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As confusion grows over fees

and charges, the Fair Trading

Department is warning potential

investors in retirement village

to research their contract carefully. Greg Miskelly

carefully. Greg Miskelly

reports. For some, it's the

promise of a more caring

community and for others the

combination of low maintenance

living and group activities but

it all comes with a cost and

some residents are now

wondering about their decision

to buy, lease or invest in the

retirement village life.

residents are Unfortunately, intending

residents are not fully briefed

by their lawyers or other

advisers into what are the

provisions of the act and the

circumstances in a retirement

village. Malcolm McKenzie

leads the retirement village

residents' association, a lobby

group of over 5,000 residents. group of over 5,000

In his opinion, many retirement

profiteering village operators are

profiteering through excessive

fees. We have just been

through many village budgets

with their residents'

committees and we have found

that they are expected to carry

unfair loads. It's a simple

problem with a complex cause.

Unlike normal housing,

retirementivalages sell a

lifestyle and so offer a mix of

payment methods from leases to

payment methods from leases to

strata holdings to loan

licences and the contract vary

from village to village. In

Swansea near Newcastle, Betty

and Rob Harvey feel trapped by

a contract that while charging

them fees also locks them into

a capital loss if they decide

to sell. When we read through

our contract, there were

certain things we took out of

our contract and took up with

the solicitor and some we got

the solicitor and some we got

answers in writing and some we

got answers verbally and

unfortunately it was the verbal

ones that we got that were the

most important. The NSW

department of fair trading

oversees the village oversees the village sector.

Deputy Commissioner road Stow

says residents need to be well informed . It is important if

someone is thinking about

someone is thinking about

getting into a retirement

village they obtain the

precontractual material, have

representative and talk to it explained to them by a legal

their family. Last their family. Last year

Virginia Judge, the Minister Virginia Judge, the

for fair trading and the arts, delivered legislation, bringing

major reforms it to the major reforms it to

Retirement Village Act and its

regulations regarding fees and

costs. We were hoping we might

be able to get a much better

situation where there

situation where there was a bit

more prescription so that

residents knew exactly where

they stood. Jan pricht is the secretary of the secretary of

associationicise. She associationicise. She was

hoping to see less ambig uties

on repairs and maintenance.

When the legislation was being

formulated we had quite a lot

of meetings with them and

of meetings with them and also

with the Minister and with the

through policy officers to try to work

through some of these

problems. To many in the

sector, this draft clause on

capital maintenance sought to

define what was a repair and

what was a replacement cost and

who paid for what but when the

legislative council rework ed

the final legislation in

December, the draft capital

maintenance definition was maintenance definition

struck out. There was an

attempt to try and resolve that

issue by having the payments issue by having the

split right down the middle

split right down the middle

with 50-50 paid by residents

and operators. Unfortunately,

through the legislative process

it became clear there wasn't

support amongst the

stakeholders for that proposal. What village

residents are afraid of is that residents are afraid of is

instead of gaining clarity they

may have been delivered into a

legal grey zone where everyday

handyman jobs turn into major

disputes. Neil Smith says the

new regulations are failing.

We have now discovered that

this is literally thousands of

dollars involved in this

failure to interpret what is a

repair and what is a

replacement. He was surprised

when this year, as a bondholder

in his complex, he was asked to

help fund a 7-digit exterior painting bill by the

painting bill by the new

commercial owner. When the

draft regulations were put out,

included as a regulation, was

that the external painting of a

village would be the cost

responsibility of the operator.

Now on the 18th of December,

when the final regulation was

put out, we discovered that that regulation had been

completely removed. What

completely removed. What may

be maintenance to some villages

can be a capital item in others can be a capital item in

clearly. Fees and charges and it needs to be defined more

clearly. Fees and charges are

not only an issue for

residents. When his father

Henry Gamble passed away,

Victorian Peter Gamble Victorian Peter Gamble was

hoping for a quick sale of his

parm. It has been up for sale

for just over 18 months now and in that period

in that period the service fees

have amounted to $19,000.

