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(generated from captions) Captioned Live. This morning - This Program is

waiting for the all clear,

rescue crews still unable to

enter the New Zealand coal mine

with 29 workers are believed to

be trapped. I'm not going to

put 16 guys on the ground put 16 guys on the ground and

lose them to effect a half arse

leaders agree on a timetable to

hand over control of security

in Afghanistan back to the

country's forces. More than 1,000 dead continues to spread. And the tour back on track with a win in Italy. the weather first -

Efforts to rescue 29

remain stalled this morning. explosion at the Pike River

men stranded under ground. coal mine on Friday left the

officials and emergency men stranded under ground. Mine

services say tests show gas levels are still too high send rescuers below surface. Workers will drill a send rescuers below the

new hole near the mine shaft

today to take samples of Earlier this chief executive of

Pike River coal Peter Whittall and saupt superintendent Gary Knowles spoke at a news

are distraught that a rescue team hasn't yet been sent the mine but that they understand the risks the

rescuers face. This morning we briefed the families and we

were able to allocate a were able to allocate a Pike

employee as overarching liaison person. He's men underground a long time and knows all the

business very well. He'll be

coordinating a number of other services. Had very offers from a large number of different organisations. One that we have accepted and put into place was into place was from Air New

and they have will and they have mobilised 11 and 30 people

we'll be allocating one support person to each of the families

communication, a direct communication, a direct update,

someone who can help them with

the logistics and getting

direct communication from us. direct communication from

In response to the families' requests you can imagine for

some they know Pike River coal

quite well, they know the site quite well, for quite well, they know the mine

site quite well, for others

they've never been there and anything about the mine site

except where it is on a map, so we'll be running a couple buses of morning, we'll be taking only a couple of representatives from

each family and we'll them each family and we'll be taking them up, there I'll go bus and

bus them up, there I'll go with one bus and our liaison officer

will go in with the will go is going on, what is happening will go in with the other and

up there, they'll be able to

get off, walk around, look at

the emergency services set up,

just that touch and feel and

talk to with those guys and feel, understand what's going

on rather than just my on rather than just my words

and some of the photos that

have been taken for them, give them a real sense of have been taken for them, but

what's going on and they'll rest of their families and

their extended families. The

other thing we're doing on site

is in parallel to

look to access the mine,

yesterday we talked about the

increased gas levels making it

unsafe or difficult for the

helicopter to land at the shaft

site, because of the exhaust

xaus from the helicopter and

also because of the risk to personnel taking the gas

samples at the top shaft. They stopped

those earlier in the afternoon

and we were able to get back

yesterday afternoon and we and take those samples again and take those samples

expect to do so again today. In parallel we've also mobilised a drill rig has gone up to the drill rig this morning, the

mountain and we'll look to

drill a hole into the mine a

small hole, primarily for taking gas samples so initially taking gas it baby just big enough to take

the mine

and if we can make big enough, and if we can in a timely manner and if we can make it and get the right opportunities then we have some other environment or for some other devices into the mine. At the planned to be about a six inch mine. At the moment it's

hole, - not sure of the exact depth, that will depend on where the rig is being rig is being located on the is

fur fas - but in the order of 100 to 150m deep. We're

night we did our sample at 8 Whitney

- at 8pm. As the senior police

officer I'm not prepared to men underground when there's officer I'm not prepared to put

still a risk. So today still a risk. So today we're

back on site, been there all

night the teams are rescue crews are being

practising all night, be changing this morning practising all night, they'll

be changing this morning so they're sitting there training, training, window of opportunity option oeps we're going underground. We're to get underground rescue operation. I would like

at all options and one thing that Peter talked about is that Peter talked about

drilling a hole to give us an idea of idea of what the air is like

down there, with the hope that it's clean enough to send underground to it's clean enough to send men underground to effect the

rescue. We've also been in touch with partners and I've had Australia, America and also rescue and mine disasters and is a combined operation and a we're working with them. This

guys home. As you have to understand that guys home. As time develops,

it's not a case of simply putting on a mask and running

in there. The risk is huge. The activity that's underground I'm activity that's happening

underground I'm not prepared to

put guys down there until a stable environment and we bring these guys out. That's a stable environment and we can

