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(generated from captions) This Program is

Live Captioned. Tonight - the

Prime Minister readies

combat over his health Prime Minister readies for

plan. This is an argument we

will not shrink from. Suicide

bombers strike ahead of

Sunday's crucial election.

Trouble at school, another

student threatened with a

knife. And Melbourne's gain as

Sydney's Boeing workers get the

chop. Good evening, Juanita

Phillips with ABC News. Kevin

Rudd and his senior

Rudd and his senior Ministers

have begun a full-throttle

media blitz to sell their

health care shake-up. NSW

doctors are still not convinced

warning some regional hospitals

could be forced to close. The

Opposition says it could mean

higher taxes, the Prime

Minister says critics should

top whingeing and get with the

Correspondent Mark Simkin program. Chief Political

reports from Canberra. You look

reports from Canberra. You look

gorgeous. It's nice, isn't

it. Kevin Rudd likes the look

of his Health Minister as well

as his health policy. The pair

took their sales pitch to the

front line. Tough old bugger

are you. Dropping in on people

who have seen the ailing system

up close. We'll have a huge

fight with various, you know, State politicians and bureaucrats around the

country. The fight has

country. The fight has

begun. The solution is not a

promise of money in 2014. The

solution is more resources from

the Commonwealth right

now. Some doctors are also

dubious, and they predict

smaller hospitals could be

forced to close. They are going

to be severely disadvantaged if

they are funded with the

coast-mix model. There won't be

enough money to maintain the

enough money to maintain the

level of services. The The

Prime Minister denies that and

seem to be spoiling for a

fight. I suggest those who are

out there whingeing and

moaning, they should get with

the program. States and

Territories need to put aside

wick ring. It's easy to corp

and complain. Tony Abbott

wheeled out a case study a woman

woman that needs to travel 12

hours for dialysis. It's

important for Kevin Rudd to

understand that the people of

Australia want their problems

solved, not just a bureaucratic

shake-up. The shake-up is fully

funded for the next four years,

but heath costs are building.

The Government admits taxes may have to rise to cover

them. We'll have to have a

pressures are debate about how those

pressures are funded into the

future. Nicola Roxon revealed

that the Rudd Government has a secret agenda to increase

taxes. That forced the Prime

Minister to restate a pledge

not to interas the overall

level of - increase the overall

level of taxation. Kevin Rudd

plans changes to the tax system

but it's on

but it's on the backburner

while he's works out the

obvious haul. More than 30 are

dead after suicide bombings in

the Iraqi city of Baquba, the

violence coming despite

heightened security in the lead

up to parliamentary elections,

there are fears insurgents will strike again. Middle East

Correspondent Ben Knight

reports from Baghdad. Two

attackers drove cars packed

stations in with explosives towards police

stations in the northern city

of Baquba, as the wounded were

taken to hospital another

militant was riding in the

ambulance dressed as an

officer, blowing himself up at

the gate.

TRANSLATION: This will not

undermine our will or

determination to participate in

the vote. This was not the

major attack that the Iraqis

had been expecting in the lead

up to the vote. It's enough to

make them nervous that Al-Qaeda

will carry out its

will carry out its threat to do

whatever it can to disrupt the

election. With US troops off

the streets in Baghdad, it's up

to Iraqi security forces alone

to stop it happening. Security

forces have been trained so

they are are the to protect the

polling stations on the day of

the legislation. Experts

believe if there is to be an

attack, it could come tomorrow.

leave their posts Iraqi security forces will

leave their posts to vote early

in shifts so they can be on

deck to shut the city down for

the fol. Outside, security was

tight. Baghdad was a stronghold

of Shi'ite militia. Police are

giving the militants little

chance to use this election to

reassert their power. There are

more than 6,000 candidates

standing in this election,

that standing out in a crowd like

that is hard enough without the

security problems. Campaigning

in Iraq is a dangerous

business. Political party's

officers have been bombed, candidates murdered in their

homes and the dradional

political rally is -

traditional political rally is

recorded as a terrorist

target. The vote will go ahead

Sunday. It's not clear how many

Iraqis will brave the threat of

death to make it

count. Powerful aftershocks death to make it

struck Chile causing mass panic

across the earthquake zone.

