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blue. Greens leader Bob Brown

calls it a day after 16 years

in the Senate. I'm of course

very sad to go, but also happy

to make way for the depth of

talent that there is in the

Green parliamentary party.

Also ahead - a there is 620

million pay deal mean more

money for Queensland's nurses and midwives. North Korea

admits failure. An attempt to

launch a rocket into space ends

in at the bottom of the sea. And

in sport, Collingwood and Carlton prepare for their big clash at

clash at the MCG. Live across

Australia, this is ABC News 24,

hello, I'm Scott Bevan. Bob

Brown's rise towards

pinnacle of power in Canberra

has come to an end. The Greens

leader is quitting after more

than a decade and a half in the

Senate. The surprise resignation leaves his party

with a historic challenge to

try to prosper without the only

leader it has ever known. Chief political correspondent

Mark Simkin begins our

Greens coverage. Bob Brown led the

Greens from the literal

wilderness to the corridors of

power. He has been

contemplating his future contemplating his future since

the last election, but the dramatic decision still shocked

his party and rocked the

Parliament. I'm well aware of

the size of this decision. The

resignation as leader took

effect immediately and he'll effect immediately and

leave the Senate in June. The 67-year-old thinks it is time leave

for re knew Wal. I'm sad to

be leaving. I'm also happy be leaving. I'm also happy to go.

go. I have other things that I

want to do, but I'll always

every breath I take will as a

Green until the day I die, if Green until the day I die,

not for a long time after

that. Okay, thanks everyone.

The party room unanimously elevated Christine Milne deputy to leadder opting elevated Christine Milne from

against generational change. There's been a positive reaction to today in the

Twitter in particular: the

Tasmanian fought alongside Bob

Brown for a quarter of a

century. I would like to begin

by paying tribute to Bob as an

absolutely remarkable and outstanding leader of this

nation. That's what the

coalition argues. It reckons

Bob Brown's deaffect factor

Prime Minister. He's giving up unprecedented influence. In the Senate the Greens hold balance of power, in the reps they're keeping Labor in Bob

government. I was a signatory

to that agreement and will work to to that agreement and will

to continue the implementation to continue the

of that agreement. There will

be no renegotiation of the

agreement that I'm already a

signatory to. The former school

teacher wants to reach out to business and will try to connect with rural Australia. I

think the Greens and the bush have misunderstood ourselves,

if you like, for some time.

I'm going to try and put that

right. As for the X leader,

regrets, he's new. It didn't

get to be Minister or westerly winds. It's been an interesting

and remarkable

and remarkable political life.

I do wish him well. These will be turbulent times for the Greens if and when he

thinks the greens would departs. He's not the on MP who

thinks the greens would wither

without their founder much without their founder much like

the Democrats did. Bob Brown proved to be dogmatic and

pragmatic, an idealist and wily

political player. He Unite aid

party that contains divisions.

Trrp own 10 people in the party room but three of them ran deputy with Adam Bandt room but three of them ran for

pre-trailing. As been a pretty

big day. I didn't have any big day. I didn't have

inkling that was coming. been a whirlwind. I reckon deputy

we've got a Policety good team. The Greens are on team. The Greens are

trajectory to become a future

government. Our job isn't to

make the so and so's honest, it is to replace them. He insists

this isn't the beginning of the

end, just the end of the beginning. It is a little

beginning. It is a

like a butterfly coming outs of

the cocoon. The wings are spreading already. A medical

doctor, protester State MP and

finally to Canberra. Bob Brown's xreer has been both

colourful and controversial.

Political correspondent Greg

Jennett looks back at Senator

Brown's 25 years in public

life. Part warrior, part man

of peace. But always committed

to a cause. Bob Brown heard

his calling in Tasmania's

wilderness. This is a natural

and a national heritage area.

belongs It belongs to Tasmania, it

belongs to Tasmania of the

future . His brand of

conviction politics took root

there in the fight for the

Franklin and later for the Tarkine. The fight for the

Tarkine is not over. He served 10

10 years in State Parliament.

But Canberra beckoned in 1996.

