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(generated from captions) Hello. I'm Jeremy

- Western powers continue Fernandez. On tonight's program

- Western powers continue their campaign of air attacks in Libya. Heavy fires are to cross Tripoli in Libya. Heavy anti-aircraft

the second day of international

air strikes and Colonel Gaddafi's air defences have

been crippled. But at what

cost? You're watching The

World. This Program is Captioned

protection of civilians, protection, not shelling more

civilians. We will be joined by

Middle East analyst to discuss

the military campaign in

Libya. Meanwhile, the political upheaval continues

with Yemen's President sacking

his government. Also ahead,

workers temporarily evacuate from part of the quake-damaged

nuclear plant in Japan after

smoke rises from one of the

nuclear reactors. And Prince

William meets Victorian locals

disaster tour. on the final leg of his

Allieded bombs and missiles have rained down on military

targets in Libya for the second

night running. According to the

air defences were crippled,

meaning the coalition can

enforce a no-fly zone. There

was also missile attacks on the

dictator's compound in Tripoli,

but the Americans insist they

weren't after him. The Libyan

than a million of his leader is promising to arm more

supporters for a long war, but

opposition forces think

deliver victory. Foreign coalition firepower will

affairs editor Peter Cave is in eastern Libya. For eastern Libya. For rebel

fighters in Benghazi, the tide

has turned, and they're pushing

out of their stronghold, out of their stronghold, back

towards Tripoli. This was what

was left of one of kaed's

columns struck by French

fighter bombers on the road

between Benghazi and Ajdabiya. Still blazing with

Still blazing with ammunition

exploding, the remains of 14

tanks and dozens of armoured mounted with rocket launchers. mounted with rocket

Many of the dead soldiers are

African mercenaries. This

amateur video shows how it all

began in the city of Benghazi

last month. A small protest

last month. A small protest for

basic human rights was put down

mercilessly by Gaddafi's men. GUNFIRE. The pictures show soldiers shooting into unarmed

crowds. This is what turned a crowds. This is what turned

peaceful movement into a war in

Libya. All the Libyan people

years from this oppressive are suffering for more than 41 are suffering

regime and we are against him completely. No-one - for him

it's over, over, over!. The coalition took their air war to Colonel Gaddafi on day Colonel Gaddafi on day two,

targeting what they said was an

air control facility within his

heavily fortified compound in

Tripoli. Tracer fire raked the

sky, but a missile precisely targeted the building about 50m from the tent normally meets guests. It was from the tent where Gaddafi

flattened but hundreds of human shields surrounding Gaddafi's

compound nearby were unhurt. The Arab League

expressed reservations.

TRANSLATION: What happened

differs from the no-fly zone objectives. What we want is the

protection of civilians -

protection, not shelling more

pilots return from a bombing

raid, the UK Government

defended the strikes. We're

using some very specific

of weaponry, designed to

or casualties or other minimise obviously any civilian

collateral damage, and of

course we are extremely careful in that targeting

process. Around Europe and in process. Around Europe and

several Arab countries they're

still marshalling their planes

to join the coalition which say it is now has complete control over the skies of over the skies of Libya. Peter

Cave joins us live now from Tobruk. Peter, the state of the

ceasefire seems to have been in flux. What are you seeing there

at the moment? What we're hear

something that the rebels have

started moving up the road out of Benghazi and heading in the

direction of Tripoli. Last we

heard there was heavy fighting

on the road to Ajdabiya which

is the first of about half a

dozen large towns that they

will have to take before they

actually get to Tripoli. Peter, what's the fate of civilians

who have been caught in the

conflict zone? The worrying town is a town called

Misrata which is deep

the government-held area. It's

been under siege for three now and been absolutely pounded. The water is cut off, the electricity is cut off,

there is no food. A large, very

large number of casualties, no

medical supplies and we hear

they are in very dire straits.

Libyan television has been showing pictures of say were wounded in showing pictures of people they

by the allies. They've also

been showing funerals. We've

also seen some fairly also seen some fairly gruesome pictures of pictures of the aftermath of an air attack by French jets. The

we've just had on air, we've pictures you saw in my report

seen the pictures of the fighters killed in that attack

as well. What about the numbers of pro Gaddafi supporters? Is

Colonel Gaddafi maintaining his level of support in the

population? It's very hard to tell. Certainly we're getting

completely differing messages

from Colonel Gaddafi

when he appears on from Colonel Gaddafi himself

when he appears on state

television, making war-like noises, talking about a

protracted war of protrusion

and the rest of his government who have been coming out news conferences saying that who have been coming out having

they've just called a

ceasefire, that they want to

sit down and talk with the

rebels - two conflicting

messages coming out of the

Cave in Tobruk in Libya, we'll

leave it there for now. Thank you. The United Nations spoke to the media in Cairo. He again urged Libyan authorities

to stop the violence. I again

urge Libyan authorities urge Libyan authorities to fully comply with the Security

Council resolution and Council resolution and end fighting and killing civilian

population. End the violence,

protect civilians and promote

necessary reforms.

