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I I have selected the deliver the Government's

priorities in 2012 which priorities in 2012 which are

about jobs an the economy and fairness. The Prime Minister

ABC Radio's 'A.M.' Julia Gillard speaking there on

earlier this morning. The

defendsed his akszs at last British Prime Minister has

week's Eurozone summit. David

Cameron was cheered and jeered

in Parliament as he explained

why he refused to sign EU streety changes. Most European capitals proudly show the

European flag but not London.

The political quarter here is full of which empire and it's that spirit

which is now the in the

ascendancy. You can argue

whether dram's use of the veto in Brussels meant anything or

not. You can argue whether financial regulation of

the banks is a good or a bad

thing. In the end it's not

actually the point. The point

him is that the people who support

him see themselves as heirs match Margaret Thatcher Winston Churchill. Dram was

has done simply simple and trying his best to seem

logical. I responded to the

freety change in good faith, German and French proposal for

genuinely looking to reach

whole of the European Union. agreement at the level of the

With the necessary safeguards for Britain. Those safeguards

on the single market and on financial services were modest, reasonable

reasonable and relevant. But many in his party now sense an opportunity to withdraw

entirely from Europe. This is the moment at which the United Kingdom really recognised the

logic of not being inside the euro. The other countries want

to carry on with political integration, political union.

We were always going to be

outside that room. Many argued

that Cameron's veto was pointless since the European

Union can still impose new

rules on the Banks which he

all wanted to avoid. The view of

all this from the continent is

a mim fur of - mixture of be wilderment, and some pleasure

way. Britain's place is in that Britain is out

Europe but you can't convince

them. It's like somebody in

said you can't prevent ing Brussells on Friday morning


someone if they want someone if they want to commit suicide. But one absentee in the debate was a suicide. But one Claring

liberal who hates Prime Minister has done. The liberal who hates what the

logic is for Britain to leave

years. Europe entirely in the coming

years. The Conservatives are celebrating. Europe and the new

power brokers in placing like

India and China probably have other preoccupations and

Britain's faint splendid isolation. Veteran

leader Sir Michael Somare is

expected to be reinstated as

Papua New Guinea's Prime

Minister. The country's Supreme Minister. The country's Supreme

Court ruled the election of his constitutional. Sir psych successor Peter O'Neill was un

Michael was strers ally removed

from office in August while he

as out of the country Osieck

seeking medical treatment. The

court found there was never a vacancy in the Prime Minister's

office and therefore the election of Mr O'Neill was

unawful. Kevin Rudd says he is

deeply concerned about the deeply concerned about

follow that close ly throughout situation in PNG and

the day on ABC News 24. Melbourne's Monash free way

is likely to remain closed all

continue morning as the clean-up

continue s after an accident

involving two trucks overnight. One semitrailer lost its One semitrailer lost its load.

A concrete beam which hit a

south-east. The accident caused bridge pylon in Mulgrave in the

a second truck travelling in

the ob sit destruction swerve and lose its loads. Both the ob sit destruction to

drivers were uninjured. The drivers

closure is causing major closure is causing

delays. Joining me now with an

update on trsk conditions as a

result of that crash is ABC is in a chopper of the seen. reporter Stephanie March. She reporter

Explain for Melbourne where is this in Explain for people outside

relation to the Melbourne CBD? It's about 15km from

Melbourne's CBD, it's the main arterial comes from the south and the south-eastern suburbs. So it is one of coming into Melbourne of a morning. So it would morning. So it would see thousands of cars come through here, heading inbound during

the morning peak. We've seen

many of those cars banked up

for about a kilometre before


Obviously we're on the phone

chopper there overlooking the to Stephanie, she's in the

'S - site. It eit it's a 'S - site. It eit it's a dodgy

line. But we might o bo Go back

to that shot. There is a crane on site there now. As we mentioned in

interview started with discussion before, the

Stephanie, there was a semi

going one way.Idth it had concrete beam on the trailer going one way.Idth it had &

and that came and that came loose and hit the

pylon. You can see the man pylon. You can see the man ash

freeway is close ed in both

directions there. We expect it

will be closed obviously for

some time now with work still

continuing there. I am not sure

if we have Stephanie March back

just yet. But there are other

routes in the area thousands of people taking

those alternative routes this morning, including Dandenong

Road and Eastlink and the traffic has been backing up on those

those roads. Dean from Victoria Roads Victoria Roads says tleelg at

least a lot of work to be done before the clean-up is

completing. He is saying

Worksafe is on site and police

and Vic Roads will take many

hours to clean this area up.

