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Tonight - having words, the

iguana nightclub scandal goes

federal. I've made it clear

that I'm not happy. This is the

ugly face of bullying. Oh what

a feeling, Kev's big bucks to

go green. Will history repeat

Ethiopia once again facing

famine. And out of this world,

the Broken Hill miner turned

astronomer. I'm now involved

with NASA. Can you believe it?

Good evening, Juanita

Phillips with ABC News. Not

happy, Belinda, that's the mess

fridge the Labor leadership to

the Central Coast federal MP

Belinda Neal. She's the wife of

the State Education Minister

John Della Bosca. Both of them

have been accused of rude and

abusive behaviour during a

night out at the Iguana Club.

They deny it but the row refuse

s to go away and now it's gone

all the way to the top, to the

acting prime minister. Under

siege and under pressure, news

cameras caught the Labor couple

leaving home in the early

hours. Belinda Neal later broke

radio. her silence on the mat tore ABC

She's denied making threats

relating to the Iguana Club's

licence and has hit back at

individual witness accounts and

several stach trrk declarations

from bar staff that she quell

yelled and swore at them. More

stat decs have come into play

this time from dinner guests.

Four people who were present on

the now notorious night have

backed up Ms Neal's account,

three of them are on her staff.

The Federal Opposition isn't

satisfied. Belinda Neal is

meeting the description of an

ugly bully. Yesterday the Prime

Minister made light of the

matter. Belinda Neal, actions

reported or otherwise? Which

nation state does she

represent? But today Julia

Gillard issued a warning to all

MPs to conduct themselves

appropriately. Is I've made it

clear that I'm not happy about

what has been occurring

here. Earlier this year Morris

Iemma was happy to be photographed with the federal

MP seen her with her husband at

the far right of screen. But

today he was steering clear. My

responsibility is the person

that works for me and that's Mr

Della Bosca. And Mr Della Bosca

has convinced his boss he's

done nothing wrong. He is

telling the truth, I accept

that. The Opposition can't

believe it. This is a cover up

of Watergate proportions an we

have a gutless Premier not

prepared to tackle the

problem. It hasn't been a good

month for John Della Bosca and

Belinda Neale they've made

headlines for all the wrong

reasons including speeding,

swearing and sauchbsive

comments. They're respective

leaders are hoping they are now

ready to settle down. As petrol

heads towards $1.70 a litre the

Federal Government has come up

with a surprising idea to cut

fuel costs. It's giving the

Japanese car maker Toyota $35

million to build a hybrid car

in Australia, one that runs on

both petrol and

electricity. The Prime Minister

signed off on the deal during

his visit to Japan. Kevin Rudd

hopes it's the start of a

greener approach to driving.

Some say it will be a shot in

the arm for an ailing industry

but others are asking if it's

just a shot in the

dark. Political correspondent

Greg Jennett reports from

Japan. Taken by Toyota's

technology. The world's biggest

car maker doesn't need to

convince Kevin Rudd of its

capacity for innovation, he's

underwriting it. We've decided

therefore to commit a grant

from the green car innovation

fund of some 35 million. This

is what it buys. You can't hear

a thing. We're on. A petrol

electric hybrid cam h Camry,

10,000 of them to roel roll of

Toyota alton a line by

2010. It's said to use 30% less

fuel than a conventional

car. One-third therefore less

by way of emissions and

therefore, for an average

family driving some 20,000

kilometres a year, saving up to

$1,000 a year. St The

autoindustry is scrambling to

meet surging demand for more

fuel efficient car. Toyota alone expects to produce a

million of them globally in the

next three to six year. Even

subsidy. though the company wanted the

TRANSLATION: We would not sure

in what way we would like to

use that amount. And the Government, coupled with

support from Victoria, was

prepared to oblige on the

condition the company will

invest a further $100 million

in research and

development.. We want to see a

rapid transformation of the Australian auto industry

because it's so important. In

hybrid fuel technology the

Government sees salvation for

the ailing local car industry.

Next it's off to Detroit to try

to convince Ford and General

Motters to follow Toyota's

lead. But the promise f up to

$500 million in assistance

raises questions about the

viability of the three

manufacturer. Younchts can't be

great at everything and to

throw taxpayers' money at this,

even with a green label on it,

that's not good sense or good

policy. R and D, particularly

those related to clean, green

technologies constitute a

public good. And one he says

will power its own economic

returns. Governments and unions

hope that going green will mean

a brighter future for car

manufacturing in Australia. But

some in the industry aren't so

sure. The Victorian Premier's

got that feeling. He's hoping

the hybrid car will secure the

3,500 jobs at Toyota in

Melbourne and he's estimating

it will provide $150 million a

year for the economy. You could

say this is a green letter day.

