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(generated from captions) Live. Good evening. I'm Scott

injured during a shooting Bevan. Two people have

attack on a tourist bus in the

Indian capital. Just how great

is the threat to athletes is the threat to

including the Australian team?

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because the It affects everything

not serious about it. The security lapse, authorities are

Australian Government has

warned there's a high risk of

terrorism. We'll be live to our reporter in New Delhi. reporter in New Delhi. Also

ahead, inmates at Sydney's

Villawood detention centre in

open revolt about the death of

a fellow inmate. Voting and violence. Counting begins in Afghanistan's Afghanistan's troubled election. We'll hear from the country's ambassador. And standing by while Rome The art installation giving some visitors a fright. some visitors a fright. Good

Commonwealth first to New Delhi where

Commonwealth Games organisers

are insisting the event will be safe after yesterday's attack

in New Delhi. Security has been

stepped up after a bus full of

foreign tourists came under

fire with two people injured. The Australian made no change to its travel The Australian Government has

advice for India. It's still

warning anyone going there

exercise a warning anyone going there to

caution. To find out more about

this let's talk with ABC

reporter Jane Cowan in New

Delhi. Good evenening. In reaction to this yesterday, what are the reaction to this attack

organisers, what are the teams

saying in regards to security

have to say they're all playing for the Games? Scot, you'd

it down. The organising

committee itself says this will

Commonwealth Games and they've have no impact on the

reiterated the fact that elaborate arrangements have

been made to ensure the

security of athletes and

officials. As far as

the head of it Australian team, Perry Crosswhite, has touched down in new and he's also saying this will make no difference. He says he's sought a briefing on the shooting on

the weekend from the Indian authorities and he's satisfied it is not Games related

further he's satisfy would the

arrangement put in place arrangement put in place for

the Australian team. As you say, the Australian Government has not changed its security travel advice it remains as high as it remains as high as it has

been for some weeks now. Let's

lock at today's developments. They're images

that have done nothing to quell

fears about security at the

very Commonwealth Games. It's all

very well three month very well three month ago

deciding we're going to go to

Delhi but when it gets closer

Delhi but when it gets closer

and you hear of an increase of and you hear of an increase of

things that sound like

terrorist plots it does get you concern. At the popular Jama

Masjid mosque in crowded Old Delhi, gunmen on a motorcycle

fired on a tourist

Indian was injured," says this

senior cleric. "They targeted

foreign tourists." It affects

everything because the message goes, security lapse, authorities are about it. The Islamist group

known as the Indian

has claimed responsibility for known as the Indian Mujahideen

the shooting but the shooting but authorities

won't say it's terrorism. To talk about the motive talk about the motive is very difficult at the moment. We're investigating all possible angles. New Minister says there's no reason

to panic but Oppositions are upping the ante. TRANSLATION: The Commonwealth Indian Government is

responsible for Delhi security.

We expect precautionary

measures will be taken. The

Australian Government is

keeping an even tone now its travel advice remains

unchanged. The Government is unchanged. The Government is

very conscious of the need to

ensure the best possible advice

to those people to those people thinking of

going to India for the

Commonwealth Games. I'm not

suggesting this was a dry run

but it has served the purpose

of inoculator security grid and making people

aware of the likely ps

of lapses. It's perhaps a measure

of the security environment in

India that a day or hours after

the shooting life was back to

normal outside the mosque. The

organising committee says the

shooting will have no impact on the Commonwealth Games and the Australian team says it's

satisfy would the security

being provided to athletes. It

hasn't been enough to hasn't been enough to deter the

Australian cricket team, outnumbered by security as rived in outnumbered by security as they

rived in India. Jane Cowan is

Jane, where does the greatest live with us from New Delhi.

potential security threat lie

for the teams? The consensus amongst security consultants operating in Delhi and

to be it's moving between Australians in particular seems

venues here in Delhi so athletes might be perfectly venues here in Delhi so the

safe inside the venues and

security is extremely tight inside the Games village where

it's coming from the airport it's coming from the airport to

the hotels and going to their

sporting events where the most threat is. The Commonwealth Games Games organisers are attempting

to address that by having

things like the Games lanes to

keep the traffic moving so that

they are a moving target rather

than a stationary one. There

was a quite alarmist report out of Australia over the weekend

saying there's an 80% chance of

some kind of terrorist attack

somewhere in India during consultant agree with that Games, not all security

figure but they do seem to

agree that the most threat is

in the wider New Delhi. So

potential Jane, in light of those

potential threats, outside the

venues themselves, how can the

organisers assure that the

event will be safe? Well, the organisers have always said

they can vouch for the safety

of athletes and spectators of athletes and spectators and

officials when they're inside

precinct but the venues, inside the Games

for the city itself so there

seems to be some acknowledgment

that the venues are one thing but the rest of New Delhi, a massive city with streets

clogged with traffic and huge

homogenous crowds, a security

nightmare, that is something

else altogether. One security

analyst I spoke to today was

actually putting a positive

spin on the shootings, spin on the shootings, saying that now that this has happened

it will serve to tighten the security in New Delhi even system and now things will be

even safer. Jane Cowan in New

Delhi, thanks for your time tonight. Tensions tonight. Tensions in Sydney's Villawood detention centre have reached boiling point after reached boiling point after a detainee died today after

apparently throwing himself off

the roof. It's believed the roof. It's believed the man

in his 30s was desperate to

avoid being deported to Fiji.