Despite being empty, the

Gambles' unit is still accum

ulating fees and service charges under its strata

contract. The impact is we

really can't wrap up my

father's affairs and near ly

two years down the track we're

still maintaining a folder of

correspondence, we're still get

monthly letters and the invoice

ess every month, we get the

electricity bills every quarter

so there's all this still sort

of hanging around. Peter has

recently spoken to fair trading

about the private operators who

are responsible for organising

the sale. We asked them to

drop the price by about

$20,000. We didn't get response to that $20,000. We didn't get a

response to that particular

point in that particular

letter. The advice from Fair

Trading is that when disputes

arise residents should first

seek resolution through the

department. I would recommend

that anybody who had those

sorts of concerns come in the

first instance to NSW Fair

Trading and we'll see if we

can't intercede to over come

the dispute. Where disputes

are unresolved, residents are

able to afeel peel to the

consumer trade

consumer trade and tenancy

tribunal but Rod Stow says

there were only 8 cases heard

last year. Out of 600

retirement village that's a

small number and not evidence

of major market failure. This

year, I believe already there

are far more than 8

applications gone in just in

the last couple of months and

this is because so many people are rejecting their

are rejecting their budgets

this year. Rod Stow also says

the debate on capital

maintenance charges clouds many

positive changes in the new

legislation. There's a

significant number of reform s

that improve the position of

residents. One is the 90-day

settling-in period that means

if a resident movinise to a

retirement village, find it's

not for them, they can

extricate themselves out of the

contract without penalty.

While the reform process is

finalised for now, the private

industry is happy to talk about

further reform. We're open to

talk about issues that talk about issues that impact

our industry. Our view is that

the more clarity we can have

within the legislation, the

more fair and trans parent our situation is so

situation is so we would always

welcome the opportunity to sit

down with Government, with the

residents and the residents'

association. The Opposition has

developed a policy to standardise all village

contracts. In the meantime, Malcolm McKenzie will continue

to assist residents and their

village committees

village committees resolve

problems with operators.

Unfortunately on the residents

to see that those legislative provisions

provisions have been carried

out to the letter by the

operators. Oh, for the good old

days when the accepted mantra

was spare the rod, spoil was spare the rod, spoil the

child, and a jolly good

thrashing was considered a

necessary part of education.

You can just hear the kids of

today begging to be flogged for

their own good. It was the

fundamental approach to schooling in Australia schooling in Australia as

elsewhere and it's coming back,

at least in an instructive way

un-Sydney's rapidly expanding

north weps. The Rouse Hill

School, built in 1888, has been restored to its restored to its original

condition and has emerged as a

new teaching tool about the

old. Geoff Sims reports from

the late

the late 19th century.

The inslns of that child! I

was forced to give him two

strokes of the cane. Miss fox

may have been a meanie, at

least by today's standards,

though strict is probably the

way her contemporaries would

have seen her. Yes, Miss fox.

Like lambs to the slaughter,

the children of this rural

neighbourhood of Rouse Hill

came to enjoy or endure the

privilege of an education many

other children in remoter

communities were denied. Good

morning to you all. Good

morning, Miss Fox. I'm pleased

to see you have all made it

this morning and you didn't have to stay and work on the

farm. Everybody in their lines,

girls and boys. Boys, follow

behind the girls. It's just

like yesteryear, or even

further back than most of us

can remember, though the can remember, though the school

was still in use until only

seven years ago. What we've

been able to do is to restore

that, to take it back to its

19th century appearance, to

re-create the whole historic school interior with the

stuffed animals, with the ink

wells with the pens and what we

can do now is give modern

children that Victorian school experience. experience.

