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(generated from captions) Good evening. On tonight's program - the Greek Government survives a confidence it struggles to avoid Minister attempting to introduce even more spending cuts over. There are now threats of This Program Is Captioned Live. The danger that this is

going to end up bankrupt is quite serious. So

quite serious. So will the

Greek people be able to swallow

the bitter bill? second night of riots. Australian flights cleared for take-off, but Chile's ash cloud is now headed straight for New Zealand Zealand . is

Zealand . Syria's broken

promises. More evidence of a brutal crackdown in a special

Damascus. And from red to Damascus. And from green. Why China

the world's clean energy green energy and a green lifestyle to transport, survived a crucial vote in Parliament. The new Cabinet's win enough support for controversial austerity win enough support for

measures, designed to save the

country from bankruptcy. But

Greek unions are threatening to government introduces tough hold general strikes if the

Parliament, the people with spending cuts. Outside the spending cuts.

their message, no more cut,

sell-offs or sackings. But inside, the government had its own warning. Accept the new Cabinet or face chaos. Cabinet or face chaos. The

betting was the Prime Minister would survive hand he did, but not by much. This not by much. This is just the beginning of a much harder sell, to convince everyone

another round of savage cuts is not only desirable, but

aren't listening any more, essential. But these people

youth unemployment already at aren't listening any more, with

40%, the prospects under 40%, the prospects under an even tighter even tighter economy are disheartening. I've

looking for a job since last

year. I haven't been able to

find anything yet. I really need to earn need to earn some money that I

can leave the country. What

goodwill may have existed after

the first round of cuts is

the bitter Kim. responded by saying we'll take rapidly evaporating. They

the bitter Kim. The bitter pill nearly killed them. Now they're being asked to hope for better

results from a larger not prepared to do this. So

already, electricity workers

have been on strike, traffic is being brought to a standstill by protesters. As people lose

faith in the ability of their faith in the ability of

politician to find a way out of the mess. At stake is the mess. At stake is the

future of Greece. future of Greece. The danger

that Greece is going to end up

the bankrupt is quite serious.

But while the government says getting the next austerity

some believe default is the package approved is essential,

only way out. Others say that's

far too risky and could lead to

damage everyone. a fault contagion that could

The President of Melbourne's Greek Orthodox community joins

me now live from Melbourne.

Thanks for your time tonight. You've been speaking to folks

in Athens and further afield in

Greece. What have they been

and the effect this and the effect this is having

on their

clear that the crisis is one

that's being felt very

clear that

within Greece. It's been felt

in a way which has led to unprecedented interest unprecedented interest in

Australia and which motivated migration to our country, to migration to

our organisation just rent lie to have a meeting with the

minister Chris Bowen in

relation to how it is we could assist the thousands of people migrating to Australia rising who are expressing interest in

from the economic crisis. I

mean the feeling is one that

people. The mood is it's quite desperate for

There is significant resistance

towards the austerity measures

and on the whole people are

looking for a way out. That

figure you just quoteed that figure you've heard from thousands or

heard of thousands of Greek

people wanting to move to

Australia as a result of this crisis? That's right. In Australia as a result of this

crisis? That's the applications we've seen at our organisation only number in the thousands. When did you hold this meeting with the hold

Immigration Minister and what arguments did you put to him, what are get? We had a meeting last Tuesday with the minister. We explained to the minister that policies of our country quite clearly the immigration

policies of our country are

that regard we didn't seem to have any amendment to that.

Rather we sought some practical solutions that would assist

those eligible for a visa to

make it easier for them to

apply for that visa. There are

some things we thought were basically low hanging fruit implement to assist basically low

implement to assist us. The first things was a skills expo

in Athens and the second large

city in Greece. Skills expos are regularly held by the Australian Government and

currently being held in the UK

and that was something that

could be easily transported to could be easily transported

Greece. Something else that we

visa program, which raised was the working holiday

has signed with about 20 visa program, which Australia

doesn't have a European governments but

agreement doesn't have a bilateral Additionally we raised the

issue about the fact that a last majority of the visas currently being dealt with by

and are married to Greek people citizens who reside in Greece

are being processed in either

Berlin or in London, and it creates a difficult, dislocating families creates a bureaucratic

Australian citizen can come up to 10

back to Australia, but back to Australia, but their

spouse or their children need

to remain back for a period of

that's creating a lot of 6 to

dislocation in circumstances

which they could be easily things relating to also rectified. There was a few

staffing of the Australian

Embassy in Athens as well and said its hours of operation. You

response from the minister. said you got a positive

Were there any commitments

forthcoming? Um ... no clearly they need to go clearly

put. But it was promising. It

was promising, in that there is a skills shortage in Australia.