The roads are unlikely to The roads are unlikely to be re

ep opened until this afternoon.

Stephanie you're in the chopper

that we're getting this shot

from. It looks like there's a

crane trying to clear the for some time. It is site? The crane has been there

for some time. It is triefing

to move the bridge girder which fell off the back of the truck. It's there now trying to move

it. I think those truckous can

see in the left they will take

that away once they planning to

move it. Just further back move it. Just further back you

can see another truck next to

the sand. That was the second truck

That was on the centre strip there for some time this

morning. They have managed to

move it on to the inbound lane. All that sand is covering up diesel spill from the truck. But

But I understand they found that overpass to be

structurally safe. You can see cars going across it. It's

amazing that we can see the crane working over that and

there are cars still using that

overpass. I can't imagine they

will be trying to go too fast.

They will be trying good look at all. That is another way for people to get

back on the freeway. It will

take some piem to clean that up. They have to repair the centre barrier, clean up the

spill, they're saying that the two outbound lane s will be

open under speed restrictions

around lunchtime and tin bounds lanes will remain closed until this afternoon. They are hoping

to have them open by the

afternoon peak hour. This

happened earlier this morning.

Were people taking other transport means is? Is there a

good rail link out there to the

south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne? It happened last

night around midday so night

people have had plenty people have had plenty of time if they were listening to the

radio and watching the TV. I understand there's been some

train delays on a number of

lines in Melbourne. I don't

know if they're related. Train

delays are not un usual in delays are not un usual in this part of the world. Other ar

tear ials are a bit of a mess.

From what I can see, people have

take ing the earlier exits and

getting off the freeway before

they depet Get to this choked

point. Where they go from there

I am sure it's clogged getting

into the city. People very fr

have been saying expect two to

three hours added to three hours added to your journey getting into town this morning. The cameraman morning. The cameraman just

panned to a round which is

virtually underneath the

chopper and it looked like the

traffic was moving fair traffic was moving fair ly freely. Traffic is moving

fairly free ly along that road

but you were saying that

those other routes. I think

some of the roads exactly where we are not doing too badly. Vic

Roads was urging people Roads was urging people to take

Eastlink which will take you to

the northern freeway going in

bound. I think a lot of people

tried to get on that Eastlink

and that's clogged up the northern freeway. The people northern freeway. The people at Dandenong Road, there, I Dandenong Road, there, I think people have taken the smaller

roads aren't doing too badly

but some of the big est diversions have been a little bit chaotic. Stephanie it looks like you might be up

there for some time yet as work

continues there. Thank you for that information. Thank you. The US you. The US President says

Iraq's emergence has created a

beacon of democracy in the Arab

world. Barack Obama held talks

with the Iraqi Prime Minister

Nouri al-Maliki in Washington. The 9-year US involvement The 9-year US involvement in

Iraq will come toton an end

this month. Mr Obama says Iraq

can now act as a model for

other countries looking to McMurtrie joins us now from Wa

War. Craig, was this meeting

basically set up to underline

the end of the US combat

involvement there? Yes, joe, it

certainly was set up. This

whole week the White House has

various commem raekss planned

to mark the ends of the combat

phase. In truth, Ho hostilities or that combat phase ended a

while back. There are only a

few thousand US troops left in

Iraq. They will be all out

within weeks by December 31. transact. In essence the sort

of relationship between the two

countries in the years to come and on that front both leaders

today when they spoke to reporters were

emphasise that they want to normalise relations and effectively have a normal relationship between sovereign nations. Barack Obama stressing that Iraq's need for sovereignty and independence and certainly Nouri al-Maliki

making that point as making that point as well, speaking to reporters about the

need to build Iraq's security

forces, get military hardware from the US and grow the economy. I know here in Australia Australia there is still Australia there is still a suggestion that Australian special foss might stay behind

even after even after 2014 to help with training. What continuing US

involvement will there still be

there after December 31? This

is one of the sensitive areas,

as the withdrawal is complete.