(Translated) It can be hard to

see beyond the escalating violence, but there is no

holding back the movements for reform and democracy that have


Open and inclusive dialogue

is crucial, so is the respect

of human rights. (Translated)

At this historic moment, it is in the interests of the

international community and international community and the

United Nations to help here and

when ever such yearnings are felt. World leaders have previously called for Colonel Gaddafi to step down, the Pentagon insists he is not on

their hit list. Here is North America correspondent Lisa

Millar. The US President is

juggling diplomatic duties in Brazil with his role as

inside a secure inside a secure communications

tent in his hotel. His critics

want more details about the US

military action, but Barack Obama referred to it only obliquely. We've seen the

people of Libya people of Libya take a courageous stand against a regime determined to brutalise

its own citizens. As the

coalition steps up the

intensity of its attacks and with smoke seen near Colonel

Gaddafi's own palace, the

Pentagon was Libyan leader himself was now a

target. I at this particular

point I can guarantee he is not

on a targeting list. But there are questions about the

game of this military campaign

with some suggesting it could

result in a stalemate result in a stalemate with Colonel Gaddafi remaining in power and the coalition forced to impose a no-fly zone for the

long haul. The US is, for the moment, leading at assault, but says a coalition command will take control within the next few days, but its top military officer can't say how long this campaign may last. I think

circumstances will drive where

this goes in the future. I

wouldn't speculate wouldn't speculate in terms of

length at this particular point

in time. Just days into this

conflict, Americans are already

asking about the cost. A

war-weary nation is unlikely to

show much patience for show much patience for another lengthy battle. through the Middle East with

news broke as tens of news broke as tens of thousands of people news broke as of people gathered for funerals for 50 people loyalist forces. It has been described as the autocratic rule N Egypt, a referendum about referendum about constitutional

change has been approved

clearing the way for months. Actually, I cannot

living in a Hollywood

not even in Egyptian movie. Millions of people

turned out to vote just swept President Mubarak swept President Mubarak from

power. For many Egyptians it was the first time was the first voted. Joining me now for some

Libya is Rodger Libya is Rodger Shanahan, a

former army officer who is now former army officer who is now a fellow at

in. What do you make of campaign in Libya? I think it's early days yet but it appears

centres have been

attacked. Forced their withdrawal. Early days yet, but it appears to be going to

withdrawal. Early days yet, but Government? There seems to be confusion as to whether this ceasefire is held or not, do

you see that as ceasefire is held or not, you see that as a tactical move or a mark of think you've got to under that the Libyan Government, even if it was speaking with one would be exactly what to do he so there

would be that element of confusion on the ground. There

is also some advantages to the

Libyan Government calling ceasefire, but not a real ceasefire. As we've seen, the US is quite reluctant to

seen as being a lead player all of this. How do all of this. How do you see the US getting out of the conflict cleanly? I don't know that an

issue of getting out of issue of getting out of the issue of getting out conflict cleanly entirely. It

is a matter of turning over the command. They've been happy to lead this effort in the lead this effort in the first

few days. I think the fact that France and the UK have been

doing a fair bit of the going to hand it over to which doesn't appear likely, which doesn't appear then perhaps a joint UK and

French role in leading then perhaps a joint UK and French role in leading the

campaign might be in French role in

future. The Arab League was a key figure in getting support from the UN Security Council to go ahead with this offensive. Has the mission so far gone beyond the scope of it and

Council resolution, League would have been under no what was allowed. I think Amr

Moussa's comments today, you could read

ways. One, he has said was misquoted which was misquoted which is possible. The other there have been civilian casualties. Amr Moussa is a likely presidential

would probably be in his best

interests to be objecting civilian casualties hand, while allowing Arab

League support for the activities on the other. Do you see that dissent continuing

actual dissent and have actually gone public with the fact that they've four aircraft. Previously the

UAE has said they will support and provided asset s yet, but I

into it to say there is strong support for Colonel Gaddafi over the past Do you think that will gain traction in the coming weeks that we will see some

fulfilment of arm the people to fight off arm the people to fight off the is not much that arming Libyan people in and around and the areas that the

government still controls is

going it achieve militarily. going it achieve militarily. I think those scenes that we see

are part of the information Gaddafi is going to wage as though Libyan though Libyan Government is still in control of a lot of

the country. The other issue I think you should expect to claims of civilian casualties on the on the Libyan Government side as a result of this imposition of the no-fly zone, I will see will see accusation of those increase in the coming days as

part of the attempts by the Gaddafi regime to try to

fracture the coalition. At what point do you see this conflict being surrendered to Libyans themselves to sort probably the $64,000 question, Jeremy. Exactly - in the early days I think they're doing

enough, as in the coalition are

Gaddafi's ability to press against Benghazi. you would probably no-fly zone being restricted to

that, not many attacks on the

ground, but just providing air

cover to stop Gaddafi cover to stop Gaddafi from using his aircraft against the anti-Gaddafi forces. At that stage it would be offensive between the

anti-government and the pro

government forces. Dr Rodger Shanahan, thanks for coming the damaged - quake-damaged

nuclear power plant in Japan have been plume of smoke rose from one plume of smoke rose from one of

the reactors. Engineers are still battling to fix the still battling to fix the plant which was badly damaged by the

