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(generated from captions) This program is not subtitled CC Tonight - real or imaginary? its green jobs promise. The Government taunted over from a phoney PM. The announcement of phantom jobs Jail for the man who killed his wife at a train station. and dumped his daughter Offensive and racist. an outspoken Sydney Muslim. A judge condemns at the top of the order. And it's elementary for Watson Juanita Phillips with ABC News. Good evening.

to qualify as a real job? How real does a job have to be

the rounds of Canberra today That was the thorny question doing jobs and traineeships as Kevin Rudd's promised 50,000 new not exactly 50,000 turned out to be not so new, than actual paying jobs. and more about training Adding to the embarrassment, couldn't explain it. even one of Mr Rudd's ministers conference., Meanwhile, outside the ALP's national trouble getting their message across. protesting workers were having no

Political Editor, Chris Uhlmann.

Cleaning up yesterday's mess. and created grease? If someone's split their food Government's job creation promise. A meal's been made of the

to the Labor Conference Kevin Rudd's keynote speech featured a $94 million pledge and traineeships. to create 50,000 new jobs Then this. How many jobs will this create? Well, straight off the bat, with the new Green Jobs Corp. 10,000 jobs young unemployed A breakdown shows 10,000 for 26 weeks. will get Green Corp training will get extra training 30,000 apprentices in the next two years. as employers take them on jobless on installing insulation There'll be training for 4,000 will provide work for 6,000. and the Jobs Fund So are they new jobs or not? underpinning these things, Neil, Well, can I say that the money is absolutely new. from a phoney Prime Minister. The announcement of phantom jobs this vapor trail of a plan Mark Arbib's stab at explaining was a train wreck. having scant knowledge But apparently a minister is no big deal. of the policy detail in his portfolio No, no, no. Not embarrassing at all. No, it's not embarrassing at all. and Mark made one yesterday. Everybody can make a mistake

it wasn't his best day. I'm sure he would acknowledge I think Mark would admit himself I think it's fair to say - yesterday. he didn't have the best of days Today real workers with real jobs

will never be defeated. ALL CHANT: The workers united carefully manicured unity. decided to sully the conference's

You've got to be joking. I'm a member of the Labor Party. Most of his comrades of the Electrical Trades Unions from the Victorian branch DRUMNS BEAT aren't affiliated with Labor... ..but the ACTU is, are still demanding an end and its members coercive powers. to the building watchdog's The ACTU and Australia unions will never rest and all of the construction unions are treated the same way until construction workers

CHEERING AND APPLAUSE as all Australian workers. Chris Uhlmann, ABC News. But the law will stay, for now. has finally spoken out China's iron and steel industry about the Stern Hu case. is still being held without charge The senior Rio Tinto executive accused of industrial espionage.

of China's Iron and Steel Association The deputy chairman for supposedly beating up the story. has attacked the Chinese media to learn how to keep secrets better And he says the industry needs of leaks and bribery. to stop any future cases Stephen McDonnell. From Beijing, China correspondent has been rocked by the arrest China's iron and steel industry three other Rio Tinto staff. of Australian Stern Hu and But according to its association, in how to keep secrets. the industry needs a lesson our ability to keep secrets, TRANSLATION: By strengthening security of the industry we can maintain the economic will not happen again. and companies so cases like this the riot act to local reporters. And the deputy chair read would stop beating up this story. TRANSLATION: We wish that our media was arrested Rio Tinto's top China negotiator accused of industrial espionage. along with three other Rio staff without charge, Stern Hu is being held, on the outskirts of Shanghai. in a detention centre the behaviour Today, the association attacked companies generally of Australian iron ore in recent negotiations. artificial price increases TRANSLATION: We oppose

in international iron ore trading. and we oppose monopolistic activity in iron ore trading Any reference here to monopoly you can usually read as a dig and Rio Tinto's operations. at the merging of BHP over iron ore Price haggling continues

for this industry. but these are tense times But, as Luo Bingsheng said, are in this together. Australia and China

to maintain a long-term, TRANSLATION: We both need healthy, stable trade. The Association says import process reviewed it wants the whole iron-ore in the future for all of China. with a single price set Stephen McDonell, ABC News, Beijing. his three-year-old daughter The man who abandoned after murdering his wife, at a Melbourne train station has been sentenced to life in prison. is still protesting his innocence But Nai Yin Xue 12 years behind bars. and may only have to spend Kerri Ritchie was in court. New Zealand correspondent "I'm innocent." This time, there were no screams of, to accept his fate. Nai Yin Xue appeared