Greece has the highest number

of students per capita in the

world studying abroad. It has

35,000 students at the moment studying postgraduate studying postgraduate work or graduate work in America, graduate work in America, the

UK, all of whom are flaunting

the English language. The

majority of whom are studying

economics degrees or business management or degrees. That's a skill set that could be transferred to this country and it's something which would create a win/win situation for

these young people are experiencing unemployment rates of 40%, of 40%, approximately 40%,

while we have a skill

while we have a skill set

shortage in this country. In

construed as win/win, but what

about the about

prosperity and stability of

Greece if they're losing Greece if they're losing their

young skills set. While it is certainly a win for countries

like Australia which has a skills shortage, long-term effect on Greece

which is doing it so tough at

the moment? At these people these people are unemployed.

Their mood is very depressed.

If we can provide a situation where we can experiencing, even if it's

for a few years, I think that is a win/win for both no, doubt. Beyond ties of

family and friendship to here,

I presume many Greek Australians have economic Australians business sort or near

to Greece. There has been

huge downturn. We're told almost 30 to 40% of retail

shops in Athens are now vacant.

And for those who own

overseas, whether it's retail

or apartments, or apartments, that is residential, they're having either difficulty filling them

or they've had to reduce significantly the level of rent

they can expect. So the crisis

has been felt abroad as well.

I thank you for that update and

your perspective tonight. Secretarian violence has again erupted in Northern

Ireland. For a second night running, there have been street battles between Protestants and Catholics. Rioters throwing

petrol bombs and bricks at police. There are police. There are concerns that

tensions could flare further. The police put more officers on

the riot. Missile after missile

was thrown. Fireworks, petrol

bombs, stones, bricks, anything

the rioters could get their hands on. Then just before

midnight a gunman appeared and

fired a number of shots. A photographer was hit. One of

his colleagues watched it

happen. I didn't know if it was

a real gun or first or not but

then I yelled gun to everybody.

We all was somebody peering over

was somebody wall and he

six rounds. We are all just

running, next thing I know, a

colleague of mine, he yells "I've been shot, I've been shot." After the shot." After the photographer was hit the police told the

media to stay away from the

scene of the riot for their own

scene of the riot for their own safety. At one stage safety. At one stage around 700 people were involved in people were involved in the disturbances. The trouble just

like on Monday night was only in a small part of Belfast, what the police have been

trying to do is make sure it doesn't spread. Sectarian tensions have been tensions have been building

here for months. On both sides

of the divide. And a faction of the loyalist paramilitary group

the UBF has been deliberately

stirring up the divisions. Extensive damage has been

caused, not just to the streets but to community relations.

For more on the situation in

Belfast we can go live Belfast we can go live to London and speak to our Europe correspondent Philip Williams. Thanks

Thanks for your time tonight. political leaders dealing with this outbreak of violence? They're very, violence? They're concerned. Peter Robinson, First Minister, Martin McGuinness McGuinness his deputy have both

condemned the violence. Of course they would. They have said they are concerned about

the level of violence and the

main worry there is the use of

firearms. We now have three

instances of firearms being

used and a woman just arrested a short time ago, a 20-year-old woman, charged with possessing a a firearm. A serious turn of events and recognised by the

politics there but of course

they have an interest in hosing

this down and they have pointed fairly isolated area but fear is this would spread. There's always that potential

for it to spread throughout

areas of sectarian divide in Belfast and beyond and that's

the main worry that this

gathers momentum and that the old hatreds are stirred up to

such an extent that the peace step backwards. This peace process is has now held by and large for well over a

decade? There has always decade? There has always been

the assumption that this is a linear march towards a complete

settlement. But just the last couple of years

there've been some severe bumps

in that road. Not the least of

which have been dissident

Republican attacks on policemen and soldiers, people have been

killed, bombs have been used. And now And now we have this street violence, blamed on the UVF

loyalists. It is sig kajts and it is a serious problem and the

political leadership has to

deal with it. The main worry at

the moment is we're coming into the march season. There is

the marching season. To always degree or degree or another. This is at

the beginning of that marching

season. They are worried that

now people will be so stirred up

up to that can serious setback and we could be

- not back to the bad old days but certainly more couple of steps backwards this road to peace. Philip London, thank you very much. Thank you. In Chile there are signs that the volcano that's causing volcano air travel problems is entering a new phase. Scientists now say

lava flow coming from the volcano means the eruption

could be entering its final could be entering its final and less active stages. Across less active stages. Across the

border in Argentina, the landscape military has been called in to help the ash blanketed community crippled by power black-outs, water shortages and

road closures. Back here, road closures. Back here, tens of thousands of stranded passengers are gradually making

their way home. Airports started reopening this morning

and airlines are scrambling to

clear the massive backlog. But the wait's the wait's not over for

everyone. Hobart and New Zealand are still cut off. Hour by hour, Hour by hour, airport by

airport, deserted terminals

around Australia return to

something like normal, Adelaide was first.