It is a fantastic day for the

auto industry. Australia's car

industry could use a bit of

polish. Just last week Holden

announced its plans to cut more

than 500 manufacturing jobs in

Melbourne. Unions believe this

announcement will mean more

jobs. Green manufacturing is

very much the way of the

future. You can't see fuel

prices the way they are in

Australia, the way they are in

Canada and the United States

and elsewhere in the world and

not respond as an industry to

it. The Victorian and Federal

Governments have committed to

buying some of these cars for

their fleets. They're now

hoping other Australians will

also choose to buy green. But

only 5,000 hybrid vehicles were

sold in Australia last year out

of a market of a million cars.

And some have questioned how

popular the Camry will be

particularly as the hybrid

looks the same as the regular

model. People who buy hybrids

want to say look at me, I'm

caring about the

environment. If you look around

the world at demand for hybrid

vehicles it's growing so

rapidly that you can't meet

demand. The politicians still

believe they're on to a winner.

And new figures show just how

big an impact petrol prices and

interest rates are having on

the economy. Business is

becoming more cautious about

taking on new workers,

opportunities are disappearing

in the once resilient jobs

market and the housing sector

is reeling as borrowers flee.

It hasn't come to this in

Australia, freeways across

Europe blockaded by angry

truckies protesting over

soaring fuel prices. Fishing

boats were also at a stand

still as was public transport

in India. While in the US,

total energy costs are now

sapping more spending power

than previous oil shocks. More

than it was in the '80s and the

'70s, so people are really

starting to feel the pinch. So

are Australians who are also

battling high interest rates.

Today's numbers tell a similar

story. The interest rate

increases we've seen since the

end of 2007 and into 2008 are

really starting to impact

households' demands for

credit. Including home loans.

Housing finance approvals fell

3% in April, the third

consecutive monthly fall. ANZ

job ads were down 1.7% in May,

the third fall in four months.

And a NAB survey shows

conditions for doing business

remain worse than expected. NAB

says orders are weakening and

businesses are not hiring as

much. As it looks like that quite significantly enough to

see a rise in the unemployment

rate over the next

year. Eventually all this is

suppose to ease the pressure on inflation and interest rates

but there are tax cuts coming

and there's a mining boom under way. Both are expected to give

the economy more of a boost

later this year. Oil companies

alone are looking to spend $40

billion in Western Australia,

although not everyone sees this

as a complete counter weight.

The global economy's slowing

and the entire domestic

financial conditions at home

will both more than offset the

boost from higher tax cut an

higher commodity prices. And

that's the way the Reserve Bank

wants it. Well it seem s our

parents were right. Listening

to loud music can make you go

deaf. The MP 3 players popular

with this generation of young

people could be banned because

they play music at dangerously

high levels. Federal Government

researcher has found that 60%

of 18 to 24-year-olds who

listen to music through head

phones do so at unsafe

levels. MP 3 players normally

can produce up to 120, 125

decibels which is like being

not too far from a jet taking

off. The Human Services

Minister says he's considering

following France in limiting

the decibel capacity of MP

3s. Prime mayor issue is to

look at education. But of

course all of these things, as

we progress, need to be

considered. The research also

found many young people don't

realise that hearing loss is

permanent. Stem cells grown

from adult skin not embryos,

it's new technology that's now

being put to the test by

scientists in Australia. The

aim is to find an ethically acceptable way of treating

diseases like Parkinsons and

Alzheimer's. These cells have

scientists excited. They've

been growing in a Melbourne

laboratory for five days and

have the capacity to transform into any part of the body

without all the ethical issues

surrounding embryo-derived sem

cell. Unlike embryonic stem

cells which require human egg,

the cells known as IPS have

been made by reprogramming

human adult cells such as

skin. It really is with a large

potential to change the way

clinical medicine is carried

out in the future. The cells

were first discovered in

November last year by American

and Japanese resrch teams but it's the first time Australian scientists have been able to