People ran for higher ground as

authorities issued a tsunami

warning, the biggest tremor

5.9. The alert was later

cancel. The rescue operation

triggered by last weekend's

quake and tsunami is

emerged of continuing. New amateur video

emerged of the moment one of

the waves hit the town of

Dichato, more than 800 have

been confirmed dead. The aid

effort is gathering pace and it

won't be long the Government

says before basic services are restored. TRANSLATION: There's no

shortage of supplies, there's

enough food. People in places

where stores are closed must

have patience and keep calm. A

have patience and keep calm. A

Government curfew in one of the

worse-hit cities, Concepcion,

has help restore order after

days of looting. Hundreds are

feared dead after a landslide

burr ild three villages in

Uganda, soldiers and locals in

the Bududa District are digging

through the mud looking for

survivors. We have tools, hoes

and spades, they are not doing

and spades, they are not doing

much. We have not reached some

houses covered. The Government

says the remote location and steep terrain make it

impossible to bring in

excavating equipment. More than

80 are confirmed dead, hundreds

missing, there's been heavy

rain in the area for several

days. The big flood continues

to move south through

Queensland, engulfing towns and

properties as it goes,

properties as it goes, in some

areas it's broken all records,

the tiny town of Bollon in

south-west Queensland is the

latest to feel the impact. From

there Paul Lockyer

reports. No-one in Bollon had

seen anything like this, the

little creek that runs past the

town has been swollen by

fast-flowing floodwaters

engulfing most of the community Heartbreaking, it's

all your hard earned money washed

washed down. Laurie and Debbie

Bateman watched as their service station went under.

Now their cafe is at risk. Then

our house could possibly go

under as well. Yes, very

heartbreaking. More than a

dozens homes have been

inundated and the water is

still rising. The local

authorities want people to

start evacuating their homes,

they'll have a hard task moving

they'll have a hard task moving

some people. My mother has been

here all her life, she's 84. No

way you'll get her, she's on

her own. You won't get her out

of the house. They're

right. Graham's mother Joyce

sat out many homes floods in

her flood. Intends to do so again. I will

again. I will not leave my

home. She admits it's more

frightening than other floods.

