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(generated from captions) Cadel Evans wins the

four in Switzerland. I riding here in Romandie, but a

race that suits me well. Usually some harder mountain stages. It

suits me well. You're watching ABC news.

I'm Michael Rowland A Nate

O'air strike at the very part

of the Gaddafi regime has sparked more violence sparked more violence on the

streets of Tripoli. Angry mobs

have attacked foreign after news spread that unwith have attacked foreign embassies

of Colonel Gaddafi's sons and

been killed. The UN is now three of his grandchildren had

pulling its staff out of the

expelled Libya's Libyan capital and Britain has

expelled Libya's ambassador.

This was the moment of impact

and this was the result. In an upmarket suburb a upmarket suburb a villa had suffered a first, foreign journalists weren't told was. Libyan officials said

Colonel Gaddafi and his wife

had been inside visiting their

to escape unharmed. The attack resulted in the martyrdom of a 29-year-old and three of the Pictures leader's grandchildren. the Libyan leader's family killed in the attack. spread of the pro-Gaddafi demonstrators took spread of the deaths, angry

to the streets. What shown on state TV was attack on the British, Italian shown on state TV was the

and US Embassies and the UN

offices. The Libyan government

said it regretted the rampage but could do nothing to control the furious mobs. The ambassador to Britain was leave the country. It was a expelled given 24 hours to

very different reaction in rebel held Benghazi. News of the deaths of Gaddafi's son sparked wild the people there was the people of besieged Misrata

Their priority, to survive day. Earlier on 'ABC News Kevin Breakfast' the Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd told Virginia Trioli

the NATO strike compound did not exceed its mandate in Libya. The targeting

by NATO deals with the command and control centres in part of

the Libyan regime. 'Cause that

is directly relevant to the UN Security Council resolution

which NATO is operating under,

resolution 1973. That them to take all necessary resolution 1973. That empowers

measures to protect the Libyan

people from attack by the Libyan control centres are central to

that. That's what's been targeted here as well. The commander of the mission says we only strike military

targets. Hard to argue that this home is a target. Let's wait wait for authoritative statements to be made by NATO

and by others on this

But the tar getting doctrine

mandate it has been delivered. employed by NATO has been

But when But when you are war situation, where you

charged by the war situation, where you are

charged by the international civilians community to protect innocent recently threatened to Benghazi apart including recently threatened to rip

population of 700,000 population of 700,000 people,

able to target it's important that NATO is

That's the targeting doctrine then conclude from that, people such as the sons of Libyan people such as the sons of the might be command and children in places where there

centres. Is that in the confirm. I have only arrived in Washington a few hours ago from


been able to be confirmed. But

I do know, having had long the British Foreign and the the British Foreign Secretary

whose forces are pivotal in and the French Foreign Minister

these attacks, launched against forces and the Libyan regime's armed

that they have, that they take their targeting confident exceptionally seriously. I'm confident they would've done so

in this case Breakfast' earlier this morning A 12-year-old a series of strikes launched the Taliban. The boy is one of the youngest Afghan to the youngest Afghan insurgents attack. 11 people were killed in blasts of of fire. The Taliban says there

are many more attacks to The Taliban have started the

fighting season with result,. A bicycle bomb

exploded outside a police

station in the eastern province of Ghazni. Most victims were sister asking her if she wants a school bag. There suddenly a blast. After that wasn't aware of

There were also ambushes elsewhere There were also blasts and only a day after the announced the official start of

their spring and summer

mission offensive. The United Nations

worried about further casualties. Our mission is to Afghan people are not affected from that point of view, civilians were killed in Afghanistan last year. The

first 24 hours of the fighting

shield. In the most attack of the day, a wearing a vest packed explosives wearing a vest packed with the south Paktika. Local officials believe the young bomber believe the young suicide

bomber was only 12. have claimed responsibility for

the incident. Residents of capital Kabul are bracing the incident. Residents of the

themselves for the months

key-cutting store for ahead. This man has run this ahead. This man has run

key-cutting store for 20 years.

He has seen the violence up

close A suicide attack on this

street three years ago still

haunts him. My shawl shop was

penetrated by pieces of bomb

and was and was deployed --

destroyed. Many Afghans are

hoping this summer won't bring

a repeat of the violence. Past.

Let's head back home now.

Police have shot and killed a

man in St Kilda. Police man lunged at knife. man lunged at them with a at the screen. Een 7.30 8.30 last night, police

responded to

8.30 last night, police Street. Witnesses allege two men entered the premises and

proceeded to assault a man and

a woman, resulting in a being stabbed in the currently recovering in a Hospital. Police after their initial investigation left that scene and made way down Grey Street where they

spotted to it men that matched the description of those described attack. Police maintain from that point

stop and one of those men lunged at them with proceeded to warnings to this man to stop

they claimed they had no choice

but to shots. This is what one witness had to say this morning. We heard the shot and

I just looked at - everyone ran outside and been shot. We stood there see what had happened right in what it seemed Commissioner Luke maintains the two constables involved in the involved in the incident based

on initial evidence only did all they did to avoid all they did to avoid the situation. Now of from here, the Homicide department are still on the job with the

saying this incident is a Prime Minister Julia Gillard is

back in the country after back in the country after her

visit to north Asia and

and will step straight back into the political fray this

morning. The Opposition Leader

has been traversing the country if the Prime Minister's to drum up support for Gillard will be desperately seeking to reclaim seeking to reclaim the domestic budget I ahead of its budget I ahead of its release next us now from Canberra. The pressure is well and truly pressure is well and truly on with the budget looming with the budget looming next week. No resting up very busy trip through Asia. She is talking to the media in Canberra this morning

after arriving just last in can br from in her absence, Tony been making

the north west coast down to

Whyalla in South Australia. He

is in Victoria today.

be talking to more industry and

businesses there, continuing

with his anti-carbon tax

campaign. He has had some clear space to do while Julia Gillard has been overseas with. The

budget on a week away we can expect Julia expect Julia Gillard will be very busy not only pushing the very busy not only pushing the

need for a carbon tax but also

pushing the government's budget

agenda. On that front, the Treasurer Wayne Swan has been busy setting expectations for the budget? Yes, we've heard

all sorts of details about the

hits to government revenues and how it's quite possible have a larger budget deficit in the intervening years

the intervening years until we

return to surplus in 2012-13. Yesterday the Yesterday the Treasurer revealed that unemployment is

going to continue to get better

and that rate fall down to 4.5% over the next two years. over the next two years. And that underpins the that underpins the government's focus on focus on participation that we keep hearing agenda, about helping people get into jobs, helping long-term unemployed get on to jobs. We can expect Julia

Gillard to be talking more Gillard to be talking more and

more about that. Also industry has picked up on has picked up on it with the Australian industry,ing saying

there will be a need for more skilled workers that skilled workers that means either a either a higher participation rate or higher immigration

numbers. These issues are all

coming together as the

government beds down the budget

with just a week to go. Tony Abbott.5has had a fairly

productive week or so in the

Prime Minister's absence, but

the pressure will be on him as

well next week, well next week, particularly when

has to present its budget reply

on Thursday? It's always a tricky one for the opposition.

It will be difficult for the

opposition, in that we've had some positive policy townsment -- their policy has largely measures. If that's the

majority of what's contained in

his budget reply speech on the

Thursday after the budget is announced, then will use that continue to paint Tony Abbott as all negative but not alternatives. So they alternatives. So they started with the mental health

announcement that they made the

other week of promoting a policy there. I the coalition would be trying to make some to make some more positive policy announcements so that it

doesn't just appear that the

negative. They will be trying to counter to counter that image. Melissa Clarke a ahead, thank you

morning. Channel 9 presenter Karl Stefanovic has nudged out favourite Rebecca picked up five of the 10 peer Richard Roxburgh in the Richard Roxburgh in the drama series 'Rake'. Sarah Ferguson won affairs report for

'Smugglers Paradise'. The veteran political journalist Laurie Oakes was inducted Laurie Oakes was inducted into

the Logies Hall of Fame. The US President Barack Obama has mocked possible Republican

Trump at the annual White House something correspondents' dinner. It was

payback after pressure from the real estate mogul forced Mr

Obama last week to release his birth certificate to prove he actually was born in the US. My fellow Americans ... as some

you heard the State of Hawaii released my official long-form birth

birth certificate. Hopefully, But just in case there I'm prepared to go a step

further. (Laughter) Tonight, for the first time I am releasing video. (Laughter) The stories - angry knobs have attacked attacked several foreign embassys in the Libyan The United Nations is killed Colonel Gaddafi's youngest son and the leader's three

after he allegedly lunged at them with a knife. Police them with a knife. Police had

wanted to talk to the man about

a stabbing at a nearby hotel.

