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(generated from captions) Closed Captions by CSI Tonight An execution style attack. A man

gunned down in his driveway.

Also the first words from

North Korea's young leader, Kim

Jong-un makes his maiden

address. 100 years on, sombre

memorials at sea to remember

the Titanic tragedy. And a

loss to swimming and loss to swimming and to Australian sport. Olympic great Murray Rose dies great Murray Rose dies aged 73.

Hello, this is ABC News 24. I'm Richard Davies. Checking

An execution style murder in

broad daylight has broad daylight has increased

fears about a spate of gun

crime in NSW. In this latest

attack, a 32-year old man was

shot dead in front of shot dead in front of his

family home on the outskirts family home on the outskirts of Wollongong. The State

Opposition says it is only a

matter of time before an

innocent bystander gets in the

swarmed through gannett avenue way. This morning police

in Berkeley searching for clues

but a woman at the house where

the shooting tack place was in

no mood to talk to the media.

This a suburban street get

off. At 10 past five last night

targetted attack in front of Darco Janceski was killed in a

his family home. A male person

on a motor cycle has pulled up

outside Darco's home,

discharged several shots. The

32-year old was known to his

and is believed to be a member

of an outlaw motorcycle of an outlaw motorcycle gang.

He grew up here since he was a

kid. What was he like? Good as far as I knew, yeah. The murder

has left his family devastated. His father was injured when he tackled the gunman after the far

shots were fired. No-one has

the right to be judge and

execution of any person.

Totally abhorrent. The State opposition says it is the

came 83 Shooting since the Premier

came to power. We know came to power. We know the

people that do this aren't the

sharpest tools in the shed.

kill somebody who has nothing Knock on the wrong door and you

to do with what's going on. Barry O'Farrell says police

are doing all they can. Many these attacks are on people are doing all they can. Many of

known to police. That's code

for criminal on criminal

attacks. Police are running

into problems with those

into criminals not wanting to give

information about the attack. The murder of Darco Janceski could be just as challenging

challenging to crack. It is not

the first time the 32-year old

has been targeted. Last year

his former house here was his former house here was fire

bombed and in February, when he

returned to collect something

from the garage, he was shot in

the hip in broad daylight. The gunman left his weapon at gunman left his weapon at the

scene and escaped on his

motorbike through a local park.

David Spicer, ABC News,

Berkeley. Queensland Police are

investigating another violent death in the state's

south-east. A woman has south-east. A woman has been

charged with the murder of a

Brisbane. The 47-year-old man man at Bribie island north of

died after being stabbed in the

groin. Another man is being

treated for injuries. Frightened neighbours

called police to the holiday

apartment late last night.

They found two men with stab

wounds. A 47-year-old male

person with person with significant

injuries and another male

person both of which were transported to Royal Brisbane

Hospital. The other man was a

23-year-old from Hervey Bay.

He has since been released from

hospital. Four people hospital. Four people were

staying in the apartment in the

usually peaceful area. One has

died and the other person died and the other person is

now assisting police with their

persons who were in the unit at persons inquiries, as are the other two

persons the time. Detectives search the

apartment and a nearby

stairwell trying to piece

together what happened. Given

the nature of the the nature of the injuries and the scene, it would indicate that there was a disturbance there. A 46-year-old Sunshine

Coast woman has now been

charged with murder and

attempted murder. She's due to

face court tomorrow. face court tomorrow. Police say those involved could be

related. Whether they're known

still to be to each other or related is

explored. Meanwhile the hunt still to be fully

continues for those responsible

for two shooting deaths in

Brisbane's south this week.

Police are examining the car

involved in the murder of involved in the murder of a

22-year-old man at a busy

night. shopping centre on Thursday

night. Found abandoned at a rowing club. The investigation

into the murder of a

56-year-old man by masked 56-year-old man by masked home

invaders the night before is

also ongoing. A hiker has been

reunited with his family after

spending two nights lost spending two nights lost in

Victoria's Yarra Ranges.

