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Tonight - partying shots, poison words poison words and a hint of

things to come. This is the

last Question Time, it could

well be the last Question Time,

before the election. It's

murder, but New Zealand police

are the ones in the dock. I

think they will be struggle ing

to put the term slip shod to

this investigation. A teenage

er in hospital. Was it er in hospital. Was it ar a

rock attack or not. And Bomber

is away, Kim Beazley says

goodbye to Parliament. Good evening. Juanita

Phillips with ABC News. If

Parliament today was any guide,

it's going to be a brutal

election. The Treasurer let

slip that this was its last

sitting day before the poll and

there were accusations of smear there were accusations of smear

campaigns and dirty tricks

right till the end. The

Government erupted when Labor asked whether the Liberal Party

had leaked details of Kevin

Rudd's heart operation.

Question Time was then cut

short for a fiery debate on

personality and courage.

Political correspondent, Greg

Jennett reports. No, place for

the faint hearted. They saved

their brutal best till the

end. He ought to get on

his... Order! He ought to end. He ought to get on

explain. You lack the courage

to ever be PM of this

country! When Jenny Macklin

asked John Howard to guarantee

the Liberal Party hadn't leaked

details of Kevin Rudd's heart

condition and hadn't hired

private investigators, she lit

a short fuse on a parliamentary

powder keg. Just a blatant

smear! This bloke should not

authorise these sorts of questions. I regard this question as Kevin Rudd's questions. I regard this

question, Mr Speaker. The blood

was boiling, the reason was

obvious! This is the last

Question Time, it could well be

the last Question Time, before

the election. The questions

kept coming. Anthony Albanese

on whether Liberals in

Queensland had used forensic

accountants to look into the purchase of Kevin Rudd's

Brisbane home was the last

straw. That is an straw. That is an absolute


falsehood. Challenging Mr Rudd

to put up or shut-up, the Government suspended Question

Time to bring on more. To wage

an unrelenting, negative smear

campaign against the Opposition

from here until election

day. He tells us something

the Leader of the Opposition! about the low base nature of

Not only did the Government

reject claims it was behind the revelation that Kevin revelation that Kevin Rudd had

had an aortic heart valve

implanted when he was 33, it's blaming Labor for doing it

itself to block yesterday's

Rudd tax gaffe. A conspiracy

theory which collapses in a

heap. I can beat the Leader of

the Opposition without the

Opposition without resort to

smears. This was the brawl

both sides always wanted, but

waited so long to have. A fight

it sets about courage, more than heart,

it sets the tone for a

ferocious campaign to come.

Kevin Rudd turns 50 tomorrow.

The Parliament seems to have

met its end. I move the house

now adjourn. Now the real race

begins. A host of Federal MPs

walked out of the Parliament

tonight for good. Among those

retiring is the man who came

within a whisker of being PM. After

After 27 years, Kim Beazley's

parliamentary career is

over. To his supporters, he's

the best PM Australia never

had. I've loved this place,

you know. Since the day I got

here. I don't relish the fact

I'm leaving it at all. But Kim

Beazley's not dwelling on lost

terrific time opportunities. I've had a

terrific time here. His finest

moment in 27 years, serving as

Defence Minister in the Hawke

Government. He was given the

nickname Bomber and played hard ball when the Americans

wouldn't hand over software

codes for the FA-18 hornet. In

the end, we spied on them and we extracted the codes

ourselves. But a far tougher

adversary came in the form of

John Howard. Defeated in John Howard. Defeated in 1998

and 2001, the Labor Party

turned again to Kim Beazley

after the Mark Latham

experiment. But it didn't last. The times of my leadership in the Labor Party

have not been the Labor Party's

best years. He's just one of 22

lower house MPs bowing out. A

rollcall of the long-serving,

some of whom reached high

office. This really is the

end. John Anderson is end. John Anderson is heading

back to the farm after 18 years

in Parliament. It's really a

question of recognising that

someone else can do it better

now than I can. Some leave

fulfilled, others harbour

niggling regrets. It would have

been nice to have been enjoying

the blue carpet, as it's called

with Peter Costello as PM. As

for Kim Beazley, he's the

jovial bomber right to the end. For me,

end. For me, this tour of dutit

is now almost done. Time to

hang up the boots. There is so

much ground for our nation to

cover, territory to win back, so much to do if Australia is

to become the nation it can be. One battleground behind him,

onto the next.

Now it's a murder hunt. New Zealand police have confirmed Now it's a murder hunt. New

that the mother of an abandoned

Chinese toddler met a violent

death. They've now issued a

warrant for the arrest of the

little girl's father, but the

police themselves are facing

mounting criticism for the way

they've handled the case. A

few simple tributes mark the

home of Keystone Avenue that is

at the centre of a family

tragedy. And a police

investigation that some have suggested has been incompetent. suggested has been incompetent.

