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Clarke and Dawe: Rudd's questions -

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Clarke and Dawe: Rudd's questions

Broadcast: 19/04/2007

Reporter: John Clarke and Bryan Dawe

John Clarke and Bryan Dawe and a rather voluble politician.


KERRY O'BRIEN: And now John Clarke and Brian Dawe, and a rather voluble politician.

BRIAN DAWE: Mr Rudd, thanks for your time.

JOHN CLARKE: It's very good to be with you Brian. And thank you for the invitation.

BRIAN DAWE: Mr Rudd, you've announced your Industrial Relations policy this week.

JOHN CLARKE: Yes we have Brian. Do I think that we're going to solve all of the problems in one go
and do I think that this is going to be popular with everybody Brian? No I don't. But do I think
it's a better, fairer and more equitable solution for all Australians, Brian? Yes I most assuredly

BRIAN DAWE: Good, Mr Rudd...

JOHN CLARKE: Do I think industrial relations and workplace relations are important? Of the utmost
importance in this country? Is that my belief?


JOHN CLARKE: Yes Bryan, it most assuredly is. Do I, therefore, assume that I am simply some Robin
Hood who is going to solve the problems of the world at a stroke? Brian, I'll be brutally honest
with you, I'm don't...

BRIAN DAWE: No, you're right...

JOHN CLARKE: That is not my view. But am I going to give it a go Brian?

BRIAN DAWE: Yeah. Mr Rudd...

JOHN CLARKE: Am I going to give it a red?hot go?


JOHN CLARKE: Yes Bryan. That is my belief and commitment and that is the policy we'll be taking to
the Australian people.

BRIAN DAWE: Yes, Mr Rudd. If...

JOHN CLARKE: Bryan, we've dropped the ball in this country. We have seriously dropped the ball in
this country.

(Brian Dawe sighs loudly)

We've dropped the ball on global warming. We've dropped the ball on this absolutely ill?advised and
doomed war in Iraq. Do I think it's going to be easy to get out of these things, Brian? I don't.

BRIAN DAWE: Probably not, no.

JOHN CLARKE: But do I think the Australian public deserve a better go than they're gunna get from
this bereft, idea-less Howard Government? Yes, I most assuredly do.

BRIAN DAWE: So, so Mr Rudd...

JOHN CLARKE: Let me ask you a question Brian. Are we in this country thoroughly sick of being told
what the agenda is and told what to think? Or Brian, do we take the view that we're not children
and we don't need to be treated like children?

BRIAN DAWE: Yes, yes we do. But this is not what I asked you, Mr Rudd.

JOHN CLARKE: Am I interested in what you asked me Brian? Do I look as if I'm interested in what you
asked me? Do I look as if I'm yearning for further information about what you actually asked me?

BRIAN DAWE: Mr Rudd, Mr Rudd...

JOHN CLARKE: Brian, if I were, I'd be answering that question.

BRIAN DAWE: Mr Rudd...

JOHN CLARKE: Am I doing that?


JOHN CLARKE: No I'm not.

BRIAN DAWE: No, OK. But Mr Rudd, this is not the question I asked you. I wanted to ask you about

JOHN CLARKE: Sure! OK. Are we leaving some of the AWAs in place for a very limited period? Yes we

BRIAN DAWE: What can I do?

JOHN CLARKE: But do we like AWAs, Brian? Do we think they're fair? No we most certainly do not. If
we don't think they're fair, why are we leaving some of them in place, Brian, for a limited period?

BRIAN DAWE: Well, that's a good question.

JOHN CLARKE: That's a good question Brian.

BRIAN DAWE: See I've got my (inaudible) track...

JOHN CLARKE: That's a very good question. I congratulate you on the question. Am I going to answer
the question? No, I'm not. Is it the right question? No it isn't.


JOHN CLARKE: What is the right question? Brian, that is a very good question. That's an even better

BRIAN DAWE: I can't do anything.

JOHN CLARKE: Is this, for example, am I just a conceited twerp you might ask.

BRIAN DAWE: Yes. Well...

JOHN CLARKE: That, Brian, that question is beneath you. You're better than that Brian. These are
very, very good questions.

BRIAN DAWE: He won't shut up.

JOHN CLARKE: There's a very good question. Should I shut up now? Perhaps I should. I what direction
should I shut?


JOHN CLARKE: Correct! What's the capital of Norway?


JOHN CLARKE: You're very good Brian.

BRIAN DAWE: I've got another one.

JOHN CLARKE: You're very, very good.

BRIAN DAWE: Mr Rudd, thanks for your time. [Aside] Yeah, I will.

Thanks for your time.

JOHN CLARKE: Oh thank you Brian. I love doing this. There's nothing I like more than an interview.
An exchange of ideas.

KERRY O'BRIEN: A short lesson in how to render an interviewer redundant. And that's the program for
the night and for the week.