Melbourne man Sam Eales has

praised the efforts praised the efforts of

volunteers and rescue crews. He was found this morning a couple of kilometres from the

summit of Mt Donna Buang. This is a moment the Eels family

won't soon forget. How are

you buddy. A bit rough. Glad

relieving I'm all right. It was the most

relieving thing ever to see

them. It was terrifying by this morning. Listening to the

police talk and saying we might

have to medivac him out and all

this sort of thing. Sam Eales

set off and a solo trek set off and a solo trek on

Wednesday and planned to meet a

friend on the summit on Friday.

But he didn't get back. He got

lost after entering the wrong

coordinates in his navigation system and left his bag behind for that leg of the journey. I for

only had a sleeping bag and

peanut butter. I got that into the bushy couldn't get peanut butter.

night out, so I had to sleep that

night and then mission back this morning. By then, this morning. By then, a full-scale rescue operation was

underway, just before 10

o'clock police found him on a

track two kilometres from the

summit of Mt Donna Buang.

Total relief when we heard Total relief when we heard the

call come across. One of the

blocks up here said have a

listen to this. And they

turned the volume up and you

you could hear he's up and walking. It is not walking. It is not only the rescuersers Sam Eales has to thankful rescuersers Sam Eales has to be

thankful for the weather proved

incredible helpful. Overnight the temperature dipped to about

six degrees but overall the fine conditions were perfect

for search crews. Great

conditions for searchers.

We're pretty lucky to have this

sort of weather Mr Eels was

assessed by paramedics and

given the all clear to go

home. We're relieved to see him

. Lisa Maksimovic, ABC News, Mt

Donna Buang. The Greens new leader Christine leader Christine Milne will

hold talks with the Prime

Minister this week and start by

urging her not to pursue a

surplus in next month's Three days into the job,

Senator Milne is emphasising

economic policy as an area she

plans to develop. She says

there's no need to return the

Budget to surplus this year and

Government is only doing it to

avoid breaking a promise. It is all about the Prime Minister and the Government having

decided that they can't be seen

to change their mind and that's

the tragedy of the actual

political debate around the

economy at the moment. We need

to be creating the space to be creating the space for people to change their

minds. The Prime Minister is in Canberra tomorrow hosting

Lebanon's President at the

start of his week long visit to Australia. Three Big Australian fashion brands have been

accused of underpaying

outworkers. The textile

clothing and footwear union

says Anthea Crawford, White

Suede and Pilgrim Clothing pay

less than half the award rate.

The designers face possible

Federal Court action. In the

fashion industry it is not just

the models that are under

pressure. Some designers are

slashing wages to cut prices. A lot of these companies are

refusing to be accurate and

honest about saying who is

making their goods. The union is accusing Anthea is accusing Anthea Crawford, White Suede and Pilgrim

Clothing of paying some of their outworkers as little as

$7.30 an hour. Nar has been making Anthea Crawford model

look good for 10 years. I

feel like it is not fair. Under the textile award, factory

employees and at home

outworkers are entitled to

$17.14 an hour, plus penalties. Companies are also obliged Companies are also obliged to

register who makes their pieces

and identify how many out

workers are being used. Me workers are being used. Me has completed designs for Pilgrim

Clothing. TRANSLATION: I have

to work long hours. It is very

stressful. My employer gave me

limited time. I don't think there's

there's an excuse for these

companies to say they're

ignorant of the ignorant of the law. The

council of textile and fashion

industries of Australia admits

that some designers have lost

control of their supply chain.

We don't condone that

activity. We understand there's a certain amount of it

going on in the industry. We

clean it up would like to think we could

clean it up through an process. Representatives from education

all three firms declined ient

sitetation to be interviewed.

