsom. New Zealand's hopes have been

boosted by the return of their

world-class flanker and captain

Richie McCaw. He's one of

several tactical changes to the

starting line up. The Billies

weren't just boiling last

night, they were red hot. These

four boys have been dancing up

a storm for the past year in

the musical 'Billy Elliot'.

They've shared the lead role,

now they're sharing the best

actor gong at the Helpmann

awards. It was one of seven

Helpmanns won by 'Billy

Elliot'. Awesome. I really

wanted this award. I was

getting butterflies sitting in

the seat. Really nervous and

like stuttering. Seven was also

a lucky number for Sydney's

Company B with artistic

director Nile Armfield picking

up best play and best director.

The late Tania Leidke from the

Sydney Dance Company won best

Ky ogify. Barrie Humphries won

a Helpmann for his outstanding

contribution to the arts. Time

to check the weather now and

it's warm days cold nights

ahead. It certainly is at least

the day time temperatures are

going to improve a little.

The cloud and showers also

began to clear this afternoon.

Overnight last night there was

significant falls in the

eastern suburbs with 63 mm at

Rose Bay and 20 to 50 mm on the

North Shore took July rainfall

above average in the eastern

half but we're still well below

average through the western


Cloud moving over inland NSW

won't bring much rain. The front that's front that's associated with it

is weakening but the cloud

approaching Western Australia

is a different story. During

Thursday and Friday it will

generate showers or rain

periods across southern NSW,

particularly on and west of the

southern ranges with further

snow on the Alps. But tomorrow,

the high will keep most of the

State basically dry with only -

the only rainfall a millimetre

or two along the southern

border districts. Now

Frost St Expected in the Tablelands behind Cairns.

There will be widespread

frost over most of NSW tomorrow morning.

Now we say sunny but there

will be a lit m bit of high

cloud around at times and winds

should stay light to moderate

west to south-west. Over the

coming days we'll see

temperatures increasing during

the afternoon but another very

cold start on Thursday. The

weekend will start off windy

but dry. That is ABC News for

this Tuesday. The 7:30 Report

rr is up next. Goodnight. Closed Captions by


CC He did scare me when he

was here with me on his

own. Tonight on the 7:30

Report, behind closed doors,

the disturbing surge of teenage violence in the home. Some of

the women were hospitalised

because of their son's

violence. We're starting to see

a trend.

Welcome to the program.

Having talked up his plan to

toughen the Coalition's climate

change position over the past

few weeks, Opposition Leader

Brendan Nelson today failed to

convince his Shadow Cabinet.

After a meeting that lasted

more than three hour, the

Opposition Leader revealed that

his position now was pretty

much the same as the position

John Howard took to the last election, more importantly perhaps, pretty much the same

as the position pushed by his

leadership rival Malcolm

Turnbull. Although lit be

informed by what other