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(generated from captions) Today - Anna Bligh resigns from

from politics after Labor's crushing defeat in the Queensland election. Queensland

yesterday voted for a new

Government but it also voted to

close the book on my era in Queensland. Queensland Premier-Elect Campbell Newman

begins shaping his new front bench. The plan is that

tomorrow myself and Jeff Seeney

me to and Tim Nicholls will accompany

me to be sworn in as the

Also ahead - Julia Gillard

and Barack Obama head to South

Korea to discuss the threat of nuclear terrorism. Andy

King Warhol's iconic image of the

King set to go under the hammer.

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I'm Jason Om. Let's take a look at tomorrow's weather around at tomorrow's

the capitals: Queensland's outgoing Premier

Anna Bligh has announced she is

resigning from politics in

another sensational twist to yesterday's

yesterday's landslide LNP

victory. It opens the way for a by-election in her seat of South Brisbane. Here is what she

she had to say a short time ago. Queensland yesterday voted

for a new Government be it

always voted to close the book

on my era in politics. So I today announce on my era in Queensland politics.

that I will be standing aside

as the leader of the parliamentary Labor Party and

resigning as the Member further that I will be

resigning as the Member for

South Brisbane. As I said

during the campaign, it had

been my intention, regardless

of the outcome to remain as the

Member for South Brisbane and I apologise today to the people of South Brisbane for any inconvenience

inconvenience that - and

difficulty that my decision

today will cause them. But when

I took on the responsibility of

leadership, when I took on the responsibilities of Premier, took on broader responsibilities of Premier, I

responsibilities that today I responsibilities

believe I have to rise to. The

size of the loss, the loudness

and clarity of the message sent

by the people of Queensland is unmistakable. In fairness to Queenslanders I don't believe I Queenslanders

should ignore it. I simply

don't believe that Labor can

develop an effective opposition

or rebuild from this point and

as from this defeat if it has me

as part of its public face and

in its ranks. I will from resigning the seat of South

Brisbane effective from this

replacement in South Brisbane Friday, 30 March. Obviously the


is now a matter for Australian Labor Party and is now a matter for the

Australian Labor Party and for the branch members of the South

reasons Brisbane area. One of the other

reasons I have made reasons I have made this

decision - having made this

decision I think it was only decision I think it was

fair to announce it as soon as possible.

possible. It is also true that

by announcing it today I give the new Government the option, if

if they wish to take it, of

holding the by-election on the

same day as the council

elections, there by minimising

the cost and disruption. That

decision decision is entirely a matter

don't for the new Government. If they

don't choose to take that

option I make no criticism of

them. I know they have got many other things to be getting on

with in the next week to 10

days. On his first day Campbell Queensland's Premier-Elect,

Campbell Newman has announced

he has picked his deputy and

his treasurer. Those roles will

go to Jeff Seeney and Tim

Nicholls respectively. Here is

some of what he had to say some of what he had to say a

short time ago. I understand

that the Premier Anna Bligh,

will be tendering her resignation to the governor.

I The plan at this stage is that

I will go and see the governor

this afternoon at 2 o'clock and advise Her Excellency that I can form a government - they

believe I can form a Government

- and then subject to normal requirements of protocol - and then subject to the

plan and administrative matters, the

plan is that tomorrow myself

and Jeff Seeney and Tim

Nicholls will accompany me to be

be sworn in as the be sworn in as the interim

cabineter are. I also advise

Queenslanders that I have this morning spoken to Jeff Seeney and indicated

and indicated to him that I

would be delighted if he would

accept the post of minister for

state development, being

responsible for the coordinator

general and he will be general and he will be my

deputy and I have been dligted

that he has accepted that

offer. I have also contacted

Tim Nicholls and offered him

the portfolio of treasury and

trade and he again trade and he again his

role. delighted me by accepting that

will role. As soon as possible you

will hear about the

announcements of the new

Government, department tall structures of

Government, again with the

objective of achieving much greater accountability in the

way we promised Queenslanders

and shortly thereafter you will

then hear about who will fill

cabinet positions. I haven't

yet heard officially about any

decision by Premier Anna Bligh

and I will reserve comment until and I will reserve

until I have heard some of the details

details of that. Let's get details of that. Let's get some

federal reaction. The minister

for employment and workplace

relations Bill Shorten is in

Victoria today. He has speaking to the media at a Victoria today. He has been speaking

