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(generated from captions) CC Tonight, state

of emergency. Are public

hospitals close to meltdown?

We are working in a system

that is at crisis

point. Under the gun. Burma's generals finally lose

patience. Internet hit. This

new way the sell smoking to

teenagers. And a grand final

breakfast with an unsavoury

side. People hate me, that's

great! Good evening. The

Premier says he never wants

it to happen again but health

care professionals believe it

almost certainly will. Last

night's horror story of a

miscarriage at Sydney's Royal

North Shore has led to a

flood of complaints about the state's public health system.

There are claims of chronic

under funding and staff

shortages in a system that

cannot cope. To reinforce the

argument more people have

come forward with stories of

neglect. A warning viewers

may find parts of this report

distressing. When Jenny was

14 weeks pregnant she says

she begged for a bed in the

North Shore. Nothing was veil emergency department at Royal

and she miscarried in a toilet there. Obviously I

could see the baby so I had

to scoop the baby out and put

it in my hand and hold it.

Sorry. She says she did not

have the strength to complain

about how she was treated two

years ago but Jana's traumatic story made her

speak out. It was the same

as what happened the other

day. When she was in severe

pain an made to wait two

hours before being examined

on Tuesday night 47 people

were being treated in the

emergency department at Royal

North Shore taking up

resuscitation beds. Today if

hospital was not commenting

but doctors and nurses were

talking. We are extremely

sorry for what has happened

but it reflects there is a

system in crisis gl.s could

nurses have done more? I do

not think so. We are working

in a system over there

enthusiasm that is absolutely

at crisis point. One in five

women have miss charges and

while top doctors say the way

Jana was treated was

unacceptable it is not

uncommon. The stone has been

bled dry. There is no more

blood to give. Any further

emphasis on efficiencies and

cost control means that

standards ever care will

fall The critical thing is

that something good comes

from this distressing

incident which is why I want the protocol changed. While the Premier says he will widen the Government inquiry

to include other women in similar situations there are

calls for a much broader

investigation. 56-year-old

Don McKay died in May after

contracting staffal Royal

North Shore I heard you are

walking into a Third World

country hospital, I what so

dirty. His wife has made a

report to the health care

complaints commission but

says she wants all

allegations of neglect to be

in resty debated. Burma's

military rulers are cracking

down even harder to tie the

stop the Premier Premier.

Civilian reports say four

people are dead including two

monks. Overnight soldiers

raided monasteries across the

capital arresting hundreds of

monks and seizing money.

Tonight public address

systems warn people to stay

home or be shot. The

protestors worst fears were

first realised when the

security forces used guns and

tear gas the try to break up

the crowd yesterday. But the

hardline tacticnot deter them

with support from civilians

on the sidelines the monks

leading this campaign pressed

on with their protest.

Through its official media

overnight the junta doled its

citizens the soldiers acted only after protestors refused

to stand down. They raided

several Monday tris overnight

reportedly arresting hundreds

of monks in order to keep

them off the streets an

prevent a 10th day of protest

today. Criticism has come

from across the globe. We

have to say no. Please for

goodness sake listen to the

calls of the people. The

United Nations is pressureing

the regime to allow special

Burma envoy Ibrahim Gambari

to go into the country. He

should be able to go, see the

opposition leaders while he

is there. We would urge the

Burmese military not to

contemplate doing what they

did in 1988 and just cracking

down on people. They should

allow free dissent. Australia

is pushing for Burma's allies

to pressure the regime but so far China is refusing to do

so. We have very severe

concern the ray GMTV has not

yet take en on board the mess

average that so many people,

governments and the interest national community have made

stren us ly to them over re

sent week s. The Prime

Minister John Howard has

indicated the Government will

impose financial sanctions

against Burma's leaders and

their supporters. Government

pressure has forced Kevin

Rudd to lock in the cabinet

front benchers. The positions of his most senior

Opposition Leader has

confirmed that Wayne Swan,

Julia Gillard and Lindsay

Tanner will keep their

current portfolios if Labor

wins the election. The move followed Government claims of

a secret deal to install

Julia Gillard as Treasurer by

Christmas. It was a lapse in

judgment that triggered a

rapid retreat. No-one,

no-one, repeat is guaranteed

of any positions subsequenton

a election. Kevin Rudd

unsettled his ministry,

plunged Labor's senior

leadership team into disarray

and cast shadow Treasurer

Wayne Swan to the Wolves. Mr

Rudd has refused to endorse

Wayne Swan. I can understand why. Speculation that Julia

Gillard might replace Wayne

Swan took off immediately.