days ago. It's death toll from the quake and tsunami can top 15,000, but remarkably two people have been tsunami struck. Mark Simkin Tokyo. Finally some good news. The search team heard a call

from the rubble. They found 16-year-old boy and his 80-year-old grandmother. She appeared shocked, the stunned, hardly able to believe appeared shocked, the rescuers

your name ?" They ask. " Sumi

Abe," she replies, adding, "I

have no injuries." Abe-san

yoghurts from the fallen fridge that pinned her down. that pinned her down. The

survivors are in a weak survivors are in a weak but conscious condition in

hospital. They were visited by

the boy's father who is also

the woman's son. I believe my

son's power for life. The

rescue has lifted spirits in the country starved of good

news, about you there is still

more than enough misery to go around. When the tsunami

threatened this coastal town,

45 firemen tried to close the

giant harbour gate. All of them were swept

TRANSLATION: I feel so guilty,

so full of regret, so angry at

myself. I spend all day now

looking for the bodies firemen, from 7 in firemen, from 7 in the morning

to 5 in the evening, looking, looking. Other officials looking. Other officials are

looking for something else - radiation.

TRANSLATION: I was very worried that if I had that if I had been contaminated, the children

could have been affected, too. The children mean more to me

than myself. One town has been

told not to drink its tap water

and more than 100km and more than 100km from the nuclear plant, officials

spinach with radiation levels 27 times the legal limit. The government is considering suss

spending the sale and

transportation of milk and span

notch from the affected areas

but some things can't be

controlled. In some parts of the country, even the rain is

slightly contaminated, although the government insists there is

no risk to human health. And

for the latest on the situation

in Japan, we're joined now by Mark Simkin in Tokyo. Mark, some worrying some worrying signs of smoke rising from one of the reactors

at Fukushima this evening? Yes,

indeed, and the particular

reactor it's billowing from is

the No. 3 reactor, and it looks

like it's coming from the area

where the spent fuel rods are

stored. Now, this of course is the exact opposite of what the

It's been trying to pour water

in there. It say it is has in there. It say it is has been succeeding in lowering the temperatures n lowering the radiation levels, but smoke is

certainly not what anyone wants to see at all. to see at all. The workers have

been evacuated. They do say

they're getting things under control, but it's certainly another setback in what has

been a series of setbacks at

the Fukushima plant. Any

indication yet of just how

serious this is? No, it's clear. The government was saying just a few hours before

this incident that there this incident that there is

slow but steady progress being

made at the plant. That's what

the Prime Minister was This sort of heads in the

opposite direction, contradicts

that, but we don't know quite

how serious it is. Certainly,

though t would suggest there is

something wrong in the plant

and all this talk of progress

and lower temperatures can't be

completely accurate. Now, the

World Health Organisation has certainly said that it's concerned about the levels they seem to be higher than

first thought? Yes, that's

right. That's what the World

Health Organisation is saying

and the Government seems to be

heeding the warnings there. It

this afternoon suspended the sale of milk and two vegetables sale of milk and from four different prefecture

s, so there is some s, so there is some recognition there that there are problems,

and it's again one of these

difficult and potentially

saying everything is safe,

there is no risk at all to

human health, but on the other

hand saying, "Well, hand saying, "Well, there are

enough of a risk that we be suspending these sales." be suspending these sales." So

it's not going to do much it's not going to do much to

calm the fears that many calm the fears that many people

have about the silent killer

that is radiation. Mark, just finally, how is the rescue and

recovery effort going? I

imagine there is some degree of

hope being stoked by the

amazing rescue nine days after

spirits in a country really hasn't had very

celebrate at all week and a half. The the boy, who is also the son of

the grandmother, he spoke this evening and said that he hope this whole incident will inspire others not to give up

the belief that their the belief that their loved ones who might be missing are alive. But of course it is only

just one piece of good news in a sea of very bad news.

official death toll has climbed even higher, well above now, with many, many now, with many, many more people still missing. Mark Simkin in there for now, thank you Thank you. Let's go to Australia has a tough test if they're to make they're to make four consecutive World Cups? Yes,

they do. Of course with the

day that has caused a few

problems. Instead Australia packing their bags and heading overcame the West Indies thanks

to a century by Yuvraj Singh

and a dramatic batting collapse

by the West Indies as John Hayes Bell reports. Master batsman Sachin Tendulkar

remained on 99 centuries after being dismissed

for two at the top innings which belonged to

Yuvraj Singh. The No. 4 Yuvraj Singh. The No. 4 warmed

up for Australia at 113 at just under a run a followed a pattern. The followed a pattern. The final

six wickets fell for only six wickets fell for only 36. wickets. Devon Smith wickets. Devon Smith and Ramnaresh Sarwan had the West

Indies well placed for

victory charge before

clutter of wickets handed India

an 80-run margin. Ind and a tantalising against Australia They play

tough cricket, but it's not about which opponent

playing, but how are you

preparation is and what preparation is and what you really want to achieve in the

Casey Stoner to victory in to victory in his first Moto Honda. The slow start from pole position in Qatar. He and in Qatar. He and Spanish

the lead twice before the lead twice before Stoner

There were spills

Puniet and Toni Elias, Puniet and Toni Elias, while defending world

second for Yamaha. We've just been getting stronger stronger as the weekend stronger as the weekend went on and for the race fantastic. Stoner and paid tribute to Japan's

earthquake and tsunami victims.