They issued statements saying

that they send their work to

contractor who they say are

responsible. The union says

the designers are accountable

for every out worker that touch

their brands. I think it is a

symptom of an industry under

enormous pressure. It is

certainly under enormous price pressure. Anthea Crawford and

Pilgrim Clothing have committed

to complying with the award.

The three firms face $33,000 fines for each breach of the new modern clothing

award. Australia's sporting

community is mourning the loss

of Olympic swimming community

Murray Rose. He set 15 world

records and was a four time

Olympic gold medallist. He won

three golds at the 1956

Melbourne Olympics and won in

Rome four years later. Dawn

Fraser says his death is a huge

loss. He died earlier today in

Sydney having battled leukaemia

since Christmas. He was 73.

The family of Bee Gees singer The family of Bee Gees singer since Christmas.

Robin Gibb has confirm he's in

a coma. The 62-year-old is

suffering from cancer and fell

into the coma after contracting pneumonia. He has been treated

in a London hospital where his

family is said to be keeping a

bedside vigil. It is up the

when have you an illness like peripheral problems that occur peripheral problems that

that. It is not always the

cancer that will get you. He cancer that will get you.

has to always be treated and

keep scrutiny on his

health. Robin Gibb formed the

Bee Gees with his brothers

Morris and Barry in the Morris and Barry in the late

1950s. It is estimated the

group has told more than group has told more than 200 million records

worldwide. There's been a mass

break out of prisoners from a Pakinstani jail. Nearly 400 inmates escaped after inmates

inmates escaped after the

building was attacked by

militants armed with guns militants armed with guns and rocket propelled grenades rocket propelled grenades the prison is in the north-west prison is in the

near the border with

Afghanistan. One of the

escapees is a man on death row

for attempting to assassinate

the former President. The

Taliban reportedly claimed

responsible for attack. A UN backed team of monitors backed team of monitors is

heading to Syria to monitor the fragile ceasefire there. Russia and China joined members of the Security Council Russia and China joined other

in approving the mission. The resolution calls for an

immediate end to the violence

amid reports of fresh

Government attacks. Even as the

United States welcomes today's action by the Security Council,

we're under no illusions. Just

this morning Syrian forces

resumed their brutal shilling

of Homs and opened fire on mourners in Aleppo, raising

renewed doubts about renewed doubts about the

sincerity of the regime's

commitment to a ceasefire. The

resolution allows for 30

unarmed monitors to be deployed

in Syria. An initial group of

6 observers will arrive there

later tonight. Western

officials say the first talks

in more than a year with Iran

on its nuclear program have

ended on a positive note.

Representatives from the five

permanent members of the Security Council and Germany Mediterranean officials in

Istanbul. They've greed to

respect Iran's right to the

peaceful use of nuclear energy,

but they also stressed the but they also stressed

importance of Iran meeting its obligations under the nuclear

non-proliferation treaty. The discussions on the Iranian

nuclear issue have been constructive and useful,

reflecting the terms and the

spirit of our recent exchange

of letters with Iran. The six

powers and Iran will meet again in Baghdad next month. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has

delivered his first ever public

speech at a military parade in

Pyongyang. The parade was to

speech at mark 100 years since the birth

Kim-il Sung. The of the country's founder,

commemorations came just two

days after the failure of a satellite launch timeded to

mark the centenary. The grand

celebrations Wen ahead

nonetheless in a vast square named after the country's

founder Kim-il Sung. In his speech, Kim Jong-un spoke about

the leadership of his father and grandfather. TRANSLATION:

The flag of the sun of our

great comrades Kim-il Sung and

Kim kill will fly forever at

the front of the front of our revolutionary

members who fight for victory

and honour. The flag will us

encourage and lead us to the

new victory. Let's move forward. Memorial service for

the victims of the Titanic

the victims of the Titanic has

been held on a ship at the

of the tragedy. Relatives of

the victims attended a ceremony

aboard the cruise ship 100 years since the aboard the cruise ship to mark

100 years since the sinking of

the Titanic. We're here tonight

at the graves of 15 90 3

victims on the Titanic. Once

again we ask the question why?