Tonight, security guards are in

a stand-off with detainees who

took to the roof of a threatening suicide unless their refugee applics are reconsidered. Chanting protesting and demanding

freedom, detainees took to the

roof just across from where a

fellow inmate took his fellow inmate took his own life

this morning. People inside the

detention centre faxed this

photo of the 36-year-old Fijian

man Josefa Rauluni. He feared

if he was deported his life

would be in danger, therefore he climbed wanted to jump. The Immigration Department has confirmed police

are investigating. Sadly and

tragically, when people tragically, when people are insistent on causing

sadly this can occur. But it's

been revealed that in a letter addressed to the NSW Ministerial intervention unit, Mr Rauluni plead would

officials to review his case.

He said he wasn't seeking citizenship, just protection because he feared persecution while Frank Bainimarama controls Fiji.

He ended the let were a grim warning. If you want to send warning. If you want to send me back to Fiji, send my ba k to Fiji, send my dead back to Fiji, send my dead

body. Social justice advocate

say the detainees on the roof

are distraught. The management

is not taking seriously the

mental health situation. There

have been sporadic protests

throughout the day. They're

usually very quiet and you don't growing number of men including some Tamil asylum-seekers and

at least one Iraqi have at least one Iraqi have been picketing on the roof top for

hours. The ABC's been told

they're on a they're on a hunger strike and have also threatened to jump. We are confident NSW police We are confident NSW police in

its investigation will look at

all and any circumstances that led up to this tragedy. Immigration officials are continuing to negotiate

with the men to end their

protest. And reporter George Roberts is outside the Villawood detention centre in

Sydney. George, what's Sydney. George, what's the

latest there now? For a latest there now? For a while

here it seemed like it was all systems go. Cops arrived or

police rather arrived in in police rather arrived in swarms

in their cars, they shut off

the street and told us we had

to move in case something

happened and after a while that all died down. They were

keeping an eye on the situation

as the 10 men are still on the roof

roof where some have been since

2:00 this afternoon. A group of protesters arrived for chanting, "Freedom," and

anti-detention slogans, banging

drums and beating sticks. That got the police annoyed for got the police annoyed for a

while. After a while they

their puff and moved off. The police just packed police just packed up and left

after that. The things have quiet

quiet ened down at Villawood

detention centre. There are no

more chants coming from the compound and compound and even though the

men are still on the roof there

doesn't seem to be much action here.

here. Reporter George here. Reporter George Roberts outside the Villawood detention centre. Thanks for your time.

Foreign observers say it's too

early to declare the Afghan

parliamentary election a success. Preliminary results

are still weeks away. Nearly 20

people were killed in reaction related vielingance including

three electoral officials whose

bodies were only discovered today. Sally Sara is in Kabul. While the Afghan electoral

officials are saying it appears

the poll has been a success,

had United Nations officials here in Afghanistan are it really too early to tell.

The vote counting is under way

but in some ways there will be

a lot more focus on the complaints process. A number of the candidates have lodged complaints about electoral irregularities and so have some of

of the pro democracy groups in

Afghanistan as well. The kind of scenarios of scenarios being suggested are that some people were offered money for their offered money for their votes, other voters were offering their pallet to candidates and

to warlords in exchange money, some people to warlords in exchange for

they were able to remove the

ink from their finger ink from their finger after

they voted. There are a number of things that have happened. The

The vote-counting process will

and the electoral

commission will be under a lot and the electoral complaints

of pressure to deal with these

complaints effectively. The

presidential election last year, there were accusations the complaints body year, there were some

was unable to really deal with

the large number of allegations

that were put forward so the

voting is over but now all eyes

are on the counting of the complaints can be dealt with effectively. Afghan electoral

officials are not just counting

votes, they're mourning loss of three colleagues

north of the country. abducted and murdered in the

TRANSLATION: Unfortunately,

it's with deep sadness we can

report our three IEC staffers who were kidnapped in Chantal

district of Balkh province have

beener martyred and their bod ezwere found has overshadowed the ezwere found today. Violence

parliamentary poll. The estimates only 40% of voters turned out. International observers are cautious to call

that a success. If they meant success success holding the election, we all agree it was almost a

miracle holding an election.

