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Live. Thousands of

demonstrators clash with riot

police ahead of the G20 summit.

Brown and Obama pledge the

leaders will make the tough

decisions. The US and China

move to heal their diplomatic

rift and Israel's new Foreign Minister walks strieght

straight into controversy. Good

morning. Thousands of

demonstrators have clashed with

riot police in London's

financial centre, as the G20

leaders gather to try to find a

way to resolve the global

economic crisis. The crowd

targeted banks, smashing

windows in protest against a

system a they say that is

robbed the poor to benefit the

rich. Police charged at

protesters to try and break up

the crowd. at times had

difficulty containing them in

one of Brit and biggest security operations. More than

20 people have been arrested

and there have been reports of

injuries on both sides.

Earlier, the crowd marched

behind models of the four

horsemen of the apocalypse

representing war, climate

change, homelessness and

financial crimes. Meanwhile,

the US President Barack Obama

and Britain's Prime Minister

Gordon Brown have held a joint

news conference in London ahead

of the G20 summit. They've

pledged the meeting will make

the hard decisions to get the

world economy back on track. US

President Barack Obama arrived

in style for breakfast at

Downing Street. The President

and US First Lady received a

warm welcome from Gordon Brown

and his wife. The two leaders

met for an hour, and emerged

with the summit host Gordon

Brown stating five key objectives. He wants tougher

regulations on banks, hedge

funds and financial

institutions. Improved economic

growth. Support for emerging

markets, to fight against

protectionism, and to help the

world's poor. Today we the G20

leaders will begin our

discussions, tomorrow we must

make decisions. And that is

what we will do. Awful of us

here in London have a

responsibility to act with a

sense of urgency and every

nation that will be participating has been affected

by a crisis that has cost us so

much in terms of jobs, savings

and the economic security of

our citizens. President Obama

wants a coordinated global

stimulus package to help lift

the world economy out of the

doldrums. While he has

Britain's support, he can't

count on everyone's. In the

leadup to the summit the French

President had threatened it

walk out of the G20 summit if

his demand weren't met for

tougher financial

regulation. President sark owes

yay was very clear on that

front. He said if the

deliverables are not there, I

won't sign the communique. Not

since the 1930s has such a

powerful group been faced with

such a drastic financial

challenge. The emerging markets

of Brazil, Russia, India and

China now collectively known as

the Bric nations are expected

to play a more influential role

than ever before. Uallyier

countries will be looking to

them to help reverse the global

downturn. That's put the block

of four in a powerful position.

The rest of the world may be

focused on getting credit

flowing again but the Bric,

nations, China in particular v their own G20 wish list.

China's the world's biggest

horder of foreign reserves and ghts already indicate it had

wants a more stable US dollar.

Beijing's also expected to

oppose any calls for more

massive bail-out packages, due

to their effect on inflation.

It's also wary of

protectionism, India too has

its doubts, its sceptical over

moves to raise trade

tariffs. There is much more

demand for protectionist steps

in several developed economies

that is being sg that geel the

summit has a role in opposing.

Late last year, as the crisis

unfolded, some economies said

China was decoupling from the

global economy, but with growth

tumbling to single figures

analysts say Beijing's fate is

still very much tied to finding

global solutions. So the first

thing ain't most important

thing China can do and that the

U stais and Europe can do is to understand that there is not

really going to be a solution

for the individual countries

within the global imbalance

unless it's a solution that addresses the overall global

imbalance. China indicated it

wanted a bigger say for Bric

naikss in global financial

institutions like the I'm ef

and World Bank - IMF. The

reform of international

financial organisations has

made substantial progress

especially to improve the

represents and the voice of

newly emerging markets and developing countries.