Why? We want the reassurance

that death is but an open door

that leads us from one form of

life to another. A wreath for

victims was also blessed and

thrown into the ocean. The Titanic was Titanic was considered unsinkable, but foundered in

the cold Atlantic waters after

striking an iceberg. Around

700 people were rescued but

there were too few lifeboats to

save the rest. The great

granddaughter of one of victims says the ceremony has granddaughter of one of the

allowed her to move on. It's time to check sport Meredith Sheehan. Thanks time to check sport with

Richard. Before we go to a

sports wrap up of today's

sports news. Australia's sports, we'll return to sad

sporting community is tonight

mourning the loss of Olympic

swimming legend Murray Rose. Fellow swimmer Dawn Fraser

spoke to the ABC a short spoke to the ABC a short time

ago. She described him as a

great companion and says it is a great loss for this

Australian swimming community.

It is great sad news to hear of

of Murray's passing. I know he

has been sick for wait quite a

number of months. I tried to

contact him before I left

Sydney to come up to Noosa for

Easter and I do believe that he

was not answering any phone

calls and a great loss to not

only Australian swimming but to Australian sport because he was

a great ambassador. a great ambassador. Murray represented Australia in the

Olympic Games in 1956 and he was a bit unfairly challenged

in 1960 because he went to the

university in America on a scholarship

scholarship and the Australian

swimming union wouldn't allow

him to do his swim trials in America and he couldn't comeback to Australia because

he was doing some final examinations and unfortunately,

he missed out on going to Rome in

in 1960, which was a great loss to Australian swimming to Australian swimming because no doubt I do believe that no doubt I do believe that he

would have won the 1500 metres.

He set a lot of records He set a lot of records during

his swimming career and he his swimming career and he also

did a lot of work on the

outside as far as promotional

work for Australian work for Australian swimming and also with master swimming,

as he got older, and he used to swim

swim every day up until he swim every day up until he got

very sick and couldn't do that

any more. Murray was any more. Murray was always known as the - he was a

vegetarian and in those days in

1956 being a vegetarian when

all of us young kids use to eat

steak and egg for breast fast

and Murray used to have carrot

juice, in those days Chas

challenging to have a swimmer

on a team that just had just

ate vegetables. He never

ate vegetables. He never ate

meat in his life. He willing to help the younger

generation coming through.

He'll be a great and sad loss generation to the Australian community. In today's NRL news the West Tigers have bounced back to claim

claim their second win of the

season. The Tigers beat the

Panthers 30 nil while Cronulla

was too bad for Parramatta. In

Auckland, the New Zealand

Warriors re found their winning

form to beat south Said

Sydney. South Sydney may have had the first say in Auckland,

but the remainder of the

first-half belonged to the

warriors. The warriors were showing the form that had

eluded them so far this season.

Mannering does

business. Mannering nabbing two of the eventual eight tries

from the home side as warriors romped home to a 44-22 from the home side as the

Jarryd Hayne showed he was in victory. From the get go,

for a first class afternoon

against Cronulla. But the

Sharks were far intimidated, responding Sharks were far from

intimidated, responding with

three tries in 10 minutes.

What a run. Hayne led the fight

back for the Eels setting back for the Eels setting up

one try and scoring another to

level the scores at halftime

but Cronulla had a starve their

own with Todd Carney's

brilliant cut out pass leading

win. his team to a fifth straight

win. After nabbing the early

points against Penrith, the

West Tigers found themselves without the guidance of skipper Robbie Farrah. The loss didn't

seem to hinder the visiting

side who scored three tries in

inside the opening half hour. Benji Marshall was the

thumping stand-out in the 30 nil

the four tries and thumping setting up three of

the four tries and making five from five with the

Sea Eagles 11 match run in Brookvale looked Sea Eagles 11 match unbeaten

run in Brookvale looked in

trouble against the Titans. Half-back Scott Prince was in

scintillating form had a hand

in three of the visitors' four

tries. The final result 26-14 with the

with the win snapping the

streak. Titans's five game losing

streak. The spid knee Roosters

struggled in the 33 degree

Darwin heat as North Queensland

Cowboys stacked on five days in

the opening 40. Oh, that is

super. Despite two quick tries from the Roosters to open the second, the North Queensland