For anyone that steps back and

looks at the complexity of what

they are dealing with, I think

they would be struggling to put

the term unprofessional or slip

shod to this investigation.

For one thing, they are

accused of taking far too long

to find Annie Liu's body in the

boot of her husband's car. A

revelation made nearly two days

after they secured the crime scene.

scene. At that stage she could

could have been alive in the have been still alive. She

boot of the car and suffocating. If there had been

any suggestion that a person

was alive in the vehicle, entry

would have been made. A

post-mortem revealed the young

woman died a violent death. But

detectives won't say how, when,

or where. Speaking from China,

Annie Liu's mother says she is arranging to arranging to travel to

Australia as soon as possible

and she remains determined to

take her grandchild

home. TRANSLATION: I'm her closest and most important

family member. She has nobody

apart from me and Annie was my

only child and she is my only grand-daughter. But Qian Xun Xue does have two other

relatives, the man wanted for murder and murder and kidnappinging, who had another daughter, now in

her 20s. She felt his wroth and fled the family home years

ago. In the end I came to a

conclusion that some people are

just not nice. I need to move

on with my own life. Warrants

have now been issued for his

arrest with Interpol

coordinating the man-hunt with

a range of US law agencies. a range of US law agencies.

Back in Keystone Avenue,

forensic teams were hard at it,

as if to show a sceptical

public that everything is being

done to bring justice for a

little girl who has been robbed

of her mother. The Premier

called it a mongrel act, but

was it? A teenager is in

hospital and police were told

he had been hit by a rock while

riding in a car. But tonight

the other youths who were in the car with him are the car with him are being

questioned about their story.

It's claimed 17-year-old John

Marinovic was simply at the

wrong place, at the wrong time.

Four of his friends have told

police he was travelling in a

car with them on Tuesday night

when a rock was thrown from the

roadside, the window was down

and the rock hit him in the

head. It's every person's worst

nightmare to see your own child

lying there, suffering the way

he is. John Marinovic's head

was shattered. A scan showed

brain haemorrhaging and he was

rushed to Royal North Shore for

emergency surgery. The

representative basketballer is

now in a stable condition and

the prognosis, so far, so

good. Many of his school

friends have needed

counciling. Everyone was pretty

shocked. He's just broken up

with his girlfriend as well and

I know everyone is going

through a rough time and it's stressful. Investigators spent

the day looking over the car

and searching the crime

scene. Police say some of the

boys in the car reported seeing

a couple of shadows move

through the bushes, but they

are unable to give a clearer description of who threw the

rock. When you know of the

person who did this or are the

person themselves, it will only

eat you up in time if you don't

come forward and let the police

know what happened. It's a

straight out mongrel act. The

claimed attack has prompted the

Premier to announce an increase

in jail terms from 7 to up to

14 years, but late today a

surprising development. Police revealed they've reinterviewed

the four boys who were in the

car with John Marinovic,

casting doubt on their original

story. The four attended the DY police station this afternoon.

An RTA manager could face

criminal charges for handing

out licences to some of the

state's worst drivers in return

for bribes. The Independent Commission Against Corruption

found that Paul McPherson from

Sydney's boty registry issued

dozens of licences to people

who may not have known how to

drive properly and provided

licences in false names,

allowing people to create

fictitious identities. The ICAC

has made 22 anti-corruption

recommendations which the RTA

says are already being

adopted. We will have in place

tougher supervision, more supervision, because this

conduct is abhorrent to the RTA

and it has not been

tolerated. Paul McPherson was

dismissed earlier this year

after an internal RTA

investigation. It's now up to

the director of public prpbs to

decide whether to press charges

against him and others involved

in the scam. Another

anti-Syrian politician has been

murdered in Beirut, pushing

Lebanon ever closer to civil

war. Chris Guccione is the

#9dth MP to be killed in the

past 2.5 years. Blast ripped through a Christian suburb through a Christian suburb in

east Beirut. As well as the

dead, another 22 people were

wounded. The apparent target

was a member of the anti-Syrian

majority in Parliament. We've

been since the assassination of

PM Harari being targeted one

after the other in order to

deplete the majority of its

numbers and to impose a comeback

comeback of Syria over

Lebanon. Authorities appear to

have no proof and there was no immediate claim of

responsibility. But this is

the 8th time an anti-Syrian

public figure has been killed

since 2005. The bombing comes

amidst escalating conflict wen

the western-backed Government

and the Syrian -backed

Opposition. Parliament is due

to meet next week in to meet next week in a showdown

over who will replace the

current Syrian President. With

every death, the majority gets

slimmer. It's down to four.