Exhaustion and frustration

became relief. Hopefully we

will be leaving in about five

minutes. Very happy. For many the wait many the uncomfortable and their faces told the story but most told the story but most were philosophical. I'm all for not

having the plane crash if having the plane crash if I'm

on it. Qantas gave us vouchers.

We got to stay at a

hotel. It shit happens! Strong

windsly.ed the windsly.ed the ash cloud and

pushed it east. Adelaide

flights resumed early this

morning, Melbourne reopened a

few hours plater and Canberra

and Sydney followed. T arc has

cleared the continent and now out in the Tasman Sea. Unfortunately still over Tasmania and will remain Tasmania and will remain there for the next 24 hours or so. Even where

the backlog is enormous. Up to 830,000 passengers have been affected and it affected and it will take days to get all of them home. I really don't want to spend

another night in Canberra. It's freezing down here and it's

time for me to get home. Chile's not our home. Chile's not our favourite

place at the moment. Qantas is working on ways to reduce the disruption next time disruption next time an ash cloud comes this way. It sent home. Chile's

plane with researchers to test

the density of this one. It's absolutely worth spend anything to ensure the safety of every single one of our passengers. The Weather

Bureau says it's unlikely this

cloud will return a third time.

There are opses for insured

home owners in some of is still experiencing

aftershocks. Last night's

tremor has been upgraded to

magnitude 5.4. It aftershocks. brief black-out but tough going for tough going for opposition

fighters, on one key battle

front near the rebel held

Misrata. A push towards the

neighbouring town of Zleten is being thwarted by forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi. The A rare moment of casualties

the front lines outside a place

called Zleten. Somes rebel fighters have families trapped inside the town. So

they're highly motivated, they're highly motivated, but

also worried also worried about their faces being Gaddafi is pounding us with rockets, says Akram, but just have light weapons. just have light weapons. But

the result is a chaotic

stalemate. The rebels blame NATO for a half hearted air

campaign. But Akram, dug in

here, wants fighters inside

Zleten itself to do much more.

From our base in the nearby city of Misrata, it's a

Zleten. But we've secured a late-night call with a rebel

leader in hiding there. A frenzy of late-night call with hint of a breakthrough. another surge of casualties.

It's been another day of violence are lens and protests in Syria, despite the in Syria, despite the promise made by President Assad to

instigate wide-ranging reforms. Syria has panned most foreign

journalists during the

crackdown but the BBC's Sue

Lloyd Roberts has managed to spend a week undercover, meeting activists in meeting activists in the The road to Damascus. I'm

from the authorities to meet

with the protesters. Syria is a

dangerous place to dangerous place to be. Particularly for those

demanding a change of regime. Nearly all the activists I

spoke to were in hiding from the State's Secret Police, the

Mukhabarat. I found this man a spoke

hiding in a friend's apartment.

Just released from prison after

criticising the President, he was writing his will. Syria's President President is clearly sensitive

to criticism. When Bashir

al-Assad took over in 2000 aged

34 he asked opposition MPs for

advice on political reform.

When some suggested introducing genuine democracy, they were

promptly arrested, including Riyadh Saef.

Syria belongs Syria belongs to the Syrians,

not the Assad family. This lets

the Assad family forever should have been stopped. It's enough.

The it any more.

Life in Syria is now

dominated by the weekly Friday

protests. Who will go, who will

risk being killed by army

snipers? Will they survive to

return home afterwards? It's

Thursday evening, the eve of

what's become what's become protest day here

dashing home before the in

the suburbs of Damascus and the suburbs city itself. The last thing that authorities want that authorities want is for people to converge on the city.

Recreating the Damascus equivalent of Cairo's Tahrir

Square. People here say that a mass demonstration in Damascus

wouldn't be like Egypt. It

would be a massacre. As (a)

Syrian soldier who fled across

the border to Lebanon explained what

what was expected of him

those in command. Thef gave us

the orders to fire heavily at unarmed people. We surprised

unarmed people. We were surprised to be told to shoot randomly. No distinction or unarmed men. Many, many were

killed. All unarmed civilians. This week saw the biggest

protest in Damascus yet, not of

Tahrir Square hundreds turned out to pour scorn on the President's scorn on the President's latest promise of promise of reconciliation. People here tell you that the

fear barrier has been broken.

