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(generated from captions) On ABC News 24 - the US

seeks the extradition of an Australian accused of taking

bribes in Afghanistan. The

latest WikiLeaks release Julian Assange reveals the

extent of civilian deaths in Iraq. They outline the deaths

of some 109,000 people over six

years in the Iraq war. And the

horse racing master duo of So

You Think and trainer Bart Cummings firm as favourites to

win this year's Melbourne

Good morning. You're watching

ABC News 24. I'm Joe O'Brien. A

fairly dry ahead for fairly dry ahead for most of

the capital cities today:

Australian Rail Track Now, this morning the

Corporation has denieded recently laid concrete rail

sleepers are to blame for a freight

freight train derailment on the New South Wales-Victorian

border. The rail line is the

only track between Sydney and

Melbourne and the accident has

caused major disruptions to

freight services which could be

blocked for up to a week. The

Pacific National train came off the tracks near the Wodonga train station just after 7am

yesterday, ripping up 660m of track and damaging 550

sleepers. No-one was hurt in

the accident. Recently the

has been replacing wooden and

steel sleepers on the rail wine between Melbourne, Brisbane. Last night the '7:30 between Melbourne, Sydney and

Brisbane. Last night the '7:30 Report' found that hundreds of

mud holes have appeared making

the track unstable. Here is an

extract from that recent '7:30 Report' story by Matt at the moment it is a matter of time before a train

derails. Last month, the freight operator Pacific National warned there is a hypotension hypotension for rough track to

cause injuries to drivers,

damage to locomotives, wagons

and loading. The and loading. The track

conditions were so bad in fact

that the passenger service in Victoria was abandoned altogether because of altogether because of multiple

speed limits and the XPT speed limits and the XPT was

replaced by coaches between

Wodonga and Melbourne. It is

unfortunate that the

but we have to weigh up the safety issues against the

issues of maintaining transit time. There is disagreement

about the cause of about the cause of the line's

parlous state, but even the chief executive of the S ARTC, the Federal Government'

Australian Rail Track doesn't dispute the Corporation, David Marchant

doesn't dispute the effect. It is a rough ride, and nobody

would deny that, including me.

The issue is that's the issue

we need to rectify. The problem

between the new sleepers by is mud, mud

pressure from the train wheels.

ballast This mud then washes the stone

ballast away, leaving ballast away, leaving the concrete sleepers and the track

exposed. As the heavy trains exposed. As the

they are forcing are moving over that track,

they are forcing the sleepers

to go down, as they would, and the dirt underneath, because

it's wet, is getting purposed out. Since the con cleet sleepers have been sleepers have been laid,

according to the rail, bus and

tram union, hundreds of new mud

holes have appeared . So that's

part of the '7:30 Report' story

from back in September. The sleepers aren't to blame for yesterday's For more, Australian Rail Track yesterday's train derailment.

Corporation Brad Emery joins me

morning. Good morning, on the phone. Good on the phone.

Joe. Let's turn to the incident itself. Have you had itself. Have you had teams working overnight to address

the situation? We locked down the

the site at about 9 the site at about 9 o'clock last night. It's a nasty derailment on and around a

bridge, a bioduct,

it, we had teams working until

about 9 last night. It wasn't

released to us from the

Bureau Australian Transport Safety

afternoon so most of at Cesment went on in the early part of the

And what's the plan to try to

fix that today. As we fix that today. As we mentioned

before, 6650m of track sounds

like a lot of track which has

been affected. Yes, look, it is

a nasty derailment. Most of it involves a bridge or

potentially being blamed that the issue of mud holes is

considering the tracks considering the tracks where

the train has derailed on is

mud is not real Lianne about 10m off the ground, so

mud is not real Lianne issue.

Look, the plan is to today to assist whether or not we assist whether or not we can the next 24-48 hours. The have one of the lines open in

derailment fouled both lines.

It is a dual-track section of

the north-south line, and the plan today-to-is to

of those lines open as soon as possible. And it's correct

that is the only track between Sydney and - that's the main Melbourne, is it? Yes, it track between Sydney and

is. And some dual-track there,

so passenger services are

obviously affected as well as freight services? That's right,

and we're encouraging people who were booked on country link

services to contact services to contact Country Link to check the timetables.

