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(generated from captions) Live. Today - vow to avenge the death of

Osama Bin Laden saying vow to avenge the death of

celebrations in the be replaced by sorrow celebrations in the West will

be replaced by sorrow and blood. Hundreds Pakistan over the death of blood. Hundreds protest in

Barack Obama, visits Fort decorates the team decorates the team behind the

Bin Laden raid. A chilling verdict from the the verdict from the inquest into Good morning, you are

watching ABC News 24.Checking

today's weather capitals first: Checking overseas markets:

Is al-Qaeda has vowed to

avenge the death of Osama Bin

Laden according to a militant

website and is calling website and is calling for

Pakistan to rise up in revolt.

The group is warning that

celebrations in the West would

soon be replaced by sorrow and

blood. An American monitoring jihadist websites says the

statements are appearing on various extremist internet forums. It's been five days

since the United States announced the death announced the death of Osama Bin Laden. The United States has conducted an operation that

killed Osama Bin Laden, the

leader of al-Qaeda and terrorist who's responsible for leader of al-Qaeda and a terrorist

the murder of thousands of

innocent men, women and children. Now al-Qaeda mace publicly acknowledged the news.

In a statement on internet forum the terrorist In a statement on a jihadist

internet forum the terrorist group vowed to avenge his

death. They also called for

Pakistan to rise up in revolt

and promised to release an audio message recorded by Bin

Laden a week before his compound was raided in the Pakistan town of Abottabad. The acknowledged the statement White House has

at home and abroad. In the says it will keep up security says it will keep up

meantime the US President, meantime the US

Barack Obama, has national security team for their efforts in the operation. Good job national with family who with family members of those walked into the got a standing ovation when he

think everyone who was there walked into the room because I

wanted wanted to thank himming. There

was a lot of hugging and a lot of long hugging. The spoke to us with compassion.

spoke with us and he didn't speak at engine 54, a

lost 15 of its crew on will never forget, we mean what September 11. When we say we

we say. In Pakistan anger is building. There building. There have been a

rush of small but noisy protests across the country against the raid. The Pakistan military is also hitting back demanding the US cut troop numbers inside the numbers inside the country and some are not convinced Bin

Laden is dead. TRANSLATION: We believe there was no person may do something to al-Qaeda's latest announcement

beliefs it is likely to fuel more discontent Laden's followers.Anger

continues to grow in Pakistan

where many see the US operation that killed Bin Laden attack on that killed Bin Laden as an ABC's Phil Williams is Islamabad and filed this update

a short time ago. This is reputation from past years of as the red mosque, it's got a

spoke to people here as spoke to people here as they

emerged from Friday prayers was a very have they feel that the Americans

have done the wrong feel that their been overridden by a bigger

power and they're very, very angry, particularly not just

for the Americans but their own government. for the Americans but with

response. Here's a little perceived to be a weak

what they said. As a devoted response. Here's a little of

countryman every was not that to solve the problem. It

that definitely a wrong way to do,

the issue so every Pakistani,

every sensible Pakistani is

against the Americans, what

they did in our country. Where does that leave does that leave the relationship between Pakistan and the United States. I can't

say that Pakistan and relationship relationship is based on a mutual

They are built on family to

family on American - through support and benefit benefit and

American interests. So it is

just one way? Yes. How do you feel, there seems to be a lot of anger here today. Mmm Because American's

took over much of our country.

This is not the act of a civilised country. They civilised country. They act like - although they are

civilised and modern but you

can't act like this. This is the childish way. If you have power this show that power. But the

Americans say, "We couldn't

trust the Pakistani officials

with the information, that it might have might have leaked, that Bin

Laden may have escaped." What

do you say to

should have our army for them.

