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(generated from captions) They've taken pictures and gathered intelligence. The

military say people are pleased

to see them, but this kind of work carries the risk of

offence. This is a deeply conservative country and

gaining trust is a battle the gaining trust is a battle

British are struggling to A recap of tonight's top

stories on ABC News 24. The

former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has launched himself back into the cap pain spotlight

with an attack on Tony Abbott.

Mr Rudd accepted an invitation to join Julia Gillard on says he can't let Mr Abbott

tear down Labor policies as the hospitals takeover and tear down Labor policies such

the National Broadband Network. The Opposition Leader says Mr Rudd's presence on the campaign

trial will remind voters of

The New South Wales Labor's political thuggery.

is reviewing the contact The New South Wales Ombudsman

government departments had with

six-year-old Kiesha Abrahams

who is missing in Sydney's

west. It follows reports that

she's barely been at school all

year and that as a toddler she

being bitten by an adult.

Large scale searches have so

far failed to find the girl who

went missing five days ago. has been went missing five days ago. BP

has been given the green light

to permanently seal the ruptured well head in the Gulf

of Mexico. The well has finally been plugged with finally been plugged with a

mixture of heavy drilling fluid

and mud, a layer of cement will

be added to complete operation. And Iran's official be added to complete the

newsagency is denying reports

of an President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. of an assassination attempt on

Still photographs of the incident have emerged. It incident have emerged. It was

to bomb the President's convoy initially reported a man tried

in the western city of Hamedan. Officials are now saying supporter set off fireworks. Live across Australia, this

is ABC News 24. I'm Scott

Bevan. Only days after having a gall bladder removed, Kevin Rudd has dramatically

re-entered the campaign Minister pledged to campaign Labor tent. The former Prime Minister pledged to

for the woman who deposed him,

declaring he won't stand by and

watch Tony Abbott win the

election. Chief election. Chief political correspondent Mark

Simkin. Queensland's where the

action is. Julia Gillard's action is. Julia Gillard's

visit caused a minor riot.

Even Morewell come welcome came

from an older Queenslander.

His name is Kevin and he's here

requested by Prime Minister to help. Today

Gillard to join the national

campaign. I'm not a quit ter.

Of course I have said yes to

that request. The former Prime

Minister acknowledged the last

few weeks have been difficult

but promised to put that behind him. There are much bigger

things at stake at present than

my future than is our my future than is our country's future. Kevin Rudd will future. Kevin Rudd will mainly

campaign in Queensland where

there's been a backlash against

his kniving. He'll hit the

trail Sunday, the same day the official campaign launch. I Coalition is holding its

welcome the fact that Kevin

Rudd who is still recovering from an operation will be actively contributing to campaign. His presence on the

campaign trail will be a

reminder of the kind of political thug Gerry which now

haunts the modern Labor Party. Kevin Rudd is a distraction, but Julia Gillard

Haswell comed the

reinforcements. Kevin Rudd is a

and he is a man with public man of enormous capabilities

areas. After weeks of division and suspicion, from the same script. Mr and suspicion, they're reading

I believe has made it absolutely clear that absolutely clear that his plan

now is to try to sneak into the Prime Ministership without

proper scrutiny. I cannot for

one stand idly by and watch Mr

Abbott try to slide into office by default without any real

scrutiny being seems to suggest Kevin Rudd scrutiny being applied. That

thinks Labor his help. The former and current Prime Ministers current Prime Ministers spoke

privately today. They'll on Saturday, their to face since Julia Gillard on Saturday, their first face

took his job. If Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard aren't quite your

your ideal political pin up figures there would be figures there would be other

option. The sex party has

launched its campaign for the

Senate and are getting quite a rise from voters. Sex politics as well as Apparently it is true in

advertising. Just one year

after conception, the sex party

has gone forth and multiplied fielding 20 candidates. We

seriously think there's room seriously think there's

for us in the Senate. It won't

be their first election. be their first election. The

per sex party scored more than 3

per cent in bi-elections last

year. They need 9 per cent take a Senate seat. In the year. They need 9 per cent to

privacy of a polling booth people may tick one

been doing it for five years

now and no-one's tried to copy

me. It must be hard. He me. It must be hard. He sells

mostly in about 1,000 paintings a year

challenging the notion that

Queensland erts conservative. The people you Queensland erts tend to be

talk to in Queensland the general public are very broad minded and open. Broad to elect a pilot who minded and open. Broad minded

to elect a pilot who starred in

a erotic TV series. I'm very

these days is the children. The That is who really matters serious. I'm standing up for

these days is the children. The

sex party sees itself

concentrating on the big issues, birth issues, birth sex and

death. There's not much to parties. The party says it has choose from from the other

been approached been approached from Family

First for a preference which

they refused. They embrace as

an ally a man who produces art

with his organ. Well, they all

say that, don't they. The

Queensland government has

enshrined new mothers rights policy applies to State express milk at work. The

Government employees but the

Premier is hoping the private sector will sector will follow. This

woman's baby is just woman's baby is just eight

weeks old and is fed breast milk. Her mother milk. Her mother will return

to work and says the new to work and says the new policy

will available to breast will available to breast feed

her baby for longer. I like the bonding experience the bonding experience of breast feeding. I would like

to continue that as long as possible. I also firmly believe

believe and research shows that

breast milk is awesome would

babies and their immune system. Women working for State Government will be given

access to a clean, safe and

private environment to feed or

express and a fridge for milk

to be stored. I think mums

unstand that they're coming

back to work to work. back to work to work. This is it a maximum of up to one it a maximum of up to one hour a day. It is the sort of thing

you might do two or three times

a day and take 20 minutes at a

time. They'll be paid during

this time. This is a first

great step. It is exciting when the government leads the

way and the private sector can see the benefits in things like lacktation

of Commerce wouldn't comment

today. The the today. The the Premier wants to ensure that State Government

workplaces from workplaces from building sites

to school do the same. We need

to change culture as we need to to change culture as we need to

change industrial conditions.

The change takes effect

immediately. An HIV positive

man accused of endangering the

lives of eight men has gone on trial in the South Australian Supreme Court. It is alleged

he lied or tricked them into

though he knew about his

condition. The court heard

Stewart McDonald gave the men a disease

disease for which there's no

cure. He's cure. He's denied eight

charges of endangering life.

It is alleged he met It is alleged he met most of the men through a gay the men through a gay website

and at a gay beat in Adelaide's

south park lands. The court

heard he wouldn't declare his health status on health status on the website because no-one would want to

have sex with him. He said it

was up to his partners to ask

for a condom. The prosecutor

for a condom and McDonald

either pretended to wear one or

took it hof with sex. With

none of the accuse dd the Australia accused warn them to the risks he was exposing them

to or give member a chance to or give member a chance to

protect themselves. The court heard Stewart McDonald was die knowinged

knowinged HIV positive in 1998

but then mentioned it to his then partner in New South

Wales. It is alleged they Wales. It is alleged they had unprotected sex for two unprotected sex for two years

before his partner was diagnosed with the virus. The prosecutor partner's surprise, the accused

appeared quite nonplussed and

he said that's okay. There are

plenty of guys with HIV. plenty of guys with HIV. The

defence is yet to state its

case. A 22-year-old man has

been charged with murdering his girlfriend in Brisbane four

months ago. 22-year-old he Bianca Girvan was found badly

injured at the Mt Gravatt look

out in March. out in March. She died in

hospital the next day. He hospital the next day. He was arrested after police conducted more than 1,000 interviews. I've spoken to the family. family. They are happy with

the arrest and obviously they saddened still by the death of

their daughter. Mr Austin is

due to appear in the Brisbane

magistrate's court tomorrow.

In Cairns, a 24-year-old

In Cairns, a 24-year-old man

has been charged with murdering

hay woman. Police found the

24-year-old woman's body in a Cairns apartment yesterday

morning. He appeared in court

today and will remain in custody before another appearance next month. appearance next month. A Victorian Coroner has Victorian Coroner has found

that a boat dealer was aware of

problems when he sold a boat

that later exploded. An elderly couple died in the

snrotion on the Yarra River two

years ago. The indent is

likely to lead to stricter

marine safety laws but

marine safety laws but the

dealer maintains he did nothing

wrong. Scos O'Hare doesn't

agree with Coroner peat area white's finding he knowingly sold an accident waiting to

happen. I don't believe the Coroner's summation of the events was accurate. Do you maintain you did nothing wrong? Yes. In 2008 Anthony Elliott brought the vessel from Mr

O'Hare. When he started the

engines fuel vapour ex-knighted killing Mr Elliott's parents

84-year-old Alexander and his

wife Jennifer instantly. The knew problems with the

system and inform Mr Ed Mr

Elliott that the tanks would

not need to be replaced.