Beyond that I would wait ask be cautious. Some voters have

little faith that the election

was free and fair. At this

polling booth the initial tallies didn't match their votes for this candidate. We TRANSLATION: expectations.

were 30 people all from were 30 people all from the

same family. Now we can see he only has two votes. Other

candidates say warlords were candidates

offering money to voters in

exchange for their ballots but

they believe those who sold their votes will have to their votes will have to live

with the results. Tomorrow they will realise the consequences of such an

irresponsibility during the

election. Let them make a mistake. Tomorrow they will

learn from their mistakes.

Many candidates and pro complaints about irregularities democracy groups have launched

in the poll including

intimpation, polling stations

failing to open failing to open and shortages

of ballot papers. Later in the bulletin we'll hear from bulletin we'll hear from the Afghan ambassador about the

election and the country 's

long-term future. In long-term future. In Thailand,

thousands of Red Shirt

protesters have staged a rally

in the same area of Bangkok they were cleared from four

months about biggest demonstration since deadly military crack down in biggest demonstration since the

which 91 people were which 91 people were killed. Although noisy, this gathering

marked the fourth anniversary was peaceful as protesters

of the 2006 coup against former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. They say they'll continue to pressure the

Government to end what they say are unlawful detentions and media

censorship. Southeast Asia correspondent Zoe Daniel was among the crowd. months since the Red Shirts last occupied the intersection

in central Bangkok. Not in central Bangkok. Not much

has changed within that time. They've been quiet because Bangkok remains under an

emergency decree, meaning gatherings like this are illegal. gatherings like this officially

are illegal. Today the

Government and emergency

services agreed they could hold

a rally but only if it was

peaceful and they didn't block

the roads. As you can see, the the roads. As you can see,

road is well and truly road is well and truly blocked.

This crowd has been building up

since early this morning. There are

trying to make a point on the

fourth anniversary of the coup

that ousted their figurehead, Thaksin Shinawatra.

changed since 4 months ago,

they say they want an election,

want more power and want to be heard. Thousands have come out

today to make the point.

Four peep are dead including an armed woman who went on rampage in southwest Germany.

Police say the woman killed a

male nurse and injured a police

officer at a hospital. Earlier

she was seen running an block. Police believe the explosion at a nearby apartment

hospital shooting and explosion

are linked after finding the

bodies of two people, a man and

a child, in the apartment. A

motive for both incidents is not yet known. A passenger

train has crashed into a goods

train in central India kill at

least 13 people.

express collided with the goods

train about 260km north of

Bhopal. The cause of the crash isn't known

isn't known but officials say

it was raining heavily at the

time. Officials are now working

out how both trains ended up on out how both trains ended up on the same track. Iran's

President has urged Barack

Obama to release eight Iranian

citizens as a humanitarian gesture. Ahmadinejad allowed the

American hiker Sarah Shourd to return to

months in detention. Her two travelling companions are in

custody in Iran on spying

charges. She's arrived back

home after spending more than a

year in an Iranian jail. Sarah

Shourd was released an

half a million-dollar bail was humanitarian grounds after a

posted. My gratitude in

ayatollah and the President particular goes to the

my campassionate release ayatollah and the President for

detention. It is my deepest my campassionate release from

hope that let this humanitarian gesture

by the Iranian Government and

judicial branch go unrecognised. And neither does the Iranian the Iranian President. This was a huge humanitarian

gesture. Now you may be aware that 8 Iranians are illegally

being detained in the United

States so I believe it would

not be misplaced the ask the US Government make a Government make a humanitarian gesture to release the

Iranians. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

is in New York to attend a UN

general meeting and one

Security Council is Iran's

nuclear program. Iran nuclear program. Iran recently barred two international atomic

agency experts after they reported the country was

sparmenteding with pyro

processing a procedure that can

be used to purify uranium metal

used in nuclear warheads. Some

of these individualvise

released our nuclear

information, the information we

have provided which is illegal. The President has also criticised the US secretaries highlighting the role of the

army in ironyian society. He

says it's ironic that a country

whose military Budget is, in his words, as high as those of

all other nations combined,

should accuse Iran of being a

military State. Colombian

security forces say they've killed at least 22FARC rebels

near the Ecuadorian bord. The Colombian Air Force bombed the

area after the rebel there earlier there earlier this month. President Juan Manuel Santos

says the operation is a sign sof how he will deal with the

rebels from now on. The rebels have stepped up their have stepped up their violent

campaign since President Santos

took office last months. BP took office last months. BP finally has something to celebrate celebrate with engineers

declaring the leaking well in

the Gulf of Mexico has been permanently plugged.

