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Regional di plomy. Australia and Indonesia's leaders discuss

security and disaster relief in Bali.

Also ahead - a sixth victim of Friday's nursing home fire

dies in hospital as the NSW Premier questions police Premier questions police checks

on staff. Libyan authorities

promise a fair trial for Saif al Islam, one of Colonel

Gadaffi's sons arrested in the

Libyan desert and too good. The

United States outclasses the

International team to win the Presidents Cup in

hello, I'm Richard Davies. first - Checking tomorrow's weather

The PM Julia Gillard The PM Julia Gillard has met

the Indonesian President Susilo

Bambang Yudhoyono in her latest high level meeting in Bali.

the leaders of Japan, South Julia Gillard has already met

Korea, India and China the ASEAN and east Asia summits Korea, India and China during

in weekend. The two leaders spent more than an hour success discussing a range of topics including including cooperation

relief E the PM says relief E the PM says returning

Indonesian minors accused of people smuggling was also one

of the top topics the leaders of the top topics the two leaders discussed. I indicated to President Yudhoyono what said publicly yesterday which to President Yudhoyono what I

is I am concerned about the

amount of time that has been taken

taken to ascertain the age of

some Indonesian minors. I do

remind that when we establish

people are minors that they are under age,

Indonesia. We do not seek to

charge and jail minors. But

there have been times where I

taken longer think ascertaining age has

taken longer than it should

have and I want to step up our

partnership and cooperation

with Indonesia on how we can

ascertain people's ages and if

they are minors, get them back

to Indonesia as quickly as possible. There was no possible. There was no mention of the live cattle ban at all

President during my discussions with

circumstances of the

14-year-old boy here in Bali, I did thank President Yudhoyono for the care that Indonesian authorities have authorities have shown to

ensure that this young boy is kept separately, has ready

access to his parent, they have

shown that degree of care and

kern and I thanked President

Yudhoyono for that. On relationship with Indonesia, we Yudhoyono for that. On the

have a strong, positive relationship is our nearest neighbour, it is

so important to us, this partnership with Indonesia. We

take a view of it as a strategic partnership for our

two countries. Yes, there have two countries. Yes, there have

been issues in our relationship over the last 12 months over the last 12 months that

happens in relationships

between nations from time to

time. The important thing is that you work through those questions. President certainly understands that this questions. President Yudhoyono

is a step forward in defence cooperation with the

United States. We are a long

time ally of the United States,

that this step forward in our

defence cooperation is not

aimed at any nation in our

region and that it does make

available to us the ability to meet regional contentionsies, additionally meet regional

con-I think they, includinging

that natural disasters in our

region. Earlier our

correspondent in Bali , George

Roberts told us more about Roberts told us more about the

agenda for the meeting. This their annual meeting so almost agenda for the meeting. This is

countries is on the agenda.

discussion for about an This is a wide ranging

and a half. The PM says they discussion for about an hour

discussed everything from people smuggling to clemency

pleas for Australians locked up

in here for drug charges such

as Schapelle Corby and the Bali

Nine. As well as that they also made some announcement, talked

about free trade and

negotiations between the two countries. Interestingly countries. Interestingly though

was no mention of the live PM Gillard saying

cattle ban that was put cattle ban that was put in

place for a while earlier this year on sending live cat toll

Indonesia. They did talk about

the announcement of the the announcement of the US

the troop deployment to Australia,

the plan to put up to 2500 US

troops based in Darwin, so very

close to Indonesia by 2017 and

then they talked on a number of

other topics too, so it really

is a wide ranging discussion

and they also made a couple of announcements about working

together on things like the

disaster recovery and those

sorts of issues. The

was that Australia is going to

give Indonesia four C 130

aircraft, so the big military

aircraft, the heavy lifting aircraft, they're going to

these to Indonesia to help with

disaster recovery. These are

planes that effectively, you

could say rusty old Australian

planes that we planes that we don't need

anymore. They're going to need some repairs, but Indonesia will get them um and running

they'll and they'll be used across Indonesia so that's one announcement. Julia Gillard

also announced a couple of other things including a

Australia's putting towards a million dollars that

disaster relief centre in Indonesia to try to facilitate

a regional agreement on taking

a regional response to

preparing for disasters and she also announced putting also announced putting some

money towards helping lift

people out of poverty. She said

that they should be able to

lift about 1.2 million

Indonesians out of poverty by an aid package a sixth person has died after

Friday's nursing home fire in

Sydney's north-west. Police say

the 79-year-old woman died day

today in Liverpool

The NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell

has now asked for a report about police checks on staff about police checks on staff in the State's nursing homes.

35-year-old nurse Roger Dean

has been charged with four

counts of murder over Friday's

fair at Quakers Hill. With several people still several people still in

hospital, police say there may

be further charges. But they're refusing to confirm reports that they spoke to the

man charged about an man charged about an unrelated matter several hours before the

fire started. One of the unions repping Qantas no closer to striking a no closer to striking a deal

with the airline to resolve its industrial dispute. Fair Work

Australia gave the parties 21 days to sort out days to sort out their differences with the deadline

due at midnight tomorrow. But the Transport Workers Union's

Tony Sheldon has accused Qantas

of failing to negotiate in good

faith and saying nor time is needed. They

five months on their claim to

what they put to the workforce

only the day before the AGM

which they withdraw at the last

Mant minute. I've putting to

Alan Joyce and Leigh Clifford, give it another 21 days and start negotiating in good

faith, not bad faith, where you

stood over the judiciary, the

travelling public and the Australian workforce just so

you could outsource their jobs overseas and within this country at hundreds of dollars

a week less. Stand up Australia, don't stand up for ourdown greed. The company has

made it very clear in the

negotiations that they are five

months backwards. We heard Alan

Joyce make a comment that he thought we were close on

Monday. Well, he's obviously

either not readling the tea

leaves or has been lied to by

his own management or he's

telling the Australian public

yet another porky pie, because

as far as we can see, Alan

Joyce is about all spin and no substance. The Transport

Minister Anthony Albanese says an agreement should without the intervention of

Fair Work Australia. I won't

make bold predictions, what I

will say is that there is no reason in my view

management and the unions can't

get this deal done and can't get it done before tomorrow.

There is discussions today, I know, with the licenced

engineers and Qantas, there'll

be further substitutions tomorrow with the pilots tomorrow with the pilots and the Transport Workers Union,

what I would say is what I've said from

process, all parties need to

recognise they have a common

interest, the common interest

between Qantas as a successful company and its

they need to act like adults

and get this done. Of course, because of the Fair Work

legislation, if they can't get

a deal done, then of course it

goes to Fair Work Australia and that might produce an outcome

that is one in which Australia

the parties don't necessarily agree, so they have an incentive.Tary destiny incentive.Tary destiny is within their own control over

the next 36 hours and I'd call

upon them to negotiate in good

faith to get an outcome. Many

International travelest will find flying easier from 2013

with the removal of

restrictions on carrying

liquids on board. liquids on board. New detection technology which can identify

explosive substances in liquids

will mean passengers will no

longer have water bottles,

toiletries and duty free items confiscated. been successfully trialed in

Sydney and Melbourne in celebritiation with authorities

in the UK and the US. The move is aimed at is aimed at minimising disrption and delays passengers. Colonel Gadaffi's son and heir apparent Saif al

Islam Gadaffi has been captured

after months on the run. The

39-year-old was awe rested without a fight in the desert

near the town in the south of Libya. Saif al Islam has Libya. Saif al Islam has toll his captor he does not

recognise the international recognise the international

criminal court. He is wanted by the ICC on charges the ICC on charges of crimes against humanity. rights groups want him

prosecuted there. But Libya's

care taker Government insist he

will get a fair trial at home. ... Libya, Saif al Islam Gadaffi

captures after three months on

the run. Asleep on the desert

sand acaned by only a handful

of loyal Libya inalso he gave

up without without a

up without without a fight. Revolutionary forces were

tipped off that someone

important was trying to important was trying to escape

to Niger, only when they caught

up with the group at 2am local time Saturday time Saturday did they realise

what it was

He was taken by air back to

Zintan with a huge and noise

you crowd surrounded the

aircraft. When he emerged the crowd got close enough to aim

punches and kicks at his head before he was driven before he was driven away quickly into safe custody.

Libya's PM said he had Libya's PM said he had full confidence in the fighters of Zintan to keep Gaddafi's son

safe up till he could be

brought to trial. Libya is

united country he said, it doesn't mattertor moment, the Saif al Islam Gadaffi is Saif al Islam Gadaffi is in Zintan, not Tripoli. Saif al Islam was last filmed in public

in late August, Tripoli was a battleground falling to

fighters from the National

Transitional Council. He mocked

reports then that he'd been captured.Ment captured.Ment Libya's new

acting PM sounded confident that the country had the means to provide Libyan justice for

Gaddafi's son. The legal system

based on the new Libya and our

vision for it is now active and

we trust their ability to be

able to communicate with the

international court. The first

images made public showed Saif

al Islam holding up three

bandaged fingers. It his injury was the result of a

NATO air strike and not a

result of his capture. For

years under his father's regime

Saif al Islam filed him as a reformer N this interview he

said he'd been the main

promoter of political change in Libya. But those long promised

reforms never happened. And

after the uprising began he

blamed it on a foreign

conspiracy. With the rest of

Saif al Islam's family now

either dead or in exile. The

chapter of Libya's history called closing. To Egypt where closing. To Egypt where one protesters has been killed and no no more than 6 70 injured in clashes in Tahrir Square.

Police fired rubber bullets tear gas to provent protesters

stage a long-term sit in. Some

protesters threw rocks and a

police car was set on fire. The

violence started after a small

tent camp was dismantled

earlier in the day. The latest

violence comes just over a week

before parliamentary before parliamentary elections are scheduled to

Reuters news agency is reporting rocket protelled reporting rocket protelled gran

Eades has hit a Government

building in Damascus. If so it would be the first such attack since an

since an uprising began 8

months ago. The attack happened

hours after a deadline for

Syria to end its Syria to end its crackdown

passed. The President has told

the British newspaper the British newspaper the 'Sunday Times' that his Government will continue to

tackle the armed gangs he

blames for the violence in

Syria. ... Subjective term. So

it's better to talk about the

policy of the Government. We

don't have any policy to don't have any policy to be

harsh, or all our policy harsh, or all our policy doing

the last decade has been based

on the support of the public in

Syria, so it cannot be guest

the public. If there's the public. If there's any

mistakes committed by some of

the personnel in any apparatus

it could be dealt through the investigation committee that we

formed during the last few months. But when you have instability, you may have some problems, you may have problems, you may have some

mistakes. Political campaigning

has ended in Spain ahead of a general election which is expected to bring in a new Government to tackle the country's economic crisis. Spain is Spain is in danger of becoming

the fourth Eurozone country to

need a financial bailout so there's pressure for swift reform. The Conservative people's party has a double digit lead over the ruling Socialists. This was Socialists. This was a thriving

business. But his furniture

factory has gone bust. Eight

people used to work here now the bank has repossessed all

this and his home. TRANSLATION: Things and good

and then this crisis struck. The orders fell away. He's

The orders fell away. He's become one of Spain's 5 million

have folded me all the other firms that have folded here. This is the

economic crisis set to economic crisis set to deliver

Spain's Government its biggest

election defeat ever. And

here's the man everyone here's the man everyone expects

to take over. He is promising

his popular party the bring

change. This was the final

rally before Sunday's vote. But

fears Spain may default on its

debts mean it's paying record the marks. A new Government

will have to act fast to cool things TP P is already warning

of severe austerity measures

Government of doing too little too late. too late. Spain's Government

looks set to be the latest

forced out of power by the

economic crisis that's economic crisis that's now sweeping Europe. But if the

popular party does take over it

faces a chudge challenge faces a chudge challenge to prove it can manage Spain better. To recover the

confidence of the financial markets people here. But he's lost all faith in politicians. He's

expecting his eviction expecting his eviction notice any day now. The Grattan

substitute's Saulest

the likely incoming Spanish PM

will need to make a whole range of reform s? He will presumably

have a emphatic mandate from

the Spanish people to do what

needs to be tone and in some

ways perhaps there's a parallel

with Victoria's Jeff Kennett in

929 that Jeff

a comprehensive program to the

people that the 92 election,

his platform was more or less

you known what I've got to do

and I'm going to do it. Extensively, the program that

Spain needs is one of reduction

and rationsation in and rationsation in various forms of Government, expenditure, it also certainly needs consolidation of the often often messy relationships between the central Government

and Spain and Spain's provinces

and perhaps more than anything else, it needs a program else, it needs a program of

what we in Australia would call

micro economic or structural regards the labour

market. Crown Prince Frederick and Princess Mary are continuing the first day of their royal visit to Sydney. They've launched an arts

projects exploring urban sustainability with Sydney Lord

Mayor Clover Moore. The Danish

royals are here on an

Australian tour aimeded at strengthening trade and

business ties between the two

countries. The couple is attending a business barbecue before meeting before meeting the Governor-General Quentin Bryce.

This morning they took in the in Sydney's east where in Sydney's east where hundreds of onlookers gathered to catch a glimpse of the couple. The annual Schoolies Week has

police say the first night

passed without major incident.

Arrest figures were the same as

those recorded on the first

night last year. 26 schoolies

were arrested, mostly relating

to drunkeness and public

nuisance offences. Six students

were arrested for minor drug

offences while 1130 school leavers were issued with infringement notices. Hundreds of volunteers are providing

support throughout the week.

The South African born cricketer Basil D'Oliveria cricketer Basil D'Oliveria who

played a role in the downfall

of apartheid has died at the age of 80. Born and raised in Cape Town he was classified

under apartheid as as mixed

race and moved to Britain. In

1968 an English tour of South Africa was cancelled because

the Government refused to allow

him to play. It caused an international outrage and marked the start of South Africa's With more sport now here's Amanda Shalala and America's

prevailed in the golf?Ment they did very well. The

Internationals put up a good fight

fight but the USA has fight but the USA has once

again taken out the Presidents Cup at Royal Cup at Royal Melbourne. The

Americans started the day

needing just 4.5 points from

the 12 singles matches. The internationals had a spirited showing, showing, they won five of the

early matches to get within a

couple of points. But it was

left to Tiger Woods to try and

secure the decisive point for the

shot. Well, more than likely

that will be the shot that decides the subsequent miss ensured the US

won the cup for the seventh

time. It does feel good. I was

hoping it wouldn't come to my point. I was hoping that Strict

and I could take a victory lap

back here but I was saying on

the range that that's going to

come down to the last four matches and point, so we went out there and

played really well today and

put a lot of heat on put a lot of heat on Bads Darren Lockyer has left rugby

rugby league the way he'd want to be remembered as a to be remembered as a winner. The Australian The Australian captain ended his record breaking career his record breaking career by leading the Kangaroos to

victory over England in the

Four Nations final in Leeds. He

capped off the game capped off the game by scoring

the last try in his team's 30-8

victory. A sold out Elland Road stadium was filmed with anticipation, sensing England

could derail the last leg of Darren journey. This could be the real

Philip for the wonderful game of rugby league if England can

win tonight. Australia had a different view, taking only fourmans to open the scoring. And it's they'd eye While the kroodz had eye While the kroodz had two tries disawe lowed. Early in the second half, Jharal Yow

Yeh's contortionist act went

unrewarded. Three minutes later

the Broncos winger wouldn't be denied. Great try from Jharal

Yow Yeh. From all green and gold, as the

power of Gallen, the class of Thurston and the guile of

Inglis helped erase the memories of the last minute

loss to the Kiwis in the final. Australia take the Four

Nations. The script wouldn't have been

have been complete without have been complete without a Lockyer four pointer and Lockyer four pointer and over

the course of 471 games, the

Brisbane star had made his own

luck. Gets the try to seal the

victory. Seal a career victory. Seal a career that's been filled with glory. The attempted conversion was as

rough as that trade mark

over here and plays. It's been

something special. I say thank

you and goodbye. A fractured cheek bone ended his NRL career

prematurely but at the highest level Darren Lockyer bowed out

a winner on his own terms. South Africa's built a

commanding lead heading into

day four of of the second

cricket Test in Johannesburg. A

classy display from Hashim Amla and AB de Villiers has put the

home side in the box seat home side in the box seat to win Australia's 18-year-old Pat

Cummins continued Cummins continued his impressive debut but Cummins

support from the more

experienced bowlers. After an up and

the batsmen on day two, the batsmen on day two, the Australians entered the Australians entered the third day looking for more consistency from their bowlers.

But consistency has never been

Mitchell Johnson's strength and despite experimenting with a

new run-up the results were

depressingly familiar. With Johnson struggling Johnson struggling and Shane

Watson unable to bowl due to injury, Pat Cummins shouldered

a heavy burden. But the

18-year-old rose to 18-year-old rose to the

challenge. It seemed a new generation was finding its feet as off-spinner Nathan Lyon

claimed the scalp of Graeme Smith. And inspired Pat Smith. And inspired Pat Cummins

then went to work on one of

South Africa's finest. Gone are

the days of respecting the days of respecting your seniors Jacques seniors Jacques Chiracicalies

fell meekly for two as the

tourists went to lunch on a high. Pat Cummins was lacking

support from tore end. With their confidence growing the

South African batsmen started to flourish. The extrav distance

distance of AB de Villiers was matched matched by the sweet touch matched by the sweet touch of Hashim Amla. Their partnership yielded 139 runs, including 23

boundaries and a six. With light fading the Australians

looked to some unconventional

bowling options. By the close

of play, they were looking like

a team that had run out a team that had run out of

ideas. A ten man Perth Glory

outfit is holding out Melbourne

Victory in their A-League soccer clash. Last night Brisbane extended its unbeaten

run to 35 matches and Central

Coast beat Sydney. It's into

the second half between Victory and Perth Glory. The

Perth Glory were put on Perth Glory were put on the back foot when Miller was sent off for bringing thovrpson town but Hernandez couldn't convert the free kick. The Mariners

replaced the Sky Blues in second pot on the ladder after

a 3-2 win at the Sydney

football stadium and Brisbane's

record run was under threat in ahead just before the break.

But the Roar fired in the

second half to win 2-1.

Holden's championship leader

Jamie Whincup has won the

second V8 Supercars race at an down in down in Melbourne. Jamie Whincup started from Powell

while crowds was on the second row. But when when was able to

put a gap on his team-mate to

maintain his edge on top of the overall standings Ford drivers Mark Winterbottom and Will Davison rounded out the podium while Lowndes was fourth. I want to thank everyone for

coming out, it was shocking conditions yesterday, but my

triple 8 Holden was on rails today. The guys gave me good

tyres and it was just a matter of getting there at the end. And end. And so the championship

will be decided in a couple of weeks

weeks at Homebush. Thank you. Interstate runners have

dominated this year's point to

pinnacle race in Hobart. About

1300 runners and walkers took part

from to the summit of Mount Wellington. Canberra's Scott

McTaggart led from start to finish to claim back-to-back victories ahead of Victoria's

Rowan wap walker N the women's race, Adelaide's Claire

Ashworth broke through for her first first win after first win after finishing runner up in 2009.

Taking a look at the settlement and hot settlement and hot northerly

winds ahead of a trough winds ahead of a trough are affecting eastern NSW. Mild westerly winds over Tasmania

and southern Victoria are triggering pressure over the north and

interior is causing storms.

Around the States form -

And a reminder if you anymore details on the stories we're following you can always

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the main stories and then stay with us for 'Foreign Correspondent'. That's coming

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The top stories The top stories from ABC News - the PM Julia Gillard has met the Indonesian President

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in

Bali. She's already met the

leaders offa pap, South Korea,

India and China during the

ASEAN and ease Asia summits

this weekend. But the Opposition says the meetings

will prove a failure if Ms Gillard doesn't use them to frame a

frame a new immigration

nurse is facing murder charges after a fire in a Sydney nursing

nursing home. A 79-year-old

woman became the latest vibling

when she died of

this morning. 35-year-old nurse

Roger Dean has been charged

with four counts of murder over

Friday's fire at Quakers Friday's fire at Quakers Hill. Libya's transitional Government

has promised a fair trial has promised a fair trial for the captured son of Saif al