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Captioned Live. Hello, I'm Nick

Grimm. On tonight's program -

Britain's debate here in Australia. The debate here

Government and the Greens David Cameron's ambitious plans Government and the Greens say

prove Australia isn't going it alone. Tonight we'll talk to

one of the UK's chief climate

British model and whether it's change advisers about

something Australia could or

should take on. You're watching the World. The rest of the world is

Abbott has been pretending acting too, even though Mr

Australians, no-one is Abbott has been pretending to

on climate change. Meanwhile Australians, no-one is acting

the Opposition Leader's focus

is at home where he says the cost of the carbon tax on families and businesses could

be too much to bear. Also ahead

- Dominique Strauss-Kahn bails out of the IMF.

sympathy and regret for out of

Ireland's painful past. I'm Zoe

Daniel in Bangkok. I'll have the latest from last year's deadly crackdown

where protesters are gathering

once again to mark the anniversary. Also tonight - President Obama prepares for a major speech on the Middle

East. And Australia scores the international premiere of a

in a moment but first the Broadway hit. All those stories

coronial inquest into the Christmas Island boat tragedy

has heard how rescuers battled

atrocious has heard how rescuers battled seas and mechanical problems as

they they struggled to save dozens

defence department from drowning. Today the

defence department released dramatic video of the unfolding

disaster. It was a desperate

race against time run at great

risk. Small fast Old Baileys

from HMAS 'Pirie' can be seen battling towering sea that tore apart Frank aslyum seeker boat carrying more than

as island Munt people just minutes before


the clifs throw life jackets

and ropes to poem in the water

the crews worked close to sure

trying to recover survivors. Livingstone was in command Lieutenant Commander Mitchell

Livingstone was in command of the navy patrol the navy patrol boat HMAS 'Pirie'. His vessel was

when it was ordered to sheltering on the other side

intercept. It immediately struck trouble when one of

restarted but ran on reduced power. Commander Livingstone

then despatched his ship's two fast boats with the instructions - fast rigid hull inflatable

They They arrived about 10 minutes

after the boat had the cliffs

and found dozens of people in

heaving seas strewn with debris. Commander Livingstone

told the inquest rescue teams were operating very close to told the inquest rescue teams

then had engine troubles of

their own as they ingested

debris and kelp as they tried debris and

to locate and retrieve Livingstone said at one stage survivors. Commander

one boat was close to the

cliffs on reduced power.

In all 41 people were pulled

from the party and HMAS 'Pirie'

sheltered side of the island to then moved back to the

they'd recovered. There transfer

they'd rigid hull inflatable boats were used ferry were used again, this time to

living and dead, back to shore. The PM and the Greens

have leapt on Britain's planned to combat climate change. The ambitious program

will see cuts of 50% of 19 90

levels by 2027. The Government

promises the cut also lead to

announcement has higher economic growth and the


look at some of the leader's political debate at home. Let's

the PM of Britain, comments today. David Cameron,

conservative, if he was in Australia, he'd be the holder

of a Liberal Party ticket. They

have had a price on carbon for

a number of years, and he's announced that he wants to zee

see a 50% cut in carbon

pollution in the UK by 2025. We

are looking for a cut in our carbon pollution of minus 5 by 2020. He's saying minus 50 by

2025 So let's not make any

errors here. The rest of the world is moving. The British Government is doing it thing. The Canadian Government is doing quite a different thing

and you might have noticed that the main issue in the recent

Canadian election was the carbon tax, the conservative Government there Government there campaigned against a carbon tax, it was

the only major political party

that took that position and it that took that position and

got a majority. This is the

first time we've had majority Government in Canada for many years.

The Government and the Greens

and the Independents and the Independents are working

better outcome for Australia working very strongly to get a working very strongly

than we would get from an Opposition which has I said wants to tackle - hit taxpayers

and reward polluters. We think and in the right direction by

saying "we've got to rein in

the pollution while adequately

looking after the rest of the economy." Britain's committee on climate change is an

the British Government independent body that advises

the British Government on independent body

reporting to the nation's emissions targets Wells

being made to reduce greenhouse parliament on the progress

chief gas emiss. David Kennedy is the

committee and he joins us chief executive of the

committee and he joins us now from London. Thank you for

talking to the World this evening. Good

British PM has said his

Government will be the greenest

Government ever. Now in your view will these targets that have been announced be able to match that lofty have been announced this week

rhetoric? As you say it's rhetoric? As you say it's been het Rick up to now. We advised in December that it was appropriate to commit to a 50% emissions cut in 2020 , five

relative to 1990 levels. relative to 1990 levels. That's

gone to being an actually legal

commitment so the announcement this this week was for a law, it will be discussed by our

parliament and it will be on

the statute books by June this

year. So I think that's a very

significant commitment, bear in

mind other countries are not

even really thinking about the

2020s, we are making a legal

commitment to reduce emissions through that period. It should be noted that

the British Government has left

itself a

it's it's been coined? They've said that it make sense to keep

an eye on international

circumstance, we shouldn't have

the UK getting too far out of

step with other countries in

the European Union and the European Union and other countries more we'll countries more generally, so we'll keep an eye on. That I

wouldn't expect that in 201 #

when the Government has said when the Government has said we should have a review of this target, that we'll be changing

and bear in mind it's not the and bear in mind it's not the Government that would do Government that would do the

review, it is my are these targets are these targets given that in the past the UK has failed to

meet its emissions meet its emissions targets. Last year for example, carbon emissions actually emissions actually increased

instead of instead of decreasing? There

was a history in the UK of

grand standing so setting grand standing so setting very

ambitious targetses but ambitious targetses but not

looking at how we might meet those and not having policies to deliver those reductions but that's changed since to deliver

this climate change Act so legislation which will put the which establishes my body. We made the recommendation for a