We're in a good position on

the primaries we have won

seat. He did and took his seat

now in the Senate. We have moved

now into an now into an awesomely

challenging time. To re-make

what would become the modern

Greens Party. Many called it a

protest party. Along the way

its leader was engaged in

plenty. There was his interjection against the US President. We're Australians.

What do today was a complete

yourself but the Australian embarrassment not is only to

people. Had there were

struggles for Tibet and

campaigns against Japanese

whalers. Whatever the tactics

they worked. In four elections

over 16 years Bob Brown grew

the Green's parties ranks in

Canberra from one to two to

four then five and now 10.

Against the trend, he's one political leader who has truly

chosen his time to go to spend time with his partner Paul. I'm time

also looking forward to him

perhaps sharing a greater load

of the household tasks at home.

Here comes the washing Here comes the washing up. To indulge his interest in the arts. And to be, he says,

forever Green. Bob Brown's

swansong overshadowed the Prime

Minister's showpiece. Julia Gillard's played host to Gillard's played host to State

and Territory leaders who went

to Canberra demanding big

decisions on issues from development approvals to uniform workplace safety laws.

They got none of that, but they

did agree to support did agree to support the Prime

Minister's billion dollar plan

to boost employment. The list of demands was exhaustive.

I'm interested in today is jobs and better infrastructure. We

certainly want a Productivity Commission inquiry into construction costs. But not everyone

everyone shared high

expectations. Nothing will come

of this. Nothing will come of

this supposed change to this supposed change to reduce

Green tape. Campbell Newman Green tape. Campbell Newman is

trying to make a name for himself

himself but I think I'm looking

forward to working

cooperatively with him. After a

few hours in a room doing just

that, the leaders did agree on

a thing or two that even the

Prime Minister recognised it

wasn't the hot Button issue.

This might not have been the

subject of much squabbling in

the media but the lack of

squabbling shouldn't disguise from people

from people the true

significance of this reform to

our nation's future. They

signed off on signed off on the Prime

Minister's plan to increase

skills and employment with HECS-style HECS-style loans for training

and support for an extra

375,000 students. If we want a strong economy in the future,

then we have to have a higher skilled workforce. There's also

a deal to give more a deal to give more support for mental illness. High hopes of

agreement on other issues have

been put off until later. The

leaders are still arguing over

the carve up of GST revenue and on a National Disability

Insurance Scheme there's a

progress report but no final

word on how it will be funded.

Everyone wants it though. The

National Disability Insurance Everyone

Scheme is an idea whose Scheme is an idea whose time has come. We're here getting

it done. They haven't yet. We kick in a very substantial

amount. We do support NDIS and we support the Productivity Commission's recommendation

that the Federal Government be

the funder of it. The existing

system not perfect, but pretty

good. The existing system

across the States is 80% State

funded. They'll come back to

that one next year. George Roberts, ABC News, Canberra. For Queensland Government has struck a $620 million pay deal with the

Nurses Union less than three

weeks into its term. The in

principle agreement means most weeks

of the State's 32,000 nurses

and midwives will be $42 a week

better off. The deal was better off. The deal was sealed

quickly and quietly. quickly and quietly. Our council's determined it is a

sufficient enough package to go

to members for consideration in

a ballot. I think what we've

got here is a win, win

situation where we've got a reasonable wage increase for

Queensland nurses and midwives

and we've also and we've also got some additional enhancement for

patient outcomes. The package

include a 3% annual pay rise over three years, a $500 one off payment, better workload

management, and increased rule incentives. But the Health

Minister says costs won't be

cut elsewhere to pay for the

deal. It is affordable. Basic

I ly it is 2.5% of new money

from Treasury and point 7% out

of the Queensland Health

budget. Nurses were keen to avoid another avoid another drawn out

battle. We always had one eye to what was happening

interstate. Our members were

very attuned to that. The

Premier, meanwhile, isn't shy ago

ago way down south. He wants

the State's given more power over developments in world

heritage areas. The entire

Queensland coast and all the ports

ports that need to export LNG

and coal are under threat so

long as this continues to be

the Commonwealth's case. His deputy says he's prepared deputy says he's prepared to

consider redrawing Barrier Reef boundaries to boundaries to exclude Gladstone Harbour. But the Harbour. But the Opposition warrants it is a dangerous

game. I'm very concerned that

they're going down this path so

early. I'm very concerned that Jeff Seeney didn't discuss

these issues at a Cabinet

level. He's going out there

making policy on the run. The Queensland Government under my leadership will Queensland Government

Great Barrier Reef. He says he doesn't need the Commonwealth's

approval to do it. Police in

Sydney have busted an illegal

firearms plant in a firearms plant in a suburban

home in the city's south. The

operation was making up to 20 semi-automatic semi-automatic rifles. The

seizure is a small trick try

for police who have been

struggling to contain a spate

of gun crime. Another day,

another public shooting.

They're the sort of headlines

police have been facing this

year and they're struggling to

keep up with the illegal gun

trade. The pro pence at this

time of drive-by shooting makes

it very difficult to get on it very difficult to get on top of those incidents and

investigate them when you have

these importations of firearms coming in at the same

time. Police are now

celebrating busting an illegal firearms firearms manufacturing set up.

They've seized a cache of

weapons and ammunition and the

parts to make up to 20 AR-15

semi-automatic assault rifles.

It is a military grade weapon

of immense power that's easily converted to be fully

automatic. The capability of

this type of weapon on the

streets of Sydney in the hands of organised crime groups is quite

quite scary. The Port Arthur

massacre was clear massacre was clear evidence of the AR-15's lethal the AR-15's lethal capability.

In this case, police say

of the rifle were posted from

the United States to a property on the mid north coast. They

were then brought here to

Kingsgrove in Sydney's south, a suburban home hiding a sophisticated manufacturing suburban

plant. That assembled not only

guns but ammunition too.

Neighbours were a lrmed to find

out up to 20,000 bullets were

stockpiled here. Absolutely

shocking. And frightening. I

have two young children that

play in the street. We would

never have thought that that

would be the case at all. A

54-year-old man has been

charged with aggravated possession of possession of prohibited

firearms, an offence that

carries up to 20 years jail time. North Korea has defied

international opposition and risked further isolation by launching its much launching its much hyped long-range rocket. Rocket's projected flight path was past

the Philippines, over Central

Australia and into orbit. Instead Instead it fell far short,

breaking up and falling breaking up and falling harp Leslie into the sea just

minutes after launch. The

failure deals a big blow to

North Korea and its young leader, Kim Jong-un and there

are concerns that the are concerns that the country will now behaviour even more unpredictably. North unpredictably. North Asia correspondent Mark Willacy

reports. It was the pride of Pyongyang, proof that North

Korea's youthful new leader Kim

Jong-un was the rising star,

part military leader part

rocket scientist. Just moments

after lift off the three-stage

rocket shattered into more rocket shattered into more than 20 pieces each plunging into

the depths of the Yellow Sea

west of the South Korean capital Seoul. It was a

humiliating failure but not

even the North Korean regime

could gloss it over. North

core launched yes satellite at

7.38 this morning. This failed

to enter orbit. It is to enter orbit. It is also Kim Jong-un squng's first attempt

of showing his muscle on of showing his muscle on the

international stage that also

failed. This Friday the 13th nightmare for Kim Jong-un meant

that Japan and South Korea

didn't even get the chance to

use their interceptor missiles.

Rocket launch didn't even make

top news in Tokyo. I lost interest because it is not

their first time launching a rocket. Even though it crashed

and bushed, North Korea's

rocket launch will now be the

subject of an emergency session subject of the UN Security Council later later tonight. TRANSLATION: Our Government strongly

condemns North Korea condemns North Korea going ahead with the launch in

disregard of the unit knighted calls from the international

community to scrap T This

rocket launch may have been a

flop, but it is flop, but it is feared North

Korea may be saving its best

for last. With South Korea for

warning that new satellite pictures appear to show that

Pyongyang is preparing for its

third nuclear test of the even

if North Korea can develop a nuclear warhead, it is clear

its young leader doesn't yet

have a long range missile to

mount it on. The United Nations

is preparing to send monitors

to Syria to observe the implementation of the country's fragile ceasefire. There were

one or two reports of sporadic

gunfire after the ceasefire

came into effect just over 24

hours ago, but it generally

appears to be holding. Syrian President, Bashar Al-Assad, is

under international pressure to

meet all the demands of the

Kofi Annan brokered peace plan.

. The regime's troops and tanks

have not pulled back from population centres and it

remains to be seen if the

regime will keep its pledge to permit permit peaceful demonstrations. Talks demonstrations. Talks are currently under way at the UN

to nut out the details to send

a fully fledged monitor mission

to Syria by early next week. Ambulance Victoria has demoted a senior paramedic in the wake

of a damning report into a car

crash in which a man was mistakenly declared dead. The 30 year old man was found hanging upside down in the

wreckage of his car two weeks

ago. It is now emerged two

paramedics declared the man

dead after they recorded him

breathing. A member of the SES

noticed the man was moving

after the paramedics had left.

Ambulance Victoria says Ambulance Victoria says even

after the inquiry, the officers are unable to explain their

actions. There are a number of

criteria you must be criteria you must be pulse less, obviously cold, fixed

dilated pupils, nonbreathing, a

number of other things, you

must meet all of must meet all of those requirements. Clearly, requirements. Clearly, the

requirement to be non-breathes

was not met, the patient was records as breathing. The

crash victim remains in

hospital unconscious and on a

respirator. Qantas has launched Australia's first commercial flight using a

mixture of refined cooking oil. The airline aims to use

sustainable aviation fuel on a

wide-scale in the not too

distant future. Qantas chief Alan Joyce

Alan Joyce had his hands-on the

future, a fuel which he future, a fuel which he says will slash the carbon footprint

of aviation by 60%. We need

to get ready for a future that

is not based on traditional jet

fuel or frankly we don't have a

future. The A330 was the first

commercial flight to have one

engine powered by a fifty-fifty blend of regular and

sustainable aviation fuel.

Passengers and crew lined up to

accrue their frequent frying

points. Somebody has said this morning that we this morning that we should call it frying high. Extra

fried food on board I already

asked Qantas that. They said that's not how it that's is the source of the jet fuel left over cooking oil from McDonald's stores in McDonald's stores in the United

States. But it is undergone a

little TLC before it gets to

the plane. We filter it, take

out all of the particles, the

rough particles and then we by

using hydrogen can turn it into a liquid transparent fuel. The

first batches are four to five

times nor had more times nor had more expensive

than regular jet fuel but than regular jet fuel but the

price is expected to drop as

economies of scale are achieved

and the Federal Government and the Federal Government is chipping in half a million

dollars to study other materials

materials that might also be converted into fuel. Conversion

of rubbish and the sugar cane

residuals, algae is another

alternative, there's plenty of

alternatives. The test flight from

from Sydney to Adelaide was

labelled a success. labelled a success. The cooking oil fuel was found to

be slightly more efficient than the fossil fuel recipe. The ANZ

Bank has announced an unexpected increase to its standard variable mortgage rate

by 6 basis points. It takes

the bank's home loan rate to

7.42%. It is the second time

ANZ has moved independently of

the Reserve Bank after deciding

to review its rates on the second

second Friday of every

month. The official cash rate

stands at 4.25%. In other

finance news the local

sharemarket ended the week on sharemarket ended the week on a strong note following solid

gains around the world. Here's Alan Kohler. The All Ordinaries was up 1% today which means it finished the week square, but

look at the chart for the week. At the start of the week, Spain

had a bond auction that didn't go

go well and markets suddenly

saw the ghosts of 2010 and 2011 when Greece's debt when Greece's debt problems

caused big corrections. By

Thursday all was forgotten and markets were swimming in

liquidity and feeling good

about the American recovery. Even a softer than expected

Chinese GDP number today didn't

phase the markets. China's growth

growth for the first quarter

was 8.1% annualised less than

the 8.4% expected. It is a fortnight after the end of the

quarter so I'm not really sure

they know what it was, they know what it was, but

leaving aside the details, it

looks like a softish landing for the Chinese economy. Here

are some of the highlights from

the market today. Big gains from Rio Tinto, Treasury Wine

Estates and OneSteel, while all

the banks went up less than 1%.

Apart from ANZ which didn't move. Overseas markets move. Overseas markets were generally stronger today generally stronger today except

for Madrid where stocks fell

again. Spanish stocks are down

12% this year while 12% this year while the German

and British stocks are up 12%. The Australian dollar is The Australian dollar is also higher tonight but not very

much. But at 104 US cent it is

one cent higher than a week ago and half

and half a point higher on the

index. Finally, a treat for

gold lovers. Confirming

everything you believe in. A

chart showing global money

stocks and the gold price. stocks and the gold price. The more money that's more money that's printed around the world, the higher

the gold price goes. Gold used

to be money of course but that

ended 41 years ago. Now it's the alternative. I'll be back

on Sunday at 10 am with 'Inside

Business'. Until then, that's

finance. That's Alan Kohler.

To sport with Meredith Sheehan.

Tonight's huge AFL match

against under way very

shortly. Yes, it sure does.

Collingwood and karltd on with

clash at the MCG in the next

half hour or so. Nick Bailey

is at the ground. It might be early in the year but there's no doubting the magnitude of

this game between Carlton and

Collingwood. Thousands of fans

have been pouring in the MCG for

for the last few hours. It is

set to be a huge crowd tonight.

It is a contest fans of teams It is a contest fans of both

teams savour. A man who knows

a fair bit about contests

between Collingwood and Carlton

is David Parkin who joins us

tonight. What do you think

it's been about the build up to

this game that's made it so

special? I think, Nick, the

tradition has continued but it's

it's probably been watered down

a bit by Carlton's lack of performances maybe over the

last five or six years. Whilst

the con test between the the con test between the two clubs has maintained some real

interest, the fact of life is

now we've got a competitive

Carlton, obviously Collingwood

have been one of the better performed teams over the last

four or five years, Anna will

bring out the best in both

mobs. Do you think we could be seeing the 2012 frem years tonight? I think there's a

good chance either or both in

fact could play-off the grand

final. The predicting premierships 15 rounds in last year year we could have final. Collingwood were certainty. By

the time they got to the grand

final, the time they got to the

end of the year, they didn't

have the artillery to fight the

battle. Sadly, this AFL season

will again be determined by

injury more so than

else because they don't have the capacity now to have big lists

lists of very, very talented

players. A lot to look forward

to. Thanks for joining us tonight. I will like all the Carlton-Collingwood tonight. I

long as its close one we'll all

enjoy F no doubt about it,

Nick. A lot to enjoy here tonight and 90,000 fans

certainly won't be disappointed here tonight. Nick Bailey at

the MCG for ABC News. There's

two matches in the NRL to kick

off round 7 tonight. off round 7 tonight. Brisbane hosts Canberra hosts Canberra with Melbourne Heart sweeping into the sthous

of Peter Wallace with out

injury. St George-Illawarra face the Newcastle nights.

Meanwhile, the Rabbitohs say they're taking a cautious

approach to Sunday's match again

again the warriors after making

the finals last year. New Zealand has struggled with just

two wins from six this season.

Rabbitohs coach Michael Maguire

says the warriors haven't been

living up to the potential so far which makes the side far which makes the side even more dangerous. They're a

quality team across the park.

They've had a rough couple of

weeks but they're a tough team.

They're a big team. They know

how to move the ball around

how to move the ball around and

have classy halves and good

attacking people out the ends.

We need to be sharp in

everything we do. Sydney FC has

sacked its goal-keeper Liam

Reddy after's allegedly violated his contract. violated

admitted to drinking on the

flight to New Zealand ahead of

the elimination semifinal

against the Wellington Phoenix.

His context before during and after the game after

contributed to the decision to

tear up his contract, the club

said. Perth Glory is happy with the underdog tag for

tomorrow's A-League preliminary

time against Central Coast in

Gosford. Having stumbled in

the major semifinal against

Brisbane, the Mariners will be looking to re-establish

themselves as a team to beat.