Wayne Swan is not safe from

Julia Gillard's ambitions.

Will it be Julia Gillard?

Lindsay Tanner? Will it be

Peter Garrett! (Laughs).

Well? It could be. It won't

be, after laying low for most

of the day Kevin Rudd finally

emerged in Sydney to fix what

he broke. The core members

of my economic team will be

Wayne Swan as Treasurer,

Lindsay Tanner as Minister

for Finance and Julia Gillard

as deputy leader. She would

stay on in industrial

relations. With us you have

certainty, you know who is

performing those core

economic jobs. Despite the

backflip Kevin Rudd's first

Instinct is a a lot about

what he thinks of the front bench he largely inherited

from Kim Beazley. He still

want new blood and has put

caucus on notice he in tends

to get it. Of I will be

determining the composition

of the Labor ministry. Union recruits Bill Shorten and

Greg Combet would be

front-runners. I do not

think this is a time to

exchange experienced hands

for inexperienced hands. If

the Liberal Party is returned

the person managing the

trillion dollar economy will be me. But only until John

Howard handover. The

blue-green algae has doubled

in size sin Warragamba Dam T

bloom is 58 kilometres long

and covers 75 per cent of the

service of lake Burragorang.

Three water samples have

tested positive to a toxin

but the Government says it is

well below to accept table

guidelines. There could be a

discernible odour or taste

with the water in the coming

months. It is not a health

risk . Water is still being

drawn if almost 50 metres

below the surface. The

blue-green algae is likely

to increase in size over the

summer months. A Sydney ferry

master will stand trial

charged with causing the

death of a fisherman. 51-year-old Ezra Hilkiah is

accused of navigating dangerously after his river

cat ran into a dinghy on

Sydney Harbour on January.

The court was told the ferry was travelling fast and the

accident could have been

accident could have been avoided. 51-year-old Ezra

Hilkiah insists he was not

navigating dangerously. He

will defend the charge. He

wassal at the helm of the

river cat when it crashed. A

72-year-old fisherman Peter Karatasas was thrown out of

the boat. He had his leg

amputated and died in

hospital 8 days later from a

heart attack. The court was told Ezra Hilkiah was driving

the ferry at speed. The

vessel continued in one

particular line and did not

deviate its course. The Water

Police said tests had shown if the captain had made a

turn he could have avoided

the dinghy. Under

cross-examine Sergeant that

lone denied the tests were

amateurish and incompetent.

Ezra Hilkiah's barrister said

the ferry master had changed

direction and was not blinded

by the sun. He told the magistrate there is no evidence his client was not

keeping a proper look out.

The defence barrister argued

it was just an unfortunate

accident. He said this was no

evidence to suggest his

client was going too fast

because there was no speed

limit in the air yacht at the

time. But the magistrate

ordered him the stand trial

saying he was satisfied a

jury could convict him.

Australian soldiers in

Afghanistan have fought off a

group of 00 Taliban fighters

in their most serious

encounter yet. The soldiers

sbefrg with the

reconstruction task force

were attacked with automatic

weapons and rocket propelled grenades. The Australians

fought back and called in air

support during the four-hour

confrontation. 50 rounds!

Fire! We were probably

outnumbered but essentially

we put in a maximum amount of

fire and suppressed the enemy

so they could not come forward the attack us so I

think all in all a job well

done. The Defence Force says

no Australians were injured

but the Taliban suffered

heavy casualties. Afghan

troops trained by the

Australian forces were also

involved. The United States

Congress appears headed for another fight with the

President over war funding.

Military says it needs $200

billion alone next year the

pay for if wars in Iraq and

Afghanistan. The pent done

made the appealt a a dramatic

congressional hearing but

they are up against tough opposition from the

Democrats. Given the human

and financial cost of the war

this hearing was always going

to be heated. Clear the

room. I've tolerated all can

I stand. The Pentagon is

asking for $190 billion US

dollars the weighing war in

Iraq and Afghanistan in 2008.

That is the biggest aprp

yation request since the in

vision and 30 per cent more than originally estimated.

If the Congress were the

approve the President's

revied budget request total

funding for the war in Iraq

will exceed $600 pillion.

$600 billion! Billion.