primary school in Melbourne's

inner west. Bill Shorten began by talking about the Queensland election

election saying it serves as a

become too warning to Governments that

complacent. Congratulations Campbell Newman. He got an election

overwhelming mandate, now he has the opportunity to

demonstrate if he's got the

goods. My commiserations go to

Anna Bligh. I think all Anna Bligh. I think all of Australia respects her

contribution, in contribution, in particular during the recent floods contribution, Cyclone Yasi. I think the

election was principally

decided on state issues. The

Government had been in for 20

of the last 22 years and I

think the overnight result the think the overnight result and

the by-election in Niddrie in

Victoria where there was a swing

swing to Labor - I'm not

pretending that is on federal

issues either. I think that issues either. I think that is

on state issues too. The scale

doesn't show there is a clear message being sent to federally message being sent to Labor

federally as well? I think all Governments would get a lesson from the Queensland election

that after a period of time you have

have to keep renewing yourself

and rewining the trust and

confidence of Australians. In

Queensland in particular they've they've had two previous changes of Government since they've

World War II. So I do get the impression that impression that Queenslanders

will stick with you for a will stick with you for a fair

while but once you've lost them you clearly have last them. I do think that the do think that the Queensland

state election was on state issues.

issues. All Governments should heedless sons that the longer

they are in power they can't

just rely on their record, that

they have to keep developing new

new ideas for new times. I

would make the point that in

Victoria there was a

by-election, there was a 15%

swing to Labor. The Liberals didn't

didn't even put up a candidate

in the Victorian election in the Victorian election but Labor's primary vote lifted.

I'm not pretending what happened in Victoria is due happened in Victoria is due to the Federal Government either. Peter Beattie this morning is saying that there

should have been more Federal

Parliament tear Ryans up in

Queensland campaigning. How can you possibly rewin Government

at the next federal election if Parliament

you can't hold seats in

Queensland? Queensland is very

important to the nation. Famously Paul Keating in 1996

only won one seat and of course John Howard became Prime Minister. Queensland Minister. Queensland is very important. That is why we are spreading to pro sides of the mining mining boom through company

faxes, we are spreading the proceed

proceed of the mining boom to sections

sections that are doing it hard and parts and parts of Queensland, and parts of Queensland, like

the rest of Australia, are doing

doing it hard with the high

dollar through our skills policies, through increasing superannuation so people don't retire. Queensland is very important. Do you have to do

more work up there, do to you think, as a party? I think think,

there is obviously going to be

soul searching within the

Queensland Labor Party. I will

leave that to them to do. Nationally

Nationally I do think it is important important that the Government

just gets on with the job of governing, that

governing, that we govern in

the interests of all, not just a few. Getting through

increases in compulsory

requirement savings so requirement savings so people don't retire poor. That is a good thing we have done this

week, making sure that we do

something about bridging the gender gap and pay. That is important. That is what important.

Federal Government has been

working on. For too long in Australia

Australia women have been paid

far less than their male counterparts and it is time counterparts and it is time to change that. Tony Abbott says

the result indicates that the

Labor brand across the Labor brand across the country is toxic? Tony Abbott would say

that, wouldn't he? If that is the

the case why has he not spoken about theed aniy by-election. The whole Kevin that, by-election. The whole Kevin Rudd thing up in Queensland

mustn't have played very well

up there. Do you up there. Do you think that would have something is to do with it? I don't think

leadership instability is ever

a good look be it a football

club or a boardroom of a

company. Queensland was primarily decided on state

issues. Even in the last few

hours and days Tony Abbott has backed

backed away from trying to attribute all this to federal politics.

politics. If you have been in Government

Government for 20 out of the

last 22 years at some point you

do wear out the welcome mat and it

it is important it is important that Governments refresh and

Governments refresh and renew

their ideas and you can't rely

on your record and you have to

keep offer ing new vision to Australians that. Is why we want to spread to proceeds want to spread to proceeds of

the mining boom. We want every

Australian under the age of 25

to have a year 12 TAFE qualifications that. Is why why we are opening the new TAFE Albion north primary school.