50% cut based on a very

analysis and we think it's analysis and we think it's very doable. It's challenging In

terms of what does it mean, how

can we achieve that 50% can we achieve that 50% cut? It's about energy efficiency,

improvement in our buildings, there's a great opportunity

there not to reduce emissions

but to save money, it's about

moveling to a clean power

system so using

renewable power renewable power generation, over time, it's about moving to different forms of heat permits rather than gas boilers in our homes and office

and it's about moving to more

efficient forms of transport well so it's conventional

vehicles are getting more fuel efficient over increase opportunity over increase opportunity over the

next decade to move to flulg in

hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles

vehicles F we can do

that we can get the 50% cut and

it's something we should aim to do. You need to do all of do. You need

Is that sort of pinning hopes on a lot of challenging. What challenging. What reaye sures

is that we have made our recommendation based on

technologies that we the moment or that we're

the next years. It does the next years. It does need policies and policies and those policies

have to create an investment climate for big business so our energy companies for example

have to feel have to feel confidence that if they put billions of pounds

into nuclear plant that they'll get a payback there get a payback there and it

needs encentives for people to

change their behaviour so not everybody at the moment

car. We need inventives to get people

people feeling comfortable with

those new technologies. There's an opportunity, people an addressing that addressing that opportunity and

we need new policy approaches

there so it is doable ,

challenging and with the policies in

policies in place, we think that we can achieve the target and so what the and so what the Government

needs to do now is not just have the target, it needs to

act, bring in policies that

will make sure that we do

immediate the target Here in

Australia there is of comment about the fact that down and it's been conducted in

a bipartisan political fashion, how important as that of all in getting

change Act agreed and there it was was pretty unanimous both in our House of Commons and the

House of Lords that this piece

of legislation went of legislation went through. It

was a bit tricky getting this

carbon budget carbon budget agreed because

it's very ambitious, it's been contentious

contentious within the departments

departments of Government Treasury, both were a Treasury,

bit uncomfortable making this

commitment. Hit eps that the Leader of the Opposition was

able to write to the PM say, "We need say, "We need bipartisan

support for this crucial

agenda, crucial for as he called it, the future of our economy, for our children to

make sure they can continue to

Price per." So there has been

bipartisan support and that's

been very important. Secondly,

aside from the aside from the political

support we've got a support we've got a very powerful peels of legislation very difficult for the

legislation to reject our

advice. They didn't have a good

reason to do that under

terms set out, so a of political support but also very powerful legislation has

helped this target to be

accepted. How does accepted. How does the British Government go about

keeping business on side? There are important are important issues around

energy prices generally. In a

carbon constrained world as we move to clean technologies that

will push energy prices up and

in particular it's going to

so what you have to do there so what you have to do there is identify the groups to be

adversely affected, adversely affected, whether

it's the fuel poor and there you can transfer you can transfer income to them, you can have social tariffs or whether it is electricity intensive industries so one thing that has come up in the discussions

over the last weeks is if to have a higher electricity

price that's going to price that's going to be bad

for electricity intensive industry like iron and steel. A big company here competes big company here competes with companies operating in Ukraine and Brazil where they have much low ever electricity

priceses and the solution there

as well, identify these groups

and then find leavers to make

sure that we don't have

competitiveness impacts and

leakage of production. In that specific case, there will be some tax some tax exemptions on the carbon price underpin, a new

policy recently introduced, is

a tax exemptions Ma take sure we don't drive our industry

abroad. You shouldn't have a

low carbon policy where has very adverse impacts for certain groups the UK we've identified those

groups and find a policy which works for all of us. In Australia, as I mentioned, there isn't any political consensus at the moment on how

the issue of climate change should be tackled. Have you there isn't followed the debate here at

all, and if so, what is your

view from London? I have to be

frank and say we've not followed the debates closely. I

understand there are discussion

about possibly have some legislation , ambitious

here around big business and competitiveness and competitiveness and driving

those industries abroad are

very controversial in Australian context but again think the key is, first of all

get a decent evidence think the key a lot of discussions that we had a

number of years ago here were

not founded on good evidence,

so you need a good so you need a good evidence

base and what you fund then is

that you can demisfy a lot that you can demisfy a lot of contention, now contention, there are real there fuel poverty or about competitiveness needs tab acknowledged, they can't be swept under the carpet but there are policies but there are policies which

you can introduce that

those impacts so it is getting

a clear view on what

really are and finding a way

around some of the adverse

impacts. That's how we've

succeeded here. How we've built

political consensus and bear

political consensus and bear in mind five years ago big

business was not on-side in business was not on-side in the UK, not on-side in the EU

either, but there is a lot of

support among industry if you look at our

confederation of British

support of the support of the targets agreed

this week and so have a whole

range of big company, what they see is a great opportunity

these ambitious targets to

build new business models for carbon constrained future, what

they see as an opportunity for growth in the UK economy because we can

foot here and it avoids a the wrong

next five, ten years and then we have to start scrapping

power station, scrapping other

growth but hopefully here we will avoid that. David Kennedy

we will have to leave it there.

