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(generated from captions) Good evening. Tonight - a

deluge of diplomatically damaging documents has engulf

ed the global media as ed the global media as the whistleblower web site WikiLeaks provides an

extraordinary insight into now

American officialdom sees its

closest enemies and partners.

You're watching 'The World'.

You're watching 'The World'. I

would hope that those who are responsible for this would at some point in time think about

the responsibility they have

for lives that they're exposing. So does the public

have a right to know or is WikiLeaks behaving with reckless indifference to global

security? We'll consider the

show of force. The US and South

Korea push ahead with naval war

games, sending a stern message

to Pyongyang. I'll make sure North Korea will

in the event of future

provocations. Savage budget

to a $120 billion EU bail-out. cuts ahead as the Irish agree

Indonesian Forestry And serving penance. The former

a mission to save the Indonesian Forestry Minister on

orangutan. I'm paying my debt.

I regret, I kind of repent.

Repent. Live. This Program Is Captioned

First tonight the reaction

of WikiLeaks' release of hundreds of thousands of

classified documents has been

universally bad for the United

contents are explosive, States. And some of the

including Saudi Arabia urging

the US to wage war on Iran and America ordering calling the leak reckless

dangerous. The founder of the

whistleblower web site stifling freedom of the press.

For decades US dip malts have

operated under a cloak of WikiLeaks computers are busily serving up their secrets whoever wants to read them. He responsible organisation. So it's trying to make us as make it as hard for us possible to make it as hard for us as

in the hope that Because to not publish anything at all.

Because not publishing anything

at all would mean not

publishing the abuses by feature heavily among Embassies. They reveal 250,000 documents from US

strongly Arab

urging the US King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia urging the US to attack Iran.

is head of the snake. An adviser is quoted as saying cut off the

to the Jordanian king US diplomat to the Jordanian king tells a live with an Iranian bomb. There There are cables about China's deliberate and computers. And instructions for Nations, even leadership of the United card numbers. There is another level of US complaint which is

that this might foul up their international relations with will. people and it's possible it

material has leaked and there

it is. It's out all across the world. There and embarrassment over the frank alpha dog, Hamid Karzai is said

to be driven by paranoia, German Chancellor Angela Merkel reportedly avoids risk and is rarely officials had warned officials had warned leaking innocent lives at risk . these documents would put

some point in time think about the responsibility they have for lives that and the potential that's there, and stop leaking this information. Four months after

military secrets, the anger in America is growing. Leaking blood on their hands. The White House

of so many classified document

as reckless and dangerous but it's US will have to convince its

allies it can keep confidential allies it can keep any future private. confidential conversations promising more documents to come that may be a tough task. In Government is worried that In Australia, the Federal

WikiLeaks release of the diplomatic mention Australia,

mention of the diplomatic documents describes the country

describes the country as a rock

solid ally of the United

States, but not influential.

on behind the scenes at Another outlines what was going

2007 APEC meeting in Sydney, including discussions between

the US and China about an arms shipment from North Korea to

Iran. The Attorney-General has

spoken to the US Ambassador about the matter. Robert

McClelland describes the

release of the documents as

real concern. Clearly I won't obviously telegraph what

documents may be, but obviously telegraph what those certainly, the release of

documents on documents on our assessment could be prejudicial to

Australia's national security

interests. A government task interests. A government

force has been set up to

investigate the fallout from this latest leak. Joining me

now to discuss what the WikiLeaks documents say about

how the US views its allies is Brennan O'Connor an Associate Professor at the US Studies Centre Sydney. Thanks so much for your

time tonight. Happy to come in. From your perspective,

just how dangerous are these

leaks to the United States and its international Very standing? They're embarrassing. standing? They're

great to read for a historian Very embarrassing. They're

like myself. We usually have to

wait 20 or 30 years to get this

behind the scenes coverage of

events. I think they'll give a

sense that the US maybe cannot

be trusted, some of its sources

that have given the US various

bits of information around the

world might think twice before

speaking to the US it's incredible how to access the soldier in Iraq, to access the soldier in