get their hands on the

technology. The Australian Stem

Cell Centre will focus on the

production of blood and will

compare the technology to human

embryonic stem cells. Thig that

you can do with human embryonic

stem cells you can potentially

do with IPS cells. Scientists

say IPS cells are still very

much in the research stage and

believe it could be decades

before the cells have the

potential to treat a range of

medical conditions. Researchers say

some ethical and safety issues

still need to be addressed. In

some of the early studies using

these cells, putting the cells,

the IPS cells into animal

models they cause cancer so we

need to absolutely make sure

that that is not the

case. Scientists say IPS cells

should not be regarded as a

replacement for embryonic stem

cells with research still

needed in both areas. Weather

extremes have the United States

grappling with a heatwave in

the east and floods in the

midwest. In the state of

Wisconsin houses fell into this

swollen river. Five of them

were washed away. In Indiana,

28 cm of rain fell in just

minutes turning streets into

streams. We have about five

feet of water in the

basement. The storms have

unleashed torrential rains and

left a trail of destruction

across the mid west. 10 deaths

have been blamed on them.

America's east coast meanwhile

have been hit with a heatwave.

Temperatures are in the high

30s and the demand for

electricity is causing black

outs in places like New York

City. Those who can't get cool

the conventional way have to be

more inventive. They became

some of the defining images of

the 1980s, the shocking

pictures of the dead and dying

in Ethiopia's great famine

triggered an unprecedented

global fund raising effort. Now

the country once again needs

help. Aid agencies say that

Ethiopia is on the verge of

another serious famine caused

by drought and soaring prices.

This report from the BBC. And a

warning, you may find some of

the images disturbing. All of

these children were carried

long distances this morning. A

desperate journey in search of

help. They came to a treatment

centre in the village, all the

children are sick, Mal

nourished some are starving..

Tarakim also arrived today, he

is 8 years old. His mother

carried him for two hours.

There's no food left in her

village but it may be too late

to save her son. There are

thousands of children in this

district alone struggling to

survive. Over the morning the

numbers grew, mothers carrying

precious bundles of life. With

children this tiny, hours can

make all the difference. To

understand the scale of this we

travel to a more remote

village. In Edu, the missions

of charity are giving emergency

care to 200 children. "I walked

for four hours" who feared her

son was dying. "I was so tired

and it was very difficult

getting here. The cattle are

dying, there is hunger.". Many

of these children have been

living on one meal a day,

sometimes a biscuit, or wild

plants. Some they have no

appetite to eat anymore, that

means they cannot eat anything

so we bring and we are helping

them at least to get their

appetite. The African sky is

heavy with rain. It is strange,

the landscape has in recent

days turned green but there is

hunger. It's because a drought

destroyed the root crops on

which survival

depends. Ethiopia is better

placed than in the past to

cope, even so, aid agencies say

there is not enough food in the

country but for months ahead

until the next harvest,

children like Saku will need feeding.

The head of brewing giant

Fosters has resigned and the

company is to review its under

performing global wine

business. Fosters took over

Southcorp in 2005 but now says

lit slash the value of its wine

assets but up to $700 million.

Trevor O'Hoy was appointed

chief executive in 2004. He

oversaw the acquisition of

Southcorp for more than $3

billion. Southcorp owns brand

names such as Penfolds,

Lindemans and Rosemount. Today

Fosters admitted the merger had

not been executed well. Profits

had also been hit by the wine

glut, falling US demand and a

rising Australian dollar. Both

the Australian dollar and local

share market fell today as the

US dollar rallied and the oil

price fell back. Well the US

dollar had a mild resurgence

last night because a couple of

Federal Reserve officials made

speeches in which they verbally

wrung their hands about the

weakness of the currency.

Markets took this to mean the

fed might actually do something

about it and as usual, tried to

anticipate that by pushing it

up by a euro.