We are not sure how high the

flood comes, I have the house

carpeted. I don't want to go

through that at my age. Bollon

is one of many communities

dealing with floods. Rivers and

creeks towards NSW - towns and

properties will feel the full

force of the big flood

force of the big flood of

2010. A motser has appealed to

police to - mother has appealed

to police to charge a

schoolgirl who held a knife to

her 12-year-old daughter's

throat, news of the incident

emerged as the Victorian Government introduced police

powers to combat a knife

carrying culture. Under the plan police will

plan police will be able to

conduct random searches for weapons. John Brumby says

Victoria has the toughest

antiknife laws, but his

Government is not stopping

there. Under new measures

police will be able to search

anyone within a public place

without giving notice. Those

carrying knives will be

considered guilty until proven

innocent and be issued with a

$1,000 fine. There's an increasing tendency

increasing tendency for young

people to carry knives more

than they used to. That

disturbs us greatly. The

announcement came as news

emerged about a knife pulled in

a schoolyard. At Monday at Bellarine Secondary College,

south-west of Melbourne a

13-year-old allegedly

threatened to slash another

girl's throat. I can confirm a

year 7 student was found in

possession of a knife. I stress and repeat absolutely

and repeat absolutely stress

that this is an isolated

incident at our school. Police

gave the student ficial

caution, it didn't impress the

victim's mother. My daughter

stated that she wanted the

child charged. I think they

should go ahead with the

charge. Today the Prime

Minister encouraged schools to

act tough on violence and

act tough on violence and

bullying. I am completely

revolted and appalled by a kid

that fears going to school for

being thumped, threatened. The

college has suspended the

student indefinite ly Hundreds

of workers at Boeing's Sydney

factory are to lose their jobs

because the company is shifting

to Victoria. Business groups say it's a body

say it's a body blow for

Sydney's aerospace industry and

the Government is accused of

not doing enough to keep Boeing

here. There was a show of

frustration and anger as

hundreds of workers left the

factory to deliver the bad

news, there was a brave

face. Do you have jobs at your

place. Workers knew that their

jobs were up in the air, it was

a shock. The

a shock. The company has been

engineering aircraft equipment

since before World War II. I'm

disappointed. 300 jobs will be

moved south over the next two

years. Happy to send us to

Melbourne. I have everything

here, some of Older blokes in

the company are concerned about

what they'll do for work. It's

been a decade of dog fighting

for aerospace jobs. In 2002 Virgin Blue

Virgin Blue was lured to

Brisbane. Four years later NSW

was stung when Qantas moved

many positions to Victoria and

Queensland. It's the Victorian

and Commonwealth governments

behind the latest air

raid. They invested $25

million, we need to make sure

the NSW Government rolls its

sleeves up to secure the

future. The Opposition says

there's a better business

there's a better business

climate. Victoria has lower

payroll tax, simpler and easier

regulations. The premier says there's nothing they could

do We'll look at retraining

packages, and look at

aggressively attracting new

investment for the site. The

Opposition is concerned for 20

workers at the arm of Country Energy, the

Energy, the last State-owned

network and it's up for sale. Nationals and Liberals

will put a case to whoever the

buyer is to retain those

regional jobs. Country Energy

says the workers will be

offered a transfer to the

electricity division. The big

winner is the NSW Government,

standing to pocket more than

$100 mittion. A rare species of frog

frog surprised scientists by

returning from apparent extinction. The Yellow-spotted

Bell Frog has been discovered

in a stream in the Southern

Tablelands, it hadn't been seen

for 30 years. I noticed the

frog while I was walking up the

stream collecting fish. These

Bell Frogs have a distinctive

habit and distinctive

appearance. This is the

equivalent of discovering the

Tasmanian Tiger in terms of

Tasmanian Tiger in terms of

amphibians, in terms of

frogs. Scientists thought the

Yellow-spotted Bell Frog had

been killed by a fungus that's

infected 15 other threatened

species, Taronga Zoo is breeding the frog to restock

streams. Now to the story of a

neighbourhood dispute on a

grander scale. On one side of

the fence there's a wildlife

park, on the other a mine. The

mining company is digging in in

a battle to

a battle to expand its

activities up to the boundry,

Geoff Sims reports from Calga

on the stra koist. The script

could read he said, she said

and he said. There's a couple

of quarries running out of material

material in Sydney, we want to

fill the gap. And she said. The

dust will impact the health of

animals and the noise. We

don't believe we'll be able to continue to

continue to operate. Aboriginal

groups say significant sites

similar to these are under

threat despite company guarantees. There is no

protection for this site

whatsoever. As with any prickly

argument, it depends how you

look at it the Australian

Walkabout Wildlife Park, and

the Rocla open cut sand mine

co-existed for years with a

buffer zone of 2km of bush. But

the mining company has lodged plans

plans to move its operations on

land it owns toward the

wildlife park, whose owners say

the Government licensing

authorities have already said

it's too close for

comfort. They told us we will

almost certainly not be able to

get our licence renewed because

of their concerns for the

health and wellbeing of

animals. The mining company

insists the two neighbours will

be able to carry

be able to carry on even if

closer doesn't mean cosier. I'm

confident they can co-exist. Impacts predicted from our

proposal are minor. In the PR

stakes the wildlife parks has

an advantage. Show me a mine

that can hold up a few of these

and say, "Look what we are

saving. Not that the mine is

crying foul It doesn't make a

difference, the koala would

happily survive in this

happily survive in this environment. Pardon. Still

logic sometimes gets buried in

neighbourhood scables. The

Federal Government has asked

the Auditor General to

investigate the failed Home

Insulation Scheme amid

allegations of fraud in the

program. The Opposition says it believes some installers

claimed a rebate from the

claimed a rebate from the

Government for jobs that were

never done. The Minister

responsible for the scheme,

Greg Combet says he's disgusted

if that's the case and will

have allegeds investigated. The

Federal Police are looking into

three cases. Australia's MPs

and Senators will be in the

office for an extra day, two

joint sittings have been

convened to here the Indonesian President

President and the President of

the United States to address

the parliament. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will address

parliament next Wednesday, the

first time an Indonesian

President has done so.

Parliament will be recalled on

21 March to hear an address

from Barack Obama. The visit of

President Barack Obama will, of

course generate a great deal of

interest from the Australian public.

public. And, indeed we'll be

honour the by his presence in

Canberra on that day. The

Government's defended the cost

of holding an extra sitting day

saying it's appropriate for the

parliament to hear from the

country's most important

ally. An air traffic controller

at one of America's busiest

airports has been stood down

for letting his young son take

over the microphone. He

reportedly gave another of his

children a turn the next day.

North American Correspondent

Craig McMurtrie. John F Kennedy

airport is one of America's

busiest and has been the target

of terrorist plots. Last month

a terminal was evacuate because

someone opened the wrong door,

which is why this is so surprising.

surprising. A child directing

passenger jets preparing for

take off, under the spvings of

his father, a Air Traffic

Controllers' Union. There are

five transmissions, the pilots

didn't seem to mind.

But when they were posted on

But when they were posted on

the web US regulators did. America's Federal Aviation

Administration has launched a

formal investigation saying the

blver's not acceptable. The Air Traffic Controllers' Union is

also unimpressed. The father,

who hasn't been named told

officials he was trying to

inject a bit of levity at work.

