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Waters keep residents Live. Hitting their peak, flood

Waters keep residents on alert

in NSW. On the march, locusts

swarm towards greener pastures

in Victoria. They're going to be on the march be on the march again, they're

going to be swarming, they're

going to be targeting green

feed, like horticulture, like people's gardens. Use force against China,

Kevin Rudd makes an appearance in Newark leaks cables. Despite all

all the economic integration, is very possible with serious tensions and even war

China. And the Australians limp

towards defeat in the Ashes Test. Good Ashes Test. Good morning, you're watching ABC News

I'm Michael row lrned. you're watching ABC News 24,

flood waut ners Coonamble to be Emergency spss have

peaking about now. 1,000 people

have been evacuated from

have been evacuated from the

central west town where the Castlereagh River has bulk-bill rising. Residents around the State are flood warnings for rivers in

the area. For an update on the situation in Coonamble the

shire's mayor Tim Horan joins

us on the line. What is the

latest ? The latest is the

peak's still on its way. We've

got about a

got about a 5.22 now so we're stit waiting for that come through. Yeah, everyone's

just hanging on and waiting for it to come. How soon do you expect that peak to be reached? I was talking to the

SES a short while can't get it down to an exact time or anything but looking definitely before lunch time. How confident are the SES

the leaves will hold. The and council are confident it the leaves will hold. The SES

and council are confident it will hold. It will be under

extreme circumstances if

doesn't but at this stage extreme circumstances if it

that everything will be fine. A everyone's fairly

lot if not most of lot if not most of the residents in the parts of

Coonamble that could be affected by flood wauted verse

been eveackuated, where are

they at the

the people are related or have

friends of people on the friends of people on the other

side of town which has not been

affected by the flood waters at

have all. So the majority of people

have gone there. There have a couple of evacuation centres at

our race course, I understand

there's 40 or 50-odd people

stayed there last night but the Ma scrority of people if they haven't left with friends and families but

unfortunately there are still a

lot of people who remain in

their homes. You mentioned in

an earlier conversation that

authorities are keeping a very

close eye on those people who have decided to stay and if have

push comes to shove then the evacuations could

mandatory? Exactly, yes. If people are put at risk then the

SES and the police will use what they have to to people to a safer area. what they have to to remove

their homes for the next couple

of hours at least to see what

concerns of happens. Can you understand the

have decided to stay put that concerns of some people who

they fear the houses may

they fear the houses may be

looted, for instance, if they do leave? Yeah, well that's been an issue, that's always been an issue, that's always an issue. It's never been a major problem. We've got problem. We've got police patrolling the areas an there's

no issues as far as looting

occurring at the moment but, you

you know, their life and their safety is much more important than anything else and that's

all that the SES council is aware of, we're

council is aware of, we're

worried about and we can ensure

patrol that the police do continue to

patrol the areas. Tim Horan, good luck and thanks for your time this morning. Naomi

Woodley is in Wagga Wagga, said extra measures were taken Woodley is in Wagga Wagga, she

there overnight to prepare for

the flood waters to peak. We

were out overnight watching the last-minute preparations the council levees are last-minute preparations from

strengthened, they're trying to the council levees are being

build up the levees around

is the North Wagga in particular which

affected by these flood waters. As we understand it the roads

have now been cut off into North Wagga but the water hasn't reached the houses yet. The Murrumbidgee River hasn't reached the houses as

to about 9.6 metres overnight,

you can see it behind me here.