# God save our gracious # God save our gracious Queen

# Long live our noble

Queen... Queen Vic may have been

been amused but it could also

be muse took a Republican's


# Send home # Send home victorious

# Happy and # Happy and glorious

# Long to reign over

# Long to reign over us

# God save the Queen

# God save the Queen #

Looking down as some believe

the erstwhile Queen is doing,

possibly wincing, you can see

in the 21st century that Rouse

Hill is pretty much the way Hill is pretty much the way it

was in the 19th. Despite the

ever increasing encroach ment

of Sydney's suburban sprawl.

Just behind you is Sydney's fastest growing

fastest growing area, something

like a third of NSW primary

children now live out here.

This is where the families are.

5 or-10 years ago it was part

of the countryside, today it's

part of Sydney. Retaining such

a big expanse of land and its

buildings as it all was, buildings as it all was, and

keeping it away from the

developers, will allow developers, will allow visiting

students from current schools

far and wide, to experience a little of how

little of how life used to be.

It's not exactly the theme park

that old Sydney town on that old Sydney town on the

Central Coast used to be, but Central Coast used to be, but a

bit of costume drama doesn't go

astray, it leaves the kids

spellbound. H-I-L-T, hilt.

H-I-L-T, hilt. There's H-I-L-T, hilt. There's a

whole new demand for kids to

come and see animals, to see

farm life, we've got farm life, we've got the

wonderful farm buildings

surviving as well as the surviving as well as the house

here good ewe think here good ewe think that's

going to be an absolutely great

experience for more and more

schoolchildren. It's a bit of a

change from the real thing.

Students from the Students from the modern-day

Rouse Hill public school nearby

are sitting in for their 19th

are sitting in for their 19th century counterparts and

they're terrific to a T.

T-H-I-N, thin. But discipline

is thorough, with a Th. I

think I heard a F. That will

never do. After me. T-H-I-N,

thin. Outside, the 21st century

is showing some muscle,

readying the schoolgrounds for

their new lease on life, though

their new lease on life, though

it's not all down to modern

machinery. A teaching

amphitheatre may be new but

it's being made squeaky it's being made squeaky clean

in accordance with 19th century

morality and you know where

that's leading. Cleanliness that's leading. Cleanliness is

next to Godliness. Of course.

From the time Richard Rouse,

the superintendent of works,

built the house in the early

19th century, a

19th century, a toll pike road

ran through to become the

Windsor Road. The school came

70 years later on the other

side of the road which became a

thundering highway. Just a few

years ago this was the main

road, just one lane each way,

all that traffic down there

came through here then the

by-pass went around the school,

the cutting was raised to its

original slope on the hillside

by 3m or 4m and the

by 3m or 4m and the gravel road

that Macquarie built in 1813

was reinstated. The Rouse House

itself is run as a museum by

the historic houses trust and

what's history without

name-dropping? And the man

standing next to him with his

hand on his heart is banjo

Patterson The special thing

Patterson The special thing

about Rouse Hill house is it's Australia's oldest garden and

the house in Australia that's

probably been occupied

continuously by the same family

for the longest period so

that's fantastic in its own

right. After an right. After an inheritance

dispute 30 years ago, one dispute 30 years ago, one side

of the family lived upstairs,

the other downstairs. They

weren't on talking terms. I

think to put it crudely it has been a living

been a living hell. I'm been a living hell. I'm afraid

at this stage there is no

way... I think that the

ideologies and the temperaments

of the two families are so

diametrically opposed there is

no possible way we could get

on. It those downstairs wanted

the Government to resume the

proper, to buy them out, those

upstairs wanted to hang upstairs wanted to hang on, hang in there and

hang in there and hang the expense. They're asking me,

the Government, to give up my

right to live in my family's

home. The Government won. The

house went into public hands

after a very public dispute, no

matter how politely that was

expressed. When people live in

communities, um...I mean, you don't always say good day

don't always say good day to

people. It was a shattering experience. The bailiff experience. The bailiff simply

came and turfed you out? Yes,

5 of them. It mightn't be

billed as a ghost house,

preserved in its state of

reflect, but if you saw an

apparition you mightn't be

surprised. Just as we were

practising earlier. That's

where we came in, reliving

history. As schoolchildren will be doing every day

be doing every day here under

the demanding eye of the

formidable Miss Fox. Are you

all prepared to move on to the

next lesson? Yes, Miss Fox. A

plan to build a 20km symbolic

fence for Orthodox Jews fence for Orthodox Jews has

become a hot-button issue in Sydney's upper north Sydney's upper north shore

suburb of St Ives.