International reaction to the

attack was swift. It is no

coincidence this attack comes

as Lebanon prepares to elect a

new President. Syria has

denied being involved in any

bombings in Lebanon. bombings in Lebanon. The

current showdown could take the

country to the brink of civil

war if a compromise can't be

found. A new and dangerous

chapt ner Lebanon's troubled

history is about to begin.

The US Defence Secretary has

expressed doubts about the

wisdom of invading Iraq,

another sign of changing

attitudes to the war. Speaking

to the 'New York Times', Robert Gates said Gates said with hindsight he

didn't know if the invasion had

been a good idea. It's a frank

assessment in direct contrast

to President Bush's view that

going to war was the right

thing to do. The ultimate goal

of ending tyranny... It's

refreshing to me so see a

Secretary of Defence who has an appreciation of military power

and the limitations of military

the decision to power. Despite his doubts about

the decision to start the war,

Mr Gaes says he supports the current strategy and has

opposed moves by Congress to reduce troop numbers in

Iraq. Here we go again, OJ

Simpson is at the centre of

another court case and if past

form is anything to go by, it

will be another media

blockbuster. It's been more

than ten years since he was

acquitted of murdering his

ex-wife. Now he's accused of ex-wife. Now he's accused of

new crimes that could put him

in jail for the rest of his

life. Here we go again, the

OJ circus is back. Hundreds of

reporters, cameras and

celebrity trial junkies

descended on Las Vegas. The

case alleged involves guns,

kidnapping and a man 80% of

Americans think got away with

murder. Do you understand the

charges against you? Yes sir.

The football star turned The football star turned actor

wore handcuffs and a prison

uniform during his return to

court. He's accused of taking

his own sports memorabilia

during an armed robbery. A

website posted what it says is

a recording of the incident. After spending three nights

in janld paying more than

$100,000 bail, the juice was

let loose and the crowds let loose and the crowds went

crazy. The juice is free! Helicopters followed his

car down the freeway, another

bizarre echo of what happened

more than a decade ago.

Simpson's lawyer standing next

to a man in an OJ 07 shirt,

said his client is happy to be

out of prison. My focus has

been securing Mr Simpson's

release from prison. Nice work,

dude. Up high. Thank you.

dude. Up high. Thank you. It's the United States latest

celebrity trial. Were you

shocked at OJ being released on

bail? I was very shocked. In

recent years, countless hours

have been devoted to the

Michael Jackson saggand Paris

Hilton, but this is likely to

be the biggest event since the

OJ Simpson trial in 1995. As he

did back then, he will plead

not guilty. If convicted, he could spend the rest of his could spend the rest of his

life in jail. Tonight's top

story - ugly exchanges on what

is probably Parliament's last

day before the election. Still

to come - India hits England

for six, again and again.

Health authorities say there

has been a massive increase in

the number of women diagnosed the number of women diagnosed

with diabetes during pregnancy.

In most cases it's only

temporary, but it can

significantly increase the riff

of getting full-blown diabetes

late ner life. Sally Shing was

diagnosed with jest jest six

weeks ago. Her sister, Louise,

was also diagnosed during her

pregnancy. We didn't have any

family history of diabetes and

neither of us fit into the neither of us fit into the

typical high risk areas. It

occurs when changing hormone

levels alter the body's

requirements for insulin and

like other forms of diabetes,

the rates are increasing. The

latest figures in NSW show that the prevalence of gestational

diabetes has increased

ten-fold, every five years for

a decade. The jump is due in

part to better screening, but

is caused by rising levels of obesity and the

obesity and the older age of

pregnant women. In NSW alone,

10,000 women had gestational

diabetes last year. That figure is predicted to explode to more

than 90,000 by 2012. At the

moment NSW is the only state to

have looked at the daa. You

would assume if it's happening

in NSW, there could be increases across the

country. Gestational diabetes

baby is born, usually disappears once the

baby is born, but women who

have the condition, face a ten

times greater risk of

developing type 2 diabetes late

ner life. That can be reduced

by maintaining a healthy diet

and getting regular exercise. It's definitely

something I want to continue to

monitor to make sure it is in

control. Sally Shing's baby is

due in early December. The

loophole that State Government is closing a

loophole that allows toxic toys

to be sold in discount stores.