Cowboys were in constant

control. The 50 points to 12

win their biggest ever win their biggest ever against the Roosters. The Kangaroos

scored squad for the up coming

test for New Zealand in Eden Park.

Park. Melbourne Storm's

Cameron Smith will take over

from Darren Lockyer and captain

the squad with Paul Gallen as

vice. Billy Slater, ipg ink

and Cooper Cronk are in the

team as well as Dave Taylor is making his Kangaroos debut. On making

the interchange the interchange bench James Tarmo will join Daly

Cherry-Evans Ben Hannant hand Anthony Watmough with Mat

Gillette the 18th man. North

Melbourne and Geelong are

battling battling it out at Docklands.

North Melbourne is in front

with 10 minutes game time

remaining. At the MCG Hawthorn

has secured wane over Adelaide. West Coast crushed

Western Sydney. In their first

match at Blacktown, the Giants

were competitive in the were competitive in the opening minutes. It is a different Greater Western Sydney this week. There were more week. There were more early

highlights for GWS than in last week's

week's thrashing as Rhys Palmer

kicked his first goal and

Jeremy Cameron grabbed an

impressive mark. The

highlights dried up quickly as

the Eagles showed the dominance

many had predicted. Luke Shuey

was a stand-out. On of time to

steady. No-one came at him.

He has his third. West Coast

took a whopping 58 point

quarter time lead. Coach John Worsfold appeared far Worsfold appeared far from quarter satisfied, despite his

having the game under control.

The Giants offered better resistance in the second term resistance in the second

but more concerning for the

Eagles was a series Eagles was a series of injuries. Daniel Kerr received

treatment for a leg problem.

Bradd Dalziell's day was ended

after a big collision. And Luke Shuey fell the full

effects of a clumsy tackle. Nic Naitanui and Patrick

McGinnity were hurting after a

head clash. The improved

showing from GWS continued after halftime, much to John

Worsfold's frustration. But he

soon had reason to smile soon

Luke Shuey's superb day

continuing. He's looking for a fifth. He's got five. The

Giants' resistance seemed to be falling away and West falling away and West Coast

took a 94 point advantage to

the final change. The focus the final change. The

was now on whether GWS could

keep the deficit below 100. It

went much better than that.

Becoming the first club to Becoming the first club to out

score the Eagles in a quarter

in 2012. They've been

sensational in this final term. The final margin was 81

points. The Australian athletics championships have

ended in Melbourne with some

impressive performances by

athletes aiming for the London

Olympics. So far none have

managed to reach the top

qualifying standard although

some have some achingly close.

Here's ABC's Olympics reporter

Ben Knight. Melissa Breen has

already qualified for the

London Olympics. The problem

is she's only met the Olympic standard. In the past that is she's only met the Olympic B

might have been enough, but

this year Athletics Australia

is only naming athletes who

have reached the A standard.

Last night, Melissa Breen was

just point 02 of a second outside that top mark.

Incredibly close and streets

ahead of her competitors. still not enough to convince ahead of her competitors. But

Athletics Australia to bend its still

new rules. We need to be

careful that we're consistent

which is really what athletes with our selection process

are looking for. So Bren Breene

broken will have to spend the two two months overseas trying

two-hundredths of to shave off those last

two-hundredths of a second. It

going to is really tough. She's not

going to be the best in London. going to be the best in

She might be at her best in

three weeks when she qualifies.