It's still expected to peak at

10 metres at some point probably this

probably this afternoon. Do the

workers there fear that no matter how much work they are

doing at strengthening the

levees I it may not be enough

is fairly for the rising waters? The SES

out of most areas. What is causing concern, and you heard

it from the SES just before as well, is that well, is that there is more

and also into next week and so rain predicted later this

even if

even if the levees hold

even if the levees hold today even if the levees hold today

and tomorrow when the river

reaches its peak of this

particular flood event if there is particular flood event if there

is another downpour, you is another downpour, you know,

over the next couple of weeks

problems. You've obviously been that could cause some serious

can beat this threat? Yes, couple of sense of calm over the past

yesterday afternoon and

there's clearly a lot of work going on around the town and a lot of going on around the town and a

looking at the lot of people out and about

understand people were

in the river behind me here the SES isn't too pleased yesterday afternoon although

that. Certainly it's a very

wanting to record it. great flood in this area

1974 and so there is a sense of great flood in this area was in

people wanting to a look, take some generally there does seem to be

a sense of optimism or, I guess, a sense of, you know, whatever's going to happen happen. With a flood you've always got time they've been doing a lot of couple of days. One resident who

who fled from North Wagga higher ground when he will be able to move back home. I haven't heard still on its way up. I've still on its way up. I've moved all my gear all my gear out to just hope for the best to the house if it does flood. Back to Mum and up on the hill not too far away. Temporary

going to be a going to be a few days but now there's talk that it might be a before we can get back. There's a

depending on what happens, a

bit of a waiting game but we're

for everyone's safety for everyone's safety and hope that it all works out. To been destroyed and

cancelled as swarm spread across the State. Authorities say it could be one of the Federation Fargher say the locusts have been on the move for months. Potentially it's months. Potentially it's a bad

swarm activity as people predicting. They were on the

move for several months and must say we've been trying to keep on top of them this people have been very

sensitisetd to it. The slowed them down but now we're getting warm weather and fine again, they're swarming. The good news is they like green crops and so those crops that are about to be are about to be harvested,

touch wood if we can get

to attack those as much as the horticultural areas in Victoria around Swan

around Swan Hill and the like, that's what we're as they try to seek out that green feed. They're swarming in numbers and there's a long band of them. As they say, worst 75 years. To other news how now

and the Coalition wants to know if the Prime Minister shares her predecessor's view on the

use of force against China. A

leaked diplomatic cable says Mr Kevin Rudd told the Secretary of State to use force against

to use force against China in everything goes wrong. The WikiLeaks leaked cable is a

summary of Kevin Rudd and Hillary Lin cln

last year. Julie Bishop says Julia Gillard should reveal her attitude towards China. Lee is a foreign policy fellow at the Centre at the Centre for Independent Studies and volatile China can be. The idea has been to try

China into the global system as if that doesn't work there's a lot of military herbing going

on and I think a reminder despite all the economic integration serious tensions and war is possible with China.

I think I think Australia and America have always been honest China is the big bogey man in the region. I think

man in the region. I think the discussion of China in such

sober terms is actually sober terms is actually a refreshing dialogue two allies and as I mentioned, it's not at countries in the region such as South thinking as well. I think they recognise that we 2-track approach to 2-track approach to China that

really we've had ever since, in the United States, the United States, Richard Nixon travelled

the world as a responsible

power, to give it

table, to incorporate it in

international and regional organisations. But we need maintain our own military strength if it doesn't turn out

well. I was at a conference

Beijing a few weeks ago where

Kevin Rudd spoke and he, you

Kevin Rudd spoke and he, you

know, was warm and friendly but

he always describes himself as

a frank friend. In other words,

he speaks quite bluntly to the Chinese about their own

behaviour and about what our

interests are. So I see this pretty consistent with that. Now the Federal Government is poised to

announce a plan to rein in the

big 4 banks. The

big 4 banks. The ABC

understands the Treasurer Wayne Swan will announce the new policy at the end of the week. He's already indicated it's

likely to include measures to

boost the competitiveness of smaller banks and credit

unions. The Red Cross will help manage the Federal Government's

plan to move asylum seeker

families and children out of immigration detention. The

first group of children is

expected to be relocated to

Melbourne or Sydney over the

coming weeks. The acting head of

of Red Cross Australia of Red Cross Australia Michael Raper says the Government

hasn't given any hasn't given any guarantees about the length of time the

children will spend in

community detention. Each application has to

its merits. Each family, each

child has to have his or child has to have his or her residence application

determined and as there are

more people in immigration detention now obviously detention now obviously it's taking longer and many

