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Tonight - friend s rally in

support of an Australian

arrested in Iraq. He is happy

here and his life is happy and

safe here. Target Sydney -

government security credentials

under fire. The State promises

action after another violent

street murder. And trouble in

paradise. The Hewitts close

ranks as the coach quits.

Good evening. Paul Lockyer

with ABC News. Friends of an

Australian man detained in Iraq

on suspicion of plotting

against coalition forces have

expressed shock at his arrest.

The Adelaide man has been held

in Baghdad since October, but

his friends say he was only

there to look for a wife.

This mosque in Adelaide's

north-west is where 39 year old Warya Kanie regularly prayed

before he left to go back to

Baghdad last August. We met

him here as a good person.

We meet him here in the mosque.

He used to pray here with us

and we used to meet him. He is

a very gentle man. The

Department of Foreign Affairs

has confirm that had the

Iraqi-born man has been

detained under aness resolution

for allegedly engaging in

anti-coalition activities. Mr

Kanie's friends say they would

be out of character for the man

they knew. They said Mr Kanie,

an Iraqi Kurd, was deeply

religious, but not an

extremist. Why would he act

against the government when he

is happy here and his life is

happy and safe here. He is so

happy here. He just went back

home to get married. His

friends say Mr Kanie came to

Australia as a refugee to live

with his brothers and has since

become an Australian citizen.

His friends weren't available

today. Foreign Affairs

Department says it spoke to Mr

Kanie last month and he is

well. We will be seeking an

early briefing through the

shadow Foreign Minister Robert McLelland on the details

concerning this case. We want

to make sure that all consular

assistance has been provided to

this individual. I've got to

say we are concerned about

this. Another Australian is

held in Iraq on suspicion of

hostile activities. Ahmed

Jamal was arrested in 2004.

With State and Federal Police

and intelligence agencies still

pursuing missing army rocket launchers, questions continue

about how they found their way

on the street. The Opposition

said today that it secured the

Government's credibility on

security issues. Police have

confirmed they consider

Sydney's Lucas Heights nuclear

reactor was a possible target.

Yesterday police arrested 28-year-old Taha Abdul Rahman

in this western Sydney house

for selling seven rocket

launchers. Five of them are

alleged to have ended up in the

hands of an alleged terrorist

cell. Saysio and police are

hunting for the missing launchers and trying to

determine how they got onto the

street. When you can't keep rocket launchers from being

stolen and founding their way

into the possession of people

who are now, it seems, planning

to attack a nuclear

installation? Everyone seems

to be jumping to the conclusion

they have been stolen from the

military. It's our

understanding that was not the

case. They were stolen

somewhere up the supply chain.

It's believed they were

imported for the Army by

Australian Defence Industries.

The Army stopped using the

company to procure launchers in

2005 after a Government report

cited weaknesses in contract

management. Both were

unavailable for comment today.

Another source has told the ABC

soldiers were known to keep

launchers after training

exercises. A rocket launcher

was reportedly sighted near the

scene of this 2003 gangland

murder. At the time the Police

Minister John Watkins dismissed

the claim. If there was

credible evidence of rocket

launchers or rocket propelled

grenades out there in the

streets of Sydney, the counter-terrorist aspect of the

police would have locked in.

That has not happened. The

Minister said today he had

alerted authorities at Defence

Force establishments. This

isn't the time to lay blame,

perhaps. We want to get these

rocket launchers out of the

streets and back where they

belong, in Defence Force

establishments, but I do wander

why greater stricter security

was not put in place some time

ago. Police say one intended

target was the Lucas Heights

nuclear facility but Neil James

said the rocket launchers 200m

range would be too limited for

an effective attack on the

site. It would also be un

likely the rocket would

penetrate the concrete around a

nuclear reactor vessel. It is

very, very thick. Even at

reasonably close range, you can

only get through about 30

inches of concrete. It has

been reported lieu Cass Heights

wasn't the only potential

target. There were also plans

to attack buildings in Sydney's central business District

Court. Abdul Rahman will

appear in court next week.