Billion dollars. Some of that

money is spent on private

contractors, critics call

them members enries. A recent

shootout from booedy guards

at Blackwater left 7 Iraqis

dead. The investigator wants

better supervision My issue

is whether there has been

oversight in the redone of

the security companies. The

Iraqi Prime Minister is at

the United Nations. He used

his address the issue a

warning to his country's

neighbours. The continued

flow and overflow of weapons,

money, suicide bombers at the spread of Fatwah s will

result in disaster for the

region and the world. The US

Senate has its own ideas on

how to avoid that scenario.

It has voted to divide the region. President Bush does

not have to accept the plan,

he almost certainly is not

going to. The Foreign

Minister Alexander downer has

called on Iran to halt its

nuclear program and to stop

fuelling the con flickt in

the meets. He met his Iranian counterpart at the United Nations in New York. He

urnted Iran to stop supplying

weapons to the Taliban and Afghanistan and to militant

in Iraq.. These are weapons

that could kill our troops

and I felt very strongly

about the fact that we had

been given evidence of the

Iranians supplying these

sorts of weapons systems. Mr

Downer said the meeting did

not produce any positive results. Zimbabwe's

Parliament has transferred

control of all foreign-owned

companies to local owners, a

move that may plunge the

country's economy further

into crisis. The seizure of

white-owned farms in Zimbabwe

has already led the forth

shortages but at the United

Nations Robert Mugabe went on

the offensive accusing

President Bush and his allies

of hi pock say.. he kills in

Iraq and Afghanistan and this

is supposed to be a muster on

human rights. Zimbabwe

currently hassed the world's

highest inflation rate. The

death toll if a bridge

collapse in southern Vietnam

continues to rise. It is now

believed more than 50 people

died when the construction

project suddenly crashed into

river below. Some 250 workers

were on the bridge at the

time. Heavy rains may have

played a part in the

played a part in the accident. Tobacco advertising

is banned on radio and TV but

the cigarette companies have apparently found a way around

that, the Internet. Health

authorities say thousands of high-quality videos

glamourising cigarettes are

popping up on popular youth

web sites like YouTube and

Facebook. They accuse the

tobacco companies of trying

to bypass the Reg lay doors

and target children. Type the

word "Smoking" into YouTube

and it pulls up 100,000

clips. Public health expert

Simon Chapman says it is a

dangerous new way to market

cigarettes to young people

Him YouTube, face buk,

MySpace, are running riot

with many, many pro-smoking

messages which look like they

have the fingerprint of

tobacco companies all over

them. The clips include

attractive young women

smoking while others tout the

weight-loss benefits of

cigarettes. I am not a

smoker, I am just trying to

lose weight. Some clips have

been downloaded millions of times

"Great, coal, go for it, I

love smoking" Far from being

random experts believe is an

or questions trade marketing

campaign. The tobacco

companies will deny they are

doing it but if you look at the production values in

these films they are way

beyond anything that could be

recorded on a a mobile phone

camera. At least one company,

Phillip Morris, has denied

any involve.. Antismoking groups want the Federal

Government the draft legislation which would force Internet providers to block

material which contravened tobacco advertising

rules. Communications

minister Helen Coonan says

she is looking at whether it

can be done.ments we have

been looking very carefully

at what we might do to take

the prohibitions that already

exist under the tobacco

advertising prohibitions and

to extend them to online

content. She also plans to

contact overseas Internet providers to see whether

pro-smoking clips can be

removed. Tonight's top story

- health care professionals

predict more horror stories

about hospital emergency

care. Still to come, part

gift part purchase, one

surreal deal for the National

gallery. Almost 200 members

of rebel bikie gangs have

been arrested over the past

four months in a special

operation by police. They

face nearly 600 charges for

offences including drugs,

assault and illegal

firearms. As a result of the

hard work of New South Wales

police officers working with those tough new penalties,

the state is a safer place. Operation Ranmore has

been investigating firearms

licences held by gang members

and the influence in the

liquor, tow truck and

security industries. Police

say bikie gangs are involved

in running more than 10

licensed premises in Sydney.

The liquor industry is a

machinery-spinner. It is also

a way potentially to launder

money, to cover up the

criminal activities that they

also for is the Pate

in. Police are confident the

ongoing crackdown will result in a big fall in gang

membership. The judge has

declared a mistrial in the

murder case against the

record producer Phil Spector. Fidel Castro declared the

police trial after the jury

The judge said the jury

was deadlocked A court

reporter said the jury was

split 10 to 2 in favour of a

guilty verdict. Phil Spector

is accused of shooting the

actress Lana Clarkson in

2003. Prosecutors will start

to prepare a re-trial

possibly on a lesser charge.