he pretends he is listening to Lady GaGa documents, a real history of

American diplomatic cables, and so extraordinary bits of

information, but more gossip and tidbits

at the moment rather than

anything which strikes me anything which strikes me as being crucial or incredibly

damaging revelation. In terms of damaging theme in of damaging revelations one

an exhortation by a number of

Arab States for the US to take

military action, against Iran

to try to stop Iran developing

a nuclear weapon. How do you think these affect thinking in Tehran, affect thinking in Tehran, what could it do to Middle East relations between some key States? This well known that Saudi

has very big concerns about a growing Iranian influence in the Gulf. So the Gulf. So it makes many of the things that are said behind closed described as sending your described as sending your best

women and men abroad to lie for your country.

happens that way. You happens that way. You have harsh assessments often of

each other. Think of Obama and Hillary Clinton's assessments have to work together and smooth smooth over problems. So I think there's probably a bit of

that. The Middle East is that. The Middle East is a tricky tricky place. So it's great that new, that kind of news.

what to you is the most glaring contrast between the perceived opinion of the US about a certain national leader, versus tomorrow? I think the continued revelation beings the Karzai government

are of most importance. The Karzai government

tried to build up in the recent issue. It's a government with so many flaws and so

problems. Such a high level

the level of corruption, maybe money laundering details, it

just adds to the weight of evidence that things evidence that things in Afghanistan are unfortunate road, only choice the west

it is a very difficult process. These leaks, like the earlier WikiLeaks, really just take away the ability of the Karzai government if government if there is any credibility about the Iraq and Afghanistan diplomatic nature. The leaks were largely about the Afghanistan and Afghanistan and previously in Iraq. These are interesting nor

those who follow those who follow European politics, some of the assessments of people like

Sarkozy described as being

vulgar and poorly house

trained. I'm not sure what that

means. Does it mean he or doesn't flush the toilet? Angela

Angela Merkel is described as

vacillating and weak. Some of

the British press have the British press have picked up on some of the commentary

about British politicians.

That's fascinatesing to know what the diplomatic gossip is,

and it makes the nature of the leaks much broader. There will be a few interesting things that will come out about Australia, so it's a much broader ... Such

broader ... Such as? Well,

probably a cold sort of assessment, like it comes assessment, like it comes out

in the British reporting. The

US reporting from US reporting from the British Embassy in London is much more interest based, far less

sentimental than the notion of say a special relationship between the UK and the US suggest. There suggest. There will probably be

a bit of that with regard to Australia, describing Australia

as loyal, but maybe a little

bit of an underwhelming player

or not particularly effective on the world stage on a issue like Zimbabwe. A few

things like that will things like that will be embarrassing neither ally or the United States would like out there, but this won't days that will go on for a number of wait for those newspaper web site, it's said in future the only secret also be the spoken ones that can be episode could change the whole

nature of diplomatic reporting and communication and

mean a world where that reporting is and frank if people don't think

well this is well this is actually secret? Yeah, that could be the

really unfortunate side getting information out there with the various treatment of US prisoners, captives, there are claims that are claims that the US bombed

these are some refugee camps in Yemen,

these are things are important about negative side you diplomats to be very frank, to politicians and tell them to put that in writing. to put that in writing. I

imagine if these diplomats pull

back from that or local sources don't trust the United States, then the United then the United States is not getting good information and sometimes politicians maybe overegg the case for overegg the case for a certain argument and they need this

O'Connor, thank you for your time tonight. My time tonight. My pleasure. We'll take Rick now, where the holding a news conference Australia's chances the 2022 World Cup hosting rights. Good morning, ladies and

gentlemen. (No audio available)

Our team is prepared. Our

submission is in. On Wednesday afternoon, we rehearsed it. And I think it's very good. very good. It represents Australia. Australia. (Audio breaking up) There's technical There's technical interference there from Zurich, where Frank Lowy is speaking about

Australia's chances to host the 2022 Soccer World Cup. All will

be revealed later this year. Later this week when the voting takes place in the Swiss city. Australia and the world will know if be the the host nation for the