This has been here for 50

years. It is only a Labor Government federally that his

oversighted the rebuilding of

some of the most Government classrooms in Australia. How

big was the swing in Niddrie to

Labor? In the primary vote it was

was a 2% swing to the Labor

Party. There was a 15% swing on

preferences. Of course it is

harder to say there is a 15% swing because the Liberal Party

didn't even turn up. Part of the problem for the Liberal Party Party in Victoria is they think the western suburbs is

somewhere you visit between the

south of the Yarra and south of the Yarra and heading

down to Anglesea and Lorne for

their holidays. It is being down reported that you basically

handed the candidate this election election on a plate? There was

a local ballot and Ben Carol

door knocked and campaigned

hard. He grew up in the west

underneath the flight path and

educated at the local Catholic

secondary school, a very high

achieving fellow with a law degree.

degree. He will be a very degree. He will be a very good

representative. We wish representative. We wish the Liberal Party had turned up to

the fight. Is he close to you

personally? We are friends. The

scale of the Queensland loss

will go some way to damaging the

the Labor brand, surely there will be implications? If will be federal implications? If you are a

Labor person you never take any

satisfaction when you team

loses at any level of

Government, of course not.

There is a lesson for all

Governments of any political persuasion that the longer you are

are there the more you have to work work hard to keep the

confidence and expectations that

that the people have already confidence

invested in you. After 20 years

of the last 22 - I'm not about

to start trashing the record of Queensland Labor in those last

20 years. Everyone knows that

until Labor came in under Wayne

Goss in the very late 80s Queensland had book - there

were lots of problems there

with the previous Government. were

Now Queensland is seen as the

smart state, the education

rates have increased

remarkably, there is a positive

legacy there. At a certain

point people are probably inclined

inclined to give the other team

a go unless there is a really, really really strong argument put to the contrary. Tony Abbott has

quoted you the idea of the

state's paying for nannies in

today's Sunday Age. Is it a

realistic idea? Tony Abbott is

a thought bubble in search of

an idea. He has come up with

the idea of nannies in every

house. Again, before you even

get to the merits of the idea, how

how does he pay for these

things? This guy has a

Rolls-Royce paid Rolls-Royce paid paternity

leave that would see a tax put on 3,000 of the largest companies in companies in Australia to pay

for it. How much does his idea

cost? This guy - I wouldn't be

surprised if he - he invents

ideas but he doesn't ever have

any - he never stands still long

long enough in one play to

actually back fill the logic. As a Government we have invested more in child care

than any of our predecessors in the history of Australia. We get

get that there is a need to have the flexible provision of child

child care and we have listed

standards for child care. This

school is full of children whose

whose parents work. We get that parents parents have got to go to work.

We get that children below school

school age do need to have

opportunities when they are put

in child care to also make sure that is that is quality child That that is quality child care. That is why we are introducing

the standard that all 4-year-olds get an opportunity to

to get at least 15 hours of kindergarten. You can't just run a Government through a thought bubble. If you want to

be the alternative Government

you have to explain the $70

billion hole. How much does the

nanny in every home idea cost. He

He has not explained how he

will keep the superannuation

increases from 9% to 12% but

not keep the mining tax. not keep the mining tax. This

guy - unless he has a secret plan

plan with Clive Palmer that

Clive Palmer gives all his money

money to pay for a nanny in

every house, life is too short

to waste on ideas that are not

fully thought out. I am not

even bagging the idea but let's

not start debating thought

bubbles but see the substance. Then we can have an argument. The

The problem for Tony Abbott is

because he has made so because he has made so many

promises to so many people, he

sort of literally meets himself

coming out the door as he is walking

walking in the door with his

next idea. He never stands

still long enough for us to

engage him. It is hit and

engage him. It is hit and run on idea week with this fello. We

We would say, explain your

costings. You can't run a Government without being able

to explain where the money

comes from." We do know he

wants to give back billions of

dollars to the #3450i7bing

industry who have doing better

than they ever have. than they ever have. The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, is on

her way to South Korea this afternoon afternoon where she will join

the leaders of more than the leaders of more than 50 countries for countries

Security Summit in Seoul. Security Summit in Seoul. The US President Barack Obama is

among those travelling to Seoul

for the meeting where the

atomic ambitions of North Korea

and Iran ares pecked to top and Iran ares pecked to top the agenda. It comes days after Australia

Australia warned that North

Korea's next missile launch

could reach our shores. The

summit will focus on international efforts to

address nuclear terrorism.