We already have the martyred 5,000 soldiers. Is

not enough. What is the ratio

of their casualties in They should trust us. Protests war? Much lesser than ours.

against Bin Laden's death have been held across the Middle East. Hundreds of people Cairo following a rallied outside a mosque in rallied

service for the former leader. Demonstrators monitored by police as they leader. Demonstrators were

Laden's picture declaring him a symbol of President Obama visiting Fort symbol of jihad. It was

Campbell, a in Ken tuckship. He met and Campbell, a major military base

decorated the full force behind the raid that killed Bin chance for me to say on behalf

of all Americans and people They are America's quiet professionals professionals because success

demands secrecy but I will say this, like could have chosen a life could have chosen a life of ease but like volunteered. They chose volunteered. They chose to serve in a time of they could be sent into harm's way. They trained for years, they're battle they're battle hardened. They practised hirelessly for this mission and when I gave the order they were ready. I spoke to Washington correspondent Craig McMurtrie. He hideout in Pakistan was hideout in Pakistan was under surveillance by the CIA surveillance by the CIA for

months. The scale of operation again continues to

astound. The CIA maintained this safe compound under surveillance for months. Now there were months. Now there were secret briefings on Capitol briefings on Capitol Hill because millions and millions of dollars had to be put aside of dollars had of dollars had to be put aside

to fund this operation. It was

another example of just how

elaborate the effort has

elaborate the effort has been

into tracking down the

terrorist leader, surveying the

compound and

leading up to this audacious night-time

night-time raid by the navy

seals. In Syria there are reports that at least 30 people

have been killed in anti-government protests

overnight with reports of security forces opening fire on demonstrators. Deaths have been reported in the reported in the cities of Hommes and Hamah. Security forces backed by tanks had been

deployed around the country

ahead of the mass rallies. European Union has confirmed it

will impose travel bans will impose travel bans and

asset freezes on 14 senior

Syrian officials for their role in

in the violent crackdown. At

least 500 people have been killed killed since the protests

erupted in March. Acoroner in Britain has delivered a

chilling verdict on London's

emergency services saying that

the city is woefully prepared for a terrorist attack on the 2012 Olympic Games.

After hearing evidence from 300 people over five months Lady

Justice Hallett concluded that

the suicide bombings in 2005 unlawfully killed 52 people but

she determined that they

couldn't have been prevented. Europe correspondent reports. Chaos as confusion dominated the response the response in the minutes and hours after London's transport

system was attacked. It was the

first suicide bombing in first suicide bombing in the city and according to the

coroner the four men responsible unlawfully killed 52 innocent computers. Lady

Justice Hallett said no single

person or organisation

contributed to their deaths.

The victims' families remain unconvinced. Whatever unconvinced. Whatever is

written down here, whatever is

recommended, whatever has been said, few chu, one would hope, and

one would hope the

recommendations are effected

but to me they help me not at

all. They do not bring daughter carry was among who survived the initial blasts

in the underground but she died shortly evacuated. Well, Carrie not have been saved shortly after being not have been saved but she

should have had the chance, so should have all the rest of ambulances and fire crews were too slow to better train frontline staff. Our staff were brave, they provided fantastic treatment and care we have had more

we have had more resources to those scenes, more quickly, yes, we should. Britain's

intelligence agency was

thoroughly investigated but the coroner decided it could not

have done more to pro vent the

attack. Two attack. Two of the terrorists shown here themselves up. Justice Hallett victims who died under here elsewhere could have been saved with

she has demanded improvements

in the emergency services as it stands, she says the city Government's push to house

asylum seekers asylum seekers in Papua New Guinea. Earlier I spoke to political correspondent Andrew Greene who said that there is confirmation it's being confirmation it's being debated

as a done deal. We bizarre situation that every time a time a senior government

minister is asked about it they give virtually

response word for word which is

negotiations are continuing and

will do so. So that's been line from Julia Gillard Wayne Swan certainly yesterday and today that line has not changed though we do have confirmation

confirmation from Papua New

Guinea that indeed there are discussions under way discussions under way between

Australia and that country as to a New Guinea to house asylum

seekers. There is, of course, a

lot of speculation that may involve reopening the old Manus

Island detention centre Island detention centre but of course there deal done yet and the PNG