to imprisonment for life, You're convicted, sentenced of imprisonment you will serve a minimum term for parole of 12 years. before becoming eligible But outside court, Xue's lawyer said still believes the martial arts expert his wife, An An Liu. someone else strangled she was found in Xue's car, That's despite the fact wrapped around her throat, with his necktie for attacking her. and he'd been in court before three-year-old daughter Qian Xun Xue Xue DOES admit that he dumped his at Southern Cross railway station before fleeing to America. He regrets that and he will regret that all of his life. Qian Xun Xue, whose English name is Claire, is now five years old. She's being raised in China by her maternal grandmother who gave evidence via videolink during the trial. She also speaks poignantly of the sense of bewilderment and incomprehension on Claire's part at her mother's sudden and continuing absence. Nai Yin Xue's lawyers spent the day preparing an appeal. Xue has already given one interview from prison.

He told a Chinese newspaper he's writing a book and practicing his martial arts moves.

Kerri Ritchie, ABC News, Auckland. who was murdered with her sister, her brother-in-law and two of their children. He says he still thinks it's possible the family was killed because Mr Lin witnessed an armed robbery across the road from his Epping newsagency It might be a revenge from the robbery, the gang robbery, but we still have no idea about what happened. Mr Loo says he will return to China with his niece's ashes after a public funeral on August 8. He has spoken to 15-year-old Brenda Lin. Min Lin's daughter was not at home when her family were killed. One of Sydney's most outspoken Muslims has been described as dangerous and racist by a Supreme Court judge.

Keyser Trad was attempting to sue radio station 2GB for defamation

but a judge ruled that the radio presenter was justified in his comments. Liv Casben has this report. When Keysar Trad spoke at a peace rally held in response to the Cronulla riots, he went on the attack. There is a great deal of shame in tabloid journalism and one radio station seems to be the mouthpiece for the Howard Government. Those comments were seized on by radio presenter Jason Morrison. Keysar Trad, you are a a disgraceful individual and I'm not alone in thinking this... are a dangerous =individual to be out there trying to represent the views because I think you're responsible about more misinformation

about the Islamic community of the attitudes of Christian Australians than any other person. With that, Keysar Trad took him to court. But the move backfired.

A judge foudn Trad, who for many years was the right-hand man for controversial Sheik Taj Bin al Haliali, was a racist. and forced the points about what we were truthful about what we did. Justice McLelland ruled Trad was disgraceful and: Kesyar Trad says because of legal advice he can't comment on the findings Kesyar Trad says because of legal advice he can't comment on the findings but that his lawyers will appeal against the judgment. Liv Casban, ABC News, Sydney. There's been a fresh outbreak of violence between Iranian police and pro-democracy protesters in Tehran. But the demonstrators are defiant, as shown in this video on the internet. Despite a beating from the police, this protester refuses to give in.

Another policeman then opens fire with what appears to be tear gas. Tear gas and batons were also used against thousands of mourners at a graveside ceremony. It was held to honour Neda Agha Soltan, the young woman shot dead at a protest last month. She's become a symbol of the opposition to Iran's hardline leaders. In Spain, the Basque separatist group ETA has launched a bombing campaign After six years, Australia's military mission in Iraq has officially come to an end. The Defence Force has been gradually reducing its presence there over the past year to meet today's deadline for withdrawal. Since the SAS led the way in 2003, 20,000 Australian soldiers have served in the Iraq War. Defence says it may hold parades for the returned soldiers and the Prime Minister says they deserve public recognition.

They have done a fantastic job. So on your key question about appropriate recognition, I'll work that through with CDF and the Defence Minister,

but these are a fine body of soldiers and should be recognised.