Thank you for muchtor talking

to the World tonight. Thank you. Move on, Dominique

Strauss-Kahn says resigning as the head of the

IMF. He'dkm under pressure to

step down after being step down after being accused

of the attempted rape hotel in New York. Mr

Strauss-Kahn has currently

being held in

being held in custody denies the charges. Tired disheveled and under depressure, the latest images of Dominique former head of the

looking exhausted following looking exhausted following his arrest on arrest on attempted rach charges earlier this week. They

sharp after their publication

announcement came that he resigned as the head of IMF with immediate effect. He with immediate effect. He said Sexual been mounting on him to tender

his resignation with the US

Treasury secretary among others saying the embatled French

diplomat was not in a position to run to run the IMF. Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Step up

please. The move comes please. The move comes shortly

before his lawyers head into a

US courtroom today for a bail hearing. As part of his

bail application he has waved

his extradition rights his extradition rights and promised to remain inside a

Manhattan apartment. Manhattan apartment. His lawyers have Mr Strauss-Kahn's links to the United States United States after an earlier

judge deemed him a flight

risk. What was

good. It was serious. But good. He is a strong man and he's committed through. Meanwhile, the lettest development may further anger his supporters in France where

as many as 60% of people in as many as 60% of people in a

recent poll believe Mr

Strauss-Kahn is the victim of Strauss-Kahn is the victim of a plot. The Queen has delivered one of the

her reign

Ireland. She stopped short of

making an apology as such but

did express regret and sympathy

for those who have during Britain and Ireland's turn leapt relationship. This

has been a visit full of

symbolic gestures. At a state dinner honouring the dinner honouring the Queen at Dublin castle the spectacle was

matched by some powerful

words. The greeting in Gaelic

impressed the Irish audience,

the President seated beside the

Queen mouthed the word "wow'. Then the Queen addressed the two countries' troubled past in unusually direct language. We

can never forget those who have

died or been injured and died or been injured and their families. To all those who have

suffered as suffered as a consequence of

our troubled past, I extend my sincere thoughts and deep sympathy. Earlier in the sympathy. Earlier in the day the past and looking to the

future. It may look like any other stadium other stadium but Croke Park has troubling ghosts. It was here in 1920 that British forces forces opened fire on innocent spectators killing 14 people. Revenge Revenge for Revenge for the IRA's assassination of 14 British

agents earlier that day. There

was also a solemn commemoration

for the 50,000 Irish troops who

had died under British command

during World War I. during World War I. On their return those who survived faced

being ostracised because of who they'd fought for. There were

lighter moments in the day, no visit to without without a trip to the

Guiness burry. The darkened

cloudy not the favourite morn morning tipple and while Prince Philip looked

tempted this piept remained

unripled by royal lips. This

visit has been a political

tight rope for casting tight rope for the Queen, casting forward to a

casting forward to a better relationship while honouring a divided past both countries

hoping this really is a new

beginning. You might recall

during the program last night

we crossed live to Moscow the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev was into his second

hour of that marathon media

conference, he held. The. It

was hoped that during the rare

session he give some clues as

to whether he'd square off with

Vladimir Putin in next year's

leak but he's keeping the

nation guessing. There was a reason for this reason for 800 journalists showed

for the first time in his 3 year presidency,

Dmitry Medvedev held an open press conference. The stage was

set for an announcement on his political

political future. It didn't come. TRANSLATION: I think that to

announce this kind of decision one needs to choose a one needs to choose a rather

different forum to that of a

press conference. As the

President bides his time his potential rival PM Vladimir

Putin is sounding more and Putin is sounding more and more

like a Presidential candidate.

This month he launched a political front that may field parliamentary candidates in

addition to his already

dominant united Russia party,

analysts say that move could

make him unpeatable. This make him unpeatable. This is an

attempt to undercut the

President who claim at President who claim at least a part of part

Putin would like to reserve for

himself. As this press

conference approached there was

growing speculation it would

finally answer the question conference approached there would Russia's President and face off in an election next

year? After this performance,

Russia still doesn't know. Russia consensus Mr

consensus Mr Medvedev is running out of time to stake

out his turf if he plans to run again. For now, Dmitry

Medvedev's not saying. In a few hours the event at the State Department

will be his first foreign policy address since the

uprisings across the Arab world. The President forward to giving this speech

and sees I aston opportunity to step back and all witnessed, the historic change we've seen, and change we've

about how he views it,

change we've seen, as a moment

of opportunity. Ft essentially has to balance his support for the

Middle East with Middle East with a basic and fundamental US interest in maintaining stability. He has to connect with people, he has

to be relevant, to people to be relevant, to people in the Arab world that are demanding more demanding more representative Government without further alienating important US allies

most importantly in the gulf that are increasingly

uncomfortable with US position

on the state of events in the

region now. The President is

also expected to address the

stalled Arab-Israeli peace

process and press for a new

round of talks. And you can see

President Obama's speech here

on ABC News 24 live from 1am eastern time. The United States has imposed sanctions on the Syrian President over human

rights apuces. It's the first

time that Bashar al-Assad has been targeted directly international community for his