Foreign Minister has told Foreign Minister has told the ABC that there certainly been offers of more aid money

if his country moves ahead with

the Gillard Government's

request to house

seekers. Last hour I also spoke to Treasurer Wayne Swan who is putting the final putting the final touches on his asking him if the asking him if the document will

be welcomed by most Australians. I think it will be is a budget which will come back into the black which

get more Australians into work

and which will spread the

opportunities of the opportunities of the mining boom but us back to surplus in us back to surplus in 2013-13. That is a particularly important important objective because of the strength of the economy in the medium term and we don't want to make the mistake that Mr Howard made when he was middle of a boom. Following the most recent monetary statement widespread predictions that interest rates will interest rates will rise. Is

there anything in the budget to help families who are pressures and we are aware that

we have a we have Not everybody around the country is necessarily fast lane but interest rate

rises are a matter for the

independent Reserve Bank but

over the last period of

government we are conscious of

Over three budgets we have put

in place rounds of tax cuts,

particularly increases in the

low income tax off sets, we Vinh

Vinh ceased the child care

rebate from 30% to 50% and the

education tax rebate. Of course a new initiative for families

with teenagers who stay at

school. We are quite conscious

of all of that and we do have

to tighten our belts to come

back in surplus in 2012-13 so

as not to compound the pressures

pressures from the mining response to the Nate report into the mining sector? It into the mining sector? It is dis appointing to see dis appointing to see the

Liberal Party backing unfair

mortgage exit fees as high as $7,000. The whole point of $7,000. The whole point of the package is greater competition in the banking system and banking system and giving

customers the ability to walk down the road if they're

unhappy with their bank but it

appears the Liberals are in favour of very high, unjust mortgage exit fees. Will

charities get clamped down with the new exemptions? We the new exemptions? We are looking at a ring of issues

that have been raised with by the charitable sector and

our response will be in the

budget on budget night. I can't go into those details

today. You can join ABC News for full coverage of the budget on Tuesday beginning with the Treasurer's speech live from Canberra at 7:30 eastern time and continuing throughout the evening with

evening with live interviews

and reactions.

A reminder of the top stories on ABC News

confirmed and vowed to avenge Osama Bin Laden's death. Militant websites are calling

for Pakistan to rise up revolt and replace western celebrations celebrations with sorrow and blood. The US President says

the killing of Bin Laden his cut Obama told soldiers in Fort

Campbell that the US will crush

the extremist group Campbell that the US

the extremist group in the end.


WA premier Colin Barnett has

thrown his support behind the Federal Government's plans to set up a regional set up a regional processing centre

Papua New Guinea. A quick look

at today's weather: It's been announced that a It's It's been announced that a new independent regulator new independent regulator will supervise billion not-for-profit sector. Government moves to Government moves to stop not-for-profit not-for-profit companies claiming tax claiming tax Katerina Emmons

related to their work. The stop shop for stop shop for not-for-profit reporting reporting activities. It will

be independent of government and charity groups.

reduce the burden of red tape. Currently report regularly to the

Australian Tax Office. The government government has reportedly allocated almost $54 million over four years to administer the it will come it will come into effect mid-next year.A short time ago I spoke with David I spoke with David Crosbie, the chief executive of the Community Council for

Australia. I asked the moves will stop not-for-profits claims tax exceptions. All not-for-profits

involve themselves into it is a local scout group cleaning business. There is no problem with commercial activities. The question question is money? If the going to the

going to the charitable purpose should that body be able to should that body be able to get

a tax exemption. That is the question the ATO a organisations to bend the rules, organisations and claim they creating a loophole that will takes away from the legitimate

charities that are business opportunities generate income for their generate income for their prime purpose. Time now purpose. Time now for sport.A happy send off Lockyer last night. He was of the best players on the rugby league as Anzac test.