Come London she's four weeks behind in her preparation she won't be at her best. It's Come

chosen the high he standards so

athletes will lift to meet T it

is on track to send its third largest squad ever to an

Olympic Games but there are

noticeable gaps. As it stands now there will be no Australians run in the 100, 200

or 400 metre events in London. Even though there are athletes

who have qualified for some of

those events at the lower

standard, like John Steffensen,

and Josh Ross. They'll still

have a chance at the final

selectors meeting in June. We'll sit down and June. We'll sit down and look at malalong with a couple of

athletes on that

borderline. There are some

serious medal contenders.

They're the successor risof the new policy.

new policy. The critics and new policy.

there are many say it doesn't work for work for developing

athletes. In 10, 12, 15 years

there will be no-one in and there will be no-one in track and filed because it will be pointless.

pointless. The final pointless. The final team will be announced in June. Nico pointless.

Rosberg has made full use of

his first Formula 1 poll

position by winning the Chinese

Grand Prix in Shanghai.

Rosberg made no mistakes at the start to take control of the 56

lap race having dropped from

6th to 8th early on Mark Webber

fought back to maintain his

position and finished fourth.

Rosberg's lead was cut down Rosberg's

Jenson Button but on lap 40 is

went wrong for him in a

pitstop. Dollar that. A

drama for Button. The round

one winner. Button lost about five seconds and got caught up in traffic and in traffic and he couldn't catch rowsberg T took 111

starts but the German has

finally won an F1 race. It finally won an F1 race. It was Mercedes's first win as a factory team since 1995.

That's the latest in sport, Richard. Thank you

Meredith. There was plenty of

reason to celebrate today as the Greek Orthodox the Greek Orthodox community marked Easter. The NSW

Government has announced that the Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Sydney will Sydney will be heritage Sydney will be heritage listed. Built in 1848 by colonial architect Edmund Blackett, the Cathedral

Cathedral spent its first 100

years as an Anglican Church.

For the past 50 it's been the

official seat of the Greek

Orthodox faith in Australia. It

is a Blackett church. It had

to be preserved. We are to be preserved. We are at

lucky inheritors to occupy it and practice pour church which you know is you know is the church of the first millenium. Archbishop

Stylianos said thelying was a powerful gesture of recognition

for the work of for the work of the

congregation. First to the

satellite picture which shows a high pressure system high pressure system sending

showers on to the Queensland

and northern NSW coasts. A

trough is directing cool winds

on to the West Coast of WA.

That is the news for now.

Don't go away, I'll be back

with an update on our main headlines in just a moment.

After that, stay with us for

One Plus One with Jane

Hutcheon. I'm Richard Davies.

Enjoy the rest of your evening. Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned Live. These are the top stories

from ABC News. Australian

swimming ledge again Murray

Rose has died aged 73. He set

15 world records and was a four

time Olympic gold medallist.

Rose won three gold at the Rose won three gold at the 1956

Melbourne Olympics and one in

Rome four years later. He died

earlier today having battle ed

leukaemia. The family of a man

gunned down outside a home in

southern NSW witnessed his murder. Darco Janceski was

fatally shot at Berkeley on fatally shot at Berkeley on the

outskirts of Wollongong. The

gunman was confronted by the victim's father seconds after

the shooting. Two months ago

the 32-year old victim was shot

in the leg and his house was

also fire bombed. North Korea's new leader, Kim

100th birthday of the nation's Jong-un, has celebrated the

speech. It comes two founder with his first public

speech. It comes two days

after the nation's failed

rocket launch. Kim Jong-un spoke about the leadership of his father and also his grandfather. And the 100th anniversary of the sinking of

the Titanic has been marked by

a service on the seas above the wreak

wreak site. It sunk after

hitting an iceberg of the

historians as well as relatives

of Titanic passengers are on

the voyage. Those are the latest ed lines from ABC News. Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned

Live. On this Edition of 'One

Plus One', creating modern

drama from classical dance.

Libya's man in Washington and

saving Ugandan orphans.