The club finished on top of the ladder, while Perth was third,

Central Coast conceded 11 fewer

goals and won two of its three

clashes with glory this

season. It's going to be a

tough game. It is going to be

I think for the first 15, 20

minute s we've got to make sure

we can cope with that and put

them in I counter-attack and try and get something. try and get something. Our

confidence is high. The morale

within the group is the way

it's always been. It is very

positive. Everyone is happy. History is against

Perth. It's never won in Gosford.

Gosford. Tomorrow's winner

will meet The Roar in Brisbane

in next week's grand final. The New Zealand Breakers are

one up in this year's NBL grand

time series with a thrilling

win of 104-98. Best of three,

isn't it. It is. We've still got

got next week. Very good.

Thanks Meredith. It is popular

with the public and with art

thieves and now collectors.

Will have a chance to show ouch they love Edvard Munch's famous

painting The Scream. The only privately owned version of the painting will be auctioned painting will

New York City next month. The

image of the scream in popular

culture is expected to stimulate buyers' interest. A

double life as both in fine art one of the defining images of

the expressionist movement, but

also an image that's recognisable around the

world. Sergeant by's auction

house is expecting the house is expecting the painting to sell for about $80 to sell for about $80 million. Sotheby's auction house. The cloud over Central Australia looks impressive but it is really not producing much in

the way of rainfall. There

have been light falls about,

but the surface trough that's

triggering is weakening. That

collide will slide in towards the south-east tomorrow mostly

as high-level cloud is not as

expected to produce any

rainfall. Away from the border

areas, of SS, Queensland areas, of SS, Queensland and

NSW. It will move further east

as we head in to the early part

of next week. This front could

trigger light showers about the

south coast of WA. This high

is bringing onshore is bringing onshore wind s

along the mid north coast to the the far northern tropics of

Queensland. We're expecting to see widespread showers anywhere

north of Taree in NSW, but the

heaviest of the falls will be

the north-eastern tropics from

around Innisfail through to

cook town with just a few showers about southern parts of WA and a few showers possible

for Darwin. Graham Creed there. That's the news and the

weather for now. I'll be back

in a few moments with an update. Then it is time for update.

'Contact Sport'. I'm Scott

Bevan. Thanks for your company. Closed Captions by

This Program is Captioned Live.

The top stories from ABC news. Bob

Brown has stepped down as Green's

leader, and will leave the Senate by

the middle of the year. The

Senator has been replaced

the middle of the year. The Tasmanian Senator has been replaced by his Deput

Deputy Christine Milne. Whilst

Federal MP Adam Bandt has been voted

in as the

in as the new deputy. Bob Brown will

retire from his senate position

retire from his senate position when a replacement is found. The Queensland

Queensland Government has struck a 620

620-million-dollar pay deal with the

Nurses Union less than three weeks

into its term. The in-principle

agreement means most of the state's

32-thousand nurses and midwives

32-thousand nurses and midwives will be 42-dollars a week better off.

Negotiations began last October on

the deal, which includes a payrise

the deal, which includes a payrise of three per cent and improvements to

workload management. North Korea has

admitted that its launch of

admitted that its launch of a long-range rocket has failed. The satellite launch

satellite launch was planned to

coincide with celebrations marking

the centenary of the birth of the

founder Kim il Sung. The UN Security

Council will hold an emergency

meeting to discuss what the US and

its allies say was a disguised ballistic missile ballistic missile launch. And a

Qantas jet has succesfully completed

Australia's first commercial flight

using biofuel. The Airbus A330 flew

from Sydney to Adelaide. Powered by

recycled oil from hamburger restaurant

restaurants in the US. Qantas

officials say the plane used

officials say the plane used a smaller quantity of biofuel than its

normal consumption of standard fuel.

Those are the latest headlines from ABC news. This Program is Captioned Live. # Theme music Hello and welcome to Contact Sport. I'm Paul Kennedy. Today we'll hear from athlete Tamsyn Manou,