They led the whole way for They led the whole way for a

win on the Gold Coast. Billy Slater got the try started in the second minute as he collected Darren

bomb. The Kangaroos quick hands

then saw them in again. To you

you and he debut. The Aussies lost Greg

Inglis to a thigh injury and Kiwis to make it 10-6 at Kiwis to make it 10-6 at half time. Late tries to Slater and

Lockyer came away with a win in his final his final test in Queensland.

At the moment I'm feeling

pretty happy about the win. I

don't think it all sinks don't think it all sinks in

until I think the season's

over. I think coming here

together, what was important to

me was that the team performed

well and I did my job well and I did my job and can walk home rugby league where St George Illawarra five eighth Illawarra five eighth Jamie

Soward is in doubt for the opening State of Origin game earlier

injuring his groin. Country won

the game 18 points to 12. The

match was a showcase for potential New South Wales State

of Origin players but of Origin players but the

talking point afterwards was about Soward who was the frontrunner for the Blues

number 6 jersey. He said he

felt his groin go but he felt his groin go but he was

walking around but he said it still hurt so you would have to talk to the medicos. Tonight the the medicos. Tonight the NRL

resumes with one match out on this truncated weekend.

Brisbane welcome Melbourne

Lang Park.In the AFL Port Adelaide's miserable continues. They suffered a continues. They suffered a 32 point loss to Hawthorn at at

Football Park last night. Today it is the Western Bulldogs and Sydney Swans on the Canberra. Geelong against North Melbourne and the first Melbourne and the first all

Queensland affair heads out at the Gabba with the Gold Coast

when they lost David row den to

a knee injury in the third term. He has already had knee constructions and this the Hawks upped the ant the

from there.- ante from from there.- ante from there.

He has three. Lance Franklin

also netted a hat-trick and that leaves Port with one win this year.In Super

The Reds defeated the Rebels in Melbourne. The Auckland Blues beat the Wellington Hurricanes

cheetahs had a massive win over

the Lions. The last match -

last four matches of the round head out The Higginbotham was at his ellisive best as he charged night. The night. The Rebels defence was found out when the reds were put further in front. James Hilgendorf kept the Rebels touch with his try The Reds led at half time second half. Cooper inside ball, Ioane. In Wellington the hurricanes got the first try the game in the second half. Alby Matthewson outfoxed the

defence to give the Blues a six

point at advantage. The Canes almost stole siren but Keats could not siren but Keats could not hold onto the ball. In South onto the ball. In South Africa the Lions remain bottom after the cheetah's bonus point win

with five tries in total. The rebels were going to come out

hard and did that in the first half. The about that first half is anytime we got into their half did get two or three really

easy tries. Apart from that we

dug in well. It was dug in well. It was pretty good. Probably in attack a number of times we had opportunities, we didn't that cohesion that we

As I said, the underlying

intent and effort was veally positive. McLaren positive. McLaren driver Jenson Button topped the time sheets

on the opening day of of the 2011 Formula 1 world championship. Heavy rain at the

Turkish track caused chaos in the morning practise the morning practise in which Vettel crashed out. He was forced to watch the 90 afternoon session from the garage repair garage with mechanics unable to garage with mechanics

repair his car. His team-mate Australian Mark Webber improved significantly to move from significantly to move from 11th

in the first session to 5th in the first session to 5th in the second. Jenson improved noticeably over the

second session and was able to

snatch provisional poll in the

dying seconds. Ancelotti

claimed Chelsea's title showdown against Manchester United will be United will be like a championship title for them.