In fingers concerns about

America's sub-prime loan

crisis seem to have faded as

the stock market continues

its record run. Sub-prime

crisis? What crisis. You wouldn't know this was a

problem by looking at this,

another decent rise in the

All Ordinaries which is

sitting comfortably above

16,500. The banks were the

biggest winners. Those

institutions tarred with the

sub-prime brush like

Macquarie Bank and Babcock

rose 3 per cent. National

Australia Bank was up 2 per cent. Energy Resources

expands its Rainer Mine in

the Northern Territory. Forth

skew metals hit a high amid

forecasts of high iron ore.

Home lender Rams was

downgraded by Merryll Lynch

due to the high cost of

funding. Treasurer Peter

Costello says the sub-prime

problems have a way to go. He

has seen this graph. The green section shows the value of sub-prime mortgages which

end their honeymoon rates next year. Interest rates for

many of these borrowers will

jump from 2 per cent to 8 per

cent. As prepossessions grow

the number of houses sold is

falling while the number of

unsold houses is rising. We

will get the latest read-out

tonight. Oil prices is a fall

that will be welcomed. Oil

and gold are weaker. The same

cannot be said for the Australian dollar that

cracked the 88US cent mark

due to a weaker American

currency undermined by

expectations of lower United

States interest rates. They

have broken bread. Now they

are about to break some hearts. Melbourne and Manly

have come face-to-face at the traditional Breakfast of

Champions in Sydney. Both

teams now go behind closed

doors to complete their

preparations for Sunday's

decider. It has been a

low-key week for the Sea

Eagles who have tide the fly

under the radar ahead of

their first grand final appearance in 10 years but

there is no hiding from the

spotlight, something Manly's

southern rivals learnted from

bitter experience last year.

A big week but if you don't

enjoy it you do not get the

full impact of what you have achieved. This was the last

public appearance for the

teams. Fighter side is sure

where crowd loyalties will

lie. I don't know, mate.

People hate Manly so that's

great. The ad average that

fans follow no two sides,

their own side and the side

that is playing Manly, that

is great. The Storm trained

this afternoon and are

confident of being full strength despite injury

concerns for Ben Cross. Next

if he can get through one

game and needs four weeks

recovery we will play him

without doubt. The Sea Eagles

triumph fd in the only

meeting between the teams

this year. Captain mar or forward believes they have

the confidence to win. There

is a lot of self belief that

comes off a lot of work.

There is a great vibe. Some

state politicians are showing their true colours with a

Burns t of maroon and white

on the floor of Parliament

this afternoon but debate over who gets this trophy

will not be settled until

Monday night. Australia has

its third captain in as many

games at the rug by World

Cup. George Smith will lead

the side out against Canada

on Saturday. George Smith has

been a Wallaby warrior 81

times but the Canadian

hit-out will be his first as captain. I am very hon

considered and privileged to

take that role. Berrick

Barnes has been rested as the

front line flyhalf while Stephen Larkham recovers

opening the door for Julian

Huxley and a host of fringe

players to fly the flag. It

is easy to get up against

England or Wales but these

are the games you need to be

caution of. Samoa showed

glimpses of its best against

the United States before taking aim at international

rugby for leaving the Pacific

Islands on the outer. Michael

Jones believes the gap

between the haves and the

have-knots still exists and

renewed calls for a place in

super XIV saying....

The United States was

gallant in defeat losing by

just four point while George

George recorded its first

ever World Cup win beating

Namibia. 44 years and five

grand final defeats since

their last premiership

Geelong fans can almost feel

it. Thousand were add car

dinnian park today to see

their faithfuls put through a

light skills session. Port

Adelaide left this afternoon

with plenty of one-eyed

supporters sure the follow.

Germany is into its second

consecutive women's World Cup

final after brushing aside

Norway. It was an even

contest until shortly before

half-time when the Germans

received a gift tchl Norwegan

defensive line lots its way under intense pressure midway

through the second half, two

goals in four minute ensured

there would be no way back.