Government's crackdown Government's crackdown on

protests. The move came as

witnesses said the army had

been shelling a been shelling a border town

near Lebanon for near Lebanon for the fourth day. Syrians have described horrific scene and killings. Human horrific scene activists say more than activists say more than 850

thousands arrested since the

uprising began in March. number of bombs number of bombs have exploded in Iraq's in Iraq's northern city of

Kirkout killing up to 1 #

people and oning scores more.

At least three blasting targeting security forces

ripped through the centre of the the oil centre, all three bombs

exploded in the final two killing and wounding

those who had gathered to help the victims A hospital source says A hospital source says many of the wounded have serious

injuries and the death toll

could go higher. Al-Qa'ida has

released a tape recording it claims was claims was made by Osama bin Laden a week before his death.

The audio was posted on Islamic

websites and a voice purported

to be ordinary ordinary's

raises the uprising in the Arab world. As fast as lighting the

Knights of Egypt took the beams

of light to Tahrir Square, of light to Tahrir Square, then a great revolution was launched

Laden was killed by US special forces earlier this month in a

rid on his hideout in Pakistan. There's a new There's a new warning of a

growing terrorist threat right

on Australia's doorstep A report by the Australian Strategic Institute says

Indonesia's prisons have been incubators for terrorists. The

assessment the based assessment the based on in-depth introduce p 3 convicted terrorist. This story contains graphic intelligence analyst Dr Karl Ungere has been Indonesian Islamic terrorism for nearly a decade but his

latest report has left him deeply deeply concerned about the future. Based in depth interviews with quicked terrorists, he says a

group of hard core Jihadies group of hard core Jihadies are preparing to leave Indonesian

jails over the next 18 months

and some say they want to bomb

western targets. Several of the

the view. One of them said to

us directly, that if he was

released from prison today, he would bomb the US would bomb the US embassy

tomorrow. These men say they no

longer need the backing of a

large terror organisation like

the now defunct Jemaah Islamiah

or JI which ore ches traited the Bali bombing in the

killing more than 200 killing more than 200 people

including 88 Australians. That

operation took three months to

plan, involved 20 people and

cost about $40,000. A growing

number now call thooems free

lance tris willing to try

smaller more random attacks. We're no attacks. We're no longer

dealing with organisational hubs,

hubs, we're dealing with

individuals, some call them lone wolfs, some lone wolfs, some call them

freelancers, nonetheless

individuals who will be able to go out and arptions in groups

three which is pretty much all

Hotel bombings in 2009. And it

means that the threat the not

going away, if anything it's getting worse. Indonesian

Indonesia's counter-terrorism chief last year acknowledged

the problem of violent religious propaganda.. As religious propaganda.. As long

as the radical ideology as the radical ideology is growing, extremism is increasing, then we have got

really huge reservoir for the would would be terrorist. The rise of

freelance terrorism is in line

with al-Qa'ida rhetoric which is also encouraging is individual action. It now

publishes an online language magazine called

constitute Inspire' inciting

home grown murderous acts around the world with feature

stories like build a bomb your mother's kitchen. It's

publisher is a Yemeny American.

But while freelance terrorism

is the latest trend, Dr

Ungerrer also warns that

reemerger of a more terrorist force could be just around the corner. Last year

the Indonesian police busted a

gathering of 300

Jihadies at a training camp in

Aceh partly arranged by Abu

Bakar Bashir. He's since been convicted of terrorism-related

offences. What we can expect is that these groups get out of the prisons, they're more

hardened more anti-West, anti-Indonesia, it

"JI anymore but they'll be "JI anymore but they'll be new

mores and they'll be just mores and they'll be just as dangerous. To Thailand now

where anti-Government Red Shirt

protesters are

alley in Bangkok to mark the first anniversary of deadly protest

protest there. More than 90

were killed in rung street

battles between protesters and

battles between protesters and

soldiers. I'm joined live by

sco Daniel. Gene Zoe. You've

been at the rally on the

streets, what was the mood there? The Red Shirt rallies

are always a little bit

carnevale in their mood, but I think it's important to

remember that this rally remember that this rally is

being held to commemorate those who were killed during the

protests last year. As you said, more than 90 people were

killed during the civil

killed during the civil unrest

and the crackdown on the rally

that happened on 19 May. People were

lost family members during last

year's protests and civil

unrest and there'll be a candlelightling ceremony tonight the to mark tonight the to deaths. Remind us of deaths. Remind us of the events

that are being marked today by those protesters? Well, the Red

Shirt sit in if you like Shirt sit in if you like in

Bangkok went on for about two months. Essentially, months. Shirt anti-Government protesters were Government to dissolve the parliament, to hold

parliament, to hold an election, because the

Government that's currently in

place was put in place after a

court decision in 2008

dissolved the Opposition party

which was then holding which was then holding power.