2022 World Cup. Let's push on. The South Korean The South Korean leader is calling the north's artillery barrage last week barrage last week a crime against humanity. In his first address to the nation since the

incident, Lee Myung-Bak accepted responsibility for

failing to protect the four people killed in the shelling and he vowed to make Pyongyang

pay the price for any provocation. It's a provocation. It's a dress rehearsal for war in an rehearsal for war in an ever more more tense region. The United States and South games. Despite North Korea's threats to attack again if further provoked. In further provoked. In the heavily guarded border troops are on high keeping an

response from the north. drove towards the demill tar rised zone rised zone and soon came across roadblocks. We were Soldiers are and turning people away from the border. This is a highly controlled area at the best of times. Right times. Right now there's particular Koreans are angry Koreans are angry their government responded weakly to

North Korea's deadly artillery

attack. In a speech attack. In a speech broadcast live, the President

address this. I'm standing here feeling

feeling responsible thoroughly

as the President for failing as the President for failing to protect lives and property of our people. President had harsh had harsh words for North

Korea. He said that his country

has reached out to with aid and goodwill, but that North Korea has responded

sinking of a navy ship and now an artillery attack on an artillery attack on a civilian town. I'm make civilian town. I'm make sure North North Korea will pay the price in the event of future international meeting to

resolve the stand-off. But

Seoul says this for talk. The waters around the Korean Korean Peninsula The Irish government has agreed to an EU agreed to an EU bail-out worth almost $120 billion. Tens of

thousands marched in protest at the weekend against harsh austerity measures are growing calls for the Prime Minister to are that the government that Ireland apply for

financial assistance at financial assistance at the European Shame! We've now reached a

point where the Irish point where the Irish people need political certainty need political certainty to

take them beyond the coming two months, so we believe it is

time to fix a date for a

general election. It's among the most dramatic weeks

in Irish history. The is now economy once the envy of Europe is is now on international life support. The Prime Minister busy cutting wages and lifting

taxes is being cast as the Grinch who stole

Christmas. Given the sort of

suffering that people are now

enduring through higher unemployment, wage cut, tax unemployment, wage cut, tax

increases, all the difficulties that people are having inflicted on them, there is inflicted on them, there is a sort of a clearly identifiable

group of people there who are at fault, government. Over the past five

years, the Irish government became enamoured with property.

Developers were given tax breaks, and banks were encouraged to hand out loans worth 100% of the price tag. Construction took over all

other industries to become

Ireland's No. 1 earner. That

one is empty of the both one is empty of the both of those houses are empty. When

John and his family bought into promised there'd be a children's playground and child care centre on site. Three

years later, the builder is

bankrupt. And this is what they now of the houses aren't finished. Less than half of them are occupied. There are no streetlights. The lamp posts

don't have don't have globes in them. They're not even wired

these houses are going. They're going to knock them down and put grass over it. What's the

idea about knocking them down? Knocking them down

because they can't both lost their jobs earlier this

unemployment queue that represents 14% of the work

force. I think they just got so engrossed in one thing only, construction. Build, construction. Build, build,

build, easy, quick money. You

didn't even have to have a Queenslandification to be a blb a qualification to be builder. It meant houses were

built all over the country. essentially zero. So this was

just a disaster

bubble burst, Ireland's banks one in 10 families no one in 10 families no longer able to able to pay mortgages on homes

that were Anglo Irish debt

at junk status. As the government tried to plug the hole in the bank's finances, its own budget its own budget became stretched. According Eurozone rules it domestic product. But it's

actually more than 10 times that at 32%. People are very angry at in government..