Race 2 is in Spain in Race 2 is in Spain in a fortnight. Australia's Karrie

Webb gave $100,000 to the Japanese relief effort coming from six strokes back to

win the founders Cup. Webb shot into contention into contention with a final-round 6 under her 38th win on the USLPGA

tour. Serbian Novak Djokovic

has come from a set down beat world No. 1 Rafael in the Indian Wells Masters six set points to level the 4-6, 6-3, 6-2. The women's

event went to Denmark's

Caroline Wozniacki who also took three sets took three sets to beat Marion Bartoli 6-1, 2-6, 6-3 for her

Chelsea have leapfrogged

Manchester United. Manchester

City with a 2-0 win at Stamford Bridge. In Scotland, Rangers won out against fierce rivals Celtic to land the but John Mensah's tackle on Jay

Spearing was awarded penalty wrongly by the linesman and Dirk Kuyt knocked in and Dirk Kuyt knocked in the pane nationality for

manager Kenny Dalglish. A 78th

minute header by David Luiz and a late Ramires goal gave a late Ramires goal gave the

them move to third on them move to third on the ladder. The Scottish Cup

meanwhile is in the hands of the Rangers after they won over Celtic at the deadlock. Returning to

Australia and Tasmania celebrating its second Sheffield Shield title after a

come-from-behind win over New

South Wales at Bellerive. On a tense last day, a 72-run stand between Alex Doolan Cosgrove guided the Tigers to

victory by were keen to show some fight on

gained the early ascendancy.

They moved past They moved past 50 before Ed Cowan lost patience. A moment

of madness from George of madness from George Bailey brought the match alive and

Mark Cosgrove helped guide

Tigers to victory. Very couldn't be earned Man of the Match honours

with his century. And Cronulla have League. The club tipped by many tonight in the National Rugby

for the wooden spoon have taking a 10-0 Sharks did enough in the second

period to hang needed two points in torrential

rain at Shark Park. Pomeroy mistake and Jason Nightingale

gave the Dragons some he lashed he lashed onto a Jamie Soward kick through but it was too

held a closed training session at Seaford this afternoon in preparation for their clash

with Geelong on Friday believe the club has missed its he said the proof will most

definitely be on the field. Our

window was shut three apparently, but we able to pry it open. I think we all able to prize it open - able to

pry it open. I think we all are healthy and we start equal and

age has proven to be no barrier. The injured Justin

Koschitzke trained today but is unlikely to play this week. news, wins for news, wins for the Waikato news, wins for the Waikato

Imagine Jing anded thunds

birds, Jez. Thank you. A welcome ing grin and sympathetic ear has lifted the

spirits of those in

flood-damaged areas of

Victoria. Thousands turned out

to see him at a community barbecue. Kerang's claim barbecue. Kerang's claim to fame is that it is the home

town of Australia's 19th Prime

Minister John Gorton, but

has never had a visit from APPLAUSE) royalty. (CHEERING AND

would be proud to be his

mother, I tell you. I've all my girls is he coming and I will get his phone number.

He is just like a He is just like a lovable schoolboy to me. How is your

house? Kerang was completely

cut off in the January floods.

Its residents were evacuated to

nearby towns. Now they're nearby towns. Now they're back

and life is slowly returning to

normal. Today, though, is anything but normal. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

Oh, it's really exciting.

Tremendous. Tremendous

because I'm a royalist, too. Prince William's next stop

was Benjeroop, the little town

with the iconic hall. Two months on from the floods, it's

still a mess. Brad and Leonie

Wren's dairy farm went

completely under. We caught up

with the quietly spoken farmer in January when he was contemplating walking off the land. Today he is a lot more

positive and the prince's

presence is helping. A bit of a

buzz for the day, I suppose.

Yes Lifts your spirit a

little bit, someone has come little bit, someone has

here and shown a bit of

interest in what has happened

companion, the Premier Ted to us. The

Baillieu is very impressed by

the 28-year-old. He the 28-year-old. He is a very,

very down to earth young man

and I think is he a very

impressive individual. Then it

for the prince for a party in was a short flight to

the bush. For locals in

Victoria's north-west. It will

be a very long road to

recovery. Mayors in this region have told Prince William if have told Prince William if he

than welcome. They just hope he wants to come back he is more

brings his new wife. As one

local put it, this is

you get the feeling for a

prince used to protocol, this

was a real taste of life

outside the castle. Let's get

the latest world weather with

Graham Creed. Heavy rainfall will be felt about the north and south of the continent tomorrow. Monsoon trough will trigger heavy falls

through the far northern districts. We will still see showers and storms spreading

down to Brisbane but the

further south we head, the more isolated this he will be. Showers and thunderstorms

through eastern parts of New South Wales. The heaviest falls

in the south and for Victoria heavy rain about the south-west

and far east of the State. In heavy falls about the north and Tasmania, widespread rain,

also east of the State . watches are still current also east of the State . Flood

through parts of New South

Wales, Victoria and also Tasmania. Lighter showers

through the south-eastern half

of South Australia. of South Australia. A mostly clear through the south-west of

WA, although inland from the coast we can expect to see isolated showers and is also looking at the

possibility of some moderate to

heavy falls n association with

this cloud band which is a low.