Stephen McDonnell is in South

Korea for the summit. The

border between North and South

Korea is somewhat

Korea is somewhat ironically

referred to as the demilitarised zone when really

it is probably the most militarised

you militarised place on earth. If

you were to head that way you

would be coming across tanks and mines and battalions of

soldiers on either side prepared for war. But this conference in South Korea is

not looking at states weapons,

it is nuclear weapons that are

held by states. It is the potential of these so-called

terrorist groups to get hold nuclear weapons. North terrorist groups to get hold of

nuclear weapons. North Korea

says it is furious that its

name would then be mentioned at

this conference but others are

saying how does a group like

al-Qaeda or some other non-state combatant get hold of

nuclear weapons material? They nuclear weapons material?

can't make it themselves so can't make it themselves

they have somehow got to get it

from a country. They say

potentially North Korea or Pakistan or potentially

anywhere that doesn't have its

nuclear material well and nuclear material well and truly

locked down. The areas of

concern then go beyond North

Korea and as I mentioned

Pakistan, for example South

Africa. It used to have a nuclear

nuclear weapons program, still has nuclear weapons has nuclear weapons material

and some say it is actually not

locked down well enough. Even

uranium which it was going to Japan has highly enriched

use for a program of peaceful electricity generation. That

program's now been ditched but

the highly enriched uranium

remains there. Again it has been criticised for not

necessarily locking this down

safely enough and preventing

non-state combatants from

getting hold of that material or from criminal groups that

might want to sell it. The

problem at this conference though is that all countries though

have to agree. You have like 56

countries here and they have to unanimously decide on anything. unanimously

So it is going to be quite

something for the United States

and for President Obama who and for President Obama who is

to leading the way on this issue

to bring all these countries

together to come up with some

not sort of decision but they are

not going to want to leave this

conference without having come

up with something solid, something that they can say we

have moved this issue forward

get so that dangerous groups cannot

get hold of nuclear

so The first pictures

emerged from inside the flat of

Mohamed Merah, who shot dead 7

due people in the French city of

due Laos before being killed by

police. Earlier Nicolas Sarkozy

addressed an election rally and

cracking down on anyone cracking restated his commitment to

visited extremist websites or cracking down on anyone who

promoted extremist

ideas. Inside the flat where

Mohamed Merah met his end. For the first time cameras were allowed

allowed in to film where allowed in to film where the

killer holed himself up for the

last 30 hours of his life. They

say he fortified the place say he fortified the place with barricades of furniture and

then had in the bathroom and waited. When special forces

entered the flat on Thursday he

before burst at them with guns blazing

before being shot dead by a

marksman. TRANSLATION: Imagine

a flat set up like an course. Furniture was turned a flat set up like an assault

went over to allow him to hide. He

went for our unit, shot at all

my staff. I gave the order not

to use our firearms. We tried

to neutralise him and shock him

chose with non-lethal grenades. He

chose his own destiny.

to neutralise investigators are still trying chose his own destiny. Today

spree to work out if, in his killing

spree over the previous 10

days, Merah might have had

accomplices. Arrested earlier

partner in the week his brother and his

partner and they were

the transferred from due Laos to

the headquarters of the domestic intelligence agency in

Paris. His brother is a known

Islamic radical and has said he had no knowledge of the killing s. s. Police are suspicious. With four weeks

four weeks to go to elections President Sarkozy used a

campaign address to announce tougher punishments for people

that visit internet sites that visit internet sites that promote terrorism. His promote terrorism. His enemies

say the measures are empty

gestures and he is angling for

the far right vote.