permanently plugged. It's been five months since the world's worst

worst off shore oil spill began when the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded

of cement 4km beneath the ocean

and BP says the Deepwater

Horizon well is now permanently

sealed. It made the announcement after a pressure

test to ensure the cement plug

would stick. The leaking well

was first contained was first contained in mid July

with a temporary cap. The spill

began after an explosion on the

rig killed 11 workers in April. It was another three months

before efforts to stop the oil

gushing worked. Frankly, with

this oil spill it went beyond

physical damage. The

their wildlife were in the

spill's path. About 4 million

barrels spewed in the gulf. The

effects are expected to continue for continue for years if not

decades to come, with tourism

and seafood industries from

Florida to Texas the hardest

hit. It was difficult for hit. It was difficult for them

because many of them because many of them were working 60, 80 hours a week and

all of a sudden newt be all of a sudden newt be able to

go out there in the gulf was a

shock to many. Although

cleanup efforts are clearly continuing, locals are far from

happy. It's not finished. We

still got lot still got lot of oil left out

here to pick up. To date the

spill has cost BP about $30 billion in clean up and

compensation costs and about 70

billion was wiped from its market value. There will be

billions more to come for the

oil giant in Government fines

and legal costs from pending

lawsuits. The number of acutely malnringsed children in as fears grow of a major hunger crisis. The number of malnourished and critically

sick children is expected to rise dramatically in rise dramatically in October

and November as the food

takes its toll. As the floodwaters continue to flow south, more communities

downstream are facing devastation. After so long it's

astonishing that this is a crisis that is still

developing. Last week this huge

area in southern Pakistan was

filled with life but it's just

been flooded. Dozens of new communities have been

submerged, hundreds more people have

have had to escape for their

have had to escape for their lives. This lives. This family told us they

became more and more scared as

the waters rose. "Our house is

high up so we thought we were

safe but we've never seen

anything like this. I just had

to rescue my family." In some

areas the water's several feet

deep. Valuable farmland that gave people their livelihoods has been lost but so too have

many people's homes. This is

the girls' primary school in the village in the village in the south of

Pakistan, or at least it was, but it now, and nearly 100

homes in this

been inundated by the waters

and incredibly that is water

that has run down many hundreds

of kilometres from the north of

the country over several weeks. With all his neighbours having

fled, we suddenly come fled, we suddenly come by Mohamed won't leave the home he built

for his family whatever happens

because he's worried someone will steal his belongings. Just

moments later we find a

moments later we find a man struggling to get through the waters who did want help. waters who did want help. Right across this country are

millions of individuals living through desperate times because

of the crisis. The floods have

changed Pakistan along its entire length and while the waters

into the sea, there's now

little doubt lives here will be

affected for years to come. A powerful typhoon has made landfall in southern China

after wreaking havoc across

Taiwan. Dozens were injured Taiwan. Dozens were injured and thousands have been forced to

evacuate as flash floods and

powerful winds struck cities and towns across the region.

With their homes partially

submerged, victims of Typhoon

Fanapi were forced to through knee-deep water to seek shelter. My house is flooded and I can't go home. Authorities home. Authorities have evacuated more than 10,000

residents in mountainous

regions in anticipation of destructive landslides.

Taiwan's central Weather Bureau

says more than 100 cm of rain has

has been dumped in the has been dumped in the south.

Coupled with strong winds up to 162 kilometres an 162 kilometres an hour, Typhoon Fanapi has crippled Taiwan's transportation networks transportation networks and left hundreds left hundreds of thousands of homes without TRANSLATION: The flooded and almost submerged the bridge. The road was flooded. The army has been

deployed to rescue trapped residents

residents in hard-to-reach

areas but even the military has

found it uf it going. - found

it tough going. The typhoon has

now made landfall in southern

China, uprooting trees and knocking

knocking down billwards boards. - billboards. Chinese

authorities have issued flood warnings. Bermuda locals

warnings. Bermuda locals are frantically preparing for the

arrival of Hurricane Igor which

is hovering about 200km off the

coast. Forecasters

storm could drop more than 23cm of rain and cause significant

coastal flooding. Officials

have urged islanders to take shelter at home. Let's get the

latest world weather now latest world weather now with

Graham Creed. On Tuesday, many parts of the globe are looking

at severe weather of varying kinds.

Tourists in Rome can be forgiven

forgiven for getting a fright

over the weekend. A giant video

installation on the Colosseum gave the impression the monument was on fire.

Organisers say the dramatic

stunt was seen by at least

100,000 people on Saturday. 100,000 people on Saturday. The

husband and wife video artists have have burned churches, museums

and the financial centres of large cities throughout large cities throughout Europe

all in the name of creativity.