Obviously train timetables do change when

happens, but also where buses

are going to be used. Do you

know how many services would

have been travelling on that track today, passenger services? I think there is four

Country Link services up and

down in a day, so, yes, it down in a day, so, yes, it is

very convenient, we understand

that. Unfortunately derailments

can occur. In this instance, we

believe it's highly suspected

fault on one of the wagons, the that the issue was involving a

23rd wagon in the line-up, as

it happens, and this is buckled

the bogey on the bottom of the wagon has buckled wagon has buckled and popped

off the track and that's taken

14 other wagons with it. And so

you mentioned before the issue

about the mud holes about the mud holes and but

because that issue was because that issue was brought

up - brought up previously on

the '7:30 Report'. As far as you're concerned, there is no

chance whatsoever that the new

concrete sleepers or mud holes

would have had anything to do with this incident whatsoever? The Australian

Transport Safety Bureau has to do a thorough investigation.

They will do a detailed report

into the situation. But as I

said, the this stage, the indication is

that it was what's called that it was what's called a

screwed journal which is a

fault with one of the bogies

under the wagon. They are a fixed-axle system, and when

they seize up, as you can

imagine, it causes all sorts of problems. Look, the screwed journal situation is with the bogies is one of the

main causes of derailments on

all line s that run across country, on the east-west line across the Nullarbor, they've happened there. It's probably one of the major causes of derailment. Brad Emery, thanks derailment. Brad Emery, thanks

for that and we'll keep across

that to find out as soon as

that track re-opens, let us

know. No know. No worries.

That's Brad Emery speaking to

us there about that incident on

the rail line between Sydney and Melbourne. Authorities say

they're confident a hepatitis C

outbreak involving a Melbourne

doctor has been confine ed to

just one medical centre. It's believed 41 women believed 41 women contracted the virus the virus after procedures at

the Croydon Day Surgery between

2008 and 2009. Police have

raided the home of Dr James Latham Peters as part

Latham Peters as part of an

investigation into whether he

deliberately infect ed his female patients with hepatitis C. Health authorities are investigating whether women

treated by the doctor at treated by the doctor at three

other locations may also be carrying the virus. It seem this latest WikiLeaks secret

files release has a bit more to

it than the last. Overnight journalists journalists and authorities

have been sifting through the 400,000 secret documents on the documents on the conflict in Iraq. They suggest that Iraq. They suggest that senior US commanders knew of US commanders knew of torture

and murder by Iraqi forces but chose not to investigate. WikiLeaks has laid

bare hundreds of thousands bare hundreds of thousands of America's military secrets.

They are years of reports

written by soldiers in Iraq. They tell of the routine mayhem of war, woven through with

torture and civilian casualties.

casualties. At a hotel in

London today, WikiLeaks

defended its decision to public these leaked media scrum was for Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder,

hero to some,ville land to the

American Government. Iraq is American Government. Iraq is a

con Iraq is a conflict that the

Americans want to put behind them now, but them now, but WikiLeaks and

their clab ratters seem intent

on ensuring that the war continues to haunt them. The

documents Julian Assange told

me show just how have died, mostly at the hands

of their own countrymen. These documents

documents are immense importance. They outline the

deaths of some 109,000 people over six years in the Iraq war, an unprecedented level of street-level detail, reports

made by the US Army. They expose 15,000 civilian kills

that were never previously

reported, never known in the

public domain. But the documents also provide

compelling evidence of torture, carried out by Iraqi security

forces xs Again, and again, it

were aware of it, but often

were under orders not to investigate further. One report

we found from February 2009 tells of a tells of a prisoner detained by

the Americans, but hand over to the Iraqi Army. The the Iraqi Army. The detainee

said that over five days he was

beaten and punched, hung from a ceiling and electrocuted. But

the Americans seem to intend the Americans seem to intend no further action. Iraq's new

security forces were entertain stad - trained by the US and others, including the UK. including the UK. These documents pose new questions of their their reliability. American military says Thee leaks

provide a dangerous window on US operations. How we respond in the wake of an IED attack,

how quickly we're able to

provide supporting fire, the capabilities of our equipment,

things of that nature which

they could then exploit and use against us. The US Ministry of

Defence agrees and condemned

WikiLeaks today, but no-one is disputing these

authenticity. WikiLeaks says there is more to come. And there is more to come. And in

the next hour or so, the next hour or so, we're

expecting the Defence

Stephen Smith and also retired

army general Jim Molan to army general Jim Molan to be speaking publicly on that speaking publicly on that issue

and we will bring those

comments to you just as soon as

we can. The United States has

won the backing of the G20 to

tackle trade imbalances. They agreed it not encourage tit for tat P the group shied away from

specific targets on trade for

China, US and others N China, US and others N a statement, G20 finance ministers agreed ministers agreed to refrain

from competitive from competitive devaluation of currencies and aim currencies and aim for more market-determined ex-change

rate systems. Live now to Andrew Greene in Canberra.