About 100 soldiers will stay on in Baghdad to guard the Australian Embassy and its staff. Finally laid to rest. 22-year-old Private Benjamin Ranaudo, who was killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan two weeks ago, has been farewelled at a funeral in Melbourne. The Prime Minister, who attended today's service, described him as an Australian hero. At the age of 22,

Private Benjamin Ranaudo understood courage and sacrifice more than most. His parents knew early on he would one day serve his country. We are told by Jennifer and Angelo that from childhood, Benjamin had his heart set on becoming a soldier. A passionate Richmond fan, Private Ranaudo was from the Townsville-based first battalion. Remembered for his energy and enthusiasm, the young soldier was highly regarded by those he fought alongside, as well as his superiors. His death came less than two months into his first deployment to the mentoring and reconstruction taskforce in Afghanistan. He was caught out in a roadside blast just north of the Australian base at Tarin Kowt in Oruzgan Province. The Prime Minister individually thanked his parents, five siblings and girlfriend for his brave contribution. Your son was engaged in vital work for Australia and we regard him as an Australian hero. BAGPIPES PLAY in East Timor. Private Ranaudo had previously served to die in Afghanistan He's the 11th Australian digger since February 2002. Erin Cassar, ABC News. one of Barrack Obama's big promises Closing Guantanamo Bay was to be a tough one to keep. but it's turning out as the deadline The US President has set January detainees at the prison but there are still more than 200

where many of them will end up. and it's not clear America correspondent Kim Landers. From Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, North that it's going to close in 6 months. At Guantanamo Bay, there's no sign in the sprawling camps The daily routine for the detainees hasn't changed. their cells, talking and eating. Many spend up to 20 hours outside is getting ready to shift them all. But the camp commander

We're on track with our preparations the last detainee out of here to be able to transfer

and cease detention operations. no later than 22 January there were nearly 800 detainees here, At one time, now there are about 230. detainees began yelling At the maximum security camp 5, through their cell windows. as they spotted us "It's really bad in here," They cried out, but their protests were brushed off. used to it or anything, I'm not saying we've become but it's something that happens. in any trouble or anything They're not going to get

out, will probably smile. and some of them, as we're walking shut down Guantanamo Bay by January President Barack Obama's order to for the detainees to read. is posted on notice boards have changed Some of the detainees' attitudes of leaving here by 22 January. because of the hope after the first captives arrived, More than 7 years its sinister reputation. Guantanamo is trying to shed detention centre on the planet. It's the most professionally run still in use at Guantanamo Bay. This is one of 9 detention camps wants them all to be moth-balled While President Barack Obama the remaining detainees will go. there's no clear sense of where that's now closed - Camp X-Ray. There is one facility on this base

was first brought. It's where David Hicks may lie abandoned too, One day the rest of Guantanamo Bay but perhaps not easily forgotten. Guantanamo Bay. Kim Landers, ABC News, Tonight's top story - its green jobs plan, the Government's been taunted over

phantom jobs. with the Opposition calling them And still to come - worried about the environment? At least you can enjoy a beer with a clean conscience. The State's education system is learning a few lessons

from the way medical students are trained at large teaching hospitals.

Universities will soon be partnered with high-achieving government high schools to expose students to the latest technology and ideas. And one school in Sydney's west is already way ahead of the class. Macarthur Girls High School in Parramatta is the Government's first so-called School of Excellence. I'll let it run and then we can have a look at it from the start. 15 other schools will join Macarthur next year in being partnered with universities so teachers and trainees can flow back and forth. State-of-the-art videoconferencing technology will allow the students to drop in on lectures and other schools. The concept is very similar to a teaching hospital. The hope is that teachers will win through greater professional development and students will win because of their exposure to the ideas. The major advantage for our school is going to be initially through that quality of teaching. Eventually there'll be 50 schools of excellence across the State, selected on their performance, but plucked from disadvantaged areas. Each will get a highly qualified super-teacher, paid $100,000 a year to manage the scheme. So the school itself will become a real hub of excellence and best practice. The program has the support of both the Teachers' Federation and parents, but the P&C Association hopes it's the beginning of more resources for rural and regional schools. The Opposition says it's setting up a two-tiered system. This State Labor Government are setting up some schools to be blessed

and some schools to be cursed and unfortunately 50 get the blessing and 2150 schools get the curse, they get nothing. The Minister says teachers trained at the new schools of excellence will benefit the entire education system. Matt Wordsworth, ABC News.