TRANSLATION: Don't talk to me

about upon. Terrorism, jihad,

violence, is not an opinion. We must fight these ideas because

territory of the French they are forbidden on the

Republic. But with the Republic. But with the events

still raw it is on the

investigation that attention is

to focused. How was Mohamed

Merah able to accumulate large

amounts of weaponry with no obvious income. There is no question when he killed he

killed alone. Who else may have

known or helped, that is what

police need to find out now. In Britain Party's top fundraiser has been

secretly filmed offer ing secretly filmed offer

access to the Prime Minister in

exchange for ?250,000 donation. The 'Sunday Times' said it

filmed Peter Cruddas filmed Peter Cruddas earlier

this month claiming he could

influence what was discussed at

policy meetings in Downing

says Street. The Conservative Party

says it will urgently investigate any evidence that investigate


donors can buy influence. This

issed the kind of toxic

headline that David headline that David Cameron

hoped he would never see again.

Claims of wealthy donors trying

to buy access to the very top

of Government. Peter Cruddas is

the millionaire businessman who

said he could make it happen.

He is the conservative's premier premier fundraiser. ?100,000 is not Premier League. It is bottom bottom of the Premier League. The 'Sunday Times' set

up a meeting with him earlier

this month potsing as potential

donors. When we talk about your

donations the first thing we

want to do is get you at

want to do is get you at the Cameron and Osborne dinners.

You do really pick up a lot of

information and when you see

the Prime Minister you will see

David Cameron. You are not

seeing the Prime Minister, you

are seeing David Cameron. Within

Within this room everything's confidential

confidential and you will be

able to ask him practically able to ask him practically any question that you

question that you want. That is a sensational claim. a sensational claim. The

'Sunday Times' said it sent in

undercover reporters posing undercover reporters posing as donors who wanted direct donors who wanted direct access

to the Prime Minister. If you

are unhappy about something we

will listen to you and we will put

put it into the policy

committee at number 10. We feed

all feedback into the policy

committee. In fact, some of our bigger donors have been bigger donors have been for dinner in number dinner in number 10 Downing Street in the Prime Minister's private apartment with

Samantha. Things will open up

for you. That the good for business. It will be awesome

for your business. You will be well pleased because your

guests will get a photograph with David Cameron. In a

statement tonight statement tonight the conservatives said:

Undue influence over Government is something David Cameron knows a big problem.

Two years ago he promised to deal

deal with the opaque business

of lobbying. It is the next big

scandal waiting to happen. It

is an issue that exposes is an issue that exposes the

far too cosy relationship between politics, Government,

business and money. I am

talking about lobbying. What talking about lobbying. What is being discussed in these recordings

recordings is not illegal.

There is no claim David Cameron

himself knew what was being offered

offered but it is a reminder of what what many consider the worst

side of politics. side of politics. Egyptian

state immediate what reports

that a boy has been shot dead

and 16 others injured in

clashes between angry soccer

fans and police in the city of

port said. Fans - Port Said.

Fans scuffled with military

police while protests the

closure of the club Al-Masry.

They were banned for two seasons for a pitch invasion

that killed 64 fans last - 74 fans last month.

It is time for sport and the Greater Western Sydney Giants

have made history last night

with their first AFL match. Despite their performance at

the Olympic Stadium in Sydney

the Giants lost to the Swans by

63 points. The new 63 points. The new team lost touch with the Swans in the

third quarter when they had

five unanswered goals scored

against them. GWS rally ed to

win the final quarter in front

of more than 38,000 people. In the NRL last night St the NRL last night St George Illawarra handed last year's premiers Manly back-to-back defeats

defeats for the first time in

more than a year with a 17-6

victory. Kro nulla came from

behind to stumpb the North

Queensland cow boys and the warrior s extended Gold warrior s extended Gold Coast's

problems with a comfortable

victory. In rugby union the ACT Brumbies

Brumbies stunned the undefeated

Highlanders 33-26 in their

Super 15 came in Canberra. The

Bulls flogged the Reds 51-8 in Pretoria. The Crusaders were

too strong forethe Cheetahs at

the first home game in Christchurch

Christchurch in nearly two years. The Waratahs beat the Sharks

Sharks at home. Shane Smeltz

has back the highest goal

scorer in history with a being

of four goals in their triumph

over Melbourne Victory last

night. Lewis Hamilton has qualified fastest for Formula

1's Malaysian Grand Prix.

