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(generated from captions) Virgin flying again, but

Qantas cancels its flights to and from Tasmania. We'll ensure

running as quickly as possible. we can get flights up and

High Court judge Susan

Kiefel receives the top honour

in the Queen's birthday

honours. Heavy fighting

Jisr al-Shaghur. And Jenson reported in the Syrian town of

Button outdrives Vettel and

Formula One Grand Prix. Webber to win the Canadian

You're watching ABC News. I'm

Virginia Trioli. Qantas has

cancelled all its flights to

and from New Zealand an

Tasmania today because of the

volcanic ash cloud from Chile: the airline will decide soon

whether it will resume its

Melbourne flights. At the

moment they're cancelled till midday. Virgin is the only

airline to get some of its

planes back in the air. Earlier this morning, Olivia Wirth told

'ABC News Breakfast' there are

still dozens of flights

affected. We have flights

cancelled until around 10am

going into and out of Melbourne, as well as Tasmania

and also across the Tasman to

New Zealand. We hope to be able to provide a further update to

feast. Conditions change. We'll our customers. It's a moving

ensure we can get flights up

and running as quickly as

possible. Can you also speak

for Jetstar flights this and out of Melbourne, morning? Jetstar flights into

and out of Melbourne, around

New Zealand and across the Tasman to New Zealand and Tasman to New Zealand and also

down to Tasmania are cancelled

until midday. They are also making reassessments of any flights scheduled to those

three areas later today. For

more, Ryan Shields joins us from Melbourne Airport. What's

the latest there? As you just

heard, there are shop flights

Melbourne Airport but not all getting off the ground here at

airlines are flying. Virgin

flights have been taking and there've been some arrivals flights have been taking off

with Virgin. However, Qantas

isn't operating. Tiger Airways is holding a meeting with their

top officials to decide what

will happen. They won't fly any

planes before 11.30 no matter

what they decide in the next 20

or so minutes. Some activity

here at Melbourne Airport but

not a lot. Very confusing for

passengers. We're told safety is paramount for all airlines.

One airline decides to get back

into the air but the other doesn't. It's been remarked

upon by many people here this morning. They can't understand

why Virgin tells them it's safe

to fly but other airlines have

a different opinion. They will be flying at a different

altitude and sometimes trying

to skirt around the areas affected to skirt around

affected by this volcano yirk ash. Each airline says ash. Each airline says their

policy about to putting safety

first but there is a difference

of opinion on exactly what that

assessment. entails. We wait for the next

assessment. Qantas is making

another assessment about some

flights at 9am. So just about

now? At the moment, all of the

flights through to Tasmania and New Zealand are basically

cancelled at the moment. There

are question marks over other

ones. For the other airlines

it's a similar case. Except for

Virgin. A number of the

airlines have said that even

scheduleed to fly out today, scheduleed to fly for some of the planes

even if they are able to even if they are able to fly,

there might need to be some

calculated decisions not to fly

them as a way of easing the

backlog from people stranded

here overnight and through the

morning. On that score still full of or does it have finally, is Melbourne Airport many

many people in there who've many people in there

have been bedding down for night and

been bedding down for night and have many as you might have nowhere to go? Not as

expected. A number of many as you might have

expected. A number of people many as

expected. A number of arrived this morning expecting

to get on a plane and have been waiting since the crack of

waiting since the crack of to get on a

done a very good job of down. Some of the airlines have

done a very good job of putting down. Some of the

done a very people up

done a very good job of putting people them people up in hotels, allowing

them to stay home. And them to stay home. And keeping people up in hotels, allowing

them informed. A lot from the much for that. Gordon Jackson much for that. is a meteorologist

is a meteorologist with the volcanoish ash volcanoish ash advisory centre

in Darwin. He expects the ash

cloud will

during the day. Might move up

to Canberra tonight but we expect it to dissipate. We will

expect it to dissipate. We will be looking at 18,

before it's fully dis be looking at 18, 24 hours

paymented. went over New Zealand paymented. The thickest part

yesterday. We're looking at

tail end now. High Court companion of Susan Kiefel has been made a

Susan Kiefel has 376 people from a wide range of backgrounds have recognised in this backgrounds have been honours with men outnumbering recognised in this year's

women from to to one. Marry

Cole man was rewarded. She says

it took a lot of work to shift attitudes about child care and

maternity leave programs. We

had to make a running start at roll promoting the development

the country. of child care services around

the country. Some of that was

easier said than done. I

remember going Rockhampton. The mayor had very

strong views about working woman. His council had given a grant to build woman. His council had been

given a grant to build a child

care centre. He explained to me

when I got there that they

would not allow any working women to use women to use it for their children. We had to explain

took we'd take the money away if he

took that attitude. Police

will continue their work morning for two men will continue their work this

sized on the Hawkesbury river

north of Sydney yesterday. A

search for a 14-year-old girl

missing on Lake Macquarie missing on Lake Macquarie since

yesterday is also expected

yesterday is also expected to

resume this morning. Fighting in the city of Jisr al-Shaghur

in Syria intensifies but a Libyan style international intervention seems unlikely.