The size of the US foot print,

in essence it boils down to up

to 200 military trainer, dip

low mats and contractors, - many of them security contractors and that is an issue of some sensitivity, with

Iraqi journalists asking the US

President why the need for President why the need for that

larger contingent left behind.

Barack Obama at pains to point

out there will not be any bases, the US soldiers rin deed pulling out but he is making

the point that because many US

civilians will still be

travelling to Baghdad,

travelling to Iraq, helping to

build the economy, ramp up oil

production, providing technical

expertise, et cetera, he

wantses to ensure safety. Is there a sense there

amongst the US public that this

is a job undone, that the

Americans are getting out too

soon or that it is the time to leave? Well, whether or not it's a PR exercise, there

have nonetheless been images in

the News the last 24 hour,

there will be more in the days

ahead, many soldiers will be returning from Iraq and

surprising their families. surprising their families. You look at public and there is majority support

for a withdrawal from Iraq, though of course Republican

critics are saying that this is

all about politics, that the President wanted to get troops out ahead of the 2012 election election next year. Barack Obama and the administration has been pretty clear about its time table. He is making the point that he is delivering on his promise of getting

out by the ends of the year,

but they're also talking about a building institutions in a building institutions in Iraq

that is the press, the that is the press, the police, the this creating a model of

democracy in the region that is what they

what they want Iraq to grow

into. There are many unanswered questions How Nouri al-Maliki will go holding the forces together in his battered

country. It is still very

fragile there and he has by

most Aboriginal #iss judgment

here at least been sometimes tricky negotiator for Barack Obama to engage

Obama to engage with. And as

you mentioned this is an important moment in the Obama presidency. It certainly is an

important moment in presidency. It's been

interesting of late how some of

the Republican contenders who

are vying for party's

nomination to compete against

Barack Obama next year had Barack Obama next year had been tackling him tackling him over foreign policy, by most judgment looks

at polls, that is one at polls, that is one year

where Barack Obama is judged

well, to have performed well well, to have performed well by many Americans of course the

popular view here is that the

economy is where he is much more vulnerable and I think

that is where a lot more effort

will go in the weeks and months

aheads as we start to get into the serious part campaigning. For more

details on the top stories to &

and to send us your comments

and pictures please contact us.

The Prime Minister Julia

Gillard has rejectedings suggestions she didn't have the

authority to push more members

off her frontbench out of

Cabinet. The Cabinet now has 22

members with only Kim Carr forced out. The afr the

aftermath of an overnight truck track on Monash freeway is cause ing calve hof yok.

Tension appears to have eased

in Papua New Guinea after the

Supreme Court ordered the reinstatement of

Somare. The court ruled Sir

Michael's removal from office

in August was unawful in August was unawful - unlawful.

It was one of the key

moments in the British phone hacking scandal - the

allegation that messages allegation that messages left on the phone of murdered school

girl Millie Dowler were deleted by someone working for the

'News of the World'. But a

police lawyer has told an

inquiry into media standards

that the paper may not have

been responsible after all. It was the story that ignited public revulsion, placed the press under intense

presses to a halt. It was the claim

claim by 'The Guardian' last

July that the 'News of the World' had hacked World' had hacked into the

phone of the missing school girl Milly Dowler and they had

deleted messages from her voice mail. It was this latder action, the deleting of message, that Milly's mother