New Zealand's superintendent

Gary Knowles peeking there from Greymouth earlier this For the miners' familying it's an agonising wait. an agonising wait. TVNZ's Robyn Janes spoke to the father of

one of the trapped miners who can't understand why things aren't moving faster. Laurie scrap drew is feeling the kind of helplessly every dad

feels. I'd go of helplessly every feels. I'd go into the mine myself. of helplessly every dad feels. I'd

myself. I'm not squared of nothing. I'd go and look

myself. Gas or not. His

21-year-old son Zen is one of

the missing 29. He's a builder's aye apprehendities. He said, "I don't need the money for a mortgage. He's frustrated. Like

other families he's waiting in grate mouth for any news. Go

and state there and listen and state there and listen to

what they tell us in the and listen to that and it's

just the same old run around and excuses for why things

can't be done instead of trying

to find the solutions. He says

many of the FA Cuplies are

disappointed, they didn't hear about the explosion from Pike about the explosion from Pike River River staff. Bath communication. For today's cay and age. For now this jacket

gives comfort. It's Zen's in He

left it at my mothey're's the

other night, I wore it so I can

give it back to him when he

comes out. Just be nice to be

up at the mine so we can give

it out when they walk

out. That's another frustration, that he's not

allowed up to the mine. We want

to be on

out we're there, it's god to be on site so when they walk out we're there, it's god all

the rescue guys, it's

the rescue guys, it's Australia, the rescue guys, Australia, but it's not loves there. We want to be there

regardless of how it come out. For now he waits. Just want my boy home. The NATO

Secretary-General Anders Foh

Rasmussen inate and is President Hamid Karzai have signed a new joint signed a new joint strategy on Afghanistan. Under the plan,

agreed to at the NATO summit in

over security to Several ceding fall control by 2014. Several NATO partners Several NATO partners and allies allies have agreed to provide

more trainers for the more trainers for the Afghan security forces security forces as the Secretary-General put it trainers

trainers are theicet to transition. And our orter flz

is in Lisbon for the summy

t Word leaders gather here at NATO have really made very that they want a transition, an the Afghan people. Hamid Karzai from Afghanistan says what he wants by 2014, they want control, military control

of their own criminal, economic control of their own country. However it comes with a proviso and it's a strong one, things don't get as planned, NATO and its allies like

Australia are not going to cut

and run and Julia Gillard made

that very clear in her press conference just recently. I

welcome today the from NATO partners that

Afghanistan will

of an enduring partnership and parliamentary debate, we will

not abandon Afghanistan. So even after security leadership

has moved, there will be has moved, there will be a

continuing role for Australia

in in Afghanistan to the end of Gillard also Gillard also mentioned other potential potential threats, hotspots for terrorism. And the Somalia and Yemen came up

strongly and she said are looking at those two closely and are worried about the developments of terrorism

training camps in places like

that, although she wouldn't be

drawn on any possible intervention sometime down the

track. I have spoken to the parliament about our concerns

about other parts of the world where terrorism and terrorists

are allowed to to gain are allowed to to gain safe haven. I particularly pointed

to Yemen and Somalia. Australia is engaged is engaged in Afghanistan. But

our counter-terrorism work and focus extends beyond focus extends beyond that,

including to other areas where

we see potential problems. So it would be, you know, not

correct to assume that our counter-terrorism effort global

is confined to our

is now flying home and when she gets there of course she'll face another week gets face another week of parliament, parliament, but she'll also

have met even more leaders here. She's obviously

got a comfortable rapport with

President Obama and many of the President Obama and many of the other European last couple of days so she's looking

that job, on very clear a few weeks

she was in Brussels she was in Brussels that she was more comfortable at home in a school with

a world stage. I think now she would probably say she's about even. The general report on her trip here has been very

high. She's been praised by some of the other leaders of impressed by her speech in this