They're very angry that the the moment are focused on our country at

the moment for all of the wrong reasons. Protesters took to the streets as the Prime Minister addressed the Irish addressed the Irish people. First to tell them there was no money left in the banks or the Treasury then to tell them they'd roughly $5,000 over four years

to help fix the to help fix the problem. They are allowing the vulnerable in our they're letting them fend for themselves heaven and earth to protect the banks. How did it go so wrong? Boom to bhust banks. How did it

Boom to bhust in just three years. When Ireland joined the European Union single currency, investors'

eyes were fixed on this so-called Celtic Tiger. It

offered them the only English offered them the only English speaking educated work force in the

important than that, it gave

them the lowest corporate tax

rate in the developed world. At

12.5%, it's less than half the

rate in Britain, and much lower

than Australia's 30%. You're

hear in the heart of Dublin's

financial centre, most of the buildings behind us have been

built in the last 15 or 20

years. They're now home to the

world's major world's major financial

services business. Most of the top 10 are based here Ireland. He believes Ireland. He believes it's investment in investment in technology and

financial services that will help resuscitate the Celtic

Tiger A Lou corporate tax rate gives Ireland an unfair advantage. They want the

government to lift the rate to help pay for the bail-out. Any

increase in the corporation tax

rate will be completely counter

productive to what the European Commission and the IMF are trying to do in terms of Ireland's public finances. We don't have a hold on our

corporate tax revenue. Ireland

will have to become a higher

tax country, not in terms of of broadening its tax

terms of having taxes on property. Sinead and John pondering their future. They can't pay their mortgage but if

they leave, where go? Any Irish people really sit back and think of

it, they've made us a nation beggars. The international bail-out won't

like this one and it will come at a convinced the government won't

be able to afford. The interest bill alone is $7 billion a year. Today $7 billion a year. Today about Ireland putting its best foot forward,

forward, saying yes here's what we're prepared to do we're prepared to do as a

government and as government and as a people to put to right the issues put to right the issues that have to be put to right ourselves prosperity again. Minister has survived this Minister has survived this long but with his but with his own backbenchers the opposition and the public calling for him to go, unlikely to is handed down next week. Victoria's Liberal Leader

Ted Ballieu is the new Premier of Victoria. The to inevitable this afternoon and conceded and conceded defeat. After spending the day hoping for divine intervention, John electorate has spoken. And I

think we must respect their

verdict. Before his class of 2010 and his 2010 and his family, the former teacher teacher expressed his thanks. To my staff, thank my staff. And stated the case for should've been

is no doubt in my mind is no doubt in my mind that we leave Victoria today a better, former Cabinet ministers and

staff are now staring down the

barrel of opposition. A short

time ago Ted Ballieu took a

he's Victoria's new premier. Victorian Conservatives haven't

had a

had a moment like this for more

than a decade. My mobile phone has melted, frankly, with voice

mail messages and messages. He retrieving those messages to

the list of things to which lie in front of us. But we're very sanguine about work that needs Earlier in the day Labor was refusing to Earlier in the day Labor was refusing to concede defeat until

until the counting in the

crucial seat of Bentley was

finished. There's a lot of verification to go on. a lot of checking of the votes

to be done. Only an evacuation

at the premier's office forced

the Treasurer out to the Treasurer out to the

cameras, and he was cameras, and he was still in denial. The premier is the

leader of the government and he

will make his judgment. But by this afternoon, Mr Brumby knew his government was

finished. I've just spoken to Mr Baillieu, and I've congratulated him on his

election victory. Ted Ballieu

says he's taking it all one

step at a time, but he can hardly wipe face.

The New Zealand Government has announced a Royal

Commission of inquiry into the Pike River Mine explosion that

claimed 29 lives. But as into the tragic into the tragic disaster,

efforts to recover the bodies

of the miners are suffering

further setbacks. This new

video shows the extent yesterday's explosion. Around yesterday's explosion. Around 2 o'clock a

was forced out through the top of the ventilation staff. It's no longer a gas obviously now a coal fire. A few minutes later, another explosion. And the smoke turns white. Where that or how big it is we don't know. It's yet know. It's yet another setback for families. They've had

nothing but bad news for 10 days. They're no closer to they get very tired and they just get from day to day, wishfully wishfully thinking waiting for little has changed over the last

last 24 hours or so the explosion yesterday has slowed bodies. And there's no word on whether the jet engine unit

will be used to make the main safe. Experts say with safe. Experts say with coal now burning in the could burn it could keep burning. What

they'd have to do to put it they'd have to do to put it out

is to seal the mine and block

in. As distressing as it is probably should've been sealed

a week ago after the first

explosion. You have to be patient with the rescue team sure the families know it's very difficult. With 29 still underground the waiting can't take this week in, week 10 days now. 10 days now. As conditions in

the mine change the risks the mine change the risks are being continually monitor out a still a priority weeks. contend with, it could take