This followed a coup in which

that ousted the former PM Shinkansen. He was then convicted of corruption and it was after that his party was

dessolved. All of that made Shinkansen. He Red Shirts argue that there

wasn't a democratic Government in should be held. We are

experiencing a few technical


you but we're going to persist and do our best to analysis on the events there.

Tell us about the general

elections, the Thai elections, the Thai general elections which elections which I understand

are due to be held on July 3.

That's the context in which today's mass rally has taken

place? Yes. The rally is taking

place one year after last

protest but also just ahead of a general election in a general election in Thailand that will be held on 3 July. That election will That

landmark for the country,

landmark for the country, the PM argues that it's a turning

point for the country. I guess

the question is whether it will

be a clear-cut enough result.

Here's what a couple of the Red

Shirt leaders had to say about that.

TRANSLATION: People will decide

their votes from concrete work that's been and the most important thing is

whether they stand with democracy or democracy

is certain we will

whenever there is is about how to avoid cheating from invisible hands. We are

still experiencing a few technical problems this evening, you've lost technical problems

but I'm sure that you can but I'm sure that you can do

your best to illuminate your best to illuminate us about the situation there in

Thailand regardless. The sister of the form able to obtain the top position

on the ballot in today's

draw? That's right. The Opposition party has decided to name Thaksin's youngest sister

and its lade candidate which

means she'll become program if they win the they win the election. This

morning there were morning there were amazing scenes at a ballot where

parties had to draw out balls

from a bask tote decide their place on the ballot paper. The Opposition drew out number one,

much to their absolute delight and gratification, she was doing double thumbs up to her party members and to the

cameras just for the Democrat Party, the

out the number 10. But certainly in a culture that

does pay heed to auspicious number, that


tension in the local

press. Thaw for explaining that

to us Zoe Dan nel we'll talk again. Thank you, Nick. The latest world weather

now with Graham Cede.. Got now with Graham Cede.. Got a bit of rain about the east and

western corners of the country tomorrow A cold front will sweep across sweep across the south-west of what, it's going to produce

some fairly decent falls particularly about particularly about the south-western further inland the lighter those falls will be. Across the

although a bit of cloud at

times. Some rain

times. Some rain clearing Hobart in the morning about the west and south of the state and south of the state but

plenty of showers along the Queensland coast and the Queensland coast and the north

coast of NSW, thanks to a high pressure system onshore winds. That high

pressure system is also

producing onshore winds producing onshore winds about the south coast the south coast of New Zealand.

That's going to trigger some fairly widespread showers, some moderate falls about the far south-west, but

particularly as we head towards the north relatively clear

weather. Also got a disturbance sitting over Papua New Guinea

and the Solomon system is going to be become

more widespread through the

weekend. It will trigger some significant thunderstorms

across the eastern parents of Papua New Guinea, we're still looking at fairly looking at fairly widespread showers and thunderstorms showers what we're expecting through that Papua New Guinea region.

Also had some fairly decent

falls through part of Thailand

and also Vietnam but and also Vietnam but it's

starting to move a falls

further north so it's tharnd

that Laos Thailand and

Vietnamese border where the

falls will be heaviest and at

this stage hot across China so across China so temperatures there starting to rise but we have had some rainfall have had some rainfall about

the north-east. That's also

affecting northern Korea and spreading a bit further about the northern border areas, the northern border areas, at this this stage nothing in the way of heavy falls expected of heavy falls expected there

but it will be cloudy and humid

and we'll also see mostly sunny conditions across most conditions across most of Japan. Still ahead - Japan goes back into recession after its devastating natural disasters. And three people have had a

lucky escape after a military jet burst into flames in


You're watching the World.

Our top stories - the PM Julia

Gillard says Britain's

ambitious carbon Australia isn't going it alone on climate change. The British

Government's program will see

cut of 50% of 19 90 levels cut of 50% of 19 90 levels by 2025 and those cuts will be

legally binding. The Government

has promised the reductions

will lead to higher economic growth. The embattled head of

the IMF Dominique Strauss-Kahn

has resigned, Strauss-Kahn had come under significant pressure

to step down since his arrest

at the weekend on charges of

attempting to rape maid. He's in isolation in maid. He's in isolation in a New York jail after being refused bail. The US President Obama will deliver a speech on the Middle East in the next few

hours. It's his first foreign policy address since policy address since revolts began across the Arab world.

President Obama is expected to address the flailing Israeli-Palestinian

peace process. The transport

safety bureau says a manufacturing fault by

Rolls-Royce is to blame for the Qantas A-380 last noe. The mid air near Singapore on board QF p near Singapore on board QF p 2 caused the brie to rain down on

an Indonesia Island. Safety

concerns saw the entire concerns saw the entire Qantas need grounded for several

weeks. The bureau says weeks.

pipe wasn't wide enough and

fractured leading to the explosion. It actually allowed that oil

of the engine in of the engine in which there

was high pressure heated was high pressure heated air, and it reached was high combustion temperature and ignited. Qantas is seeking

compensation from the engine

manufacturer, Rolls-Royce says

until the safety short

its final report due next year.