for ym just a few hours ago. So

she's made a good impression and she seems to and she seems to have progressed those early days of ministership when she made it clear she wasn't really clearly she's got over that clearly she's got over that and many people here doing a good job. The ABC's Philip Williams speaking there from Lisbon. Immigration officials say the hunger Island has been scaled Earlier this week more than detainees were involved in the protest the department protest the department now says

about 60 are continuing refuse food. For more we're joined by our political

What can you tell us about what the immigration department is

saying about the situation on Christmas Island? Immigration situation there is currently calm, that there has been a drop in the taking part in the

as high as 160 people refusing to of them have been taking water

and sugar during that time. It

was all sparked back on Tuesday

has been rejected refugee has been rejected refugee visa committed suicide at the Villawood Sydney and that sparked this round of Christmas Island. Christmas Island. It has scaled down, it's believed down, it's believed there's now around 60 still taking part in the hunger strike, clear at the whether or not there are still people sewing their lips a feature of this strike but immigration immigration officials have been keen to press the point that the situation is calm and that medical and assistance is still being offered to the aslyum taking part in the

Christmas Island. Of course this is just one of the pressing issues that the PM will

will have to deal with when she returns from Lisbon tomorrow? Immigration is a detention system is

increasingly overcrowded and moves that the Government has made to available aren't yet or made to make more beds available aren't yet or haven't

yet come online. A lot of them

but that's not perhaps the most

pressing priority for Julia Gillard when she comes home

because she will come home

tomorrow morning from that

successful NATO meeting and come straight back into parliament where the Government

is under a lot of pressure from

the cross benchers and the Opposition to reveal the

business plan for the National business plan for the National Broadband Network. So the same

issues that were troubling when is she left Canberra on

Thursday are going to be is

same ones she has to face again same ones she has to face again coming back for the last week

of parliament starting Monday morning And will we see more private members bills put before parliament? She's going

- this is something we're increasingly seeing and that won't change this Monday. The

Government will be facing private members bills from both the Coalition and the Greens the Coalition and the Greens on reforming the banking system,

so they will both be pressing ahead in the Coalition's case with moves to give the ACCC

greater powers to investigate to the banks and for the Greens for a range of reforms that

would include forcing the banks

to offer no frills bank accounts and to scrap the accounts and to scrap the $# foreign ATM fees and the The Government is also going to

face some private National Broadband Networker national curriculum which has been facing some been facing some criticism from some some teachers groups so there's a number of fronts the Government

Government will have Government will have to deal with sitting week of parliament for the year. The Clarke joining us from Canberra there. The aid organisation Doctors Without Borders has criticised criticised the international response killed more than 1,000 people.

the needs of the population aren't being met, meanwhile aren't being met, meanwhile four of Haiti's 19 Presidential candidates have called for a

delay in the election so officials can focus on cholera outbreak. Cholera cases appear to regular occurrence in the country's ft Now it has reached ft Now it has reached a prison where you have anything depending on

1700 and week ago, last Friday, we had the first cases and the first

fatalities. More than fatalities. More than 1,100 Haitians have died since cholera was first cholera was first detected in the nation in mid-October. And

the number of people treated in

hospitals and clinics has soared to I'm 1 8,500. Now the chief the response to the disease that's bringing even suffering to the suffering to the already fragile nation. The fragile nation. The problem is we've reached a huge number of patients, treated almost 20,000 people

and there were 300 deaths. it seems like there's real or or efficient response from other organisations. Doctors Without Borders has been one of

primary responders to the

epidemic. It's called for and waste

provide safe water supplies and reassure a population that cholera previously unknown in haty treatable. This is alarming in

the sense we haven't yet

reached the peak. That reached the peak. That might

the 'Age' some time so the

number might still go up while we're waiting to we're waiting to see actions from other people. Fears spread

by the disease have also led to

attacks on fa.s and riots against suspect a group of Nepalese

peace keepers of having

before Haiti's before Haiti's national polls, four of the candidates are seeking an election delay

focus on the cholera outbreak. Other candidates have urged the

elections beheld as scheduled

on November 28 to avoid further

political crisis in the country. The development of country. The development of a new way to treat bladder cancer