Sue Lloyd Roberts reporting there. To the US. The

Republican said to be Republican said to be most feared by the administration has formally entered the 2012 presidential

race. Former China race. Former China diplomat

John Huntsman is a Mormon, a

moderate and comes promising a

campaign of civility. But as Washington

McMurtrie reports, he faces McMurtrie reports, he faces an uphill struggle to win the Republican nomination. Reagan before time ... I'm John Huntsman and President of the United

States. Former Utah governor

John Huntsman formally entered the presidential race in the presidential race in the shad shad doft Statue of Liberty. Delight offed to be

here. Great weather. Unknown

to many Americans, here. Great to many Americans, he himself a margin of error

candidate. A keen motorcyclist

his first campaign video shows

a lone rider on a long desert trail. Not really a typical

politician at all.

politician at all. The son of manufacturer, he's worked for but it's his service for the Obama administration as

ambassador to China that's seen

as his biggest problem in

winning over conservatives. The 51-year-old hats been muted in

his criticism of the President and he is promising to keep his campaign civil. I don't campaign

you need to run down someone's

reputation to run for the office of President. Political analysts warn analysts warn he underestimated in a head-to-head contest with Barack Obama but first. To do that he has to

find a way

Conservatives that he isn't too

moderate. Like frontrunner Mitt Romney he's a Mormon A

Romney he's a Mormon A Gallop

poll shows 22% of Americans

won't vote for a more man President. I think there's a the love questions about it. Some may not vote it. Some may not vote because of that. And there's

of that. And there's another Republican dark horse looming

on the horizon, swaggering Texas governor Rick Perry is

considering a late run. They will never willingly give up an ounce of power in Washington DC until the American people stand

up and demand that we adopt

reform. The 61-year-old is

up say he is a 50/50 chance of joining the crowded field.

In China, it's the best of

times and the worst of times

when it comes when it comes to carbon emissions. While the country's

the world's biggest producer of greenhouse gases, it's also greenhouse gases,

world's clean energy

investments in renewable energy

as well as enforceable carbon

reduction targets. And now reduction targets. And now it's

building a new city as a test

site for site for clean energy. China correspondent Stephen McDonnell

paid a visit. 150 kilometres

from Beijing, a new city is under construction. But it's not your not your average development. It's being touted as a low

carbon showcase. A place where all mod cons can be delivered in an energy-efficient

way. We'll use green transport, green buildings, green energy and a green lifestyle to reduce

carbon emissions. The plan

features light rail and bicycle tracks. Shops, schools and

other services within other services within walking

distance as well as office towers using the sun for

heating and the wind for

what was a toxic wasteland, and our visit coincides with some

appalling air pollution. As if to showcase the environmental

challenges here. Where there water there are now trees and

wind turbines. Solar panels and

geoterminal energy. This

project by itself is clearly not going to solve not going to solve China's environmental woes. But the

idea is for it to show that energy conservation can work on a large scale. That a modern

metropolis can also be a green

city. We're not building this

place only for the residents

who will live in who will live in they co city.

We want to encourage other

cities in China and even elsewhere in the world. A big experiment for a massive problem. Let's get the latest

world weather now problem. Let's Creed.

An emperor penguin has taken

a wrong turn from the Antarctic

and ended up on a and ended up on a beach in New Zealand. The 10-month-old Zealand. spotted on Pecker Pecker Beach on New Zealand's lower North Island near Wellington. It's

believed to be the first

sighting of Crete dur in New sighting

more than 40 years. The penguin

appears to be in

more but it will soon but it its way back down south its way back down south if it's

to survive. Still ahead the US

President poised to announce the withdrawal of thousands

the withdrawal of thousands of troops from Afghanistan. Later

a case of art meeting a case of art meeting science,

the Picasso funding medical research.

The donor is somebody who is

very passionate about science and the advancement of science.

You're watching 'The World'.

Our top stories. Greek unions are threatening to hold general strikes approval for tough new spending cuts. The government has narrowly survived a confidence

vote and is now racing to push

a new austerity package Parliament. The streets of Belfast in Northern Ireland

have again turned violent with a second night of battles

between Protestants and

Catholics. Large numbers of

police have been called in to

try to control rioters. And the major airlines have resumed flights over most of major airlines

Australia but they now face Australia but they now face the mammoth task of clearing the backlog of stranded passengers. Attention turning to New Zealand, where the ash cloud is causing flight disruptions there.