morning, Andrew. Wayne Swan has also been at this meeting in

South Korea. Has he had anything to say in the wake of

this meeting? Joe, only in the form of a written statement

which he has issued overnight

and he says that he is proud of

the role that Australia play in helping to broker what

he calls an historic deal on

addressing trade imbalances. Of

course, what Wayne Swan and course, what Wayne Swan and the other G20 finance ministers were trying to do were trying to do is form an

agreement that better reflected

the shift in global economic

power-and-to fix up some of

those trade imbalances. Leading

into this meeting, many critics

of China say that that

country's control of its

currency was giving it an

unfair advantage in global

trade, while emerging economies

say that the United States has allowed its currency to

deliberately flounder and give

it a better advantage with its

exports. But in any case, the US Treasury secretary Timothy

Geithner spoke

summit and this a bit of summit and this a bit of what he had to say.

The value of this multilateral

multilateral framework to limit

trade imbalances is the rights and responsibilities are

aligned and balanced. Countries

with surpluses and countries with deficits, the advanced economies and the large

emerging economies all have a responsibility part in contributing to

stronger and more sustainable growth. Timothy Geithner there

speaking in Seoul in South

Korea. Now, Andrew, often we come up with - stories of the costs of former

prime ministers. This morning there is a story about the cost of supporting former governors-general. That's

right, and one newspaper has

dubbed our former governors-general, the $3 million club. They've publish

ed some figures, News Limited,

which suggests that on average,

each of our representatives cost taxpayers

about $500,000 each per year in travel costs and pensions and

the costs of maintaining their

offices. Now, this claims that the most expensive

former governors-general are Bill Hayden and Peter Hollingworth on our most frugal for taxpayers is also our

oldest surviving

Governor-General, Sir Zelman

Cowen. He costs a mere $88,000

a year to keep up his office and his travel costs. Not bad

at all. Andrew graen green Canberra, thanks for that. Thanks, Joe. A that. Thanks, Joe. A reminder of the top stories on ABC News

24. The founder of

says US military documents

leaked by the website show leaked by the website show the

truth about the Iraq war. New

information shows 15,000 previously unreported civilian deaths. But the United States

has criticised the release,

saying it could endanger US

troops and Iraqi civilians. The

United States has formally requested the Australian accused of taking

bribes in Afghanistan. 61-year-old building contractor Neil Campbell was arrested in New Delhi earlier this The Australian Rail Track

Corporation has denied that concrete rail sleepers are to

blame for a freight train

derailment on the New South Wales-Victorian border

yesterday. The train came off

the track near Wodonga ripping

up 660m of track and up 660m of track and damaging 500 sleepers. Checking the

weather now: The United States has lodged

an extradition request an extradition request for an Australian man accused of

US-funded building project in Afghanistan. Construction

manager Neil Campbell was

arrested in India earlier this

month. South Asia correspondent

Sally Sara reports from New

Delhi. Australian construction manager Neil Campbell has

reappear ed in court in the Indian capital. The 61-year-old

was arrested earlier this at the international airport on

a warrant for allegedly receiving bribes for receiving bribes for a US-funded bidding project in

Afghanistan. US officials have

lodged an application for Mr Campbell's extradition, but the approval process is expected approval process is expected to

take several weeks. The

Queenslander says is he ready

and willing to go to and willing to go to the United States to defend himself. Mr

Campbell told the court that

his main concern is for his

family back in Australia. He requested permission for one of

his bank cards to be sent his bank cards to be sent home

so that his son and daughter

can meet their daily concerned that that could be used to siphon the funds from alleged bribery in Afghanistan,

but Mr Campbell explained that the $10,000 he is accused of receiving from an undercover agent had been confiscated and accounted for by New accounted for by New Delhi police. Mr Campbell is schedule

to reappear in court on

November 1st. Afghan security

forces have killed forces have killed four

militants who attacked a UN

compound in the western city of

Herat. The four attackers

dressed in burqas worn by women, ambushed the just before midday. A fifth attacker blew himself up at attacker blew himself up at the

gates before the others wearing

suicide vests got inside. Police and security forces surrounded the base and fought

a 15-minute gun battle with the

militants. A UN guard and militants. A UN guard and a

policeman were slightly hurt H

at assault is reminiscent of an

attack on a USAID office in

Kunduz province which killed

four people. At least four

people have been

party in Mexican border city.