The Blues travelled The Blues travelled to Old Trafford on Sunday knowing victory would send them top of

the table, just over two months

after they languished 15 points

behind United and Ancelotti is

redship. It is like a final for

us. We are not happy. We wanted

to play the final of the

Champions League but we have to

be happy to play this kind be happy to play this kind of final. This is

final but for us we can compare

this game like a stumbled last weekend losing to Arsenal in

Ferguson is well aware of his team's

Ferguson is well aware of team's home record and hopes that is enough. The home record is fantastic. It is probably

the best in Europe. It has be on Sunday. It is a I must say some of our home performances have been Wayne Rooney will play after resting a minor hamstring complaint hamstring complaint midweek. Real Madrid

has been given a five-match touchline ban in European outburst at the Champions

against Barcelona. He won the European Cup with Inter Milan more than $70,000 for more than $70,000 for his behaviour behaviour but a disciplinary panel. disciplining battle say his disciplining battle say his ban includes the second suspended for a three year period. three year period. He says he will defend himself toed will defend himself toed the end.

down to four players remaining in the women's and mens German beat Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova Pavlyuchenkova to set up a semifinal against semifinal against Azarenka. She beat Lucie Safarova - Asif Ali

Zardari in three sets. The other semifinal sees Li, other semifinal sees Li, Na

come through. Beluci who term adversery Roger Federer after Nadal overaim Frenchman. A Frenchman. A very positive

match. I think I played well. Semifinals is a

the Aussie charge after the second round of the second round of the US PGA tour event in North Carolina. We will check in with hour . Workplace inspectors in Victoria have launched an week's grand annual steeple chase at

people were injured when a riderless horse

happen. The state happen. The state government says it complete. This incident has

pushed jumps racing to pushed jumps racing to the brink. A flurry of

hooves and children's screams

but was it a freak incident or preventable? What we saw yesterday was just an

absolutely freak incident. One I've never seen before. It was

quite an unprecedented freak

incident and it needs to be put

in that context. It is not a

freak accident when you happen. Seven people were injured and three suffered

broken bones and two remain in

hospital. Those who were there

say they'll never forget that moment. Quite scary because I

had my nephews with me so it

was quite scary. I'm still shaking. The annual race is big business for warn unanimous Bool but locals are divided whether jump s racing should

kofnlet It is a once every year

thing and they have fun but on the other hand horses the other hand horses get hurt. I think they should ban the blooming is a good week for the whole town. In Melbourne campaigners took their campaigners took their protests to Burke Street say lowering the height of

jumps some sport even was a mistake. The safety reviews that were in place last year changed the style of year changed the style of the jumps, the design jumps, the design of the jumps and produced a much safer

outcome. The RSPCA says the only way to keep for jumping. Using horses bred over jumps mean a high speed of the field the field and therefore critical injuries will

result. The government says procedures will

to ensure spectators are

put in harm's way again.There's Cloud

country from the Pilbara in

moist winds draggering moist winds draggering patchy rainfall. Cloud over the

south-east near a developing low will trigger a light shower

or two. Patchy cloud over the Queensland coast is triggers states: Is The deaths of Osama Bin Laden Thousands of with sorrow and

Thousands of Muslims across Pakistan and the Middle East

have condemned the killing. In have condemned the killing. In Britain there were scuffles with police when around 300 people marched through central London declaring the US will pay for pay for its military action in Pakistan. Meanwhile US President, Barack Obama, says the killing of Bin Laden has cut off al-Qaeda's head. cut off al-Qaeda's head. He met and democracy corporated the secretive force that gunned down Bin Laden in Pakistan after a 10-year man-hunt. premier Colin Barnett has thrown his support behind the Federal Government's plan to set up set up a regional processing centre for asylum seekers in Papua New Guinea. PNG officials say the Gillard Government has offered offered more aid money in return for placing the sensor there. there. A British coroner has found there is no evidence security services could have prevented the 2005 prevented the 2005 London bombings. The inquest exampling the deaths of the 52 victims in the attacks found they were all unlawfully killed. Some victims' relatives have now called for a full called for a full public inquiry. In South Africa the first first trial of a radical attempt to reserves has been hailed as promising. Injecting the horn of a rhino with poison and an indeal Liberal coloured die is someone of a radical number of measures being deployed in an measures being deployed in an attempt to reduce the steep increase in rhino breaching.