are spending longer periods of time in

time in immigration or

community detention and that's

why it's important that they be

in community, I think, so that are not exacerbated, their mental health problems are not

exacerbated by being detained in immigration detention. Michael Raper from

Red Cross Australia there. Overseas there. Overseas and international flights international flights into Russia are about major change with just a few months left before all air communication will have to be conducted in English. Now

conducted in English. Now that

means Russian pilots and air traffic controllers are cramming language lessons in the short time they have left before March. It's hoped the new policy new policy will prevent communication breakdown s some

of which have come too close to dast ner the past. It's another

busy day at Moscow's airport.

There are comings and goings and aircraft all over. And none of this could happen if

none of this could happen if air traffic controllers and pilots didn't understand each other. In Russia, communication for international flights uses English and Russian. But in

March of next year, to international aviation rules, that will change to

English only. A reporting of

English only. A reporting of an exchange between a Swiss exchange between a Swiss pilot and and a Russian controller

earlier this year explains why

In this air traffic control simulator trainees are being

put through their put through their paces. We're

trying to achieve them to think

in English language. It's not only that Russia's international aeroplanes will

be English only starting in

March, there will also be a big

jump in the minimum level of

English required in control

English required in control ow

towers an cockpits that has traffic controller an pilots scrambling to catch up. Andrey

is used to taking charge of his

767 but that's nothing compared to international aviation to raising to raising his English ability to international 4. Sometimes I remember words to international aviation level

about I think what is to use this word and it is about I think what is it, how

to use this word and it is difficult. Difficult but necessary for international pilots and Russia, it will soon be only or stay Two teenage boys Two teenage boys have been

arrested on suspicion of

starting Israel's deadly forest fiers. Israel says it's brought

the fire in the north of the country under control. It's now

cancelled a request cancelled a request to send Australian fire fighters to help with the blaze. At least 41 people have died

41 people have died in 41 people have died in the fires. 2 Ivory Coast presidential candidates have

taken matters into their own

hands to resolve a disputed election. Incumbent election. Incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo and both claimed victory both claimed victory and sworn themselves in. Mr Wottara was

initially declared the winner but a court overturned but a court overturned the result in Mr result in Mr Gbagbo's favour. Former South African

Former South African leader Thabo Mbeki has been flown into

Ivory Coast to mediate between

the two leaders. And the Egyptian coast card is search for a shark that gilled a for a shark that gilled a German woman near the resort town of Sharm el Sheikh. 3

Russians and 1 Ukrainian tourist was injured in a

separate mauling last week. Authorities water saying that captured water saying that captured the shark responsible. Officials have again closed the beach where the German woman

where the German woman was

killed. The top stories this

morning - authorities confident Castlereagh River banks will hold in Coonamble

where flood waut rers where flood waut rers peaking.

1,000 people were eveackuated

from their homes in the area to from their homes in the area to

escape the rising waters. And

in Wagga wag, the in Wagga wag, the Murrumbidgee

is expected to peak at 10 metres this evening, potential

ly affecting 700 people. The

national farmer's federation is warming warming that swarms

warming that swarms of locusts been destroyed and horse racing are headed for green areas of been destroyed and horse racing meetings cancelled because of says the Prime the pests. And the Coalition

reveal her attitude towards cable says the former PM Kevin Rudd told the US prepared to use force against

China. The Opposition China. The Opposition says

Julia Gillard must now say if she shares her

she shares her predecessor's

view. In finance news the IMF is expected to doing enough to help the economy recover. A report by the IMF say asbiger rescue fund is needed for countries in trouble. It also

The chief of the IMF

present the report

present the report on the Eurozone economy this week in finance this week in finance the ANZ Bank will release November's job ad figures