Sally told the inquiry last

month had given her hope. I

rang her phone and it - phone

and it clicked flu to her voice

mail so I heard her voice and it was just like I jumped,

she's picked up her voice mails,

mails, she's mails, she's alive. It was then really. The 'News of the World'

investigator glen Mulcairr has

always denied deleting Milly

Dowler's voice mail Dowler's voice mail messages and today the inquiry and today the inquiry heard that the Metropolitan Police

had discovered email evidence

to support that. It is unlikely

that anything Mr Mulcairr did

was responsible for what Mrs Dowler heard when she called

Milly's phone. So the 'News of

the World' did hack into Milly

Dowler's phone, that is not contested:

contested: But it seems its

investigate or mull care investigate or mull care didn't delete delete messages. Yet as council counsel for the Dowlers point

aut over three days with her

abduction her message were interfering with. Someone continue ing to access continue ing to access that

voice mail between 21 and 24th

and did delete those voicemail messages which gave rise to

Sally Dowler being able to

findly to get through to her daughter's voice mail. Why daughter's voice mail. Why does this matder? What happened to

the Dowlers, had a significance

in call causing this whole

inquiry to be set up. As

as anything else, Lord Justice

Leveson said he would try to get to get to the bottom of what really did happen. New really did happen. New indictry guidelines for children as

young as 7 months old are young as 7 months old are aimed at trying to stop the obesity

epidemic. They're part of the NNHMCC guidelines. The new advice provides more

information about what kinds of

food prevent chronic diseases,

the draft also outlines the

dietary needs of pregnant

an baby force the first an baby force the first time. The chair woman of the The chair woman of the dietary

guidelines review committee Dr

Ammana Lee says most Australians need to eat greens. Firstly, vegetables,

we've got a lot better data we've got a lot better data now

about the types of vegetables

we need to eat. We need to eat a lot more orange and green

leafly vegetables an a lot less

starchy veg rablingables. starchy veg rablingables. Most of you would know that as

potatoes and the most potatoes and the most common way to eat that is as potato chips and crisps in so that is not consistent with

optimum health gain. The optimum health gain. The other thing too is for some products we now have very we now have very strong

evidence that suggests that sugar sweetened beverages - softdrinks, the energy drinks,

caffeine fortified ones in

particular, are associated with

increased weight gain in increased weight gain in most adults and children. So adults and children. So the dietary guidelines have

strengthened to say we really should

should avoid those sugary should avoid those sugary

drinks. Hundreds of drinks. Hundreds of people are expected to attend morning's funeral for former Governor-General Sir Jane

Cowan. He tied - Zelman Cowen.

He battled with Parkinsons

disease for years. He became

the Governor-General in 1977,

after a tush lents period in

Australian politics. And was

credited with restoring the public's faith in the role. Sir

Zelman's other achievements

included being a member of

General Douglas - General Douglas - Douglas

McArthur's staff. He was also rods scholar. Rhodes scholar

wfrmts le bring you live coverage of his state coverage of his state funeral

from the Israel nothing in St Kilda. That should start around 11am this morning eastern day light

savings time. That is here savings time. That is here on

ABC News 24.

In cricket, Australian captain Michael Clarke captain Michael Clarke says the Australian domestic schedule

means some of his batsmen will

find it hard to re discover their Boxing Day Test against India

in Melbourne. After yesterday's shock 746 run loss to New Zealand in Hobart, the Aussie dlair players focus shifts the new Twenty20 competition which starts this which starts this week. Sheffield Shield and domestic

one-day fixtures won't resume

un until February. There is no

News 24-day cricket now for NSW. We go back Twenty20 cricket. If that is

the case for somebody or people that

that get dropped they will go have to go back they will go have to go back to

Twenty20 and score some runs an

then picked back into the Test team. Michael Clarke there

after that loss yesterday. India's coach

Australia as out of form but

still dangerous ahead of the

four Test series. They do come

back fighter and I think it's

crucial what MS said earlier.