suburb of St Ives. The Eruv suburb of St Ives. The Eruv or

virtual wall made of poles and

wires mimics the walled cities

of bicklical times, creating of bicklical times, creating a

religious zone that allows

strictly observant members of

the Jewish faith to carry out

activities usually forbidden on

the sabbict but many St Ives

residents fear the Eruv may

come at too high a come at too high a price,

spoiling the leafy

spoiling the leafy streetscape

of their suburb and creating an

enclave that could divide the

whole community. I've been

here 50 years and it's been a

very congenial, harmonious

atmosphere. But these Orthodox

people seem to have a different

set of values and

set of values and they're

aggressively insensitive to

what people feel about what people feel about them

moving in with their poles and

wires. I'm offended but I'm

not bigoted because, as I think

I wrote in the submission to

the council, if the

Presbyterians.Ed to set up

poles with tartan ribbons to

outline their parish, I would

object just as

object just as much. It's not

often you'll see Sydney's leafy

north shore roused into

protest, taking to the streets

of St Ives over a plan to

create a local Eruv or

religious zone for ultra

Orthodox Jews. I'm sorry but Orthodox Jews. I'm sorry but I

don't want zealots of any

persuasion, political or

persuasion, political or

religious, next door to me. We

left Northern Ireland for that

very reason. There are

idiosyncrasies and oddities

within all faiths. Some people

- and people who are not across

the detail of other faith might

say they are odd, they are say they are odd, they are even

anti-quated and why don't

people just move on. We believe

that with understanding and

with good will they will be accepting

accepting when people realise

all we are talking about is a

thin piece of wire, a handful

of poles and that's. It I of poles and that's. It I am

surprised in terms of some of

the reaction we're the reaction we're getting.

David Guth represents some 200

strict observers of the Jewish

faith in the St Ives area, a

minority themselves within the

local Jewish community of some

2,500. He says his small community

community simply wants to make

life easier for those who are

often left home-bound on the

Sabbath and other holy days.

Welcome to St Ives, located

18km from the Sydney CBD. 18km from the Sydney CBD. Such

has been had resist ance

they've even launched a

community education program to

argue their case. Jewish law

says work may not be says work may not be performed

on theth. Two activities we

define as work are pushing and carrying. Keys,

carrying. Keys, toys, books,

prams and ewheelchairs. This of

course makes it difficult for

families with young children or

older people needing mobility

assistance to get together on

the Sabbath or attend short

services. It is difficult

being home all day when there

could potentially be the

tuption go outside and you do

tuption go outside and you do

make do but it would be a make do but it would be a big

breath of fresh air to be able

to take the girls outside on a

nice sunny day and go and join

all the other mums at the

park. The Eruv really stems

back to Biblical times when

people did live in a walled

city, the wall acted as the Eruv, the zone in which

Eruv, the zone in which the activities were permitted and

this is a mere modern

interpretation of how to create

that zone in which we can

undertake those activities. The

modern-day Eruv is in effect modern-day Eruv is in effect a

virtual wall, created by

linking wire between 6m-high

poles. The Eruv proposed in St

Ives will stretch over Ives will stretch over againkm

and while 85% of the poles will

be attached to existing

structures to reduce visual

impact, another 27 poles will

be free-standing, much as they

are along Bondi Beach where an

Eruv was built a decade ago.

When the notion of the Eruv was

first mooted in the Bondi first mooted in the Bondi area

there was some resistance,

there were questions asked.