Candidates in accused the government of corruption. There are reports large numbers of voters have

been turned away stations. 12 of the 19 presidential candidates the vote and calling on supporters to show their anger with the government and the country's country's electoral council. The The statement included all of the major contenders, except the candidate backed by the

Unity Party of President Rene Preval. And elections. Ballot boxes were start of the vote to count but critics say there has been a

crackdown on the opposition

movement and the media. There

are reports more than 1,200 fundamental ist Muslim Brotherhood were arrested

before the vote. US police before the vote. US police say

a fire at an Oregon mosque was started deliberately. The Islamic centre had been attended by Somali born teenager Mohamed Osman Mohamud, charged with planning to detonate a car bomb at a Christmas tree lighting

ceremony in Oregon. As the

Christmas tree lit up in downtown Portland, the huge

crowd was up aware it was the

target of an alleged terrorism

plot. Authorities say Mohamud

tried to remotely detonate what he thought was an explosives laden van parked near the ceremony. Police believe the

mosque was targeted because

Mohamud worshipped there. Let's

get the latest world weather now with Graham Creed.

Still ahead on the program - from undercover the bright lights of Hollywood.

We speak to Valerie Plame about

where the Bush administration

blew her cover. And - a battle

against time for Indonesia's orangutans. We bring you one

man's mission to save the

orange men of the You're watch ing the World on ABC News 24. Our top

stories. The United States has

labelled the actions of WikiLeaks dangerous. The whistleblower dangerous. The whistleblower web site is set to publish

hundreds of thousands of classified diplomatic

documents. Some have already been released, in damage control. They suggest

that Saudi Arabia wanted the US to

to attack Iran and that America

ordered its diplomats to spy on

the UN. The South Korean leader

is calling the north's artillery barrage a crime against

against humanity. In his first address to

last week's attack, President

responsibility for failing to

protect the four people protect the four people killed in the there's another assault, the

north will pay the price. And New Zealand's Cabinet has Commission into the causes of Pike River Coal mine disaster. The terms of include the cause of and second explosions, and second explosions, safety practices at the mine and the handling of rescue efforts. Royal Commission will have the power to power to compel witnesses to give evidence and produce documents. documents. Federal politicians are heading

end of the parliamentary year. Crucial telecommunications legislation finally passed but the Prime Minister is already looking ahead to looking ahead to 2011,

declaring it will delivery of the two-hour sitting around weak. The opportunity Labor about Labor about Victoria,

priceless. The more they

priceless. The more they shout, the more embarrassed they

the more humiliated they are this latest devastating rebuff

hijacked the debate ebb suring

the year endd with a fireworks display. The opposition's come

here today to have a temper

tantrum. Acting like 2-year-olds mired 2-year-olds mired in their bitterness. Sydney is Labor. That is the problem. How bitter they are. How sour they are. How sad

are as they limp their way out of doesn't like it. They did some work done. Breaking up

Telstra, and laying foundations for the National

Broadband Network. All those of

that opinion say aye. To the

contrary noe. I think the ayes have it. Julia Gillard the vote nation-changing. And promised more changes to

come. So 2011 will be a year of

delivery and decision.