Still ahead on the

Sweden's far right first seats in parliament first seats in parliament and tiger trails, tregging the reclusive big cats in the Himalayas. You're watching The World on ABC News 24. a stand-off is continuing between authorities and protesters at the protesters at the Villawood

detention centre in Sydney. Earlier today, a detainee died apparently taking to avoid being deported to Fiji. Commonwealth Games

organisers have moved to reassure athletes the event

will be safe. Two people were

injured in a shooting attack in

New Delhi yesterday.

foreign observers say say it's

too early to declare the Afghan parliamentary election

are still weeks away and there are concerns about the low

voter turn-out and reports of widespread fraud. Political editor Chris Uhlmann spoke to the Afghan ambassador, the Afghan ambassador, Dr

Amanullah Jayhoon in Canberra, about the election and the

future of the country. He began

by asking whether some people shunned the poll because they

felt the Government and the

process lacked credibility. I

guess security was one main

issue according to the head of

the election when you're asked what was the

concern it was the security

because the Taliban had threatened to sabotage

had threatened the people to

kill them and also, one of

kill them and also, one of the

Opposition Leader or one of the

insurgent leaders had asked to boycott the election boycott the election so security security was one main reason. There were concerns also because there has because there has

Pakistan that added to the concern that candidates had concern that candidates had but

again, with 6.3 million people

- if that is the number - they

have taken part t is a

success. You mention Pakistan

and it's interesting that

President Karzai went to

Pakistan before the Pakistan would be interfering

in any way in the election campaign? Yes, campaign? Yes, President Karzai's trip to Pakistan t

wasn't for wasn't for election but it was

to have security talks with the Pakistani authorities, to

coordinate their efforts to coordinate their efforts to fight terrorism and also to

inspect the flood victims, the

refugees and things like that. That was the there. But there might

there. But there might be - the

concern might have reason there

but I guess they cooperate. Afghanistan is Pakistan is helping the Taliban. That's true, isn't

it? The recent reports

unfortunately says there are

parts of the Government in Pakistan that are supporting

the Taliban because we have this reason by this reason by the United States forces in States forces in Afghanistan, the commander of the United

States forces ing Afghanistan. Also recently we had heard this from France. Afghanistan has

always been saying that to fight terrorism

after them in the villages of

Afghanistan. If you want to

fight terrorism you have to go

after the safe havens. Most people and most analysts people and most analysts and most intelligence services,

they say that it's over the border from Afghanistan. Can you understand why you understand why people in Australia and the United States are getting more and are getting more and more

concerned about the corruption

that we hear about in the

Government in Afghanistan,

given that so much gone from the West into Afghanistan? Yes, I know the

concern but we are also concerned because when you are talking about have to fight corruption, we

have to be transparent. We have

to be transparent in receiving

the money and we have to be transparent

transparent in spending the

money so we both - Afghanistan and the international

community, not just Australia

and America, the international

concern about the money being

spent in Afghanistan and how it

is spent in Afghanistan. Are

you concerned about some of the

talk coming out of the UN about

the troop the troop draw-down from July

next year, that it may send the

wrong message given the

security situation is still so

dire in Afghanistan? Yes, I'm

very much concerned because if

you are withdrawing, if you are

triumphant military and you are

withdrawing that's OK, there's

no problem with it, but if you

are withdrawing because of

pressures, because of a lot of

things are not going well things are not going well but we have to be concerned about

the outcome of that withdrawing, first it will

encourage the insurgency, it

will encourage violence in Afghanistan but a violent

Taliban who had the things that

they have - who thinks they have - who thinks that they have defeated the enemy, a

superpower or napto forces,

then it will be more then it will be more dangerous than it was in 2001 because in

2001 they have not tested the

will of the international community but now they have

tested the will of the international

withdrawal or a scale-down is

for the purpose of pressure

then a Taliban or Al Qaeda or a

terrorist group which is

localised in Afghanistan or

Pakistan or that area, they

have a global reach. If you have a global reach. If you went to Afghanistan to fight terrorism, if you Afghanistan to save our street

in London, New York or Sydney,

we have to ask ourself have we

accomplished that job? If we

accomplished that job it's accomplished that job it's OK because a safe Afghanistan is

better for a safe region and a

safe world. Like on the streets

of New York, on the streets of

Sydney and the streets of Melbourne and Brisbane, people are now asking about whether or

not any more Australian lives

or money should be spent in Afghanistan. We're parliament. Whoed would you say

if you were to speak to the people in parliament? That really a very people in parliament? That is really a very difficult

question. Do we get

that the troops will not

withdraw unless their job has

of the Taliban or the defeat of been done which is the defeat

Al Qaeda. But if you Al Qaeda. But if you leave Afghanistan, thinking that Afghanistan is a very far country from Australia,

thousands of miles, and what's

happening there will not affect

might not be true because of Australia, I'm thinking it is -

the global reach of terrorism activities. The first

activities. The first thing - activities. The first thing

the first effect will be it

will destabilise will destabilise Pakistan. A triumphant Taliban

its efforts or its effect under

Democratic establishment or

Democratic process in Pakistan.