Therefore, we have to draw up

a specific schedule and

timetable. And with the fate of

the rest of the global economy

very much at stake, the bric

nations know they're in a

strong position to get what

they want. The US Government

appears to have overcome a

shaky start to its relationship

with China after Barack Obama

met the Chinese leader Hu

Jintao. They've announced a

strategic and economic dialogue

with high level talks do you to

begin mid-year. With money and

finance at the top of the

agenda at the G20 summit, it

wasn't surprising that China's

President Hu Jintao's first

meeting with Barack Obama was

about forging stronger economic

ties. The two sides have

reached agreement on the nature

of the China-US relationship

and a mechanism for strategic

economic dialogues. The formal

economic talks will begin

mid-year a move supported by

many including the US Chamber

of Commerce. China hasn't seen

eye to eye with the White House

on economic issues since Mr

Obama took Office. A clar

between US navy and Chinese

vessels in the South China sea

earlier this year and a US

defence report into China's

growing regional military

threat haven't helped. Going into the talks President Obama

was upbeat. I believe that as

strong as our relationship

already is, I'm confident that

we can make it even stronger in

the years to come. The White

House says the two leaders

agreed on many things. The need

to resist protectionism, for

reform in global financial systems and development of

their military ties. The thorny

issue of human rights was not

discussed, but Washington says

talks will resume as soon as

possible. President Obama is

also understood to have

accepted with pleasure, an

invitation to visit China later

this year. Israel's new Foreign

Minister Avigdor Lieberman says

his country will not be

background by commitments made

by the previous Government at a

US sponsored peace conference.

Mr Leaverman says the anap lis

meeting in 2007 which pushed

for an independent Palestinian

state has no validity. You're

watching ABC News for Australia

Network. Coming up - China

steps up its efforts to diffuse

a medical time bomb. And almost

there - Australia edges closer

to the World Cup finals in

South Africa. The United States

is shifting towards diplomatic

engagement with Iran, the two

bitter enemies have had rare

contract at the conference on

the future of Afghanistan which

has been held in the

Netherlands. Scott Bevan

reports from the Hague. The genteel surround of the Hague

may be a long way from

Afghanistan but it was the

future of the conflict-ravaged

country that brought

representatives from more than

80 nations and organisations

together. There were unexpected

consequences when delegates

from the United States and Iran

met briefly on the sidelines of

the conference. In the course

of the conference today our

special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan,

Richard Holbrooke had a brief

and cordial exchange with the

head of the Iranian delegation.

It might not sound like much

but after decades of bitter

enmity a 'Brief and cordial

exchange" between Iran and the

US sounts as a breakthrough.

Among those attending the

conference was a Australia's

Foreign Minister Stephen

Smith. Australia remains

committed to Afghanistan. We

are the largest non-NATO

military contributor. The Australian government has said

it won't be surprised to

receive from the Obama

administration a formal request

for a greater contribution to

Afghanistan including more

troops. But even with a strong

American presence here at the

conference, Australia's Foreign

Minister Stephen Smith says

that request hasn't come yet. I

spoke briefly to Secretary of

State Clinton, there's no

request formal or informal from

the United States for

additional troop contribution.

Steve.Smith also announced

that Australia would provide

$21 million to help Afghanistan

develop programs in areas such

as education and health. Back

to our story on Israel's new

Foreign Minister, Avigdor

Lieberman says his country will

not be bound by commitments

made by the previous

Government. He says the

Annapolis conference in 2007

which pushed for an independent

Palestinian state has no

validity. It was a ceremony to

mark the handing over of the

Foreign Minister portfolio and

the new man in charge was quick

to separate the old from the


Government of Israel and the

State of Israel never approved

anap lis. The US city hosted a

peace conference in 2007 where

Palestinian representatives and

the former Israeli government

agreed to hold further

discussions aimed at creating

an independent Palestinian

state. The only document that

was approved in government and

also approved in the Security

Council has a binding agreement

is the road map that applies

even to this Government. The

road map was a peace plab

signed in 2003. It made the

creation of a Palestinian state

conditional on the region

reigning in militants. Mr

Leaverman says those who want

paigs should prepare for

war. We are await ing a

difficult times with this

government and we hope that the international community deal

with Israel as it dealt with

other countries. Palestinian

leaders say the news rarely

Government does not believe in

peace. The Philippines

government says it's confident

the 3 aid workers being held

hostage in the south of the

country are still alive. A day

after the kidnappers' dead Lyn

to behead one of them expired.

The Abu Sayyaf kidnapped the

three Red Cross workers in mid

January, they had threatened to

behead one of them by yesterday

afternoon unless thousands of troops were moved ot of the area. A state of emergency has

been in place on the southern

island since the deadline came

and went. The Philippines intor

yor Minister and a local

governor said the hostageses

are unharmed. Our reports from

the field indicate that as far

as we know there is a high

certainty that all the hostages

are still alive and safe. We

know that the kidnappers are

still in the area, they

attempted to leave the area

northward then went back,

perhaps because of the weather.

The local media is reporting

that religious leaders on the

island might have been able to

convince the Islamic militants

not to fol low through on their

threats. The Red Cross has

restarted efforts to free the

aid workers. Villagers the in

the Indian State the Uttar Pradesh have banded together to pressure politicians to deliver

on promises to improve living

standards. Water quality

problems prompted plans for a

voter boycott of the

forthcoming general election.