Jenson Button was second and Schumacher

Schumacher was third. Mark

Webber will start from fourth while Daniel Ricciardo

qualified 15th fastst. qualified 15th fastst.

A large high pressure system

in the Bight is directing cool

south-westerly winds into

Tasmania, Victoria Tasmania,

South Wales. This high is also

keeping the keeping the interior clear and

dry.a low and trough are

triggering showers and storms

in western WA while a trough is

causing storms in the tropics.

Andy Warhol's painting of singer Elvis Presley is set to fetch

fetch up to $40 million when it

goes under the hammer in May.

The life-size painting titled

'Double Elvis' will be offered

as part of a larger 'Double auction of post-war art. It is

one of 22 pieces Warhol

dedicated to the singer and

will tour London, Los Angeles

and Hong Kong for the sale. It is

is the first to appear on the

market since 1995. Sir Elton

John is turning 65 and

apparently he is having a quiet

one. For his 40th and 50th one. For his 40th and 50th he held extravagant held extravagant parties but not this year. He not this year. He is spending the day in North Dakota following a concert there.

Elton shows no signs of slowing down.

down. As well as down. As well as touring worldwide he is in the middle of a three-year residency of Caesars Palace in Las Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Over 3,000 couples from more

than 50 countries shared their

special day in a mass special day in a mass wedding

in South Korea. The couples were married by Reverend Sun-Myung

Sun-Myung Moon the founder and

leader of South Korea's

unification church. The self proclaimed Messiah Moon presided over mass weddings

since the early 1960s. The

92-year-old routinely pairs off

couples from different countries countries who meet for the

first time at their wedding. It is is part of his is part of his aim of creating

a multicultural religious

world. That is news for now.

Stand by now for Stand by now for offsiders. Closed Captions by CSI.

Hello again. Welcome to

Offsiders. In the end it was a

modest envaition of West eern

Sydney by the AFL. 36,000

turned up to see them turned up to see them play if for first time. The real for first time. The real story was the lack of resistance from

the rugly league. They met the

AFL troops with 14,000 of their own for a western zesh on

Friday night. But in any Friday night. But in any case history was being made

elsewhere in the A-League when

Shane Smeltz scored 4 goals for

the Glory taking him to the top

of the A-League list.

COMMENTATOR: Beautiful, 4 for

Smeltz. It's exhibition stuff from the all white striker. This Program is Captioned


The beginning of a new era in

the AFL, 18 clubs, 2 from NSW, Gerard you were there as an

event, your impressions? It was

understated which I thought was a clever approach to it. The entertainment wasn't over the top and they barely

top and they barely bothered

about fireworks and that was

probably as a caution against what might have happened on what might have happened on the

field but I must admit I've

come away thinking the Giants,

what they did is they looked like they belonged in the like they belonged in the AFL and that's a and that's a fair achievement for the first night. They

showed the benefits of having

two experienced coaches at the

helm in Kevin Sheedy and Mark

Williams who have given the

team onfield strategies of how to compete in the AFL. So

rather than just going out and

saying you're the most

tallented kids in the land go

get them, and getting beaten by

20 goals, they actually

competed and their physicality at various matches more than

matched what Sydney did. Callen Ward had the honour of kicking

the first goal. Had an

interesting blend of really interesting blend of really old

players and really young

players. James McDonald is one

of those who has been out of the game for a year the game for a year after

retiring from Melbourne. Chad

Cornes who looked all the world

like a spent force at Port Adelaide, he was up and

bounding around like he was

back in his 20s. I liked what

they did. The Swans probably only played

only played 20 good minutes of

football and that came in the

third quarter and Jeddah third quarter and Jeddah was

sort of central to a lot of

that. They got a 10-goal win

that didn't feel like it was a

10-goal win. Israel Falou,

there's going to be a lot of

criticism about his

night. Three positions. He had

his moments. He had 3 moments,

and that's 3 moments on which

to build. And Caro, competitive

is I think how Gerard describes

it and it wasn't always going