These young rhinos These young rhinos are survivors, their mothered

slaughters by highly skilled poachers.

poachers. What happened to

these ones. The mothers got

killed. One in the game reserve

right here and the other Kruger national park Kruger national park . This mother's horn was shopped off

with a chainsaw. Tranquilised

in the air she was left to bleed to bleed to death, her baby by her

side. Taken in at a nearby

private nigh chaur reserve it

has been bottle fed ever since.

Almost a rhino a day is killed in South Africa, the numbers

slaughtered for the animal's

few years. Private family-run game reserves have been increasingly targeted increasingly targeted by African gangs funded by demand for rhino horn. In China it is worth $1 million American

dollars. This man has lost two

rhinos to rhinos to poachers who came at night fighting back.Contaminating the horns of his horns of his remaining stock there is no harm to the only to the consumer. If you eat the rhino horn for any reason you are going to fall

ill, you will be vomiting or have a stomach ache or would feel it, yes. Each death is felt keenly in these private

reserves it is in the parks where the largest are killed. Kruger National

Park lost 90 rhinos this alone. Contaminate ing the horn is not feasible. In the country we have over 20,000 rhinos,

will we be able to poison each

and every one of them. What and every one of them. What is the cycle of having to the cycle of having to inject

these animals with this poison. Animals in the Animals in the country's largest park now have another layer of army being sent in. We are there, they can see we are

there, we are armed and we not tolerating anymore poaching

along our borders. There anger and frustration at an bidriven by superstition and greed. It is

greed. It is really useless Mediterranean us naturally. That is the sad things, animal products products like rhino horn and most

on superstition and no valid on superstition and no valid me

dis natural value. In private game reserves across game reserves across the

country these animals are major draw cards keeping them safe from poachers remains the ultimate challenge. Queensland Government has ultimate challenge. The announced the

light rail system. The tenderer for the Gold Coast light rail system. The Goldlink

consortium will build and operate the operate the network that will solve some of solve some of the city's chronic traffic problems.

Preliminary work on the light

rail system is under way but in

the short term that will the short term that will only

add to the traffic chaos add to the traffic chaos and

some business are concerned they will be derailed in the process. Another day, another

traffic jam on the Gold Coast.

It is only going With a booming population the

glitter strip can be a

congestion nightmare but help

is on the way. The light rail is on the way. The light rail project will transform this city. The Gold Coast rapid transit system is designed to

be a public transport solution

to one of the city's most kilometre line will be

trundling through the city's busiest suburbs by 2014. A

fleet of distinctive, mod

dwrern, custom-designed light

rail vehicles will initially

connect Griffith University to

broad Beach. There is a catch, in the short term construction

of the light rail will make

congestion even worse as roads are ripped up and opinions are ripped up and opinions are

divided as to whether there's enough gain for the enough gain for the pain. The light rail is such an city-building project,

unfortunately people are just

seeing the congestion it is for the Gold Coast. It will be

the biggest white elephant they've ever had. The

proponents of the light rail system say it is essential. system say it is essential. The Gold Coast, Gold Coast, it's argued, has a deep-seated won't go away. This is a

spokeswoman for the Gold Coast rapid networks will continue to grow and get congested. The and get congested. The benefits of the light rail system will be travelling in

dedicated rail corridor. You have than you would if you stayed than you would if you stayed in your motor vehicle. your motor vehicle. Business owners like the broad Beach drog groomer drog groomer remain unempressed. She says despite her best efforts corridor is beginning to

bite. It has reduced my

business by about 60% started in November last

year. It will be a gym of year. It will be a gym of being patient patient and working with us.. There is compensation available

for some business for some business owners but

Colleen Lynch isn't one of Colleen Lynch isn't one of them and she faces another 7 months

of construction. Unless you of construction. Unless you are

the owner of the building that's had that's had the land reclaimed you can't claim any another seven months? No, not at at this more pain when crews begin work in Surfers Paradise but Councillor says residents business owners are redship. Luckily for people who live and work there they are used to it after the car race

every year but it's a long process, it will be another three three or four years before we actually see going down through Surfers Paradise but it. Despite the recent rain preliminary work to prepare the rail corridor on time and on budget. Anna