Tonight's graph tries to

explain the oil market. First demand and the point is it's

not the G 7 countries which are

the US, Japan, Germany, France,

Italy, Canada and the UK, it's

the rest led by China

increasing by about a million

barrels a day each year for a

decade. Second, supply. Now

this graph is from the OPEC

website. According to this

world supply did respond to

higher prices last year but is

petering out now. And the third

element is speculation. This

graph shows what are called

non-commercial futures

contracts, that is they're held

by investment funds who don't

need oil. They're just betting

on it. Fell back a bit in March

but there's still a lot of it

going on and that's

finance. Round two of State of

Origin could be a fiery affair

is today's war of words is

anything to go by. The Queenslanders claim the refereeing in game one was

unfair and they don't want to

see a repeat performance in

Brisbane tomorrow night. That's

all Blues coach Craig Bellamy

come out firing. This morning

Blues coach Craig Bellamy was

on the war path. He was

reacting to Queensland's

criticism of referee Tony

Archer, the Maroons say he got

it wrong in game one allowing

the NSW defenders to split

their markers at the play the

ball. I do expect a better

performance, yeah. So a fairer

performance. Again I'm not

quite sure why they keep going

on about it and I've seen

something in the paper there

today about the word cheat was

mentioned which is a pretty

strong word. Almost as strong

as Willie Mason describing the

Queensland fans at Lang Park as

red neck. We're happy and proud

to be Queenslanders and in my

day I used to love a bit of

al-Hilali billy songs and get

out there and do a few

dances. The Maroons had their

final training session today.

The Blues maintain Queensland won't start Scott Prince

because of his perceived

fraility in defence. You can't

hide in Origin footy. That's a

silly statement to make. I've

said a thousand times I'm

expecting Hunt to start there

somewhere. They'll come at us

hard, we'll come at them

hard. Last night the Storm

minus 10 regular first graders

went down 18-0 to the Titans. I

know it's been spoken about in

terms of trying to get the

State of o Jin in a stand alone

period but who's being

short-changed here? That's the

fans. No sympathy from the

Bronco. They've had to deal

with losing players around

seasons. Australia's Olympic Origin time for the last 20

soccer campaign has suffered a

setback. The sports ruling body

FIFA has overturned a decision

which would have allowed

suspended goalkeeper Danny

Vukovic to play in Beijing.

Danny Vukovic was suspended

after striking at the referee

during the A-League grand

final. His original suspension

was reduced and a window opened

for him to represent in

Beijing. That's been slammed

shut by FIFA which says the

interruption of the suspension

for a serious offence is

contrary to the spirit of the

game. The FFA has indicated it

won't appeal. The colour was

orange on a day which left

Italians red faced after their

heaviest defeat in 25 years.

They were fuming when the first

goal in the European

championship looked offside.

In the fine print, a player

who leaves the field without

permission even accidentally

and doesn't return immediately

must be taken into account when


offside. Regardless, the orange

explosion reverberated. More so

with a brilliant second goal

from Wesley Schneider. Italy

did have chances. 3-0 was the

Netherlands biggest ever win

over Italy and their first for

30 years. At home on the lush

London grass, Lleyton Hewitt has headed an Australian

trifecta of victories on the

opening day of the Queens

championship. A 4-time winner

at the Wimbledon lead up event

but this year seeded 11th,

Hewitt breezed past British

wild card Josh Goodall. The

27-year-old 6-4, 6-4 win was

splashed with remind irs of his

love of the surface. She showed

little sign of a nagging hip

injury. I went in there with

the mentality I had to execute

my game and that was going to

hold me in good stead today. I

fement I served very well the

whole match. He had little

chances on any of my service

games. Joe Sirianni and Chris

Guccione join Hewitt in the

second round. A leaky roof has

caused an untidy finale to the

trans-Tasman netball clash innet Perth. The West Coast

fever led by 17 goals at half

time against New Zealand's

Pulse but the Challenge Stadium

sprung a leak. The court was

deemed unsafe, the match was

abandoned and declared a draw.

The Fever was on target for its

first home win. In last night's

other game the NSW Swifts need

add late equaliser. Then extra

Mystics time to beat the Northern

Mystics 65 #4-62. In China

they're treated like rock gods.

In Australia they're just

ping-pong players. That's why

going to the Beijing Games

could be an intimidating

experience for Australia's

table tennis team. For the

women players it will be

particularly intense. As

Olympics reporter Lisa Millar

explains, they were all born in

China. It might be ping-pong

to some but it's serious table

tennis for these Olympians. Six

Australians hoping to beat

China at its own game stealing

a gold medal from the world

champions would be the ultimate

coup. They're just fanatical.

They bring their drums an horns

and everyone - I mean all the

public recognise everybody,

they're signing thousands of

autographs who would believe

table tennis players signing

autographs. This could be

Australia's secret women, three

women all born in China make up

half the Australian team.