Anthony Elliott declined to

comment on the findings. We haven't read them in detail yet. His partner hopes recommended changes will be implemented. I'd hate to this

this accident happened in this accident happened in vain

and the tragedy that our

families have experienced will

hopefully never occur to anyone else

has recommended new laws for

boat sales similar not road

worthy scheme available for vehicles. We are very conscious of the circumstances surrounding the tragic

fatalities. It has driven

to revise the marine safety Act

and we will be and we will be taking action. The government hopes to

pass the legislation before November's state election. 26-year-old man has faced Darwin Magistrates Court

charged with possessing drugs that were allegedly part of a batch that caused a number of

people to be taken to hospital. Jamie

with possessing and administering a dangerous drug. Police a emledge six people needed hospital needed hospital treatment,

including two men who were

chased in intensive care after taking contaminated drugs. The case has been adjourned and Morton will appear in court

later this month. A treasure trove of rare paintings trove of rare paintings by Australia's about to go on show. Two private collectors have private collectors have agreed to display the work to the tribute

tribute to the art dealer Eva brewer. She guided the collection for the fast 15

years until her death in

February. The more than 100

works tell the history of

Australia's female painters.

All of the big names from the

past are there and so are many

successful contemporary ones.

It covers so many different people. Eva brew central to Sydney's arts scene

and helped the couple and helped the couple Kim Harding and Irene Miller who

relied on her judgment to build this collection. It's this collection. It's all Eva's her great eye for

collecting. Shae picked the best pieces. After she died in

February after #25i year year

battle with cancer, her

daughter and the collectors

decided to exhibit the works as

a tribute. Could you a tribute. Could you never curb her enthusiasm. She was really passionate and excited

about her work. Even when she was really the gallery and purchased works for these collectors and

others. This collection is one

of the art world's best kept

secrets and while it will be on public display

now, one day it will be on show

for all the world to see. The collectors Willougby queeth it

to the public. They actually I

think would like to leave their

house as well to make it into a

museum to showcase the

collection which is an amazing

intent. The slow burn intent. The slow burn show will be on display until September and again behind closed doors. We'll leave you there because the Opposition the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, is about to speak and

we will go to his speech right now. APPLAUSE. I've seen Connie, take a bow, stand up.

APPLAUSE. Of a seen my my parliamentary neighbour,

Bronwyn Bishop. Take a bow,

Bronwyn. And I want to

publicly thank and publicly thank and congratulate Connie and Bronwyn for the magnificent policies on magnificent policies on aged care and on seniors that have

been launched in just the last

few days. Finally, I wish to acknowledge and thank acknowledge and thank the

secretary to the shadow Cabinet, Phillip Ruddock. Phillip, where are you? Phillip, where are you?

APPLAUSE. It is very

appropriate that Phillip is

behind the pillar because behind the pillar because no-one has been a stronger pillar of Liberalism than

Phillip Ruddock.

APPLAUSE. But speaking of

pillars, ladies and gentlemen,

the client these community has

been one of the pillars on

which modern Australia rests.

This is a great community which

is a vital part of modern

Australia. You know, it is

wrong to think that Chinese people only started coming to Australia

Australia in recent times. As

early as the 1800s there were

Chinese people contributing to our economy. They were working

for John Macarthur. We know of the great contribution that the great contribution that the Chinese made to the gold Chinese made to the gold rushes and so many stayed... So many

stayed. There were 200 Chinese Australians who are members of

the first AIF. Senator the first AIF. Senator Thomas,

the first Chinese speaking

member of the Australian

parliament served in the era of

federation. I am so pleased

and proud to say that the Chinese born member of the New

South Wales parliament, the mother of Australian

parliaments, was Helen cham po

and Helen is here today. Helen

entered parliament for the Liberal Party and the first

Chinese born member of the

Australian parliament was

Senator bin Chen who entered parliament for the Liberal Party. Party. Liberal lism and the Australian Chinese community go hand in hand. If there are two values values which this great community see epitomises it is the value of respect for the value of respect for family

and the fal of enthusiasm for

business. Family and business, two values that are very much

at the heart of the Liberal

Party and of the Australian

Chinese community. Just a few moments ago I got an moments ago I got an extraordinary story that encapsulates the

Chinese Australia for the

family. Henry is a great

sponsor of this dinner, stand

up, Henry, and take a bow. APPLAUSE. Henry runs a

successful and very profitable

Australian business and Henry

said to me, as I was sitting next to him, he said, I am very

happy to be paying a levy to

provide the mothers of

Australia the income they

deserve because I want to see

more children in this country.

Well done, Henry. He also

said... APPLAUSE And he also

said that the more babies that

Australians have, the Australians have, the better it

is for my business. is for my business. How

sensible, are you Henry. How sensible are you. Ladies and

gentlemen, this is a night to celebrate Australia, to

celebrate Liberalism and to

celebrate the contribution that

the Chinese community has made to Australia and to Liberalism.

We all know that We all know that the Rudd-Gillard Government Rudd-Gillard Government has been a monumental disaster, a disaster unparalleled in Australian history. disaster that they executed their own leader.

their own leader. They

politically executed their own

leader. Extraordinary. What would you expect from a

government which has broken promises, which has money and which has taken a great big baseball bat to great big baseball bat to the most successful business, the

most successful industry, the mining and the resources

industry, in Australia. The

get business and it doesn't get get business and it doesn't get democracy and that's why it

deserves to lose the election and that's why we

to win the election and to

reclaim this country for good government. APPLAUSE Ladies

and gentlemen, this is a

community. This is a great

country. Let's face it, country. Let's face it, every

single one of us, or our forbears, has forbears, has voted with our

feet for this country. We love

this country because we this country because we have

chosen this country. It is a

great country, but it has been

badly let down by its national

government over the last three

years. We need to restore good

government to this country. We need to government before it does any more damage to this country

that we all love. Ladies and gentlemen, I say thank you so

much for your support.

so much encouragement and

enthusiasm from this room. All

of us are engaged in of us are engaged in the

extreme struggle of our lives.

We won't let our country down

and we will be the leaders that

Australia needs at this time. Thank Thank you very much.

APPLAUSE Tony Abbott speaking there at

a Chinese community Liberal

Party fund raising dinner and there

there he linked the Liberal

Party and Chinese communities

saying they go hand on hand in

two principles in particular,

respect for family and

enthusiasm for business. To

push on with more news. Two

Chinese executives have been

gaoled for leaking information

to Rio Tinto. They were accused accused of providing information to Australian stern

Hugh. Rio Tinto delivered a monitor half-yearly monitor half-yearly profit

thanks to booming sales to

China. Profit to the China. Profit to the six

months to June was a record

$6.4 billion, up 260 per cent. Earnings

to $4 billion. Rio says to $4 billion. Rio says the

outstanding result was due to a

recovery in key markets and it is focusing on growth is focusing on growth after solving its debt problems. solving its debt problems. It is our plan to complete investments of about another $13 billion by the end of 2010

and a lot of those investments

will, we hope, be made in Australia. The miner has also lifted its plan investment

spending from $5 billion to at least 6 billion. To finance now, and the price of wheat has

sored again because of the drought in Russia. Meanwhile, the Australian dollar and the sharemarket moved higher as

well. Alan Kohler has the story. The story. The remarkable rise of

the wheat price resumed with a

6.7 per cent gain last night to

above $7 US a bush chel for the

first time stins September

2008. There have been big

rises in the global prices of

cotton, pork bellies, cotton, pork bellies, sugar, coffee and co co-. will show up in the super

markets here. Bread prices are

going up in the United States

and Europe. Meanwhile, share

prices have extended rally into August with another

gain of half a per cent today.

The All Ordinaries has gone up

8 per cent since early July but that's well short of the that's well short of the 11 per cent gain in the world share index. The US market edged higher last night on better

than expected employment data

and the Australian dollar moved up as well. The Trade Weighted Index

time in three months. On the

local sharemarket News Corp

reported a profit of $2.7

billion largely because of the

movie A VA TAR. The shares

jumped 5 per cent as a result.

TAB Corporation's profit TAB Corporation's profit fell 12 per cent. Grain corp 12 per cent. Grain corp and

AWB jumped sharply AWB jumped sharply because of the plan to merge them and Rio

Tinto went up ahead a bit after

the record profit announced of

5.8 billion. The 5.8 billion. The US congressional budget study has

produced a graph of debt. Two

scenarios for the future, the

base line and what I call hope,

which uses current laws, and

the alternative scenario which incorporates changes that are

expected to occur. Basically,

the CBO is warning the

politicians that if they keep

going as they r America will go

bust. And that's finance.

As we head towards the end of

the week and into the weekend,

southerly winds will still be a feature across the eastern

parts of Australia. We have a

high here through South Australia

and it is slow-moving. In

fact, it will weaken as the weekend

weekend progresses, but it will

continue to draw these cold

southerly winds about the

eastern States. With those southerlies and clee skies at

night, we're expecting to night, we're expecting to see temperatures drop back in the mornings, that means mornings, that means widespread frosts to begin with on Friday.

Even Tasmania are looking

widespread frosts. Any showers will remain very will remain very light. Most

totals probably lucky to exceed

5 maenls brief snowfalls about the alpine areas and possibly

down to around the 800 or 900

metre mark of southern parts of Tasmania. Much of the

remainder of the continent is

remaining clear and dry. It is

a similar story on Saturday.

That high pressure system still

the dominant feature. It will move through to sit over Those strong southerly winds

will persist, but here's

another frontal system. Those

winds will start to increase

through South Australia. Graham creed