Tomorrow the RBA board discuss interes rates with many commentators Wednesday the ABS reveals the housing October, the ABS will also release the labour force figures for Thursday. And on the same

abual doubt there will be lottings new part Lachlan Murdoch and

Boulevard but the star didn't seem

Jacqui weefr are performers honoured in a new walk of fame. walk of fame. The NSW Premier hopes the become Australia's become Australia's Broadway. The leading Australian stage were on their

knees to knees to accept the honour of a mention on

think it's a beautiful gesture. I

I think it's celebrating people plaque, just recording the star's name and year of

age. I'm one of the handful of actresses actresses who haven't. The Premier did the honours. Today we celebrate their we celebrate their contribution to NSW. their contribution to their contribution to the arts in this city

in this city in this State and indeed to indeed to this country. The

creation of the theatre walk is

part of the particular site when it's fully of the week with wonderful and present on the walk. Their names were selected by names were selected by an independent

moment there are no definite plans to add to that number that could change. The that could change. The plaque's all well and Jacki weefr could have a good

shot at another Oscar, for her powerful performance in An Mal Kingdom. Who knows, I'd be launched into the strat fear excitement, I'd be beside myself. The Oscar nominations will

next month. Certainly honours on the Offereins ing for the Australian cricket for the Australian cricket team

at the moment. Pierce haul Kennedy. In just a little we'll find out what England's plans are for today. Predictions of rain later Predictions of rain later this afternoon over England will need out or not. Let's take out or not. Let's take a look at

at what happened yesterday with Kevin Pietersen making 200. England headed into day 3 ready to big 100 for Pietersen big 100 for Pietersen and England.

with 100. Ryan Harris was with 100. Ryan Harris was the main hope with the ball. In one over

of Cook. Inside edge, yes! The partnership partnership worth 175. The dismissal Collingwood joining in the run fest. But most of the tricks were coming from Pietersen who smashed his way to 150 taking the lead past 200 to Shane Watson after the break and it paid and it paid immediate dividends

when he snared Collingwood. was a batsman's paradise and Ian Bell had little trouble with the attack but it was a full toss. Australia was powerless to stop him. powerless to stop him. The players were behind by more than 300 with a behind by more than 300 with a session to go. That's big, that is big, is big, he's planted the front foot and nailed it. The foot and nailed it. The side needed the heavens delivered with the players days Australia has some hope drawing the Test drawing the Test and keeping the series locked at 0-0. the series locked at 0-0. There has been some joy for the moment. They're on top of the

world it seems, they had World Cup on the weekend and they performed really That's the team pursuit. that team

22, he won the Oppy medal last night Opperman to Opperman to recognise Australia's best cyclist Cameron Meyer won that over Anna Meares and Cadel That's quite and he's got a big Premier League there there were

goals scored this morning by

Sunderland scored a 1-0 victory

over West Ham over West Ham and West Brom scored a Newcastle. Let's look at the goals. West Ham offside,. It's Henderson that Henderson that gives Henderson that gives Sunderland the lead.

Albion. Choi, shooting chance and he's found the net. It's another terrific goal another terrific goal from the Cameroon midfielder. Cameroon midfielder. Mistake by Guthrie. Chance here, they've

also got bram.

need anybody. Comprehensive in the Comprehensive in the end for West Brom yich. The the Gold Coast scoring a win yesterday against Melbourne Heart

Heart 3-0, really disheartening result there result there for the Melbourne-based in its first season and there was another match between the Phoenix and the

They've got the goal now, the Gold Coast. In the end the referee I think from the angle referee I think from the angle he was watching. Now Cullina taking his time against Bolton

and he got a hand to it couldn't keep it out.