Brazil and the United States

meet tonight for theer on

place in Sunday's final. Four

Australians including two-time Tiger Woods nemesis

in if match play format Nick

Ahern will represent the team

in the President's cup on the neutral ground of Monday

treemplts this week we will

be 12 Canadians. The event

begins with the four-somes

where Ahern will hope history

repints his opening match

against the world number

one. For years they out bid

the biggest galleys to match

Australia's collection of

surreal art. Now it is being

given up for public display.

It was part gift and part

purchase but the National

Gallery was happy to blow

half its acquisition budget

to secure it. In its 25th

year The Gallery has seen a

string of expensive acquisitions but the

unveiling today made the

director a little like the cat that swallowed the

canary. This is a dream

collection. A bargain too,

part sale, part gift for an

outlay of $2.5 million the

NGA won a collection worth

$6.6 million comprising 28 5

Australian surrealiest works

bought up over 17 years

bought up over 17 years by

the donors. They were so

aggressive in putting the

collection together but we

won the pineal prize which is

the main thing. But it nearly

didn't go the NGA's way. Ray concerned the gallery did not Wilson was originally

collection justice. Add to have the space to do the

that the fact that Mr Wilson

is a trustee of the New South

Wales galleys foundation and

that institution missed out.

Ly have fast talking to do.

In the end the collection is

really a national collection

and the final - my final

conclusion was that it truly

did belong in the National

gallery. The heavyweights of

Australian surreal eyes many

are epted including Nolan,

Boyd, dies Dale and Gleeson

and more besides. They are

key works that show the

development to the early 50s. A handful of the works

are on display with the full collection to be shown off

from February next year.

Time to check the weather.

Another dry week for our dams. Here is Grahame with

the late of latest levels.

The second week in a row we

have seen a drop in overall

dam levels across Sydney but

the good news is Warragamba

Dam has remained steady at 54

but the overall total is down

to 58.9 per cent. We saw a

bit of rain in Sydney

overnight last night but that

cleared early. We were left with north-westerly winds. with north-westerly winds.

The sea breeze produced temperatures ever 28 degrees

across the city. We expect

was weak to switch north the afternoon sea breeze that

which will produce a mild

night. Spying of mild, I was

very mild to warm across most

of New South Wales today. The

warmest temperatures were in

the Hunter Valley at 30.

Although the far south-east corner and also the far

north-west were much closer

to average today. As far as

rainfall goes the trough

yesterday produced an

isolated good fall for Eden

but most other totals were

mm. Windy conditions in light. Sydney a maximum of 1

Adelaide. The State Emergency

Service was kept busy there

with dangerous winds bringing

down trees and causing

problems. That was in

association with the front

which shows quite clearly on

the satellite picture

associated with a low sitting

to the west of Tasmania that.

Font will move through New

South Wales tomorrow. Ahead we will see warm

north-westerly wind but a

gusty south-westerly wind

change will move through the

state. Unfortunately the

change will be dry. We expect light showers about the southern ranges and a brief

dusting of they? Around the

al-point areas. Melbourne

cold April 16 but for the

grand final on Saturday light

winds and temperatures 15 to

27. For New South Wales we

expect a mostly sunny day. A

bit of high -level cloud

about and temperatures warm

with north-westerly winds. In

fact the wind will become

gusty about the south and we

have a severe weather warning

and sorp ranges of the state, out for the southernal pin

clear, dry and sunny up

through the north-west. For

Sydney a windy day.

North-west wind will freshen

as the morning progresses.

High-level cloud and top

temperatures at 28. Winds

will reach 50 km/h. The grand

final on Sunday evening it

should be clear. Temperatures

around about 17 to 22 degrees with light winds.

with light winds.

Tonight's stop stories -

the State Government is

resisting calls for a wider

inquiry into Sydney's Royal

North Shore after more claims

of poor treatment there.

Security forces are dlierng

streets of the Burmese

capital Rangoon ordering

people to stay home or be

shot. That is ABC News for

this Thursday T '7.30 Report'

is next. I will be back with

updates during the evening.


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On the 7.30 Report tonight -

the brutal crackdown continues

in Burma. And, Vic p hunts for

two football premierships on

one weekend. If Jesus was

living in Geelong now, he'd be

saying "Go, Cats!". CC

Welcome to the program.

Experience, certainty, risk -

just a few of the themes that

are dominating the political

debate at the moment, and will

continue to do so throughout

the election campaign whenever

it's called. Kevin Rudd today

moved after an avalanche of

carping from the other side to

close off the most recent

uncertainty to emerge about key

members of his own frontbench,