Carol says it in a city with rising unemployment. On any 77% of the people working come

from the coast and million has gone million has gone into the local economy through supplies and

purchases. The bad news is there is no quick fix to the

Gold Coast's short-term Gold Coast's short-term traffic problems. Even though problems. Even though we will all have to go all have to go through a bit of pain with traffic for the next

couple of years completed it's going to be something decade. When stage 1 is

made on whether to continue

made on whether to continue the light rail towards cool light rail towards cool land

GATT ta or link rail line. Our long is that people will be able to go down on the heavy rail to Helens veil,

connect to the light connect to the light rail and

by 2020 go all the way down to cool land GATT ta. That would be fantastic. It is be fantastic. It is important that it links to both

Brisbane airport through the hell through the through the hell rents veil stop is very important. Driving on the Gold Coast will get

harder before it gets easier but right the growing pains will be the growing pains will be worth

it. Jump on and put your it. Jump on and put your surf

board on and put your kids on and get on these and get on these fantastic, modern,

modern, fast, safe tram way

systems that will be the envy systems that will be the envy of the whole of Australia, of the whole of Australia, if not the world. Pokey machine operators say a government report recommending sweeping

reforms to address problem gambling threaten the $12 billion a billion a year industriry. The

recommendations improve about

bitch wall gamblers committing to spending limits as well as limits on the 200,000 machines limits on the 200,000 machines

estimated to be operating. The report has important implications for the Gillard

Government and the chair of the

committee, Andrew Wilkie, who

staked his support for Labor's

minority government on the

report's committee was chaired committee was chaired by Andrew

Wilkie who's made reform of the industry a condition of his

continuing support for the

Gillard Government. At the end Gillard Government. At the end

of the day it is all to do with the 95,000 Australians who are

problem gamblers on poker manifestation at the manifestation at the Gillard Government will do any deal with the Government will do any with the Independents or the Greens in order to stay power. After sifting through 400 recommends a card-based pre

commitment scheme where commitment scheme where players nominate how are cut off. The cards will

have an option where should be introduced by the

earliest possible date, which is 2014. It does require all players to set their loss before they loss before they start gambling. The gambling. The report proposes a new national regulatory authority to oversee the reforms and to raise reforms and to raise awareness of gam research institute funded by gam bling taxes. The opposition says ordinary gamblers without problems will be put off by the measures. We think they will

choose to spendish that not from problem gamblers, from recreational gamblers, will see big job cults and clubs

hotels to be unable to provide the community sport they studied the social impact of

pokey all. The idea that clubs are providing a range of benefits from the community funded from the community funded by

gambling is a myth. In New South South Wales the inquiry into this discovered that this discovered that two-thirds

of the claim to benefit by clubs was,

to subsidised meals, drinks and so on. Coalition members of the committee have released

dissents report saying official document does a dis service to problem gamblers service to problem gamblers and to it is their own limits on

their cards so for someone

gambling they could set a limit of $10,000 a day. The are a target. So-called intensity machine could be

reconfigured for a $1 maximum

bet, $500 prize and as will of $120 an hour. Still

$120 an hour. Still a large

amount of money but 90% less that we currently see on the current expected to wear the cost of the switch and is estimated could run up to $3 figure that alarms the opposition. We aim opposition. We aim to see billions of dollars a proposition that on the face

of it will not address problem gambling in industry's estimate is disputed by some. An effective solution

for pre commitment technology for around technology for around $400 million. It is a significant

amount of money but not that much compared to the $12 billion a year that the poker

machine industry currently

makes. It is up to state

governments to implement the changes and in the past New

South Wales has said it will

challenge any reforms. Nick

Xenophon is unempressed by a state by state approach. The

number one jackpot junkies in

this country are state

governments and that is why you

need federal intervention and

states. For more details on the

stories we are following today

and to end us your comments and

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website.Just before we website.Just before we go, let's take another check of the

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