Alison Pew has been speaking some of whom have been there

for days. Sleeping under the

stairs at Auckland international terminal. This

has been home to Brazilian Juliana for the past week. Her

group of friends have been stranded here since stranded here since last

Thursday. We're not sleeping well. Bit stressful. They've

been playing been playing cards to pass the

time and taking turns at

time and taking turns at resting. We are getting used

to this life. They're not the

only ones. We found many groups

choosing to camp out in the

airport, too afraid to leave in case they case they miss a flight announcement. They had so miss

this, I'm not going to

Argentina now. I just want

go home. It's now week 2 of

go home. It's now week 2 of ash flights all over Australasia,

interrupting the travel plans

of tens of thousands of people.

Today, both Jetstar and Qantas grounded their trans-Tasman

services, but yet again, Air

New Zealand's chosen to

continue flying below the ash

cloud. It's hoped the ash cloud will

will be fully clear of Australia by tonight, but it's

heading our way and that means more uncertainty. This is constantly being monitored and it's very really much further than that. Uncertainty that could make the

stay even longer for those who

are waiting it out. A are waiting it out. A British teenager has been accused of

masterminding an international computer hacking group that's attacked the CIA, the US Senate

and Sony. 19-year-old Ryan

Cleary has been arrested in a

joint operation between UK

joint government data under repeated

attack over the Internet. Intelligence agencies bombarded

with multiple messages in an Intelligence attempt to stop functioning. Now the police

believe they've caught a

possible ringleader. Late last possible

night, they raided this property at Wickford in property at Wickford in Essex,

arresting a 19-year-old man.

Scotland Yard said it was a

pre-planned intelligence led operation following a number

operation following a number of cyber attacks on business and

intelligence agencies. seized a significant amount of material. The man material. The man has been

named as Ryan Cleary. The US central seized central intelligence just one of a number of organisations coming under

cyber attack over cyber attack over the Internet, from anti-government hackers who formed loose associations.

The met police e-crimes unit

say they believe their suspect is linked to those attacks. They've also been They've also been forensically searching his computer for any

data linked to data

attacks on Sony corporation.

Whoever's to blame, these

attacks are real and damaging. The most secure

commuter is one that's unpluged in a room with no windows and no doors and never in a no doors and never gets switched on. As soon as switched on. As soon as you introduce human interaction or technological interaction then

you introduce vulnerabilities. It's a question of defending the best you can against those vulnerabilities. The police

will have up to 96 hours will have up to 96 hours to charge or release their

suspect. But the battle suspect. But the battle to protect organisations from

cyber attack will continue,

regardless. captured the suspected leader

of a notorious drug cartel. He

is the boss of the la famil ya gang,

gang, nicknamed gang, nicknamed the Monkey he

was arrested at a highway check point.

described his capture as a

great blow to organised crime.

The 2014 deadline for

transferring 8,000 US marines

off the Japanese island of

Okinawa to Okinawa to Guam

dropped. At a meeting in Washington, American and

Japanese officials agreed they

couldn't complete the project

on time. The move's been cards since 2006 but US marines at this air base in Okinawa at this air base in Okinawa are going nowhere fast. Japanese and US leaders have admitted they won't get the relocation

done on time. We decided to

remove the deadline of 2014 for its completion, but in order to

avoid the continued use air station we also confirmed that we shall strive for earliest possible The plan, now delayed, is to

move the base to a move the

populated part of Okinawa and

transfer 8,000 marines to US Pacific territory on

Guam. It's critical that move forward with move forward with the relocation of Futenma and construction of facilities in

Guam for the US marines. Doing

so will reduce the impact of

our presence on local our presence in Okinawa. That's what a lot

of local residents want. The

base hosts around half the 47,000 US stationed in Japan. Their presence has led to safety and crime concerns for some

Okinawans and despite the crime concerns governments to win support for

the the relocation plan from resident, some locals resident, some locals want the bases gone completely. It looks like a different story in Guam,

where a new poll suggests only

16% of the population doesn't like the plans for a military

build-up there. And that might

be just as well. Because despite delays and controversy,

Japan and the US say they're

still committed to making the relocation plan work. For more than 50 years the alliance between Jap scrapped and the

United States has been the

cornerstone of security in the

Asia Pacific region. But some Asia Pacific region. But Okinawans are left feeling they're the ones bearing the burden of that alliance. And

tomorrow, the US President

Barack Obama will reveal plans for the initial Asia

thousands of American troops from Afghanistan. He is outline specific details in a prime-time tell viszed address to the to the nation. When it comes

to Afghanistan all the focus in

Washington is how does the United States get out? Washington is how does the United States get out? 100,000

US troops are there now. The

drawdown will start in July drawdown will start in July of 2011. He has said 2011. He has said when testimony edged. By the end of

he gets there from here. How many troops stay for the next

2.5 years. He looks at it in

terms of the mission. But

also has to be looking at the


Snus the top issue for the

greatest number of Americans is

the economy, just like it the economy, just like it feels like it would be. The number that matters on

Capitol Hill, 1.283 trillion

dollars. The money spent dollars. The money spent on military operations since the September 11 attacks.