George W. Bush has laid the

groundwork for the unveiling of

his new policy on Iraq by

shaking up his military

command. Two of the generals

responsible for the current

operations in Iraq are on the

way out, including the No. 1

American soldier in the Middle

East whose career is now over.

But it's not enough for the

resurgent Democrats bho are

indicating they will fight any

attempt to send more troops.

Washington correspondent Mark

Simkin reports. Just one day

after formally taking control

of Congress, the Democrats are

flexing their muscles.

REPORTER: Do you support a

They've written to George W. surge in US troops in Iraq?

They've written to George W.

Bush demanding he start pulling

soldiers out, rather than

sending more in.

This war needs to come to

an end, it's my highest

priority as Speaker. George

W. Bush is preparing to unveil

a new Iraq strategy and is considering despatching tens of

thousands more troops. It's

controversial and it's risky.

Even the plan's advocates say

there is no guarantee it will

work. They've made many, many

mistakes since 2003 and these

will not be easily reversed.

Two US generals who once

expressed doubts about a troop

increase are being replaced.

The commander of US forces in

Iraq, George Casey will bx the

Army chief-of-staff and John

Abizaid will retire. Once you

start on a new way forward, do

you change then or change now?

It makes sense to go ahead and

make sure you are going to have

your command team that is going

to be in place as you're

working on this new way forward

and enacting it. The changes

don't end there. The US

ambassador to Iraq has been

moved to theness and America's

intelligence chief is heading

to the State Department. John Negroponte has brought

experience, sound judgment and

expertise in Iraq and war on

terror making him a superb

choice as Deputy Secretary of

State and I look forward to

working with him in this new

post. Several key links in

the US military command are now

gone including Donald Rumsfeld.

The Democrats aren't satisfied,

though. Of the they just don't

want changes in personnel, they

want fundamental changes in

policy. Police are

questioning two teenage boys

and a woman over the stabbing

murder of a man in Sydney's

south-west. It is the third

vicious assault in the past

week and the State Government

has promised to take action to

try to curb the violence. A

22-year-old man was stabd in

the face and chest outside a

house in Mount Pritchard in the

early hours of this morning. Police say he had been arguing

with a group of men when he was

attacked. Scream so bad you

never believe. Neighbours say

there has been a growing noise

problem from patrons leaving a

nearby pub. Police won't say

if the man went outside his

house to tell the group to

quieten down. It is the third

violent assault in a week. In

the early hours of New Year's

Day, 17-year-old Andrew

Farrugia was bashed to death

while waiting for a taxi at

Griffith in the State's

Riverina. At Brunswick Heads

on the north coast, 40-year-old

Brisbane man Adrian Leckie

suffered head injuries and

broken teeth after being

attacked outside his holiday

house. My stomach has turned

by the viciousness of some of

these attacks. The Acting

Premier will meet police next

week to discuss what measures

if any might help curb the

violence. Light Like better

lighting, secure taxi ranks,

police are out there dealing

with this every day and they're

doing a good job. But the

Opposition says police need

more resources so troublemakers

are arrested on the spot and

not moved on or dispersed.

The official holiday road toll

period has ended with fewer

people killed this year than

during last year's

Christmas/New Year season. New

South Wales had the highest

number of deaths, followed by

Victoria and Queensland. In

all, 62 people died on the

nation's roads, down on last

year's total of 68. Still the

figure has angered police.

They blame the deaths on

speeding, irresponsible

driving, drugs and bat weather.

-- bad weather. A

25-year-old Australian man has

been killed in fighting in

Somalia. It's unclear what the

Melbourne man was doing in the

country as the war escalated

but the Department of Foreign

Affairs said his family

confirmed he was killed in

December. There is now hope of

a breakthrough after 15 years

of fighting in Somalia.

Ethiopian-backed troops. In

response a high-level

international meeting in Kenya

has called for peacekeepers to

be urgently despatched to

stabilise the country.