Major retailers across the

country risk fines of more than

a million dollars for selling

toys with dangerous levels of

lead paint. But the Commonwealth ban doesn't include discount stores in markets. From tomorrow, they

too will be forbidden from importing or selling the

suspect toys. The Fair Trading

Minister is demanding all toxic

products be removed from shelves shelves immediately. One of the

things that we look for, the

brighter the colour, the more

possibility there could be

actually a lead-based point

being used to paint it. Hundreds of products will

be tested over the coming

weeks. One of Telstra's top

executives has taken another

swipe at the Howard Government

and the competition regulator

over broadband policy. Speaking

in Sydney today, in Sydney today, corporate

affairs boss Phil Burgess

accused the Government of

having a backward looking

telecommunications policy. He

singled out Communications

Minister Helen Coonan for criticism. If you think about

all the things we've talked

about in the last seven

minutes, they all go over the

head of Helen Coonan and go

across the silos of ACCC. So, you know, the you know, the future of the

country is at stake here and

we're not going to pull our punches. Yesterday Senator

Coonan accused of Telstra of

medaling in Australian politics

to help Labor get

elected. Telstra has taken the

Government to court, accusing

it of blocking the company's

rollout of broadband technology

in regional Australia. On to

finance now and the Australian

dollar continues to rise

strongly, passing 86 US strongly, passing 86 US cents.

Alan Kohler has the

details. Over the past month,

there has been something of an

earthquake in currency markets

as traders anticipated and then

digested the US rate cut and

started anticipating another

one. But interestingly, until

the credit crisis began in

earnest in late July, Japanese

women on their computers at

home were among the world's

largest and most active

currency traders and currency traders and were

especially busy punting Aussie

and New Zealand dollars. In jat

July and early August, many

lost their kimonos, but in the

past month they are back. Right

now the Australian dollar is

trading at 86.33 US cents.

Thanks to this week's rate

cut, the commercial paper

market in the United States,

which is where cooperations raise raise short-term funds, is

getting back to normal. This is

where the sub-prime mortgage

crisis spilt over to, which

really marked the widening of

the credit crunch to the

business world. The other thing

that took off was the nickel

price, which went up 10% in a

session. You might say it looks

stainless. In context, that

perhaps is no big steel. Nickel

has been on the big dipper this

year, or the scenic railway. It year, or the scenic railway. It

rose 50% in the first half,

then fell 50% in the third

quarter and has now gone up 35%

in a month ft it's doing

wonders for the share prices of

nickel producers like Mincor,

Minara, Malik and Jubilee

Mines. The All Ordinaries

closed 6% higher. Highlights included Woodside, Leighton and

Cochlear. The banks had an ordinary day. The US market ordinary day. The US market

went up exactly the same as the

Australian market today, 0.6%.

That's finance. The North

Queensland Cowboys have ridden

into Sydney and are feeling

confident, with good reason.

Their captain, Jonathan

Thurston, will take the field

on Saturday. The half-back was

cleared last night by the

judiciary and that allows him

to lead his team in the

preliminary final against

Manly. Jonathan Thurston Manly. Jonathan Thurston

walked away from NRL

headquarters the same way he

arrived, with a big smile.

Earlier, the Cowboys had

convinced the panel of former players that Thurston wasn't

capable of a lifting tackle on

the 100 kilogram Warrior,

Wairangi Koopu, because his

shoulders are damaged and require operations in the

off-season. They are very

relieved. It's a big weight

off my shoulders. I off my shoulders. I can

concentrate on Saturday night's

match. The mood was buoyant in

Townsville this morning as

Thurston team-mates headed to

the airport in the middle of a

convoy. Even man's best friends

ran the gauntlet to support the

Cowboys' cause. You wouldn't

experience this with a normal

Sydney team. Nearly six hours

later, the North Queensland

players arrived in Sydney and

encouraged the locals to renew

their dislike of the Sea their dislike of the Sea

Eagles. It's been a tradition

that if your team wasn't in the

finals, you supported the one

that wasn't Manly. If the

tackling technique at training

is any guide, Parramatta can

expect a bone rattling contest

on Saturday. We have good

contest and momentum. We have

to go out there and

perform. Cronk says the Storm

has been lifted by the return from injury of from injury of prop Ben Cross

and match-winning five-eighth,

Greg Inglis. Here is

something that's never happened

before - six 6s in one over in a Twenty20

international. Indian batsman

Yuvraj Singh hit six of the

best off bowler Stuart Broad to

send England crashing out of

the World Cup. Just charge him up, Yuvraj Singh up, Yuvraj Singh has become the

latest weapon in India's

considerable cricketing

arsenal. He traded verbal heat

with Flintoff and had to be

restrained before producing one

of the most explosive batting

overs in an international.