The cost of our current

strategy are too high. In lives lost, in futures unravelled lost, in futures unravelled by

injury, and in taxpayer dollars

spent. The military has its own number that Three to 5,000. That is the

number of troops it wants to

bring home. A rather bring home. A rather modest beginning to the withdrawal. I think that it's a mistake,

question in terms of the cost

of the war because my question

is, what's the cost of failure? There's one more

number to keep in mind. number to keep in mind. 34,000.

That's about the number of

troops who were in Afghanistan

when President Barack Obama took office. Did tripling the

troops make a difference? We'll

know a lot about what the

President thinks when he

announces how many stay how long. how shift its network of shift its network of defence

bases to the north and west of

the country over the next decade. Stephen Smith want decade. Stephen Smith want it

is to take into account the rise of China as well as

Australia's offshore energy sources. There is a prospect that we'll see more Defence assets in Western Australia,

particularly in HMAS Stirling

assets are concerned. More assets in the Northern

Territory in Darwin. And the potential for more assets in

the north east of the north east of Queensland. The review will be done by

early next year early next year and will form

part of the next Defence White

Paper in 2014. There has been a major reshuffle in major reshuffle in the ranks of

Papua New Guinea's government

after two after two senior ministers were

sacked a fortnight ago. But

there are concerns about the

reappointment of an MP who's facing allegations of facing allegations of official misconduct. The government's Parliament House this morning. The Acting Prime Minister announced via a statement that

Ano Pala is now in charge of

Foreign Affairs and immigration

after Don Poliet was sacked. Petapi replaces Dum as petroleum and Energy Minister. Two other ministers were sworn

in by the Governor-General at a

ceremony this afternoon. But

there's concern about the

reappointment of Patrick Pruart as Treasurer an Finance Minister. commission has referred toil to

commission prosecutors over several ol

gaiss of misconduct, including

the misuse the misuse of electoral

allowances. Once again it sends

out a message of double

standards. It also sends out a

message that leaders message that leaders perhaps, some leaders in the community

do not really care do not really care much about the principles of good governance and the integrity of

Parliament. The reshuffle is

also seen as a move by the National Alliance Party to

strengthen its grip on key

next year's national election.

Well, Australia is a Bill requiring palm labelled in all foods.

Environmentalists say Malaysian and

and Indonesian forests and Indonesian forests are being cleared to make way for new palm oil plantations new palm many orangutans are many result. They've been leading result. They've been leading a

campaign to change Australia's

laws so palm oil is laws so palm oil is identified

on food labels. We now have a

real chance of this real chance of this occurring, something something that health groups and environmentalists have and asking for for many years. It's

a terrific win. It will a terrific win. It will be dealt with in the Senate. dealt with

expect it will now be passed

because of the coalition's support. Then it will support. Then it will go to the

lower house. I'm confident this Bill will become law.

Bill will become law. Senator Xenophon says identifying palm

make an inched choice when buying food. The first signs of electoral violence have emerged in make

where a canvasser has been shot dead but elsewhere in country, campaigning without incident. The

opposition party is pinning its

hopes on the younger sister former PM Thaksin hopes From real

opposition figurehead. Come

July 3 a victory for Pwatei

party would make this woman the country's the country's history. She is

adamant she has what it takes to run the country. I to run the country. I think

this is the right timing for Thailand to need someone who has leadership, who has

diminished this to help has

country to execute the campaign and solve the problem and solve the problem that's still pending for the last two

years. Each time she appears on stage she introduces herself as the sister of fugitive former

Thaksin Shinawatra who remains a popular figure among

Thailand's rule of and urban

emerging who are either the

daughters or wives of formerly

powerful male powerful male political leaders. I think she is going

to follow in that mould. not so much about her about

what she inherits because of

her genes.