The heaviest of the rain,

though, will be about the though, will be about the north

and also east coast on the

North Island. Most of North Island. Most of the South Island is relatively clear.

South-East Asia - widespread

we are looking at the prospect

of heavy to very heavy falls

particularly in a line from

towards the northern parts of Philippines and then down Papua New Guinea

Borneo. We will also see

isolated heavier falls through the higher parts of Indonesia.

Even as we head further west, we're also looking at the

prospect of moderate prospect of moderate falls, mostly about southern parts of

Through the north of Vietnam and also into Cambodia.

Through the north of Vietnam, the possibility of some

isolated coastal showers. Also looking at a band of significant rainfall developing through the southern and

central parts of China. Now,

that band of rain will also

extend through into Japan. Now,

there, but it will actually

ease off a little tomorrow then we should actually see it ease off a little tomorrow and

begin to dissipate and push

further north as we heads

towards the middle of the week.

see further rain across Tomorrow we are expecting to

northern areas of Japan, but

not the significant falls we have been looking at and we

will see temperatures remain

fairly cold threw this week and

snow falling about the higher

parts. As we head over into parts. As we head over into the Middle East, mostly clear

conditions at this stage.

Little bit of cloud building

through parts of Pakistan,

north eastern corner of India north eastern corner as well. A high pressure system over the top of the UK over the top of the UK which is sitting pretty much smack bang

keeping most of the southern

parts of Europe clear. An isolated showers light isolated showers light shower northern countries and showers

about the across Africa. Now, through the equatorial belt all the way down to the far the way down to the far south we're expecting to see we're expecting to see fairly widespread showers and possible thunderstorms and there is the

chance of moderate falls but

models aren't picking models aren't picking anything

particularly heavy. Low

pressure system moving up into

the north eastern corner. Further rainfall in that region, cold air sitting in the behind that low pressure

system, another one will form

around central areas and that

will push further rain into eastern parts by around about

the middle of this week. Further south a weather. Through the north, very unstable and very warm, so

showers and thunderstorms

possible. A high out to the east - I should say a

to the west, another out to to the west, another out to the east and

air and strong winds so a south. Fairly low-level cloud and storms to gale force and storms to gale force wind as long the coastal fringe. UN UN Secretary-General Ban

Ki-Moon has urged the end to

violence. The violence. The raid was part of

a second night of attacks coalition warplanes the reactor at the Fukushima

nuclear power plant after an earlier plume prompted battling to fix the plant which was damaged by a powerful quake and tsunami 10 days and tsunami 10 days ago. And to keep up to date on all the news

we're following, log onto our

website - And

that is The World this evening.

Closed Captions by CSI. This Program Is Captioned (Applause)

Good evening. Welcome to Q & A. To answer your questions tonight, the Minister for

Defence Materiale, Jason Claire. News Limited columnist

Miranda Devine, Kevin Rudd's former Press former Press Secretary Lachlan Harris the Deputy Leader of the

Greens Senator Christine Milne and the shadow Education

Minister Christopher Pyne, please welcome our panel. (Applause)

Q & A is live from 9.35 eastern daylight savings time and it's simulcast on ABC and it's simulcast on ABC News

24. Australian at Work and news

radio. You can go to our radio. You can go to our web site to send your questions site to send your questions and join the Twitter join the Twitter conversation using the hash tag that's just

appearing on your screen right

now. We'll come to Australian

politics shortly but over the

weekend events have been moving quickly in the Middle East. Our

first question tonight comes from Paula Jardina. The United Nations' belated intervention

in Libya allowed Gadd to

continue his

innocent civilians. Now that

the no-fly zone is in the no-fly zone is in place,

lives may be saved but are the western nations capable of

taking on this enormous

responsibility in Libya? It is

an enormous responsibility. And

it was belated. You're right.

the fact It took too long to act. But

resolution means that there are Nations has moved this

people that are still alive

today in Benghazi that would've

been slaughtered by Gaddafi if that resolution hadn't been

passed. This is a person who

has said he would ensure there

was no mercy for his citizens.

His son said there'd be rivers

of blood. Whilst we're not sure

what will happen next, hadn't taken the action that's can be certain of is if we

been taken, then Benghazi, a

city that has city that has double the population of Canberra,

Gaddafi and a lot of people would've been

would've been killed. So

belated, but I think the UN is

starting to learn some of lessons from Rwanda, from starting to learn some of those