Including a decision on a

carbon price. I promise you, no responsible decision responsible decision maker will

be able to say next year be able to say next year that

they need more time or more information on climate change. In 2011, there will be nowhere

to hide. Hiding isn't Tony Abbott's style. Shouldn't every

day of month be a time month be a time when governments should be governments should be about deciding and delivering? If 2011's going to be the year of living decisively, implication is the last three

years weren't about decisions

and delivery. Of course,

changing the perception of all

talk, no action needs more than

talk. And action on issues like

health and hospitals will be

complicated by the result in

Victoria. As US intelligence agencies

sought evidence that Saddam Hussein had weapons Hussein had weapons of mass destruction

Hussein destruction in 200 # former ambassador Joe Wilson

ambassador Joe Wilson was sent to Niger to investigate Iraq was Iraq was trying to guess

uranium ore. He found no evidence but George W. Bush

still went public with the claims.

reveal his wife's status as a

covert agent for the CIA. Their

story is now a 'Fair Game'. Tracey Bowen spoke to the couple in LA. Valerie Plame you have gone from being a covert CIA agent and a a covert CIA agent and a very private person in the spotlight and having your life portrayed your life portrayed by

Hollywood on the big screen. How do How do you reconcile that contrast? I find experience really surreal. It's been very strange. I did been very strange. I did go from being from being a very private person to literally overnight

being a very public one, and I find it a challenge. What you reveal about your role with the CIA? My expertise was run-up to the war were looking at the scientists, trying to figure

out what was the out what was the sate of their R&D, where were they procuring these items and Wilson, you were sent to Niger to investigate claims that yellowcake had been Iraq. You found no evidence. Why did Why did you later write that article and did you

because the entire case for

for war was predicated slogan we can't for the smoking gun to the form of a mushroom the form of a mushroom cloud. It was the whole case weapons of mass destruction. When I learned the

built part of that case on intelligence that

out to be bogus, it became

apparent to me that

administration had simply been totally truthful with the American public. Valerie Plame, do you remember how you felt your cover had been blown in Robert Novak's newspaper column? It felt like I had been sucker punched in the gut.

Immediately I'm thinking of Immediately I'm thinking of the

assets my network with whom

work with over the years. I'm

thinking about the security of

my family. Our twins at the

time were 3 years old. And of

course it's safety is paramount. I knew my

career was over immediately.

And I think the movie does a

very good job in that scene very good job in that scene and

watching it is hard all over again.

He never worked for the CIA

... But his wife is an ... But his wife is an agency operative on weapons of mass destruction. He just

and did it. Does this run

overseas? It's in the newspaper. Is he syndicated overseas? It's everywhere.

Do you understand why the government would go to government would go to such lengths to discredit you and also involve your wife? Well, I

can understand why they would go after me. That was her style. That style. That is actually been his style. What was really unprecedented in modern political disputes is this idea

of dragging my wife into t dragging it. That generally does not happen unless happen unless you're perhaps a

candidate for candidate for office. It's very

clear you want to do a couple of

of things. One they wanted

agency who were beginning to

leak about how they'd been pressured to shape their reports. They may have seen this as an organised this as an organised CIA effort to discredit the White House.

misunderstood what misunderstood what the initial article generated that discussion. There are some personal changes

portrayed in the movie.

Difficult times in your marriage. Are accurate? Yes. Yes! It is very,

very painful to see your spouse

being called a liar or a traitor. I was accused nepotism. It was said I wasn't

covert, I was just a secretary

and so forth. And all these things were out

There was this media front door literally sometimes with the photographers very serious impact on your You talk about the CIA being too political now. How

intelligence community? I'm

sorry to say I don't think it's

nearly as effective as it

should be, given the billions of dollars that have

thrown at it. In typical American fashion after the 9/11

attacks there were some

in the form of more is still a question of

filled with bureaucratic turf

wars. And what gets caught in

that is we have seen in the United States, there've United States, there've been several incidents several incidents over the last couple of years couple of years of very, very close misses

was what's been called systemic problems, I think, in our intelligence infrastructure.