That is a biggy! At or close

to the top level, only West

Indian great, Garfield Indian great, Garfield Sobers,

Ravi Shastri and Herschelle

Gibbs had achieved the feat.

Yuvraj took to the pateman with

a none too subtle mix of hits.

His 50, the quickest of the

Cup, took 12 balls. Last ball! Cup, took 12 balls. Last ball!

Flintoff simmered and was hit

by Yuvraj for a 7th 6 in nine

balls before the all-rounder

took the wicket for 58. The

damage had been done. India can

make the semifinals by beating

South Africa. Overnight, the

Proteas thrashed the Black Caps

by ism wickets. Australia has

one foot in the semifinals.

They will be chasing a paltry

total. The crowd total. The crowd is

stunned. It's taken somewhat

longer than it might have, but

on Sunday against Fiji, Wallaby

half George Gregan will equal

England's Will Carling as the

most prolific test captain. I'm

going to enjoy the moment and

do what I have to do to go

forward as a team. Australia faces a

faces a mountainous task in

hostile surroundings to stay in

the elite group of the Davis

Cup. Serbia's world number three, Novak Djokovic, will the

main obstacle. I think he will

be expecting to win both his

singles matches and the

doubles. Hewitt is hoping his cup history on the clay can

play a part. Some of my best

wins in Davis Cup have been on

clay. A decision is yet to be

made on Hewitt's singles ally. It will be

It will be either world number

91 luck luck luck or Chris

Guccione. And English football

has been taken by surprise with

the departure of Jose Mourinho. By mutual consent was the

official line, but the

tempestous relationship between

Jose Mourinho and club owner

Roman Abramovich is said to be

at the heart of the departure.

Mourinho's three years at Chelsea realised two

Premiership League titles, Premiership League titles, two

league cups and an FA Cup. It

was worn only once, but it has

to be one of the most

recognisable dresses in the

world. The gown worn by the Princess of Wales at her

wedding is about to go on show

in Sydney. The dress was given

royal treatment when it was

unpacked at the hour House

museum. It was first seen by

more than a billion people when

Diana married Prince Charles in

1981. The gown went 1981. The gown went on display

again at the princess's family

home, six months after her

death. Since then, it's been

constantly on the move. It is

hand embroidered with more than

10,000 mother-of-pearl sequins,

but it didn't cost that much,

surprisingly. Price wise it

cost 1,000 guineas, which is

equivalent to $2,000. That is a very, very old English

tradition. That included tradition. That included the

page boy outfits and the bridesmaids. The wedding gown

is the highlight of an

exhibition of Diana's

possessions opening next

week. Well, it's that time of

the week when we get to see how

much water is in the dams, but

there hasn't been much rain

lately to top them up,

Graham. Not much at all. Many

of the catchments only saw

light falls. The highest totals

up to 5mm. As a result, we have seen

seen a drop in the overall

catchments. Thankfully, only by

0.1%, but Warragamba has

remained level at 54%. We have

showers around the city though.

They are showing up active on

the radar, particularly around

the ill awara. We expect more

in the evening. All that cloud

and shower activity helped to

keep the temperatures down

through Sydney.

Cloud off the east coast is

with a low pressure system. We

have a lot of low-level cloud

along the coast of NSW at the moment. That band to the south

is a front. It will move to the

south-east tomorrow. Then it

will progress along the NSW

coast on Saturday. But the high

is the dominant feature and

underneath that we have

basically a stable atmosphere

and is also very dry. It means

lit in the way of rainfall over

the next 24 hours. Perhaps an

isolated clearing shower about

the Hunter coast. Across the Hunter coast. Across the


Tonight's top stories again.

There have been ugly exchanges

in Federal Parliament with

claims of smears and dirty

tricks on probably its last day

before the election. New

Zealand police have been forced

to defend their investigation

into the murder of the mother

of an abandoned toddler. Four

youths are being questioned

over what they say was a

rock-throw ag tack in rock-throw ag tack in Sydney's

north. That is ABC News for

this Thursday. The '7:30

Report' is up next. I'll be

back with updates during the

evening. Closed Captions by CSI

Tonight on the 7.30 Report -

a sister's anguish as she

ponders what is happened to the girl

girl we know as pumpkin. Is she

going to be looked after ? And

is she going to go through the

same emotions that I had when I

was little? And her message to

the father who abandoned them

both. What I say to him... how

could you? She's just a little



Welcome to the program, and

also shortly, exclusive

interviews with the dealmakers

in the contentious Northern

Territory Aboriginal land

agreement with the Federal

Government. But national

politics first, and if today it

was the last day of Parliament

before the election - as the Treasurer suggested this