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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Making news tonight - seeking refuge in Australia six athletes from Sierra Leone to return home. say it's too dangerous country's Commonwealth Games team The group absconded from the last week, and fled to Sydney. told the ABC's '7:30 Report' The three women involved if they have to go back. they fear circumcision They were chasing us everywhere, this female circumcision. we were hiding because of bridging visas. The six have been granted a show of force The Fijian military has staged with the government. amid increasing tensions full combat gear Hundreds of soldiers donned to march through the capital Suva. the government of racist policies. The military chief has accused with political interference. It's charged the armed forces the people of Far North Queensland The Governor-General has praised to Cyclone Larry. for their response Major General Michael Jeffery On a visit to Innisfail, saw the devastation first hand.

of those affected. He paid tribute to the courage And the interstate cricket final through the record books. has sent historians searching in its first innings Queensland posted a massive 900 against Victoria. interstate final total. It's believed to be the largest ever Now, tomorrow's national weather. and Canberra, Rain for Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne. showers for Darwin, in the other capitals. Mostly fine 'Lateline's along at 10:30pm. This program is not subtitled INVESTIGATIVE MUSIC that I'm a murderer. For a moment, I'd like you to imagine

but a double murderer, Not any old murderer, and I've committed the perfect crime. this horribly bloodstained cudgel... And this... the murder weapon. I've got away with my crime, Now I might think and no-one saw me remove the bodies. no-one saw me do it But I would be wrong... in surprising ways. ..because police can find clues and pigs from the butcher I'm going to show you how nature are helping to solve crime. date a death. How maggots can precisely

confusing clues on corpses. How scavengers cause can help the search for a killer. And strange underwater creatures that help nail a murderer. We'll encounter plants in the war on terror, Meet fly spies in the front line helps the FBI. and how detonating dead pigs wood to conduct an experiment, But first, I've come to an English thought I could get away with murder. to see how wrong I would be if I

pigs from the butcher's. For this experiment, we've got some for a human corpse. They make an ideal substitute in precisely the same way. They decompose a naked victim, Murderers don't normally dump on the pigs. so we've even put clothes is dump a body in the woods. And what we're gonna do as nature takes its course Then we're going to wait and watch help the cause of justice. to see how animal and plant witnesses to record at night, Some of our cameras are designed by the slightest motion. others are set off will be caught on camera. So, any visitors to the body CAMERA WHIRRS of a double murder. This is a simulation

I'm going to dispose of in water. And the second body

the investigators even more. This will hinder wash away any incriminating clues. A few weeks underwater should

The murder weapon. the evidence. Burning it should dispose of to cover my tracks. I've done everything I can these guys turning up. I could've done without there's nowhere to hide. I'm on the run - my body heat gives me away. On infrared camera,

This is high tech policing. to nail me. But that alone will not be enough

scene, even with all this technology, If you're caught right at a crime police still use animal detectives. infrared cameras, helicopters, the doesn't even need to smell me. The German shepherd the scent of trampled vegetation. He's tracking me down by picking up movies either. And don't believe the prison escape Running through water won't help. on the bottom, I've disturbed the sediment which the dog detects at the surface. releasing bubbles of gas DOG BARKS Watch him! anacondas, bears even, I'll tell you, rattlesnakes, than a German shepherd. there is nothing more frightening

Ow! (Dog barks) They've caught me. I'm still smiling. how I did it, where I did it. They don't know when I did it, They can't prove a thing. they've got to let me go. And because they can't prove a thing, I'm feeling relaxed, is proving an irresistible draw but deep in the woods my dead pig to the local wildlife. A whole army of animal detectives when I committed my murder. which could give away

and highly nutritious resource. For animals, a body is a magnificent back to feed their chicks. Those crows, they're taking flesh a corpse for food and as a nursery. But there's other animals that use There's one of the buzzers. goes like clockwork The life cycle of flies when a murder was committed. and can be used to show precisely

But what makes fly life cycles tick? forensic scientists are finding out. In Perth, Western Australia, The local residents turn a blind eye to these strange goings-on. repeated on a grand scale. Here, the pig experiment is being Scientist Ian Dadour and his team take to hatch, how quickly they grow, record precisely how long fly maggots

to consume a corpse. and how long they take And, what we're interested in as the pig decomposes is how flies develop on them. the natural history of the fly And we look at

on the corpse. and how they actually develop how long a body's been dead for. And then we can determine from that A fly can smell dead flesh from over a mile away. she churns out 50 or so eggs. And once she's found it,

the eggs hatch out as maggots. Within around 24 hours, that gorge day and night. Eating machines transform into puparia, When full-grown, they leave to of a butterfly. just like the chrysalis From these, adult flies will emerge. So if you know how long this cycle takes under different conditions in a particular fly species, you can tell how long the body has been there. These shots speed it up 25,000 times to show what voracious maggots can do in just two weeks. The clock is affected by weather, particularly temperature. But researchers have found inside a mass of maggots, it can be 20 degrees hotter than the outside. This can affect their growth too. I've come to Western Australia to meet a forensic scientist who studies flies and dead pigs to help solve murders. We're trying to simulate what people do to other people. I mean, there's a thousand different ways you can kill a person. Some people who have got a bit of time on their hands might disguise a body, and they'll put vegetation over the top. If they do that, then what happens is, is that the flies are delayed. And we know that now, it's a 24-hour time lag before the flies come onto the body. A dressed pig here.

And what effect does clothes have on the decomposition? Clothing, from our experience, cause a mummifying effect. They lock the moisture in. And that mummification effect actually slows the decomposition process down.

But, of course, people don't just kill each other. They also kill themselves. There's one hanging here. What's happening? That's just one of our experiments. Ian's team have discovered that because maggots fall off a suspended dead pig, decomposition is much slower.

What happens if somebody takes their own life in a fume-filled car? Simulating a suicide from car exhaust fumes, he sets up cameras to record events. Of course, the pig's already been humanely killed.

But what Ian wants to know

is whether the carbon monoxide will also kill the flies. That's it. How will the maggots' work be affected by a sealed up, gas-filled car? Carbon monoxide is pumped into the car for eight hours straight. But the gas doesn't deter the flies. They still find a way in to start the feast. Now the car acts like a greenhouse. The hot and humid conditions means feeding is rapid-fire and the meal is finished quicker than normal. Vital information for investigators coming across this kind of death. This is Victoria University, Melbourne.

It's also maggot heaven. Scientist Melanie Archer nurtures her maggots lovingly. They live in luxury, at ideal temperatures, in a specially prepared meat broth. Does the social life of maggots affect the speed with which they destroy a body? So here we have two species of maggot. If you've got two species growing together and the effect that they have on each other is to either speed up or slow down the growth of the other species, and that could drastically affect our estimates of the minimum time since death. This maggot's a predator. And what we found through our experiments and tests is that they can actually drive the other species off a body before they're ready to leave. These hairy maggots use sharp mouth parts to pierce their smooth-skin cousins and suck them dry. This is the type of thing that's very important to know if you're trying to use this species of maggot to solve a murder. This Lee Goff. He lives in Hawaii and is a crime fighter who uses the life cycle of flies to bring killers to justice. One of his most difficult cases involved a body in a blanket.