The State Government has announced plans to build the largest marina in New South Wales. The 18-hectare site on Parramatta River at Homebush Bay

will include boat storage and repair facilities. Construction of the $300 million marina will begin in 2012. We want to make it a world class maritime precinct, providing a whole range of services to the boating community there at Homebush west. The Minister has also named the successful companies chosen to re-develop another marina at Blackwattle Bay,

and a super-yacht facility at Rozelle Bay. Pyrmont's historic Union Square has been thrown another lifeline with the Construction Union today endorsing a permanent green ban to protect historic terraces. The State Government wants to build a metro station near the Square but union delegates have voted against the plan. All hands in favour, raise your hand. It's very gratifying to know that after so many years

the Union movement is still prepared to take a principled stand on heritage and environmental issues. Residents say a construction site at Star City Casino

would be a better location for the station. But Sydney Metro says Union Square is the preferred site. It says an environmental assessment of the area is still being carried out and community concerns are being considered. Share investors are enjoying a purple patch, with the sharemarket rising 7% in July. It's the biggest monthly increase in nine years. Here's Phillip Lasker. You're not dreaming. It is a dream run. The all ords finished 53 points higher

and if you look at the last three weeks, it's nearly 14% up. Today's star performers were the banks, particularly ANZ,

thanks to some analysts' views that banks will not fare as badly as first thought. Global recovery hopes boosted resource stocks, but it wasn't a good day for retailers or Telstra, which was downgraded by Credit Suisse. Rural services group Elders jumped nearly 40% after confirming it was selling its insurance unit to QBE for $270 million. QBE is also buying 112 million Elders shares at 40c a share, making it a major player in the debt-laden rural company. But Australians aren't borrowing like they used to. Credit growth was a mere 0.1% last month. Most of it came from housing, with other categories going backwards. Falls in credit growth. The red line normally follow economic growth during recessions, but not this time, it's not even close. That's the stimulus working, keeping GDP up. It's also keeping up inflation. The latest reading shows inflation rising almost 1% this month. And what's more of a concern, core inflation, which is considered a more credible measure

and the one the Reserve bank cares about, is beginning to climb. Speaking of inflation, a report by New York's Attorney-General called "Heads I win, tails you lose" found nine American banks who received $175 billion in taxpayer funds paid more than $32 billion in bonuses. At least market forces still influence the Australian dollar.

It's firmer across the board and is well above US 82c. And that's finance. How to green the environment? Just ask schoolkids. They've been teaching the adults a lesson today in Sydney's east. They helped revegetate the banks of a pond, while at Homebush, the Government was cutting trees down to make way for a racetrack. To mark schools tree day children got their gloves dirty in Centennial Park, planting saplings on the embankments of Kensington Pond. At the same time, the State Government was pulling mature trees out of the ground at Sydney Olympic Park. I don't think it's that great because there are so many racetracks - they shouldn't do it. 60 mature Manchurian pear trees are being removed and re-planted elsewhere in Sydney Olympic Park. They are in way of the V8 supercar track which will roar into action in December for the first of five years. For 150 gum trees the race has been a death sentence. Local residents have accused organisers

of butchering some streets. Australia Avenue has been transformed. I am just disgusted. This was a beautiful place. The landscape architect who helped design the precinct is appalled. It's not just cutting the trees down, it is the message it sends to the rest of the world about sustainability. The State Government has pledged to make up for the tree carnage. We're replacing three trees for every one tree that was removed. We're re-planting 440 trees in other areas of Bicentennial Park or Sydney Olympic Park. Locals fear that another 800 trees on this hill would soon be on the chopping block but race organisers say no more trees will have to be cut down.

David Spicer, ABC News, Homebush. The selectors' gamble to replace Phillip Hughes with Shane Watson has paid off so far. The all-rounder made a half century on a rain-soaked opening to the third Test. Australia was forced to make a last-minute change when wicket-keeper Brad Haddin was injured during the warm-up. Rain washed out several hours of play

before Watson and Ricky Ponting gave the tourists a solid start. Here's Peter Wilkins. After a miserable start to the the day with any cricket looking remote due to a drenched playing surface,

the sun finally shone on Ricky Ponting. We'll have a bat, Mike. Ponting confirmed news which had been leaked much earlier than Phillip Hughes' announcement on Twitter. Phil's probably found things a bit tough. Shane's been in great form in the last game down in Northamptonshire with the bat. Poignantly, Brad Haddin was somewhere in the background warm-up breaking a finger. Debutant Graham Manou joined Watson in the side, who made the most of his chance. COMMENTATOR: Beautifully driven! Watson only rarely looked uncomfortable against some tepid bowling. Squirted away. Very full. Simon Katich too blazed quickly