One of the issues touched One of the issues touched on is in the movie is the extent in the movie is the extent to which analysts were badgered in the run-up to shape their conclusions political decisions and

political trends. Rather than

allowing the decisions to flow

from the facts

presented them so they had the whole process really

backwards. With the benefit of

hindsight, if you'd known what

was going to happen, would you

still have written that opinion

piece? Sure. As I said

earlier, it's fundamental that

you hold your government to

account for what your

government says and does in the

name. American people this is a momentous decision, to send our

fellow citizens off to kill and

to die in the name of the

American people. American people. The American people had the people had the right to understand the facts not to understand the facts not to be

told a bunch of half-truths told a bunch of half-truths and misstatements and justify this engagement of our blood and our

blood and our treasure. Joe Wilson, Valerie Plame, thanks

very much. Thank you. for speaking to us. Thank you

agriculture and Forestry Indonesia's former

Minister is visiting Australia

in a bid to help save the wild

population of orangutans.

chairs the Professor Bungaran Saragih now

giving a series Sydney and Melbourne

animals back plans to release captive

Habitat deforestation could animals back into the wild.

Habitat deforestation could see

the so-called orange men of the so-called orange men of the

jungle extinct within

gave permission for logging.

Now he says it's time to

repent, and help undo the damage. I damaging is deforestation to the survival of the orangutan? Yeah, it's damage ing. Now the United

Nations classify it as an endangered species, even maybe critical endangered species. So it's become

to do this, not like in the past. Can you give us figures,

30 years ago, compared to now,

how many orangutan are about 30 years ago there number. Some people speculate

still about about 30 years ago there were still about 300,000 orangutans in Indonesia. information, it is about information, it is about 50,000

only in Sumatra and in

Kalibantan. When you hear figures that shrinking in a short amount of time, what do you feel in I'm worried that the rapg rang can be like -- orangutan dinosaurs, become history. If orangutan can be like

will be history. Where's the source of the problem the problem is the loss habitat. the problem is the loss of the problem is the because of several reasons. One habitat. The loss of habitat

of the big reasons is forest fire. Almost every year there fire. Almost every year there is more fire during the crisis.

And the second because of the overdevelopment. years is kind of revolution. Overdevelopment in the last 30

From 280,000 hectares in 1980s

to become 7.5 million hectare revolution. It's concentrated this year, so it's a big

more in Sumatra than also in

Kalimantan. The third cause of

the forest degradation is open

pit mining. What's the logic

here? For Indonesia for the

sake of its growing it's willing sake of its growing economy, animal such as the orangutan. environmental values of an

Is that what's going on? When was minister, the main

but there was sustainable but there was discussion about but there was discussion about

time. But not practice in time. But not practice in the kind of 50/50. Developments development activities. But now

sustainability are combining.

In the future, we have to emphasise it has to be development, sustainable minister, you were the Minister development. When you were the

for Agriculture. That's consideration did you give as right. How million

you were approving clearing of land consideration did you give to the future of the orangutan their habitats? In the beginning, about beginning, I was not aware minister you about the orangutan. As the I know orangutan but I was not

aware that oil palm is the cost of what was suffering orangutan. Our emphasis for development. We were excited development. We

about this oil palm. Because it can help the farmers you see.

The poor people to get higher

income. And better income. 2002, Dr Willie Smith come to 2002, Dr think I remember in the year

my office reminding minister, you oil palm is suffering for orangutan? oil palm is the cause of

don't know this, Mr Willie Smith. Yes, it is. embarrassed, Smith. Yes, it is. How embarrassed, how ashamed were

you that you didn't know about

this, this that even aware and this, this that you weren't

minister? That's right. How did even aware and you're the

you feel about that? I very bad. Willie Smith, when I Willie Smith asked me, can join me? Yes, Willie Smith asked me, can you

to. Because I have to paying my debt? Yes, I'm paying

my debt. I regret. I kind my debt. I regret. I kind of

repent, you see. Repenting. for repenting. You talked lucky that I have the chance

sustainability. You used word sustainable. How can you balance both growing economic interests and a world continues to demand palm oil

versus the environmental needs

of an ever shrinking habitat

for an ever population of orangutan? How do for an ever shrinking

you sustain both? I think we have to find a win/win solution have to

between conserving the

orangutan and also development

the oil palms. So I think we'll

have to insist good agriculture

practices for the oil palm plantations. Also we emphasise the development of

the productivity instead of

expansion of the area, because right

right now, oil palm is the right now, oil palm is the most

productive crops. Now in

Indonesia, 3.5 tonne of Indonesia, 3.5 tonne of oil palm per hectare per year. palm per hectare per year. But