The man died at the scene. And

more than 1 million pilgrims

have packed Rome's St Peter's square for the beatification

for the late Pope John Paul II.

It's the last step on the road to becoming a saint. to becoming a saint. Live now to Rome where tens to Rome where tens of thousands

of people are stream through St Peter's basilica to pay tribute to the

late Pope John Paul II. This beatification

beatification is the last step to the Pope becoming to the Pope becoming a saint.

One of those in attendance is

the French nun who claims that she was cured of Parkinson's

disease after repeatedly praying to Pope John Paul II.

Lots of people in St Peter's

square, veteran Vatican square, veteran Vatican watchers say they haven't seen

so many people in that part of Rome since his 2005. The ceremony is 2005. The ceremony is taking place not without controversy. A lot

A lot of critics of the Vatican

are complaining about the speed with which the beatification process is

to the relative slow nature of the various investigations into allegations of clerical sexual assault by members of assault by members of theth

Catholic Church. For more let's

hear now from our correspondent correspondent Emma. Pilgrims from around Peter's square stretching back to parts to parts of Rome where the Vatican mass could barely be funeral for Pope John Paul II people come to worship chance to honour that same Pope as he journeys one step closer to sainthood. It was a miracle I made it here. Among those

taking part in the service taking part in the service was this French white. She was cured of so-called miracle made way for

his beatification. 16 heads of state attended the state attended the ceremonies including families and most

controversial, his wife and

children. The children. The Zimbabwean President has President has been widely criticised for human criticised for human rights abuses in abuses in his country. A European Union European Union travel ban was lifted to Italy. Italy. After the three hour mass, pilgrim ps dignitaries prayed before the coffin of pontiff. It had been exhumed for for the occasion. One more miracle will miracle will need to be confirmed before John Paul II can be declared a

seems a honeymoon is not the only thing Prince William and his new wife his new wife Catherine are delaying. There is a Greig

feeling the wedding has feeling the wedding has also sidelined Australia's

become a republic. Ian Smith is This morning he said

This morning he said the wedding had rung a death knell for the republic. I think this is the obligatory nail in coffin for it. Day are K

Middleton 78, 80% approval. She is

is higher than Kevin Rudd at his peak. But the fact is we have a situation here where

people are saying we like what

we see, why change it? believes there is still mass

for a republic. Sea his the problem

problem is division problem is division about how to structure independence from Britain. It will have a short-term effect on the Republican. That's ridiculous thing, that ridiculous thing, that a wedding it affect the crazy. The problem is the Republican said the Republican said doesn't have

have a -- side doesn't have Monarchists go Australia will

get to the detail of the debate

and what model t becomes a nightmare. will have some serviceses back

on-line this week. The company

on-line this week. The company this to shut down the network.

Sony has apologised for the

security breach and says proving its system so that it proving its system so that it

won't happen again. Manufacturing growth in China has slowed in April while has slowed in April while the cost of small

China's economy has been growing

growing at above 10% a year and

economists expect it will ease slightly this year. Wayne Swan wants the focus of next week's Federal Budget to be well Federal Budget to be well and

truly on jobs. The Treasurer is forecasting an extra half a

million jobs will be created

over the next two over the next two years,

pushing unemployment down to 4.5%. He's already 4.5%. He's already signalled deep there will be back into the work force. To the markets. back into the work force. To the markets. On Friday the Dow

closed up 47 points.

To sport now. Paul To sport now. Paul Kennedy, Cadel Evans cycling for fwhor ree? At the ree? At the moment. --

ghor glory. Things seem to be

going on track for him. It's

not really July that he get to the Tour de France. He

has won the Tour de Romandie which which he has won before. And he was very surprised this time around, though,

A bad knee after a A bad knee after a fall in

here. Always happy here. Always happy to win here. Cadel went be in the Tour of Italy Tour of Italy which starts soon. Alberto Contador the man

who's almost perennial favourite now for the Tour de France, of Italy. In the of Italy. In the English Premier League, a brilliant 1-0 result against Manchester United. Man U is Manchester United. Man U is now just 3 points clear on the top

of the title race hey head of

Chelsea which and Manchester City also had a win 2-1 over West Ham. Let's

take a look.

Man City did win and they're

looking good now in the top 4

to finish with a shot at the

European Champions League next

year at stake. To the AFL now. Collingwood was

against the Bulldogs. They kicked the next one

kicked the next one at the

start of the last and scores were level. But then Collingwood found an extra gear. Leigh in a hurry. Collingwood kicked in a 18 goals in Krakouer kicked a nice Krakouer kicked a nice goal

too. He was rested last too. He was rested last week by the Collingwood hierarchy that's trying to get the most out of out of him. He with some neat skills there. Essendon played the 'Sun's yesterday. The 'Sun's

shining the week before shining the week before against Port Adelaide, but they were overshadowed for sure. Essendon came out and kicked 15 goals in the kicked 15 goals in the first

quarter. I have never seen before and it's the reason for that is it's the highest score in history of the on to win by almost 140 points. Now there's been a couple

Now there's been a couple of rookie selections overnight for the Australian team in rugby league to play was the winger from Australia and

is almost a certainty to start on perhaps. I think he is on

the bench but he will get a run for Australia later in the for Australia later in the week. Let's look at from yesterday in the from yesterday in the NRL. With form and confidence problems

the Eels were easy prey for the merciless premiers. Dragons' once Dragons' once conservative style gave way

style gave way to a skilful and expansive approach. Cooper and

Gasnier reveled in the extra room as the home room as the home team piled on four tries before the break. Beau Scott finished the job for the Dragons. In Canberra's buoyed by the re-signing of

coach Tim Sheens, weren't behind for long. Dugan position as the Tigers

position as the Tigers two

stars took control. When Marshall put Marshall put Mutai over before

half-time the Tigers had all

but soiled the 2 points W no

coach yet appointed for coach yet appointed for next season the uncertainty seemed to have spread onfield stole an early lead. Another Panthers blunder handed Lock an easy sprint for his second easy sprint for his second try. A brief look at netball. The Melbourne Vixens played a big

Wales match against the New South

Wales Swifts yesterday. And it was the Vixens going down 12. That 12. That ends their season and the New South Wales the New South Wales swifts. Captain Cox who terrifically shot 33 points

shoo. Le lead the New South

Wales team now into semifinals after a very slow

start to the season. The New South Wales well. Thanks, Paul. Now well. Thanks, Paul. Now to the

Turner primary school

Minister Julia Gillard is giving a press conference. We will be continuing the I have put on education. I have put on I have put on education. I have consistently said that

demography is not destiny and

that our nation has to make

sure that every child in every

child a getting a great education. We've already implemented a number of important policies to difference to schools today. It important policies to make a

will give my parents and

ever before about teachers more information than teachers more

ever before about the performance of their school, including our national

curriculum, to make sure that

kids around the country are studying a high-quality national curriculum. Including

our investment in school buildings, in buildings, in school libraries,

in classrooms, in trade

training centres, in training centres, in school

halls, to make sure that schools have the best possible

facilities. And for many

schools, this was the first

real investment they'd seen in

a new building for a new building for decades.

We've invested in all of these

things, to make a difference for education today, because

what's happening in schools today determines a nation. Our economic future today determines our future as a nation. a nation. Our economic future because the today are the workers of tomorrow, but also our future

as a fair society. In making

all of those investments we

recognised that there's nothing the teacher standing in front of the classroom. We've met

some great teachers We've been investing in some great teachers today.

already operating through new schemes, one Wales, where the best

are being paid more to go to the disadvantaged classrooms investing in programs like the

one in Western Australia State schools can become more

independent. I want to confirm that the forthcoming budget will deliver on our promise to invest in rewarding great

this is the next step to build on our education reforms. What

that means is we'll design that means is we'll design a system where teachers who are

are performing well can additional pay, an additional reward performance. The number of around 25,000. That teachers to be rewarded will be

the teaching work force. We will build the system measure great teaching. We will monitor teacher performance monitor teacher performance in

2013, and the will be paid in 2014. $425