Locals say gunman drove up to the Ciudad Juarez home and

began shooting, killing people aged between 14 and aged between 14 and 20 years

old. The city has become one of the world's deadliest amid a

turf war between two drug

cartels. More than cartels. More than 2,000 people

have been killed there this year. Authorities in

earthquake-ravaged Haiti are

trying to stem a cholera

epidemic which has already

killed 200 people. killed 200 people. The disease is

young and elderly if young and elderly if not treated immediately. Health

officials are worried about the outbreak spreading outbreak spreading into Port-au-Prince where thousands are living in

is a year since Paul and Rachel Chandler were seized by Somali pirates in

pirates in the Indian Ocean along with their yacht as they sailed from the Seychelles to Tanzania. The couple originally

from Kent in England, from Kent in England, were

taken to the Somali plain land

where they continue to be held.

Frank Gardner reports. prisoner by pirates in Somalia,

Paul and Rachel Chandler, a

retired couple from Kent. Today

marks the first anniversary of their

their abduction by gunmen out

at sea. We are just animals at sea. We are just animals to

them. We've been kept caged up

like animals. They don't care about

about our feelings and our family and our lives and family and our lives and what

they've taken. They don't care whose lives they ruin. In happier times, the Chandlers

planned their dream retirement,

sell up, buy a yacht and sail

around the world, but a year a-ago they

boarded as they slept, boarded as they slept, hundreds of miles from Somalia, their yacht later found abandoned by

a naval patrol. The Chandlers' route took them south from

Turkey, through the Red Sea,

and the Gulf of a den and over to India, and then in April,

they reached the Seychelles.

After six months there, they

set sail westwards for Tanzania unfortunately taking them right into an area into an area where several ships had been

ships had been recently

attacked by pirates. Piracy has become a boom business themselves and heading further

and further out to sea in

search of prey. Western warships have only had limited success in deterring them. Both

the Foreign Office and Somali leaders have calling for the Chandlers' release. They've now

been held longer than anyone

else taken by Somali pirates in

recent memory. The great white

shark has been responsible for a number of fatal attacks a number of fatal attacks in

South Africa in recent years.

Many people blame the tourism

operators who deliberately atrack

and guts. But the and guts. But the tourism

operators say they're educates

peel about one of the most misunderstood creatures. Andrew Geoghegan reports. South

Africa's southern coast where

one of nature's most one of nature's most feared creatures comes to feed. And

it's here in Shark Alley that people get a ringside seat to

the action. Great white cage dive

Africa's most popular tourist attractions. We're going into their territory. They're their territory. They're not

there to harm us. than anything. Yes, definitely.

Being able it be in Being able it be in their world is absolutely amazing, is absolutely amazing, and they're just curious to see

what we are. The sharks are lured to the boats by lured to the boats by chumming,

throwing blood and guts into

the water. It is a practice which alarms. Swimmers and

surfers. Because they put so

much lives at risk. much lives at risk. Since they've started doing the shark baying, we've had a lot more

attacks. Eight or nine attacks in the last 5, 6 years much so definitely something to do with

that. We have scientific evidence which says that

chumming doesn't affect the

behaviour of the shark, behaviour of the shark, making them more accustomed to boats

or people or making them more

prone to attack. We've tried to

change the perception that they are killing machines. It's

estimated that as many as 100

million sharks are killed a most prized catch, putting it

on the endangered list. Well, that was an amazing experience, looking into the eyes of looking into the eyes of a monster. You get a very real sense of how large, quick and

powerful these creatures r yet

they're so vulnerable. We try

to figure out exactly how

vulnerable white sharks are in

the world. We reckon we've got

a population of roughly 5,000 animals worldwide, and 5,000 animals worldwide, and of that, the

South Africa. One shark has

been attacked here by the name

of Nicole in 2004 and she

migrated all the way to

Australia in just over Australia in just over three months. Much of the generated from great white

tourism is used to fund shark

research and conservation. Hundreds of people have joined

an opposition rally in Moscow

to demand the resignation of Russia's Prime Minister

Vladimir Putin. It's the first time opposition groups have come together in years come together in years and

follows the dismissal of weeks ago. They called for the

government to resign and for

reform of police and security

forces. Time for sport Tulsen Tollett. And the

Tulsen Tollett. And the big

sports story of the day, of course, is So You Think, and

everyone is talking about the

Melbourne Cup now. But what's

between the Cox Plate and the the difference in distance

Melbourne Cup? Is it too

much? Quite a bit. 2040m for

the Cox Plate. 3,200m for the

Melbourne Cup. There is a

difference there. He did easily, but Bart home well yesterday, did it easily, but Bart Cummings re-afirmed his status as re-afirmed his status as the

country's premier horse trainer

when So You Think secured consecutive Cox Plates

Moonee Valley. The 4-year-old

never looked in any danger with bookies trying to lengthen the

odds of other runners pre-race in an attempt to stem their

losses. But So You Think was

home ahead of Zipping with the

Melbourne Cup still a strong possibility. New Zealand kicked off league tournament in style last