Clearly felt it was important

that there not be a security

vacuum. Meanwhile, a senior

al-Qaeda commander has urged

Muslim fighters to use

Iraqi-style guerilla tactics to

try to restore the routed is la

Miss Militias. A British

Muslim has been found guilty of

soliciting murder. Umran Javed

was also found guilty in

London's Old Bailey of racial

hatred. The offences date back

to a protest in February last

year outside the Danish

embassy, held after the

cartoons were published in a

Danish newspaper. Javed is

said to have been a ringleader

who shut shouted, "Bomb Denmark

and bomb the US." As well as

saying Denmark would pay with

blood. He told the court he

regretted the cartoons but they

were just slogans. Widening

gap between the prosperous and

the poor and emphasised how

little the Government does for

the losers. With no social

safety net, one young man has

found a novel way to help the

most needy and he is so

successful, the Chinese media

has dubbed him King of the

beggars. This man is a

23-year-old with a purpose. He

grew up on the streets,

scraping together a living from

recycling things that nobody

wanted. Now he lives in

Beijing and his life is

dedicated to helping others.

TRANSLATION: In fact, there are

a lot of people who say my

vagrant childhood is the

explanation for the things I'm

doing. Actually, I don't

agree. I always feel that in whatever country, whatever

nation, as healthy people, we

should go out and help those

who have difficulties. This

young man is one of those

needing help. 56 and

destitute, he says he has lived

the last 6 years under this

bridge. Tonight's temperature

is below freezing. Of

TRANSLATION: During winter in

Beijing there are a lot of

homeless people. I pay closest

attention to a lot of homeless

old people. That community

really deserves our attention.

Even if it is a sweater or bowl

of instant noodles, that can

help them overcome the

difficulty of winter. Three

months ago, it was a 6-year-old

girl and her father who caught

his attention. He shows me

where he first saw the girl,

born with a tumour on her face.

TRANSLATION: Her father was

begging here. I felt great

pity for her. Without an

operation, the girl would have

died, but he raised enough

money to pay her hospital

bills. There was no way herpes

sant father could come up with

the US $6,000 needed. He

raises money for Beijing's

needy. The main donors are

Canadian s don't leeven live in

China. Through the Internet,

many kind-hearted people donate

money. When it comes to

tackling poverty, he is a firm believer in individual

responsibility. I never say I want the Government to do

something about it. I feel as

an individually should do it.

When every individual does

better, our government could

also do better. Now he is

back looking for someone else

to help. Thech' been there

for thousands of years within

cooee of Sydney and yet largely

unknown or ignored. It is

Aboriginal rock art in a

national park just north of the

city and from tomorrow

Aboriginal guides will be

offering tours to explain

ancient engravings that have a

lesson for today. It's

bushland rich in vegetation and

with spectacular views around

West Head. Rock end gravings

-- rock engravings date back

at least 3,000 years. Chris

Ingrey and McLeod are tour

guides. It is a career change

for each of them. I was

working with Qantas for a while

and done my apprenticeship

there - aircraft maintenance.

I used to be a chef before

taking on the traineeship.

Now they will point out

engravings lost to those

without an expert eye. But the

engravings are not as random as

they seem. This is like the supermarket. So they would

have the pictures of the fish

and sharks down there and they

would use the mundoes, the foot

tracks down to the beach down

there. These areas were used

as pretty much classroom. The elders and the

knowledge-holders would bring

the young ones here and tell

them the importance of life and

living off the land. 3,000

years later, they are starting

again. We hope to extend to

to a point where we can do

tours across Sydney. You can

go under your own steam and

read the information provided,

but there is no connection with

the past. And in any case, the information might just miss

the point. Like the large man

depictwide a fish inside him.

Here is says simply he may have

eaten the fish, but the

Aboriginal version includes a

lesson about sharing. It tell

s us that this man was punished

for being too greedy. It is a

message just as relevant in the

21st Century, not just about

sharing, but about overeating.

Tonight's top story - an

Adelaide man arrested in Iraq

on suspicion of plotting

against coalition forces.

Still to come - a flying start to the Sydney festival. England's cricket

authorities have reacted

swiftly to its humiliating 5-0

Ashes series loss, announcing a

comprehensive review of its

team's performance. The

announcement came just hours

after Australia scored and

emotional 10-wicket victory to

say farewell to Justin Langer,

Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath.