Darfur, and from other

has just been too slow to situations where the UN frankly

act. Getting to the act. Getting to the question,

are western nations capable of taking on responsibility, this is effectively the first test case

of the UN doctrine of responsibility, isn't

responsibility, isn't it? It

If there is ever a reason is. And responsibility to

If there is ever a reason to do

that, it's when the leader of country has got his tanks and that, it's when the leader of a

his forces, his planes armed to

the teeth, ready to attack his

own people, threatening rivers

of blood. When you have a

situation like that, I think

there's a responsibility on the

countries of the world to take

action to try to stop that. And

there are people that are

because of the action that's

been taken. Let's hear from you

on this. I agree. I think we've all

the we've all been inspired over

courage and bravery

particularly of young people

East as right throughout the Middle

East as they pursue their dream

of democracy. And it was so

heartening to see eventually

the UN get its act together and

to now see the response to now see the response of

those holding out in Benghazi

and to see that finally the

the protection of civilians. So come international community has

I think this is really important because you important because you cannot

leave a million people to the butchery that would've had Gaddafi been allowed to go

in there in the way that he

intended. Just briefly,

heartening for the Greens to

see a US-led military

intervention? This is a

United Nations intervention. That's a really That's a really important point

here. The Greens called for the

no-fly zone quite early in the piece. We wanted to see the

United Nations get involved in

because we want to see

civilians protected and we want to continue to give support to those in the Middle East those in the Middle East who are hoping for are hoping for finally democracy and tonight democracy and tonight on the news there was a young twom in Egypt, so excited about being

able to vote, being actually

able to engage in the democratic process, something

we fake for granted. So we fake for granted. So yes, I think it's great to see the UN finally getting a resolution to go in and

will just say a couple of things. Firstly I think credit

where credit's due. Kevin Rudd

was well ahead of was well ahead of the curve with respect to the no-fly with respect to the no-fly zone in Libya and has really led

from the front in terms of an

international effort to close down the Gaddafi regime. I think he e deserves a lot of credit for showing

leadership when it comes to

protecting the rights of human beings beings in Libya. Listening to Christine Milne, I don't want

to be partisan about it but to be partisan about it but I'd

be fascinateed to know the difference between the intervention in Afghanistan the intervention in Iraq and why there's this extraordinary support for the interrengs in

Libya. Try weapons of Libya. Try weapons of mass destruction for a start. I

supported all supported all three interventions. But I'm

surprised that the Greens have moved to that level. Perhaps you're not quite as extreme as

the Prime Minister said last

week. Let's go of mass destruction. The whole Iraq intervention was based on a lie. (Applause) The Saddam

Hussein regime Hussein regime was butchering

his people not just for a month

but for about 20 years and

putting them through the human

shred er and so on I would've

thought would've qualified for

needing to intervene to protect

people's rights. The question was

was how can we be certain? The

answer is we can't be and answer is we can't be and we're not. We're going down a very Afghanistan, in Iraq, the worst case scenarios were realised

and that's a real possibility

here, but does that mean we shouldn't have done it? I don't

think so. I think in the end

presented with the facts that

Jason and everyone has outlined

we had no choice but to

Hackett. You heard what

Christopher Pyne was saying about Kevin Rudd's leadership on this complimenting a Labor minister

I get very nervous! I get very nervous! Were you surprised to see Kevin Rudd out in front of the Prime Minister on this issue (eye the analysis about in front. I

want surprised to see Kevin

Rudd working very, very tirelessly hard on this issue. That's exactly the sort of Foreign Minister he was always

going to be no. Doubt about

that. If Kevin Rudd was a butcher he'd be making sausages

18 hours a day. He is a Foreign

Minister who will

I think the Liberal Party's

attempts to portray this as

kind of a leadership instability are misleading. The Liberal Party's view of foreign

policy is very Conservative,

and Julie Bishop if you put the

words human rights and Klein in

a sentence together, then Julie

Bishop thinks you're being

outrageous and sort of going

too far. Labor doesn't have that view and Kevin Rudd

doesn't have that view. He will

be out there arguing hard for

these things. of a weak government. It's a

sign of a strong government. It's what I

It's what I think the Australian Government should be

doing. Let's hear from mir

reason da on this issue. -- Miranda. The uncertainties

ahead are partly driven by the

fact that the American

President Obama has said that

under no circumstances will we

have boots on the ground.

That's perfectly understandable but that's just given Gaddafi

this sort of green light. He

just has to hunker down for a

little while. A few air strikes and

and then what happens if he comes out time, starts massacring people

again? At some point, I think

we will have to go further. What's What's Australia's position

then? Do we send our soldiers

there to risk their lives again in another battlefield? There

hasn't been universal support among Conservative commentators, I cite Piers

Akerman and Greg Sheridan, who

was also asking what's the end game, what's the exit

Are you serious that you think you could put western troops on the ground in Libya? Well,

that's the question. I mean, a no-fly no-fly zone won't be enough. The 'I'm A Celebrity' massacre -- the Srebrenica massacre

happened when there was happened when there was ma

no-fly zone happening. It's not

a catch-all protector. At a catch-all protector. At some point you have to help the

rebels. You have to arm rebels. You have to arm them, train them, whatever. Gaddafi is not just going to throw his

hands up because no-fly zone obviously. Just so

I get this right. Do you think

that's the fundamental objection that this hasn't gone

far enough? I'm not saying it hasn't gone far enough. I'm just saying of course we had to

do something but we're in a

devil's own position, because a

no-fly zone is not the end. sounds very no-fly zone is not the end. It

sounds very neat and clean but

we've seen in the past that it never is. That you have to

actually go and put some actually go and put some skin in the game. Let's hear from

the minister on that. I don't think anyone has said this would be a panacea. The object

is to protect people that would be killed. If we hadn't taken the action f the world hadn't taken the action that it has, then the killing then the killing would continue. Could you imagine it

evolving into a ground war involving western troops?