night with a 24-10 win over

England. The world champions got off to a flier with Junior Sau over in score. Benji Marshall and Sau over in the corner to

sending Lance Hohaia on his way to the try line. Marshall capped the win with set to play Papua New Guinea in capped the win with Australia

the second match later today at

start from second position on Parramatta. Mark Webber will

the grid for today's Korean

Grand Prix. The Australian was edged out of Red Bull team-mate Sebastien

Vettel. Vettel and the third-placed Fernando Alonso

are both 14 points behind Webber in the Championship race. Holden's Garth Tander took the cheque quered flag yesterday in a controversial

race and one of the Gold Coast's 600 V8 Supercars. The

race began with more race began with more than a

dozen cars involved in a major Bingle on the opening

lap. There goes Phil.

Villeneuve. This will be

carnage. Will Powers with left

smoking, while another bounced off the wall before hitting Villeneuve. Sloppy work Villeneuve. Sloppy work from

the crews. Series leader James

Courtney took the lead on lap

80 before being black flagged

for an earlier incident.

left the door open for Tander

to take victory from Craig Lowndes. In domestic cricket, Western Australia has defeated Victoria by 7 wickets at the

MCG. The Warriors easily passed

the target of 239 with 9 balls

to pair. - passed the target of 237 with

237 with 9 balls to spare. Hoe

gone's five-wicket haul stunted

the Vic's total. Liam Davis and

Marcus North had a partnership

to set up the win for the Warriors. To soccer and

Brisbane has continued its good

form in the A-League with a 2-1

win over Melbourne Victory win over Melbourne Victory at Lang Park. After dominating Nicholls gave the home side the

lead in the 26th minute. Robbie Kruse struck in the second to get the equaliser for get the equaliser for the

victory, but Luke DeVere's determined run paved for the match-winning goal to see the Roar maintain second spot

spot on the ladder. And in Melbourne, the Heart could only

muster a scoreless draw against Gold Coast United despite

creating plenty of chances. In

the English Premier League,

check see - Chelsea has had a

2-0 win at home to the Wolves.

Florent Malouda

scoring with a neat build-up by Nicolas Anelka and Yuri Zurkov. Replacement Salomon

Kalou made sure of the result when Michael Essien played him

in. In the basketball: And the Australian

international rules team has

won the first of their two-Test

series against Ireland

in Limerick.

On the satellite image, there

is cloud spreading across South Australia and New South Wales with some rain and with some rain and possibly some storms. There is also

cloud over south eastern Australia producing the occasional light shower N Queensland, cloud over the

north-east coast will bring the

odd shower later, but it will

stay mainly dry for now. Thick cloud is praeding cloud is praeding across New South Wales, triggers rain South Wales, triggers rain and thunderstorms, and a strong wind wind warning is in place between Port Stephens and point perpendicular. In Victoria, cloud is clearing push cloud is clearing push ing

cloud to further east allowing rain to cler. Over rain to cler. Over Tasmania, light showers and in South Australia, a few light Australia, a few light showers are forecast as low cloud is

moveg into the south-east. It

will stay dry across Western

Australia - except for Australia - except for light

showers for the south

coast. And the chance of a thunderstorm in thunderstorm in the Northern Territory. Across the country

for tomorrow:

For more details on the stories we're following today

and to end us your comments and

pictures, can you log onto our website

website at website at You're watching ABC News 24. These workers are bitterly

disappointed in the leadership of Jacob Zuma. In their eyes, deliver on his promises. This year we want to make

this country ungovernable. It's

four months since

Shirts last occupied this

intersection. Their intersection. Their demand

remains the same - "we want an

election and we want to be heard." Nothing changed. We

still need democracy. As Prime

Minister Kevin Rudd was always

try toggle vat Australia's role in

in world affairs. Here at the

United Nations he has another

chance to do just that.

Belong Our top stories this

morning - the founder of WikiLeaks has defended the

publication of truck loads of

classified US military files on

the Iraq war. The file suggests

US senior commanders knew of

the torture and murder of Iraqi

forces but chose not to

it is shows evidence of war crimes. The Australian Rail

Track Corporation has rejected

any suggestion that concrete

rail sleepers caused a freight train to derail on the New South Wales-Victorian border yesterday. The ARTC has yesterday. The ARTC has been replacing wooden and steel

sleepers on the rail line

between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. No-one was injured during yesterday's derailment. US authorities have

applied for the extradition of Neil Campbell who was arrested

in New Delhi earlier this

bribery charges for allegedly taking payments from undercover agents in Afghanistan. And