the potential is 8 tonnes. So I think for the future development we'll emphasise on this increasing productivity instead lands. The big word you use there is the future but time is against the orangutan K this be done before orangutan is history? This can be done and that is why I'm working on that is why I'm working

need international help? I this. Why does the foundation

guess a lot of people would say well it seems to be an Indonesian issue, it's an

Indonesian Government, the Indonesian problem. The

Indonesian people should be

it doing this. Why do you believe

it should be seen as international issue where it should be seen as an countries such contribute and help? One is that Indonesia is a different country. We have country. We have different

people are poor people. We can

ask money from the government

but now it's become political. Why do give money to take so many poor people, you know. so many So it's not easy. Orangutan is in belong to the world. So we'll ask the world ask the world responsibility,

how to be able to help to conserve this orangutan, conserve this orangutan, if

orangutan lost, it is not only

lost for Indonesia, it is for the world community. So I

come to Australia. Because

Australia is our nearest

neighbour. And the ripest naib. So they come to Australia. Professor for your time. Thank for your time. Thank you. To sport Test? They have. Australia Test? They have. Australia now has just four Tests to reclaim

the Ashes after today's Gabba Test ended in draw. Alistair Cook highest Test scorer at the

Gabba while the second wicket partnership of 329 he shared with Jonathan Trott was the most productive by may have been but the Australians still had a spring in their step this morning but their optimism was short lived after Cook posted his third Test 150. Consecutive

ended Australia's resolve. A dropped catch by out-of-sorts Michael Clarke the final straw. Out - Oh dear oh dear! The batsmen continue to dominate. Great shot! Mitchell Johnson unfortunate Test. Reminding us of of Steve Harmison four years ago. Oh no! That's one of the worst I have ever seen! That's highest ever Test score with a drive

drive through the covers was helped by an Australian

misfield. No wonder the Australians were Australians were having problems as Cook reached 200.

But then it was Trott's turn to

break into a gallop as break into a gallop as he celebrated his celebrated his third Test century. Finally century. Finally Doherty

thought he'd made the breakthrough after Cook spooned a shot to Ricky Ponting but the replays were inconclusive, prompting

confrontation. Piss-weak umpiring. Ponting was seething even more so after dropping

next catch. Cook and Trott took

England England past 500 before the skipper waved unlikely target of 296, Katich fell cheaply.

fell cheaply. An altercation followed between Watson, and der son and Ponting, let his bat do the Australian captain decided to let his bat do the talking. Sanity let his bat do the talking. Sanity e eventually

and the was no chance of a result.

Australian cricket selectors

have named the squad for

Friday's second Test at the Adelaide Oval. The Chairman The Chairman of Australia's

Football Federation Frank Lowy

says he is quietly says he is quietly confident about securing the right to

host the 2022 Soccer World Cup. That's been speak together assembled media in Zurich. I

think this is somewhat different. It's a

nation-changing event of being

able to host the 32 able to host the 32 teams who

take part in the World Cup and all that goes be ready for it if we get it. We have a lot of work to do.

I'm sure we'll do it well. And this is a nation-changing event. (Audio unavailable ) It

will change Australia for the better. Mean whale in the FA Cup third round draw hats been drawn

that can I not wait for the second cricket Test on Friday! Absolutely. To keep up to date on all

on all the stories we're

following you can log on to

That's 'The World' for this

Monday evening. I will be back in a few moments with in a few moments with the latest Closed Captions by CSI

This Program is Captioned Live.

Live. Victorian Labor Live. Victorian Labor leader John Brumby defeat in the State Also tonight - a diplomatic disaster for the United States with more documents

by WikiLeaks. As Federal year, Julia Gillard promises 2011 will be her year of living

decisively. decisively. England and

Australia draw at the opening

Ashes Test in Brisbane.

Live across Australia, this is ABC News 24. Good

I'm Scott Bevan. Victoria's

met with the State Governor and