That's the point. There is a

ground war happening right now.

The object of the no fly

is to stop Gaddafi from using planes to bomb and kill his own

people. But does this government which has advocateed a no-fly zone, would it go as far as to advocate far as to advocate western

troops, boots on the ground?

We've been very clear that we

don't support mission creep. We don't support putting boots on the ground. The UN has been

very clear about that. The

resolution is far reaching

though. It gives powers to the coalition forces to take

whatever action is necessary to

protect people that are under

the threat of being attacked.

So that's just not making sure that Gaddafi's planes don't

take off and bomb their own

people. But it's stopping tanks

that are on the edge of their own homes. There is a

fair chance that the boot on the ground from the United

Nations won't be necessary. A

lot of the people who are fighting for Gaddafi

mercenaries. From other places

in Africa. And now that the United States, Great Britain, the Arab League are involved in

attacking Gaddafi's regime a lot of

lot of those mercenary lot of those mercenary also

peel away. And before peel away. And before the

Gaddafi regime was able to

bring tanks and armoured

vehicles and fighter jets vehicles and fighter jets to bear against the rebels were actually getting

very close to Tripoli. You

would hope now with support

from the air and the defeat of

Gaddafi's Air Force that the rebels rebels will now get the upper

hand. That would be the hope. Now to our next question. How can we justify direct military

intervention in Libya when we

have no so little substantial

knowledge regarding both the opaque in

and what ideas the uprising

represents? Is it clear what

the rebel forces represent? Not really. I mean, they put together a council and there's

a couple of people from

Gaddafi's ministry who have

escaped. But look I think

that's a really valid that's a really valid question, because you've seen in Egypt in the elections the Muslim

Brotherhood have become stronger. We really don't know

in a lot of these places, you

know, what kind of sort of

shadowy force, how much Iran is

involved in manipulating the

situation. What we do know situation. What we do know is 8,000 people have been killed.

What we do know is 3,000 people

have fled Libya to escape

somebody who said there'd be rivers of blood if you don't

know what I say. When you make

a decision to protect people you make it people's ideology might be, you

do it on protecting human life.

If you have a If you have a city like Benghazi with almost a Benghazi with almost a million

people and a bloke saying people and a bloke saying he

will blow it to smithereens, I think it's the right thing to do to stop that do to stop that happening. I

agree. Gaddafi had said that

there would be no compassion,

no mercy, he would chase people

down to their closets, and that would have meant And the global community has

got a responsibility and as we

said before, we've stood back

and watched in Rwanda, we saw

what happened in Darfur. It is

time that we did time that we did get our act together and respond by

protecting civilians. We

didn't respond in Darfur there. We didn't and we

should've. Jessica has asked

the key question. The reason it took took some time for the United

Nations and western countries

to decide to intervene was

internal knowledge about what

this coalition represented. I'm

quite sure that the western countries didn't intervene in a fight that simply brought radical Islam to

power in Libya. So they wanted

to make sure they had a partner

to deal with in the event that Gaddafi's regime is overthrown,

which I believe it will be. And

they've obviously been

convinced that the coalition of forces support. Hopefully what is put in place will be a democratic

regime. I would say to Jessica if it was Australia leading

this I think that would be a

really legitimate concern. But

the reality is the reality is organisations

like the Arab League, I know there were concerns today,

unclear exactly what their

point is. There is very intense local knowledge

that are very closely involved

in this coalition. That's in this coalition. That's why

part of the reason it took so

long. I think the concern would

be very - if it was us making

the decision I'd be very worried but there are other people with better more

on-the-ground knowledge who are

just as big a part of this as

we are if not bigger . A lot of

people perhaps made the mistake

of thinking the Greens were a pacifist party. Evidently not? non-violence but the point is

we want to make sure that we

protect civilians wherever we

can. This is of course a challenge. But the point you are going to espouse peace

you have to actually stand for something and work something and work towards

peace in the best way that you

can. And in our view, a United

Nations resolution that says we will go in and will go in and protect people

is the best way of ensuring that we will save lives in this

circumstance. It's a difficult

decision. Our next question is

it that if you protest for freedom in Libya, Australia

supports you but if you do the

same on Christmas Island you're

fired upon? (Applause)

It's a good question, and I

think what's happening in

Christmas Island is just a

classic example of the incompetence of this Labor Some applause, some boos.

Now you have almost 3,000

people on an island that was

designed for 800 and of course there's going to be there's going to be trouble.

This never had to happened. It was because the - Kevin was because the - Kevin Rudd decided to make the decided to make the whole boat

people issue a mallet to bash up the Howard supporters. CROWD

You can't disagree with

that. (Laughter) Was the that. (Laughter) Was the prem miss of your question that rioting detainees are effectively fighting for

freedom? Is that the premise of

your question? Perhaps if you

lock them up, unjustly. Do you

agree with that premise to

start with? I think the situation on Christmas is appalling and it is a failed policy, to keep people in

mandatory detention. That is a

failed policy. There is

overcrowding in the detention centre. You have got vulnerable

people who have been kept in

the dark about their future.