It will have the effect - an

effect on India which has a

very large number of Muslim population and it will affect

many, many other countries who

has Muslim minorities there encouraging their because they'll be trying,

achievement. Do you think if

the United States fails in the whole of south Asia? I'm Afghanistan it will destabilise

saying that if we are not - if

we have not done the job we have not - we shouldn't let

ourself to believe that the Taliban is defeated. And Taliban is defeated. And the

nightmare in that would be that

Pakistan would become an Islamic Taliban State and they'd have nuclear weapons? No, most

coming from the safe havens No, most of the threat is

coming from the safe havens and Pakistan so with this

experience of fighting the

troops or the troops in Afghanistan, really

it will be a very dangerous war. The Afghan ambassador to Australia talking there, Dr Amanullah Jayhoon. Talking to our political editor, Chris

Uhlmann. Sweden's ruling centre right Coalition has won the nation's election after the Social Democrat-led Opposition lacks an outright majority lacks an outright majority it's

now up to Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt to build a

majority Government. This is a historic moment for Sweden, the first

first time a non-Socialist

Government has been re-elect ed

to a second term. Kevin Rudd is

back on the international stage

as he attends a series of high-level meetings at the UN

in New York. First on the

foreign Minister agenda was the issue of climate change then

the floods disaster in Pakistan. North America correspondent Kim Landers has Kevin Rudd is once again more. At the United Nations,

Kevin Rudd is once again among friends. The secretary-general,

Ban Ki Moon, gave him a warm welcome. It was the UN boss who

gave Kevin Rudd a special job

soon after he was removed as

Prime Minister. Appointing him

to a high-level UN panel on climate change. That 21-member

group is has now met for the

first time in New York. Australia's new Foreign

Minister now forced to grapple

on the world stage with an

issue that caused his Government so much trouble. From there it was trouble. From there it was on to another high-level meeting.

This one about the devastating

Pakistan floods. We are one of the biggest, most because the Pakistan floods are

complex natural disasters we

have faced in the history of the United Nations. An

estimated 20 million peep have

been affected by the disaster.

The UN is quued rupling the

amount of its emergency appeal, setting a target of $2 Australia is the fifth-largest setting a target of $2 billion.

donor to the relief

may still see the prospect of a

serious epidemic arising from water-borne diseases. The early evidence in evidence in our field

hospitalesses sub a rising

number of cases of malaria and

other serious disease s as well

as mal nutrition. The

Opposition is still calling Kevin Rudd a Prime Minister in

exile and he looks at home

rubbing shoulders with other world leaders. He'll get plenty

of chances to mingle with them over the next comof days,

culminating with an address to the UN general assembly later

this week. The Prince of Wales and Prince William have

RAF veterans for a service

marking the 70th anniversary of

the Battle of Britain. The Westminster Abbey congregation

heard without the few pilots

and air crew involved, the Second World War could have had

a different outcome. It was a

moment when Britain's survival was at saved by the gallantry of few. And so today at

Westminster abbey, two kings of

the future came to give thanks

for the deliverance of the

past. Pilots from today's royal

Air Force brought the sign from the wartime fighter command.

It's the last time it will

paraded. The RAF's It's the last time it will be

paraded. The RAF's senior chaplain spoke about those of 70 years ago. Through their

bravery, our freedom was won. For the young men For the young men of Fighter Command it was adventure that

drove them to climb into the Parliamentary Secretary and take to the sky. From the

grave of the unknown warrior

came six former Battle of

Britain pilots. Nearly all are

in their 90s now, modest men to

a fault, embarrassed at the

thought of being described as

heroes. They were simply, they country. They brought with them

the roll of honour on which are

inscribed the names of 1400

airmen who lost their lives

during the battle. Outside there was a fly-past and a

military parade. A Spitfire and

a Hurricane in the skies a Hurricane in the skies over Westminster, a reminder of a

summer long gone but of a debt which continues take a look which continues today. Let's

headlines on news websites

across the world. Times'rapher reports on across the world. The 'New York

calls America's new poor. There

are fears a growing number of

people in their 50 said people in their 50 said and 60s

may never work again because of

the economic crisis. The New

Zealand Herald says the country

survey of economic freedom ranks third in the world in a

behind Hong Kong and Singapore.

Zimbabwe was last. On the BBC,

the father of a victim of the locker

locker be bombing Libya to visit the man convict

over the attack. He believes

the man convicted of the bombing

bombing is innocent and he wants a full inquiry.

The Pope is back in the The Pope is back in the vat

Vatican after his 4-day visit

to the UK. His tour included

repeated calls for people to resist what he called aggressive secularisation. Pope

Benedict also issued his most

forth' right comments yet on

the child sex scandal. Mike Sergeant reports. officials said the Pope enjoyed Sergeant reports. Vatican


of the visit there were fears

the trip would be derailed by

protest. The Pope did express

sorry for the child sex abuse scandal. At one big rally thousands made their views

known on that and a range of

other issues. But at the main set-piece event, supporters far outnumbered the detractors

outside. For four days,

Catholics and non-Catholics

were able to get to know this

delighted. I was really bowled Pope a lot better.

over by the whole thing. I think it's gone extremely well.