But now the villagers want

candidates to sign a pact to

honour their promises.

(squeaking) The locals in this

village in Uttar Pradesh say

the ground water in this region

has been contaminated for

decades by chemicals from

thousands of factories

operating nearby. This problem

start ed in 1972. Government

promises, they've come and

gone. They've promised they

would do something about it, but nothing has happened so

far. Even the governor came,

but nothing happened. The

problem continues. The water

hasn't been tested, but the

village chief says 25% of

people living in this area have

serious health problems caused

by the water. TRANSLATION:

People have no choice but to

drink that water. And that

water contains fleur ied and

pollutants from chemical

industries and leather instrus

from cam purr. Here in the

village of habed a Poor in

Uttar Pradesh the failure of politicians to deliver on promises to improve water

quality has led visitors to

consider boycotting this

month's general elections. In

response to these concerns, a

non-government organisation is

encouraging the villagers to

pressure candidates to sign

development pacts, agreeing to

honour their promises to

improve water quality if they

win office. We help people

prepare the pact, which is a

piece of paper basically where

they put down their nands and -

demands and when political

representatives from parties,

different parties, they come

asking for votes, they ask them

to sign on a pact. The man who

leads the 8-village assembly in

this area has embraced the

idea. Initially we thought of

boycotting the election, but on

assurance of intervention of

Transparency International

India we have decided to vote

but we will demand politicians

sign the pact. No election

candidates have agreed to support a development pact yet

but if they come looking foo

votes here they'll have to sign

up or face a boycott . China is

throwing funding at what the World Health Organisation

describes as a potential time

bomb, drug resistant

tuberculosis, it's announced

new research into the problem

to diagnose TB much earlier. The World Health Organisation

has issued a grim warning about

a lethal strain of drug

resistant tuberculosis at an international conference in

Beijing. This is a situation

set to spiral out of control.

Call it what you may, a time

bomb, or a paweder - powder

keg. Anyway you look at it,

this is a potentially explosive

situation. Nine million people

each year contract TB, half a

million of those get the

multidrug resistant form of the

disease. If left unchecked, the

WHO warns there could be a

global TB endemic and it's a

big problem in the world's most

pop owl ous - populous

nation. TB is the one of the

most deadliest diseases in

China. China's leading the

charge in finding ways to fight

the growing threat. The Chinese

Government and the Bill and

Melinda Gates foundation have

announced a five-year, $33

million research program to

test new drugs and diagnostic

tools. This project is about TB

treatment and using the new innovative techniques, we

thought China would be a great

place to do this, because of

their commitment, and the skill

at which thist could be

done. The WHO has told

officials from the 27 worse

affected countries they need dramatic improvements in

detecting infection and in

building stronger health

systems if they're to prevent

an epidemic. One of China's

first schools for autistic

children is hoping to get more

government recognition for the

condition. The school's founder

says the one child policy has

meant an end to big families

looking after dispayabled -

disabled members and forced

society to confront prejudice

and ignorance. Autistic

children are known as Star

children in China, and the

Stars and Rains school runs 3-month courses to help them

develop the behaviour society

expects. Simple playground

games are a sign that it's

working. The school's founder

says when she shet set up the

school 16 years ago to help her

own autistic child many Chinese

doctors had never heard of

autism. It's at least a topic,

it's not very a hot topic, but,

you know, in the past years I

was sometimes very, very sad

that it was not a topic at all.

Now she trains teachers for

more than 100 similar schools

across China. They offer a

little hope for parents who

normally rely on their children

in old age. For a family if the

child is disabled in the future

it's very, very - we call this

very dark, you know. It's not

just financial hardship. This

mother says unless her child

learns to behave normally he

face as lifetime of

prejudice. TRANSLATION: We as

adults are feeling hopeless. We

hope people will accept the

children. In Beijing now,

people know about this

condition, so they will say the

child is behaving like this

because he's autistic and will

be more tolerant. Women who have a disabled child are hay

loued to have a second baby,

many parents are too

overwhelmed to cope with

another child. This woman says

mothers are often urged to give autistic children up for

adoption and try again. Many

won't hear of it. Hoping the

treatments available outside

China will 1 day be offered to

them. It's been described as a

once in a century flood. Parts

of Australia's New South Wales

mid north coast have been

declared a natural disaster

area. Thousands of people are

still stranded,

Large parts of the mid north

coast are once again under

water. It was scary. Just like

a mini cyclone come through the

whole town. 70 people were

rescue ed by the State

Emergency Service, more than 2,000 residents around the

towns of Bellingen and Coffs

Harbour are cut off as the State Government declares a

natural disaster area. We're

being told this is a one in 100

event in Coffs Harbour.