and raced to 46 before spin brought him undone. Ahhh! Bad balls were reefed away as Watson showed poise to register 50 in his first stint as Test opener. When you're one-nil down in a series you need to be proactive as well. We couldn't afford to sit on our hands and say, "OK, let's hope we play bit better." We needed to make sure we got the balance right for the conditions. Ricky Ponting showed equal hunger for the bowling and he'll resume alongside Watson who's unbeaten on 62. This was record-breaking revenge for Jessicah Schipper. After taking the bronze medal in Beijing in the 200-metres butterfly, the 22-year-old was looking to turn the tables on the Olympic champion Lui Zige. Schipper overhauled the Chinese swimmer in the final 50 metres to defend her world title and reclaim the world record. Jessicah Schipper, don't stop now! She does it, she goes for glory! She goes for gold. Schipper wins! With changing my coach as I've changed my tactics with my swim and I hold back a lot in the first 100 now and, you know, hopefully come home a little bit harder. It's definitely paid off and I'm very happy with it. The World Record count is up to a staggering 29 with three days to go.

Brazilian Cesar Cielo Fielo lowered Eamon Sullivan's record in the 100m freestyle. From lane seven, Australian Christian Sprenger set a new mark in the semifinal of the 200m breastroke. Felt good - I didn't think it was going that fast though.

Libby Trickett qualified fastest for the final of the women's 100 metres. It's Friday night, and for plenty of Australians, thoughts turn to a cool, clean ale. Now a Tasmanian couple claim to have developed the cleanest drop of all.

The farmers make the beer out of ingredients they've grown themselves with any waste going straight back into the paddock. They say the system is emission-free, and they're planning to sell their idea overseas. This picture-postcard farm in Tasmania's Derwent Valley is typical of the State's cottage agricultural industry. But what's brewing inside this converted shearing shed could launch the farmers onto the international stage. Using century-old techniques, they've created what could be the world's cleanest beer. What we are is, I suppose, the first phase of the wheel turning back hopefully to a more sustainable food production model. The farm produces everything needed for a golden ale. We grow grain barley and wheat, we've started to grow hops, from the sky or the Derwent River. and we get the water either Using an open fermenting technique,

is kept preservative-free. the boutique brew goes back into the paddock. Waste from the spent grain and hop residues And all of the solid waste grain are fed back to our beef cattle. starts up they come running. The moment that tractor close to emission free. The recycling means the brewery's actually emit off the farm gate The only thing that we will is the occasional bin of rubbish. from the University of Sydney's The system's attracted attention Institute of Sustainability which thinks it has global potential. their clean beer system As they prepare to launch onto the worldwide market are working on a new product. these Tasmanian entrepreneurs on marketing their beer-fed beef They're planning around the nation. to gourmet restaurants New Norfolk. Sarah Bester, ABC News, forecast hasn't changed, Graham. The weather now. I hope the weekend

the last month of winter in Sydney. Clear dry and mostly sunny to start and Oberon. and clustered around Orange wettest city today, Rather fittingly, Adelaide was the in over a decade. ending off their wettest July producing the persistent showers These embedded fronts are also with a mostly dry day in Adelaide. in Melbourne and Hobart across the State tomorrow West to south-west winds are expected for all of the northern districts with a mostly sunny day and along the coast. the central and southern Tablelands Low cloud with isolated showers about as snow on the Snowies. and southern inland will fall in the Riverina and lower west. Dry but partly cloudy in Sydney tomorrow Dry and mostly sunny of 19 to 20 degrees with top temperatures reaching up to 15 knots north west winds at first but shifting south-west later along the coast. and increasing to 20 knots Stay with us now for Stateline. That's ABC News for this Friday. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI Also, the State's biggest wind farm. New South Wales. Welcome to Stateline Im Quentin Dempster. Imagine this - a great agricultural producer. Australia ceases to be Farmers are so penalised

their livestock produce in trading off the carbon emissions to farm anymore. that they simply can't afford It's an extreme view, that's the way they're headed but many farmers believe under the emissions trading scheme