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revelations, China would

support a reunited Korea. Debate over nuclear power put

asbomb under Labor. We've

identified nuclear in identified nuclear in the financial analysis as one of the important technologies that

can become financially viable. Australia's big wet, record rain falls in spring. And Australia makes its final pitch Cup. Hopefully introduce what

sets us apart from the

bidder, this is ourselves, the sets us apart from the other

Australian personality. Good Good morning, you're watching

ABC News 24, I'm Michael Rowland. Documents released by the WikiLeaks website reveal

China is exasperated with North Korea

one cable likens the rogue regime to a spoilt child. Dr John Lee from the Centre for

Independent Stud Is says

there's now no doubt China is frustrated with North Korea but

he says some of the cables on WikiLeaks should be

viewed cautiously. As far as

reunification I think that's the Chinese supporting

off the mark. If you look at

themselves, this was a South the cables that were leaked

Korean vice minister relaying a

ambassador about an unnamed conversation to the American

Chinese official said. Now

unless it comes from the bureau or the central unless it comes from the Polit

commission in bay syringe it's bureau or the central military

not Chinese Government policy.

opinion of This might have been the

not Beijing's policy. In other

news this morn, Julia Gillard is

is under increasing pressure

from within her own party to put the issue of nuclear puer back on the agenda.

Newslimitside reporting some

Federal Labor MPs want the

Government to embrace nuclear energy. And today the Resources

Minister, Martin Ferguson, is going to release a report by the Australian academy of technological sciences and

engineering. The author, Dr Vaughan News Breakfast Australia needs Vaughan Beck, this morning told

to consider a range of energies

to cut carbon emissions. Wharvings we've done is look at the financial aspects of those the

financially viable. Some technologies and they are all

slightly more than others but

as I said, by 2040 there is a

range of technologies that

become financially viable. If people are thinking there's one technology out there that is

going to solve the going to solve the low carbon problem it's not the range of technologies and what

Australia needs to do is to

least consider all of those. We've identified nuclear in the financial analysis as one of

There's lots of other can become financially viable. the important tech nlings that

can become financially viable. considerations that

There's lots of other

considerations that need to be

brought into play in terms of

making a final decision that

applies in respect of nuclear but it also implies in respect

to the whole other raft of

technologies. So there's lots debates to occur. Dr Vaughan

Beck there. Now for more on the

nuclear debate, Melissa Clarke

joins us now from Canberra and

Melissa, just in the last few weighed into the minutes the Prime

asked how she she's responded when she was

she's responded when she weighed into the issue? Well

of these

asked how she felt about some of these Labor backbenchers

raising the issue, that has long been problematic for both the ALP and the

Liberal Party and she says that she

Labor Party to be the party of

ideas, so

nuclear power discussed at next year. But she also makes next year. But she also

the remark that she doesn't think nuclear power stacks up

economically for that she thinks anyone wanting to change the ALP's policy has

got a pretty tough job ahead of them because of making it clear she herself personally doesn't

discussion about welcome any sort of debate and

national conference next year Australia's energy at the ALP

and number of backbenchers including the Senator program this morning that fringe issues, as he described them like them like same be discussed at

conference he thinks nuclear be discussed at the national

energy should be too. attention next potentially the Labor Party attention next year. So

conference next

become a damaging free for on issues u including nuclear power and gay marriage? Well after the most recent the way in which it orchestrated because all of the controversial issues had been sorted, the numbers counted before the started and started and it meant there wasn't much debate controversial issues at had all been prearranged. That

was part of the criticism directed towards Kevin Rudd,

and wouldn't let debates that he stifled debate too much

policy debates happen in the public arena or thet lem happen at all. public airing some of them getting, she might prefer it to be contained within the caucus. at the national conference what we've seen of the years where it's been a bit more of a affair. Perhaps with a view to

ensuring a national conference, the Prime ensuring a problem free

Minister held a meeting with the ACTU executive movement. The relationship overtures to the union

Prime Minister has for quite

while and said that she saw a lot of opportunity for the unions and the Government to

work together on things like climate clearly feeling a little issues. But the union is

spurned and is trying bit spurned and is trying to keep a

from the Government because their review of their federal election shows that a number of the different unions think that to Labor from non-ALP backgrounds be they go on in NSW at the mormt the Premier there crift Tina resignation of figure because his figures. Clearly that relationship with the unions position with so they've

few months before the ALP national national conference next year but it's sort out. Who needs the United States has approved the extradition Los Angeles to his home State

of Alabama where he's now expected to be tried for his wife's murder. The made a brief appearance in downtown LA court but he wasn't required to speak. He deported from Queensland just

last week after serving

months in jail for months in jail for the manslaughter of anti-competitive behaviour. The European Commission launched an investigation after smaller companies claim

online searches. Google denies the

the claim but it's not the

been questioned. Google faced a earlier this year. The earlier this year. The Pentagon has released a long-awaited study showing the majority

American soldiers simply don't either straight or gay. The survey survey was conducted to tell" policy. Robert gaets released the this morning and this morning and he said the findings cleared the way to repeal that policy. The findings suggest that for large segments of the of don't ask, don't tell, of don't ask, don't tell, they - tho though potentially disruptive disruptive in the wuld not be the dramatic that many have fear and predicted. The data also that within the combat that within the combat armed

specialities and unis there is a higher level of changing the current potential implications for

America's fighting America's fighting forces remain a source of concern to remain

the service chiefs and to

me. That's the US defence secretary Robert McMurtrie says the report has

been a long time coming. This report

report has been a long time coming, a number of ponts on

Capitol Hill who have blocked repealing don't ask, don't have said they're not prepared

to vote for it until this report was available and it's pretty overwhelming. They surveyed 400,000 US service

personnel, current and former service people, and two thirds

of those are saying that they

don't have a problem with

getting rid of don't ask, getting rid of don't ask, don't

tell and gays serving the US military. Now Robert

gaets, as is his way, is being very cautious, as we just heard, saying there needs to be

an abundance of caution. That

concern stems to concern stems to the impact operationally on

Afghanistan and in Iraq. There are also, he acknowledges,

still some elements in the US

military that have particular concerns. Here's some of what he had survey he had to say on that. The

survey data showed that survey data showed that a higher proportion between 40%

and 60% of those troops

in predominantly all male come

bat specialties mostly army and Ma reens but including the special operations formations of the navy and the air force,

predicted a negative effect on unit cohesion from repealing the current law. For this

reason the uniform service

chiefs are less sanguine than

the working group about the level of risk of repeal with regard to combat readiness. That's the US Defence Secretary speaking earlier this morning.

Victoria's kor sner to

investigate the death of a

Vietnamese man in custody. The

48-year-old was among 43 men

arrested during

across Melbourne last week. The

man was asthmatic and he was

found unconscious in a found unconscious in a prison toilet. He died later in

hospital. The Prime Minister

has described the global spread

of AIDS as a catastrophe and of AIDS as a catastrophe and a crisis. Julia Gillard was

joined by U2 lead singer joined by U2 lead singer Bono to ceremony in Sydney last night.

The Opera House and the Harbour

Bridge were bathed in Bridge were bathed in red light. The Australian Society

of HIV Medicine is warning that young adults complacent about the virus. The West Australian Corruption and

Crime Commission is being urged

to investigate an incident

where a man was Tasered at his

parents' arrested and charged

by police. The Premier has

apologised to the family but

police say they will wait for

the outcome of an investigation

before deciding whether they will say sorry. A day will say sorry. A day after

CCTV vision led police to

abandon the case against the walker family, the police

weren't yet ready to say sorry. So until

all the facts and data then I will determine whether it's appropriate to make that

apology. So the Premier did it

for them. I apologise to the family concerned. I family concerned. I sincerely apologise. They should not have

been put through that ordeal

which they have. Police a-Reged

Ryan Walker assaulted an

officer outside the Tiger officer outside the Tiger Lil's club in Murray

parents were charninged after they questioned police over

their son's arrest. their son's arrest. Their lawyer successfully lawyer successfully argued the charges were not supported by

the CCTV images withdrawn. Now police are searching for answers of their own. We'll determine whether

the charges were appropriate at

the time, will determine the

force use of force used and if

there are any weaknesses in our processes leading up to the

results in court yesterday. The shadow Attorney-General wants the matter referred and says the police internal investigation can't be trusted. Minister Johnson has

sent out a mess toidge the police - do whatever police - do whatever it takes

and some of the and some of the police have resorted to thuggery. But even

with another recent Taser controversy, former Deputy

Commissioner now university

professor Murray Lampard is

convinced Tasers protect the public and police officers. The

Taser deployed responsibly Taser deployed responsibly and

appropriately and within the guidelines

safety. Despite the experience

of the Walker family, acting

assistant commissioner Gary Budge says people questioning police have nothing met with Ken Walker this

afternoon and says if the internal investigation finds police were wrong, police were wrong, WA Police

will not be averse to making will not be averse to making an

apology. Australia has had its

wettest spring on record. An

average of 160 mm of rain has fallen across the Territory have received the

most but parts of Western Australia remain in drought. And throughout the morning

Vanessa O'Hanlan will be taking a look at what this means for

the country's dams. Now while

there's lots of rain about in Australia, Britain is grappling with the big freeze. Heavy

snowfall has closed 1,500 schools and there's been disruption to both road and

rail services. The BBC's Danny

Savage reports. Today the

and snow spread to an even wider area of Britain. This is the frozen land and water of West Yorkshire and with the weather came more transport chaos. On the roads hundreds

of accidents led to closures on

main routes. In northern

England train travel was badly

disrupted with many services

cancelled. Air passengers also

struggled to complete their

journeys. In north um berland there's so much snow that some

the ever growing piles of it to

clear the roof. And you clear the roof. And you could

hold a competition for the amount of snow on top of a Johnson on a mission to get supplies for his house-bound neighbour. Could have I Thompsons and Thompsons and Mrs Boreton please. But shopping was the

easy bit. Delivering it it was easy bit. Delivering it it was challenge. Can you challenge. Can you grab

them? Rita Bolton has been trapped indoors for nearly a

week and is relying on

he's my best neighbour that I've ever had. He's fantastic. It's just being

neighbourly, isn't it? It's neighbourly, isn't it? It's the sort of spirit sort of spirit you've got in this village anyway that everyone helps each other. Once

again, many schools in the area

are closed. A few have managed

to open although the pupils are

not allowed out. The snow's too

deep for them. It comes over

the top of our wellies so we've

had to keep the children inside. If we were in and out today we'd treacherous kor dos it would be so wet. Northern Ireland has

also had snow. This school in

Newry was open but there weren't many takers. In weren't many takers. In Wales, one farmer has been struggling

to feed and water his livestock

and get water for himself. We

haven't got any mains water running

running at all, completely

solid. It's been like this now since last since last Thursday. Tyneside

dedicated workers walked up to

20 miles to work and then

camped there overnight. Back in the hills of North um the hills of North um berland

we found a shepherd trying to

save the lives of his flock. If

I leave them here overnight the

way it drifted last night I think lit come over to the top of

of them. I've been carrying

bales of hay up for the last 3

or 4 day, it's a hard job. And

across Britain we're set to be digging and sliding for a digging and sliding for a few days yet. The top stories on

ABC News 24 - leaked documents

published by WikiLeaks reveal China's losing patient with

North Korea. They North Korea. They quote one Chinese official likening the

rogue regime to a spoilt child

and show China wouldn't object to reuniting peninsula. Australia's yus had its wettest spring on record. peninsula. Australia's yus had its Most States have had Most States have had above

average rain. The parts of WA last week has died in custody. The 48 Yazz-year-old was

unconscious in a prison toilet and he Police are now preparing a report for the coroner. To fz new now and Solomon Lew latest businessman latest businessman unhappy about the rise retail. He says about $1 billion offshore and it's doing if the Government doesn't do

anything about it you will see that there will hours that the shop keepers and working, there will working, there will be less manufacturing going on, there

real fear real fear that this business could grow and it will could grow and it will hurt the