We don't want to lood look at

their game but look at our

game. If we can put in the

performances that the side is capable of and we stay away good chance in Australia. But

at the ind of the day they have

some good Ricketers there

some good Ricketers there who

are out of form and we have to be wary that we try to keep

them out of form. That will be the most critical area we have to play to. The The bowlers are talented. Of course when you don't have your main don't have your main bowlers,

you need a bit of time and once you need a bit of time and once the youngsters they play more

and more games, that is how

they get experience at the top

level. I think taent wise we

will there to be a good will be part of the

side. Should be a great series. Geoff

Geoff Ogilvy and Robert Allenby appear to have buried in

hatchet after their well publicised feud after the President's Kun. They've President's Kun. They've made

contact this weak Week ahead of the Australian Masters the Australian Masters which starts on Thursday. As Guy

Stayner report, Greg chaum eser

will - Chalmer s will be hoping to add the title h his most

recent. It is not often you see

an Australian champion miss the ball once already three Still Greg Chalmers is comfort

confident his ball strike

willing bh better this weekend. Victory would make him the

second player to win golf's triple crown. It's certainly

motivating. I don't think I would be here otherwise. And would be here otherwise. And I think it's just something that

it would be a nice - you always

want to have that nice little

piece of history and if you

that opportunity you have to

jump at it. If I could wish

anyone else to win it, it would be be him. Chalmers was part of

the 20th rob erts Allenby

charity. They're both trying to

beat world number one Luke

Donald this week who the first player to top the

money list on both the US and European tours in the same

year. I look back at this year. I look back at this year as being my greatest year for

sure. Hopefully I can continue

to improve. I feel I have a lot to achieve in this game. This

is something I will never

forget. It's a coup that we got

him down here. And I think if anyone is on coming to watch they should come and see him. A come and see him. A President

Cup between Ogilvy and alien

Lenny appears heeled. I called him last night and left a message on his phone

explained some things and just told him I was sorry that it came came across the way it did. I

never had an issue with Robert,

just what he said to the

press. Things get taken out of

con text pretty quickly.

Ogilvy says it would be fun to play week. Now for an update week. Now for an update on the wet err.

Today's satellite image

still very cloudy

WA and with more heavy rain forecast for today the cloud

off the east coast surrounds a

low off the NSW coast yesterday

and the rain band is nod now

over the Ocean. As we can see,

the low is in the Tasman, so

just show airs long parts of

the Ice coast, in Queensland

the trough is shifting slightly north with rain right across

the tropics. The deep trough

over WA is causing rain to the

south. In Queensland - isolated

afternoon showers and possible thunderstorm for

thunderstorm for the south-east. Very unstable

condition over the tropics with

showers and storms

about Cardwell to crentry mine.

NSW, a cently mine. NSW a Zhou

showers about the coastal

ranges. Victoria - isolated

showers in the south, especially over East Gippsland, clearing from the south-west

this afternoon. A cool day for

Tasmania with isolated showers

about the west, south and the

north-east and in SA light showers around agriculturial area should clear

by mid eday. WA - we will by mid eday. WA - we will see

rain across most of the south,

heavy falls are likely for the great southern district to

Gascoyne and across to the

Goldfields and back down to the

south South Coast. Rain will ease later ease later in the day. Gusty afternoon storm for the

northern half of the northern half of the territory but it will be mostly fine in the south. Tomorrow: That is where we will

leave ABC1 viewers. Stay with

ABC News 24 for continuing ABC News 24 for continuing news coverage throughout the day.

Soon we will be chatting to

Liam Fox our PNG correspondent after those after those dramatic political developments in Port Moresby overnight. Closed Captions by CSI This morning - the Prime Minister's new Cabinet members sell their credentials. I have

done almost 40 forum, almost

4,000 older Australians have

attended those forums. I am

very, very graitsful to the Prime Minister for the

challenge that she's set me. This Program is Captioned

Live. Also today Monash freeway remains closed,

traffic cray Kaye yos spreads

across the city. Tensions ease

in Papua New Guinea after Sir

Michael Somare reenters the

political scene. And time's up,

Aussie captain Michael Clarke

concedes Phil Hughes will have

to go. He needs to find to go. He needs to find some

run, it's as simple as that. If

he doesn't he will have to score some for