Colosimo stayed down, thought

but instead he's keep onside. It's of a deflection off the 45 minutes, flag stays down, Sigmund drives it across and they've equalised. Whatever was said at half time has worked a

believe it, from a set piece.

boy sends Canterbury

lead. And Michael, lead. And Michael, we've talked enough about the cricket so I Meyer while I can. That young

rider, who I think we can see

some more vision of him some more vision of him from the weekend in the the weekend in the team pursuit, he won world championships earlier this year and then you would have seen his work, the Commonwealth Games. Yes, one of the stars. Ees

generally has depth. Very baby they, but they seem to be getting great results. Anna Meares is very much of course the elder states woman of team still bringing in the results but team the elder states woman of the

results but with talent coming

through like Meyer and his brother who pulled out of the Games because of health Games because of health and security fears, the future is security fears, the future is

looking rosy for the cycling

team. And they say of Cameron Meyer going to focus on the London

Olympics and try to be Olympics and try to be part of

the team pursuit win there and hopefully win

hopefully win a gold medal hopefully win a gold medal and

then he's going to be property on the road property on the road cycling in the Tour de France, particularly, being so strong

as a sprinter and he won the

national championship road race

this year. So it amazes me how

they're so good on all

they're so good on all those different disciplines. Thanks, Paul. Now here's Vanessa with

the weather. Plenty of moisture

remains over the moist easterly winds continue

to feed into a trough near

Queensland. So for today the

heaviest rainfalls in the east

will be over south-east Queensland and north-east NSW.

We have another trough that's

travelling over the south

bringing heavier rain to southern South Australia. southern South Australia. A

high over the Tasman is high over the Tasman is weakening but it is being

replaced by another high pressure system. So over the next couple of days the high

will strengthen while a low pressure trough from Western

Australia travels across South

Australia. Tomorrow it will meet a cold Southern Ocean and that trough

is expected to reach central Victoria late Wednesday

bringing over 50 mm of rain to

central areas. Now with already saturated grounds and overflowing rivers Wednesday will be of concern for will be of concern for

emergency crews, e specially in Queensland and NSW where Queensland and NSW where flood

warnings are still in place. A

flood watch is current for the north-west, south-west and central west districts of NSW.

In Queensland today, morning

drizzle near the south-east

coast with moist north-easterly winds,

east, the tropics and into southern inland areas, 29 degrees in degrees in Bundaberg. Shower

will remain over most of swais. We'll see about 105 mm. We'll see about 105 mm. Some areas could get 10 but the heaviest rain will be in in the

north-east corner. For Victoria

warm and humid with scattered

showers, hail and isolated

thunderstorms this afternoon.

This morning rain is falling

over the Wimmera and south-west

seeing nearly 40 mm fall seeing nearly 40 mm fall ing. Tasmania,

Tasmania, fine and dry although lit be

throughout the north and east.

South Australia, a cloudy day

with afternoon showers an

storms and humid north-easterly

winds. For cricket very heavy

rain after lunch. It should continue through until tomorrow. Today Adelaide could

get more than 20 mm of rain and double of that expected

tomorrow. Isolated showers

about southern WA. Now about southern WA. Now they should clear should clear from inland areas

later on this afternoon but hot and dry conditions up in

northern Western Australia.

Fire warnings for parts of shire of Ashburton and shire of Ashburton and east

Pilbara. In in the Northern Territory scattered showers an

storms across the interior and Top End.

Now stay tuned to ABC News Now stay tuned to ABC News 24 throughout the day for all the

latest on the flooding

situation across NSW. We heard

from the Coonamble mayor that

the Castlereagh River near

Coonamble is expected to peak

any time over the next few

hours so we'll have all the latest on those developments.

Stay tuned to the network

throughout the day but goodbye. Closed Captions by CSI throughout the day but for now

This Program is Captioned Live. This morning Live. This morning residents

watch anxious l as swollen rivers threaten regional NSW.

It's going to be tragic for a lot of families around here, especially before

Christmas. And as the flood

waters push south so do the locusts, threatening vast vegetable crop.

Also this morning - Wayne

Swan puts the on his plans to rein in the banks. And rain, banks. And rain, Australia's

only hope to save the second

Ashes Test in Adelaide Good morning, you're watching

ABC News 24, I'm Joe O'Brien.

The flood emergency in NSW dominates our bulletins this morning but first let's take