Council looked at the issue

then, reached a sensible

decision which was, "This decision which was, "This is

very much a nonevent," and

approved it. It has zero impact

on the environment, negligible

impact on the street scape,

people will not even know it's

there. But while synagogue,

strolling and kosher delis are

very much a part of the Bondi

Beach culture, in leafy St

Ives, the fear is an Eruv Ives, the fear is an Eruv will

be a step too far. We're

be a step too far. We're going

towards underground wiring,

having less posts and poles and

posts in the street with the

new town centre plans in

particular and here we are

getting a proliferation of

poles and wiring when it's

totally unnecessary for the

wider community and just

veencht to a small fraction of

the population. Protesters the population. Protesters say

while the impact on the

streetscape has always been

their major objection, even more distressing has been

more distressing has been the

charge of religious bigotry.

Anybody who has opposed the

principle of these poles being

erected as a component of an

Eruv has automatically been

labelled as anti-symmetic,

bigoted. It's been a

disgraceful campaign. Some of

the opposition is straight from

justifiable questioning of the

consent to outright bigotry.

That has to be identified and

say that is on the fringes and

not necessarily coming from St

Ives. The majority of the

response and concerns and

opposition has been justifiable

angst at what is this new

concept? Kurringai council concept? Kurringai council is expected to make its decision

on the Eruv in the next few

weeks. Now some headlines from

the regions. Helen Tzarimas

reports. Riff recenta reports. Riff recenta rice

growers are optimistic there

will be a return to the bumper

harvests of earlier years.

Sectacular growing conditions

and good management are leading

some to predict a some to predict a million-ton

crop in years to come. Work

started this week on the

Pacific high wy Kempty by-pass.

Almost 15km of road will be

built to the east of the

existing highway. Near Blaney,

one of the biggest gold deposits ever found in the

State was unfirmed. It's

estimated there are nearly 3

million ounces of gold and

60,000 tons of copper at the McPhillamy's McPhillamy's site. Take Your

Daughter to Work Day, that's

what central west councils what central west councils are

planning for later in the year.

The aim is to encourage young

women into Local Government. On

November 9, council employees

will be encouraged to take

their school-aged daughters,

relatives or friends so they

can get an idea of what Local

Government does. And finally,

far south coast abalone divers

were pleased this week, the

total allowable commercial

catch has been increased to 82

tons, 7 more than last season.

That's almost the program for

another week. The '7.30 Report'

will be back on Monday. We'll

leave you in Bombala where they

not only have their own choir,

they've also made a video clip

to promote their latest DC.

Here's a sample. Goodnight.

# The sun in my # The sun in my life # It is # It is dead

# It is dead

# Where is the

# Where is the light

# That would play in my # That would play in my streets

# And where are the # And where are the friends

# I could meet, I could # I could meet, I could meet

# # Where

# Where are the # Where are the girls

# Where are the # Where are the boys

# I left all # I left all behind

# I left all behind The spicks

and and the specks

# Of the # Of the girls

# On my # On my mind # # Where # Where is # Where is the boy

# That I loved all night # That I loved all night long

# The boy that I # The boy that I loved

# He is # He is gone

# All of my life I've called yesterday

# The spicks and the # The spicks and the specks

# Of my # Of my life

# Have gone # Have gone away

# Where is the # Where is the sun

# That shone on my # That shone on my head

# Like the sun in my # Like the sun in my life

# It is # It is dead

# It is dead

# All of my # All of my life

# I call # I call yesterday

# The spicks and the # The spicks and the specks # Of my # Of my life

# Gone

# Gone away

# All of my # All of my life

# I call # I call yesterday

# The spicks and the # The spicks and the specks

# Of my # Of my life

# Have gone # Have gone away


Welcome to Collectors. I'm Claudia, and I'm with Gordon Brown... Good evening. ..and Adrian Franklin. Hey! Oh, and it's good to be back. It is good to be back. And look what I'm wearing - back to the time of disco vinyl records.