A small commercial plane has crashed into southern Argentina

killing all 22 people on board. Witnesses in Patagonia

Witnesses in Patagonia say they saw the plane catch fire saw the plane catch fire mid air. In the United States meanwhile three people have

survived a firy plane kraesh at

a military base. The Boeing a military base. The Boeing 70 p tanker p tanker crashed during

take-off from a naval air Fire crews were quickly on the

scene but there was little scene but there was little they

could do to distinguish the place. Three people on place. Three people on board

escaped with minor injuries. As we mentioned the US President

Obama is to make a major speech

overnight on the instability in

the Middle East and America's

future engagement there. He'll announce multibillion dollar aid packages to countries like Tunisia

Tunisia and Egypt that have

embraced democratic reform but he's also expected to


Syria and defend the new

financial sanctions on President al-Assad and six of his top officials. Meanwhile on the ground the ground in Syria demonstrators are vowing to

continue street continue street protests to force regime change. A force regime change. A warning

- some viewers may find some of the following imams

disturbing. Much of this

uprising has taken place in

cities a long way from the Syrian capital. Where the Government could move in, hit

hard and then tell the rest of the country it's own

what happened there. But last

week the Syrian rebellion came

to the heart of the country,

the old city of Damascus. They're chanting about

They're chanting about bringing down the system, they're

calling the Syrian media liars,

and they're pledging to go to

heaven in their millions. the regime this is clearly

the regime this is clearly not

a good sign. These ancient

veets have been battled over by

empires from Alexandra great empires from Alexandra great to the Otto man, by comparison al-Assad's familily is only a

footnote but just eight weeks ago it seemed as powerful and

immovable as any of the empires that went before. When that went before. When Syria's President Bashar bragged back in January that his country was imunion from

the wave of protest in the Arab

world, there was good reason to

believe him N a region where regimes rely on regimes rely on brutal secret

police to control dissent,

Syria has long had one of most feared. Even those who have managed to get out of Syria

country in the past week are

still terrified of speaking

publicly about what's going on behind

TRANSLATION: I'm very afraid.

If they see me they will catch

me. I would rather be than aest rested than aest rested because they will torture me He crossed will torture me He crossed this

boarder into Jordan after one

of the major protests in Deraa.

He says the city that lies just

a few kilometres on the other

side of this krothing is now all there arrested or have fled. The dead he says have been

taken from the The buried in mass graves.

TRANSLATION: They have been washing the streets clean with

water and they patched up all the bullet holes. They even

refard marks of the tanks'

traction on the roads. They

want to hide their crimes want to hide their crimes when

they let the human rights grups to see what happened. Syria's uprising has followed followed a stunlingly splar

path to those in Tunisia and

Egypt. At first the regime

tried to control the protests with tear with tear gas and fear but when that didn't work the that didn't work the President promised vague reforms but the

protesters didn't believe him and the demonstrations

continued and then continued and then things got really over exactly how many have

kieed in Syria, but the figures

in the hundreds and thousands

more have been wounded or arrested. The regime might have been able to keep out the

foreign media, but just as they

did in Tunisia, Egypt and Iran,

the people have been filming

the atrocity os their mobile

phones and sharing it with each other and world. The Syrian regime claims


are armed terrorists but images

like these only inspire more demonstrations. When

demonstrations. When he took

over power from his father in 2000, Bashar al-Assad was seen

as a moderate, a potential reformer who modernising and liberalising

his country and in recent years al-Assad

closer to the West. But now the

Syrian President faces a closer choice - and

increasingly as though he's

choosing his father's aye

approach to dealing with

political opposition. That's put the West in a tricky situation. After the NATO

intervention in Libya, Syrian protesters are wondering someone is going to come and

help them. Today the United States announced that States announced that it would

for the first time impose sanctions directly on Syria's President, Bashar al-Assad. But

the European Union has

now refused to go that far and

sanctions are still a

short of the kind of

that the allies took in Libya, but Moammer Gaddafi had no real

friends in a few African dictators and a few African dictators and

Syria is an ally of Iran and

Hezbollah. If the Syrian regime falls it has the potential to

fro foundly landscape of the entire Middle East from Iran East from Iran to Israel. A democratic Syria democratic Syria could see Iran become even more East after losing one of its allies in the region. But allies in the region. But if this rebellion descend swos

fightings between Sunni and

Shia muss limbs it could spark sectarian violence in other Middle Middle Eastern countries.