what deposed by successive military

coups over fraud charges and

anti-monarchy allegations. And analysts say the military could

still pose a problem for the

party. If the the result is

only so-so and there's going to be some coalition, then I think coalition, then I think there

will be some move for particularly the army to still

intervene. However, if they were to win quite big, the risks of intervention become

much higher. Whatever the

risks the opposition risks the opposition is hoping the younger Shinawatra's charm and

return the party to

In Peru a mob has attacked a high school smashing windows and breaking doors to get to the headmaster. He was assaulted by students and

parents who accused hichl of

siphoning money and getting

drunk on school property. Stradbroke Island violin once

owned by the granddaughter of

English poet Lord Byron has

sold for $16 million at on-line charity auction. The 1721 violin was bought for

around four times the previous

record for a Stradivarius. City

officials in the US city

Portland have flushed away 32

million litres of drinking

water because a man was caught

on camera urinateing in one of

its reservoirs. Critics said it

was an overreaction because animals Despite the ash Despite the ash cloud lifting, Qantas's future is

still in doubt. The company's

chief has warned that the international operations international operations are

performing so badly that Qantas may move them offshore . The volcanic ash that's volcanic ash that's created

havoc in Australian air spice

over recent weeks, together with the Queensland floods, cyclone Yasi, the Christchurch earthquake earthquake and Japan's tsunami

have gouged a $206 million hole

in the airline's coffers. But

it's the $200 million loss by its international its international operation

this year which has the airline

on the brink of on the brink of tough decisions. We

face extinction so we'll have to change. The man who calls

himself the custodian Australian icon says the future

lies in Asia where it's cheaper

to operate and where Jetstar has enjoyed considerable success. Instead of success. Instead of being restricted as an Australian based international airline, Qantas International will be

participating in major regional opportunities around the

world. It's a move that's

outraged unions. Essentially he is saying that Qantas, the spirit of spirit become Quantasia the become Quantasia the spirit of Malaysia or somewhere else. An

announcement will be made on August 24 and comes in the midst of a bitter industrial dispute. You the brand name and the safety standards by outsourcing work, by reducing staff ratio, by

moving the work overseas, into

jurisdictions where less safety regulations. In

spite of all its woes, the

Flying Kangaroo is forecasting

a half a billion dollar profit

this year. Rolls Royce is contributing $95 million as part of a settlement engine fault which caused

massive damage to massive damage to one of the

pride of the Qantas fleet. And

the A-380 is not likely to fly again until February next year. Tollett. Mixed results at Wimbledon so Tollett. Wimbledon so far for easys? Very much indeed. easys? Very much indeed. Not good for the ladies but not too

bad for the men. Samantha Stosur has crashed out of women

wrim in the first round. Having made the semifinals

of the Eastbourne at the weekend, Samantha set for a strong campaign at

the All England Club. She

wasn't expected to have trouble with the world No. 262 Melinda

Czink, who'd lost in the first

round at Wimbledon on round at Wimbledon on five occasions. That's occasions. That's just incredible. For

in a row, Stosur had that round. Stosur is round. Stosur is out. The fact

that my opponent played very

well was kind of the biggest

reason why I'm out of

tournament. After coming through qualifying, Bernard Tomic defeated veteran

Nikolay Davydenko in straight

sets. He does it in style! An

injury plagued build-up meant a

first-round win over Japan's Kei Nishikori was celebrated in

enthusiastic fashion by Lleyton

Hewitt. Yeah!! That's it! Hewitt. was also emotional Williams who was returning to Grand

Grand Slam tennis after a year

out with a foot injury and a

blood clot scare. Last blood clot scare. Last 12 of things that's not normal. Things you guys don't even know

about. John about. John Isner and Nicolas

Mahut, the sequel, wasn't a box office smash. The American

Isner won again but this time it was in straight sets, and nine hours shorter than last

year's epic.

In the English Premier the Portuguese 33-year-old

Andre Viash Boash as their new manager. The Portuguese champions confirmed the coach's

exit overnight announcing he paid more than $21 million

paid more than $21 million to activate a departure clouz

clause in his contract. clause in his contract. Chelsea have been without a manager since sacking theirs shortly after the final game of season of the Fulham have unveiled Martin Jol new manager as a replacement

for Mark Hughes. The former

Tottenham boss has been without

a club since leaving Iax

year and says he's year and says he's delighted to be back in the English Premier

League. Everybody League. Everybody knew that I

would like him to come back to

England. I said it when I left, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, we will

will be back. So I'm back. replaces mike Hughes who

resigned after one season resigned after one season at

Craven cottage. The Dutchman also came close to signing for

the club last summer after Roy Hodgson left for Liverpool. The

world's new top ranked golfer

Luke Donald will compete at Australian Masters in Melbourne in December. Tiger Woods isn't

joined by the world No. 14 Ian Poulter and defending champion Australian Stuart Appleby. There had been some dispute about There had been

tournament to fit it why in the

President's Cup. The masters will now run from three will now run from three days

from December 15 at the

Victoria golf Chubb. Rugby

league now. Queensland star halfback Johnathan Thurston is

tournament to Origin decider after Origin decider after he had a contrary conduct charge overturned at the NRL judiciary tonight. the Cowboys the of making contact with

referee in Saturday's game against the Warriors. It means

he'll line up for the Maroons against New South Wales, Lang

Park on July 6. Park Queensland. But to SuperRugby, where Reds where Reds centre Anthony