27-year-old Miao Miao is

feeling confident but she knows

it will be a tough crowd. I

know I got to prepare that most

of the people cheering for the

Chinese team but also I believe

there's a lots of people

cheering for me as well. This

isn't just a past time in

China, it's something of a

national obsession. Forget

about trying to get tickets to

see the Australian team play,

they sold out months ago. Miao

Miao is hoping she can snag

tickets for her parents. Taking

them back to Beijing would be

an emotional journey, both of

them were champion athletes in

China. She knows one thing at

least, unlike the men in her team, she won't have trouble

with the language. No problems

at all. Until then, it's hours

of training every day in the

chase for the elusive gold.

From the mine pits of Broken

Hill to the final frontiers of space, it's been an

extraordinary journey of

discovery. Trevor Barry is a

miner turned astronomer. He put himself through university,

graduated with top honours and

is now being feted by NASA.

Science reporter Sarah Clarke

talks to a bloke who has boldly

gone where few from the outback

has gone before. It's hardly

the place you'd expect to find

an astronomer of his

international standing. But it

was here in his backyard observatory in Broken Hill

where Trevor Barry stumbled

upon a rare planetry event

which that changed his

life. This was another night of

imaging Saturn and when I

processed the images there was

the barest hint of some

structure, a white spot. It may

not be visible to the naked eye

but that white spot is in fact

a raging electrical storm

10,000 times more powerful than

those on Earth. And a

phenomenon only rarely captured

on camera. He's accomplished a

huge amount. He's observing is

second to none. It's top-class

observing. It's the clear skies

of Broken Hill that make star

gazing so extraordinary. NASA

heard of the images and signed

up the Broken Hill star gazer

to its Cassini mission keeping

a close watch on Saturn. It's

amazing. In fact I'd go so far

to say it's amazingly

amazing. He's now one of only

four amateur astronomers

working for NASA. As an ex

miner who left school to work

in the black holes of Broken

Hill, Trevor Barry says his

achievement is simply out of

this world. It's opened doors

for me around the world. I'm

now involved with NASA, can you

believe that? With the Cassini program. As for his fascination

with the stars, this star gazer

says that's a commitment for

life. Time to check the weather

now and that thick fog this

morning looked pretty

spectacular from the air. It

did but it wasn't such a good

sight from the ground. It was

caused by moist ur from

yesterday and overnight's

drizzle. That combined with

light winds and a drop in

temperatures. Produced a

blanket of fog over part of

Sydney. I was only the tops of

the city buildings that extended out of the fog as it

was only a couple of hundred

feet deep. Poor visibility at

the airport meant divergs for

fight into Sydney until the fog

cleared. Some ferry services

were also affected but by 9:00 The most of the flog had

cleared to mist. Lack of rain

in the city today should

confine tomorrow's fogs to the

more inland suburbs. Now the

sun finally broke through the

cloud this afternoon.

The clear skies will continue

overnight and it will lead to a

rather cold start tomorrow.

As one band of cloud moves

off the east coast another

moves in and this next bachbd

is in association with a weak

front. But the rain from it

will be lighter than the last

one and it will move into the

north-east of the State by

Thursday. It will be followed

by two more fronts, the last of

which will introduce a burst of

very cold air over the State on

Friday. But most falls tomorrow

will be less than 5 mm and

confined generally to the

southern half of the State and

through the far western districts.

Some early morning fog in the

west that, will be followed by

a dry day but cloud will be on

the increase. We're looking at

tops of 22. A shower or two

developing as we head into the

evening but winds should be

light to moderate north-west.

We'll see much colder air move

through on Friday and at this

stage still looking at a wild

weekend. And that is ABC new

for this Tuesday. The '7:30

Report' is up next and I'll be

back with an update in an hour.

Goodnight. Closed Captions by


CC I feel that my career has

been assassinated. I will fight

to get my reputation completely

cleared. Tonight on the 7:30

Report, surgeon under siege,

the former head of the

country's biggest trauma unit

hits back at his critics. Lives

were put at risk. There were

examples of catastrophic

bleeding. I completely refute

this, you see. I actually save

add lot of lives. I'm sorry, I

think I gave you enough time. I think these are serious

questions that you need to

answer. There's no bracing in

the trusses in roof so it's not

safe. Falling through the

building safety net. It's junk

insurance, it's not protecting

consumers. I'm $70,000 worse consumers. I'm $70,000 worse off now.