Finally, if the regime does

succeed in crushing this

sectarian own authority, it will

the template for other regional leaders on how to deal with uprisings like this. The

fallout over the former Fijiian military officer Ratu Tevita Mara fleeing to Tonga

continues. Fiji's interim PM

Frank Bainiarama has denied that Fiji's that Fiji's President Ratu

Epeli Nailatikau might be sacked over the issue because of his family of his family connections with Ratu Tevita Mara. Ratu Tevita

Mara is currently enjoying Mara is currently enjoying the protection of Tonga's Royal Wedding against pressure from Fiji to

charges of sedition. His wife

is already been questioned by

Fiji's police. Yes I fear for

my family. This regime has done it in the regime has done it in the past, people have spoken out. Ratu

Tevita Mara's family connections go also to connections go also to his brother-in-law, brother-in-law, Fiji's President. He suggests he could

be sacked by Fiji's

be sacked by Fiji's interim leader Frank Bainiarama. The military council can this but he said it, that he

plans to remove theth Frank

Bainiarama has lashed out at those claim and has accused the international media of being

naughty in its reporting of the tensions between Fiji tensions between Fiji and Tonga. Ratu Tevita Mara's strongly denies President played a role in his

escape and escape the Tongan navy. Had nothing the Tongan navy. Had nothing to do with my leaving

no-one in the family was

involved in it and I wish to

correct it, it

that was planned or something that was discussed with owner

people. In Tonga the leader of the Democratic Party says the row with Fiji has the row with Fiji has the potential to cause problems for to cause problems for both

him to make

can of course continue to live

in tong kraa if in tong kraa if Tonga

Government is willing to

protect him or he may choose to move out of Tonga and in

another country. The problems

that his family still in Fiji Tongan officials have Fiji Tongan officials have yet to receive the to receive the formal extradition papers.

Japan's economic growth has been hit hearder than predicted

by the continued fallout of

The country's economy has been pushed back into recession

after a second quarter of negative growth. Seasonally adjusted GDP sh rank 3.7% with falls to private consumption and capital spengd. Despite the fall

fall the central bank is widely

expected to maintain a steady

monetary policy. Japan's Government is hoping reconstruction spending will

push the economy back towards

growth for the second half of the financial the building prauks building prauks firm James Hardie saysis back on track market in the United States recovers. The company is

reported a full year loss reported a full year loss of

$32 f million for the first 12

months to the end of March.

That follows a smaller loss the

year before. James Hardie won't

be paying a dividend this year. Sydney has Sydney has scored the international international premiere production of the Broadway hit 'The Addams Family Musical'. It's based on the Charles

Addams cartoons maid the 60s TV show. In just over a

year the New York production

has grossed $60 million, the

Australian producers say

billing musicals provide big boosts for the local economy. They create lots economy. They create lots of employment opportunities, they

bring people into the city and

with our project of jersey with down at the theatre royal after nine months, 41% of our nine months, 41% of our audiences are audiences are coming from New Zealand, interstate Zealand, interstate and regional New South Wales. The search for

is now on and the musical is set to open in Now to sport with tulson, and

disappointment for Queensland

race goers. I'm open to uncle fester.

fester. Champion sprinter Black Caviar has been withdrawn from

next week's Doomben 10,000 in

Brisbane. Trainer Peter Moody

says the mare hasn't pulled up as well as he would have liked as a spell. Saturday's run was

quite taxing on her physically and metropolitanally and and metropolitanally and it's time for a break and you

tonight want to go tonight want to go to the well huge blow for the carnival. Organisers were expected another crowd of 20,000 to

Saturday's meeting. Now he's

staying put with the wabdz for

now but to entertain a potential code

switch to the NRL. The

Queensland fly half has extended his contract the ARU for one more year but for one more year but his future beyond 2012 future beyond 2012 is uncertain. Cooper's uncertain. Cooper's previously

targeted by NRL clubs including

the Eels, a move

league appears to remain a real possibility. I know my abilities and, you know, I

how I would go, I've played rugby league for a long time

when I was growing up so when I was growing up so it's

not like I'm going in there

without having any knowledge of the game. The Reds hope Cooper's new 12 months will entice his Wallabies

team-mate James O'Connor team-mate James O'Connor to Queensland for next season. In

rugby league,ity manna Tahu has

agreed a move to New Zealand

next season and next season and Andrew Johnson

had been welcomed back to Blues training. He is from the service coaching position last year after making

a racist comment during the

Blues camp. Joey's football

knowledge is second to none.

He's great in that record

he gaifrs lot of younger he gaifrs lot of younger guys confidence especially in the

halves. He's welcome back. Dragons hooker Dean Dragons hooker Dean Young missed training with

missed training with a sore are focussing their attention

on the job at hand, questions

have been asked of the Maroons

after they lost both jock Justin Hodges Justin Hodges and Greg Inglis

to injury but Cooper Cronk has no doubts about Dane din in centres. He might not have the flashest of the Greg Inglis but his

his defensive qualities and his

consistency of performances is right up there with some right up there with some of the best The Queenslanders go in search of a sixth successive

series win with game one in Brisbane next Wednesday. German

driver Sebastien Vettel insists he's not unbeatable heading into this weekend's into this weekend's Spanish flaun Grand Prix. The rang

world champion has one world champion has one three out of the out of the four races this

season but says he has to work hard to

hard to say ahead of the

chasing pack. It's been

Sebastien Vettel's first and day light second so far this year. The dwn had a comfortable

victory in Turkey last week to

extend his championship lead to

34 points but he's not feeling

invincible. I think everyone invincible. I think everyone is

beatable, winning never comes

easy so we have to keep our

head down and try to improve

the car to make sure that we stay where we are. Mark Webber

says his Red Bull team-mate has

been the quickest to acapital

to new regulations which make

passing easier. There's more wleel to wheel action drivers know it's not as

intense but it's the way it

is Weber is in third position,

3le points behind Vettel. The

Olympic Torch has some unforgotable images and

London's organising kes says almost all the UK's population

will have access to the ray len

when it star this time next year. We want year. We want 9 5% of the

population of the United

Kingdom to be within striking

distance of that, we want it Kingdom

go to their door disgleps the relay will begin from Land's End in south-west England

involve 8,000 torch bearers and

after 70 days and nearly 13,000 after 70 days and nearly 13,000 kilometres it will enter the Olympic stadium. While Spaniard