Unamused the authorities

relieved him and his supervisor

of their duties. On to

finance, the local share market

closed slightly higher after a

flat session on Wall Street,

here is Alan Kohler. To quote here is Alan Kohler. To quote Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient

Marriner, the market is as idle

as a painted ship upon a

painted ocean, it was dead calm in New

in New York, up a bit in

Australia today. Over the past

month the Australian All Ords

went up 2.4%, world index twice

that. This graph from AMP

suggests that share prices are

getting undervalued compared to

profits. The comparison is the

profits starting from the

national accounts, which is not

the same as listed companies

but close use. All Ords acts like

like a rubber band snapping

back when valuations are

stretched, leading to the 1987

crash and boom from 2004.

Prices got too high in 2007 and

too low last year after the

crash. Even though profits

fell. The All Ords elastic

snapped back, but not all the

way. Today's economic news is

the trade deficit for January,

at a bit over a billion dollars

at a bit over a billion dollars

was a bit less than last month,

below what the market expected.

It will keep falling, a couple

of graphs shows contract coal

prices versus spot prices.

Contract prices are negotiated

each year, but tend to follow

the spot price which went up

sharply when prices were

negotiated with the steel

mills. Big price increases are

expected in this year's

expected in this year's

negotiations. Speaking of spot

prices base metals jumped on

the London exchange. In New

York - oil prices went above

$80. The Australian dollar

eased back. No-one knows why

but a lock of

but a lock of Napolean's hair

has been stored in a vault in

the Sydney Town Hall. It's one

of 3,000 hidden artefacts soon

to go on display. The lock of

hair was believed to have been

snipped after he died in 1821.

The Town Hall's curators is not

sure how it ended up in Sydney. I really can't tell you

the answer. I wish we all knew. But there

But there was a former Mayor

who collected relics, perhaps

it was among his possessions. The exhibition

also includes a lamp taken from

the Japanese submarine that

attacked Sydney Harbour in

1942, and a Chair from Queen Elizabeth's coronation in

1953. The Socceroos qualified

for the Asian Cup in Qatar

for the Asian Cup in Qatar with

a 1-0 win over Indonesia,

easing pressure on coach Pim

Verbeek, he's faced with

another dilemma, with the World

Cup under 100 days away, he

needs to died whether to

include the latest star, Tommy Oar. He's drawn comparisons

with Harry Kewell, and

18-year-old Tommy Oar made

18-year-old Tommy Oar made

seamless transition into

Socceroo rates. After a

nervous start Tommy Oar blossom

the We fully deserved the win,

good, awesome night. Pim

Verbeek doesn't want everyone

carried away. Please keep the

pressure away from him, let him

develop as a normal 18-year-old

boy. But didn't close the door

on a birth for South

Africa Never say

never. Australia had many

never. Australia had many

chances, one was needed to

assure qualifications for the

Asian Cup, a scrambling

Socceroo goal from Mark

Milligan. Australia lost to New

Zealand by two wickets.

Mitchell Johnson lost his head,

a mid-pitch altercation with a

fired up Scott Styris cost 60%

of his match fee and the

batsman docked 15%. It was a

bit of friendly banner, he

bit of friendly banner, he was

trying to get into my head. I

was trying to win the battle

over him. Do you regret

head-butting Scott

Styris. Mitchell Johnson was

tight-lipped on arrive in Auckland. It was Australia's

first loss. Every game you play

has to be like your last. I

didn't feel we played with that

attitude. Five birdies, 13 pars has defending champion

has defending champion

Katherine Hull well positioned

after the opening day of the Australian Ladies Masters at

Royal Pines, Katherine Hull was

one shot behind American Amanda

Blumenherst, who carded birdies

to finish 6-under 66. Karrie

Webb is in the top 4-under par.

If in trouble the Australian

Davis Cup team can blame an

elephant for the draw. 17-year-old Bernard Tomic will be

be first on court against

Chinese Taipei. There's pride

when I put the jacket on. Peter

Luczak will play singles, Carsten Ball, and Michael E

O'Hanlon will team up in the

double. Reigning World Champion

Mick Fanning and 9-time winner

Kelly Slater were surprise

eliminations on the Gold Coast.