Matthew Hayden revealed where

the tears were really coming

from. As we were walking

through the race, I could

barely hold myself together.

The tears being shed in England

are for different reasons. The

British press is a notoriously

tough marker when it comes to

the performances of its

national sides and this defeat

has been no different. More

than a century ago, the Ashes

began with a crushing defeat

for England at The Oval and a

mock oh Brit -- obituary in

the sporting times. The latest

in Sydney is, many p would

argue, just as big a

humiliation. The English

cricket board is wasting no

time looking for answers. It

has already announced a

comprehensive review of English

cricket. Fletcher says it is

standard procedure and insists

he is the right man for the

job. I really believe I've

got the confidence of the

players and the backing of the

players, and that's what's

very, very important. He

would also like the support of

one Australian. Fletcher hopes

Shane Warne might find time to

tutor England spinners when he

captains county side Hampshire.

Someone of that calibre would

be very useful for eng land to

use. The After yesterday's

tears, Matthew Hayden was all

smiles today. After two years

on the one-day sidelines, he

has re-claimed his place in the

limited overs team ahead of the

World Cup in March. I would

have to say I'm pretty happy,

mate. It's a great opportunity

for me. I feel lucky to be

part of the next six months of

cricket. Hayden was a key

member of the victorious 2003

World Cup squad forming a

formidable opening partnership

with Adam Gilchrist Experience

counting for a lot in big

tournament,. Our partnership

was really strong throughout

the last World Cup. Australia

is looking for three consecutive World Cups.

Cricket fans have voted with

their feet for the new Twenty20

format with a record domestic

crowd of 28,000 people swamping

the Gabba for last night's Queensland-New South Wales

match. Officials admit they

were underprepared for the size

of the crowd. The Bulls scored

almost 9 runs an over before

dismissing the Blues for a

thrilling 9-run victory. It

was cricket, but not as we know

it. Cheer girls, spectators

opening the bowling to players,

and a near capacity crowd were

on tap for a humble domestic

match. The massive walk-up

crowd stunned organisers,

forcing them to open the gates

and allow thousands of queuing

fans in for free. Cricket

Australia is embracing the new

format, staging a formal 2-week

interstate series. There is a

heavy emphasis on

entertainment. Shorter

boundaries didn't bring the

expected storm of 6s, but

Clinton Perren cleared the

ropes twice. While wickets

tumbled regularly, the Bulls

amassed runs at an impressive

rate. Per rein and a

free-hitting Chris Simpson

topping the scoring sheet with

39 apiece. Mitchell Johnson

foresake's Sydney celebrations

for some cricket, grabbing a

vital early wicket. The Blues

struggled, although the batting

fireworks were never doused for

long. New South Wales

eventually fell 9 runs short of

their target. The Bulls

celebrating a perfect 2 from 2

in Twenty20 cricket. It is

always good to get a good crowd

and perform well. The series

final will be held next

Saturday. Australia's leading

tennis player Lleyton Hewitt

has split with coach Roger

Rasheed amid suggestions that

their long professional

relationship broke down

acrimoniously. Roger Rasheed

decided to re-sin rather than

-- decided to resign rather

than continue onto the

Australian Open. The Hewitt

family home provided no

answers. His father less than

impressed with questions.

Rasheed quit after more than

three years on the job,

explaining in a statement that

it was impossible for player

and coach to get the results

they were looking for in the current environment. I

believe this comes as rather a

shock to Lleyton. I don't

think he saw it coming, so he

has got to overcome that

problem first and of course he

is not playing in Sydney

either. Hewitt has cited a

calf injury as the reason for

withdrawing from the Sydney

tournament. His Australian

Open preparations are now in apparent disarray. On the other hand, Melbourne's Chris

Guccione would be delightwide

his form. The 21-year-old

left-hander reached his first

ATP final in Adelaide with a

three-set victory over Juan

Martin Del Potro. The 5-7,

6-3, 7-5 result secured with

his 19th ace. Guccione will

play top seed Novak Djokovic.