It's claimed these are pictures heading to the north of the

country. It's impossible to

verify, but Syrian state TV announced heavy clashes were

taking place in the city of

Jisr al-Shaghur. Refugees have They've been fearing exactly this since last Monday, when the Syrian regime claimed that

120 soldiers had been killed by

armed groups in the city. More crossed from Syria over the past week. But they

tell a different story about what happened in what happened in the city last Monday. People were complain ing about the administration into these simple demonstrations. Some within the

military objected. Then an internal clash erupted among

them. So the security forces in the town were result of internal clashes. No

security force member is left. More refugees are inside Syria, in makeshift

camps, for their chance camps, for their chance to cross. There cross. There is no milk for the

children. We bought some but we

ran out. homes. And yesterday, homes. And yesterday, shooters targeted will not survive because they burnt all their crops. burnt all their crops. The Syrian regime

choice. The United Nations says

the Syrian President Bashir

al-Assad is no longer taking calls from the

Secretary-General Ban Ki growing. When it comes to action, action, there are not many options. We're not entirely powerless. Russia and China have both said resolution that authorises military action against Syria, which going on in Libya and no way of

putting an immediate end to

violence. Battles are raging

in several other towns as the

rebels take advantage of an increase in NATO air strikes. Congresswoman Gabrielle

Giffords have been released.

These are the first shots of her since she was seriously

injured in a shooting. She was

shot in the head by a gunman in

Arizona in January. Six people

died and 13 others were injured during that shooting spree. during that shooting spree. The

20th world economic forum for

East Asia is under way Jakarta now. Helen Brown

reports from Jakarta. The srm

certainly was old but the message --

the certainly was old but the message was about the

message was about the new. Indonesia's President says time for Asia to set up to the

responsibility and the

opportunity. Asia must be at the centre of this new

globalism. Business leaders, social social entrepreneurs,

politicians and even religious

leaders their Jakarta for the 20th World Economic Forum on

East Asia. And the big question

is what to make of a world dealing with profound Indonesia's President says

facing change is part of the challenge. Indonesians should

embrace change as a matter of

necessity. We have a confident

attitude about our country and

our place in the world. We

need to look at new business

models. But in a region where

there is money to be made, there is money to be made, the

task can be a tough one. A lot

of investors in Asia in the

mainstream simply are not mainstream simply are not concerned with these concerned with these issues.

The risks of nuclear power are

top of mind following says its focus will be on fossil fuels and renewable

sources. We are focusing on

that aspect first. Even though it does not mean that we are

closing the options of nuclear power plants. The role of the

younger generation was a President saying their voices

shouldn't be repressed. This is

the first time the forum has

been held in Indonesia. In

recognition of economic transformation. It also adds another notch to its

credibility on the

international stage. The participation rate is up 42% on last year. But of

test is going to be whether

nations such as Indonesia can

take advantage of the moment. A

role the country is relishing. According to 'Forbes' magazine, billionaires than any other

city on earth. With the Russian economy again life the gulf between rich and poor is growing by Forget New York, forget London.

When it comes to billionaires,

there are more in Moscow than

anywhere else. They're anywhere else. They're out shopping in Ferraris that cost

a cool half a million dollars and have made this one of the

world's top luxury markets. The superrich buy the best and they

want people to know it. This

$100,000 watch fits the bill

nicely. It has to be nicely. It has to be noticed. It has to be recognised by

others. After a pause for the global financial crisis,

Russia's economy is waking up.