Hundreds spent the night in

evacuation centres. We've never

seen Coffs this bad. So...

Yeah. It's been a bit hectic.

Karen a-Troy are among those

stranded in Coffs Harbour after their car was nearly swept away

by the rising waters. I had

visions of us floating down the

creek and we were never gonna

get out. The flood water is

receding and mopping up has

begun. Larry lost his 30,000

antique collection when 3m high

flood waters swept through his

garage. 43 years of collecting

stuff. Shall it's in the

creek. Schools are closed, car

parks flooded, foot paths

ripped up. This bloke is

overseas. UnbeJones to him his

car has been taken out by the

flood underneath this garage,

all his valuable possessions

are gone with it too. The same

area was hit by floods just 6

weeks ago. People were only

just recover ing from the

earlier event and homes have

been inundated again. With more

rain forecast there are fears

this could get worse than the 1996 flooding that devastated

this area. People in affected

areas are urged to stay in

their homes but be ready to

evacuate at any time. Our

storey - thousands of

demonstrators are clashed with

riot police in London's

financial centre ahead of the

G20 summit. Latest reports say

one protester has died. To the

financial markets now - in the

United States, stocks were

lifted by stronger than

expected factory sector


The US dollar is fairly mixed around the region.

To sports news - Australia is

on the brink of World Cup

qualification after a 2-nil win

over Uzbekistan in Asia Group

1. Bahrain posted a group in -

win in group one. South Korea

beat the north in group 2.

Saudi Arabia down ed the United

Arab Emirates. Nearly 60,000

fans greeted the Australians as

they attempted to become the

first nation to qualify for the

World Cup. It was the Uzbeks

who threatened first in the wet

conditions. Australia had its

first real chance in the #159

minute but - 15th minute. The

second half sauce Australia

emerge with you renewed energy.

In the 56-minute the

breakthrough thanks to Josh

Kennedy. Then just 5 minutes

later the match was all but

sealed as Richard Garcia was

fouled in the penalty area allowing Harry Kewell to score

from the spot. The 2-nil win

has virtually assured Australia

one of the top 2 automatic

qualifying spots. Congratulations to them

but again congratulations to us

I think they worked very hard,

I'm proud of every single one

of them. In Seoul it was the

South that got away to a

stronger start in the battle of

the two cryaing. The former

toftenham defender almost found

the net from a distance on his

weaker right foot. In the

second half the North created

chances of their own. Then

after 87 minutes and a gritty

performance from both sides it

was a soft goal that won the

game for the south. South Korea

moves to the top of group 2

with North Korea one point

behind in second. TRANSLATION:

Now we are enemies on the

football field. I'm very happy

our team earned a victory

today. Both sides need a win to

stay alive in qualifying. The

host responded with a chance a

minute later. A clever header

was just off-line. 6 minutes

into the second half Bahrain

finally lit up the score board.

The home side held on to the one--nil advantage and moves to

third spot on the group 1

table, Qatar a last. in a high

scoring affair another late

fightback from Saudi Arabia saw

it post a 3-2 win over United

Arab Emirates.

The hosts kept in touch, and

scored the winner just 7

minutes from time. Let's look

at how the weather is shaping

up for this Thursday. gusty

easterly winds and a trough are

causing scattered showers with the heaviest falls along the north-east coast of New South

Wales. Rain for Brisbane just a

few showers around for Sydney

and Canberra. Warm

north-easterlies are affecting

South Australia and parts of Victoria, Adelaide will hit

over 30 degrees again today

before a cool change. Mostly

sunny elsewhere. A strong high

centred over southern New

Zealand will bring a bright

sunny day to Wellington and

Auckland. a late shower for num

owea - numb ea. a mostly fine

day across the other islands.?

So South East Asia -

thunderstorms will hit from

Jakarta through to Manila. Then

across in Palau. A good chance

of a storm or two for Port

Moresby. Denpasar overcast. A

clearing shower for Dili.

A strong high over eastern

China should keep the day sunny

in Seoul. An overcast day across the rest of North

aishia. Increasing sunshine for

ul unbat ar.

You've been watch ing ABC for

Australia Network. Protesters -

one is reported dead after a

clash with police ahead of the

G20 sum nit London. Barack Obama and Gordon Brown pledge

to make the tough decisions to solve the global financial

crisis. that's the bull ten for now. For more news and current

affairs from the region go our

web site. thanks for joining

us. See you soon. Closed Captions by CSI