As a Catholic I'm As a Catholic I'm absolutely

delighted. Nobody wanted him, that's what I think. I didn't

want him. I think it went want him. I think it went as

well as it could have. The

people who wanted to support it

did and the ones who wanted did and the ones who wanted to

protest against it or speak

about why they didn't want him here, they did that too. Many will welcome the Pope was

apparent willinginise to build

bridges. There was the powerful symbolism of Anglican and symbolism

Catholic leaders United in prayer and their opposition to

an increasingly secular society.

society. For his most

followers, the visit provided a deeply significant and

uplifting spectacle. The Pope

may have now left the UK but

his visit has certainly made a

lasting impression. Not only on the faithful butulus souvenir sellers. London correspondent Emma Alberici has been taking a

look at some of the look at some of the Pope

memorabilia on sale for his tour. All these souvenirs have been

been created by the IVS group,

its managing director is ash Kapoor. Do you design them Kapoor. Do you design them your

selve s? We have a team of people

the office and all the various

approvals for the items go to

the bishops conference and they died decide from the samples

and the visuals what the and the visuals what the best items are for the type of look

and feel they want to achieve

on the project. Quite a

lengthy process? It can be.

It's experienced and we're very

good at what we do so we brand

develop. That's why it was slightly different. It was a

project of this size or

something as difficult as

this. I was just about to ask

you, I understand you recently

looked after the

and you're about to prepare for

U2. How does the Pope's arrival

compare to those kind of big

events? It's merchandise.

There's something in common. There's people that come in.

It's an event, a special event like anything else, like anything else, no different to sports and rock

and roll and kids entertainment. They're This a different thing. We're trying to brand develop. It is

a brand. There is lot a brand. There is lot that can be learned from the passion

they have in the product amp

lot more attention to detail

instead of rock and roll with abound on the front, this is

different. This one look as

bit rock and roll. We work

would a design. The point was to have a different to have a different product

which different type of

people. Do many people people. Do many people where rosary beads as rosary beads as necklaces?

They do. People were buying They do. People were buying two dpz fives

types and colours and sizes. It

means different things to

different people that. Is a

best selling item because

people buy more than one. As

well as the official

range of unofficial items for

sale. Ship of fools is an

online Christian magazine and

it's taken it upon itself to review the items on offer. The

editor of that magazine is

Simon jening scpns he's with us

now. I noticed on there there's a pocket Pope mobile. It

retails for about $1 70 which seems extraordinarily

expensive. How big is expensive. How big is it and what sort of people would be

interested in such a interested in such a thing? I

guess anyone who's a Catholic

might like to have a little Pope mobile on their sideboard to

to remember the Pope was visit

to the UK. It's actually for sale on eBay and I think that's

why it's on for such a why it's on for such a huge

price. It will never sell at

that price but nice that price but nice try. Tell

us about some of the other things for sale that have generated some interest

website. We were looking at the official the official merchandise and

thought it was a bit dull so we

looked at what weird and whacky and strange and wonderful

things are on the Internet to do this. So we pulled together

a feature we've called Picnic

with the Pontiff, that they can

have a really great day out

with all their Catholic bits and pieces. For example,

there's the Pope pious clock

where every number on the clock

is a picture of a Pope. There are 12 Pope Piuss you can tell it's Pius past Piuso

Piuso 'clocck. There a rosary

bead steering wheel cover. You

can say the rosary and if

you're going to shout out,

"Hail Mary," it will be for the

right reasons rather than the

wrong ones. These are the kind

of items we pulled together,

lots of different bits and

pieces. I take it this is not

on your website as some kind of insult insult to Pope? Not at. All we're pulling the Pope's leg

really and we're having a bit

of fun. We think it's very

important for Christians - I'm a Christian - we think it's important for important for Christians to laugh at their own follies, to criticise themselves and to be

like head of the cue of people

who say that Christianity is a

great thing but it's also done

terrible things and there's

wonderful things that happen

that Christians do and there's terrible things that happen

like trying to burn the Koran

and that kind of stuff. We're here self-criticism and part of what

we do is through humour. There

is some very exciting - very

excitable Christians over there

who are having a great day out actually. Simon Jenkins, thank

you. Emma Alberici talking to a

couple of pontiff souvenir

sellers. Noato sport with Amanda Shalala. Amanteda,

Australia is still out in the

tennis wilderness? Es, Australia has missed out on a

place in next year's Davis Cup world group

Belgium in Cairns. The Belgians

levelled the tie when Peter

Luczak was beaten in four sets then ball Paul ball lost then ball Paul ball lost the deciding Ball. The late replacement for

Lleyton Hewitt in the reverse singles, Peter Luczak singles, Peter Luczak gave himself hope in the rubber against Olivier Rochus. against Olivier Rochus. He

stunned the Bengen 7-0 in the third set tie break but Rochus

wasn't rattled and won the fourth

fourth set to keep the fourth set to keep the tie alive. That lest Carsten Ball with the task of deciding the issue against

Steve Darcis, another player

rank well outside the top 100. The Belgian won the first set tie break

going easier in the second going easier in the second and third sets. Game, set, match,

Belgium. Three sets to love.