And times are good again for

for the businesses that cater

to them. 'Forbes' magazine says Moscow has 79 billionaires. An

increase of 21 in just one year. Moscow's billionaires are

found amidst the colonies of

fabulous wealth just outside

the city. Here the luxurious estates country's wealthiest families

are surrounded by what can only be Curtains. The elite have good reason to stay behind the walls

and out of sight. Those who

study Russia's superrich say

the societal backlash from past

displays of extravagance was so severe, it risked social unrest. Bent lease and severe, it risked sparking

Porsches still battle for

parking spots in the city's centre. There are still plenty of customers

and eagle bracelets but by some

estimates one quarter of

Russians live on less than $200

a month and a majority feel

they are going backwards

economically. The more they say the lives of billionaires the

more the Kremlin worries. A look at the look at the top stories this

morning. Qantas has cancelled

all its flights to and from New Zealand and Tasmania. And will make a decision on its

Melbourne flights soon. Virgin

from Melbourne, Tasmania and has resumed limited services

New Zealand, but hundreds of flights have been flights have been grounded by a that's large volcanoish ash cloud

large volcanoish ash cloud

that's blown High Court judge Susan Kiefel

High Court judge Susan Kiefel is the only person to be made a

Australia companion of the Order of

companion of the Order of Australia in this is the only person to be made a

Australia in this year's Queen's Syrian government troops have Queen's birthday honours. And

stormed the Syrian government troops have

of clashed with armed gunmen. Many television Jisr al-Shaghur. Syrian state

television says soldiers have

of clashed with armed gunmen. Many

refugee camps across in refugee camps across the border refugee camps payments to pensioner it announced it will payments to pensioner it be worth up to are reports the increase could for singles and $760 for

couples. Michael O'Neill is the couples. pensioners are already finding pensioners are already finding

paying utility

paying utility bills difficult,

but the government is on but the government is on the right path. Older Australians

are struggling with cost of living pressures and the living pressures and the impact

of energy is one of those core

things that make it much more

difficult for them to get by.

On a fixed pension the way the

single aged pension at the

moment is $335 a week, it

doesn't leave a lot left over

to put away for a rainy day for

the power bill or whatever

else. So we need to see much

more of that detail. I think

the outline they provided seems

to be in the right direction,

but until we see the but until we see the final

detail we will be holding tick or otherwise. 140 people detail we will be holding our

have been evacuated from a have been evacuated from

popular tourist spot in the

Northern Territory. They were

told to leave by police, after

high levels of arsenic were

found at the Mount bundy cattle

station. From first light this

morning, campers were on their

way out. Police set up a road

black late last night black late last night and warned people not to drink or use any bore water. Decided to have an early night but

didn't work out that way. The

Northern Territory coroner is

investigating the death of a

17-year-old who died of

suspected arsenic poisoning

last month. He'd been living on Mount Bundy

Mount Bundy station for several

years. New tests have higher than years. New tests have found

arsenic in eight others. We're higher than normal levels of

asking everyone to leave. The

resort and thousands visit it station is a popular tourist

each year. If anybody has

visited the station recently and has got symptoms of

abdominal pain, diarrhoea,

vomiting they should seek

medical attention. Some want

the property reopened because

brief exposure to arsenic is

not dangerous. It will kill

this case kiss This region is

well known for gold and iron

ore mines and World War II

military installations. What's military installations.

not so well known is the levels

of arsenic concentrate in the water system. Health

authorities think it's an

isolated case but tourists are worried. We were going into Adelaide River but they're on

bore water too. If the water bore water too. If the water is contaminated here it will contaminated here it will be

there. The station will be closed and under police guard

until the coroner has finished his investigation. his investigation. The Tasmanian Government is being

accused of dragging its feet on

climate change. Local councils

say they can't complete any new

work to protect properties and

pass sets at risk of inundation until State laws are finally

changed. One council says it's frustrated that two year long

talks with the government

haven't advanced at all. The

latest national climate change

study reveals up to 11,500 Tasmanian homes may be at Tasmanian homes may be at risk

of inundation. It puts the

replacement cost around $3

billion. But that doesn't take

into account any commercial

buildings or transport

infrastructure at risk. It's the same for every region around the state. That

highlights the importance highlights the importance of state and local councils to

really focus on what they can

do. The Clarence Council has

plans to take action. But

received advice in 2009 it

could be liable if it undertakes any coastal protection work. Councils want

Tasmania to follow New South Wales by developing a comprehensive coastal policy

and most importantly by providing legislative

protection for councils which

complete any work in good faith. They've gone into a lot

of dribble and bureaucratic

nonsense that we don't need.

They've got the model from New

South Wales. Let's get on with it. The Clarence mayor has told the premier this month that the council may be forced

to do nothing because government's inaction. The to do nothing because of the

deputy chair of Council is Government's Climate Change

Council is confident progress

isn't far away. Tasmania's Climate Change Minister says

she's aware of Clarence

Council's concerns, and work is under way to address planning

issues. US markets closed with

their sixth straight week of

losses on Friday. The Dow was

down 172 points on Friday.