They've been kept They've been kept there indefinitely. They're not happening to them. Many of them are suffering from depression.

They've been through that appalling circumstance appalling circumstance before Christmas with the boat that

broke up there in the bay, and you've got trauma. You have

depression, sadness, a feeling of isolation, support, -- lack of support, overcrowding,

and is it any surprise you have people who can't cope people who can't cope in those circumstances. Yet we're yet to

occurred. We need to end this

system of mandatory detention,

process people in 30 days. That

is the appropriate thing to do.

No other country in the world ... (Applause) Chris Bowen, the Minister

for Immigration, today ruled

out changing the policy of offshore processing, offshore processing, or

speeding it up. Are you

expecting therefore there will

be more trouble be more trouble on this overcrowded response to Nicholas's question, I think what's

happening in Libya, where

you've got a leader who's

trying to kill his own people, is very different to is very different to what's happening on Christmas Island.

No-one understates how

- it's just very different.

There is no excuse for anyone torching buildings torching buildings or throwing

rocks, the sorts of things rocks, the sorts of things that were happening, pretty

dangerous, on Christmas Island.

I don't think the people of Australia will have see that sort of violent

behaviour. From my point of

view, I just don't think you

can compare what's happening in

Libya to what's happening in

Australia. Christine talked about processing. And Chris

Bowen has made the point that

it needs to be done in a

quicker way. A lot of people

involved in the violence and

there's about 200 people on

Christmas Island that Christmas Island that were responsible for that, attacking not just police, but not just police, but also attacking some other asylum

seekers on the island as well.

A lot of those people were people who'd had people who'd had their claims rejected. That was the reason

for some of the violence there.

A lot of people have had claims approved, been

identified as a refugee and they're waiting for security

checks to be done by ASIO. One of the reasons the process is

taking longer than it should is because of those security

checks. Security checks are important. But we do need to speed up the way in which

they're done. We have a web question question from Matthew Perry in

Chapel Hill Queensland. In

light of the recent riot on

Christmas Island, does the

panel think that asylum seekers

who cause trouble

their asylum claims rejected? I

think that the people who have

damaged Commonwealth property

on Christmas Island and have

instructed the operation of Commonwealth officers should

have that taken into account in

processing their processing their applications

for a visa. The Prime Minister said on

March 13 that the situation in Christmas Island was well in

hand in the following seven

days, the buildings had torched, people had been fired

upon by the AFP, the AFP has

had to get control back by force of the island. The truth is it's been an out-of-control situation by an inept

government and Christine Milne

is right. This is the outcome

of a failed policy. And the

failed policy is putting

sugar back on the table to people smugglers and saying

here is a product to sell of permanent residency in Australia. The Prime Minister said today in question time

that she refused the answer the question you just put to me

about visas. But the the coroner said were responsible for blowing up a boat on the way to Australia,

all five of those people who the coroner said were responsible for that tragedy

have all been granted visas

you can be granted a visa after blowing up a vote deliberately

and hurting people, then I

would be surprised if most of

these people don't also these people don't also get

grounded. I believe the Prime

Minister told Parliament that guaranteeing troublemakers

would not get visas is not in accordance with the law accordance with the law the

migration Act and she wouldn't do it. I guess you is it get

answer. The Prime Minister says a lot of things which we find

out later are not true. For example, she claimed that

... (Applause) She claimed she

was responsible for the deal

with the mining companies ... I think we're talking about

immigration for the time being.

If anybody is relying on what Julia Gillard says in question time, then they believe in

fairies at the bottom of the garden. Let's get Christine

Milne to answer the question

that was asked. I don't condone violence whether it's in the Christmas Island detention

centre or whether it's on the

beach at Cronulla. I think the

important thing here, though, is that the rule of law applies

as the Prime Minister has said.

Anyone who commits violence, there

there will be an investigation

and they will be dealt with by

the rule of law. I don't think

you can say because someone has

been involved in one incident

they'd lose the capacity to be

processed. That is wrong, to do

that. Let's live by the rule of

law in this country and let's

recognise that if the rule of

law is going to apply, it needs

to apply equally and it needs to be timely. (Applause) Mr

Claire mentioned the ASIO

processing is taking so long.

There is a problem we've known

about for so long and immigration officers are

frustrated that they can't

process people's claims in an efficient manner, because

they're being held up. How long

will it take just to get this

and like Christine said, what

is by international standards

just not adequate? How will it take? You give a quick

response. I didn't catch your

name. Hugh. You're right it is

taking too long. What Bowen said is he has

immigration and ASIO working

together on this. They've made

some changes to streamline some changes to streamline it. The advice I have is The advice I have is that that's going to hopefully bear

fruit and really improve the

speed at which that process

takes place. Lock Han Harris

let's hear from you on the

range of issues we've heard

across these questions. This is an issue that never seems away for the Labor Government. I don't think it

will ever go away. It's very

easy when you say we

send people back. If

send people back. If you send

someone back, even if they have

behaved badly, if you send

someone back who has a

reasonable fair of prosecution

you could be sending them their death. their death. Australia should never do that under any