Fainga says he is fully

recovered from recovered from a hamstring injury he suffered two weeks

ago. He joined his win and his captain today and his captain today to officially launch the officially launch the Reds' play-off

off on 2 July. Fainga ran off on 2 July. Fainga ran at

full speed at yesterday's training session but he still

has to convince the team will train this week. I

will finish off my rehab and then hopefully be eligible to

train on Monday. Ewan is not selecting will train on

dreadlocks have made it easy to

identify the identical identify the identical twins but he won't be shaving them

off if the off if the Reds win the title. I don't

be getting shaved off any time

soon. Meanwhile the Waratahs

scrum half Luke Burgess has

been ruled out of their qualifier in Auckland on Friday night after breaking his hand at training at training yesterday. Australian Diamonds captain Natalie von Bertouch is in confident mood ahead of confident Championships will be held confident Singapore and the Diamonds confident their first match against Samoa on 4 July. Von Bertouch who took took over from the injured

Sharelle McMahon says she does feel more pressure. You

probably do have a bit more

pressure on you being the

captain but captain but I've been probably playing for a long time now.

It's quite nice to have that

extra responsibility. The group

at the moment there are a lot

of younger players that have

step up. It's really fantastic

that I'm able to to I guess support them

support them and lead them into performing really well. hope they get the money in that

tournament. India has a 212 run

lead heading into the West Indies in Jamaica. India

world cricket at the moment!

Be good for everyone. Indeed!

Thanks for that. It's a long

way from the laboratory to Christie's auction house in

London, but it's proved to be a very profitable journey very profitable journey for medical researchers at the

University of Sydney. An

anonymous donor gave the uni a

paintsing by Pablo Picasso on the condition that it

to fund medical research. Today the painting the painting exceeded expectations, delivering close to $21 million. Three portraits of

of Picasso's different lovers fetched the night's three

highest prices. It's been highest prices. It's been 70 years since this painting's

been seen in public. While

Marie Therese Walter slept, Sydney University's dreams Sydney University's dreams came true. The the US with

their hand luggage and said I'm

"I'm very keen to your supporto

your work. Here your which is a which is no disappointment from the

the gavel went down on lot 47. The anonymous The anonymous British buyer let his agent do the talking. Marie

Therese will stay and rest in this country quite happily.

Occasionally it will be lent to

exhibitions or to museums.

Adding the buyer's prem yum,

home $20.6 million. A new

centre will be built Sydney

focus on obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Tonight's

efforts have been fabulously

important in helping us important in helping us to

recruit really star researchers

to it, but there's a way to go,

so if you do happen Sydney so if you do happen spare Picasso that you wish spare Picasso that you wish to

bring along in a black plastic

bag at any point, then please

do so, yes! This painting was

part of a wider donation by this mystery American benefactor. It included and 10

jewellery and stock, which will

all be sold to promote Sydney

University as a world leader in medical

A reminder of our A reminder of our top stories. The Greek Government

has narrowly survived a confer dense vote and is has

push a new austerity package through unions are general strikes. Flights over

much of south eastern Australia

are getting back to airlines now face the mammoth task of clearing the backlog of

stranded passengers. Only

flights to and from New Zealand

and Tasmania remain grounded.

And sectarian violence has

flared again on the streets of Belfast in Northern Ireland.

For a second night running,

there have been street battles between Protestants and

Catholics. And to keep up to

date on all the stories date on all the stories we're

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That is 'The World' for Wednesday evening. I back in a few moments with news

headlines. I'm Scott Bevan.

Thanks for your company. Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned

Live Live across Live Live across Australia, you're watching ABC News I'm Scott Bevan. The volcanic

ash cloud in Tasmania airspace is expected to is expected to disperse

tomorrow. Jetstar and Qantas

won't resume flights until 10 o'clock in the morning at the earliest while Virgin and earliest while Virgin and Tiger

are yet to make an announcement

on their schedules. Extra

seats have been made available

on tonight's Devonport to Melbourne ferry to help Melbourne ferry to help move stranded travellers. The Volcanic Ash Advisory Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre

says the ash is hovering around the 20,000 feet mark. Ben Worsley Worsley reports. Hour by hour, airport by airport, deserted

terminals around Australia returned to something like

normal. Adelaide was first. normal. Adelaide was first. All boarding pass All boarding pass holders going to Melbourne board the aircraft