Paul Kennedy joins us now

with some news from the world

of motor sport, both two wheels

and four wheels. One race was a

little more thrilling than the history? It was the Formula

One, and let's take a look at

it now. The Canadian GP was run over several hours because of rain interruptions. Jenson Button was the hero at finish.

He went past Mark Webber with a

few laps to go then overtook Sebastien Vettel on the final

lap hand then Jenson Button

said after the race that it was his finest victory.

He wins a brilliant He wins a brilliant race. It's a sensational drive for

Vettel limps home in second Button. What a

place. He will be angry with place. He Vettel limps home in second himself.

himself. It's unlike him. And

Webber then will

only just ahead of Michael Schumacher. Schumacher only just

finishing fourth in that race.

finishing fourth in that Let's hear now some

from Let's hear now some reactions

from the drivers, two Let's hear now some reactions

from the drivers, two in about the butt and Australian Mark Webber. Find my way through about three times. Eventually on the last lap, Eventually on the last lap, I was chasing down Eventually on the last lap, was chasing down Seb, he went a bit was chasing down Seb,

bit wide on to the left bit wide on to the left part of the circuit. I was able to the circuit. I was able to take the opportunity and take the

win. Even the opportunity the circuit. I was able to take

win. Even if I hadn't won

today, I would've enjoyed this race immensely but an amazing win race immensely but

win and possibly my best. In win and possibly my

the end these are the results

we all today. A phenomenal job.

But it's easy to make in those But it's easy to make a mistake

Australia's Casey Stoner has in those conditions.

won the rain-affected British Moto GP. track. They didn't stop this

one. Stoner started in pole. He

well. handled the conditions very

well. Won his fourth of well. Won his fourth of sixth

races. He has gone past Jorge

Lorenzo who fell off. A few

others fell off but others fell off but the

Australian is in good form this year him this time around as he popped his monodown the

straight. Once we got a bit of

a lead, I felt a lot more relaxed and just trying to make

sure we didn't crash in those conditions, because it was easy. Last year lap were a bit better but I mean that better but I mean that was torture for the last 10 laps.

The last seven laps took0 too

long. I couldn't understand

what brake pressure I had. It was was very, very difficult conditions. Casey Stoner

there. Staying overseas with

Australian athletes or one

former Australian athlete, kind

of. Kostya Tszyu has been inducted into the Hall of Fame. There is some uncertainty

his plans at the age of 41. He

suggested to some people in Sydney apparently that he might

consider a comeback. That's him losing his final fight against Ricky Hatton six years ago.

Before that he was virtually unstoppable. He came to

Australia and dominated his weight weight division and was a great

champion. He is only the fourth Australian to be included in

the hall of game. Albert Griffiths, who fought 110 years ago, and then

Fenech and now Kostya Tszyu. There bass another man brought into

Mike Tyson. We were talking

earlier on the show about how

if this was in Australia it would be highly controversial for a

for a convicted rapist to be brought into the Hall of Fame

ins had sport. I have searched

the web in morning. Doesn't

seem to be much news at all

about it. Mike Tyson went to jail. After that, bit someone's

ear off and did all sorts of things before being retired making the point that I had a bit of a problem with bit of a problem with him being inducted into the Hall of Fame

but here is an interesting

tweet from a sports tragic. I

suggest you watch the Tyson

documentary if you can. I

remember it being released. We

thought the might change your opinion on him in some way. I think he is an interesting character

study. I wouldn't declare him a

great champion of that sport.

He was a great title holder and

a devastating fighter. But he is a very interesting That's it for O'Hanlon is with us for a look

at the weather. Firstly to ash cloud that's been carried from westerly winds. This westerly winds. This satellite image shows where the large

mass of ash is and where it

should be by midday. We've got

this ash that's there. By

midday it should be sitting

around there, just to the north east and up towards New South Wales. But at the same time,

the satellite images are showing that the ash today:

Ne Stay tuned to ABC News 24

for all the latest. See you tomorrow. Closed Captions by CSI This Program Is Captioned

Live. Good morning. Welcome to Business Today for Australia Business Today for Australia

Network. Coming up on the program - future focus. Business design Asia's place in the design Asia's place in the new global economy.

pattern. Many flights in Australia and New Zealand disrupted by volcanic ash. And

searching for direction. searching for direction. The Australian cattle battling to respond to the live export ban. Those stories shortly, but look at the