is giving sufferers is giving sufferers a better shot at Bladder cancer is

debilitating and difficult to

treat disease but doctors in technique is proving so successful they're

saves his life. 2.5 years ago the 72-year-old the 72-year-old was diagnosed with potentially deadly have been been well all through the usual treatment but it can destroy healthy tissue. prompted doctors at institute to develop a more accurate way to target

cancerous cells. The new

technique with bladder cancer

is using radiotherapy where we

can actually see the size and

position of a bladder on a

daily pacis and tailor the

radiation fields to that bladder on an individual dat

Day Specialists take 3-D images

and work out where to direct

tissue and only killing the cancer. The amount

tissue eraidated reduce by at

least a third as well as still covering the tumour, slight better than with the old fashioned

fashioned technique where fashioned technique where much

larger area was larger area was eraidated The approach has been so successful

doctors are now training other

cancer spes around the

country. Technique been developed and was successful in

a number of patients and now

it's - we've got a national looking at this technique across multiple centres in Australia. It didn't impinge my activities which other results of the study will be

released next year. Return to

our top story now, efforts to

rescue 29 men trapped in rescue 29 men trapped in a New Zealand mine Zealand mine remain stalled.

Mine officials and emergency services say levels are still too high to send rescue es ber low the surface. I'm joined surface. I'm joined by New Zealand correspondent Dominique Schwartz from the town of Greymouth. What about the latest developments so far? Well today up at the

mine site a drill is assembled to drill around

150m into a new area of 150m into a new area of the

mine shaft, probably they about 200m further along than where they've samples from probably about 15 centimetre probably about 15 centimetre in di amter and they're hoping

that what they can do is bore a

shaft down so they can take of the mine so they can get a clearer picture about exactly

what the situation is because what the situation is because as you've heard over couple of days the police are saying they're not going to go in in in until they're sure that

the environment there is stable

and that they won't be an explosion. Are,000 hopeful

that this drilling will result in that it's safe enough for a rescue team to to go rescue team to to go in? Well obviously everybody wants to have - have - hear the news that the air levels, the gas levels are at such that it's safe at such that it's safe for

rescuers to go in. None rescuers to go in. None more so than the families and the

rescuers who are keen to there but what they there but what they are hoping

is that by taking samples from a different area they can get a clearer picture. Things change underground all the time. superintendent Gary Knowles who

and rescue operation

he thought

they could send rescuers in but

then the next samples they took changed

changed again so it fluctuates. But it does appear that the heat levels have been seasonsiding from seasonsiding from the tests

that they took last night. Now

that's a good side but it does show that there's possibly smouldering coal smouldering coal underground. So yes we just have to wait and see what those tests reveal but it's unlikely that that shaft

is going to be drilled through, probably until after probably until after midnight tonight f you do

tonight f you do the sums because they have to asem tbl

drill, get drilling, at best it's

it's going to take 16 hours

until they can actually krill that hole through the

work. I did ask whether that

meant there was no chance the

rescue operation could go ahead

until they had these extra samples and they said no not

necessarily. If they had enough samples from their other samples from their other tests that they've taken that show

then they would go in then they would go in before then. You mintioned

families, how are they holding

up, had a chance to speak to any of any of the members? I've spoken to the sister of one of the miners and she said it's a roller-coaster One moment she's hopeful, the

next she say s she next she say s she knows it might next she say s

might end badly. Superintendent Knowles has said after

with the families this with the families this morning that they are distraught,

is happening today

members, two family members

from each of those families affected will be going up affected will be going up in

buss to the mine site, some of those family members have already left and they're already left and they're going to talk to talk with rescuers, be able

to get a sense of what's going

on up there because they've been rescue operation and from their loved ones who are possibly trapped yound ground because them up there today that that will help them with what's going on. As well as that, they're bringing as that, they're bringing in counsellors have their own counsellor to

try and help them through this said about the overall safety

of the mine and what could have potentially happening? The cause,

talking about the cause at the officer of Pike River coal, Peter Whittall, has said he's confident that the mine has followed best has followed best safety practices, he used to work with at the coal face, he knows them personally, he wouldn't want to put their lives in said. He's one of the people who really wants to get them focussing on not the what they're just want they're just want to try and make sure that the area is safe, that the rescuers can go in and hopefully get these men out alive. We'll have to leave it there but thank you for the update. The ABC's Dominique Schwartz joining us from Greymouth in New Zealand In the nation's second biggest float since Telstra the Queensland Government has announced the share price for the coal fight company QR National, shares will be listed at $2.5 when the company is officially officially launches on the Australian Stock Australian Stock Exchange. The Queensland to Queensland Government had hoped to sell QR $2.50 and $3 each but with the price just scraping into the forecasted range by five cents the State's Treasurer was on the the defence from the defence from the get go the pact is this transsition a success. It has ticked the box that we said it would a good result for taxpayers. The Queensland

Government will own $4.6

billion from the float, a

welcome boost for the Budget. What it does is secure

a top 50 Australian company

here in Queensland. But the company's worth is billion dollars less than the

$7.3 billion the State

Nationally hoped for. Retail

investors, some of who are

still edgy after the disappointing floats disappointing floats of Telstra

and Myer will own 34% of and Myer will own 34% of the

shares at a discounted price of shares at a discounted price of

$2.45. 54% of shares will be Australian owned. While the Government will keep another

40% of the company until 2012. If it's such a bonus 2012. If it's such a bonus why

are they holding on to so much

of it, why didn't they sell it into into the price? Some financial price? Some financial advisors

say the shares are still

overpriced compared to its

overpriced compared to its competition. For some people could be a suitable stock. It might might fight firefighter that nice balance for diversity nice balance for diversity but for most people, listing of this company on Monday will be generations and say, "That generations and say, "That was

the right thing for

Queensland." Investors will be

closely watching the Stock Exchange when it Exchange Monday. Time for sport now with

Tulsen Tollett and the Wallabies have had a change of fortune. Absolutely. After losing to England last weekend and then to Munster mid week 34-14 win over Italy. Berrick

Barnes kicked eight from eight and provided this pass for the

opening try to drillel to sneak and

thorn in the on's backside has

he continued to make breaks in a game

offence to the physical style. physical style. Skipper Rocky

Elsom squealed the win their tour with a game against France next Turning soccer and Newcastle's recent A league resurgence has continued. After the Jets continued. After the Jets 1-nil over the Phoenix, neither said

could break through in the

first Marko Jesic to rectify that in the second. the second. But there are some worries for the Jets after Rooney Nikolai Topor-Stanley and Sean Rooney both left the game with injuries. And ladder injuries. And ladder leaders Brisbane have salvaged a 1-all

Lang draw with North Queensland at

Lang Park. The Fury the first half via ed and roovr managed to matches in the W league also - scores. There were three

There was just the one match in the NBL last night.

England's Ian Poulter will take a two streak stroke lead into the final round of the Hong Kong Open later today.

Poult pout will tee off in the

McDowell who fired a seven final group of the day

under round yesterday to be 17 Dunner overall. His Dunner overall. His round

included six birdies, an eagle

and a soletary bogey. Poulter though wasn't to though wasn't to be outdone as

he nochd up four birdies and an

eagle with best of eagle with best of the

Australians, Marcus Fraser on

12 under. The Twenty20 All-Stars cricket match is being Perth's Kevin Lisch and the B laze's Mika Vukona ed in Brisbane the B laze's Mika

tour top stories on ABC News 24 - there has for the anxious relatives of 2

# men trapped in a New Zealand mine. Authorities say gas levels

levels remain too dangerous for

a rescue attempt to be made, the men including two

Australians have spent a second night in the Pike River coal mine after a massive mine after a massive explosion

on Friday. A summit of on Friday. A summit of NATO

leaders has wound up in Portugal with agreement to begin handing security control in Afghanistan to local in Afghanistan to local forces from next year. The process

will be gradual over four years