7-6, 6-3, 6-4. Serbia will

host France in the Cup final

after completing a come from

behind win over the Czech Republic. France overwhelmed

Argentina 5-0. The final will drought has finally finished drought has finally finished for Casey Stoner. The

Australian had his first win of

the Moto Grand Prix season at

the new Aragon circuit in

Spain. Stoner held off a challenge from challenge from championship leader Jorge Lorenzo on the

opening lap. Jorge Lorenzo is

going a fight back. What a

start to the race. Before

steering his Ducati to a

commander win commander win from Spaniard Dani Pedrosa and Dani Pedrosa and American Hayden. For the team,

Hayden. For the team, for

everyone who's stuck by me,

sorry it took so the first time this season Lorenzo has missed the podium.

In the English Premier League,

old trafred welcomed back Wayne Rooney but his team-mate Dimitar Berbatov stole the show against Liverpool. It's

brilliant. The 5-goal thriller went the home team's went the home team's way. Steve Gerrard notched two for Liverpool but Liverpool but Berbatov sealed had

had his hat-trick and the

points in the 84th minute. points in the 84th minute.And to Spain's luleagua now and Lionel Messi has Lionel Messi has been injured

in Barcelona's 2-1 been in Barcelona's 2-1 been over Athletico Madrid. The Athletico Madrid. The reigning champion was delivered the

crucial win. A wild tackle saw Messi stretchered off with Messi stretchered off with an ankle injury. The Brownlow

Medal coun for the AFL's best player is well and truly under way in Melbourne and after

round 14, Carlton captain Chris

Judd has the lead with 22

votes. Gary Ablett and Aaron

Sandilands are next with 14 as

is Collingwood's Dane

the NRL, Saint George Illawarra

start as favourites in Saturday's preliminary finals against the Wests Tigers. against the Wests Tigers. The while Dragons had the weekend off

through two gruelling matches while the Tigers have come

to make it this far that. Have

received good news with back

rower Simon Dwyer cleared to

play after a charge for a high

tackle last week. The Dragons

will have a full compliment of players to choose from. We've

won in the wet and dry and nothing we can't do in any

condition so, yeah, bring it

on. The Newcastle Jets will

more week at least survive in the A-League for one

embattled club met more week at least after the

embattled club met with Football Federation Football Federation Australia today. Jets owner con Constantine delivered Constantine delivered a proposal about keeping the strug afloat. FFA is considering the proposal and guarantees the Jets games guarantees the Jets games this Wednesday and Saturday night

cricket team has arrived in will go ahead the Australian

India for two Tests and three

one-dayers. Thanks, Amanda. The tiger is one of the most

reversed and hunted of the world's wild animals but in

just 10 years it could become extinct. So conservation is vital if it's to survive. vital if it's to survive. A

team of experts have been to

the Himalayas to search for the

last unrecorded population of

this most elusive of creatures.

High in the Himalayas, the natural history team chose kingdom of Bhutan. The BBC

natural history team chose this

remote and myster ious place

for their fourth expedition series. Local

team that tigers were living up

in the mountains. If that's

true, then that's a really big

deal because the base of Tiger

Mountain is well above the tree

line and much higher than

tigers are actually thought to

ever go. Dozens of remote

cameras were left out on

possible tiger trails. wonder what that'sa. After

three months, the cameraman,

Gordon Buchanan, returned to

check the footage and was astonished. Oh, my gosh. Oh,

my gosh. Oh. Oh, I don't

believe it. Oh, God. Oh. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. But

if he thought that was

completing, a thousand metres

Oh, man alive. Apparently a higher up there was even more.

breeding pair far from the

jungle. These tigers are

living right in the shadow of

the high limla as. We are above 4,000m at this point. the highest living tigers in 4,000m at this point. These are

the world. The team presented

their findings to the Prime

Minister of Bhutan who promised

to work with neighbouring

countries and use this evidence

to help save the tiger. Incredible pictures. To keep up we're following you can log on

to our website. The address, That is The

World for this Monday I'llby back in a few moments World for this Monday evening.

with the latest news. I'm Scott

Bevan. Thanks for your company. Closed Captions by CSI

This Program is Captioned Live. Protests escalate at Villawood Detention

Centre after the death of an

inmate. Delhi danger, security

alerts after tourists shot in the lead

Games. An independent mind.

Rob Oakeshott ends his speaker

bid. Live across Australia,

this is ABC News 24 I'm Scott

Bevan. Specialist negotiators

asylum are trying to get a number of

asylum seekers off the roof of Sydney's Villawood Detention

Centre. The men are protesting

after a detainee died today

after apparently jumping to his

death. It's believed the in his 30s was desperate to