Of the Serbian beat ing Swede

Joachim Johansson in straight

sets. Hopman Cup XVIIII

belongs to the Russians,

beating Spain in the final last

night. The top seeds started

with Nadia Petrova hammering

Anabel Medina Garrigues 6-0,

6-had and followed up with

Dmitry Turnsonov's 6-4,

7-590-minute victory over world

No. 7 Tommy Robredo. It was

the Russian's first Hopman Cup

win. I think after Davis Cup

and FA Cup, now the Hopman Cup,

I don't know if there are any

other Cups, but we are trying

to win them as well. Russian

fans would have been happy with

the result on the Gold Coast

where Dinara Safina captured

the Australian women's

hardcourt title by beating

Martina Hingis. Safina won

6-3, 3-6, 7-5 in more than two

hours. It is the first time

Safina has beaten Hingis in

three attempts. Newcastle has

moved into outright place on

the A-League ladder after a 1-0

win over the Central Coast.

Jets goal keep er Ante Covic

starred for the home side as he

made several crucial saves. At

the other end of the park

Milton Rodriguez put the

finishing touches on a Mark

COMMENTATOR: He has Bridge break.

manufactured another goal for

Newcastle. Covic pulled off

one of the safes of the --

saves of the season before

half-time, the Mariners left

stumped by the goal keeper's

feat. Ante Covic's night leave

ing Newcastle well-placed with

two rounds until the

semifinals. Two Australians

have been named winners of an

international gliding Grand

Prix in South Australia. Six

Australian and five

international pilots, including

German world champion Michael

Sommer faced off in the 8-day

event. Conditions had been

perfect all week until a

weather change led to the

cancellation of the last two

days of racing. The pilots

raced over 200km at over 300km

an hour. In western Sydney

this morning, people were

awoken by a very different kind

of sweet dawn chorus. Hot-air

balloons soared above thousands

of homes emitting sounds of an

orchestra. It was the opening

event of the Sydney Festival.

The balloons took off from

Parramatta. Their mission was

to deliver an artistic

experience to people below on

the edge of sleep. The sky

orchestra was the opening salvo

of the Sydney Festival. Once

awake, Sydneysiders can see one

of the world's leading

contemporary dance companies,

Batsheva from Israel, making

their first appearance here.

The 40 dancers have weathered

political turmoil back home and

hope their artist industry -

ash ah * -- artistry rubs off

It's all about the search for

solutions and abolishing of

old, bad ideas. Unfortunately,

you know, there are too many

old, bad ideas that kind of

people hold onto in our region.

The Israeli dancers are

among nearly 800 artists from

around the world. They are

making the 100 festival events

a truly Cosmo poll tan feast of

the arts. Grammy award

winning Roseanne Cash is

singing from her album 'Black

Cadillac'. It is a collection

of music she wrote when she

lost her famous father Johnny

Cash, her mother and stepmother

all within two years. I don't

think you ever get over losing

your parents, but as far as the

music stirring it up for me

every night, sometimes - it's

different every night, depening

on what the audience brings to

it, depending on what frame of

mind I'm in. The balloon sky

orchestra will fly again for

two more days, warming up

residents for three weeks of

festival fun. And now to the

weather. In Sydney today it

hit 26 degrees, which is right

on average, but it got up to 35

degrees in the west at Penrith

and Campbelltown.

The satellite picture shows cloud drifting over New South

Wales, Victoria and Tasmania

associated with a low pressure

system. Cloud also building

across the north-west of the

continent. Mostly clear skies

now over the south-west of

Western Australia. On the

synoptic chart there is a low

pressure system affecting

weather over the south-east of

Australia and a trough is

extending across the interior.

A weak ridge of high pressure

is developing over the south of

Western Australia. Thundery

rain through parts of New South

Wales tomorrow. South

Australia also and Victoria and

Tasmania. Thunderstorms for

western Queensland and across

the Top End. In the capital

cities tomorrow:

Before we go, a look at

tobt's top stories. As the

hunt continues for stolen

rocket launchers, it has been

confirmed that the Lucas

Heights nuclear reactor was a

possible target. Friends of an

Australian man detained in Iraq

have expressed shock at his

arrest. That's ABC News to

the minute. I'm Paul Lockyer

and I will be back with updates

during the evening. Until

then, goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI