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(generated from captions) William, I hope D'Arcy has long

since arrived. I gave him since arrived. I gave him a

commission to get your hair cut

and in short to make your whole

appearance from top to toe more

of Aidandy. It is unusual to

have a female voice from that

time. For Robin Walshes, it is

books and throw a chance to adjust the history

woman who played a big role in

opportunity to see a new colony. There is the

opportunity to see history from

we get a sense of who she her side of the equation, and

really was. "Your really was. "Your affectionate

and sincere friend, EH Macquarie." Rebecca Baillie reporting. And that's the

back at the same time tomorrow, program for tonight. We will be

but for now, goodnight.

Live. Tonight - the Government clears the

join clears the way for women to

join their male counterparts on

the front line.

Also ahead - not enough to go

around, doctors warn of a super

bug risk as penicillin supplies

run low. Predictions petrol

prices are poised to rise as the Aussie dollar falls. And

out of the art world wilderness

the famous Australian painting

that is finally being


Live across Australia this

ABC News 24. Hello, I'm Jeremy

Fernandez. The final barriers for women in the defence will be demolished within for women in the defence force

will be demolished within five

years after long debate and

planning, the Government's

locked in a deadline to give

women the right to do all front

line combat roles and one day

even run the military. Before

to pass physical and mental they get the job they will have

tests to prove they can do tests to prove they can do what

is expected of men. They is expected of men. They have

been near the action... But

never in the heat of never in the heat of it. Now

the military's giving women the right to fight for right to fight for their

country in all roles. Once this is fully implemented, there is

will be no restriction. 93% of

defence force jobs are already

available to women. Cabinet has

put down a five-year put down a five-year deadline

opened up, for the remaining 7% to be

brass. Your role in the defence

force will be determined on

your ability, not on the basis of

of your sex. Tests will be

designed for combat roles and

as long as a man or a woman passes, they're eligible for

the job. The test, or the

criteria, is essentially, criteria, is essentially, does

an individual have the right

physical, and psychological and

mental attributes to be able to do that job irrespective of

sex? Even those who have

studied and pushed for the

change aren't expecting a rush

will appeal. It might be a to the front line. I

minority who can come up to the

standards required, but there

will be some women who will be

able to do that. In theory,

women could be fighting in women could be fighting in the

SAS within five years. They'd

also be able to launch out of

planes into combat planes into combat as

paratroopers and sweep the

ocean for mines as clearance ocean for mines as

divers. But putting women in

the line of fire won't be popular with everyone. Cultural

change is needed in defence change is needed in defence and some predict combat units amusing to watch over the next cope easily. It is going to be

five years as we put in place -

as we bring small numbers of

women into a culture which is

rock solid because perhaps that is the demand of combat.

Put a former navy frig yt

commander says women are ready

to kill and be killed. We have

had women at sea now for 20

years in the combat ships and

field. frying aircraft and also in the

field. To me, it is a natural

evolution of what's evolution of what's been coming for a long nearly over. Supplies for a long time. The wait is

penicillin are running low,

putting hospitals at greater risk from super bugs.

Australia's distributor of intravenous penicillin says the

drug will have to be rationed until the end of the until the end of the year. Doctors are incredulous, saying

it is time to change the it is time to change the way

penicillin is supplied. In

modern medicine, few drugs are

more important than penicillin.

For doctors, running out is

unthinkable. It is hard for me

unthinkable. It this morning on my ward round

to explain to patients that

am going to have to use instead of using penicillin

something that previously I would

would never have used for their

condition simply because we condition simply because

don't have enough penicillin, a

drug that has been around for 70 years. Australia's sole

distributor of the intravenous penicillin BenPen expects a

shortage until December. CSL

says the problem lies with the Austrian manufacturer which blames a spriek in global

demand, largely due to a number of natural disasters. demand, largely due to a high

CSL knew about the short

could have avoided this issue Yangtze a month ago. If we

in terms of supply by being notified earlier, certainly

that would have been of great assistance. The Federal health department

department is playing down the

Doctors disagree, strongly.

Rationing of BenPen means broad

spectrum antibiotics will be

used instead, opening the door

to infection. When you use

silver bullet. If you use a penicillin, it is a very narrow

broader spectrum antibiotic it

affects the bugs on the skin

and in the bow well so it helps develop the super bugs them stay there. This problem

has highlighted a broader

issue. We have a system that is

at sole supplier of a crucial

commodity. Is that a commodity. Is that a good thing?

thing? It would seem not. We

have a problem that needs to be

looked at and change. CSL will

push for Government permission

to source to source penicillin elsewhere.

For a brief moment For a brief moment today,

Kevin Rudd seemed to think he was back in his old accidentally referring to was back in his old job,

himself as PM. Hours after returning from the United

States, Mr Rudd was asked in a

radio interview about radio interview about Labor's

electoral prospects if he were

to regain the leadership. It

was enough to cause a was enough to cause a moments

confusion for the foreign

minister. You know something

I'm a very happy little

I'm a very happy little Vegemite meeting PM - foreign minister of Australia. Your question was about being PM. You

PM. You have caught me getting

off a plane, jet lag. Every day since his political assassination, Kevin Rudd assassination, Kevin Rudd has

thought about going back into the top job. Senior the top job. Senior ministers have laughed off any suggestion

Kevin Rudd may be making a

comeback. A Greens comeback. A Greens Senator

says Darwin's detention centre

reeks of depression with many

detainees on suicide

watch. Senator Sarah

Hanson-Young was government committee visiting

the territory's compounds. She

spoke to detainees including

some who have held protests

over the length confinement. The whole place

reeked of depression. We saw

people on suicide watch, people who had self-harmed. The committee yesterday committee Immigration Department senior officials about their efforts

to reduce mental stress Immigration

protests in the centres. It

visited the Darwin airport

lodge where asylum seekers,

including 119 children are also

detained. What we have seen Darwin is very similar to what

we have seen at Christmas

island and Derby. That is we

have a detention network that is collapsing under the weight

of the amount of people who have arrived illegally in Australia. The committee will

hold its next hearing in Sydney

next month. The dollar's recent

dip isn't making it easier for

motorists with predictions it

will force prices up at the

petrol pump. In some parts of

the country, petrol has already

passed $1.50 a litre. Driving around it is no to see unleaded hovering around

the $1.50 mark. It could be about

about to get worse. In Sydney

we expect prices to increase

around 4 cents a litre on average

average next week average next week and we could

expect similar movements in other other capital cities. The NRMA

is tipping in some cities

petrol will hit $1.52 petrol will hit $1.52 next

week. When the dollar falls the reality is that the price will

probably go up. We have probably go up. We have a

weaker dollar, we're buying oil

with a weaker dollar. CommSec's

chief economist believes may slump in world crude oil prices

may keep the petrol steady. The

price has come down in recent

price has

the low Aussie dollar. If you

look the low Aussie dollar. If you look at the wholesale price of

petrol in Australia and that's

had little change. It is up a little bit over the last

week. In WA, fuel prices are

approaching their highest level in

in three years. We think that

prices should stay in the range

they are at the moment in the short-term.

short-term. In the medium to longer term it will depend on

the international market and the exchange rate which are impossible to predict. Petrol prices

all over the place in recent

weeks. Economists say prices

will continue to vary and all

motorists can do is shop motorists can do is shop around

and try and monitor which days

of the week are of the week are the cheapest. That can be tricky. We're seeing at the

service stations is they're

moving around the cheap days moving around the cheap days of the week and keeping you guessing. At the moment the average cost for a litre unleaded in Australia is just

over $1.43.

Optimism that Europe may soon

come up with

plan was enough to trigger a

buyer stampede on share markets today. Australia's ASX 200

index surged more than 3.5% as blue chip stocks considered ripe for the

picking. It was a sight for

sore eyes. A market rise of the magnitude not seen since

December 2008. The market today

has reacted to some hope that

in fact some decisions will be

made particularly from a

European point of view. Hopes

have been raised as of concern about European dithering and disunity became louder. They're going through a

financial crisis that is scaring the world. Solutions

must now emerge to restore the

confidence that markets

need. The solution emerging but

not confirmed is a partial

Greek default and a massive

increase in Europe's fund increase in Europe's bail-out

fund with the help of the

European central bank. Getting the proposal past the 17-member

countries, like Germany and countries, like Germany and its taxpayers won't be easy. Because there is that everything which involves

the ECB is potentially

dangerous with regards to inflation. The alternative is

too frightening to

contemplate. We could have an economic contraction which is

going to happen anyway turning into

into a depression. The PM was

again talking up Australia's resilience, suggesting we were as bulletproof as possible. There is no Australian bank exposure to Greek public debt. They also

have low exposures to European banks and might be affected might be affected immediately

by a major financial shock in Europe. But the latest investor survey reinforces that the

crisis is hurting in many crisis is hurting in many other ways. It is clear that both

business and consumer confidence is taking a confidence deteriorated during the

September quarter, due to the turmoil and the dollar.

In Victoria, a freak In Victoria, a freak accident overnight has traumatised Mornington peninsula town of

when his mother hit the accelerator instead of the

brake and ploughed her car into the porch of a house. A welcome note for their grandson.

Matthew Bond's visit Matthew Bond's visit to his grandparents' holiday home

ended tragically. Words cannot

describe the loss and pain my

wife and I are experiencing

right now. Matthew was the

light of our lives and always

be will be. At 6 o'clock the

2-year-old was sitting on the

porch with his grandfather. His

mother was behind the wheel of she mistakenly accelerated when this four-wheel drive. Missay

she was trying to park. We

heard a massive rushed outside and saw heard a massive crash and

silver BMW inside the house. The mum was really upset and the father was sort of pinned under

under the wheel. Next to him

was the young baby - about was the young baby - about two

years old, a blond little boy - the other fellow had applied

CPR already and the mother as

you can imagine was totally injuries and was airlifted to distraught. The

the Alfred Hospital . Witnesses have described the devastation

of learning this morning of learning this morning that

the boy had died. They say night after seeing him treated

and hearing him cry, they sumed

he would survive. What has happened here is a happened here is a tragic

accident and we would not wish

this upon anyone. In Port Fairy

a second family is coming to

terms with its loss. Just

before 8 this morning a

five-year-old boy was killed

when he was hit by a truck on have interviewed the the Princes Freeway. Police the Princes

68-year-old driver but haven't laid charges.

Two strange objects like

small space craft were moored Griffin in Canberra's Lake Burley

Griffin burial today. They are

the latest weapons in the fight

against toxic blue green algal

blooms which have forced the

closure of the lake in recent

summers. Each year as the hot

Canberra Burley Griffin burial becomes Burley Griffin burial

clogged with a mat of toxic

blue/green algae, forcing lake's closure. Today, the

national capital authority installed two water circumstance larts. Strange solar-powered craft that stir the water and stop the forming. They look like a the water and stop the algae

satellite that has landed on

the lake. It has a dish that

contains the pump and it is

supported by the three floating

arms sitting on the lake and

draw water up from beneath and

circulate it. One circumstance

later is as Yarralumla beach

and the other at the mouth of

the lake. If they work then

the length of the lake. The five more will be moored

trial can't come soon enough for many water sports. Already some elite tri-athletes shun

constant lake Canberra, fed up with the

the first affected by any lake

closure and so if we can't

swim, we can't run lons. Sometimes we run did you swim, we can't run tri-ath

ath lons, which is a run, ride,

run, but the tri-athletes want

to swim as part of a triathlon. Australia's rowing

squad threatened to walk away

from Canberra because of the algae. Even

roars want to be out on the lake. Certainly blue/green algae, I would argue doesn't

are above the water and we're provide a threat to roars who

not ingesting not ingesting the bacteria. It

is just no risk. We're not at

dialogue risk. We have a very active

dialogue with the sporting

groups and especially the elite sports like rogue. We're

facility and it is the right here on the extremely keen to keep them

place for them to base their

sport. We need to make sure our

best efforts are put towards

keeping it open. Results of the trial will be coming through

summer. If the circumstance strongly by the end of

larts stop algal blooms a larts stop algal blooms a full

roll-out could then go ahead. There's been another incident

involving the chemical company involving the chemical company

Orica, this time at the firm's

botany operations in Sydney.

Orica says an emission of Orica says an emission of

morning exceeded the limits of mercury vapour early this

its licence. Health its licence. Health officials

say they're not expecting the incident to have had any on the health of on the health of local

residents. Orica and the State

Government were criticised for

leaks from the company's plant their handling of

in Newcastle last month.

QLD police have charged a

17-year-old boy over a major

industrial fire at Ipswich last

night. The blaze sparked asbestos

asbestos fears and came close to tearing through the Ipswich rail museum. The skyline alight, two buildings

destroyed and a community told

to lock themselves in their

homes. When we found out it was a fire, it a fire, it was sort of our

heart stops. When we found it

was a derelict building we was a derelict building we were pumping again. The blaze came

dangerously close to one of the

city's icon-ons. The museum is

a significant part of the cultural infrastructure of

Ipswich. It is a national

tourism award winner twice. It

is on the national map as well is on the national map as

as the local map. Early reports that the museum were that the museum were ablaze

proved false, much to the

relief of locals. When we first arrived the worse case arrived the worse case scenario went

went through our heads

firemen did a

containing firemen did a great job

containing it. Residents were

told to lock their doors and stay inside. Fire investigators, workplace and safety officers and health depept

depept officials couldn't

in the two buildings confirm if there was asbestos

in the two buildings destroyed

but locals are being assured that the site poses no risk to in the

buildings were vacant and earmarked for redevelopment.

The north Ipswich teenager has

been charged with arson and

will appear in court next

month. Sport now with Clare and Steve Johnson didn't and Steve Johnson didn't train with

with the Cats today. No, he

didn't. He's still a chance of playing in the finals. playing in the finals. Geelong

will wait until the last minute

to decide if he'll play in

Saturday's grand final Saturday's grand final against

Collingwood. The forward badly

injured his knee in last

weekend'd win over west coast and will need to virtually at full fitness. Geelong has won two of

the past four premierships but supporters are clearly hungry

for more. Go cats! More than

5,000 turned up for the 5,000 turned up for the club's

final open training session but the

the man they most wanted to

see, Steve Johnson, was

elsewhere, getting treatment on

his knee. He's improved but that's to be expected. You are

never going to get

enough improvement in the first

three or four days. We haven't

tested it and we won't do tested it and we won't do so until doesn't come up, the Cats are

confident of finding an able replacement. We have a number

of players. Shannon Burns is a

similar type and he plays

forward half and Cam Mooney is in good shape and Darren

Milburn is in contention. Over at Collingwood, the game's latest Brownlow Medallist may

be on top of the football be on top of the football world

but there's nothing like a dip in Port Phillip bay to bring you back to earth. It is

freezing and thankfully that is

the last time I will have get the last time I will have to get in there this year. A

Swan has every reason to be elated after polling 34 votes,

six ahead of Dal Santo. It is

hard to remember a more laconic winner. He has no interest in keeping his precious medal,

happy to hand it straight to

his parents. If they want it,

they can have it. I am not big

on trophies and memorabilia and

stuff. If they want it they can

have it. Another premiership medal might be reason to smile.

The Sea Eagles will we come

back Glen suspension for Sunday's NRL

grand final. Manly had a grand final. Manly had a low key training session in front

of a few interested onlookers

on the Sydney's northern beaches beaches today. The warriors were given a heroes reception

in New Zealand. They're not

All Blacks but all whites are

all right to these supporters.

The rugby union mad nation has

found some love for league. The Warriors are soaking it

up. It is just awesome. It is a great feeling. Just a great day. I can't believe how many

people have turned out. Much of

the fans' focus, just the fans' focus, just like

Manly's is on Sean Johnson. It

has been a dream since I was a

kid. To play NRL first of all and

and get the chance to play in a

grand final is fairly

unreal. 15 games into his first

grade career, Johnson's been identified by the Sea Eagles identified by the Sea Eagles as their biggest threat. I guess if they worry about have if they worry about me they

have 12 other players on have 12 other players on the field they have to try field they have to try and

worry about that. I don't worry about that. I don't mind

that. The Sea Eagles prefer to

fly under the radar. Thank you

ladies and gentlemen. The team

most of Sydney loves to hate

could find support hard to come

by on grand final day. I am not sure how the fans will get

behind it. If their team is

already out, I am not sure who

they are going to support it

might be the Warriors. I am

hoping that the crowd turn up and

and support Manly and the New

Zealand Warriors but I hope we ever

ever a few more than them. These blokes are never

too popular. Tony Archer and appointed to officiate on Sunday. He has

Sunday. He has done it all

before. He has experience. I am

here for hi legs and good

looks, I think. It will be Checcin's Checcin's first appearance in

grand final. Wallaby forward

Wycliffe Palu is returning home

from the Rugby World Cup in New

Zealand. The 29-year-old

aggravated a hamstring injury

in last weekend's win over the United

United States. When I first

did it I had a feeling in the

back of my mind that I will

probably be on the plane back

home. It couldn't be for him. It is a very tough

pill for him. He's worked

extraordinarily hard and that

is evidence in his physical state. Officials will wait until after Saturday's final

pool match against Russia

before naming a replacement.

At the World Cup today Italy overcame the United overcame the United States. They will take on Ireland for a spot in the quarterfinals. Canada snatched a draw with

Japan. Harry Kewell and Brett

Emerton are free to after being left out of the

Socceroos' squad for the team's

next two matches. Next month

Australia will play a friendly

against Malaysia before taking

on Oman in a World Cup Asian qualifier. Socceroos Holger qualifier. Socceroos coach

Holger Osieck says Kewell, like

Emerton, needs time to adjust after returning to after returning to Australia. First of all, I wanted to

take off the pressure, off his

shoulders and, secondly, from

the tactical aspect that I

tried to tried to outline here that I

think he needs the time to get

into the rhythm. Ossick is

sticking with the same 19 that

won Australia's first two qualifiers against Thailand and Saudi Arabia. The Brazilian midfielder

midfielder known as Fred will take over from Simon Colosimo

as captain of Melbourne heart.

He has a surname but it is too

long to say. To finance and as you have heard, global markets

surged on a burst of optimism

that the will be resolved. The local

share market was one of the best performers. Here's Alan

Kohler. The Australian share

market jumped at the opening

and kept rising all day to close back above 4,000 points

once again. Here's today's rise in context and the best

you can say is it is a good

start. It is hard to put a finger on why today's finger on why today's rally

happened, apart from the fact

that prices fell too far. It

seems to have been a story that

Europe's leaders have six weeks

to fix the Greek debt to fix the Greek debt problem before everything goes

that a deadline will focus their minds and they will get

to work and fix it, surely.

Finally, here is what Finally, here is what pushes the commodity prices. The

relationship is pretty clear, although interest rates have an

impact when they're moving.

Hello. Melissa Hamilton with

the weather. Checking the

satellite image first. You can see speckled cloud moving over

south-western WA as a front

crosses the reengion. It is

bringing heavy showers and the

chance of small hail. chance of small hail. More cloud over the interior cloud over the interior is triggering isolated storms over southern NSW,

Victoria and Tasmania. In Victoria and Tasmania. In the coming days that central trough

will strengthen and generate

strong winds, widespread rain and potentially and potentially severe thunderstorms across the

south-east. A front brings a

colder blustery change to SA

and a high in the west starts

to clear WA. Taking a closer look at the states...

Mostly fine too in Mostly fine too in the

north-east of NSW but patchy

rain is expected elsewhere with

the chance of storms over the interior.

Storms across most of Victoria.

Scattered morning showers

about the south of Tasmania.

In SA, isolated showers and In SA, isolated showers and possible thunderstorms are

forecast for most parts.

WA can expect scattered showers and storms about the soutsz east coast.

A double take for Gold Coast beachgoers today with a deadly

snake slid onto the main beach.

The eastern brown snake is commonly found in coastal

vegetation. Animal control

officers arrived before midday

and captured the reptile which attracted plenty of

attention. I just saw it and I

thought I don't think that is

very dangerous but I found out very it was a brown venomous eastern brown. One bite

bite is enough to kill seven

men. A stay away snake. men. A stay away snake. The department of environment and

resource management will be

notified about the capture. notified about the capture. The snake was released in a less

populated area. You can keep

up to date with all the stories

wear following by visiting the

web site. I will be back in a

moment with an update. Stay with us for 'Lateline Business' You're with ABC News Closed Captions by CSI.

This Program is Captioned

Live. The top stories on ABC News. The Federal Government

has set a time frame to allow women into front line combat roles. It has decided on

roles. It has decided on a five-year period for removing all restrictions on all restrictions on women

serving in the defence force. The Australia The

association says the Government should have ability of women to serve ability of women to serve on

the front line. Australia's

supplier of intravenous

penicillin says the drug must

be rationed be rationed until the end of

the year due to an unexpected shortage. It has blamed a

delivery delay from the

overseas supplier. Experts are

warning use of alternative

drugs could cause an outbreak

of super bugs in hospitals. Troops loyal to

Libya's new government have

fought their way back into

Sirte the home town of former