Alberto Contador leads the Giro d'Italia after 11 stages, there

was a stark reminder of the dingers of the sport at funeral for Wouter Weylandt. He

funeral for Wouter Weylandt. He was always willing to was always willing to share a smile and a joke or listen if you needed him. The

Leopard-Trek team died when Leopard-Trek team died when he

crashed on a steep descent

week. He was 26. AFL clibs say

they're starting to feel the

impact of the substitute rule. Players are having to stay on the field

longer and more of them are

complaining of general

soreness. The clubs say those

worst affected are likely to need

need weeks off later need weeks off later in the season. There's love in the air at Whitten Oval

with a broundary line marriage

proposal proved successful this afternoon but there's certainly no affection from no affection from the Bulldogs

towards the league's new

substitute rule. Our guys are

recover and the demands on

their body now match day is

through the roof compared to past years. The past years. The Bulldogs say they're concerned about the

possibility of a higher past toll at result of the rule. Unfortunately at times

you'll see some star players

rested with general soreness

and that's due primarily because of

because of the new substitute rule. Collingwood rested rule. Collingwood boss Mick Malthouse believes it's too

early to say for sure if the

rule is to blame for increased

fatigue levels. But he clearly thinks it could be improved. fatigue says the

says the Magpies science division has worked out a

unique system for how to handle

substitutes. The only catch is

he's not telling us what it is. We believe that we've got

something that would be ideal,

but that's probably for another

forum. What is open for

discussion is the delayed

return of two time ruckman Darren Jolly who could

miss another mowith a knee complaint. Tomorrow complaint. Tomorrow night's Docklands battle between

Geelong and Carlton is already

standing room only Blues eager to prove they're top four credentials.. They've

been playing great footy and a lot of people wrote them lot of people wrote them off at

the start of the year so we see

them and Collingwood as the benchmark teams so it's a good chance to test ourself Geelong

will wear black arm bands in the fixture the fixture as a mark of respect to club respect to club legend Bob Davis, with both sides to ob serve a minute's silence before

the game . And cycling the game . And cycling American

Chris Horner claimed a solo

uphill win in stage four to take the

the tour of Karna. The 3 #-year-old Radioshack rider beat home Luxembourg's Andy Schleck while Australian Rory Sutherland was third, just behind the

over all last year in the tour

of California now leads the

7-day race by 1.15 over Levi

Leiphemier, the three time race

winner, the 7-day race

continues tonight with a 217.4

kilometre seaside kilometre seaside to Paso

Robles road race along the

stage. The Firebirds have

receive a boost as they prepare final. Natalie Medhurst has

tied for the competition's most

valuable player award. Medhurst

shared thes the title with New

Zealand's Leana De Bruin, she's

the first Australian player to win the award but is chasing bigger prize against the

Mystics on the weekend.. The

last thing they I expected and

it's not nice but I play to win

Premierships and, you know, that's what I'm that's what I'm certainly

setting out to try and achieve

on Sunday. Medhurst shooting partner Romelda Aiken finished in a tie Ken Wallace has withdrawn from

the canoe kayak World Cup meet in the Czech Republic this

weekend with a chest infection. Not what you want in cold water over there. Thank you very much and stay there, we've story you'll love. One of the world's most endangered primates has been born at

primates has been born at a

wildlife park in jersey. The

baby monkey named baby monkey named Francisco is a Black Lion Tamarin. He's a Black Lion Tamarin. He's if first of his world's first of his

Brazil for alg years. He was

delivered by re-Syrian Brazil as his mother several miskarjs, Francisco is

being hand reared and fed by

syringe every tours. He'll be

returned to his family in a few

weeks time when he can lap milk

from a

date on all the stories we're

following you can log on to our website.

And that is the And that is the World this

evening. I'm Nick Grimm, evening. I'm Nick Grimm, thanks very much Captions by CSI.

This Program is Captioned Live. Live. Hello, I'm Nick Grimm. The Prime Minister has won a much needed break in her much needed break in her fight for the carbon tax, with Liberal frontbencher Malcolm

Liberal frontbencher Malcolm Turnbull criticising the climate policy

Tony Abbott. Moving a low

emissions economy isn't easy.

It's a rocky road. The

government has been hoping a distraction from its troubles, and it got one, from

Malcolm Turnbull, who Malcolm Turnbull, who undermined the Coalition's alternative climate change policy, saying one of

things about it is it would be

easy to dump. A direct action

policy, where where industry

was able to freely pollute, and

the of government was spending

more and more taxpayers a'