Mick Fanning edged out by Kai

Otten, and South African Jordy

Otten, and South African Jordy

Smith took out Slater and

eliminated in-form Bede Durbridge, American Dene

Reynolds stunned last year's

tour runner-up Joel Parkinson,

leaving Taj Burrow as the only

semifinalist. World Champion

Stephanie Gilmore defeated

rising star Tyler Wright to

progress in the women's. New

South Welshman Steven Smith enhanced

enhanced his chances of a Test

kault out with a century in

Sheffield Shield against

Tasmania. It was his highest

score helping the Blues post a

massive total. The Tigers are

battling despite 1 00 from Alex

Doolan. Imagine what it must be

like to come into contact with

a new race of people, people

you never knew existed. That

happened to a group of

Aboriginal women and children in the Great Sandy

in the Great Sandy Desert in

the 1960s, the group was found

because of the area where they

lived was part of the

Commonwealth's fledgeling space

program. A documentary shows

the moment of first contact and

it reveals the danger the

people were placed in by those

in charge of the rocket testing program. Aboriginal and Torres

Strait Islander are advised

this story may contain images

of people who have since died. This is

died. This is rare footage of

the first contact a group of 20

women and children had with the

outside world. It was 1964, and

they were found by patrol

officers checking to see if

there was anyone living in the

dump area where space rockets

from Woomera were scheduled to

crash land. They had never seen

pleps, the outside anybody, had no idea of cars,

pleps, the outside world. The

story is like a microcosm of

Australia since contact 200

years ago. Film-makers Martin Butler and Bentley Dean made

the documentary 'Contact'. They

travelled with the Martu people

back to the place where they

were removed. Among them

Yulara, then a 15-year-old

girl. The Australian

girl. The Australian and

British governments were

testing rockets in the desert,

believing no-one lived there,

when the Aborigines were

discovered testing

continued. In the end they

fired the rocket without knowing where the Aborigines

were. That's a good indication

that, you know, there wasn't

much that was going to hold up

this multimillion-dollar project. Patrol officer Walter MacDougall captured

MacDougall captured the moment

of contact on a 16mm

camera. They were starving, the

trackers who went out to make

contact said, "Listen, they

have food, I am not a monster,

he's not a monster, let's have

tucker". Yulara and her family

relished the opportunity to

return to their naked land. And

are highly amused by the film

are highly amused by the film

of their naked state. In this

century the Martu people's

lives bridged the new and

ancient worlds. You can see

that documentary in full at 9

:25 tonight here on ABC1. Well,

it's time to check the weather

and the record floodwaters in

Queensland are forecast to

reach northern NSW by

reach northern NSW by

mid-March. Yes, they are, major

flooding will move into the

Paroo, Culgoa, Bokhara, Birrie

and Narran River river systems,

expected to exceed levels of

the 1990 floods.

There were a couple of

showers about Sydney.

showers about Sydney. We could

see isolated showers overnight

and in the morning. For the

most start it is expected to be

dry. Extensive cloud across the

state. Along the coast it was

the result of moist onshore

winds, over the western inland

rain and cloud is in

association with a low, that is

slow moving. In between the

weather remained dry with sunny

weather remained dry with sunny

periods. The low in the

north-west of NSW produced

falls of 30-60mm in the upper

west to 9am. Heavier falls

moved to the lower west, and

there were light totals along

the coast. It was dry in most

of the capitals, Perth was

cooler, the heat is forecast to

return next week. The main

feature is the cloud associated

with a low near the Queensland/NSW and South

Queensland/NSW and South

Australian border. A cold front

approaching South Australia

will combine with the low to

spread rain throughout NSW

tomorrow and Saturday. The

front will leave cold air

behind in the upper atmosphere triggering showers and

thunderstorms Sunday. By Sunday

night 15-50mm should have

fallen across the inland,

looking at falls of 10-25mm

along the coast. Rain

along the coast. Rain to fall

in Brisbane, Canberra,

Melbourne, Hobart. Late showers

expected in Adelaide. In NSW -

scatter showers forecast for the Northern Tablelands, Mid

North Coast and the Northern

Rivers, rain developing along

the remainder of the coast and

Tablelands. Rain areas over the

inland with isolated

thunderstorms along the slopes

and plains and through all the

western districts, and rain

western districts, and rain

easing in the far west,

clearing from the central and

upper western border

areas. Showers in Sydney, cloud increasing, rain developing

tomorrow afternoon or evening,

tops of 25-27. Light to

moderate northerly winds

freshening to 20 knots, winds

and rain set to happening

around over the weekend.

Showers and thunderstorms on

Saturday. Rain early, easing back to

back to showers and storms.

Showers and storms likely

Sunday. Cooler and clearing

changes to develop Monday. That

is ABC News for this Thursday.

The '7.30 Report' is up next.

I'll be back with updates

during the evening. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI