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(generated from captions) would be developed and we will

set about implement ing that. A

Senate committee report has

Government increase recommended the Gillard

in the not-for-profit transparency and accountability

recommend add national recommend add sector. The committee has

commission to monitor whether charities maintain their tax

free status. Senator Annette

Hurley is the chair of the Senate committee the not for profit sector an he

Good morning. Good joins us now from Canberra.

morning. Why should there be

much greater accountability by

the not-for-profit sector? There's been a long sector? There's been

question about transparency and accountability but also advice and assistance to the

not-for-profit sector. Senator Xenophon introduced a bill that

brought into question the

public benefit and whether

there should be some sort of

test insert ed this in the tax

that Act. But the committee decided

that that was perhaps too narrow a

should be a broader focus on

the general transparency and

accountability of the sector generally. How much of this report report in its recommendations

are focussed on the chur 67 of Scientology, an organisation

that is driving a lot that is driving a lot of Senator Nick Xenophon's

campaigning in Parliament? I

think that's what drove Senator

Xenophon by but the bill he introduced was more general

bill for the public trust of

religion s an charities generally. We have had a number of inquiries in just seemed there was the Henry tax review and it

impetus from regulatory tr - just seemed there was an

bodies and also from the

not-for-profit sector to have a

dedicated commission to

that sector to provide advice

and assistance as well as monitoring. Do you believe

there should be a much greater

scrutiny of the Church of

Scientology, given the various

allegations made over the allegations made over the past

few month s about the way that particular organisation operates? The committee heard a

number of submissions either

the Church of Scientology. for and

the Church of Scientology. But for and against acting

we felt we were unable to make

a decisionant that. A lot of

force courts. We didn't have the issues raised were matter

the investigative ability to force courts. We didn't have

into that in great detail. But

we found that neither does the

tax office, who are about

revenue collection and yet

currently they're the ones in

charge of look at these kinds

of issues. In order to

determine tax deductibility status of religions an

charities. One of your fellow

committee members, Doug

that no-one could tell your committee the actual value of the overall tax concessions

churches an charities receive

as part of their tax free status. Are you

about that? Well, I think it's

one of the things that we found. One of the pieces of

information that is very

difficult to collect about

Australia and one of the not-for-profit sector in

reasons why we recommended that

a commission be set up, but I

think in regard to that it's very clear from a number of our inquiries very clear from a number of our inquiries that although that

tax exemption money is sitting inquiries that although that

there and we don't know quite

how much it was, I think it's

very clear there there is a net

public benefit for the work that charities perform.

Charities perform a lot of work that the Government would probably otherwise have to pick up. And I think the money that

the Government puts - for sakes in terms of tax exemption would

be well and truly made up in

terms of not being required to

provide the services that a lot

of charities do. Do you particularly the one dealing

with the set ing up of a charities commission could simply fall through the cracks

in this new hung parliament

with so many other agendas on

the horizon? No, I don't see

why it should. There is wide

agreement among the not-for-profit sector that we

should do this. We've had a

series of yirn inquiries now -

four or five inquiries, the

economics committee itself did

an inquiry only two or so years

ago, it was looked at by the Henry tax review, and looked at Henry tax

by the productivity Commission.

They all recommended that this

kind of commission should be

set up. I think it's now getting quite urgent. The UK has had a commission for some

commission for honourable years, New Zealand has had a

member years and it's clear

that those commissions are

working very well for the

benefit of religions and

charity as - charities as well

as developing confidence by the

public in this

any path you could like the

Government to follow? I think

probably the best practice

model is the UK. I think New

Zealand looked at that model in

commission. It's a very wide

ranging model that does provide

education and assistance,

particularly to the smaller

groups, as well as that monitor

ing function and advising

Government where they should go

with the sector. I think it

seems to have worked very

well. I know you're leaving

in Parliament. You don't b sitting

Hurley, so you can be liberated

to give your full and frank

will views on how the new Government

will work or not. How do you see Julia Gillard faring in

this new political

environment? I have to say

having watched Julia Gillard

negotiate her way around a

number of very tricky issues in

the last three years, I think

would be Julia Gillard. She is if anyone is able to do it it

very practical and has a great ability to there is no reason why with the support of the Independents in

both the lower house and the

support of the Greens in the

very strong Senate that we wouldn't form a

from SA, a I've seen it work in the South Australian State

Parliament and I believe it

will work for the full three

year s here federally. As Julia

Gillard looks at who should be

in and not be in her new

Cabinet, do you believe there

should be a place for Kevin

Rudd? I think Julia Gillard has said that Judd should be have a

senior role in Government and I would support that. And also

just finally, there's been some

criticism some rather pointed

criticism from Rod Cameron on

Lateline last night, accusing

party apparatchik s focusing too

heavily on focus groups. Is

there where the Labor Party let

itself down? Lt it It's

interesting that Rod complains about focus group

when he was one of the ones

instrumental in using focus groups in the beginning. I

think it is a valuable tool in

knowing how people think. But I

think we do need a review the campaign generally as we

always do look at how it was

conduct and why it took the

path it did. I just think a

broad ranging review would be a

good step before we start

making decisionsant whether it

was or wasn't a good campaign. Senator Annette Hurley, thank you for youb time

this morning. Thank you. A some different opinions coming

through on our various forms of communication. From Lindsay communication. From Lindsay Smith - Simon Crean's

philosophy on negotiation an O'Connor sennious delivering political outcomes is

However what has happened with

Labor is under the influence of

the NSW right and the AWU it is

losing its soul for getting its

constituency and movinging too

far to the right. And this

swipe at Bob Brown - as Bob

Brown back away from prosecute

ing the Greens ajend yait

becomes clear the spoils of power o more than the pursuit of the environmental irons. And We

have a party that didn't win, a

Prime Minister we didn't vote

for how can this Government be

stable and how can it be

legal? It's Ali word gob