Australian Australian economy there. Australia's national accounts figures come out later this morning and this morning and they're expected to show the slowed over the last 3 According to a most economists are predicting growth will dip to 0.4%, that's

down on the previous quarter. come in at around 3.4%. To the markets and on early a report showed consumer confidence at a 5-month The terracotta warrior, World

Cup 06Of China's most popular

tourist atrack but for the next

few months you don't have to travel overseas to see thep. show 120 objects in warriors and horses. A reporter Dina Rosendorff was given a sneak peak. Buried for more

entombed warriors are part of the greatest discoveries of modern times. They were accidentally discovered in China about Australia was the first in 1983. Now they're

a host of other artefacts and

to tell us a bit more about the exhibition I'm joined by the art Gallery Edmond capon who Quite by accident. Amazing

discovery. kilometres from the tomb which is a big mound. And farmer was going to dig a well.

There's a drought, so he needed

some water. He dug a well instead of finding water found bits and pieces of these

and it turned amazing discovery amazing discovery of a huge,

huge underground army of estimated 8,000 figures, all life size, all made 2,200 years

ago to guard the the emperor's tomb. One of the most amazing most amazing discoveries. Now that's what you, is why did China's first emperor commission terracotta soldiers to be built? To protect the entrance to his tomb. The tomb is

described and in about a describes this amazing describes this amazing city, this underground treasures and one and a that leads

that leads into the tomb. This

army was placed at the entrance

to that road so to guard the

way into the tomb, not to guard

the tomb but the way into it. And in the tomb itself there

are treasures of untold wealth

that we don't know anything artefacts here in this exhibition that weren't here in the last exhibition the last exhibition in 1983?

Well the last exhibition '83 it was relatively new because it

was only discovered in 1974 so

it really concentrated just a

few of the figures. Since then,

in the last 36 years of excavation, they found excavation, they found many more figures, great treasures

around the actual burial itself

so we have some - a host of new material including absolutely beautiful life size

bronze birds that were found in a pit with a sort of an imaginary stream and imaginary stream and musicians and birds to entertain the

emperor in the afterlife. And I believe the emperor's tomb is

still being excavated so could

we have another exhibition with some even more treasures in the

future? Around the tomb they

are excavating things. The are excavating things. The tomb

city covers about 56 city covers about 56 square kilometres and underneath that ground there's

all the earthly things that the emperor had. There are stables and offices and officials and acrobats, all buried under the

ground. But then the tomb

itself has not been touched. itself has not been touched. So

there's a great journey ahead

for somebody. Edmund, look, thank you so much for joining us this morning and this exhibition

exhibition opens tomorrow and

runs until March 13 at the Art Gallery of NSW. Gallery of NSW. That was Dina Rosendorff and anticipation is

mount ahead of the decision on the World Cup. Yes, it certainly is. The Kowtdown is on but unfortunately Australia's hopes

the 2022 World Cup have been

dealt a blow with the release of a report showing of a report showing it represents the looet least profitable option for soccer's governing body. Australia's 2022 World Cup bid chairman

Frank Lowy says he Ri mains

hopeful as the final vote draws

closer. Australia's bid team commissioned analysis which compares the competing countries on ticket sale,

broadcasting right, sponsorship

and merchandising. There's also

speculation Qatar has the

numbers to secure the bid after

agreeing to a deal with Spain and Portugal. Frank Lowy is hoping to persuade delegates

that a World Cup bid in

Australia would be a big money

spinner. No, doin want to give

you a lecture of economics and population but let me tell you,

if it gets to Australia 2'22 will be very, very profitable venture for FIFA. Lots of

rumours going around and we really don't know what's behind

what Spain is going to do and

what Qatar is going to do. They themselves probably know but

the rest is only speculation.

Do you consider Do you consider Qatar one of the biggest - Qatar is a

bidding - serious bidder bidding - serious bidder in

this exercise. And the international Olympic committee

will investigate claims 3

executive committee members FIFA took bribes during the

1990s. The BBC's panorama 1990s. The BBC's panorama rr

program says the 3 had accepted

money from a sports marketing

company linked to FIFA. Now one

of the men accused FIFA vice

president is also an IOC delegate and he will be investigated by the IOC's ethics committee based on ethics committee based on the program's evidence. FIFA has

dismissed the allegations. Back

home and in the lead up to the second Ashes Test Australian selectors will the fast bowlers at training

this morning in Adelaide. There

are still question marks over the bowling attack Australia will take into the second Test this Friday. this Friday. Final preparations are being made to are being made to the Adelaide Oval pitch. And Michael, somewhat stressful somewhat stressful training situation for 5 of the front line bowler, the fast bowlers in Adelaide this morning but

the best they can do is the best they can do is just try and perform as well as they

can and see which way the sword falls. Mitchell Johnson

obviously still very keen have a go given his poor form

in the first Test. Absolutely,

he would be very keen the right

the ills of that Test and I

guess questions in the media this morning about Australia's

ability to take 20 wickets on

the Australian - the Adelaide

pitch given that they failed to do so in the more do so in the more difficult

circumstances earlier circumstances earlier this

week. And it was looking pretty devreen just then . It was devreen just then . It was but apparently it's going to dry

out by Friday. Vanessa joins us

for the weather from the Yarra River in much rain fell over Queensland

and NSW? Well Michael, we've

seen a lot of rain over spring,

in fact a lot of Queensland has

had record spring falls and

also some of their also some of their coolest temperatures, at the Wivenhoe Dam at the Wivenhoe Dam in Brisbane where at the Wivenhoe Dam in Brisbane

some of the where they've

some of the water throughout spring because so where they've had to release some of

spring because so much of it some of the water throughout spring because so much of it

fell. Now there's been record falls throughout the Central falls throughout the Central Coast, the central highlands

and also about the far

south-west border. Let's take a look look at Mackay where 27 days look at Mackay where 27

they got around 564 mm, that 3 times the November average so huge quantities and that is huge quantities and that is the highest November 1959. NSW has also 1959. NSW has also recorded quite a bit of

particularly through Young over just west of see the reservoir where a lot There's been a lot There's been a lot of water

throughout outback areas of the we've got huge water levels at the moment so all catchments are up but let's take a look

around the country. We can expect more rain throughout the

country, particularly over the eastern States, a high pressure

system from the Bight over to the Tasman Sea is feeding those into the south-east so we'll

see the rain begin to fall of South Queensland today you can expect more heavy

tropics and also the ranges but

it will be a fairly dry north-west will see areas of

rain or scattered showers an isolated the rest of the State. In Victoria, this morning. Humid conditions

right across the showers and showers and thunderstorms. For

extend down towards the east and central plateau. Humidity

Australia. We'll see more

showers an storms just east of Adelaide from Adelaide as trough moves in a cooler change about the south-west

and also along the west coast and we'll start to see showers about the far south-west. Up experiencing great rainfalls we'll see more storms and showers today across showers today across northern

WA and right across the top end. Darwin has also rainfalls but it will be a fine

Springs. So tomorrow we can expect more thunderstorms and

showers right across the eastern sea board. Now we've just Now we've just got news that

the NAB says it's received shut down of its IT system this Wright who has spoken on ABC News 24 over the last couple News 24 over the last couple of days Determined to put Determined to put the situation right. That's a round up of the

morning news. Stay morning news. Stay tuned to ABC News 24 and ABC online throughout the next a look at the major local and

with Business Today. That's all with Business Today. That's all for now. Thanks for your This Program is Captioned Live. Good morning, welcome Business Today for Australia Network, I'm Whitney fitss

Simmons. Coming up on the program - debt pressure, EU

borrowing rates rise on borrowing rates rise on fears of more bail outs for troubled economies. Competition economies. Competition probe, Google under Google under investigation over

its display of search results.

And growth reading, GDP data expected to show Australia's

economy in good shape. Those

stories coming up shortly but first let's take a quick look

at the market and trade locally

is about to start for we'll have more on that in a moment.